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Week 12

This week was the first week of the new term,

meaning we had to have had at least some of our
filming done. What I have managed to do this week
compared to what was expected is slightly interesting.
What I have managed to do is complete all of my
filming but apparently lose some of the footage on my
Memory cards. This means I will have to arrange
some re-shoots. This is something I was trying to
avoid doing as re-shoots always slow me down in
whatever stage I am.

This now means that I am unlikely to hit the final

deadline and ultimately pass the course. Although, I’m
disappointed with this outcome I am not surprised.
I’ve had very little hope for passing the final project of
the course and although I have been proved right, I
would have rather had received the qualification.
None the less, my inability to be stunned and/or
upset by this outcome means I can keep a level-head
which does help me concentrate more meaning it I
could potentially catch up further than I was initially
going to.