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Payment Summary

Payment details

General Transaction Details:

Transaction Reference Name: -NIL- Pay From Account: ADVANCED E

Counterparty Type: Personal Payees Nickname: AVDHESH

Amount: INR 8,349.00 Frequency Type: One Time

Payment Date(dd/MM/yyyy): 24/04/2019 Network: NEFT

Beneficiary Reference: _ Remarks: Furniture

Originator ID: -NIL- Originator Remarks: -NIL-

Descriptive -NIL-

Reference ID: 6666625 Transaction Type: 07. Fund Transfer Other

Bank Account

Transaction Status: Success

Tentative Credit 24/04/2019


Amount & Frequency Details:

Validity Indicator: Next Valid Date

Total Amount: INR 8,349.00 Total Charge Amount: INR 0.00

Transaction Currency: INR

Additional Transaction Details

Negotiated Rate Details:

Dealer Reference: -NIL-

Additional Initiator

On Behalf of: ADVANCED Address: 380/1


City & Zip Code: GAN12|382028 State: GUJARAT

Country: INDIA Remark: -NIL-

Additional Counterparty Details:

Delivery Mode: -NIL- Counterparty Bank Clearing -NIL-


Network Product: -NIL- Transfer Information: -NIL-

Counterparty Address: -NIL- City and Zip Code: -NIL-

State: -NIL- Country: -NIL-

Phone Number: -NIL-

Intermediary Bank Name: -NIL- Commission Indicator: -NIL-

Intermediary Branch: -NIL- Address: -NIL-

City & Zip Code: -NIL- Country: -NIL-

Bank Clearing Code: -NIL-

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