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MBA brochure

2 Nexford University

For more than 100 years, we have

been waiting for universities to
change. The wait is over. At Nexford,
we’re dedicated to educating not just
leaders of the world, but leaders of
tomorrow’s world.

Fadl Al Tarzi
Nexford University
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07 A next-generation
learning experience

08 Nexford University:
born different

10 What you’ll learn

14 How you’ll learn

18 What you’ll be able to do

20 Speak the language

of advanced global

22 Your next steps

4 Nexford University

The workplace is
changing, and so must
higher education.
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Addressing this global

tension, Nexford University
is bridging the gap between
learners and employers.
6 Nexford University

Tuition tailored to you:
the faster you finish,
the more you save.

Workplace Personalized
focused support
Master the skills to A dedicated team of
succeed in the career experts who put your
you want. needs first.
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A next-generation
learning experience

You spoke, we listened Ultra-relevant learning

To build our degree programs, we analyzed Straying away from outdated education
30 million jobs and surveyed industry models, Nexford strives for a course-
leaders – including those from Microsoft, based competency learning approach.
Citi Bank, and Unilever. Nexford will never Our MBA prepares you with tools for the
rest. As the global marketplace evolves, global workplace. With our future-focused
you can expect us to continually update our methods, you’ll find yourself equipped to
curriculum to keep pace with the demands go down many professional paths as you
of employers worldwide. accomplish your goals.

Headquartered in the US, A pace as unique as your goals

accessible worldwide Learn around your daily commitments. Unlike
Our globally affordable solution is aligned traditional universities, you can progress at a
with workplace needs. Nexford is licensed flexible pace. With our low monthly fees, the
and governed by the Higher Education faster you advance, the less you pay – and
Licensure Commission in Washington the sooner you graduate with a degree. We’re
DC. We’re accredited by the Accreditation also affordable thanks to our customer-
Service for International Schools, Colleges centric model, how efficiently we operate and
and Universities. how we leverage cutting-edge technology.

Faculty with real experience Build a global community

With Nexford, great ideas have no borders.
Many full-time faculty members at
As an online university, we reach all corners
Nexford hold the highest degree that
of the world. In some of our courses,
can be awarded in their academic area
you’ll be part of a project team, giving you
or professional track. Hailing from many
the chance to interact with international
different countries and with competency-
peers with a defined purpose. This brings
based education expertise, our faculty
learning to another level – where you can
provides you with globally applicable
share and gain global business knowledge.
business education.
8 Nexford University

Nexford University:

65 %
born different
By 2030, there will
be an additional
350 million
Skill cycles are post-secondary
shorter than ever graduates, and
and 65% of the jobs a significant
GenZ will perform increase in the
do not yet exist number of globally
mobile students

90 % 350m

Source: SA Technologies
Source: World Economic Forum

More than 90% of

students pursue
higher education
Source: Gallup

to build a career
Source: Gallup

Source: World Economic Forum

What are we
preparing for?
Source: McKinsey

Only 11% of
business leaders
think today’s
graduates are
ready to enter On average, by 2020,

the workforce more than a third

of the desired core
skillsets of most
occupations will
comprise skills that
are not yet considered

>1/3 45
crucial to the job today

Up to 45% of the
tasks people are
paid to do each
day could be
automated with
current technology
MBA brochure 2019 9

Solidify your skills

with specializations

87 %
– Cybersecurity

87% of enterprises
say that they
Advanced AI &
the Future of
require up to 50% Automation
Source: PwC

more budget for

cybersecurity ­ 80% of Generation
Z say YouTube
Source: Google Data

has helped them

become more
about something
Source: Forbes

70 %
Source: United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization

Source: PwC

Sustainability ­–

72 %
Renewable Energy

To date, over 100

cities worldwide Sustainability
report that at least ­– Food and
70% of their energy Agribusiness
production is from
By 2050, the
renewables. More
world’s population
than 40% are currently Advanced AI &
is expected to
operating on 100% the Future of
reach 9.1 billion. At
renewable energy Automation
that point, the world
would need to Business leaders
produce 70% more said they believe
food than today to AI is going to be
feed everyone fundamental in

the future. In fact,
72% termed
it a “business
advantage” ­
10 Nexford University

What you’ll learn

Master skills for the global
workforce with a Nexford MBA. Our
course-based competency learning
approach pushes you out of your
comfort zone and makes you think
differently. The backbone of your
MBA comprises core courses, each
organized around a specific topic or
objective. Each business-focused
core course will equip you with
skills and knowledge applicable to
different business domains.

Choose a

Focus on a
hot-topic area
Choose a specialization at any point before
or during your degree and explore in depth
a particular business area. If you’re not
interested in pursuing a specialization,
you’ll take elective coursework instead.

Choose from five specializations:

Doing Business Across the World
Enabling E-Commerce
Advanced AI & the Future of Automation
Managing Hyperconnectivity
MBA brochure 2019 11

Master the skills Business Operations and Structure

you need to succeed Assess the functions of different units within

an organization in relation to one another.

From your core business courses alone, Business Foundations and

you’ll build expertise in the following areas.
Career Success
Leadership and Teamwork Develop a personalized pathway that
leverages ongoing academic, business
Demonstrate effective teamwork, and professional learning experiences to
collaboration, and leadership skills in achieve personal success.
the workplace.

International Business
Technology for Business
Make business decisions that are in tune
Integrate technology in the workplace with the economic, social, geopolitical and
to support teams in achieving cultural environments within which global
organizational goals. businesses operate.

Corporate Sustainability Human Resource Management

Incorporate sustainability principles within Apply strategic and operational
organizational decision-making processes. HRM practices to support the needs
of global organizations.
Multinational Culture
Design culturally sensitive organizational Management
plans in line with an understanding of the Apply creative management and leadership
unique characteristics of each market. approaches to solve organizational
challenges and seize business opportunities.
Innovation and Change
Integrate innovation within organizational Marketing
culture to satisfy specific evolving Align marketing strategies with organizational
business needs. goals based on an in-depth understanding of
internal and external stakeholders.
Information-Driven Decision
Making Finance
Support effective decision making Use financial analysis to inform decision
processes by extracting information making throughout an organization.
from data.
Use accounting principles to accurately
inform timely financial reporting and
decision making.

View the full list of courses on
12 Nexford University

I see education as a major key to unlocking

a better future, therefore, I am determined
to get the best there is. One with total
flexibility and a virtual international
learning experience.

Getting an MBA at Nexford is the perfect

opportunity for me to develop the business
management skills needed to excel in the
5th Industrial Revolution. It will expand my
network, and broaden my cross-cultural
and intellectual appeal.

Joshua Bolarinwa
February 2019 MBA class
MBA brochure 2019 13

Faculty spotlight

Dr Robin Berenson Dr Debbie Wilson

Director of Academic Innovation Assistant Professor of Business
Nexford University Nexford University
Throughout her career, Dr Berenson has Dr Debbie Wilson has 26 years’
held executive leadership positions in higher professional and academic experience
education, human resources, and healthcare. working in various accounting positions,
Her past experiences include the director of primarily in the construction and real estate
academic innovation for McGraw Hill Higher industry. She was a global analyst for a
Education, associate dean for business national financial company with a team
at Excelsior College and dean, associate housed in Dubai and India. Before this, she
dean, program chair, professor, instructional earned her Doctorate of Management in
designer, adjunct instructor for various online Global Leadership from Colorado Technical
and traditional institutions and mentor for University, MBA from Regis University and
the Online Learning Consortium. Dr Berenson MS in Accounting from Liberty University.
holds an EdD in Organizational Leadership, She has experience in teaching online and
an MS in Human Resource Development and onground, the courses she teaches include
Management, a BA in Psychology, and is a accounting, management, marketing,
certified job and career transition coach. finance, international business, economics,
and general education.

Dr Joe Cappa
Business Program Director
Nexford University
Dr Joseph Cappa is applying his 10 years
of teaching and administration experience
at Nexford. His background in teaching
ranges from online to onground. Before
entering the world of higher education, Dr
Cappa worked in a variety of areas, which
included operations management, supply
chain management, quantitative analysis/
decision making, and global leadership/
management. His research interests
over the years encompass operations
management, logistics, and supply chain.
14 Nexford University

An MBA that flexes

How you’ll learn to your schedule
Every Nexford course is structured
as a series of six ordered modules,
with each one building on the last. How we make
In addition to course assignments,
knowledge stick
at the end of each module, you’ll
also complete an assessment At Nexford, we use a course-based competency
to demonstrate your mastery of learning approach, and the latest frameworks
to help you tool up for tomorrow and walk away
course skills. with skills you can use from day one. All you’ll
need at Nexford is an electronic device such as a
smartphone or laptop. This makes microlearning
accessible anywhere, at any time. Our interactive
content includes videos, podcasts, blog-length
articles, electronic flashcards, and any other
media formats that help you fully grasp concepts
in as little time as possible.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the

program highlights.

Discussion forums:
True to our promise that you’ll learn
skills you can use in the workplace, we’ll You’ll take on the leading role of a professional
never ask you to read 80-page theoretical within a fictional organization to solve a
research papers – instead, expect a problem. You’ll present your recommendations
concise executive dashboard. by pitching to your peers, who’ll give you
objective, constructive feedback.

When you begin your course, all six modules

Real-world deliverables:
will be open to you, so you can plan ahead.
We’ll ask you to complete all six modules, Have you ever been asked to write a proposal
including their assessments, in order, but you with less than a day’s notice? At Nexford, you’ll
can log in whenever you like. Assessments journey through your courses by delivering
help you gauge your understanding and everyday business necessities. From proposals
provide you with feedback that indicates to management presentations, you’ll never get
where your strengths and weaknesses lie. caught out again.
Here’s the trick: this knowledge helps to keep
you engaged. These activities consolidate to Case studies:
an average workload of six to seven hours
per course. You’ll take on handpicked real-world business
challenges that come in the form of a case.
Summative assessments place you within Some are from Harvard and others have exhibits
fictional versions of real-world scenarios. that you’ll recall reading in the news. At Nexford,
These assessments are designed to help cases reemerge as you progress through each
you demonstrate skills by solving challenges module to help you apply your knowledge and
and producing business deliverables such as prepare for your final project.
digital marketing campaigns, HR proposals,
and stakeholder presentations. Simulations:
End your course on a high: create a As part of your learning, you’ll take on situations
final project that you can use. The MBA that imitate reality. For example, imagine you’re
final project serves two purposes. First, the CEO of a global firm and your reputation
it ensures you meet all of the course takes a hit. Social media blows up. How would
competencies. Second, it replicates the you apply lessons from your leadership course to
various projects and tasks required of a manage the crisis? A pressure-cooker situation
business professional. can help you further embed your learning.
MBA brochure 2019 15

Rigor reality skills you can use

Faculty guide and support you Bitesize relevant knowledge

Our highly respected faculty members are Nexford’s virtual learning environment is
trained in online teaching. During each a living lesson in startups, SMEs and blue
MBA course, you’ll be assigned an advisor, chip corporations. We use microlearning,
a faculty member, who will provide you a method of learning that utilizes bitesized
with constructive feedback, so you’ll have lessons rather than long lectures or thick
the highest level of academic support. As books. Typically, we break course content
well as helping you apply new business down into the smallest possible chunks, so
thinking, our faculty are also experienced you can learn quickly and, in most cases,
practitioners – in other words, they know independently. Instead of spending hours
what it takes to operate in fast-moving trying to master a complex concept, you
global environments. can spend five minutes at a time learning
or mastering one detail.

Build a global perspective

Get a high-quality American education
that sets you up for a global career.
Join a vibrant and diverse community of
peers and faculty. When you experience
business around the world and develop
your cultural skills, you’re able to work
anywhere, fulfilling your personal purpose.
Our curriculum is founded on worldwide
workforce data. Each program gives you a
different cultural perspective, making you a
valuable professional for any organization
working across borders.
16 Nexford University

Stay on track
with support
Faculty office hours: three times a week
Dedicated success advisor
24/7 access to help

A big part of how you’ll learn is through

Nexford’s system of support. Are you
concerned that online is lonely? At Nexford,
our dedicated team of faculty and advisors
offer 24/7 support. When you join us, you’ll be
assigned a personal success advisor who’ll
assist you from your orientation to the end of
your Nexford journey. Think of your advisor as
a mentor and coach. You can expect to hear
from the Success Team if they notice that you
haven’t logged into your courses in a while,
or if you seem to be struggling with course
material. With Nexford, we don’t just want you
to pass, we want to succeed in every way and
achieve your career goals. You’ll be able to
connect with the Success Team, seven days a
week, through chat or email.

When you have questions, advisors

will be there to provide answers. If
you experience personal or academic
challenges, advisors will be happy to
assist you. At every step of the way,
Nexford advisors will respond to your
needs. They will also reach out to you
proactively to check in on how you’re
doing and to offer you advice and
guidance. At Nexford, you’re never alone.
Glenn Brody Magid
Director of Learner Success
Nexford University
MBA brochure 2019 17

Mentors driving your

mission to success

Faculty provide learners with academic

theory and real-world application. As an
example, learners want faculty who will
help them solve real-world problems,
bringing academic theory and their
own personal experiences together.
This benefits the learners, in that they
can use these experiences as part of
their current role or they can use these
experiences for the roles they want to
achieve in the future. Spotlight on Nexford’s
learning experience
Dr Joe Cappa
Business Program Director At Nexford, we offer you a learning experience
with a difference: think of it as purposeful
Nexford University design. You’ll know why you’re mastering
particular skills, how you’ll apply these skills
in real-life settings and the different ways
these skills connect with other competencies
throughout your program. Everything featured
in our curriculum is directly applicable in
the workplace. Throughout your studies,
you’ll have access to a customized learning
platform, connecting you with your courses,
your faculty and your peers. We’re an
online university, but we still ensure 24/7
technical and traditional support to guide
you on your learning pathway. Our career
advising platform, Cary, analyzes workplace
data, which inspires the content of your
courses. With the use of AI, Cary together
with your success advisor assist you with
your academic planning and custom course
selection so you can reach your career goals.
You’ll never feel alone at Nexford, not with
our committed faculty team and your own
success advisor, who you can reach out to
at any time.
18 Nexford University

What you’ll
be able to do
Start with the Personalized
end in sight careers advice
Every course, module and assignment During your program, you’ll have access to
is designed to guarantee that you learn the latest trends in the market thanks to
a specific skill. We call these outcomes. our AI advisor, Cary, coming soon. Through
By starting at the end, we know the a combination of our Success Team,
competencies you’ll master on Nexford’s MBA technology and data, we help you identify your
program. It all starts with our institutional professional goals – and equip you with the
learning outcomes ­– our first promise to you. skills and focus you need to achieve them.

We spoke to

Digital Fluency Critical and
Locate and access digital Creative Thinking
information efficiently Create connections in a
and critique its relevance holistic, innovative, and
and accuracy using interdisciplinary manner
technologies responsibly to think unconventionally, More than 5,600 students in the US, Egypt,
and securely. question the status quo, Nigeria, the Philippines, India, China and
and imagine new scenarios. Pakistan to uncover their needs

Communication and Cultural and

We analyzed

Collaboration Emotional
Create written and oral Intelligence
messages by tailoring Use cultural and emotional
its content and means of intelligence practices to
delivery to the needs of promote more effective
the target audience. communication and
More than 30 million job vacancies
personal relationships.

Customer-Centric Civic Responsibility

Thinking Use sustainability We surveyed

Apply customer- principles to make a
centric knowledge and difference in self and the
competencies to meet world.
and exceed the needs and
expectations of internal
and external stakeholders.
Leaders who employ more than 2.5 million
people worldwide
MBA brochure 2019 19

Potential career options

– gain skills that
industry leaders want
At Nexford, our programs are based on
workforce data and an extensive analysis of Business
hiring needs. As a result of global research, analytics
we’ve discovered the skills essential to your • Business analyst
performance in the workplace. Once you • Market research
master them, you’ll leave Nexford as a fully analyst
employable graduate, ready to reach your
career goals.

• Healthcare administrator
Marketing • Health information manager
• Sales manager
• Marketing director

Digital marketing
• Senior digital
Supply chain strategist
• Finance director • Senior community
• Financial manager manager

Finance and
accounting Business Management
• Finance director development and operations
• Financial manager • Operations manager • Project manager
• General manager • Operations manager

PR and related
• Information systems
• PR manager • Analytics manager
• Communications

Data science
• Senior data scientist
• Data science manager

• Management
Human Product consulting associate
resources management • Management
• Finance director • Senior product designer consulting senior
• Financial manager • Senior product manager associate
20 Nexford University

Speak the
language of
global business

57 %
As an American university, we want
you to succeed in a global career.

of leaders say

Source: LinkedIn
At Nexford, we understand that a lack
of confidence in English may hold some soft skills are
people back from taking advantage of our more important
programs. This is why we offer special than hard skills
access to our free Comm2 Writing Lab

during your MBA program. We take your
writing and then we multiply it so you can

Source: Nexford University and Ipsos

Top baseline
have a greater impact in the world of work. skills
The writing lab offers you support
through carefully-selected content and
systematic feedback. The content within
(1) Communication
the lab complements your required course
assignments, while activities help you with a (2) Organizational
timely apply-what-you-learn support system. (3) Planning
MBA brochure 2019 21

Faculty spotlight

Patrick Hayes Dr Joan Ilagan

Business Professor & Assistant Professor of Business
Director of Course Production Nexford University
Nexford University Dr Joan Ilagan is part of the Executive
At Nexford, Patrick Hayes merges his Team at Nexford. She has eight years’
creative background and business combined professional and academic
experience to provide cutting-edge online experience working in various positions
learning experiences. After finishing his primarily in the financial services industry,
first master’s degree, Patrick began his for local and foreign operations. Based
career as a graduate student advisor for in Manila, the Philippines, Dr Ilagan is an
accounting, finance, and other business active member of the Philippine Council
programs at Southern New Hampshire for Deans and Educators of Business.
University’s online college. He progressed Her academic career began in 2015 as
to the roles of assistant dean, associate an instructor. From there, she has gone
dean, and executive director, and led the on to teach an array of courses, which
launch of five online programs and over include management, marketing, finance,
one hundred online courses. While working economics, and hospitality courses. In
as a leader in higher education, Patrick 2018, she received her DBA from Colegio
also received his MBA online and branched De San Juan de Letran, Philippines.
out to run his own business in New
Hampshire. Within two years, he negotiated
a multimillion-dollar sale to a national firm.
Comm2 Writing Lab caters to our learners’
need to enhance their written skills.
Communication tops the agenda of
employer demands, which means it’s critical
that Nexford learners master the skill.

We want our graduates to confidently convey

a message whether they’re an English-
speaking native or not: the thought process
to convey ideas into written words takes
practice and time for it to become natural.

Dr Joan Ilagan
Assistant Professor of Business
Nexford University
22 Nexford University

Your next steps

If you’re ready to prioritize your life goals
and you want to succeed, we want to hear
from you. Our programs start on the first
of every month and you receive a decision
within just seven days. Get in touch with
our dedicated Admissions Team to get the
advice and information you need to turn
your application into a Nexford “Yes!”

For MBA admission requirements, go to

Globally affordable Visit us online

At Nexford, you can earn an MBA degree for We offer regular webinars on a range of
as little as $160 per month. We adjust fees topics. You can also find us on social media.
to your local market, meaning a low monthly
fee for a quality program. Through extensive
analysis, we believe that tailoring the price
to the market will help you move forward in
life while helping us achieve our mission.

To calculate the cost of your MBA based on

your location, go to Connect with Nexford
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Mission statement

To enable greater social and economic

mobility across the world by providing
learners access to high-quality,
affordable, dynamic education that
prepares them for the global workplace.
MBA brochure

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