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Tyhanna LaRock


English 12

03 October 2018


Name: Darlene Robinson

Job title: Support Director

Place of Employment: Merakey

Phone: 814-603-0280

Q: ​What schooling or training do you have? Was it necessary to obtain this position?

A: Six weeks of training.

Q:​ How did you get this job?

A: A very good job recommendation from a friend.

Q: ​How long have you worked here?

A: A year.

Q: ​What qualifications do you need to work in this position? Personal qualities?

A: I Have to know different thing about people with disabilities and how to help them in

different ways.

Q: ​Are there any other experiences, work or non-work related, that have helped you to be

successful in your career?

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A: I worked at a previous job that put me through training and schooling to obtain this job.

Q: ​Would you choose the same career field/job if you were just starting out again?

A: Absolutely!

Q: ​Is your job what you expected it to be? Why or why not?

A: Yes.

Q: ​What are the biggest challenges of you position?

A: Having enough patience.

Q:​Describe a typical day in you job.

A: My days are always different. I go in and out of the community to be with clients.

Q: ​What do you spend most of your time doing?

A: Taking care of my clients.

Q: ​ Where could you progress to in this position?

A: To a supervisor.

Q: ​How many employees work for this company?

A: Several people where for Merakey.

Q: ​Who do you work with and what is/are those relationships like?

A: I worked with people with disabilities along side of their families. I have built good

relationships with both my clients and their families.

Q: Is teamwork essential to this position? Explain.

A: Yes it is, we do a lot of group outings.

Q: ​How often do you work alone?

A: Never.
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Q: ​How much of you work is self-directed or regulated by others?

A: It is not regulated.

Q:​Does you company take part in any volunteering or giving back to the community?

A: Yes it does, we do community volunteering for the SPCA and the food bank.

Q:​ What advice can you give to me or someone else who is just starting out?

A: Mostly you just have to have good connections to build your way up.