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Mobile phones are a nuisance. Do you agree?

Mobile phones have revolutionized the world. Mobile phones make communication easy and
efficient. With the growing use of them, both in businesses and in homes, this technology has
become necessary. Without doubt, mobile phones offer many advantages such as added
convenience, greater personal security and increased communication. However, a mobile phone
does have its share of disadvantages.

Mobile phones are an excellent way to remain in touch and summon help, especially in the event
of an emergency. In critical points in times, people with mobile phones can reach help more
easily and faster than those without mobile phones. For examples, victims of an earthquake can
use their mobile phones to call rescuers to tell them their location. Here, mobile phones can save

Another reason why it is good to have a mobile phone is that it keeps children only a phone call
away. Teenagers can check with their parents to let them know that they are okay or that they
need assistance. In addition, mobile phones provide convenience. You can now search the web,
check email, watch television or take pictures with mobile phones.

Although mobile phones offer many advantages, there are some disadvantages and risks when
using mobile phones. One of the more obvious risks is talking and driving. Mobile phones usage
can make drivers less aware of their surroundings. As a result, drivers are slower to react to
potential dangers. Accident can easily happen in seconds.

Another disadvantage of mobile phone usage is the possibility of health risks. Many people still
place their mobile phone close to their head and this can cause damage to their head and body.
Mobile phone usage has been associated with a number of illnesses. Signals from devices can
actually disrupt parts of the brain involving memory and learning. Other studies have shown that
mobile phones cause a rise in blood pressure and brain cancer. Some other disadvantages of
mobile phones are more of a nuisance. People are heard speaking loudly in restaurants, libraries
and theatres. They do not care of other people who want peace, quiet and are not interested in
their private conversation. There are students who play games or send ‘SMS’ with their mobile
phones. They do not pay attention to what the teacher is teaching. Here, mobile phones disrupt
the attention of the students.

Mobile phones have bought new freedom, increase security and peace of mind. People feel safer
having a mobile phone. In addition, mobile phone offer convenience and ease communication.
However, with many safety risks and the risk of an ‘impolite world’, many people are
questioning the value of mobile phones.