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April 25, 2019 ‘The State Delegates of the Utah Republican Party, During the past two years we have had the privilege of working as interns at the Utah Republican Party Headquarters, We have worked closely with the public, delegates, Party Officers, and Staff. We recognize that it is uncommon for interns of the Utah Republican Party to generate a public letter like this but we feel itis imperative to share this information with you prior to the Party Officer elections at the upeoming May 4th UTGOP Organizing Convention. This letter is specifically about the current UTGOP Secretary, Lisa Shepherd, and describes our interactions with her in her capacity as an Officer. Ithas been our experience that State Party Secretary Lisa Shepherd has demonstrated by her actions that she is unfit for this office. Many of us served the party at the same time but we all experienced the same types of unprofessional behavior from Lisa Shepherd - a hostile work environment for us as well as the UTGOP staff. Working at the UTGOP HQ was normally fun and a great experience but the work environment always became tense, antagonistic, and unhealthy when Lisa was present. Also on the occasions when Lisa Shepherd was in the State Party Headquarters, all work activities stopped and the entire staff and interns were made to walk on eggshells as she attempted to insert herself into projects, change processes, and make unreasonable demands for things such as access to Chairman Anderson's personal email account. The frequency of her anger and hostility was not rare, but the norm, when she came into the office. For the health of the Party's daily operations and to ensure the Party remains a place where interns, like ourselves, can come to gain political experience in a non-hostile work environment, wwe urge the State Delegates to take Lisa's history as an officer into you choose a new Party Secretary on May 4th. Below we sign ournames willingly and to affirm the veracity of our statements above. Respectfully, Katherine Yini Griffith Kaden Madson Bill Vermetten Jaed Wood Henry Powell Oakley Burt Jordan Sweeter Aaron Smith