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- Objectives
- Strengths

2. - Weakness
- Opportunities
- Threats
- Target Market
- Marketing Mix
i. Product
ii. Prices
iii. Places
iv. Promotion
- Marketing Plan
i. Planning Application Features
ii. Design Mobile application
iii. Hiring the Experts
iv. Mobile Application Development
v. Pre-release mobile application (testing)
vi. Mobile Application Launching


From the year of 2015 to 2018, stated by Madam Asimi Ana Bt. Ahmad who is from the
marketing department of UniKL MICET the statistics and the trend of the student admission to
UniKL MICET was observed to be decreasing. This problem concerns the upper management,
thus new marketing plan or strategy needed to overcome it. There are many factors that may be
the cause such as the way of their thinking. Many people nowadays think that chemical
engineering courses are difficult, tough and very challenging and they prefer courses that are
way easier to learn. Next, there are rumors spreading around that MARA will stop sponsoring
and giving loan to student. Plus, the fees of the university are quite expensive for them to pay if
MARA is not giving loan anymore. Hence, this report contained the marketing plan on how to
attract students to enroll and further their studies in UniKL MICET.

Nowadays, smartphones have become an essential device for people despite the age. It is
mainly because smartphones are very convenient as it is easy to bring and enables them to
access all information with just one click away. Smartphones can also bring people together by
using various social media available on the internet. Therefore, this opportunity was used and
then created a marketing plan in order to increase the number admission and registered
students. The main idea is to create our own UniKL MICET app that contains all information
about the university for students, academic staffs and also for other users. This app can be
used for the other users to experience the university life without actually going for real.
Universities from other countries such as Indiana State University, California State University
and many more have built and produced their own app since 2015 and it can be observed that
the app brings many advantages to the users.

The main purpose of creating the app is to make the users stated above to know UniKL MICET
better as the app will consist the information related to the university such as the programs offer,
the directory of the academic buildings and hostels, university events and news, emergency
phone number and so on. In order to be able to access all the information, users need to sign
up their account by using their matrix number or email for outside users. It also provides the
syllabus and the notes of the subject according to each program. It is a free mobile app that can
be downloaded for both iOS and Android device.

The objectives of the marketing strategies are as follows:

 To increase the number of admission and registered students in UniKL MICET

 To introduce MICET mobile application to all UniKL MICET society and SPM students
 To promote UniKL MICET through the mobile application towards outsiders especially
SPM students.
 To merge eCitie, UniKL VLE, UniKL IR and UniKL MICET official website into one
 To ensure the students, academic staffs and other users get to know more about the

SWOT analysis is one of a vital or major component when starting a marketing plan. The
word SWOT refers to strenghts, weakness, opportunities and threats. It is a process where the
team identifes the internal and external factors of the marketing plan that will further affects in
their future performance. The internal factors are strenghts and weakness meanwhile the
external factors are opportunites and threats. So, below are the SWOT analysis for the
marketing plan:

 The first UniKL or universities in Malaysia to have their own mobile

STRENGHTS app for their university
 One stop information center of UniKL MICET for students and the
app user to know more about the university
 Improve learning system because contains everything about the
lecture or notes for students and educators to access the learning
material whenever they want
 Faster and easy access to market as it is free to download and
people always spend most of the time with their mobile phones
 Quick to respond as the app connected with the customer service for
answering any inquiry during working hour
 It is easy to navigate and user friendly as it has the user guide and
has great navigation bar
 The development of the app will be easier because it is for mobile
and does not involve with any desktop software

WEAKNESS  System breakdown

 Jammed when students log in at the same time when there is online
quiz or test at specific time
 Will concern on the security issues because user register with their
privacy data
 Lack of focus on single platform since there so much information
compressed in the app
 There will other university that will do the same as the technology is

 We can appeal to the users more since this is the first university app
in Malaysia
OPPORTUNITIES  The growth and potential of internet and internet user used widely
makes it a promisable marketing plan
 There will be a lot of users downloading it since it is free
 The app can be sell to other UniKL as a guidance and use it for their
 There will be more demand for the use of app and it will keep
 One of the best ways to offer quick, real-time on-demand
performance support.

 Fierce competition in the future if all universities in Malaysia created

their own app
 Risk of the funding problems later to improve or upgrade the app

The application mainly focuses on UniKL MICET’s society and student that sit for SPM. Leading
a busy life, student did not have time to access the internet and google the system used in
UniKL MICET. By downloading this mobile friendly application, they can easily access to eCitie,
VLE, or even UniKL IR. They also can download notes faster. This will save their precious time
rather than going to library and print it. Furthermore, the printing service provided by library is
expensive. For beginner, student need to purchase printing card which cost RM15.60. Even
though it can be reloaded, it is still considered expensive for a student.

As a high schooler, most of their time is at school. Basically, they spend time in school since
morning and involve in cocurricular activity in the afternoon. The average time for them to leave
school is at 4pm. Some of them even spend their night time by attending additional class. So, by
accessing this application, they can read notes while relaxing before sleep. They also can read
notes on the way to school while riding bus or car. Then, while doing exercise given by teacher,
they also can easily fine the notes the wanted by using this application. It is effective and save
time compare to finding notes in book. Since the application will continuously announce any
event or news regarding UniKL MICET, it will appeal them more. They also can join any event
related such as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) program.
3.1.1 Product

The product that will be produce is the application name as MICET. This apps will be focus on
the system of this institute so it will be easier for students, lecturers and staffs. This product is
name after MICET because it will focus only for UniKL MICET so that more people will know
about the university.

Students  Information such as student name, ID,

access ecitie and VLE, their
schedule/timetable. Students can also
update their information using this
 Library cooperate with UniKL IR to
pleasure/ease students search for the
exam material like final year paper.
Next, to borrow book/s from library,
student just scan the QR code that
available/provided inside/on/at the
books. Lastly, for discussion room,
students can reserve/book by using
this apps.
 This apps also give students
notification alerts to notify student
about upcoming event or news such
as announcement of exam schedules,
dean list award, inform about new
assignment from lecturers or due date
for the assignments.
Lecturers  This apps can allow lecturers to
update their information such as their
room, their schedule so that it will
easier for the students to find/meet
 Attendance: Paper-free system which
the lecturer can take the attendance
by give the link to student who is
present using this apps.
Staffs  They can make announcement for
students such as electrical breakdown
or repairing the road.
 Students can also make complaints
and give suggestions for improvement
 Acss- Students and lecturer can
reserved tutorial room or lecturer hall
using this apps
Outsiders  Focus on students at the age of 16
and 17 years old (SPM candidates).
This apps will provide notes for SPM
candidates which they have to
register first like fill in their name, age
and email.
E-wallet system  This system act as another wallet for
lecturers/students/staff. Act the same
as token so it is cashless technology.
The purpose of the system is to make
it easy to buy food at the café or
printing service at library. This is also
can avoid money lost or missing.

3.1.2 Prices

This apps is free to download and access for all but not for outsiders. They can only access the
main information knowledge regarding the programs offer in this university, the map and
overview of UniKL MICET. This apps also can be downloaded on cellphone and laptop via
google play store and apple apps store. This apps will not have any bugs and advertisement
from occurring.

3.1.3 Places

This apps is basically focus on UniKL MICET which located in Taboh Naning, Alor Gajah,
Melaka, approximately 35km away from Melaka town This university is a higher educational
institution that specializes in chemical-based engineering technology education. UniKL MICET
is set up with complete and up-to-date equipment in the field of Chemical Engineering
Technology where they have about 40 labs and 2 physical workshop. At MICET, we offer variety
of programmes which are Chemical Engineering Technology in Food, Environment, Polymer,
Process and Bioprocess.

The major purpose of this apps is to promote MICET and to attract students to study here by
showing the exact place of our university. The places include the academic block (lecture hall,
tutorial room, laboratory), administration block, café, field, mosque and student residence. The
apps will show the overview of overall inside the building, including all the appliances and
equipment. Hence, the Micetians will be familiar with the places even before entering it. This will
also help them from getting lost especially for the new registered students.

3.1.4 Promotion

To make this apps known, the promotions should be managed. There are many ways to
promote this apps or MICET. Firstly, held events such as Open day and STEM day where the
school and university students or friends can come to MICET. They can witness the
demonstration shown by the Micetians like how the process of the food was made and many
more. MICET also can be promoted by the event that was held by the government which is ‘Jom
Masuk U’ where many students form different school, university, matriculation and institute will
go surveying the place that they want to study.

Second, by advertisement at TV, radio and newspapers. Nowadays, people are always with
their smartphones so social media such as facebook, twitter and instagram is an important role
in promoting this apps. The other ways is after the student register this apps, the system will
automatically receive their information such as name, email and phone number. A follow up
process can be done. For example standard messages (SMS) like ‘Good Luck for SPM’, ‘You
Can Do It Students’.

Lastly, organize the program at schools, institute or outside UniKL MICET such as CSR project.
During the project, students from MICET can show demos like a simple experiment that can
entertain the outsiders about chemical or make them interested in chemical. The students also
can tell them about MICET. The other option is sent students to other UniKLs to sell/promote
the apps and make the apps known.

The plan is to create a mobile application which is convenient for all students, staffs, and
academicians. All aspect is counted from hiring a programmer and software engineer to market
the application. Below shows a marketing flow planned for establishing this application.

Design mobile
application's Hiring an expert

Mobile application Pre-release mobile Mobile application

launching application (testing) development

Market the mobile


3.2.1 Planning Application’s Features

The main objective of this mobile application is to merge 4 common Unikl MICET’s website
which are UniKL Ecitie, UniKL VLE, UniKL IR, and UniKL MICET main website itself. The
features include in the application are students’ notes, profile, finance information, SDCL, much
more. The new feature which is SPM notes will be included in the application. This is one of the
ways to attract students to enrol in UniKL MICET. In addition, by adding another function to the
application will help high school students in revising and studying for SPM.
3.2.2 Design Mobile application

To attract more user, the application design needs to be attractive and suitable for studying
environment. The design must be appealing yet simple and easy for user to find what they
want. To reduce cost, a competition can be held which open to all UniKL MICET community that
interested to create a design for the apps. A certain criterion like colour, and theme can be set
so it will be easier to choose a winner later. The theme colour can be blue, orange and white
which are the official UniKL theme. Participants are given a month time to complete the design
and submit it.

3.2.3 Hiring the Experts

To make a mobile application, a team needs to be formed. It is including hiring a software

engineer, programmer, developer and administrative officer. An approximate 7 people needed
to build the application. The cost to hire the expert within 6 months is about RM 34671 based on
their average monthly salary. There is another way of hiring the experts which by choosing the
established developer company. Either way, it will cost around RM150000 to build the
application. Even though it is a massive amount of money, UniKL MICET need to grab the
opportunity as the higher risk resulting to high profit.

3.2.4 Mobile Application Development

A database application usually needs 4 to 6 months to develop. It includes assembling all

feature together, mobile user interface (UI) compatibility and designing. As part of development
process, mobile user interface is very essential. Mobile UI consider constraints, contexts,
screen, input, and mobility as outlines for design. It focuses on interaction with user’s device,
and the interface entails components of both hardware and software. User input allows the user
to manipulate a system, and device’s output allows the system to indicate the effects of the
user’s manipulation. Most importantly, the app is compatible for both android and iOS device.
To solve this, a hybrid app is a good choice since it allows to develop both operating system at
the same time. It is efficient and cost effective. Furthermore, it speeds up the development
3.2.5 Pre-Release Mobile Application (Testing)

This process needs to be done prior to launching the application. A 2 months trial is an enough
time to test the application. Within this period, user can evaluate the efficiency of the application.
Furthermore, if any problem arise, development team can solve hence improve the application.

3.2.6 Mobile Application Launching

After all process done, the application can be launched and introduced to all UniKL MICET’s
community. Development team will upload the application at both Google Playstore and Apple
App Store. A launching event will be organized, and user can start downloading and use the

3.2.7 Market the Application

Other than UniKL MICET, the apps will be launched outside to introduce to high school
students, teachers and parents. A marketing team can organize a road show either at school or
shopping complex where there will be a lot of high school students. Aside from that, planning a
package that comes with the application is a good way to promote it. For example, by signing up
the application, user will get a free coffee shop coupon. By following their trend, it can increase
number of users.

 In 2015, the number of students start to decline. Since then, new marketing needs to be
planned and implemented to overcome the problem. Nowadays, smartphone has been
one of essential thing in daily life. People access information, social media, or even
account bank as it only takes one click away. So, this opportunity can be used by
developing a mobile friendly application which merge four major UniKL MICET website
which are eCitie, VLE, UniKL IR, and UniKL MICET official website. Plus, with addition of
another function including SPM notes and e-wallet system. The mobile application is
called MICET which highlight UniKL MICET name. The benefits of this application are to
ease every student, academician staffs, and staffs accessing those websites at one
platform. Then, by using e-wallet system, they can buy food at UniKL MICET café. Most
importantly, the application can attract more students to enroll in UniKL MICET. This is
because when they sign up to the app, they will need to fill in their information like email
and phone number. From there, a follow up process can be done by sending a standard
message. Above all, the application will give opportunity to UniKL MICET as a pioneer
that use mobile application as one of data base system. Furthermore, more profit will
come when the application sold to other UniKL campuses. The application takes around
four to six months to develop including pre-release session. The overall cost is
RM150000 including administration cost. Next, marketing unit can organize a road show
from shopping complex to school to promote the mobile application. Other than that,
joining organized event by the government will help to promote both UniKL MICET and
mobile application. Lastly, by creating a mobile application will help the growth and
potential of internet and internet user used widely makes it a promisable marketing plan.