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Graduate School
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Midterm Examination
Educational Planning & Management


1.) In your own words, explain the meaning of educational planning.

To those who are concerned with the future of education. Educational planning
with the aim of making education more effective and efficient in responding to the
needs and goals of its students and society (teachers, students and administrators).
Planning is a continuous process where in from time to time it needs to have progress. It
is a part of the whole process of education that helps us reach better and well informed
decisions. It is a guide that help us attain what is best in our system. It is also a
preparation of what will come for the next academic year, what are the things that
needs to be accomplished and things that will improved to the concept of education. It
needs to adapt and change the process in every school year to identify what are the
best plans and have proper vision for the intended year. It is a continuous process of
how we must create effective and efficient form of education. The improvement occur
with a certain time frame it is important to develop every details of the planning on
how this things work. The educational planning is very neutral it is flexible and
adaptable to fit in every situations, it designs to the different strategies, principles and
methods of education. It is an overall view of what would be the objectives within the
year and how it will be operated. Educational planning deals with the future, it is the
springboard for future decisions and actions. As plans for one period move into action,
planning for the next must be under way, nourished by feedback from the first. It helps
the education to be more relevant, efficient and effective.

2.) Discuss why there must be educational planning.

Planning is a process of making a plan it is a detailed scheme that is intended for

the future that involves action. It is a tool that will help the system to have a path that
will lead to better education. It is important to have such educational planning so that
the development process of decision-making and operations will be tied. Once the
system is ready for the plan it will be easy to accomplished the things that needs result.
It will work according to the basis of planning for the academic year together with the
components of the educational planning. It is a must to have this kind of plan because it
helps the education system to be more productive and effective. We established
different schools all over the world, we are different in a way educational planning
conceptualized on what strategy, principles and techniques that needs to be more
effective or efficient but they are the same in the process of giving the education system
the ways on how they will achieved their objectives. In order to have the best outcome
of your objectives planning is one of the recommended tool in order to achieved those.
If planning is being applied to our system it will be a continuous process that will lead to
the desired work objectives. Educational planning helps when we are moving to the next
stage by learning the ways that we do at first.

3.) Explain the foundation of educational planning and its significance.

A foundation is a sketch of the baseline of the entire structure. It is used to show

the design and how constructors anticipate building it. In educational planning there are
factors that affect the system (sociological factor, political, economic, pedagogical and
demographical factor) where all these have an impact to the process that the
educational policy makers, planner and administrators build. The sociology concerns
with the study of social life, group behavior, cause and effect of changes in
environment. Political factor includes the ideologies and political ideas and attitudes.
Economic factor is the distribution of limited resources that benefits the education. Next
is the pedagogical factor comprise the sum total of our knowledge and experience in
bringing about learning. The demographical factor focus on the characteristics of the
human population especially with the reference to size and density of the people
welfare. These factors contribute to the goals of the educational system that help
change the society. The architects of such plans were usually creative social thinkers
who saw in education a potent instrument for achieving reforms. It varied greatly in
scope, objectives and complexity others involved a continuous process over a long
period, all have something to teach but differ in results. The ancestry of todays
educational planning does not end, it is a continuous process that needs to develop and
make various preparations for the next academic year. The number of students enroll,
how many classrooms, teachers etc. And how much money would come from. It is
ended ultimately in a series of actions and decisions to make. it is concerned with the
future of education to be effective and efficient.