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May 2019

Transition Committee Update

Monday 4/1/19, the Transition Committee met with Pastor Lindsay and Susan from the ELCA Synod for
Lindsay’s exit interview and to discuss details for an interim pastor. The next step is for the synod to provide a
candidate for the council to interview. If we find them to be a good fit to help us through our transition, the
council will work on setting up a contract for an interim hire. If we want to pursue other options, the synod will
provide another candidate for our review. Once hired, the interim pastor will be here until the new pastor is
chosen and arrives.

Some of the challenges we foresee during this transition are finding volunteers to help with visiting homebound
members and continuing our work with the GIFT program. Please contact council members to find out how
you can best help!

Any questions related to the interim pastor process, feel free to contact any of the Transition Committee

Julie Hoffman Marilyn Ulland Tom Harber Jennifer Ingvalson


GIFT - Growing In Faith Together

Join us on May Day – May 1, 2019 for the last GIFT night of the season. We will begin at 5:30 PM for our
regular pizza party.

This is a family event for all people of all ages. Hopefully we are really in the spring season. Activities will
center on stories and projects that look toward “Growing In Faith Together”. There in God’s garden, let’s
gather together for an evening of fun, with some traditional spring time tasks. Put some Spring into your steps
and celebrate the Spring Growing Season!

Pastoral Acts

Confirmation – Carson Brennecke

Baptism – Mariah Lynn Thorson
APRIL 7, 2019

The meeting was called to order by President, Julie Hoffman. Members in attendance included; Cathy
Kleinschmidt, Holly Ille, Julie Berg, Wendy Trihus, Marilyn Ulland, Terry Magnuson, Dorothy Peterson, Pastor
Lindsay and Laura Tjomsland. Check-in with highs and lows.

The Treasurer’s Report was given. A motion was made by Laura and seconded by Terry to approve the
report. It will be placed on file for audit. Highlights included; Opening balance of $29,668.74. Income was
$8,908.77, expenses were $14,508.49 leaving a balance of $24,069.02. The Youth Fund has a balance of
$2,932.63, the Improvement Fund has a balance of $18,432.99 and the Scholarship Fund has a balance of

Old Business. Reviewed the plans for the 160th celebration, we will serve ribs and additional items to complete
the meal. Discussion regarding items that will need attention following Pastor Lindsay’s departure. These
items will be addressed with various volunteers supporting the continued efforts of outreach from the

New Business. The Transition Team gave an update about the meeting with the assistant to the Bishop. They
will continue to update the congregation with announcements through the weekly bulletin and the LOG. Palm
Sunday will also be Confirmation for Carson Brennecke, the Council will provide a cake, plates, napkins and
silverware and WELCA will assist in serving the coffee. There will also be an Easter egg hunt. Discussion
regarding the planning for an Easter morning breakfast. The menu was planned and Council members divided
up the responsibilities.

Pastor Lindsay gave her report with an outline of various projects that will need to be assigned to various
volunteers in the congregation before a new minister is called. Looking ahead to Passion Week, we will have a
Maundy Thursday Dinner Church and partner with First Lutheran for Good Friday service. The moving
company has been secured and at that point, Pastor plans to be out of the parsonage by May 2. During the
month of March there have been 4 ROG services and 2 Prairie Manor services. One funeral was held. Visits
will continue through the month of April.

The Secretary’s Report was given. A motion by Julie B. and seconded by Terry to accept the report as

WELCA Report was given. They are planning the Strawberry Social on June 11th. Extra help will be recruited
from the congregation.

The Deacon’s Report was given. May GIFT will be the last one before summer. Marilyn, Holly and Laura will
plan some activities for the evening.

Trustees Report was given. Discussion regarding the light fixtures in the basement. There was some
problems that were taken care of. But the end result is that the fixtures will need to be replaced. A motion was
made by Laura and seconded by Terry to replace all of the fixtures with more efficient lights. The motion was
approved. Jay Peterson has given an estimate of $750.00 for the fixtures. There are a few other light fixtures
around the church that will be checked. A new water heater is still being explored through the Coop. Spring
clean-up around the church property has been set for May 15th. Helpers will be needed for this project. More
details will be announced.

The meeting was adjourned and closed with the Lord’s Prayer.
Next meeting will be on May 5th following our church service. May Eucharist assistant will be Cathy.

Respectfully submitted,

Laura Tjomsland, Council Secretary

WELCA Minutes

On Wednesday, April 3rd, 19 Red Oak Grove WELCA ladies met at 1:30 p.m. The meeting was called to order
by President Dorothy Peterson and was opened in the Name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The purpose
was read in unison. Our opening hymn was “Living for Jesus”. The devotions were given by Joyce Peterson.
She read Psalm 118:17 - The Lord is God and he has given us light. Secretary’s minutes were read and one
change was made. The Strawberry Social quilt for raffle was donated by the family of Evie Hanson. Ardell
gave the Treasurer’s report. Checking balance and savings balance were updated for us. Both reports will be
placed on file. Correspondence: Jessie Christianson for quilt for After Prom. Note from First Graders at
Blooming Prairie for books at Christmas.

Unfinished Business: Sign-up sheet filled out for those planning to attend the Spring Zumbro Synod meeting of
the Women of ELCA. To be held at First Lutheran in Blooming Prairie on April 25th from 4:45-8:30 p.m.

New Business: Carson Brennecke will be confirmed on Palm Sunday. A gift and red stole will be given from

Committee Reports: ARC of Austin were given 2 quilts for up-coming auction. We are collecting items for
Marie Sandvik until the end of April. Quilting a few more weeks. WIT – Will meet April 9th at church to chat
and chew. Update on Social – Letters inviting area churches have been mailed. Care Centers and Assisted
Living letters have been sent. Flyers are ready to be distributed by anyone that can to Austin and Blooming
Prairie. Table clothes (2 x tubes) and 4 new 3 oz. and 2 oz. servers purchased.

An invitation to Guest Day at First Lutheran on Wednesday, May 1st at 9:30 a.m. was read. Heidi Becker will
be guest speaker. We noted to give the Warrior Wagon Project 10 small quilts. A motion to give Pastor
Lindsay and Dave a going away quilt.

Program – Verna Magnuson had information from Red Oak Groves 100th Anniversary in 1959. Very
interesting and many ladies present remember participating in the event. Offering was taken. Birthday song
sung. Next meeting will be Wednesday, May 8th at 9 a.m. Naomi program and Rebekah hostess. Closing
hymn “O Master Let Me Walk With Thee”.

Linda Christianson, Secretary


Confirmation Information
(for the remainder of the year)

May 1st – GIFT

May 8th - No regular Confirmation class.

INSTEAD, sign up to volunteer as a family at the Feed My Starving Children Mobile Pack at First Lutheran.
There are shifts available on Friday evening, May 10th and Saturday, May 11th.

May 15th – Church Clean-up Service Project

It will begin at 5:30; come when you are able and lend a hand.
Noisy Coin Offering for May will be our Synod Assembly offering through Leading Together and will support
Good Earth Village, Luther Seminary and our two campus ministries (Winona and Mankato).

If you haven’t yet, please consider signing up to pack meals at the Feed My Starving Children Blooming
Prairie Mobile Pack on May 10th and 11th. It will be a fun, fulfilling community event! If you have signed up
already, great! Please remember to leave jewelry at home and wear close-toed shoes when you arrive to
pack! If you have any questions, please touch base with Alexyss Magnuson.

Dear Friends of Red Oak Grove - Thank you so much for the Easter Basket. It
was so thoughtful of you! I really appreciated it. You made my day special! I
can hardly wait until I can get around good again!! You are all special to me!!
Love, Connie Trihus

Greetings to my Red Oak Grove Friends - I want to thank the children and all who helped to make the Easter
baskets. I really liked everything in it from the goodies to the word puzzles. The cross was so special, it has
been hung on my apartment door. Thanks to Joyce P. who made the card. Thank you to Laura for delivering
my Daily Devotion book and the Easter basket. Selma Lysne

Pastor Lindsay and friends at Red Oak Grove – Thank you for the Easter basket it brought me much joy!
Connie Benson