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Sinai Connections Fart 2018 Votume 1, Issue 3 Starting Over Has Provided Jose the Opportunity to Help Others Like Himself The trajectory of Jose Cruz's life changed ona winding, mountain road in Puerto Rico in March 2000, when the airbrakes on his commercial eruck stopped wo He was rolling downhill, and pickin speed. He p truck did not slow de the breaks, bu nj ar the bortam: a deadly end. his options oon the lefts a steep cliff; on the right: the The cargo he was hauling flew through the truck's cabin, pinning him against che dashboard. Jose stayed in the cabin as the truck rolled over four times. His busines partner died thacday, erying co escape pent four months in the hospical in Puerto Rico. Three ribs were removed and a gaping head injury required 90 stitches Hisspinal cord had been broken and ebrae were now fased together witha metal rod. He had lost everything, He owned the trucking company, and still owed money on his fleet. He also had 2 mortgage and a son wich Down syndrome. But now he had no business to support his fail seaving the hospieal in vas difficule for him co get around in his small town in Puerto Rico—and hard to find a job for someone with his capa bilities There was no time to sit around for himself. His wife sugg ced that they rebuild their lives in Chic acity she knew well, d id chat provi more opportunity Ie was activity in his social life that led him to Mount Sinai. A wheelchait-leagne soféball buddy, sold him abouean of here he worked, at Schwab Rehabilica tion Hospital. Jose applied and got the job. Now he has been at Sinai for 11 years,and hile many still consider him “the guy who delivers the wheelchairs” his job is so much “Llove my job. Treally love being hi Asa rehabilitation services technical aide wall inpatient wheelchairs, “repairing and modifying the His story of Schwab's general fleet chairs for individual patients now make him a Sinai super hero, atleast for Schwab patients requiring a wheelchair and pethaps a bic of inspiration, He’ filled with joy at the opportunity te help people who are disabled like him. "I love my jab,” Jose istfully watching a patient zoom offin the motorized chair he'd just modified to fit her. "I really love being here.” Supportive Oncology Team Provides Cancer Treatment With Loving Care When Vilna Sandoval awoke from her chemotherapy treatment, she marveled at the vision in front of her. She had prayed before going into her first chemotherapy session, “God, go with me to chemo.” He had answered her prayers. An angel sat by her side. FRONT Row: SOOO aN OSE aC Neue ncaa een ert LO eerRrURer ra The angel was Yabari Avalos, supportive oncology coordinator — the las person Vilma had seen before falling under the spell of che powerful drugs. “She was an angel,” Vilma sai. “Ididnit expect her to stay there while I slept, but when T woke up, she was right there.” Vilma went on to tell how Yabari made sure she fel okay, arranged for a ride to take her home, gave her medications to counter any side effects, and followed up with her later to see how she was faring at home. According co Vilma, it turned out she had nothing to worry about. The entire staff at Sinai Health System's Supportive Oncology (Clinic is angelic in their compassionate ‘are, Friends and family told her she was nts because she seemed to enjoy going to her chemotherapy appointments every ‘Thursday. “I felt so good,” she marvels. “Everyone was so nice.” Ar Sinai Health Syscem, the Supportive ‘Oncology Clinicaims to be comprehensive. ‘To begin, they help patients and their families understand their diagnosis and BIee Cena rte stony the treatment plan. Oncology patients at Sinai are regularly screened for distress. Clinical staff aligns patient appointments so patients visit the Supportive Oncology Clinic on the same days they receive treatments. They address all patient concerns whether they are psychological, social, emosional, financial, spiriua, nutritional, or medical. These concerns may be especially urgent for patients at Sinai, many of whom are under- resourced and do not access healthcare ‘ona regular basis. Sinai Health System established its supportive oncology services with assis- tance from The Coleman Foundation, who has been a partner with SHS for ‘over 30 years. Based in Chicago, The Coleman Foundation has worked to improve cancer care for several decades, wich a focus on supporting initiatives thar give people power over their own paths through cancer care and treatment. Thanks to their leadership, the quality of care has improved forall patients, even in low-income areas. “Providing quality care to patients when ‘we have limited resources can be taxing,’ says Dr, Pam Khosla, SHS Chair of Oncology. “Bur we can provide that care because we know that we have an influential and experienced partner. Having a backer like [Coleman] —shining alight, showing ‘you the way, affirming that your needs are valid, connecting you to colleagues—its the kind of support thar keeps you going.” Dr. Khosla serves on ‘The Coleman Foundation’s Supportive Oncology Collaborative, an interdisciplinary team cof 169 professionals from 25 Chicago-area cancer care institutions who work together co design and rest new processes, create screening tools, and to advocate for insurance coverage of supportive care services. She says that The Coleman Foundation’s backing has provided the inspiration to do better. “They have really been a great partner and have been the backbone of the quali programs. Through d swe confirmed that we can partner with and learn from whac other providers are doingevery day.” of our cancer at connection, For Vilma, the care she receives Fels far from routine, To her it fels like love, She recalls a moment when a staff nurse covered her with a blanket because the room was chilly. “She said ‘h my baby’ Can you imagin and clutches her chest. “Ie fl so good!” ECS een BESS Mm PLOT! NA and JD Stetson Coleman, owners of Fannie May Candies sure sore Res ener rca eater supports initiatives th roe eetetete tetera nearer Reo eer oemere verre tion. They h: BESTRONGER | GARE) De ee eee cree ee Gretel Pattee Rony Sinai Health System since 1987. 40, iT eee ete COPY erat: of life. The Coleman Foundation Siren R | LOVE DEEPER