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Senate Democrats choose losers to lead John McCain, maverick

Joshua Spivak (Front Row
Washington) survivor
unofficial, was Senator Henry
Cabot Lodge, who died in office
in 1924. Including both of those
The Democrats can take comfort
in the knowledge that it’s hard to
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:10:22 AM
Joshua Spivak (Front Row danger, McCain acted differently
men, of the Republicans’ 17 believe Reid’s leadership position Washington)
[Updated to correct date of leaders (one was only acting), will be what cost him his seat—he than the other officials. He tacked
Daschle defeat.] For the second only one lost his reelection would have been targeted Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:15:28 AM hard to the right, ignoring a
time in less than a decade, the campaign, James Watson of anyway. He was vulnerable torrent of criticisms from his what
Senate Democrats are finding Indiana in the FDR tidal wave of Nov 2, 2010 12:15 EDT he use to call his “base” – the
incumbent, and there is no reason
themselves with a leader facing 1932. In other ways, not so happy. In 2009, if you had asked the Tea media. He immediately took the
to think he would have received
political extinction. Tom Daschle, Five of their leaders have died in Party movement regulars who fight to his opponent, going very
any easier treatment from
Harry Reid’s predecessor as the office (as opposed to only one for their most hated Republican was negative, very fast. He called in
Republicans or conservative
leader of the Senate Democrats, the Democrats). the answer would have been John chits – including an endorsement
groups than Blanche Lincoln or
lost his own reelection race in There is no real explanation for McCain in a landslide. For years, from Sarah Palin. The result was a
Russ Feingold.
2002 in 2004, having become the Democrats’ willingness to McCain has been the man much crushing victory over a very well-
If Reid is out, the Democrats will
minority leader after the 2002 choose among the electorally of the Republican conservative known conservative. What’s
not be trying for a three-peat. His
elections. For Democrats, this is vulnerable—each leadership base loved to hate, thanks to his surprising is not that McCain
most likely successors, Chuck
not an unprecedented experience. election is unique and involves 2000 presidential run and his succeeded, it’s that others like
Schumer or Dick Durbin, both
In the 1950s, back-to-back personality issues that have apostasy on campaign finance and Murkowski and Castle didn’t take
reside in much safer seats.
Democratic leaders also lost their nothing to do with the history of o t h e r i s s u e s . M o v e m e n t notes.
Joshua Spivak is a senior fellow
seats. conservatives discussed a primary Joshua Spivak is a senior fellow
the office. But, there are at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for
Checking out the relatively short advantages to having a majority campaign in 2004. McCain’s at the Hugh L. Carey Institute for
Government Reform at Wagner
history of the Senate Leader leader from a swing state. Just by losing the presidential race to Government Reform at Wagner
position shows that the Democrats dint of being elected in a state that Obama didn’t help his popularity College.
This entry passed through the
have been more willing to choose could go either way, these one bit. This entry passed through the
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
vulnerable members. There have Senators may be more attuned to And yet, in this anti-incumbent Full-Text RSS service — if this is
your content and you're reading it
been only 11 Senate Democratic the nation as a whole, and better tidal wave, where Republican your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read
leaders (the position officially able to pull the party from incumbents and party regular on someone else's site, please read
our FAQ page at
came into existence in 1920), and e x t r e m e p o s i t i o n s . B u t t h e f r o n t - r u n n e r s ( s u c h a s i n our FAQ page at
f o u r h a v e l o s t r e e l e c t i o n downside is that it may make Delaware, Nevada, Colorado) content-only/faq.php
Five Filters featured article:
campaigns. were taken down in record Five Filters featured article:
them more vulnerable to Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Republicans have, in some ways, losing—Reid became the face of number, John McCain survived. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
a happier success rate. The first the Democrats in the Senate, and Why? Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Republican leader, though a s s u c h i s b l a m e d b y Maybe because he knew he Catastrophe.
would be a target, or perhaps
because he is more attuned to the
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Here's The Secret Fed Minutes You WON'T See Tomorrow

Bruce Krasting (Business public debt. worrywart! go up, never down. Jobs will be less. Have we really considered
Insider) Hawk: Moderate: plentiful. Unemployment will fall. the implications of this? Should
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:06:00 PM Jeepers Ben! You’re talking a There is no loan demand. Not The economy will prosper. And I we do something much smaller;
QE-2 of $1.6 trillion! Think of the even for 4% mortgages. Who’s to will get my picture back on the say a limited program of only
We get the minutes of the Fed message you are sending! You say if we drive rates down cover of Time magazine. $500b? Should we hold back
meetings. I think we get the are debasing the currency by a another 20bp that this will change. Moderate: some of our remaining chips in
substance of what is discussed. very meaningful amount! The only thing that QE-2 will do Don’t we risk some distortions case we actually have a real
But I don’t think we get the full Moderate: is to enrich the banks at the in the bond market if we buy so emergency at some point?
story of what is said. I wonder if I’m supportive of Ben’s shock expense of savers. Is that a good much? There is only a bit over Hawk:
any of the conversation goes like and awe approach. But let’s agree trade off? $500b of ten year plus paper. And Yeah! I’m for a small program at
this: on one thing. We can’t announce Bernanke: you want to buy 1.6T? best. If we do it large we run the
Bernanke: that we are targeting inflation. We QE-2 will not destroy savers. It Bernanke: risk of oil going over 100 a barrel
While I do not see a double dip would create a risk of a run on will merely force them into It will become necessary for in just a few months. What would
in the next 18 months I am certain the dollar that we couldn't control. buying risky equities. As for the Treasury to guarantee the new that do for us? The trade deficit
that growth will be substantially Okay? financial getting fat; that is the debts of a number of states. would explode! Consumers would
below historic trend. For the Bernanke: plan. The more money they When that happens, we will put get squeezed. Bye bye Wal-Mart
e c o n o m y t o r e c o v e r a n d I agree to take this idea off the make, including Fannie and that paper on our POMO buy list. if we see $4 gas! We are taking a
unemployment to fall by a table at this time. But if we do not Freddie, the faster they can write In answer to your direct question; big risk with this.
meaningful amount GDP must be see growth I will bring back off their lousy loan portfolios. We yes I will buy short date paper. I Bernanke:
at least 4%. We will not get that. inflation targeting . It will be the can’t have strong growth without don't care what it takes. I have a Shock and awe, baby. Shock and
There is substantial risk that 2011 final arrow in my quiver. strong financials. That is just a snap answer to your every awe.
could see average growth of only Ben-Sheep #1: fact of life. objection! Bernanke-Sheep#3:
1.5%. I agree with Ben in every way! Moderate: Hawk: Love that shock and awe! Let’s
The economy is unlikely to get We should commit to a mega Don’t we just risk another Can we do that? I mean can we end this discussion. Ben has the
any support on the fiscal side. It is program now. If we do it small dangerous bubble? If we drive buy up State debt? votes he needs so you naysayers
a shoe-in that taxes on income we will not be able to do it again. stocks up they will just have to Bernanke: and party poopers really don’t
over $250k are going up. The There would be too much public fall when the process must end. I bought 1.5trillion of busted have a choice. It would look
stimulus money is running out opposition. Some of these investments you mortgage paper. I can buy much better in the press if we had
fast. There will be no new Hawk: are driving people into are trading anything I want. only one dissenter for this
stimulus from Congress. All of Are we so sure that we can at 2X’s sales or a 35PE. Moderate: important vote. Get on board or
the new Governors are going to reverse the effect of this? This Bernanke: QE was an appropriate and else. This is Ben’s World now!
look at the books and declare an much liquidity could turn on us Good point. My response is that successful response to the worst Bernanke:
emergency. Cut-backs in State very quickly. Ben has said he is “ QE is not temporary. It is recession since the Great Vote this my way! I want to see
budgets are a certainty in 2011. confident” this can be done. I permanent. In fact I would Depression. It was an emergency only one negative vote. My way
Therefore the Fed must shoulder have very serious reservations. advocate that the Fed acquire a measure to address emergency or the highway!
the complete burden of sustaining Ben-Sheep #2: minimum of 20% of debt AND conditions. We are not in an Join the conversation about this
growth. To do this we must take Fiddlesticks! The NY Fed did a agree to sustain it at that level as a emergency today. Our banks are story »
unprecedented risks. We must go 28-day reverse repo for $5b just % of GDP. As the economy flares not failing; as you say, they are
where no other reserve currency last month. The experiment up, we would buy more and more. making a bundle. We have to
central bank has gone in modern worked perfectly. That is your In that way QE is self-sustaining. remember that savers are also
history. We must monetize an roadmap of how QE will be We will never have a business consumers. We are taking their
additional 20% of outstanding reversed! Stop being such a cycle again. Markets will always income and they are spending
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Why Doesn't Steve Jobs Care About USB 3.0?

Kit Eaton (Fast Company)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:47:19 PM

Intel just revealed that its 2012

CPUs will include baked-in
support for super-speed USB 3.0--
the very same technology that
Steve Jobs recently said isn't
taking off due to...lack of Intel
support. What's going on?
Intel's processor development
trail leads to Chief River
Intel just revealed its plans for
the Chief River suite of CPUs, 22
nanometer chips based on the
upcoming Ivy Bridge architecture
and designed to succeed the
Huron River notebook CPUs.
They're slated for mid-to-late
2011 mass production, with the
first notebooks incorporating
them likely due in early 2012.
But Chief River includes one
thing Intel has deliberately shied
away from until now: Native USB
3.0 support. This is the super-
speedy, fiber optic-boosted
successor to the USB 2.0 ports and optimize their upcoming MacBook Air only had a single Interesting hey? Apple's CEO is Processor agnosticism
that probably litter the sides and machine designs. one. Apple's voice is increasingly revealing a plan to avoid USB 3.0 Yes, we can. Look at the iPhone
back of the computer you're Steve Jobs on USB 3.0 important in the industry, and in Macs for the immediate future, 4, the iPad and the Apple TV: As
reading this on right now. It's Apple is no stranger to with this move Apple is due to Intel's avoidance of the we've noted before, their secret
backwards-compatible, multiple proprietary connectors--the once- essentially saying that reliance on tech. True, Intel's news about sauce is the ARM-based A4 CPU
times faster than USB 2.0, and is popular FireWire standard had USB is a bad thing. Chief River does point to a 2012 thrumming away inside. It's not
pretty future-focused--external numerous benefits over USB Now it appears that Steve Jobs timeframe, during which time we Intel tech, it's Apple's own
hard drives that support the (including the ability to daisy- has delivered his opinion on USB can probably expect at least one refinement of a standard design,
protocol for speedier data chain devices) even while it never tech. In response to a direct email new generation of Macs to have and it frees up Apple from having
transfers are already on sale. But saw the same popularity. Apple is question from a consumer on the come and gone--leaving time for to laboriously trek along Intel's
Intel has deliberately avoided also pushing the miniDisplayPort matter, Jobs is reported to have 2012's MacBooks to possibly processor trail like every other
dedicated USB 3.0 support, standard for screen-to-computer replied over the weekend with the embrace USB 3.0. So "at this manufacturer.
preferring to promote its own connections with all its latest following characteristically time" is a pertinent phrase by Then look at the new MacBook
similar LightPeak technology. Macs. But the recent slew of Mac staccato response: Steve. But given the timing of the Airs. Wonders of device
Which makes Chief River a key portables typically have fewer "We don't see USB 3 taking off at news, can we detect a little love miniaturization, some folks say
piece of news for notebook ports than you'll find on Windows this time. No support from Intel lost between Apple and its main
manufacturers keen to simplify WHY page 8
notebooks, and the first-gen for example." computer CPU supplier?
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It's Okay That You're Not Voting Today

John Carney (Business Insider) vote so destructive. If you are are lonely or elderly, voting might
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:03:00 PM only so slightly informed about an be a good chance to meet people.
election that you need to be Lots of other people like you will
Ed note: this post by former convinced to vote, your be gathered in one place. You
Clusterstock editor John Carney preferences are likely to be ill- already have something in
previously ran on November 3, informed. You'll vote according to common--you like to vote. Odds
2008. It remains as true as ever, heuristics--ethnicity, party lines, are that this is a signal of all sorts
so we are re-running it. for familiar names--that political of other beliefs about life that you
The odds are that you did not operatives can predict and exploit. also share with your fellow voters.
vote today. We're probably all better off if we Often there is also free coffee at
If you are anything like us, not leave the voting to the informed voting places.
voting is a triumph of sense over and committed. Just don't let anyone make you
propaganda. We've received a Then again, informed voting may feel bad about not voting. The
bunch of emails from friends and be over-rated. Knowing a lot insistence that you have given up
concerned citizens urging us to about a candidate's positions and some sacred right or failed to
vote this way or that, for one current social problems may not performed a civic duty is the
politician or his doppelganger. make you very good at choosing clearest sign of someone who
Some have even implored us to between candidates. Campaign either doesn't really understand
vote regardless of which promises are not a good guide to politics at all or was trying to
candidate we favor, out of some political performance--they are tell you that if you don't vote then people by the government in favor manipulate you. Feel free to
sense of civic duty. forward looking statements, after you give up your right to dissent of the well connected. You have encourage them in this disordered
Yet we didn't vote. And neither all. And often 'informed voters' against subsequent government not choice but to participate. The thinking by telling them that you
did most of you. are simply committed ideologues. policies. I've never understood c o e r c i v e e l e m e n t s o f a would have voted if only they had
We all know that voting is It's not clear that more informed t h i s w e i r d p a r t o f p s e u d o - government captured by special reminded you earlier that it was
irrational. The odds of influencing voting produces qualitatively democratic theory. It certainly interests are present all around election day. It will drive them a
the outcome of an election are improved governance. isn't part of the constitution of the you, conscripting the fruits of bit crazy to hear that if only they
vanishingly small. You are better Voting is probably the least United States, which preserves the your labor for their ends-- had worked harder at getting out
off being a free-rider on the votes effective way to make your rights of free speech, free press p r o p p i n g u p f a l l e n b a n k s , the vote, you might have voted.
of others. What's more, the odds political preferences influence and petitioning the government e n g a g i n g i n f o r e i g n w a r s , And witnessing the irrationality
that a candidate for whom you elections. You'd do far more with even for non-voters. If anything, sponsoring the destruction of your and mistakes of others is one of
vote will successfully carry out a bumper sticker, a chat with a the opposite should be true: by culture, and pure self-dealing by the fine pleasures of election day.
policies that match your neighbor or a bar-side argument voting you are tacitly agreeing to politicians. It's easy to see why Join the conversation about this
preferences are even worse. For over politics. So if you do have abide by the outcome of the vote. you might want to play some story »
many of the offices to which men strong preferences, by election By not voting, you are doing not small role in protecting your life, See Also:
and women will be elected today, day it's already too late. The such thing. your fortune and whatever is left • DO NOT VOTE: Democracy
you do not actually have any uninformed mass of voters and We don't think voting is awful. of your honor from this kind of Destroys Masculinity
preferences at all. the ideologically committed have After all, it isn't as if you are situation.
Voting can also be counter- already made up their minds. You voluntarily participating in the There are also plenty of non-
productive, which is what makes are already irrelevant. inevitable exploitation of the political reasons to vote. If you
those campaigns urging people to Some democratic fanatics will
Video: Heidi Klum's Post-Halloween Night With Seal
PopSugar (PopSugar) Heidi Klum tells us the best part during charitable event with Seal,
about her Halloween costume Hugh Jackman, and more.
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Watch the Election in Real-Time Using Twitter, Google,

Facebook, Foursquare
Austin Carr (Fast Company) help identify key themes and
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:36:20 PM threads of conversation."
Google, YouTube, CBS
Today will likely turn out to be Google has created a beautiful
one of the most dramatic mid- Elections Ratings system on
term elections in recent memory. Google Maps based on some of
Pundits will be performing the top pollers in politics like Real
political theater across the Clear Politics. The data shows a
country, with network spin state-by-state color analysis of
doctors relying on scant which states are leaning right, left,
information or anecdotal evidence or are still a toss up. The graphic
to predict wins or qualify losses. can be broken down by source,
But you don't have to rely on their state, and race (Senate, House,
spin any longer--nor must you Governor).
wait for polls to close or news YouTube and CBS have also
anchors to report results. In the partnered for live webcasts of
digital age, you can get a sneak news coverage, and are asking
peek at how the election is users to submit and vote on
shaping up in real-time. Here's our questions (by comment or video)
guide to following the mid-terms that may be used during the
on the real-time Web. election coverage on CBS.
Foursquare On Twitter, the @ twittermedia is [youtube sUMXuTM_KLs] Crimson Hexagon, CNN Facebook, ABC
The geo-location app is tracking aggregating tweets from top Most impressively though is the CNN is using Crimson Hexagon, Facebook has partnered with
check-ins at polling stations election coverage. Hashtags # New York Times amazing second the real-time analytics tool, to ABC for live streams of news
across the country. Top locations ivoted will catalog the number of -by-second visualization of track all social media reaction to coverage, live updated comments
are being monitored, and a list of voters on Twitter (it's remarkable election tweets and retweets, candidates in real-time. We've and polls and questions from
total check-ins and venues are to watch this figure grow in real- which bubble up or down by already gave you a sneak peek at Facebook users, and best of all, a
being compiled as you read this. time: more than 1000 #ivoted candidate depending on their two highly volatile races, but to town hall at 7pm featuring
Check-ins can be broken down by tweets have shot up in a few m e n t i o n s . T h e t w e e t s a r e CNN's Election Pulse to see the Facebook's Randi Zuckerberg,
city, district, as well as gender. minutes), while # votereport will organized chronologically, and data in real-time. Crimson will sister of Mark Zuckerberg.
Don't forget to check-in when you bring news about voter can be broken down by politician feature a state-by-state breakdown Where will you be watching the
vote to earn a new Foursquare experiences. The latter will be or party, to see tweets about a of online chatter about candidates, election tonight?
badge. compiled on Google Maps on candidate, from a candidate, or based on keywords, hashtags, and
Twitter retweeted about a candidate. "statistical patterns of words to

How Can I Tell If an Android App Is Malware? [Ask Lifehacker]

Kevin Purdy (Lifehacker) I remember reading about some keep my phone (and myself) safe
Submitted at 11/2/2010 9:00:00 AM sketchy wallpaper apps, along from bad apps in the Market and
with other concerns about security West style app Market. How can I elsewhere? More »
Dear Lifehacker, in Android's somewhat Wild-
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What Happens to Marijuana Growers if Prop. 19 Passes?

Ariel Schwartz (Fast Company) groups like the California Beer & complex, which already grows "If people are prepared to do hard Allen St. Pierre, Executive
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:18:54 PM Beverage Distributors, and oddly much of the state's produce. work, they can expand," Angell Director of NORML, agrees that
enough, marijuana growers in Growers can relax, claims Tom says. And, Angell adds, all those growers won't have to worry if
Proposition 19, California's Mendocino and Humboldt Angell, a spokesman for the Yes growers putting energy into Prop. 19 passes--but only because
marijuana legalization counties. Do growers actually on 19 campaign. "There won't be opposing Prop. 19 might consider the measure won't lead to real
proposition, is on the precipice of have anything to worry about? a big Phillip Morris-type taking that momentum and legalization. "Prop 19 essentially
passing. The measure has allies in Many growers reportedly fear organization setting up shop until planning for a post-Prop. 19 allows local jurisdictions in the
groups like Parents for Addiction that legalization could shut out federal policy changes," says world. In any case, the Obama state to move in that direction
Treatment and Healing and the existing farmers who run small- Angell. And considering that administration has said that it will [towards legalization] if they want
Service Employees International time operations, shifting the Proposition 19 isn't universally continue to prosecute growers if to. It will create a patchwork in
Union, not to mention giddy marijuana cultivation industry loved even in liberal California, the measure passes--so industrial- the way that California has
stoners everywhere. But the from Northern California to the federal legalization probably scale outdoor growing might still
proposition also has opponents in Central Valley's "big agriculture" won't happen any time soon. be difficult. WHAT page 7
E-reader News Edition Business/ Culture/ 7
Seventh Generation Co-Founder Jeffrey Hollender continued from page 6

regarding medical marijuana," he

Fired By Company Board explains. "Fifty percent of
counties allow medical
Ariel Schwartz (Fast Company) marijuana, and fifty percent don't.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:24:35 PM
There will still will be an artificial
price structure."
Seventh Generation co-founder If Prop. 19 passes, California
Jeffrey Hollender is, in our could see the growth of an
opinion, a model green business entirely new generation of
innovator. The subject of a Fast growers. "It's also important to
Company article and one of the point out that Prop. 19 gives
Fast 50 honorees from 2004, everyone the right to grow a five
Hollender transformed Seventh by five foot marijuana garden on
Generation from a small green their own property," Angell
cleaning products company into a explains. "So if people don't like
mainstream cleaning player with [larger growing operations], they
$150 million in annual revenue. could just grow their own."
This week, the Seventh But growers shouldn't think the
Generation board voted to kick good times will last forever,
Hollender out of the company. according to NORML. If
What happened? California were to ever fully
Marc Gunther of Greenbiz got a legalizes marijuana regardless of
hold of a letter recently sent to county preferences, prices would
Seventh Generation shareholders forward. This is the crossroads at billion (Hollender stepped down responsible company even as it plummet. "Anyone who has been
and employees. The letter which Seventh Generation now from the position). Maniscalco has grown to the point that its growing vegetable matter, drying
explains: To a large extent, stands. resigned in September, but stayed products can be found in your it out, getting 400, 500, or 600
present circumstances mirror It's a vague explanation, to be at the company to help manage neighborhood drug store. But in dollars for an ounce...they should
those at many other companies sure, and Hollender hasn't yet the transition to a new CEO. Now, order to expand further, Seventh rightly be concenred about the
whose founders have made the given his side of the story. But in a complicated twist, Generation seems to think that it end of that gravy train," St. Pierre
decision to turn over the reins to Seventh Generation has recently Maniscalco is a candidate for ... needs to dispose of the man who says. "The only reason why
someone else. As organizations shown signs of plans for major his own job. (He has reportedly infused the company with the anybody in the world would pay
grow, so do their managerial expansion. Chuck Maniscalco, a clashed with Hollender in the green business values that it that kind of money is because of
requirements. Eventually these former executive in charge of the past.) champions. Whether Seventh prohibition."
increasing layers of complexity Quaker, Tropicana, and Gatorade This all raises the ever-present Generation can retain those values Ariel Schwartz can be reached on
demand the recruitment of businesses at PepsiCo, was hired issue of whether growth can ever after Hollender's departure Twitter or by email.
experienced professional by Seventh Generation as CEO in be sustainable. Seventh remains unclear.
leadership whose abilities and June 2009 as part of a plan to Generation has maintained its Ariel Schwartz can be reached on
experiences are required to move grow the company's revenue to $1 integrity as an environmentally Twitter or by email.

Take Fewer Wintertime Showers for Healthier Skin [Health]

Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker) Hot showers and strong soap strip winter weather by decreasing the
Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:30:00 AM natural oils and beneficial bacteria number of showers you take.
from your skin. Combat the dry skin and hair that comes with More »
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Smart Spending Was NOT A Key To continued from page 3

they're defining a new future for ability to be agnostic about the

The Giants' Success portable computing. But they use
old Intel CPUs, in some cases
actual CPU tech inside its future
computers. It could use Intel
Adam Fusfeld (Business slower than the preceding chips, it could use AMD chips. It
Insider) generation's chips. A problem? could go for CPUs with baked-in
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:06 PM
No, all the benchmarks suggest USB 3 support, choose a
that the new Airs have a design so dedicated IO chip, or avoid USB
In the golden age of baseball optimized that in real-use 3 entirely--its stance on wireless
analytics, teams jostle to hire performance they can even rival tech and USB ports on current
statistically savvy general the computing power of the Macs is a hint here. In several
managers capable of unearthing bigger MacBook Pros. Apple's years, it could even embrace the
the best bargains in the free agent essentially showing it can work next-gen ARM CPUs that may
market. Well, the World Series with what seems non-optimal tech sport 12 processor cores for on-
champion did the opposite of that, to achieve a powerful result. desk supercomputer-sounding
but still managed to win anyway. And there's another thing to think powers.
The Giants won the title this about here. Apple may not care Is Apple about to radically twist
season despite doling out huge about Intel at all in the future. It its future away from the way other
contracts to some of their least has a new OS due next year, and computer makers will do
productive players. the Mac App Store is imminent. business?
For example: Some thinkers online are To keep up with this news, and
• They paid starter Barry Zito suggesting that the code strategies more like it, follow me, Kit Eaton,
$18.5M to go 9-14 during the Apple is enforcing for its new on Twitter. Or find more ways to
regular season and didn't even Mac Apps and existing iOS apps connect via my profile:
payroll given to just three players. superiors. Combined. is convergent: Developers may be
include him on the postseason
But Giants' GM Brian Sabean See how much those overpaid able to throw a switch and
compensated for his mistakes by players will add to their wallets > compile for iOS or Macs,
• Outfielder Aaron Rowand
drafting unbelievably well. > resulting in parallel but identical
earned $13.6M to hit .230 during
Starters Tim Lincecum, Madison Join the conversation about this apps. And this gives Apple the
the regular season (-0.1 WAR)
Bumgarner, and catcher Buster story »
and come to the plate 11 times in
the postseason.
• Although sometimes, you get
Posey were all first-round draft
picks. Baseball teams rarely strike
See Also:
• How Much Money Will The Recycled Igloos - A Giant Igloo
lucky: Shortstop Edgar Renteria
earned $10 million while making
gold on three consecutive first
round picks. He also drafted
Giants Players Get For Winning
The World Series? Consisting 300 Old Refrigerators
Game 2 and 3 starters Matt Cain • San Francisco Giants Win The
just 13 starts during the Giants
stretch run in August, September,
and Jonathan Sanchez. World Series is Erected in Hamburg
San Francisco won on the backs • Giants' World Series Run Turns (TREND HUNTER - The Latest Schmerberg, this giant fridge
and October. Then he won the
of the four postseason starters Annual Loss Into $10 Million Trends) igloo is made out of 322 old
World Series MVP with 6 RBI in
they hand-picked and brought up Profit refrigerators. This fridge igloo has
5 games. Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:20:02 PM
through their farm system. It's just been constructed in the centre of
inefficient that their fifth starter Constructed by a German Hamburg, Germany with…
Still, that's more than 40 percent
earns more than his four designer and artist Ralf
of the Giants $98M opening day
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Medco Health Solutions Chasing Value:

Soars On Strong Q3 Confusing Signals from
Earnings BAC, LINN, ORCL
Brent Archer (BloggingStocks) Sheldon Liber (BloggingStocks)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:40:00 PM Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:00 PM

Filed under: Major Movement, Filed under: Analyst Upgrades Hey Dick Costolo,
Earnings Reports, Good news,
Options, Technical Analysis
hit a low of $53.60 and a high of and Downgrades, Rants and What's It Like Being
$56.70. As of 12:15, MHS is Raves, Market Matters, Bank of
Medco Health Solutions ( MHS- trading at $56.59 up $4.22 (8.1%). America (BAC), Goldman Sachs Twitter CEO?
option chain) shares are rising The chart for MHS looks bullish G r o u p ( G S ) , O r a c l e C o r p Jay Yarow (Business Insider)
today after the company reported and S&P gives MHS a positive 5 (ORCL), Chasing Value[TM], the concerns raised about Oracle's Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:08:00 PM
earnings this morning, posting a STARS (out of 5) strong buy Headline News, Stocks to Buy potential weakness in the world of
third-quarter profit of $371.5 ranking. A day does not pass that I do not cloud computing and there are We ran in to new Twitter CEO
million, or 85 cents per share. Continue reading Medco Health think of John Maynard Keynes major question marks looming. Dick Costolo at a conference this
Excluding one-time items, MHS Solutions Soars On Strong Q3 saying, "The market can remain Continue reading Chasing Value: morning.
earned 91 cents per share on Earnings irrational longer than you can Confusing Signals from BAC, We asked him how he likes his
revenue of $16.32 billion. Medco Health Solutions Soars remain solvent." LINN, ORCL new job. His response:
Analysts had forecast a profit of On Strong Q3 Earnings originally Two weeks have passed since I Chasing Value: Confusing "I'm working more, which I didn't
88 cents per share on revenue of appeared on BloggingStocks on raised questions about the insider Signals from BAC, LINN, ORCL think was possible."
$16.14 billion. If you think that Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:40:00 EST. selling at Oracle ( ORCL). Since originally appeared on "I get more emails."
the stock won't fall by too much Please see our terms for use of that time, management continues BloggingStocks on Tue, 02 Nov Join the conversation about this
in the coming months, then now feeds. Permalink| Email this| to sell as the stock hovers around 2010 13:00:00 EST. Please see story »
could be a good time to look at a Comments its 52-week high, and it has our terms for use of feeds. See Also:
bullish hedged trade on MHS. appeared in the top five of Permalink| Email this| Comments • Why Dick Costolo Is Now CEO
MHS opened this morning at Barron's insider activity list sell Of Twitter: It's Time To Make A
$54.09. So far today the stock has side for both weeks. Add to this LOT Of Money
• Ev Williams Out As Twitter
Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B): A New Manager? CEO -- COO Dick Costolo Takes
Steven Halpern take over a 'significant portion' of Hathaway (BRK.B): A New • Twitter CEO: Here's Why
(BloggingStocks) its huge investment portfolio," Manager? We're Testing Ads On HootSuite,
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:20:00 PM notes Geoffrey Seiler. Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.B): A Not
The editor of New Manager? originally
Filed under: Berkshire Hathaway explains, "Nevertheless, the stock appeared on BloggingStocks on
(BRK.A), Newsletters, Stocks to remains a a buy on our Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:20:00 EST.
Buy Recommended List. Here's a look Please see our terms for use of
"Berkshire Hathaway class B ( at the situation. feeds. Permalink| Email this|
BRK.B) recently made waves "Berkshire CEO Warren Buffett, Omaha is now 80 years old, and Comments
when the conglomerate of course, is considered one of the he won't be around forever.
announced that it had hired hedge top investment managers of all Continue reading Berkshire
fund manager Todd Combs to time. However, the Oracle of
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Safeway Heads to Safer Cops: Man bought ammo at Walmart

Ground before shooting (AP)
Joseph Lazzaro (Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) office. said Gillane bought the
(BloggingStocks) Submitted at 11/1/2010 8:27:03 PM Gillane was being held at the ammunition then waited in a store
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:00:00 PM Washoe County jail pending a restroom for an hour after finding
RENO, Nev. – A gunman bought court appearance on attempted no one in the manager's office.
Filed under: Safeway Inc (SWY), ammunition at a Walmart in murder and battery charges. After Gillane returned to the
Stocks to Buy Are better days up Nevada shortly before opening Police said he didn't have a lawyer office, a manager ran into a
ahead for grocery store chain fire on three co-workers in the yet. hallway and was shot, Pitts said.
Safeway ( SWY), first discussed same store, authorities said Gillane, 45, had been a Walmart Two other managers were shot
here on February 20, 2009 at a rebounded and broke through key Monday. employee off an on for nine years moments later in an attack
price of $20.09? It appears so. resistance at $20 to trade near Suspect John Dennis Gillane and most recently worked in the captured on surveillance tape.
Safeway reported third quarter $23. purchased the handgun store's receiving department. Four shots were fired in all, and
earnings per share of 33 cents, Continue reading Safeway Heads ammunition in the sporting goods Police initially said they thought one victim was struck twice.
two cents above the First Call 31- to Safer Ground department about an hour before he had faced the loss of his job. Police arrived at the store within
cent estimate. Safeway Heads to Safer Ground three managers were shot on But Walmart officials said there two minutes, the chief said, and it
Sales growth in 2010/early 2011 o r i g i n a l l y a p p e a r e d o n Friday, police said. was no plan to fire Gillane on was quickly evacuated after
will likely remain limited, due to BloggingStocks on Tue, 02 Nov The attacker was armed with two Friday, Rafaqat said, and it was officers ensured the gunman was
a slow recovery in California, a 2010 14:00:00 EST. Please see handguns during the videotaped unclear why managers were confined to the manager's office.
key Safeway market, but it looks our terms for use of feeds. attack but only a semi-automatic confronted. "The rapid response probably was
like the worst is over for SWY, Permalink| Email this| Comments pistol was fired, police Lt. "Gillane indicated he had some responsible for saving lives and
and the shares appear to be Mohammad Rafaqat said. The .44 employment-related grievances reducing injuries," the chief said.
signaling that. After plunging to -magnum revolver for which the with Walmart," Rafaqat said. This entry passed through the
about $18.70, SWY has ammunition was bought was not "We're not at liberty to disclose Full-Text RSS service — if this is
fired, Rafaqat added. the specifics of the grievances." your content and you're reading it
2010 Casting Call Competition The condition of two victims Lorenzo Lopez, a spokesman for on someone else's site, please read
(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) on someone else's site, please read wounded in their torsos was Wal-Mart Stores Inc., said the our FAQ page at
our FAQ page at upgraded Monday from serious to company doesn't comment on content-only/faq.php
Sorry, Readability was unable to content-only/faq.php stable condition at Renown personnel matters. Five Filters featured article:
parse this page for content. Five Filters featured article: Regional Medical Center in Reno. "We don't have any information to Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
This entry passed through the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- A man wounded in the leg was provide. There's an ongoing Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Full-Text RSS service — if this is Reporting of Falluja's Cancer released after treatment Friday. investigation, so police will look Catastrophe.
your content and you're reading it Catastrophe. Their names were not released. into the matter and determine
The gunman surrendered to what issues there will be," he said.
police after six hours in a store Reno Police Chief Steve Pitts

Modern Mobster Automobiles - The 'Roding Roadster 23' Will be

Limited to 23 Annually (GALLERY)
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest The German-made 'Roding appearance. This lightweight engineering features. The…
Trends) Roadster 23' is a limited edition racing car incorporates a carbon
automobile with an unusual fibre chassis and some awesome
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France and UK plan unprecedented military

cooperation (Reuters)
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) support, which could assemble as could fly its planes off the other's poor value for money -- but
needed to take part in NATO, carrier. allowing France some use of them
Submitted at 11/2/2010 5:47:37 AM
European Union, United Nations The ultimate aim is for the two could mitigate this.
Amazon expands Disc+
LONDON/PARIS (Reuters) – or bilateral operations, the French countries to coordinate so that one A top British military official has program, over 10,000
Britain and France will launch a source said. carrier is at sea at all times. said it would make sense for the titles now include
broad defense partnership on British Defense Secretary Liam The two countries will agree to U.S. Air Force also to choose immediate downloadable
Tuesday that includes setting up a Fox confirmed the outlines of the share nuclear warhead research EADS tankers, rather than ones
joint force and sharing equipment agreement. and simulation centers, the source made by U.S. company Boeing. access
and nuclear missile research "We're talking about joint said. With nuclear missile tests Britain and France will work Richard Lawler (Engadget)
centers, a French government expeditionary forces with our banned, sophisticated laboratories together in developing technology Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:57:00 PM
source said. forces in all three services permit both countries to test the for future generations of nuclear
Treaties to be signed by French working together to develop safety of their warheads. submarines, missiles, aerial In a move curiously timed after
President Nicolas Sarkozy and common practices, better inter- "This signifies that we have drones, maritime anti-mine this morning's Wal-Mart/VUDU
British Prime Minister David operability, and to look to see reached an unprecedented level of systems and military news, Amazon has announced its
Cameron at a meeting in London where we get better common trust," the French source said. "It's communications satellites, the Disc+ program is growing, up
will pave the way for an equipment," Fox told BBC this step taken in the nuclear source said. from around 300 titles last year to
unprecedented degree of military television. domain that allows us to go They will also seek to strengthen more than 10,000 DVDs and Blu-
cooperation between the two "That makes perfect sense in a further elsewhere." their cooperation in cyber security ray discs. If you not familiar,
neighbors. world where resources are tight, The source said London and Paris and the fight against terrorism. Disc+ means that when you buy
The NATO allies, western but our interests are increasingly were negotiating with Airbus on a (Additional reporting by the disc, not only is that shipped
Europe's biggest defense spenders common, but not always the deal to maintain their future fleet Catherine Bremer; Editing by to you, but you also get a free
and its only nuclear powers, have same." of A400M military transport Kevin Liffey) downloadable copy to watch right
a centuries-old history of military Cameron's government planes. The contract is expected to This entry passed through the away. Check out the main site for
rivalry and, more recently, have announced two weeks ago it was be signed at the end of 2011, he Full-Text RSS service — if this is a full list of available titles, you
differed sharply over issues such cutting Britain's 37 billion pound said. your content and you're reading it could be watching The Girl Who
as the Iraq war. ($59.4 billion) defense budget by France will look at using some of on someone else's site, please read Played With Fire or Kick-Ass a
Their new partnership is driven 8 percent in real terms over the the spare capacity that Britain our FAQ page at lot sooner than you think.
by the desire to maintain cutting- next four years to help rein in a expects to have in military content-only/faq.php Continue reading Amazon
edge military capabilities while at record peacetime budget deficit. refueling planes once it takes Five Filters featured article: expands Disc+ program, over
the same time reducing defense COOPERATING ON delivery of 14 new Airbus Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- 10,000 titles now include
spending to rein in big budget CARRIERS tankers, the source said. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer immediate downloadable access
deficits. France's aircraft carrier Charles British legislators have criticized Catastrophe. Amazon expands Disc+ program,
France and Britain will agree to de Gaulle and a British carrier that Britain's 10 billion pound ($16 over 10,000 titles now include
set up a joint brigade-sized army is just being built will be made billion) contract to lease tankers immediate downloadable access
contingent with air and sea compatible so that each country from an EADS-led consortium as originally appeared on Engadget
on Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:57:00
Save $300 This Month EDT. Please see our terms for use Wanna save a ton of cash this friends — and even yourself — of feeds. Permalink| | Email this|
( month while still living your fun, Comments
(Financiallyfit on Shine) fabulous life? Just make a few of
Submitted at 11/2/2010 7:25:13 PM these brilliant moves — you'll still have money to treat your family,
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Pop star Demi Lovato enters rehab for Twitter squeezing ads
abuse issues (Reuters) among tweets
(Yahoo! News: Most Viewed) Rock," playing a working-class people know that I'm not lip- (CNET Realizing that some may not be
Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:59:18 AM girl who falls for Joe Jonas' synching. And that's more Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:02:26 PM happy to see ads in their
arrogant rock-star character. A important to me ... It's definitely timelines, Twitter said it's taking a
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – sequel came out two months ago. not gonna be a Britney Spears- Twitter is trying out a new " d e l i b e r a t e a n d t h o u g h t f u l
Teen singer/actress Demi Lovato, She released her debut album type show." f e a t u r e t o d i s p l a y a d s , o r approach" to the new feature and
an independent-minded Disney later in 2008 -- "Don't Forget" But what she really wanted to do promoted tweets, directly in a will look carefully at how people
starlet who has battled eating peaked at No. 2 on the U.S. pop was ditch the obligatory razzle- user's Twitter stream, but the react to and use the ads. Any that
disorders and self-mutilation, has chart -- and her own Disney dazzle and sharpen her skills as a company admits it's watching fail to engage will either be
pulled out of a tour to enter a Channel series, "Sonny with a serious singer-songwriter. carefully to see how people react. dropped or changed. Twitter is
rehab facility, a spokeswoman Chance," premiered in early 2009. "I want to get to the point where The site expanded its "promoted also looking at this initial rollout
said Monday. Her follow-up album, "Here We one day I don't have to have tweets" feature yesterday, starting as a test period and will likely
Lovato, 18, is getting "medical Go Again," topped the chart in anything but a rug and a slowly by displaying the ads only need to tread cautiously before it
treatment for emotional and July 2009. Lovato co-wrote a microphone stand on stage and for those who use HootSuite, a expands the feature beyond
physical issues she has dealt with song about her estranged father, still be able to sell out places like t h i r d - p a r t y T w i t t e r c l i e n t . HootSuite users.
for some time," a spokeswoman "For the Love of the Daughter," Madison Square Garden, like Promoted tweets are tweets that HootSuite has captured more
said in a statement. but it was dropped from the album Bruce Springsteen does," she said. advertisers pay to show to a large than 900,000 users for its third-
"Demi has a long history of a t t h e l a s t m i n u t e . S h e (Reporting by Dean Goodman; number of people, similar to the party Twitter tool and is the first
battling these issues. She was collaborated on two other tracks Editing by Bob Tourtellotte) way advertisers pay for sponsored company to work with Twitter on
bullied in school, has fought with singer/guitarist John Mayer. This entry passed through the links that appear among search the new rollout. As part of the
through eating disorders, and has Despite her business links with Full-Text RSS service — if this is results at Google. agreement between the two,
struggled with cutting." the Disney starmaking machine, your content and you're reading it Those who access Twitter HootSuite will get a portion of the
Lovato had been on a Latin whose other creations include on someone else's site, please read through HootSuite will begin to sales, while Twitter will sell the
American tour with fellow Disney Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and our FAQ page at see ads in their timelines that a c t u a l a d s , a c c o r d i n g t o
pop heroes the Jonas Brothers Hilary Duff, Lovato has tried to content-only/faq.php Twitter is promising will be Advertising Age. Insiders at
before canceling her remaining distance herself from the frenzied, Five Filters featured article: relevant to their interests and Twitter say the company will
commitments during the weekend. bubblegum pop purveyed by her Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- activities. Some HootSuite users eventually deploy the ads to other
She dated middle sibling Joe peers and beloved by her fans. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer may not see any ads, while others Twitter users depending on how
Jonas earlier this year. She told Reuters last year that she Catastrophe. will see them pop up in different successful they are, Ad Age
The Texan native got her big refuses to lip-synch, even if it p l a c e s o n t h e i r t i m e l i n e s , reported.
break as the star of the 2008 makes her sound bad. "I've had according to Twitter's official This entry passed through the
Disney Channel TV movie "Camp really bad shows, but at least b l o g . T h e a p p e a r a n c e a n d Full-Text RSS service — if this is
frequency of the ads will depend your content and you're reading it
iOS Apps We'd Love to See in the Mac on their relevance to each user. on someone else's site, please read
Promoted tweets have been our FAQ page at
showing up on Twitter since content-only/faq.php
App Store [Apps] earlier in the year. But until now Five Filters featured article:
they've been relegated to spots Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Adam Dachis (Lifehacker) about all the great iOS apps that outside of a user's Twitter Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:30:00 AM ought to make the transition to OS timeline, such as in search results Catastrophe.
X. Here are our top picks. More » or in the list of trending topics.
The impending release of the Mac App Store has us thinking
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Republicans poised for big gains in elections

(Reuters: Top News) make big gains in the Senate. But CHEER Obama is an enemy of few challenging years for the
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:32:38 PM it will be more difficult for "We can expect very substantial democracy. His choice of words entire global ecopolitics.
Republicans to pick up the 10 Republican gains leading to super and other carefully orchestrated Nov 02, 2010 8:40am EDT
Melese, 2, waits for his mother, seats they need for a majority. -gridlock for two years," said empty rhetoric has no credibility. The way our once great country
Julie Light-Orr, as she votes at a The expectations of Republican University of Virginia political He has “conned” Americans. has fallen prey to the robber
polling place on Venice Beach in gains drove stocks higher on science professor Larry Sabato. Hopefully, this election will barons in corporate America is the
Los Angeles, November 2, 2010. Tuesday on hopes of a more Stocks have been buoyed in neutralize his powerbase and the most disheartening aspect. It
Credit: Reuters/Lucy Nicholson business-friendly Congress. recent months by the expectation subsequent 2012 will take himout doesn’t matter which party is in
By Andy Sullivan Polls will start to close at 6 p.m. of big Republican wins, since of the White House and send him control, the force operating the
WASHINGTON| Tue Nov 2, EDT (2200 GMT), but it will be investors tend to view GOP back to the third world country of meat puppets in government will
2010 1:32pm EDT hours or possibly days before policies as more favorable for his birthright. He can run for a remain the same. Not one party
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - After results are known in many crucial business growth. That trend Kenyan government where he espouses the policies which serve
a long and bitter campaign, races. continued on Tuesday, even belongs. the American people over the
Americans cast their votes on All 435 House seats, 37 of the though some research suggests Nov 02, 2010 7:21am EDT interests of greedy, talentless
Tuesday in elections that could 100 Senate seats, and 37 of the 50 that stocks have languished in Americans have no patience. business entities. Even while
sweep Democrats from power in state governorships are at stake in periods of divided government. Obama has always had a hard government tramples the
Congress and slam the brakes on Tuesday's voting. Nov 02, 2010 1:34am EDT road after 8 yrs of Bush. America individual, it also imposes harsh
President Barack Obama's Obama won office two years ago “In an interview with a radio will get the government they restrictions on free enterprise to
legislative agenda. with the hope he could lead the show, Obama said he should have deserve these elections stifle the individual from working
Anxiety over the stumbling United States out of a deep called his political foes Nov 02, 2010 7:26am EDT independently to live and survive.
economy and discontent with economic crisis, but persistently “opponents” instead of “enemies” This is a golden opportunity for The big breaks go to giant
Obama have propelled high unemployment and a gaping in a radio interview he gave last every patriotic American to vote corporations who pillage the
Republicans to the threshold of budget deficit have turned many week.” to power the Democrats both in environment and rape the
huge gains that could give them a voters against him. No no, he got it right. He most the House and Senate.By individual citizen. The
majority in the House of "People are just fed up with the definitely considers anyone who gridlocking the legislature and the abandonment of the American
Representatives and perhaps even Obama administration -- that disagrees with his policies an executive the sufferers will be worker in favor of cheap, less
the Senate. 'hope and change' thing," said enemy. Odd, but that seems to those who pinned hopes on skilled foreign labor could only be
"The Democrats' economic plan is retail manager Nadine Leder in include most of the people in the functioning legislature and a accomplished with our
not working," said Peter Ruiz, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, who United States. useful executive as would take the government working on behalf of
Miami retiree who voted for planned to vote for Republicans. Happy voting! leaky boat in bad waters to safer those larger corporate interests.
Republicans on Tuesday despite The public disgust gave rise to Nov 02, 2010 6:45am EDT ground. So,,bicker and argue over the
backing Obama two years ago. the Tea Party, a loosely organized America, please don’t give up on No emotion or history might parties and their equally
"We need to try something else." conservative movement that backs progress. We can’t afford to go matter now when parcels of doom devastating plans for our country.
Opinion polls and independent smaller government, lower taxes backwards. We have stopped the are directed at and the target In the end, we Americans never
analysts project Republican will and reduced spending. economic free fall and are turning instability,confusion and distrust. vote in our own best interests.
win at least 50 House seats, far Republican control of even one the corner to recovery in less than Yes,the fast speaking and faster Nov 02, 2010 8:46am EDT
more than the 39 they need to take chamber of Congress would likely two years. It took Reagan six thinking President made a slip in @giveitthought – wow, you really
control and topple Democratic spark legislative gridlock, years and much higher taxes to do choosing an inappropriate word to think you can reverse that idea
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi from weakening Obama's hand in fights the same thing in a weaker define his opponents.This does around, don’t you? Do you know
power. More than 90 Democratic over the extension of soon-to- recession than this one. Vote not mean the whole bunch of who came up with the acronym
seats are in danger, according to expire income-tax cuts and the responsibly. Vote for Main Street, responsible and sensible voters RHINO??? I’ll give you a hint …
the nonpartisan Cook Political passage of comprehensive energy not Wall Street. We have already should treat him as the cause for it wasn’t Democrats!
Report. or immigration bills. bailed them out once. where they are. What matters is
Republicans are also expected to GRIDLOCK AND MARKET Nov 02, 2010 6:56am EDT where you want of be in the next REPUBLICANS page 21
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As Options Narrow, Hu Jintao’s Successor Chosen

(Epoch Times | All headlines) Liu Shaoqi, who later became shared with Jiang his blood debt.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:01:48 AM Mao’s main target of the Cultural Wu Guanzheng, the former Party
Revolution and died in detention, secretary of Shangdong Province,
China's top leaders, including was hardly a successor because he was responsible for the
President Hu Jintao (front/R), was almost the same age as Mao. persecution of Falun Gong in that
Premier Wen Jiabao (front/C) and Lin Biao was the first one whose province when he was in charge.
Vice President Xi Jingping (front/ appointment as Mao’s successor Luo Gan had been in charge of
L) applaud at the closing session was written in the Party Charter. the nationwide persecution since
of the Chinese People's Political Lin Biao was the most important its beginning in 1999.
Consultative Conference in supporter of Mao’s controversial Settling on Xi
Beijing on March 13, 2010. Cultural Revolution. After Lin’s Jiang didn’t have the power to
(Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty plane crashed in Mongolia, Mao arrange Hu Jintao’s successor for
Images) Most people believe that needed to select another Hu. But Hu also couldn’t appoint
Xi Jinping was selected as Hu successor. Mao considered his his own successor as Jiang’s gang
Jintao’s successor due to a power contribution to Marxism to be and other interest groups shared
struggle, the compromise and “continuing the revolution under the political power with him.
balance among different power the dictatorship of the proletariat,” Like Mao, Deng, and Jiang, Hu
and interest groups in the Chinese which was represented by the has his own human rights
Communist Party (CCP). Many Cultural Revolution. Wang would By the spring of 1989, when the Jiang’s Dilemma disasters: the Tibetans, the
also looked to Xi Jinping’s family continue the revolution but didn’t students took to the Beijing streets The situation Jiang Zemin faced Uighurs, victims of forced home
background, his princeling status, have any support from the Party, on the death of Hu Yaobang, the was totally different. Deng not demolitions, and the continuing
his understated manner in political the government, or the military. If differences between Deng and only picked his own successor in persecution of Falun Gong. This
circles, and even his wife’s Wang couldn’t survive after Mao Zhao Ziyang had become Jiang but also picked Jiang’s time, more than one group in
reputation and connections. was gone, how could Wang intolerable. Deng urgently needed successor, Hu Jintao, for him. power needs the protection that
All of those factors probably defend Mao’s legacy? someone as his successor who When Jiang was about to hand comes from collection of the
played a role, and all point out That’s the reason why Mao would not turn against him over his power, he still didn’t blood debt that is owed.
that Xi Jinping fits the finally abandoned Wang and following the coming massacre. have the power to overturn Further complicating the choice
requirements to be an heir. But picked Hua Guofeng. Hua was not Jiang Zemin was selected, not Deng’s choice of Hu. of successor is how economic
what is the requirement and the one that could continue his because he was capable of Jiang allowed or even forced advantage is tied to political
whose requirement is it? revolution but was the one that running the country but because everyone in the Party and the power.
Previously, answering these could survive much longer and he was the only one at the government to become corrupt. Jiang created a new form of
questions was easier. wouldn’t turn against Mao on this provincial level who had Just as Deng had his blood debt, political struggle: the economic
Mao’s Choices issue. However, Deng Xiaoping suppressed the so-called Jiang also had his—the weapon. Jiang allowed or even
Mao Zedong, the first-generation ousted Hua Guofeng by force, “bourgeois liberalization” at the persecution of Falun Gong. Even forced everyone in the Party and
leader of the CCP, had established more or less. moment when the outcome of the though he couldn’t choose his the government to become corrupt
his absolute power, and there was Deng’s Arrangements struggle in Zhongnanhai could not successor, he still managed to put and then selectively used the
no doubt only he could appoint Deng should not have had any yet be clearly seen. enough of “his” men in the prosecution of corruption to
his successor. Mao selected five problem picking his own Both Mao and Deng followed standing committee of the destroy his opponents or anyone
different successors. Before the successor. Hu Yaobang and Zhao hidden rules in handpicking a Politburo. Five of the nine who refused to bow to him.
Cultural Revolution, he chose Liu Ziyang were his right and left successor: Choose the one least members in Hu Jintao’s standing When he put Chen Xitong, the
Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping. arms during his economic reform, likely to allow the blood debt that committee of the Politburo were former Party head in Beijing, in
During the Cultural Revolution, even though they probably had is owed to be paid, or choose the considered Jiang’s Shanghai gang. jail on the charge of corruption,
Lin Biao, Wang Hongwen, and different opinions from his on one least likely to turn against the Two others were not considered
Hua Guofeng. political reform. OPTIONS page 18
worst political burden. part of the Shanghai gang but
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Staten Island Reads Chinese Poetry

(Epoch Times | All headlines) China for a model United Nations (Annie Wu/The Epoch Times)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:22:21 AM trip, and the other a Chinese poet Within the shi and ci genres, there
herself. Lung publishes her poems were different names for the
A group of Staten Islanders on her blog, which is accessible to various types and structures of
gather together at one of Staten netizens in mainland China. poems. The jin ti shi(recent form),
Island OutLOUD's reading events Misty and Mysterious which Li Bai and Du Fu were
to read and discuss Chinese Isla Ng (C), a high school student particularly skillful in mastering,
poetry. (Annie Wu/The Epoch who recently visited China, co- was the strictest in terms of rules.
Times) Poets of the Tiananmen hosted the event along with her The most common form was the
S q u a r e M a s s a c r e e x i l e a n d mother, Joan Harrison (L). (Annie five- and seven-character poem,
classical Chinese scholars might Wu/The Epoch Times) The both of which were required to
not be your typical reading reading began with the more end in four or eight lines. The four
material, but for a group of Staten recent poets, many of whom were -lined poem is called a jue shi,
Island neighbors hungry to share exiled from China following the while the eight-lined poem is a lu
great works of world literature, Tiananmen Square Massacre on shi. Rhyme schemes also varied.
they were just the perfect subjects June 4, 1989. The two most In the lu shi, the last character in
for an afternoon of reading and prominent poets read were Bei all the even- and odd-numbered
discussion. Dao and Yang Lian, the former a lines of the poem must rhyme
According to their website, frequently named candidate for with each other (that is, ABAB).
Staten Island OutLOUD is a the Nobel Prize in Literature. Like the English meter, some
Others said Bei’s style reminded Tang Dynasty poets were masters
“ c o m m u n i t y d i a l o g u e a n d Both Bei and Yang were part of a types of shi poems specified a
them of the American Beat poets of the shi form, while in the Song
performance project” where new school of poetry known as pattern of flat and uneven tones
of the 1940s and 50s. Many also Dynasty, the ci genre flourished.
neighbors gather together to read the “Misty Poets,” so named for each line (Mandarin Chinese
noted that the nuances, The primary difference between
aloud and sometimes stage because of their use of hermetic consists of four tones, the first
complexities, and ambiguities shi and ci was that the ci was
readings of literature by writers of imagery and ambiguous syntax in classified as flat, the second to
intrinsic to the Chinese idiom meant to be sung to a tune with a
all cultures from the past to the their work. fourth as uneven) and which tone
must have been lost in translation. set melody, rhythm, and tempo,
p r e s e n t , r a n g i n g f r o m t h e The Misty Poets were formed as was rhymed throughout the poem.
Thus, they believed, they were not whereas a shi poem was not.
Declaration of Independence to p a r t o f a r e a c t i o n t o t h e Some shi poems required the
able to fully appreciate the artistry Oftentimes, the title of the poem
Zen poetry. Oftentimes, their suppression of artistic expression characters in each line to
in Chinese poetry. would be named after the tune,
choices of venue are scenic under Mao’s regime. The oblique correspond to each other in
Classical Elegance like Su Shi’s “Shui Diao Ge Tou.”
locations around the island. For a nature of the Misty school can be syntax. For example, if the third
Neighbors take turns reading Thus, many ci poems written by
reading of Moby Dick, for observed in Yang’s “Storkwinkel, character in the first line is a verb,
aloud works of literature from multiple poets could have the
example, they congregated at Fort Berlin,” which artfully captured the third character in each
around the world and spanning all same title.
Wadsworth, a favorite spot of the grim and somber in the first subsequent line must also be a
time periods. (Annie Wu/The In classical Chinese poetry, there
Herman Melville. two lines: “death’s play has verb.
Epoch Times) Afterwards, the exist rules that poets must strictly
On a late Saturday afternoon, a twisted your features no longer Ci poems have even more
group read poems by some of the adhere to. Much like sonnets in
dozen or so Staten Islanders people / remember one cry of a distinctions. A combination of a
most illustrious and celebrated the English tradition, both shi and
gathered at Tappen Park in frail child’s laughter and dread.” specific number of characters in
poets in Chinese literary history, ci poetry have specific
Stapleton for an intimate reading The Staten Island literary each line and a pattern of flat and
including Tang Dynasty poets Li requirements for the structure of
and discussion of Chinese poetry. enthusiasts speculated that the uneven tones constituted a ci pai,
Bai (also known as Li Bo) and Du the poem, including the number of
The event was inspired by two bleak, dark imagery in Bei’s and of which there were up to 800
Fu, as well as Li Qingzhao and Su characters within each line, the
local neighbors Isla Ng and Anna Yang’s poems was perhaps a different permutations. Ci poems
Shi (also known as Su Dongbo) of number of lines and stanzas in the
Lung, one a young high school reflection of their traumatic
the Song Dynasty. poem, and a specific rhyme STATEN page 20
student who recently visited memories of the June 4 massacre.
(Annie Wu/The Epoch Times) scheme.
16 News Wire/ Science/ E-reader News Edition

Yemen hunts bomb suspect, oil pipeline attacked

(Reuters: Top News) Ibrahim Sharqieh, Deputy The U.S. Treasury has blacklisted expert would go through so much scenarios here, one of them being
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:40:01 PM Director at Brookings Institute's Awlaki as a "specially designated trouble to smuggle a device onto a a black op that would be treason.
Doha Center, told Reuters. global terrorist." Earlier this year, plane and NOT set it off. It was That it comes up at all as a
A combination picture of Saudi The aim of the military operation the United States authorized the aboard planes, at any point it possibility is that the operation is
fugitive Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri in the provinces of Maarib and CIA to capture or kill him. would have a catastrophic effect just to pat. You know, real
as seen from a Yemeni police Shabwa, where oil and gas fields The two parcel bombs were to have it detonate. No way would terrorist operations kill, the fake
handbook of the most wanted of major international companies intercepted last week on cargo ANY terrorist put explosives on a ones to increase fear don’t,
terror suspects. are located, was to capture planes in Britain and Dubai and plane and not have it ‘try’ to go IMHO…
Credit: Reuters/Yemeni Police/ suspected bomb maker Ibrahim al are thought to be the work of al off. Our ‘experts’ can’t figure out Nov 02, 2010 9:30am EDT
Handout -Asiri, a Yemeni security official Qaeda's Yemen-based arm, al how it was supposed to detonate. HE IS DRIVING A CAB IN
By Mohamed Sudam said. Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula This is an impossible thing to say. NYC ALONG WITH OSAMA
SANAA| Tue Nov 2, 2010 The attack on the pipeline was in (AQAP), U.S. officials say. They do NOT know how bombs *We welcome comments that
1:40pm EDT Shabwa. Last week's plot deepened work? Terrorist DO know how advance the story directly or with
SANAA(Reuters) - Yemen The mission is also to catch the Western security fears focused on the make road side bombs, they relevant tangential information.
launched an operation on Tuesday U.S.-born radical preacher Anwar Yemen after AQAP claimed do not put them in the roads for a We try to block comments that
to arrest a Saudi bomb maker al-Awlaki, who is wanted by responsibility for a suicide bomb test run. Why even say it was put use offensive language or appear
accused of being behind a foiled Washington. that Saudi Arabia's security chief together by a bomb expert? Why to be spam and review comments
bomb plot involving U.S.-bound "They want to underline their narrowly survived in August 2009 call it a sophisticated bomb, but frequently to ensure they meet our
parcels and suspected al Qaeda sincerity in fighting al Qaeda. and a foiled Christmas Day attack doesn’t go off? I can’t believe this standards. If you see a comment
fighters blew up an oil pipeline, They're in the spotlight again and on a U.S.-bound plane. is all coming from the best in our that you believe is irrelevant or
apparently in response. they want to show they're dealing U.S. President Barack Obama has country. inappropriate, you can flag it to
Y e m e n ' s m i l i t a r y , u n d e r with the issue," Nicole Stracke at increased funding for Yemen this Nov 02, 2010 6:15am EDT our editors by using the report
international pressure to find the the Gulf Research Center said. year, providing $150 million in Actually, he is a criminal then abuse links. Views expressed in
bomb maker, deployed to the Yemeni authorities also began military assistance alone. give him punishment. Or you are the comments do not represent
south of the country, where the the trial in absentia of al-Awlaki, Unmanned American drone wrong then he can give you any those of Reuters.
insurgents attacked the pipeline who has been linked to the failed aircraft gather information about punishment. So think first, do This entry passed through the
operated by the Korean National bombing of a U.S.-bound plane in militants and have occasionally after. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Oil Corporation. It was not clear December 2009 that was claimed fired missiles at them, although Nov 02, 2010 8:54am EDT your content and you're reading it
if exports would be affected. by Yemen's al Qaeda wing and neither Washington nor Sanaa is Daniwitz13, then don’t believe it. on someone else's site, please read
"This is one of the things we who is thought to be in southern keen to admit this. What that old saying, “If it looks our FAQ page at
should expect because al Qaeda Yemen. Joint U.S.-Yemeni security too good to be true, then it content-only/faq.php
wants to give the message to the "The timing of this (Awlaki) trial operations in the past year have probably isn’t” or something like Five Filters featured article:
Yemeni government that military leaves no doubt that this is also in failed to kill or capture AQAP's that. There are interests that Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
escalation does not mean that al response to international pressure top leadership. would have concerns on the level Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Qaeda will remain silent now -- on the government," Sharqieh Nov 02, 2010 2:02am EDT of “concern” in America. Catastrophe.
that they will react and escalate," said. I cannot believe a terrorist bomb There are different possible

New! The Buying Guide

John Mahoney (Popular PopPhoto's in-depth reviews, rock beginning. Check it out!
Science - New Technology, Our sister site just -solid lab tests, sample image
Science News, The Future launched a great new feature: The galleries and more--all the
Buying Guide. It's a complete information you need to plan your
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:28:11 PM database of every DSLR and lens complete with full specifications, next gear purchase, all in one Buying Guide worth your attention right now, place. And that's just the
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 17

Shooting reported at U.S. Coast Guard recruiting

(Reuters: Top News) The FBI currently is investigating the late evening or early morning something larger, like a small
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:07:20 AM a spate of shootings at military and no one has been injured. rocket or grenade launcher? I
buildings in the Washington area: Perren has said the FBI does not think that the FBI is mistakenly
WASHINGTON| Tue Nov 2, the Pentagon, a Marine Corps believe the individual involved making these vulnerabilities iPhone table
2010 12:07pm EDT recruiting station in suburban wants to harm anyone, but he public for ALL to see. Definitely
WASHINGTON(Reuters) - A Virginia and twice at the National warned that such shootings can shows shortcomings by someone. connector project
Coast Guard recruiting office in Museum of the Marine Corps in
V i r g i n i a w a s d a m a g e d b y Triangle, Virginia, 36 miles south
accidentally lead to disastrous
*We welcome comments that
advance the story directly or with
gets a demo video
apparent gunfire overnight, and of the city. The shootings revived memories relevant tangential information. Steven Sande (TUAW)
authorities said on Tuesday they Because of the repeated of a rash of sniper attacks in 2002 We try to block comments that Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:59:00 PM
were investigating whether the s h o o t i n g s a t M a r i n e C o r p s that killed 10 people and terrified use offensive language or appear
incident was related to a recent buildings, the FBI has been the Washington area over several to be spam and review comments What's better than an iPhone, or
spate of shootings at other working on the assumption they weeks. The two men involved frequently to ensure they meet our even an iPad for that matter? How
military buildings close to the were the work of someone who were caught and one was standards. If you see a comment about a table with full multi-touch
capital. may have been part of the Marine executed while the other is that you believe is irrelevant or capabilities that just requires a
A recruiter arriving at the Coast Corps who has a grievance with serving a life sentence. inappropriate, you can flag it to simple cable connection from
Guard office in Woodbridge, the military. The Pentagon was a target of the our editors by using the report your iPhone?
Virginia, south of Washington, on "It may be that he feels that he's September 11, 2001, attacks. In abuse links. Views expressed in That's exactly what the guys at
Tuesday found apparent gunfire been wronged by the Corps in his March, a gunman shot and the comments do not represent Table.Connect (their website isn't
damage to the building and its professional and/or personal life," wounded two security officers those of Reuters. currently up and running) are
windows and called the Prince John Perren, head of the FBI near a Pentagon entrance, and was This entry passed through the demonstrating in the video on the
William County police, said Petty Washington Field Office, told killed in the process. Full-Text RSS service — if this is next page. The heck with
Officer David Marin, a Coast reporters after a shooting on (Reporting by David Alexander your content and you're reading it Microsoft's $12,500 Surface, a
Guard spokesman in Portsmouth, October 29. "We'd like to know and Jeremy Pelofsky, Editing by on someone else's site, please read similar table with touch
Virginia. what (that) grievance is ... and Sandra Maler and David Storey) our FAQ page at capabilities -- this is something
Marin said no one was hurt in the what we can do to try to help Nov 02, 2010 12:55pm EDT content-only/faq.php that a lot of iOS fans will eat up.
incident and the Federal Bureau resolve it." Has anyone ever stopped to think Five Filters featured article: There's no word on availability or
of Investigation had taken over Authorities have declined to say that just MAYBE this person is Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- pricing yet.
the lead in the investigation. The what weapon has been used in the exposing weaknesses that could Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Continue reading iPhone table
FBI's Washington Field Office s h o o t i n g s , w h i c h b e g a n o n be used in terrorist attacks?? Catastrophe. connector project gets a demo
said it had agents at the scene but O c t o b e r 1 7 . HMMMMMM? I mean, what if video
offered no other details. All of the incidents occurred in his person was toting around iPhone table connector project
gets a demo video originally

Trigger-Happy Lights - Shoot the Lights out with the appeared on TUAW on Tue, 02
Nov 2010 12:59:00 EST. Please
see our terms for use of feeds.
Bang Lamp by bitplay Inc (GALLERY) Source| Permalink| Email this|
(TREND HUNTER - The Latest At Tokyo Designers Week 2010 concept to turn out the lights at to turn the lights…
Trends) Jack Chang and Joshn Cheng called the 'Bang Lamp' by bitplay
came up with a happy-trigger Inc. This lamp needs to be shot
18 News Wire/ E-reader News Edition
Suspect package found at Merkel's continued from page 14

he set a precedent that is very corruption and to somehow keep

office dangerous for the stability of the
Party. Others also can use this
the Party going.
But the CCP is still a
(Reuters: Top News) day that bombs exploded at two Should be no surprise. It has been weapon against their opponents revolutionary and destructive
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:57:58 AM foreign embassies in Greece, with their way for centuries. GLK and competitors or even against organization that depends on
suspect packages found at other Report As Abusive Jiang himself. continuing conflict to keep it
A policeman stands guard in diplomatic missions in Athens. Nov 02, 2010 12:35pm EDT Hu Jintao used almost the same alive. That’s why, after the
front of the closed main gate of Greek police linked the attacks For the bigot who made the charge to put away Chen Liangyu, Cultural Revolution, there was the
t h e C h a n c e l l e r y i n B e r l i n , there to leftist guerrillas. comments below, killing millions the Party head of Shanghai, where Tiananmen Square massacre and
November 2, 2010. On Monday, a bomb exploded in of muslims by France, Italy, USA Jiang’s power is concentrated. the persecution of Falun Gong
Credit: Reuters/Fabrizio Bensch a n A t h e n s c o u r i e r o f f i c e and the Zionist State doesn’t help, In choosing a successor for Hu, even though most people, both
BERLIN| Tue Nov 2, 2010 wounding one employee, and killing civilians by the hundreds all the powerful Party groups, inside and outside China, thought
12:57pm EDT Greek police arrested two men of thousands in Iraq doesn’t help whether they began as princelings these were unreasonable and
BERLIN(Reuters) - German with two bombs, including one either… WWI, WWII, Dresden or as part of the Youth League unnecessary.
police found a suspicious package addressed to French President and Hitler were all Christians!!! group, need someone who can When the Party loses the fire of
in the mail at Chancellor Angela Nicolas Sarkozy. Justin2010 Report As Abusive protect them from the people struggle, it is dying no matter how
Merkel's office in Berlin on A Reuters photographer saw *We welcome comments that collecting on the human rights strong it looks from the outside. Is
T u e s d a y , a g o v e r n m e n t police closing all the access gates advance the story directly or with debt that is owed. the polite Xi Jinping the man who
spokesman said. Merkel was not which are usually left open for relevant tangential information. All of the Party groups also need would either transform the Party’s
in the building at the time. visitors at the central Berlin office We try to block comments that someone who is “nice” enough nature or else give it new life with
"During a routine control of of Merkel, who was out of the use offensive language or appear not to put them or their families in another fierce campaign?
incoming post, one package country at the time on a visit to to be spam and review comments prison on the charge of corruption This entry passed through the
showed suspicious features that Belgium. frequently to ensure they meet our should they lose out in the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
indicated there was a possibility it German daily Der Tagesspiegel standards. If you see a comment political struggle. your content and you're reading it
m i g h t c o n t a i n e x p l o s i v e s , " said the suspicious package that you believe is irrelevant or Most importantly, they all wish on someone else's site, please read
spokesman Steffen Seibert said in contained gunpowder. It was inappropriate, you can flag it to that Hu’s successor could prevent our FAQ page at
a statement, adding no one had delivered by United Parcel our editors by using the report the ship of the Party from sinking. content-only/faq.php
been injured. Service, it added. No independent abuse links. Views expressed in After all, they owe everything to Five Filters featured article:
Federal police said the object was c o r r o b o r a t i o n o f t h i s w a s the comments do not represent the power of the CCP. For that Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
being investigated. "It is being i m m e d i a t e l y p o s s i b l e . those of Reuters. reason, they need to put aside Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
checked for explosives right (Reporting by Dave Graham, This entry passed through the their differences temporarily. Catastrophe.
now," said a spokeswoman. Andreas Rinke, Erik Kirschbaum Full-Text RSS service — if this is And so, the choice of Xi Jinping
A German newspaper, the and Fabrizio Bensch; writing by your content and you're reading it has resulted, as the most powerful
Berliner Morgenpost, said the Stephen Brown) on someone else's site, please read individuals in China have sought
package's return address was the Comments our FAQ page at protection from paying debts for
"Greece Economy Ministry" and Nov 02, 2010 12:22pm EDT content-only/faq.php human rights abuses and
it was addressed directly to Merkel tells Islam some things it Five Filters featured article:
Merkel. It quoted a security expert doesn’t want to hear. And, of Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
as saying the package could have course, Islam wants to blow her to Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
exploded. bits for it. Why? Because that’s Catastrophe.
The security scare came the same how Islam deals with dissenters.
E-reader News Edition News Wire/ Technology/ 19

Theater Review: ‘Wings’

(Epoch Times | All headlines) deliberately severe set design,
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:01:00 AM Jane Cox’s lighting, Ann Hould-
Ward’s good costumes, Peter
M A G N I F I C E N T Nigrini’s projections, and Bray
PERFORMANCE: Award- Poor’s original music.
winning Jan Maxwell appears in Others in the cast are Michael
her best role yet, as Emily Stilson Warner, Adam Heller, Anne L.
in Arthur Kopit's 'Wings.' (Joan Nathan, Beth Dixon, and Teagle
Marcus) NEW YORK—In Arthur F. Bougere.
#Founders Becomes An
Kopit’s 1978 play Wings, Take this opportunity to see a Overnight Must-attend,
character Emily Stilson (Jan remarkably gifted actress at the As Europe’s Startup
Maxwell) is a wingwalker, one of top of her game in a play that Circuit Accelerates
those intrepid souls who in the offers a unique handling of a
1920s stood upon the wing of an subject that is painful, but which Mike Butcher (TechCrunch)
airplane when it was in flight. may come to affect more of us Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:45:17 AM

(This, of course, was prior to the and our loved ones than we would
jet airplane, but even so ...) care to know. Something has been happening to
In the play, Emily, who has Wings the European startup scene in the
suffered a stroke, must go through Second Stage Theatre last couple of years, and it is
the various stages of amazement, 305 West 43rd Street starting to manifest itself in an
anger, and determination to get to Tickets: 212-246-4422, 800-766- upswell of networking the likes of
the far side and eventual 6048 or which I have not seen since I
resolution of her infirmity. That Running time: 65 minutes started blogging full time for
she does so in the imagination, Closes: Nov. 21 TechCrunch way back in 2007.
mind, and body of a brilliant Diana Barth writes and publishes From the primordial soup of the
actress makes for a moving and New Millennium, an arts developer community have
exciting evening in the theater. Although several medical lifetime. Director John Doyle has newsletter. For information: sprung up events for startups,
The character has suffered the personnel appear briefly, the play done this actress and the entrepreneurs and investors until,
kind of stroke that has affected is virtually a 65-minute production a great service by This entry passed through the finally, last weekend Europe
both her speech and memory; monologue, performed simply letting Maxwell take full Full-Text RSS service — if this is stumbled on the natural evolution
some of the most moving impeccably by Ms. Maxwell, who center stage in a chair facing your content and you're reading it of all this networking: an event
sequences show Emily babbling has appeared to notable effect in front, while peripheral activities on someone else's site, please read which resembled and will
in gibberish, which she, however, many Broadway and off- by the doctors and nurses—some our FAQ page at perhahps come to rival The Lobby
believes to be clear Broadway productions, and for seemingly too loud and content-only/faq.php event in Hawaii. That’s an event
communication. Fortunately, she which she has won numerous violent—impede the character’s Five Filters featured article: where tech entrepreneurs gather to
has the sympathy of a warm theater awards. sensitive perceptions. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- talk just amongst themselves for a
therapist (January LaVoy) who The current role of Emily Stilson Supporting the director’s stark Reporting of Falluja's Cancer change, and hang out. And that’s
helps her through her period of enables her to use all her creative vision is fine technical support Catastrophe. exactly what F.ounders, a new
recovery. gifts. It may be called the role of a supplied by Scott Pask’s invite-only event in Dublin, did
this past weekend. But let me
unpack this trend.
20 News Wire/ Technology/ E-reader News Edition
STATEN Sizzling Guy-Only Shoots
continued from page 15
- The VMAN
were also classified by the length Many at the reading commented Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn on International Issue
of the poem and the number of on the vivid imagery in the Staten Island. For more
stanzas. For instance, a poem with classical Chinese poems, which information on Staten Island Features Bundles of Boys
58 characters or fewer was a xiao resembled paintings in its graphic OutLOUD’s activities, please visit in 'Model Citizen'
ling, and if it was separated into descriptions of nature. They also (VIDEO)
two stanzas, it was called a noted that the classical poems This entry passed through the
shuang diao. were easier to understand, Full-Text RSS service — if this is (TREND HUNTER - The Latest
There was also a classification of whereas the modern Chinese your content and you're reading it
musical style for the tune that the poets played with the language in on someone else's site, please read Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:08:01 PM

ci poem was sung to with a total ways that revealed their our FAQ page at
of nine different categories. In individualistic sensibilities. content-only/faq.php Though this may not be the first
addition, the tunes were also
classified into four different
Classical or modern, the readers
left with new insight into Chinese
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
time VMAN magazine has used
the concept of hot crews of male OS X 10.6.5
tempo speeds, the ling being the
fastest and the man the slowest.
poetry, touched by the poets’
powerful words and provoking
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
models, their VMAN
International Issue takes a new release expected
Finally, there was a distinction
between poem styles, one called
Staten Island OutLOUD will be
approach at the inventive style.
The 'Model Citizens' portraits… this week
the wan yue(graceful and holding a staged reading of Chris Rawson (TUAW)
restrained) and the other hao Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales on Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:15:00 PM

fang(bold and unconstrained). Saturday, Nov. 6 at the

Sources internal to Apple have
informed 9to5Mac that OS X
Psychics to no Longer Receive Welfare Cards 10.6.5 has been finalized and
circulated within the company.
(Epoch Times | All headlines) ban using welfare cards to pay at 9to5Mac also notes that such pre-
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:29:23 AM massage parlors, gun shops, bingo release updates "usually come in
halls, tattoo parlors, cruise ships, one to a few days prior to public
Psychics, gun stores, bingo halls, race tracks, and bail bond launch."
and more businesses were establishments, according to AP. 10.6.5 is required for most
declared off-limits for welfare Reports emerged over the summer AirPrint functionality in iOS 4.2.
recipients using state-funded debit that the debit cards were being Since iOS 4.2 just reached GM
cards, California Gov. Arnold used at casinos in California, status, it's likely a public release
Schwarzenegger (pictured above which prompted Schwarzenegger for OS X 10.6.5 will roughly
voting on Tuesday) said this to issue a ban. coincide with the public release of
week. (Kevork Djansezian/Getty This entry passed through the iOS 4.2. Both OS releases are
Images) Psychics, medical Full-Text RSS service — if this is expected within the next week or
marijuana purveyors, and some your content and you're reading it so. We'll let you know as soon as
other types of businesses can no on someone else's site, please read they go live.
longer be paid for via welfare “inconsistent with the intent” of c a r d r o o m s , a n d a d u l t our FAQ page at OS X 10.6.5 release expected this
cards in California, decided the welfare program cannot be entertainment businesses," have content-only/faq.php week originally appeared on
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger paid for by state-issued debit been banned from use by welfare Five Filters featured article: TUAW on Tue, 02 Nov 2010
o n T u e s d a y , N o v e m b e r 2 , c a r d s , s a i d G o v e r n o r cardholders as of June 24, 2010, Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- 13:15:00 EST. Please see our
according to the Los Angeles Schwarzenegger, according to the states the California Electronic Reporting of Falluja's Cancer terms for use of feeds.
Times. Associated Press. Benefit Transfer Client Website. Catastrophe.
Source| Permalink| Email this|
Businesses that are deemed "ATMs that are located at casinos, The more recent order will also Comments
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Culture/ 21
continued from page 13 Video: Brian Eno Gets
Here’s your sign! 20 years until retirement) The inappropriate, you can flag it to
Nov 02, 2010 9:03am EDT
The gov’t is no longer of, by and
average American is percieved to
have a SIXTH GRADE level
our editors by using the report
abuse links. Views expressed in
Quizzed on 'Milk Sea'
Lewis Wallace (Wired Top Twitter:@lewiswallace
for the people. It is of,by and for mentality! There was a computer the comments do not represent Stories)
itself and that must stop. that analyzed the language and those of Reuters. and@theunderwire.
Nov 02, 2010 9:28am EDT actually graded it according to This entry passed through the Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:04:14 PM See Also:
Generally, Americans are thought vocabulary! Full-Text RSS service — if this is This entry passed through the
British musician Brian Eno spills Full-Text RSS service — if this is
to be short on memory and easy to WAKE UP AMERICA. Lets your content and you're reading it
details about his new record, your content and you're reading it
fool. Look at the track record and “Not be fooled again”. on someone else's site, please read
Small Craft on a Milk Sea, in this on someone else's site, please read
the how obama andhis democrap *We welcome comments that our FAQ page at
video interview. Who’s that our FAQ page at
follies have conducted advance the story directly or with content-only/faq.php
quizzing the ambient pioneer? content-only/faq.php
themselves. relevant tangential information. Five Filters featured article:
Intrepid reporter Dick Flash of Five Filters featured article:
When i worked for the We try to block comments that Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Pork Magazine. (Yeah, we’ve Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
government we produced use offensive language or appear Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
never heard of Flash either.) Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
brochures and “propoganda” that to be spam and review comments Catastrophe.
Video courtesy Warp Records. Catastrophe.
had to be rated at a sixth (6th) frequently to ensure they meet our
F o l l o w u s o n
grade mentality. (I directed a standards. If you see a comment
government media department for that you believe is irrelevant or

Google Voice Is Having Serious Trouble Making Outbound Calls.

This Is Bad.
Jason Kincaid (TechCrunch) just keeps ringing forever — it interface (you enter the phone “We’re aware of the issue, which
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:01:06 PM never even gets to the recipient’s number you want to call, and it is affecting some Google Voice
voicemail. The worst part is that calls both your phone and your users, and are working on a fix.”
If you want to be a phone most people probably don’t even contact’s phone). This doesn’t This isn’t the first time Google
company you can’t go dead. realize that anything’s wrong, work at all. Voice has had issues with
Ever. People rely on their mobile because when you initiate a call it The only thing that does seem to reliability — it had a major outage
phones for everything these days, sounds like everything is working work is Google Voice’s back in April 2008, when it was
so when calls aren’t going fine because you still hear those integration with Gmail. Which is still GrandCentral. I’ve also
through it’s a really big deal. And familiar rings. great if you’re sitting at a encountered sporadic problems
as far as we can tell, Google We’ve tried a handful of different computer, and useless if not. over the last year that I’ve used it
Voice is currently having some setups to figure out what’s going The only consolation is that (though no worse than I used to
serious issues. on. We’re both on Nexus Ones, so inbound calls are still working. have from AT&T).
Both Michael Arrington and I use it’s possible (though unlikely) that Google is looking into the CrunchBase Information Google
does go through to the recipient,
Google Voice exclusively for our the problem is associated with this problem, and while it doesn’t Voice Information provided by
but it comes from a random
phone calls. And this morning, we handset in particular. Update: seem to be affecting all users, CrunchBase
number and when they go to pick
simply can’t place calls: we’ll dial Based on comments below it’s there are clearly a significant
up they hear silence.
a number, hear the familiar rings affecting other handsets as well. number of people having this
We also tried initiating a call
as we wait for our contact to When we place a call directly problem. Google has given us this
using Google Voice’s web
answer, and… nothing. The phone from our Nexus Ones, it actually statement:
22 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

ASUS Lamborghini Eee PC VX6 ultraportable on sale now

Chris Davies (SlashGear)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:05:09 AM

ASUS‘ appealing little

Lamborghini Eee PC VX6
notebook, which we took a shine
to back at the company’s holiday
showcase, has gone up for sale in
the UK. The 12.1-inch
ultraportable packs an Intel Atom
D525 dual-core 1.8GHz
processor, 2GB of RAM and
NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics with
Optimus support, along with a
250GB hard-drive and HDMI
Video demo after the cut
There’s also WiFi b/g/n,
Bluetooth 3.0 and 10/100
ethernet, along with USB 3.0 and
USB 2.0 ports, VGA, a multi-
format memory card reader and
audio in/out. ASUS squeeze in a
1.3-megapixel webcam and a 6-
cell battery apparently good for
up to 6hrs of runtime, too.
The ASUS Lamborghini Eee PC
VX6 is available in the UK from
today, priced at £499 ($799).
Press Release:
ASUS-Lamborghini Eee PC
VX6: Stylishly Fast by Name and
Stylishly Fast by Nature
ASUS launch ASUS-
Lamborghini VX6 ultraportable
with Dual Core Intel Atom D525
processor, NVIDIA Optimus Lamborghini and inspired by the delivers breathtaking graphics and travelling in style. travel from car to computer with
graphics and audio designed by superstar Murcielago LP640 audio at incredible speeds. Priced £499 inc VAT (SRP) and the Lamborghini-inspired design:
Bang & Olufsen ICEPower Roadster. The desirable combination of available from a range of retailers Co-branded with Lamborghini,
ASUS have today started the With the brand new, high style and performance plus a i n c l u d i n g the stunning Eee PC VX6
engines on their latest must-have performance dual core Intel Atom multitude of connectivity features,MicroAnvika ultraportable takes inspiration
gadget – the ASUS-Lamborghini D525 processor, next generation including USB 3.0 and Express , and from the Murcielago LP640
Eee PC VX6 ultraportable 12.1” NVIDIA Ion 2 graphics and Gate, make this miniature
notebook, co- designed by NVIDIA Optimus technology it machine the perfect accessory for Add a touch of style to your ASUS page 23
E-reader News Edition Technology/ Finance/ 23
continued from page 22

Roadster and epitomises the than that of previous-generation applications being used – creating
How to Watch Election
magnificence and power of the
automotive star through a
NVIDIA Ion graphics. The result
is super- smooth gaming that will
a balance which improves energy
efficiency and maximises battery Results Tonight Online
combination of sleek lines, an keep pace with even the fastest life to delivery up to 6 hours of Mike Melanson
elegant glossy exterior in black or player once the heat is on. uninterrupted computing. (ReadWriteWeb) Street Journal will be offering live
white and the Lamborghini badge What’s more – onboard hardware Super-fast transfers, charging and Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:42:07 PM coverage starting at 8 p.m. ET.
adorning the lid. With a high-end decoding promises silky smooth boot-up with a host of software Even Facebook is getting into the
design inside and out, the Eee PC 1080p HD video playback for and connectivity: After all the voting wraps up this election game this year, not only
VX6 commands attention and is a staggeringly crystal clear visuals, The ASUS-Lamborghini VX6 is evening, the real fun begins - pushing its users to vote, but
covetable accessory for making this ultraportable a true packed full of software and watching the results come in. broadcasting live streaming video
enthusiasts of the iconic supercar winner for relishing good movies features to make computing life Whether you want to sit around coverage of election results
who want to turn heads both on on the move. effortless. With USB 3.0, data and watch an auto-refreshing, starting at 7 p.m. ET. You'll find
and off the road. Enjoy sound as impactful as the transfer speeds via USB are up to interactive map of election results its coverage on the official
Satisfy the need for speed with real Lamborghini with audio by 10 times faster than USB 2.0 and or feel the buzz of a live, Facebook app.
the latest generation Dual Core Bang & Olufsen Icepower: allow it to re-charge mobile television broadcast, the Internet For those of you who feel that
Intel Atom D525 processor: Every motoring fan can devices in almost half the has everything you need on live video is old hat, there are a
The ASUS-Lamborghini Eee PC appreciate the ferocious sound of previous times – even when the election night. number of online, interactive
VX6 boasts a Dual Core Intel a revving Lamborghini – and the netbook is switched off. Here are a few ways to dig into maps and tools that put together
Atom D525 processor – two 1.8 ASUS-Lamborghini VX6 has Bluetooth 3.0 support facilitates voting trends and tune into the real-time results with spiffy
Ghz cores each with Hyper- equally outstanding audio to boast low power wireless data transfers results as they start pouring in this looking graphics and plenty of
Threading Technology that will about. With stereo speakers by from compatible devices at speeds tonight. information. The New York
be sure to leave rivals at the Bang & Olufsen ICEPower and up to 24Mbit/s — perfect for Sponsor Times, for example, has a great
starting line. The four parallel SRS Premium surround sound, speedy music, video and photo If you don't own a TV (like most election center that shows results
processing threads deliver a the tiny machine unleashes a mind synchronisation with mobile of the RWW staff) but you still drilled down on a national map.
boosted performance within multi - blowing resonance which will devices. want to watch live results, fret Talking Points Memo also has a
-threaded software and lightening blow your ears away whether you For users who live life on the go, not. YouTube has partnered up great interactive map of the
fast response times within more are enjoying music, movies or the dual-operating system Express with CBS News to live stream country showing senate, house,
demanding applications. games. Gate offers the perfect way to election results and trends on governor and proposition results
Drive graphics and games into Keep on the road with up to 6 boot up in record time to access a YouTube and Google starting on a state-by-state basis.
the smoothest dimension with hours of battery life thanks to the range of applications including tonight at 9 p.m. ET. The live If you want to dig even deeper
next generation NVIDIA Ion 2 energy efficient NVIDIA Optimus the Internet, email, music and video will be available at the CBS into the election results, trends,
graphics: technology: instant messaging. News YouTube channel. And if voting issues and more, the
Next generation NVIDIA Ion 2 The ASUS-Lamborghini wields you can't wait until then, CBS is Nieman Journalism Lab has a
brings eye-popping graphics to NVIDIA Optimus – a highly already taking a look at election great guide to old and new media
the Eee PC VX6’s 12.1” high intelligent technology which trends with data from Google on election night, as does the
definition screen, with automatically optimises graphics Trends and Insights for Search. Media Decoder blog on the New
performance up to 60% faster performance to suit the Also joining in on the fun of York Times. Discuss
streaming live-video, the Wall
5 Holiday Savings Tips You Blew Off Last Year meaningful, well-organized,
(Dayana Yochim, The Motley financially responsible holiday
Fool) (Financiallyfit on Shine) season. Here's how.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 7:18:58 PM
that you're going to pull off a
This is the year – really, it is –
24 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Food Industry Ripe For Disruption Sega: 'Never say never'

Richard MacManus
article of clothing comes with a
back story."
There is already a growing
on Shenmue 3
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:00:12 PM
(CNET United States. And Sega decided
movement to quantify data about
The Internet of Things, when the way we live - and eat. From Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:50:22 AM to stop producing follow-up titles
objects in the real world are web apps like Health that continued the game's story
connected to the Internet, is Sega fans hoping to rejoin Ryo line. Since then, Sega has been
Month(which enables you to set
adding a whole lot more data to Hazuki in his fight to avenge his relatively tight-lipped about the
health goals and track them over a
the Web. The fascinating question father's death in Shenmue might possibility of releasing Shenmue
month, including dietary goals) to
is how that data will be used, by just have that opportunity. 3.
the self-explanatory
existing businesses and new Speaking to CVG in a recent But even a glimmer of hope that
TweetWhatYouEat. These apps
startups yet to emerge. Take the interview, Mike Hayes, the Shenmue may come back could
will become much more
food industry for example. With president of Sega West, said that be enough to excite the legions of
sophisticated once food
sensors, QR codes and RFID tags according to an IBM report, only businesses give consumers data there is a possibility that the fans hoping the game company
on food shipments, suppliers will 1% of foods entering the U.S. are from the supply chain. franchise could be making its way would revive the Shenmue series.
be able to monitor and optimize inspected. The report further The web site The Quantified Self, back to consoles. Those fans have been pressing
the delivery of food from the states that imports make up run by Gary Wolf and Kevin "While at present we have no Sega for years. In fact, one
place of production to its place of "nearly 60% of the fruits and Kelly, has more tips and tools for plans for the franchise [on next- petition on PetitionOnline has
c o n s u m p t i o n . I t ' s a n o p e n vegetables consumed in the U.S. consumers who wish to track and gen consoles]...the Shenmue nearly 64,000 signatures from
invitation for disruptive food and 75% of the seafood." legacy ignites a lot of passion folks hoping to see the franchise
manage the data about their lives.
businesses to utilize that data for Data about where food was As a diabetic (type 1), I'm more among fans. Never say never," he return.
competitive advantage. produced and how it has traveled careful than most people about told the gaming publication. With Sega finally saying it's
Of course, consumers stand to w o u l d i n c r e a s e c o n s u m e r what I eat. So I can't wait for the If Shenmue does come back, it possible, the chances of a new
gain too. Data from the food confidence about food safety. day when I'll be able to scan a would be a long time coming. The game in the franchise seem higher
s u p p l y c h a i n w i l l e n a b l e Given the choice of two similar food item with my smart phone original installment of the game than they have been in years.
consumers to more easily judge food products, but one has more and find out if it's a healthier launched in 2000 on the Sega This entry passed through the
food quality. data about how safe it is - as a option for me than a competing Dreamcast. The player controlled Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Sponsor consumer, which would you product. Ryo Hazuki as he attempted to your content and you're reading it
The International Business Series choose? That's an opportunity for This is a huge opportunity for avenge the death of his father at on someone else's site, please read
is brought to you by UPS. food companies to gain an the food industry. Compete on the the hands of antagonist Lan Di. our FAQ page at
Discover the new logistics. It advantage over their competition. quality of the data you provide; The title instantly became a content-only/faq.php
levels the playing fields and lets The back story of a particular and win. Let us know in the classic on the console. Five Filters featured article:
you act locally or globally. It's for f o o d i t e m i s v a l u a b l e t o comments if you've spotted some A f t e r t h e D r e a m c a s t w a s Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
the individual entrepreneur, the consumers, too, for reasons such early examples of food companies discontinued, Sega released Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
small business or the large as managing health to being able utilizing sensor or similar data. Shenmue II for the Xbox in 2002. Catastrophe.
company. Put the new logistics to t o m a k e m o r a l o r e t h i c a l Image credits: psyberartist; IBM The game did not sell well in the
work for you. judgments. As the Christian Discuss
Food safety is the primary Science Monitor recently noted,
concern of consumers. Yet "every gadget, piece of food, or
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 25

Smaato: U.S. Will Spend $5 Billion On Verify Gives Designers

Mobile Advertising In 2015 an Eight-in-One Toolkit
Leena Rao (TechCrunch)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:43:19 AM for Testing Ideas
Frederic Lardinois
Mobile advertising and ad (ReadWriteWeb)
optimization company Smaato is
releasing a new whitepaper today Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:20:00 PM

with some huge projections for

the mobile advertising industry. While the Web and the
According to Smaato, the US is limitations of most browsers for Verify Premium ($29 per
the second largest mobile sometimes limit what designers month) also get access to
advertising market globally in can do online, one advantage of demographic reports and the
terms of spending, falling just the Internet is that it allows them ability to link multiple tests
behind Japan. In 2010, Smaato to easily test different ideas and together. Pricing for the service
says US mobile advertising instantly get feedback for how starts at $9 per month for accounts
spending is expected to be worth well a specific design performs. that don't offer these premium
$797.6 million. For the US, this With Verify, interactive design services. ZURB also offers a 30-
equates to a little under 8,000 firm ZURB is now giving day free trial.
expected to grow in the next few While it’s still difficult to know designers an toolkit with eight With Verify, ZURB wants to
mobile advertising campaigns,
years. Because of the high just how huge mobile advertising different test for evaluating and give designers a toolkit that
and an average of 21.8 new
number of mobile users, the will become, we do know that the comparing their ideas based on allows them to quickly verify
campaigns per day. Smatto says
average mobile advertising market seems to be growing at a user feedback. specific ideas, but also gives them
that the U.S. mobile ad market
campaign spend is between fast rate as technology giants like Sponsor the ability to turn this feedback
will move closer to Japan (more
$75,000 – 100,000, which is much Apple and Google throw their ZURB's founder and "Chief into actionable reports. It's
than $1 billion in 2010) next year
higher than in other countries. hats in the ring via acquisitions. Instigator" Bryan Zmijewski important to note, too, that these
with a forecast of $1.24 billion for
And the report contends that the Steady increases in the use of "To truly design around the needs tools are not so much meant to be
2011 and $5.04 billion for 2015.
mobile advertising market is is smartphones, new innovations in of people, Verify blends both used for usability testing, but for
eMarketer released similar
still young and has not fully mobile ad formats and other quantitative and qualitative gathering design feedback and
findings a few weeks ago, but
matured. Smaato says that mobile factors are all contributing to feedback to help product teams enabling product managers,
Smaato’s finding are more bullish
has yet to penetrate over 50% of market that is growing like make faster and more informed design teams and marketers to
on projections for 2015.
the US mobile population in terms gangbusters. design decisions without having quickly test ideas and make
Here’s the reasoning. The
of advertising. As smartphone CrunchBase Information Smaato to fully implement ideas." design feedback an integral part
company says that US has over
usage increases, interact rates will I n f o r m a t i o n p r o v i d e d b y Among the tests available in of the development process.
300 million active mobile
increase and advertisers will be CrunchBase Verify are a memory test, an A/B Discuss
subscriptions, of which, almost
more willing to shell out ad preference test and click tests, as
one-third use their mobile phone
dollars. well as a number of annotation-
to browse. This number is only
driven tests. Users who opt to pay
26 Technology/ E-reader News Edition

Report: Chrome OS smartbooks coming this month

(CNET Google reportedly plans on selling juggernaut while expanding into
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:56:20 AM a Chrome OS smartbook (an ill- nearly anything it thinks possible.
defined term that seems to reflect He has previously written about
Smartbooks running Chrome OS an improved Netbook) under its Apple, the traditional PC industry,
could arrive this month.(Credit: own brand, similar to what it tried and chip companies. E-mail Tom.
Google) to do with the Nexus One. CEO This entry passed through the
Google's Chrome OS project is Eric Schmidt hinted earlier in the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
almost ready for the masses, year that such a strategy was in your content and you're reading it
according to a report. the works, but it's not clear how on someone else's site, please read
D i g i t i m e s s a i d t o d a y t h a t Google plans to sell such a our FAQ page at
hardware companies in Asia are s m a r t b o o k : t h r o u g h c a r r i e r content-only/faq.php
putting the finishing touches on partners, direct from its Web site, Five Filters featured article:
smartbooks running Chrome OS, or at retailers like Best Buy. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
with the intention of shipping In any event, the Chrome OS stock build. Google has only said start of the holiday shopping Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
them later this month. Acer and smartbooks will likely coincide that it expects both parts of the season. Catastrophe.
Hewlett Packard are expected to with the arrival of the Chrome OS Chrome OS strategy to arrive in Tom Krazit writes about the ever-
launch Chrome OS systems in Web Store, which will help make the "fall," but most observers have expanding world of Google, as the
December, Digitimes said. the smartbooks more attractive expected the company to get most prominent company on the
One interesting tidbit is that with additional apps outside of the everything out before the official Internet defends its search

Dell Venue Pro Windows Phone 7 Clears FCC Gauntlet, Heading

to T-Mobile
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) (1700MHz). which we went over last month. src="
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:13:13 PM The model name of the device is For T-Mobile customers, there’s sgplayer.swf"
V02S, and there’s no denying that rumors floating around that the width="580"
While AT&T and T-Mobile are the device is certainly the Venue Venue Pro could launch on the height="361"
sharing the Windows Phone 7 Pro. This particular handset network November 8th, when allowscriptaccess="always"
love this holiday season, and features Microsoft’s upcoming AT&T will be busy launching allowfullscreen="true"
carriers like Verizon and Sprint Windows Phone 7 mobile their own Windows Phone 7 flashvars="config=http://
are left to wait until 2011 to Operating System, and features a handsets. It’s just a rumor for
launch their own handsets, it portrait slider, with a full physical now, but with the FCC clearance, sgtv.php?vkey=feab575962e78e0
looks like one major name is on QWERTY keyboard underneath. at least it’s a possibility. 06250"
its way to the Magenta network The Venue Pro also has a 4.1-inch Hopefully it makes it by the />
shortly. Courtesy of the FCC, it’s capacitive touchscreen, and the holiday shopping season, at least. [ via unwiredview]
been discovered that the Dell 1GHz processor under the hood. details here, so it looks like you’ll You can check out the hands-on
Venue Pro has just cleared the Unfortunately, the FCC filing just have to be happy with our video below.
process with T-Mobile USA 3G doesn’t give us any other juicy hands-on time with the device, name="SGTV"
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 27

Keepin' it real fake:

iPod nano doesn't need
a logo, thank you
Laura June (Engadget)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:47:00 PM

To be honest, this took a little

longer than expected. The above
faux iPod nano is a pretty decent
copy, lookswise, anyway. While
we don't know its name or full
specifications, we do know that it
comes in both 1.5 and 1.8-inch
touchscreen varieties (presumably
resistive). It apparently has both
an external speaker and an SD
card reader. We don't know where
you'll ever find one or how much
it's likely to cost, but if you do
track these down, we'll take one in
Sega’s Shenmue 3 Could be Coming Eventually that gray color, please.
Keepin' it real fake: iPod nano
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) was a hit on the Dreamcast, but its forgotten about the franchise. Hazuki to consoles, it’s no doesn't need a logo, thank you
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:03:56 PM sequel, Shenmue II, didn’t see as “While at present we have no surprise that Sega wouldn’t want originally appeared on Engadget
much success on Microsoft’s plans for the franchise [on next- to miss the chance of raking in the on Tue, 02 Nov 2010 12:47:00
For the gaming community, it’s original Xbox, so Sega pulled gen consoles], the Shenmue money from a high-profile release EDT. Please see our terms for use
easy to fall in love with one development on the title. But, it legacy ignites a lot of passion as Shenmue. And, for gaming of feeds. Permalink| MP4 Nation|
particular title, and get attached to looks like the third installment among fans. Never say never.” enthusiasts who are still waiting Email this| Comments
not only the characters, but also could be a real possibility. So, we can’t expect it to hit any to end the conflict between the
the story. For fans of the series Speaking with CVG, President of time soon, but at least we know main character and Lan Di, the
Shenmue, which debuted for the Sega West Mike Hayes said that that Sega isn’t sitting there, man who killed Hazuki’s father, it
Sega Dreamcast years ago, it was while the company is not planning listening to all of the fans cry out looks like the resolution of the
easy to become immediately on releasing anything on the for a game and completely series is still coming soon. Of
enthralled with the life of Ryo current generation of consoles ignoring them. With petitions course, soon is a relative term.
Hazuki, and the search for his available now, that doesn’t mean floating around the Internet, all of [ via CVG]
father’s killer. The original title that the company has completely which asking Sega to bring back
28 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Dell Buys Boomi - Is an Acquisition Salma Celebrates Her

Spree on the Way? New Series at Dinner
Alex Williams (ReadWriteWeb)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:07:14 PM network is increasingly porous.
The data center is networking
many to come:
"Integration vendors who can
connect cloud to on-premises are
With Her Man
Katie Henry (PopSugar) hit Ugly Betty. The program, an
Dell is buying Boomi, an SaaS with the cloud. At this point, it's a a key component in any vendor's
provider that provides services for race to control how that transition strategy to master the cloud. Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:00 PM adaption of Argentina's Los
moving applications to the cloud. happens. It's where we see almost Dell's move shows it has an Roldan, was picked up by ABC. It
Terms of the deal were not a l l o f t h e l a r g e v e n d o r s Salma Hayek joined François- centers on a working-class man
intention to move towards the
disclosed. Henri Pinault and Ralph Lauren who saves the life of a stranger,
establishing a foothold. VMware, cloud and will continue to acquire
Boomi has made a name for itself Microsoft and a host of others are for dinner celebrating the end of only to have his own day-to-day
key pieces such as CEP engines,
in that sweet spot where cloud offering ways to be that bridge. Women's Wear Daily's annual changed by the experience. No
big data solutions, and semantic
computing meets the enterprise. That's critical for Dell, which has CEO Summit. Francois-Henri word on if Salma will appear on
web players. Other area that will
It's a fitting acquisition for Dell. it to move beyond the PC and into spoke to a crowd of business the show, but she's front and
be important will come from
provides the company with a way the world of tablets and cloud- people earlier in the day, but he's center in her just-released on
medium as well as large scale
to go deeper into the enterprise based operating systems. not the only one with a head for DVD movie Grown Ups.
analytics, and storage. Let's see
stack and be the company that Ray Wang, an analyst with the deal making in their family. View 5 Photos ›
what they do next."
provides the systems for Altimeter Group, said the Salma is planning to bring another
What do you think? What does
i n t e g r a t i n g w i t h t h e c l o u d . acquisition signals the Boomi telenovela series to the US,
this acquisition signal for the
Sponsor following in the footsteps of her
acquisition may be the first of cloud computing world? Discuss
And why is this important? The
Dell to acquire
Following Zynga’s Footsteps, EA Signs Five Year cloud integration
Deal With Facebook To Use Credits company Boomi
Leena Rao (TechCrunch) number of popular social games the to the Credits game Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:17:27 PM
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:53:06 AM on Facebook, MySpace, Hi5, and considering its presence in the
other social networks, including social gaming ecosystem. Zynga’s Dell is beefing up its cloud
Following in the footsteps of Pet Society, Restaurant City, deal was announced in the Spring strategy by acquiring Boomi.
Zynga, Electronic Arts has just Country Story and Who Has The of this year, and Playdom, Boomi is a Pennsylvania-based
announced that it has entered into Biggest Brain? CrowdStar and RockYou signed company whose platform
a five-year strategic relationship Pet Society and Restaurant City similar partnerships in July. connects cloud-based applications
with Facebook. Similar to the are two of the top 10 games on I’m also wondering if this with those that are "on-premise"--
Zynga deal, Facebook Credits will Facebook measured by daily announcement could somehow be or not in the cloud. Its technology
become the exclusive payment active users, and EA also operates related to a rumored new social is described as "integrating
method in EA games on soccer and football games on the gaming portal that Facebook is set applications by allowing easy
Facebook. social network. Other Facebook to announce in mid-November. transfer of data between cloud-
EA, which owns Zynga games under the EA brand CrunchBase Information Playfish based and on-premise applications
cute a better deal on advertising
competitor Playfish, will enter include Monopoly and Pogo. Information provided by with no appliances, no software,
with the social network, as was
into a 70-30 percent revenue share While EA is giving 30 percent of CrunchBase and no coding required."
rumored to be the case with the
for Facebook Credits, according its Credits revenues to Facebook,
Zynga deal. EA’s relatively late to DELL page 29
to a release. Playfish operates a it’s likely that the company has
E-reader News Edition Technology/ 29

Marshall goes from amplifying music

for the masses to private headphones,
Sam Abuelsamid (TUAW) Minor apparently has a unique
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:00:00 PM Ear-Click design that helps keep
the buds in your ear canal when
When people think of the name you're working out. No other
Marshall in the context of music, details are available, but we'd
they often picture stacks of wager that both units will be
amplifiers that are meant to pricier and better sounding than
amplify the sound of guitars so the white buds that came in that
Table Connect for iPhone that anywhere from dozens to
hundreds of thousands of people
iPod or iPhone package.
[via iPoddNN]
Brings iPhone’s Interface to 58 can hear it. Now Marshall is
going from spreading the music to
Marshall goes from amplifying
music for the masses to private
keeping it private.
-Inch Multitouch Table [Video] On November 15, Marshall will
headphones, earphones originally
appeared on TUAW on Tue, 02
Evan Selleck (SlashGear) running an application, you can n t r o d u c e i t s f i r s t s e t o f
i cans dubbed Major and in-the-ear Nov 2010 14:00:00 EST. Please
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:27:44 PM interact with your iPhone right on headphones. So far they're in units called Minor. Full specs see our terms for use of feeds.
the table. The gentlemen go testing, but we do know that haven't been released but Major Source| Permalink| Email this|
The iPhone’s 3.5-inch display is, through the process of swiping Marshall will offer at least two will apparently have a gold-plated Comments
at least to Apple, big enough for through pages on the Springboard, models, an over-the-ear set of 1/4-inch plug and urethane pads.
normal every day usage. And and even opening up the photos DELL
there’s probably hundreds of application. The only way to continued from page 28
thousands of folks out there who make it work is through the CEO Michael Dell telegraphed transaction were not made public. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
would agree with that (even if connected cable, as WiFi isn’t the move this morning when he Boomi President and CEO Bob your content and you're reading it
larger screen devices are supported. told an audience in Hong Kong Moul said his company is on someone else's site, please read
becomingly increasingly popular), The process is smooth enough, that his company would be "thrilled" by the acquisition. "This our FAQ page at
but sometimes you just want to do and considering how well it making a cloud-based acquisition. was a fantastic outcome for the content-only/faq.php
your photo viewing on something works, there was no doubt that So far it doesn't appear he'll have team, our customers, and partners. Five Filters featured article:
bigger. And not just bigger, but some people out there would cry to fight off other suitors for this Dell gives us the global platform Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
something you can still interact out that this is all fake. It doesn’t company. Dell tried to buy to continue to scale Boomi Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
with in the same way you would seem to be a fake, but it’s storage company 3Par in August, AtomSphere as the leading Catastrophe.
with your iPhone. Luckily, the 58- perfectly possible that someone but was repeatedly outbid by rival integration solution in the SaaS
inch multitouch table exists, and could dupe the world with some Hewlett-Packard before finally and cloud computing industry," he
it’s the real deal. work. If it is real though, the admitting defeat. said in a prepared statement.
There are two guys in the video, translation from the iPhone to the Financial details of the Boomi This entry passed through the
which you can see in all of its table is great. Check out the video
glory below, and they show you below to see it in action.
just how well the huge “table” [ via MacStories]
works. As you can see, by
plugging in the iPhone, and
30 Technology/ Culture/ E-reader News Edition

Europe drops €22M into

Symbian, Harrods shopping
spree seems inevitable
Chris Ziegler (Engadget)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:09:00 PM

Don't count the Symbian

Foundation out just yet, because
the European Commission has Isla Fisher Steps Out
emerged like a knight in shining in Paris With Olive
armor thanks to a €22 million
public / private joint investment and Her Newborn!
iPad nabs 95.5 percent of and a new consortium of some 24
organizations awkwardly called
Allie Merriam (PopSugar)

tablet market SYMBEOSE: "Symbian - the

Embedded Operating System for
Europe." Needless to say, it seems
computing, and broadening the
platform's hardware ecosystem,
among other things. Oh, and new
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:00:00 PM

Isla Fisher had a helping hand

Sam Abuelsamid (TUAW) from the Android camp is the new yesterday as she headed out in
like some of the higher-ups across Air Jordans would be nice. For
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:30:00 PM Samsung Galaxy Tab, which is Paris with two strollers. Her
the continent are feeling a little Christmas, maybe.
just going on sale in Europe now oldest, 2-and-a-half-year-old
It should come as a surprise to no and coming to North America in emotional about the hometown [Thanks, Ronald]
Olive, was helped into her pram
o n e s t h a t t h e A p p l e i P a d the next couple of weeks. The platform -- especially now that it's Europe drops €22M into
by a nanny, while Isla was
completely dominates the tablet Samsung will be followed by starting to take a lot of heat -- and Symbian, Harrods shopping spree
responsible for steering her
computer market right. After Android, WebOS and Blackberry have thrown some skin in the seems inevitable originally
youngest child. Isla and her
nearly a decade of availability, entries in the coming months. By game to keep things interesting. appeared on Engadget on Tue, 02
husband, Sacha Baron Cohen,
Windows-based tablets have the end of the first quarter of 2011 For its part, the Foundation says Nov 2010 13:09:00 EDT. Please
have yet to publicly confirm the
never gained much traction except we should have a better idea if that the initiative (and presumably see our terms for use of feeds.
speculation that they welcomed a
for a some vertical markets like anyone can really challenge Apple the money) will go toward Permalink Tweakers| Symbian|
second child in September, but it's
healthcare. Meanwhile, Android- in this segment. developing "new core platform Email this| Comments
plain to see that Isla's no longer
based tablets have gotten a lot of iPad nabs 95.5 percent of tablet capabilities," exploring cloud sporting her enormous baby
press in recent months but only a market originally appeared on bump. She was back to her usual
handful cheap, underpowered, off TUAW on Tue, 02 Nov 2010 small size last week when she
-brand units have actually made it 13:30:00 EST. Please see our made the press rounds to promote
to market. As a result, the iPad terms for use of feeds. her comedy Burke and Hare,
currently accounts for 95.5 Source| Permalink| Email this| which she filmed with costar
percent of tablet sales, according Comments Simon Pegg in Scotland earlier
to data from Strategy Analytics. this year in February.
The first really serious challenger View 2 Photos ›
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Dell Venue hits FCC again, this time The Jumbo Jerker: Upgrade an
with a soothing 1700MHz aroma Old Desk by Expanding the
Chris Ziegler (Engadget) Streak got approval in an AWS Surface [Featured Workspace]
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:20:00 PM version that has yet to see the Jason Fitzpatrick (Lifehacker)
light of day, so we wouldn't call
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:00:00 AM
We've already seen one variant of this a slam dunk for retail
the Dell Venue -- formerly availability... but it's a start. Just because you hate a few
Thunder-- pass through the FCC, Dell Venue hits FCC again, this things about your desk doesn't
but that was a WCDMA Band II / time with a soothing 1700MHz necessarily mean you have to
V version ripe for use on AT&T, aroma originally appeared on scrap the whole thing and start too-small IKEA Jerker desk into a
Rogers, Bell, and Telus. What Engadget on Tue, 02 Nov 2010 over. Today's featured workspace jumbo-sized one. More »
about T-Mobile? No worries! features 1700MHz AWS 3G in 14:20:00 EDT. Please see our showcases the transformation of a
Dell's got your back, it seems, place of 850 and 1900MHz. Of terms for use of feeds. Permalink|
with a second version going under course, you might recall that the FCC| Email this| Comments
model code "V03B002" that

7.02 Million Loans Are Now Delinquent Or In Foreclosure

Calculated Risk (Money Game) • Over 4.3 million loans are 90 foreclosure process.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:30:38 PM days or more delinquent or in
foreclosure For a total of 7.02 million loans
LPS Applied Analytics released • New problem loans (60+ days delinquent or in foreclosure.
their September Mortgage delinquent) are back on the rise This is similar to the quarterly
Performance data today. data from the Mortgage Bankers
According to LPS: This graph provided by LPS Association.
• The average number of days Applied Analytics shows the Join the conversation about this
delinquent for loans in foreclosure percent delinquent, percent in story »
is now 484 days another 3.84 are in the foreclosure days delinquent.
foreclosure, and total non-current
• In five judicial states (NY, FL, process for a total of 13.11 • 2.32 million loans 90+ days
NJ, HI and ME), the average percent. It breaks down as: delinquent.
According to LPS, 9.27 percent
exceeds 500 days • 2.64 million loans less than 90 • 2.05 million loans in
of mortgages are delinquent, and

"Extreme Engineering" Videos

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) "Extreme Engineering" most your content and you're reading it
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:56 PM recommended videos on someone else's site, please read
• How Its Made Videos our FAQ page at
You're Watching: Playlist | • 10 Ways The World Will End content-only/faq.php
Extreme Engineering Videos Videos Five Filters featured article:
Playlist | Extreme Engineering • Science of Sex Appeal Videos Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Videos Check out all 99 extreme Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
engineering videos in this playlist. This entry passed through the Catastrophe.
There are 99 videos tagged Full-Text RSS service — if this is
32 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

What Is Quantitative Easing?

Business Insider (Money in their present loan portfolio.[1] institution, the institution's bank
Game) "Quantitative" refers to the fact account is credited directly and
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:49:28 PM that a specific quantity of money their bank gains reserves.[6] The
is being created; "easing" refers to increase in deposits from the
A q u i c k r e f r e s h e r f r o m reducing the pressure on banks.[2] quantitative easing process causes
Wikipedia, in case you're not However, another explanation is an excess in reserves and private
quite sure but don't want to sound that the name comes from the banks can then, if they wish,
dumb by asking... We published Japanese-language expression for create even more new money out
this originally back in August. "stimulatory monetary policy", of "thin air" by increasing debt
Quantitative Easing which uses the term "easing".[3] (lending) through a process
The term quantitative easing(QE) Quantitative easing is sometimes known as deposit multiplication
describes a form of monetary colloquially described as " and thus increase the country's
policy used by central banks to printing money" although in money supply. The reserve
increase the supply of money in reality the money is simply requirement limits the amount of
an economy when the bank created by electronically adding a new money. For example a 10%
interest rate, discount rate and/or number to an account. Examples reserve requirement means that
interbank interest rate are either of economies where this policy for every $10,000 created by
at, or close to, zero. has been used include Japan quantitative easing the total new
A central bank does this by first during the early 2000s, and the money created is potentially
crediting its own account with U n i t e d S t a t e s a n d U n i t e d firms such as banks, insurance this is that investors will swap to $ 1 0 0 , 0 0 0 . T h e U S F e d e r a l
m o n e y i t h a s c r e a t e d e x Kingdom during the global companies and pension funds,[1] other investments, such as shares, R e s e r v e ' s n o w o u t - o f - p r i n t
nihilo("out of nothing").[1] It then financial crisis of 2008–2009.[ i n a p r o c e s s k n o w n a s " boosting the price of these and b o o k l e t M o d e r n M o n e y
p u r c h a s e s f i n a n c i a l a s s e t s , edit] Concept monetising the debt". i n c r e a s i n g w e a l t h i n t h e Mechanics explains the process.
including government bonds and Ordinarily, the central bank uses For example, in introducing its economy.[6] QE can also help in A state must be in control of its
corporate bonds, from banks and its control of interest rates, or QE programme, the Bank of reducing interbank overnight own currency and monetary
other financial institutions in a sometimes reserve requirements,[ E n g l a n d b o u g h t g i l t s f r o m interest rates, and thereby policy if it is to be able to
process referred to as open market citation needed] to indirectly financial institutions, along with a encourage banks to loan money to unilaterally employ quantitative
operations. The purchases, by influence the supply of money.[1] smaller amount of high-quality higher interest-paying bodies. easing. Countries in the
way of account deposits, give In some situations, such as very d e b t i s s u e d b y p r i v a t e More specifically, in terms of the eurozone(for example) cannot
banks the excess reserves low inflation or deflation, setting c o m p a n i e s . [ 6 ] T h e b a n k s , l e n d i n g u n d e r t a k e n b y unilaterally use this policy tool,
required for them to create new a low interest rate is not enough to insurance companies and pension commercial banks, they use a but must rely on the European
money by the process of deposit maintain an adequate money funds can then use the money practice called fractional-reserve Central Bank to implement it.[
multiplication from increased supply, and so quantitative easing they have received for lending or banking whereby they abide by a citation needed] There may also
lending in the fractional reserve is employed to further boost the even buying back more bonds reserve requirement, which be other policy considerations.
banking system. The increase in amount of money in the financial from the bank. The central bank r e g u l a t e s t h e m t o k e e p a For example, under Article 123 of
the money supply thus stimulates s y s t e m . [ 1 ] T h i s i s o f t e n can also lend the new money to p e r c e n t a g e o f d e p o s i t s i n the Treaty on the Functioning of
the economy. Risks include the considered a "last resort" to private banks or buy assets from "reserve",[ citation needed] which the European Union[7] and later
policy being more effective than increase the money supply.[4][5] banks in exchange for currency.[ c a n o n l y b e u s e d t o s e t t l e Maastricht Treaty, EU member
intended, spurring hyperinflation, The first step is for the bank to citation needed] These have the transactions between them and the states are not allowed to finance
or the risk of not being effective create more money ex nihilo("out effect of depressing interest yields central bank.[7] The remainder, their public deficits (debts) by
enough, if banks opt simply to of nothing") by crediting its own on government bonds and similar called "excess reserves", can (but s i m p l y p r i n t i n g t h e m o n e y
pocket the additional cash in order account. It can then use these investments, making it cheaper does not have to be) be used as a required to fill the hole, as
to increase their capital reserves funds to buy investments like for business to raise capital.[7] basis for lending. When, under
in a climate of increasing defaults government bonds from financial Another positive side effect of QE, a central bank buys from an WHAT page 33
E-reader News Edition 33
continued from page 32

happened in Weimar Germany comparison the other central even hyperinflation if it is Please help improve this article The earliest written record of the
and more recently in banks were very restrictive in improperly used and too much by adding reliable references. phrase and concept of
Zimbabwe.[1] Banks using QE, terms of the collateral they accept: money is created. Unsourced material may be "quantitative easing" has been
such as the Bank of England, have the US Federal Reserve used to Some economists[ who?] argue challenged and removed.(July attributed to the economist Dr
argued that they are increasing accept primarily treasuries (in the that there is less risk of such an 2010) Richard Werner, Professor of
the supply of money not to fund first half of 2009 it bought almost outcome when a central bank The original Japanese expression International Banking at the
government debt but to prevent any relatively safe dollar- employs quantitative easing for "quantitative easing" (, ryteki School of Management,
deflation, and will choose the denominated securities); the Bank strictly to ease credit markets (e.g. kin'y kanwa), was used for the University of Southampton(UK).
financial products they buy of England applied a large haircut. by buying commercial paper), first time by a Central Bank in the At the time working as chief
accordingly, for example, by In Japan's case, the BOJ had been whereas hyperinflation is more Bank of Japan’s publications. The economist of Jardine Fleming
buying government bonds not maintaining short-term interest likely to be triggered when money Bank of Japan has claimed that Securities (Asia) Ltd in Tokyo,
straight from the government, but rates at close to their minimum is created for the purpose of the central bank adopted a policy and noted for his 1991 warning of
in secondary markets.[1][7][ edit] attainable zero values since 1999. buying up government debts (i.e. with this name on 19 March the coming collapse of the
History With quantitative easing, it treasury securities) which in turn 2001.[16] However, the Bank of Japanese banking system and
Quantitative easing was used flooded commercial banks with can create a political temptation Japan's official monetary policy economy (reference: Richard A.
unsuccessfully[8] by the Bank of excess liquidity to promote for governments and legislatures announcement of this date does Werner, 1991, The Great Yen
Japan(BOJ) to fight domestic private lending, leaving them with to habitually spend more than not make any use of this Illusion: Japanese foreign
deflation in the early 2000s.[9] large stocks of excess reserves, their revenues without either expression (or any phrase using investment and the role of land
During the global financial crisis and therefore little risk of a raising taxes or risking default on "quantitative") in either the related credit creation, Oxford
of 2008, policies announced by liquidity shortage.[14] The BOJ financial obligations. Japanese original statement or its Institute of Economics and
the US Federal Reserve under accomplished this by buying more Quantitative easing runs the risk English translation.[17] Indeed, Statistics Discussion Paper Series
Ben Bernanke to counter the government bonds than would be of going too far. An increase in the Bank of Japan had for years, no. 129), he coined the
effects of the crisis are a form of required to set the interest rate to money supply to a system has an and in an article published in expression in an article published
quantitative easing. Its balance zero. It also bought asset-backed inflationary effect by diluting the February 2001 had claimed that on September 2, 1995 in the
sheet expanded dramatically by securities and equities, and value of a unit of currency. People "quantitative easing … is not N i h o n K e i z a i
adding new assets and new extended the terms of its who have saved money will find it effective" and rejected its use for Shinbun(Nikkei).[19]
liabilities without "sterilizing" commercial paper purchasing is devalued by inflation; this monetary policy.[18] Speeches by According to its author, he used
these by corresponding operation.[15][ edit] How combined with the associated low the Bank of Japan leadership in this phrase in order to propose a
subtractions. In the same period • The national bank declares an interest rates will put people who 2001 gradually, and ex post, new form of monetary stimulation
the United Kingdom used extremely low rate of interest, for rely on their savings in difficulty. hardened the subsequent official policy by the central bank that
quantitative easing as an example 0.5%. If devaluation of a currency is Bank of Japan stance that the relied neither on interest rate
additional arm of its monetary • The national bank credits its seen externally to the country it policy adopted by the Bank of reductions (which Werner
policy in order to alleviate its own bank account with money can affect the international credit Japan on March 19, 2001 was in claimed in his Nikkei article
financial crisis.[10][11][12] created from 'thin air' through rating of the country which in turn fact quantitative easing. This would be ineffective) nor on the
The European Central lending interests. can lower the likelihood of became the established official conventional monetarist policy
Bank(ECB) has used 12-month • The newly created money is foreign investment. Like old- view, especially after Toshihiko prescription of expanding the
long-term refinancing operations then used for buying government fashioned money printing, Fukui was appointed governor in money supply(e.g. through
(a form of quantitative easing bonds from financial firms such Zimbabwe suffered an extreme February 2003. The use by the "printing money", expanding high
without referring to it as such) as banks, insurance companies case of a process that has the Bank of Japan is not the origin of powered money, expanding bank
through a process of expanding and pension funds. same risks as quantitative easing, the term "quantitative easing" or reserves or boosting deposit
the assets that banks can use as printing money, making its its Japanese original (ryoteki aggregates such as M2+CD—all
collateral that can be posted to [ edit] Risks currency virtually worthless.[1][ kinyu kanwa). This expression of which Werner also claimed
the ECB in return for Euros. This Quantitative easing is seen as a edit] Origin This section needs had been used since the mid- would be ineffective). Instead,
process has led to bonds being risky strategy that could trigger additional citations for 1990s by critics of the Bank of WHAT page 34
"structured for the ECB"[13]. By higher inflation than desired or verification. Japan and its monetary policy.
34 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 33

Werner argued, it was necessary However, while Werner used and quantitative easing, or an distance the new programme, Quantitative easing". BBC. 9
and sufficient for an economic explained the concept of credit expansion of a central bank's which he termed " credit easing" March 2009. http://
recovery to boost ‘credit creation in his article, he chose balance sheet, from what he terms from Japanese-style quantitative
creation’, through a number of not to use it in the article’s title, qualitative easing, or the process easing.In his speech, he 7924506.stm. Retrieved 29 March
measures. He estimated in this as too few readers would be of a central bank adding riskier a n n o u n c e d : “ O u r 2009.
article that the incipient bad debt familiar with it and alternative assets onto its balance sheet: approach—which could be • ^ Elliott, Larry (8 January
problem of the Japanese system expressions were associated with Quantitative easing is an increase described as "credit 2009)."Guardian Business
(i.e. including future bad debts) flawed or failed policy in the size of the balance sheet of easing"—resembles quantitative Glossary: Quantitative Easing".
amounted to about ¥100 trillion, prescriptions. Werner preferred the central bank through an easing in one respect: It involves London: The Guardian. http://
or 20% of annual Japanese GDP, to coin a new phrase. In his increase it is [ sic] monetary an expansion of the central bank's
and that this had increased banks’ subsequent writings, including liabilities ( base money), holding balance sheet. However, in a pure 2008/oct/14/businessglossary.
risk aversion. The subsequent his bestselling book on the Bank constant the composition of its QE regime, the focus of policy is Retrieved 19 January 2009.
slowdown in bank credit of Japan ( Princes of the Yen, M. assets. Asset composition can be the quantity of bank reserves, • ^ Voutsinas, Konstantinos, and
extension was the major problem, E. Sharpe, and his 2005 book defined as the proportional shares which are liabilities of the central Richard A. Werner,"New
because commercial banks are New Paradigm in of the different financial bank; the composition of loans Evidence on the Effectiveness of
the main producers of the money Macroeconomics: Solving the instruments held by the central and securities on the asset side of ‘Quantitative Easing’ in Japan",
supply, through the process of Riddle of Japanese bank in the total value of its the central bank's balance sheet is Centre for Banking, Finance and
credit creation. He thus Macroeconomic Performance, assets. An almost equivalent incidental. Indeed, although the Sustainable Development, School
recommended as a solution Palgrave Macmillan), Werner definition would be that Bank of Japan's policy approach of Management, University of
policies such as direct purchases argues that the Bank of Japan’s quantitative easing is an increase during the QE period was quite Southampton.
of non-performing assets from the usage of his expression in the size of the balance sheet of multifaceted, the overall stance of • ^"Quantitative easing: A therapy
banks by the central bank, direct ‘quantitative easing’ may be the central bank through an its policy was gauged primarily in of last resort". The New York
lending to companies and the misunderstood. While suggesting increase in its monetary liabilities terms of its target for bank Times. 1 January 2009. http://
government by the central bank, it was adopting the policy that holds constant the (average) reserves. In contrast, the Federal
purchases of commercial paper suggested by a leading critic, the liquidity and riskiness of its asset Reserve's credit easing approach business/worldbusiness/11iht-
(CP) and other debt, as well as Bank of Japan implemented the portfolio. focuses on the mix of loans and views12.1.19248009.html.
equity instruments from standard monetarist expansion of Qualitative easing is a shift in the securities that it holds and on Retrieved 12 July 2010.
companies by the central bank, as bank reserves and high powered composition of the assets of the how this composition of assets • ^ Stewart, Heather (29 January
well as stopping the issuance of money, which Werner had central bank towards less liquid affects credit conditions for 2009)."Quantitative easing: last
government bonds to fund the predicted would fail. It is not and riskier assets, holding households and businesses.[21]”[ resort to get credit moving again".
public sector borrowing obvious why the Bank of Japan constant the size of the balance edit] See also The Guardian. http://
requirement and instead having chose to use Mr Werner’s sheet (and the official policy rate • Fiat currency
the government borrow directly expression, and not the already and the rest of the list of usual • Debasement 2009/jan/29/question-and-answer-
from banks through a standard existing and widely used suspects). The less liquid and • Economic history of Japan quantitative-easing. Retrieved 12
loan contract. All of these, expressions ‘expansion of high more risky assets can be private • Economy of Japan July 2010.
Werner claimed, would stimulate powered money’, ‘expansion of securities as well as sovereign or • Open market operations • ^ a b c"Quantitative Easing
credit creation and hence boost bank reserves’ or, simply, sovereign-guaranteed • Money supply explained". Bank of England. pp.
the economy. Many of these ‘money supply expansion’, which instruments. All forms of risk, • Money creation 7 - 9 . h t t p : / /
policies have recently been more accurately describe its including credit risk (default risk) • Inflation hedge
adopted by the US Federal adopted policy at the time.[ edit] are included.[20][ edit] Credit • List of economics topics monetarypolicy/pdf/qe-
Reserve under Chairman Comparison with other easing • List of finance topics pamphlet.pdf. Retrieved 20 July
Bernanke, who was familiar with instruments[ edit] Qualitative In introducing the Federal • ZIRP 2010. "(page 7) Bank buys assets
the debate on Japanese monetary easing Reserve's response to the 2008-9 from ... institutions ... credits the
policy, under the expression of Willem Buiter has proposed a financial crisis, Fed Chairman [ edit] References WHAT page 37
"credit easing". terminology to distinguish Ben Bernanke was keen to • ^ a b c d e f g h"Q&A:
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 35

Mid-Term Election Does Matter - It Really Does (Michael Republicans’ fiercest, biggest- Republican-controlled House or agreeing to unionization through Watchdog"Your Eyes on
Shedlock) (Mish's Global spending opponents in this year’s Senate would probably block a card check. He has also criticized California". Greenhut is one of the
Economic Trend Analysis) campaign, laying out more than labor-backed bill that would give two policies that are favorites of writers.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:10:00 PM $200 million in hopes of firefighters and police officers in construction unions: the Davis- Local Level Politics
I n r e s p o n s e t o E l e c t i o n safeguarding the Democratic every state the right to unionize. Bacon Act, which requires that Mayors in cities across the
P r e d i c t i o n s - H o w B i g t h e majorities in the House and “We fear that the Republicans are contractors on federal public country are beginning to learn that
Blowout? I received a fair number Senate. on the march, and that’s why works projects pay workers the towing the Public union line is
of comments from cynics who So it should be no surprise that we’re doing everything we can to prevailing wage, usually near the going to be a liability.
say the "election just does not Republicans, who appear to stand stop them,” said Gerald W. union wage, even if they are not Propositions in California cities
matter, that nothing will change". a good chance of winning control McEntee, president of the unionized; and project labor to rein in union excesses are
Sadly, this defeatist attitude is of the House or the Senate, are American Federation of State, agreements, which tend to tilt the taking shape in a big way, no
part of the reason we are in this signaling that they plan to push County and Municipal awarding of federally financed doubt with the help of people like
mess. bills and strategies to undermine Employees, which is spending construction projects toward Jack Dean and Steve Greenhut.
To be sure, we are not going to labor’s political clout and its $91 million in the two-year unionized contractors. Public State Level Politics
see a return to a gold standard as a ability to grow. campaign cycle. Unions Have Bankrupted Cities Chris Christie is a shining star.
result of this election. We are One bill that is popular among “Most certainly, the issue of card and States He stands above all the rest when
unlikely to rewrite healthcare until Republicans would prohibit check will be dead,” said Doug It is undeniable that public leading the way on unions and
it blows sky high (but that may be employers from ever agreeing to Heye, a spokesman for the unions and their overly generous fiscal sanity. I backed him form
sooner than anyone thinks). Nor u n i o n i z a t i o n t h r o u g h “ c a r d Republican National Committee. pension plans have bankrupted the beginning.
will we eliminate the Fed. And check,” a process often used “That will be a victory for cities and states. It is important, Before the election, cynics told
unfortunately, we will not stop today in which an employer businesses large and small.” indeed it is crucial that Congress me it would not matter. They
war mongering. recognizes a union as soon as a Mr. Heye said that many address this issue. were wrong. It certainly did
Those are certainly very majority of workers sign pro- Republicans were likely to We should not fear a rollback of matter. The proof is now obvious.
important issues, but they are not union cards — without holding a support legislation that would bar labor "rights". Rather, we should Pension Plans $3 Trillion in the
the only issues. At stake is the secret-ballot election. Another unions from spending members’ fear NOT rolling back labor Hole
crucial direction of the country in bill would severely crimp labor’s dues on politics unless members "wrongs". Public pension plans are $3
regards to critical issues that campaign spending by barring first “opted in.” Under current We simply cannot afford another trillion in the hole. For details,
desperately need a different unions from using any portion of law, unions can spend a 2 years of Obamanamics with his please see Interactive Map of
direction. a union member’s dues for member’s dues on politics unless public union pandering. Public Pension Plans; How Badly
For example, Cap-and-Trade is political purposes unless the the member first opts out, a little- Bringing Public Union Issues to Underfunded are the Plans in
dead. That is a good thing. Many m e m b e r f i r s t g i v e s w r i t t e n known procedure that few the Forefront Your State?
of Obama's socialist policies are p e r m i s s i o n . workers have followed. I am grateful for those like Jack Please look at that map and tell
dead in the water as well. The A Republican-led House or If the Republicans win control of Dean at Pension Tsunami and me the election does not matter.
following headline highlights one Senate is expected to be more the House, Representative John Steve Greenhut have brought Pensions are the single largest
key issue of critical importance. eager than a Democratic- Kline, a Minnesota Republican, these issues to the public's issue cities and states face.
Labor Unions Fear Rollback of controlled one to approve free is expected to succeed George attention. Republicans taking over state
Rights if G.O.P. Wins trade agreements that unions Miller, a Democrat from San Please see Book Review: Five legislatures, state governorships,
Please consider Labor Unions oppose, and to be more reluctant Francisco, as chairman of the Thumbs Up for Steve Greenhut's and Congress will help resolve
Fear Rollback of Rights if G.O.P. to enact stimulus plans that unions House Education and Labor Plunder! if you have not done so. this issue.
Wins have supported, like the recent bill Committee. Then read the book if you haven't! Governor Chris Christie is
Organized labor is deeply that gave states $26 billion to Mr. Kline is chief sponsor of the I assure you it will open your leading the way.
worried about what happens after help save the jobs of teachers, Secret Ballot Protection Act, a eyes as to what is happening and Krugman Whining a Sign of
Tuesday. By many measures, p o l i c e o f f i c e r s a n d o t h e r bill with 115 House co-sponsors the importance of these battles.
labor unions have been the g o v e r n m e n t e m p l o y e e s . A that would bar employers from Also check out Cal MID-TERM page 39
36 Economy/ E-reader News Edition

Here's The Secret Fed Minutes You WON'T See Tomorrow

Bruce Krasting (Money Game) public debt. reversed! Stop being such a We will never have a business remember that savers are also
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:06:00 PM Hawk: worrywart! cycle again. Markets will always consumers. We are taking their
Jeepers Ben! You’re talking a Moderate: go up, never down. Jobs will be income and they are spending
We get the minutes of the Fed QE-2 of $1.6 trillion! Think of the There is no loan demand. Not plentiful. Unemployment will fall. less. Have we really considered
meetings. I think we get the message you are sending! You even for 4% mortgages. Who’s to The economy will prosper. And I the implications of this? Should
substance of what is discussed. are debasing the currency by a say if we drive rates down will get my picture back on the we do something much smaller;
But I don’t think we get the full very meaningful amount! another 20bp that this will change. cover of Time magazine. say a limited program of only
story of what is said. I wonder if Moderate: The only thing that QE-2 will do Moderate: $500b? Should we hold back
any of the conversation goes like I’m supportive of Ben’s shock is to enrich the banks at the Don’t we risk some distortions some of our remaining chips in
this: and awe approach. But let’s agree expense of savers. Is that a good in the bond market if we buy so case we actually have a real
Bernanke: on one thing. We can’t announce trade off? much? There is only a bit over emergency at some point?
While I do not see a double dip that we are targeting inflation. We Bernanke: $500b of ten year plus paper. And Hawk:
in the next 18 months I am certain would create a risk of a run on QE-2 will not destroy savers. It you want to buy 1.6T? Yeah! I’m for a small program at
that growth will be substantially the dollar that we couldn't control. will merely force them into Bernanke: best. If we do it large we run the
below historic trend. For the Okay? buying risky equities. As for the It will become necessary for risk of oil going over 100 a barrel
e c o n o m y t o r e c o v e r a n d Bernanke: financial getting fat; that is the Treasury to guarantee the new in just a few months. What would
unemployment to fall by a I agree to take this idea off the plan. The more money they debts of a number of states. that do for us? The trade deficit
meaningful amount GDP must be table at this time. But if we do not make, including Fannie and When that happens, we will put would explode! Consumers would
at least 4%. We will not get that. see growth I will bring back Freddie, the faster they can write that paper on our POMO buy list. get squeezed. Bye bye Wal-Mart
There is substantial risk that 2011 inflation targeting . It will be the off their lousy loan portfolios. We In answer to your direct question; if we see $4 gas! We are taking a
could see average growth of only final arrow in my quiver. can’t have strong growth without yes I will buy short date paper. I big risk with this.
1.5%. Ben-Sheep #1: strong financials. That is just a don't care what it takes. I have a Bernanke:
The economy is unlikely to get I agree with Ben in every way! fact of life. snap answer to your every Shock and awe, baby. Shock and
any support on the fiscal side. It is We should commit to a mega Moderate: objection! awe.
a shoe-in that taxes on income program now. If we do it small Don’t we just risk another Hawk: Bernanke-Sheep#3:
over $250k are going up. The we will not be able to do it again. dangerous bubble? If we drive Can we do that? I mean can we Love that shock and awe! Let’s
stimulus money is running out There would be too much public stocks up they will just have to buy up State debt? end this discussion. Ben has the
fast. There will be no new opposition. fall when the process must end. Bernanke: votes he needs so you naysayers
stimulus from Congress. All of Hawk: Some of these investments you I bought 1.5trillion of busted and party poopers really don’t
the new Governors are going to Are we so sure that we can are driving people into are trading mortgage paper. I can buy have a choice. It would look
look at the books and declare an reverse the effect of this? This at 2X’s sales or a 35PE. anything I want. much better in the press if we had
emergency. Cut-backs in State much liquidity could turn on us Bernanke: Moderate: only one dissenter for this
budgets are a certainty in 2011. very quickly. Ben has said he is “ Good point. My response is that QE was an appropriate and important vote. Get on board or
Therefore the Fed must shoulder confident” this can be done. I QE is not temporary. It is successful response to the worst else. This is Ben’s World now!
the complete burden of sustaining have very serious reservations. permanent. In fact I would recession since the Great Bernanke:
growth. To do this we must take Ben-Sheep #2: advocate that the Fed acquire a Depression. It was an emergency Vote this my way! I want to see
unprecedented risks. We must go Fiddlesticks! The NY Fed did a minimum of 20% of debt AND measure to address emergency only one negative vote. My way
where no other reserve currency 28-day reverse repo for $5b just agree to sustain it at that level as a conditions. We are not in an or the highway!
central bank has gone in modern last month. The experiment % of GDP. As the economy flares emergency today. Our banks are Join the conversation about this
history. We must monetize an worked perfectly. That is your up, we would buy more and more. not failing; as you say, they are story »
additional 20% of outstanding roadmap of how QE will be In that way QE is self-sustaining. making a bundle. We have to
E-reader News Edition Economy/ Culture/ 37
Kate Gets Back to
Election Predictions - How Big the Blowout? Business Following Her (Michael I am going with two lagging in Halloween Blowout
Shedlock) (Mish's Global the polls: Florida and Oregon, on
Economic Trend Analysis) Allie Merriam (PopSugar)
hopes of a huge Republican
Submitted at 11/1/2010 11:41:00 PM
That leaves has 20 genuine over John Raese (R) turnout. Vermont is a wildcard. Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:30:00 PM

A few months ago when some tossups where there were no polls, If correct, that is a pickup of My prediction then is 32
the polling data extremely old, or another 5 seats. Kate Hudson was decked out in
thought it was possible the Republican, 17 Democrat, 1
polls were inconsistent or with I will go with that as my final Independent another all white ensemble
Republicans might take the house,
huge swings. Assuming the call. yesterday to run errands in LA.
I thought the odds were about That is a big pickup from the
incumbent will win about 2/3 of S e n a t e P r e d i c t i o n - 5 0 current 26-24 edge to the She checked things off her to-do
75%. In early July I had it at 60%.
those seats I will award 14 to the Republicans 50 Democrats Democrats. list after a fun-filled weekend of
Today there is little question the
Democrats and 6 to the The polls show a very slight lead Because this is a census year, the celebrating Halloween by hosting
Republicans will win the House.
Republicans. for Murray, but I believe Rossi Gubernatorial races take on extra her annual star-studded party. It
The only question now is "How
House Prediction will pull it out. It is possible but I i m p o r t a n c e . I t i s q u i t e was her boyfriend Matt Bellamy's
big will the blowout be?"
224 + 15 of 44 tossups would be d o n o t t h i n k l i k e l y , t h a t advantageous to control the first time at her party, and he got
Battle for the House
239. That is a pickup of 61 seats. Republicans will win one of the governorship in redistricting to see many of her famous pals
Real Clear Politics shows the
To go out on a limb and factor in other two races. decked out in elaborate costumes.
Battle for the House like this. years. These pickups will
complete surprises that I believe Battle for Governors Kate and Matt will be able to
Note that Republicans will certainly help Republicans.
will go Republican, I will add 3 Real Clear Politics shows the Mike "Mish" Shedlock enjoy even more time together
control the house even if they lose
more to the total. Battle for Governor like this. this month, as he's on a hiatus
all 44 tossup seats, provided they h t t p : / /
My final prediction then is 242 CO: John Hickenlooper (Open D) globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. from touring with Muse until they
win 56 of the 61 Republican
Republican seats, a pickup of 64. Wins over Dan Maes (R) and com start a quick tour of Australia in
leaners and likely seats.
Battle for the Senate Tom Tancredo (I) December.
To be sure, the Republicans are Click Here To Scroll
unlikely to win every seat they are Real Clear Politics shows the CT: Tom Foley (Open R) Wins Thru My Recent Post List Mike
leaning or likely, but the same Battle for the Senate like this. over Dan Malloy (D) "Mish" Shedlock is a registered
Once again I am willing to give FL: Rick Scott (Open R) Wins investment advisor representative To see more Kate, just read more.
holds true for the Democrats.
the leaners to each party. With over Alex Sink (D) View 10 Photos ›
Moreover, surprises are far more for SitkaPacific Capital
likely to go to the Republicans. only 7 Tossups remaining I will HI: Duke Aiona (Open R) Loses Management. Sitka Pacific is an
For example, I think Doug Cloud call each one. to Neil Abercrombie (D) asset management firm whose WHAT
has a better than even shot at The Incumbent is listed first. IL: Pat Quinn (D) Loses to Bill goal is strong performance and continued from page 34
winning Washington District 6 CA: Barbara Boxer (D) Wins Brady (R) low volatility, regardless of seller’s bank account. So the
even though RCP has that race over Carly Fiorina (R) MA: Deval Patrick (D) Wins market direction. Visit http:// seller has more money in their
marked as "Likely Democrat". CO: Michael Bennet (D) Loses to over Charles Baker (R) bank account, while their bank
To make a final prediction, I Ken Buck (R) MN: Tom Emmer (Open R) account_management.html to holds a corresponding claim
went through all 44 tossup IL: Alexi Giannoulias (Open D) Loses to Mark Dayton (D) learn more about wealth against the Bank of England
elections giving the Democrats Loses to Mark Kirk (R) OH: Ted Strickland (D) Loses to m a n a g e m e n t a n d c a p i t a l (known as reserves ... (page 8)
the benefit of the doubt anytime NV: Harry Reid (D) Loses to John Kasich (R) preservation strategies of Sitka high-quality debt ... (page 9) ...
they were consistently ahead, Sharron Angle (R) OR: John Kitzhaber (Open D) Pacific. such as shares or company bonds.
regardless of how little (as long as PA: Joe Sestak (Open D) Loses Loses to Chris Dudley (R) That will push up the prices of
it was consistent). I treated to Pat Toomey (R) RI: John Robitaille (Open R) those assets,"
Republicans the same. That WA: Patty Murray (D) Loses to Loses to Lincoln Chafee (I) • ^ a b c d Bean, Charles(July
methodology awards 15 seats to Dino Rossi (R) VT: Brian Dubie (Open R) Loses 2009)."Ask the Deputy
the Democrats and 9 Republicans. WV: Manchin (Open D) Wins to Peter Shumlin (D) Governor". Bank of England.
WHAT page 38
38 Culture/ TV/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 37 • ^ Shirakawa, Masaaki,"One Quantitative Easing Quantitative_easing"

monetarypolicy/qe/askqa.htm. Year Under ‘Quantitative • This page was last modified on
Retrieved 12 July 2010. Easing’", Institute for Monetary [ edit] External links Look up 9 August 2010 at 05:29.
• ^ and Economic Studies, Bank of quantitative easing in Wiktionary, • Text is available under the
8517760.stm Japan, 2002. the free dictionary. Creative Commons Attribution-
• ^ Mark Spiegel."FRBSF: • ^ Bank of Japan, New • Stimulus Watch Tracking all ShareAlike License; additional
Economic Letter - Quantitative Procedures for Money Market measures taken by the Federal terms may apply. See Terms of Conan O'Brien Will
Easing by the Bank of Japan (11/
02/2001)". Federal Reserve Bank
Operations and Monetary Easing,
19 March 2001. Retrieved 9
Reserve and other government Use for details. Wikipedia® is a
agencies to address the financial registered trademark of the
Intensify Late Night
of San Francisco. http:// August 2010. and economic crisis Wikimedia Foundation, Inc., a Ratings Battlefield • ^ Hiroshi Fujiki et. al., Monetary • Deflation: Making Sure "It" non-profit organization. Gary Susman (TV Squad)
economics/letter/2001/el2001- Policy under Zero Interest Rate: Doesn't Happen Here, 2002
Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:00:00 AM
31.html. Retrieved 2009-01-19. Viewpoints of Central Bank speech by Ben Bernanke on Join the conversation about this
• ^ Alloway, Tracy, The Economists, Monetary and deflation and the utility of story »
Filed under: Features, TV News
Unthinkable Has Happened, Economic Studies, February quantitative easing See Also:
Countdown to 'Conan': Get ready, 10 November 2008. 2001, p.98. Accessed 9 August • Modern Money Mechanics • Why Ben Bernanke's Next
for Conan O'Brien's TBS talk
Retrieved 9 August 2010. 2010. F e d e r a l R e s e r v e D o c u m e n t Round Of Quantitative Easing
show debut on Nov. 8
• ^‘Bernanke-san’ Signals Policy • ^ Richard Werner, Keizai E x p l a i n i n g H o w M o n e y I s Will Be Another Huge Flop
Is Conan O'Brien getting the last
Shift, Evoking Japan Comparison, Kyoshitsu: Keiki kaifuku, ryoteiki Created • The Fed Prepares Its First Step
laugh? As fans await the debut of, 2 December kinyu kanwa kara, Nikkei, 2 • Quantitative easing explained Into Quantitative Easing Part II
'Conan' on TBS on Nov. 8, the
2008 September 1995. (Financial Times Europe) • Fed's Bullard: It Is Time To
pompadoured host's nemesis, Jay
• ^ Bank pumps £75bn into • ^ Willem Buiter (2008-12- • A Fed Governor Discusses S t a r t T a l k i n g A b o u t M o r e
Leno, is struggling over at NBC.
economy,, 5 March 2009 09).""Quantitative easing and Quantitative Easing Among Other Quantitative Easing To Stop
Bringing Leno back to'The
• ^ Evans, Rachel, Unsellable qualitative easing: a Topics Deflation
Tonight Show,' the move by NBC
bonds structured to abuse ECB terminological and taxonomic • Quantitative Easing Explained
brass that led to O'Brien's
scheme, IFLR, 2 February 2009 proposal"". Pamphlet Putting More Money
departure last winter after only a
• ^ Easing Out of the Bank of maverecon/2008/12/quantitative- Into Our Economy To Boost
few months in late-night's top job,
Japan's Monetary Easing Policy easing-and-qualitative-easing-a- Spending
was supposed to improve the
(2004-33, 19 November 2004) terminological-and-taxonomic-
legendary franchise's ratings, but
• ^ PIMCO/Tomoya Masanao proposal/. Retrieved 2009-02-02. Retrieved from " http://
Leno is proving less of a draw
interview • ^ Credit Easing versus
among young viewers than Conan
was at this time a year ago.
Ultimate Lighthouse Quiz Permalink| Email this| Linking
Blogs| Comments
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) treacherous storms. Test your our FAQ page at
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:56 PM knowledge of these structures content-only/faq.php
with the lighthouse quiz. Five Filters featured article:
Beacons of hope in the darkness, Earn a point for every right Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
lighthouses have guided sailors to answer! Save your score at the Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
safety for thousands of years. end of the quiz. Catastrophe.
They've helped ships navigate This entry passed through the your content and you're reading it
dangerous coasts and survive Full-Text RSS service — if this is on someone else's site, please read
E-reader News Edition Economy/ 39

Three Reasons Why Markets Will Correct After QE2, No Matter

Zarathustra W. (Money Game) expected some $250bn to $2 it does not really matter if the
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:10:19 PM trillion, with the average prediction of the size of QE2 is
expectation of about $80-100bn correct. As long as the market
The US GDP number was out per month. Let us just assume the reacts, analysts will make up
yesterday. I trust many people e x p e c t a t i o n o f t h e a v e r a g e some stories after that.
have talked and written about that, investors in the market is in-line I agree that the stock markets are
so I am not going to repeat. I will with these dealers, what will at a rather high level. The global
turn to quantitative easing. As the happen? economy is not doing well, and
Fed will have their FOMC In scenario 1, as my friend said, there are risks all around. I
meeting next week, all investors investors will be disappointed. cannot see the reason why the
will be nervously looking at the That is a no-brainer, of course if stock markets are doing so well,
actual scale of QE2. the actual number is less than while the economy is still
A friend of mine told me a rather expected, investors will be upset, struggling to recover, except that
amusing arguments on what will and stocks will drop, commodities there are a lot of liquidity. Instead
h a p p e n a f t e r t h e F O M C will drop, and US dollar will rise. of making whatever QE2 amount
announcement. Here are 3 In scenario 2, there should be as bad news, I guess there will be
scenario: little impact theoretically, if the some nasty stuff which the market
1. No QE2, or QE2 less than expected amount of QE2 has been has ignored for two months, and it
expected fully discounted. But there is a correct at such high level: His conclusion: no matter how will come back and bite us again (
2. The scale of QE2 as expected catch: the stock markets have In scenario 3, this is the most much money the Fed put in, the example).
3. The scale of QE2 larger than been rallying for almost two interesting part. If the actual QE2 stock markets have to correct. Join the conversation about this
expected. months. If the actual QE2 cannot is larger than expected, he said, That is a rather amusing story »
First of all, how much of QE2 do provide surprise on the upside, he the market will probably think argument. But indeed, for the
people really expected? It seems could not see how the market “hm… it looks like the Fed thinks financial markets, sometimes it is
the opinions are rather divided, as would react in a neutral way, that the economy is very bad!”. not about the actual numbers.
Reuters poll showed that dealers because the markets are poised to The stock markets will drop. Rather, it is about the story. Now
continued from page 35

Change in the Right Direction be waste. However, there will be will change and start actively com learn more about wealth
One way you know the election far less waste with the incoming helping those like Jack Dean and Click Here To Scroll management and capital
matters is by the amount of Congress than the outgoing one. Steve Greenhut to spread the Thru My Recent Post List Mike preservation strategies of Sitka
whining Paul Krugman does. Unfortunately, the one thing this word, while backing candidates "Mish" Shedlock is a registered Pacific.
That whining gets louder each election will not do is create jobs like Chris Christie wherever they investment advisor representative
day. He wants more big overnight. Yet in Congress, and in are, we would be even further for SitkaPacific Capital
government and more spending. numerous state and local elections along with this effort. Management. Sitka Pacific is an
It's not going to happen, thanks to across the country we are slowly So yes, this election does matter. asset management firm whose
this election. taking a step in the right direction Don't let anyone tell you goal is strong performance and
It should be crystal clear this when it comes to fiscal madness. otherwise. low volatility, regardless of
election is about bailouts and It's a start, but an important start. Mike "Mish" Shedlock market direction. Visit http://
fiscal spending. Conservatives If more cynics would stop h t t p : / /
have had enough. Sure there will bitching and moaning that nothing globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. account_management.html to
40 Economy/ TV/ E-reader News Edition

9 Years of Housing Backlog at Current Sales Pace;

Chris Whalen on Troubled Banks "Bank of America
is at Top of Restructuring List" (Michael really big elephants and 4000
Shedlock) (Mish's Global smaller banks that are getting
Economic Trend Analysis) better. EXCLUSIVE: 'The
Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:23:00 AM • The significant thing is the Biggest Loser'
In a story that highlights just how numeric amount of troubled banks
severe and lingering the housing is growing very dramatically.
Contestants Head to
crisis is, the Wall Street Journal That's the big guys, Bank of Marine Training (VIDEO)
reports Number of the Week: 107 America, etc. Chris Harnick (TV Squad)
Months to Clear Banks’ Housing
Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:25:00 AM
Backlog Mike "Mish" Shedlock
107: How many months it would h t t p : / / Filed under: Features, TV
take to sell banks’ current and globaleconomicanalysis.blogspot. Previews The contestants on'The
shadow inventory of foreclosed com Biggest Loser' are getting special
homes. Click Here To Scroll training tonight at 8PM on NBC:
Banks’ vast pile of foreclosed Thru My Recent Post List Mike Marines.
homes doesn’t appear to be "Mish" Shedlock is a registered It's off to Camp Pendleton where
diminishing. That’s a troubling investment advisor representative they'll live and train like Marines
sign for the future of the housing reduce shadow inventory since • You can't prevent restructuring. f o r S i t k a P a c i f i c C a p i t a l for a week. On tonight's episode,
market. those are homes the banks will It's going to happen. Bank of Management. Sitka Pacific is an two Marines surprise the
Over the past six months, that have to sell whether they are America is at the top of the list. asset management firm whose contestants and whisk them away
number has actually risen. Banks currently on the market or not. The bondholders and shareholders goal is strong performance and to training. Look for the
managed to pare down the Regardless, the important number are going to get a haircut. low volatility, regardless of contestants to be faced with
shadow inventory, but largely by remains the same, a grand total of • Barrack Obama is wearing market direction. Visit http:// Marine challenges such as rifle
taking possession of foreclosed 107 months of inventory at the H e r b e r t H o o v e r ' s c o n c r e t e w w w . s i t k a p a c i f i c . c o m / exercises, very long hikes and
homes. As of September, they current sales pace. booties. account_management.html to more.
owned nearly 994,000 foreclosed Chris Whalen Video Discussing • T h e r e i s n o b o d y i n t h e l e a r n m o r e a b o u t w e a l t h Check out the exclusive clip of
homes, up 21% from a year Bank Restructuring, Inventory Whitehouse today that management and capital the contestants boarding their very
earlier. The shadow inventory Watch the latest video at u n d e r s t a n d s w h e r e w e a r e preservation strategies of Sitka special mode of transportation.
stood at 5.2 million homes, down economically. Pacific. Permalink| Email this| Linking
7% from a year earlier. Grand Select Quotes • The smaller banks in the US are Blogs| Comments
total: 107 months of inventory. actually getting better. We have 4
Taking possession does not
E-reader News Edition Culture/ 41

Could a Cellphone Call From Yemen Blow Up a Plane?

Spencer Ackerman (Wired Top
Submitted at 11/2/2010 9:32:00 AM

White House counterterrorism

adviser John Brennan says that a
pair of bombs shipped to the
United States from Yemen were
supposed to detonate aboard the
airplanes carrying them. The
bombs, hidden in printer
cartridges, were hooked up to
cellphones without SIM cards,
The New York Times reports
today, so calling the phones
during intercontinental travel
couldn’t have set them off. And
experts point out that calling a
phone to activate a bomb aboard a
plane is one of the least efficient
detonation methods that terrorists
targeting aircraft can choose.
“They couldn’t call,” says Roger
Cressey, a former
counterterrorism official in the
Clinton and George W. Bush
administrations now with
Goodharbor Consulting. If the
terrorists used a regular cellphone
to call an airplane-borne bomb
from a great distance, it probably
wouldn’t be able to reach a tower boom,” he says. also said the bombmakers would the phones hooked up to the enough in theory to control a
that could bounce a signal to the A Pentagon adviser who rely on the phone’s alarm to explosives in the printers housing bomb using a cellphone, as
phone — though it’s not specializes in stopping improvised trigger the explosion. the bombs would have enough insurgents in Iraq demonstrated
impossible. More likely, Cressey bombs — and who would only That still relies on two key battery life not to die out before for years with their improvised
speculates, the bombmakers talk on condition of anonymity — assumptions. First, that the any such alarm trilled. explosive devices. Hook a battery
would have timed the phone’s cautions that a satellite phone terrorists had reliable-enough It’s not yet clear why the bombs charge up to a cellphone’s
alarm to go off, triggering the would have the signal strength to information about the airborne didn’t explode; an investigation of standard motor — which spins
bomb. “If they set the alarm, say, reach the phone packed into the methods of shipping used by the printer-bomb plot is still when someone calls or the alarm
two days in advance, and they had printer-bomb. But keeping that FedEx and UPS, the two carriers ongoing. Brennan said on rings — and then rig the battery to
confidence how it was shipped phone ready to receive calls chosen to unwittingly transit the television yesterday that the an explosive substance. Instant
and packed to the U.S., then “increases your risk of detection bombs. (Presumably, they could “sophisticated” bombs were “ able bomb.
they’d have confidence about from the device, because you’re track the movements of their to be detonated at a time of the
where it would be when [it went] emitting a signal.” The adviser parcels online.) And second, that terrorists’ choosing.” But it’s easy COULD page 42
42 Culture/ Food/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 41

Despite that, it’s “pretty damn bombs’ cellphone number to U.S.- Hassan al-Asiri, has failed to kill
12 Perfect Roast Turkey
hard” to succeed at a mail-borne
intercontinental bombing, says a
based operatives to call when the
packages arrived. Even so, the
anyone in his two previous high-
profile bombing attempts: the
former intelligence official who phone would have to have thwarted Christmas Day attack, (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks) View Recipe: Apple Cider-
requested anonymity because he’s sufficient power to set the which failed to detonate; and the Brined Turkey with Savory Herb
still a government employee: explosion in motion — and the near-miss 2009 attempt on the life This turkey is a pleasure to offer Gravy Next Roast Turkey with
“You stick it in the mail, it goes terrorists would have incurred the of Saudi Arabia’s intelligence on your table. It's incredibly moist Truffle Gravy
on a plane, the plane’s gonna fly, risk of emitting a signal from the chief. and flavorful, and it received our This entry passed through the
but you better hope it goes off.” bomb-phone. “In sleep mode, Photo: U.S. Army highest Test Kitchens rating. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
U.S. officials have been cautious you’d have enough time, maybe See Also: Brining is an overnight process, your content and you're reading it
about attributing responsibility for 24 to 48 hours” to get the charge This entry passed through the so if you're using a frozen turkey, on someone else's site, please read
the plot to al-Qaeda. But if al- going, Cressey says. No wonder Full-Text RSS service — if this is be sure to thaw it well in advance. our FAQ page at
Qaeda is the culprit, the Pentagon the terrorists apparently opted for your content and you're reading it Choose turkey-sized plastic oven content-only/faq.php
adviser says, the terror group is the industry shipping leaders. on someone else's site, please read bags for brining the turkey. Use Five Filters featured article:
showing “declining capability.” The logistical difficulties in our FAQ page at two bags to prevent brine from Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Hijacking multiple aircraft on 9/ setting off the bomb might content-only/faq.php leaking, and place the turkey in a Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
11 is much more complex than strengthen the theory that the Five Filters featured article: large stockpot as another Catastrophe.
trying — unsuccessfully — to printer-bomb plot was a terrorist Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- precaution.
blow up a pair of passenger or test run — a theory that took a hit Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
cargo planes. now that ABC News reported Catastrophe.
Of course, it’s possible that the there already was a probable test
bombs had redundant triggering run for the bomb plot in
mechanisms in case of initial September. Then again, the chief
failure. In that case, the terrorists bombmaker for al-Qaeda in the
might have had provided the Arabian Peninsula, Ibrahim

10 Tips for Handling Coworkers on Facebook

(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) Perhaps you've already made [source: Facebook]. use to track down consumers' Let's explore how to make this
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:56 PM friends at the office and adding Clearly, you need a plan, but first names and other personal details work via 10 simple guidelines.
them to Facebook seems perfectly consider that Facebook's [source: Steel and Vascellaro]. This entry passed through the
To friend or not to friend; that is natural to you, or maybe you're a continuing design philosophy Whether you embrace Facebook's Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the question. And it's a tricky one, manager who sees Facebook as a focuses on maximizing sharing philosophy of public transparency your content and you're reading it
too -- but not nearly as tricky as gateway to stronger teams and an and implementing privacy settings or resist it, you cannot afford to on someone else's site, please read
managing the interactions among air of approachability. Maybe the only when public outcry demands ignore it. As for dealing with our FAQ page at
your various social networks on mere thought of mixing work and it [source: Singel]. Nothing on coworkers, consider following content-only/faq.php
Facebook. Add coworkers to the social circles fills you with dread. Facebook is truly private, this one simple rule: Don't think Five Filters featured article:
mix, and you really have your Whatever your attitude, given including your personal about how to handle them in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
work cut out for you (unless Facebook's more than 500 million information: As recently as May terms of Facebook; rather, think Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
you're ok with your team knowing active users, each averaging 130 2010, reports revealed that of how to interact with them Catastrophe.
that your "sick day" was really a friends, chances are you'll bump Facebook was providing user data appropriately -- and then apply
"hangover day"). into a coworker there eventually to advertisers -- data they could that philosophy to Facebook.
E-reader News Edition Culture/ Daily Word/ 43

Cutest Book Ever: ZooBorns Internet Craze Moves to Print

Betsy Mason (Wired Top Also, you're welcome, because it's it would probably be the
Stories) the cutest thing ever on the Connecticut Beardsley Zoo's
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:00 PM internet. ocelot kitten, aka the Miracle
And now you can't escape it, Kitten (above). It got its name
Warning: The images in this even when you are away from the since it was only the third ocelot
g a l l e r y a r e d a n g e r o u s l y , internet, because the evil geniuses ever born via in vitro fertilization.
addictively cute. Once you have behind the ZooBorns website Connecticut's Beardsley Zoo
seen them, you'll want to see have just published two books of Image: Shannon Calvert
more, and more. And more. And strangely, wonderfully, painfully This entry passed through the
you may never finish what you cute baby zoo animals that you Full-Text RSS service — if this is
were working on before you saw can take with you everywhere your content and you're reading it
them. But it's probably too late for (I've already proven this with my on someone else's site, please read
you, anyway, because you've review copies). our FAQ page at
already seen the baby ocelot, so While you are waiting for yours the authors, Andrew Bleiman and Do you have a content-only/faq.php
never mind. to arrive, you can try to get by on Chris Eastland had to say for favorite ZooBorn? Five Filters featured article:
If you weren't already aware of the baby aardvark, gorilla, red themselves in the interview with Eastland: I'm your run-of-the- Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
this thing called ZooBorns, then pandas and more in this gallery, on the following mill, crazy cat lady, just 30 years Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
I'm sorry for doing this to you. visit and hear what pages. old and male. If I have to choose, Catastrophe.

Stealth Sharpshooter Does Double 1 Peter 2:9 (11-02-10)

(Verse of the Day) We're here to declare God's
Duty With Pics, Video Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:00:00 AM praises to those who don't know
him, so they can find his
Dan Havlik (Wired Top Stories) with its wide-open f/2.0 aperture, can show off your latest You are a chosen people, a royal marvelous light and leave their
Submitted at 11/2/2010 6:00:00 AM can produce razor-sharp photos masterpieces on the gorgeous priesthood, a holy nation, a people world of darkness. My Prayer... O
sans mood-killing flash. And it’s 460,000-pixel, 3-inch LCD. You belonging to God, that you may Great Light of Eternal Hope, I
9 Editor's Pick fast, too, powering on in less than won’t just surprise your friends, declare the praises of him who praise you and thank you for
The best photos are the ones you a second and locking in autofocus you’ll impress them. called you out of darkness into his including me in your people. Now
take when no one’s expecting it, in just 0.3 second. It also makes a See Also: wonderful light. please move me and empower me
but it’s hard to be sly while great hi-def videocam, recording This entry passed through the — 1 Peter 2:9(NIV) Thoughts on to share your Gospel with others
holding a honking DSLR in front 720p clips with the press of a Full-Text RSS service — if this is Today's Verse... We've been so the world might truly know
of your mug. That’s why we dedicated and distinct red button, your content and you're reading it picked to be on God's team and that Jesus is Lord. In the name of
adore Panasonic’s stealthy little so you won’t be fumbling through on someone else's site, please read we were picked first! We have an my Savior, Jesus, I pray. Amen.
10.1-megapixel sharpshooter. It menus when it’s time to record. our FAQ page at important role to play in the
has the guts of a pro rig tucked The same processor that keeps content-only/faq.php unfolding of the world's history.
inside a compact body. Whether your photos as crisp as a new Five Filters featured article:
you’re shooting at sunset from a dollar bill pulls double duty to Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
seaside cliff or at 3 am in your keep the grain out of movies, even Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
favorite watering hole, the 3.8X when shooting by candlelight. As Catastrophe.
Leica zoom lens (24 to 90 mm), soon as the session is over, you
44 Culture/ TV/ Politics-Left/ E-reader News Edition

10 Moments in Space Amy Ryan Preps for Treatment

Megan Walsh-Boyle
Bathroom History ( Breaking News)
Ryan: Toby is on jury duty, so
she's there to fill in for him, but
her boyfriend is still very much in
(HowStuffWorks Daily Feed) toilets. Despite this, there have Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:15:00 AM
the picture.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:56 PM been a few hitches over the years Amy Ryan TV Guide Magazine: That won't
-- including broken toilets and In Season 3 of HBO's addictive keep Michael from trying...
Even when you're millions of disputes over sharing bathrooms - therapy drama In Treatment(9/8c, Ryan: Yeah, he tries.
miles from home, you can't escape - that have made going to the HBO), Gabriel Byrne's troubled TV Guide Magazine: Is there a
certain facts of life. When bathroom in space an adventure in shrink, Dr. Paul Weston, is happily ever after?
astronauts are orbiting hundreds and of itself. spilling his guts to a new doc Ryan: I hope so, but I don't
of miles above Earth's surface, Take a trip with played by Amy Ryan. We booked know. We're about to do a table
they still have to eat, sleep and go H o w S t u f f W o r k s . c o m d o w n a session with the Oscar nominee. read for the third episode I'm in,
to the bathroom. Of course, the aerospace memory lane and learn TV Guide Magazine: In the first and so far Michael's not happy.
mechanics of using the toilet -- about some of the bathroom episode, Paul left your character Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine
and disposing of the resulting m o m e n t s t h a t h a v e g i v e n Adele's office intending not to now!
waste -- in zero gravity can get a astronauts the greatest relief and come back. What changed? This entry passed through the
little tricky. aggravation over the years. Ryan: She clocked him with a Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Since the very earliest space This entry passed through the few truths that he might not want your content and you're reading it
m i s s i o n s , a n u m b e r o f Full-Text RSS service — if this is to really look at, and I think that ass. on someone else's site, please read
c o n t r a p t i o n s h a v e h e l p e d your content and you're reading it stopped him in his tracks — that's TV Guide Magazine: At least you our FAQ page at
astronauts relieve themselves on someone else's site, please read [also] what gets him to come get to listen to Gabriel Byrne! content-only/faq.php
more easily. These inventions run our FAQ page at back. Ryan: Yeah, it makes it a little Five Filters featured article:
the gamut from simple adult content-only/faq.php TV Guide Magazine: As an actor, easier. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
diapers to more sophisticated Five Filters featured article: what's it like to just sit and listen? TV Guide Magazine: In Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
toilet systems that actually can Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Ryan: To keep it active and December, you return to The Catastrophe.
convert urine into drinkable Reporting of Falluja's Cancer interesting is not that easy to do.
water. Throughout the history of Catastrophe. Office as Holly, the love of
And the reality of sitting in a chair Michael Scott's life.
space exploration, spacecraft have for 12 hours is that it hurts your
come equipped with their own
Lisa Murkowski's
Spoilers Anonymous In-Depth: 'CSI,' 'CSI: Miami,' Moderate
'CSI: New York' Mission
Isabelle Carreau (TV Squad) about recently released spoilers r e c e n t l y r e l e a s e d f o r t h e Alexandra Gutierrez (The New
Republic - All Feed)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:50:00 AM and how they may affect the upcoming episodes of'CSI,' 'CSI:
storylines, shows and fans. New York,' and 'CSI: Miami.' Submitted at 11/1/2010 11:22:18 PM

Filed under: Reality-Free, This in-depth version of the Permalink| Email this| Linking
S p o i l e r s T h i s i s S p o i l e r s column goes hand in hand with Blogs| Comments Anchorage, Alaska—It’s the
Anonymous In-Depth, a weekly our weekly spoilers column, in Saturday afternoon before
column here at TV Squad where which we supply you with the dirt shows on the air. Election Day, and El Tango, an
we discuss and give our two cents on some of the more popular This week, we discuss spoilers Argentine restaurant in midtown
LISA page 45
E-reader News Edition 45
continued from page 44

Anchorage, is packed for a young people, [and] how we to pull this unlikely campaign off. roads—and not having to carry of the state’s electorate,
campaign event. About 50 people, provide for health care." While the term“grassroots” gets the banner of the Republican Murkowski will also attract
mostly women, are bustling It’s all a part of her strategy to tossed around a lot at El Tango, Party has only helped her put Democrats who want “anyone but
around and chatting about keep her job. In August, Murkowski’s campaign operation pragmatism before partisan Miller” and don’t think McAdams
immigration reform, education, Murkowski unexpectedly lost the is more complex and well-oiled wrangling. can win.
and, occasionally, how extreme GOP primary to Joe Miller, a self- than that. She had about $1.2 Members of the diversity Indeed, Murkowski’s practical,
the Tea Party movement is. One proclaimed “constitutional million going into the general coalition have produced voting moderate messaging seems to be
person sits in the back of the room conservative and Sarah Palin- election, and many of her backers guides in Russian, Gambian, working among plenty of voters
reading about the foreclosure backed candidate." Though are in positions of influence: Hmong, and Tagalog, among from all walks of life. When
crisis. The attendees are from Murkowski’s job approval rating mayors, non-profit leaders, other languages, to promote asked why they support her, many
numerous ethnic groups; has hovered around 70 percent in corporate types. Her campaign Murkowski among the state’s people bring up their personal
everything from Spanish to recent years, an advertising blitz has attracted industry groups, like many ethnic groups. Murkowski experiences with Murkowski. One
Somali is being spoken. If the from the Tea Party Express that the United Fishermen of Alaska; and her husband, Verne Martell, woman at the diversity coalition
stereotypical Alaskan is supposed cast her as too liberal, combined she spent last Friday night with have appeared on local event discusses the senator’s work
to be a flannel-wearing, gun- with an anti-abortion ballot Alaska Airlines’ pilots. Then, Telemundo programming. And to secure visas for new Alaskans.
totting, conservative male, you measure that brought out the there are the state’s Native her outreach goes further: After El Also at El Tango, Carol Ashlock,
won’t find him here. state’s most conservative voters, corporations, which banded Tango, she swaps her fleece for a an independent voter who has
Around 4 p.m., the main ended up pushing Miller to together to form a Super PAC that black satin jacket to make printed 1,000 shirts that said “Too
attraction arrives: Republican victory. Now, Murkowski is can independently spend an appearances at a NAACP dinner Legit to Quit,” talks about
Senator Lisa Murkowski. She's trying to hold onto her seat unlimited amount of money on and a silent auction for the recycling projects that Murkowski
wearing jeans and a yellow fleece through an intensive write-in pro-Murkowski ads. Abused Women's Aid in Crisis has helped push through
jacket, and she has the campaign—a rare but always And yet, being a write-in (AWAIC), where she courted Congress. Then there’s Umulkher
comfortable air of someone uphill battle in a big, statewide candidate has enabled Murkowski some moderate Democratic Samatar, a Somali immigrant who
surrounded by old friends. She’s election. (No senator has won via to push a more maverick, middle- supporters. (Her husband, says that she thinks Murkowski’s
here to address what she calls her write-in since Strom Thurmond in of-the-road image of herself: constantly at her side in a suit, Republican opponent cares too
“diversity coalition,” a group of South Carolina in 1954.) Before being a Republican, or an sports taupe rubber Crocs.) much about ideology and not
supporters that will mostly be To win that battle, Murkowski is Obama opponent, she’s an Murkowski's relationship with enough about state services. “I’m
reaching out to minority voters in focusing on constituents like those Alaskan. She hasn’t really gone AWAIC is especially strong: She not a political person. … Joe
the lead-up to Tuesday. When she in her diversity coalition: after the president much since the co-sponsored the Violence Miller, we know he’s very, very
speaks to the crowd, Murkowski moderate voters from varied primary, and, although she Against Women Act when it was conservative. We know he’s not
avoids controversy and keeps backgrounds who are less initially pushed back against reauthorized in 2005 and attached going to fight for minorities or
things friendly. She doesn’t bring concerned with whether the Miller’s attacks that she was too federal funding for AWAIC to immigrants. Health,
up the DREAM Act, for instance, Obama administration should liberal, she now mostly says that last year’s appropriations education—he wants to cut all the
which would provide young have tackled health care reform Miller is too extreme. bill—even though she ultimately federal funding for minority
undocumented immigrants a path than with whether their local She’s spent a lot of time at events voted against the final version. So groups. Forget it,” Samatar says.
to citizenship. (Murkowski missed communities are getting the like the diversity coalition she’s well-received at the auction. But messaging isn’t the only
a vote on it in September.) economic support they need. gathering, reaching out to voters “Let’s just say I already voted, important part of Murkowski’s
Instead, she uses the word “unity” Given that Miller, with his healthy looking for a lawmaker who and you have to spell this campaign. There’s the matter of
and speaks a little bit of Spanish. dose of Tea Party anger, wants to knows what Alaska’s various candidate’s name,” says an her unusual name. For a write-in
She talks about the importance of wean the state off federal funding, communities need and how to get Anchorage official who has vote to count, the candidate’s
bringing jobs to the state through and that her Democratic it. Taking a few lessons from the previously donated to the Alaska name has to be spelled correctly.
the highway reauthorization bill opponent, Scott McAdams, is a 40 late Ted Stevens, Murkowski is Democratic Party. He says that, in This will be a big challenge,
and says government is about -year-old relative unknown, presenting herself as a master of addition to pulling in most especially for Alaskans who have
"how we unite our families, how Murkowski’s tack just might give pothole politics in a state that independent and undeclared LISA page 46
we provide for education for our her the steam she needs to be able seems to have more potholes than voters, who make up the majority
46 TV/ Gaming/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 45

learned English as a second wearing black t-shirts that feature have risen in the past month, and Murkowski has to hope that she’s
language. Making it tougher still, the letters “MUR,” a cow with the Bill Clinton is now making put in enough effort for the Selita
at the urging of rightwing radio letter “K” on its hide, and a pair robocalls on his behalf. Helmses of Alaska to go her way
host and Miller supporter Dan of skis. And the candidate doesn’t Murkowski’s challenge until the on Tuesday. She’s certainly
Fagan, more than 150 Alaskans pass up a chance to remind people polls close on Tuesday remains sparing no energy in trying to
signed up as write-in candidates to get their letters correct: She navigating the space between her convince these voters who’ll
last week just to bury wraps up her speech at the two opponents. She’s banking on make a last-minute decision that Transcripts from
Murkowski’s name on the list that restaurant by asking if her name is presenting herself as more she’s the right choice, the Supreme Court's violent
will be available at polling really that hard to spell. In unison, moderate than Miller, but more practical choice, the effective
stations. her supporters shout, “M-U-R-K- well-known and connected than choice. Toward the end of the game case available now
The campaign is hoping O-W-S-K-I.” McAdams. And she’s hoping to NAACP dinner, the last leg of her Griffin McElroy (Joystiq)
Murkowski gear will help Whether Murkowski’s efforts to attract voters like Selita Helms, long and varied Saturday Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:05:00 PM
minimize misspellings that could promote a moderate who attended the NAACP dinner campaign swing, Murkowski
lead to tossed ballots. El Tango’s message—and her unusual with Murkowski. (Although the addresses the banquet hall. The You've read about the stakes,
tables are covered with blue name—will succeed isn’t clear. senator has only a 57 percent speech sounds like an abridged you've read about the procedure--
wristbands that show the Dave Dittman, an Alaska pollster, voting record with the group, she version of the one she delivered to now it's time to read about exactly
candidate’s name and an oval, has her in the lead with 37 percent won points when she strongly the diversity coalition. Instead of what went down in the hallowed
which must be colored in on of the vote; Miller is at 27 condemned the Tea Party Express “unity,” though, the audience halls of the U.S. Supreme Court
voters’ ballots. The campaign percent, McAdams at 23). Public after one of its leaders used racist hears about “equity” and “parity.” earlier today, when
says it has made 50,000 of them Policy Polling, however, has language to disparage the Murkowski closes by saying, “I representatives from the
in total. They’ve also distributed Miller ahead with 37 percent, and NAACP.) look forward to working with you Entertainment Software
25,000 pens bearing the same Murkowski tied with McAdams at Helms, who puts on gospel for a long time.” Association and the state of
information and the exhortation, 30 percent. Miller has been the productions in Anchorage, doesn’t Alexandra Gutierrez is a reporter California butted heads over the
“Fill it in. Write it in.” All this subject of steady bad press, and know who she’ll vote for on based in Aleutian Islands. contentious Schwarzenegger v.
material is allowed in voting even the National Republican Tuesday. But she’s sure it won’t EMA case. The Supreme Court's
booths according to the state’s Senatorial Committee has be Miller. “He lies. We all have official website recently posted a
anti-electioneering laws, so long expressed concern about his skeletons in our closets, but he complete transcript of the oral
as it isn’t blatantly flashed around. chances. But his dedicated just lies about it.” She thinks that arguments from both parties --
Some supporters have made their conservative base might be large Murkowski is a more moderate you can pore over an embedded
own gear. At a back table at El enough to take the race. option—but, then again, she version of it below.
Tango, there are four women Meanwhile, McAdams’s numbers thinks the same of McAdams. The 72-page document is quite a
read -- we'll update this post
'American Idol' Season 10 Is Upon Us: Watch the periodically with highlights from
the proceedings. Click past the
jump for more!
New Promos Here Continue reading Transcripts
from Supreme Court's violent
Jean Bentley (TV Squad) first promos for the revamped longer one.) game case available now
Submitted at 11/2/2010 9:15:00 AM reality series have hit the web. Are you ready for some 'Idol'? Transcripts from Supreme Court's
The two spots -- one 30-second, Permalink| Email this| Linking violent game case available now
Filed under: TV News Those soft one 60-second -- both focus on Blogs| Comments originally appeared on Joystiq on
-focus close-ups set to swelling, past winners like Kelly Clarkson, Tue, 02 Nov 2010 13:05:00 EST.
inspirational music are Ruben Studdard, Carrie Please see our terms for use of
recognizable anywhere:'American Underwood, Kris Allen and Lee Cook, Fantasia Barrino and Jordin feeds.
Idol' season 10 is nigh, and the DeWyze. (Tyler Hicks, David Sparks pop up in the second, Permalink| Email this| Comments
E-reader News Edition TV/ Gaming/ 47

Scoop on CSI, Criminal Minds, White Collar and

Carita Rizzo ( surrounding that much sought
Breaking News) after music box.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:00:00 AM The nail biter on CSI is whether Our favorite SCOTUS
or not original cast member Marg quotes with commentary
Sally Kirkland and Robert Helgenberger will really leave at
Knepper the end of the season, as she from the NBA Jam guy
Working on a television show announced earlier this year. "You Justin McElroy (Joystiq)
can be much like being an agent know what, anything's possible.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:50:00 PM
or a spy — all information is on a But I wouldn't consider a full
need to know basis, and you have season," she tells TV Guide We're still pouring over the
to be extremely good at keeping Magazine. Her change of heart transcripts from today's
secrets. So when the Academy of may have something to do with Schwarzenegger vs. EMA case,
Television Arts & Sciences Catherine's recently improved and as we discussed it, we
brought together a group of private life. "It's funny, I've said I decided our enthusiasm for the
primetime crime fighters, TV want a love interest on the show judges' utter contempt for the
Guide Magazine took the since Season 2, and my last Schwazenegger side's argument
opportunity to gather some season I finally get one. There's could only be summed up with
information about upcoming something going on there," she quotes from NBA Jam announcer
p l o t l i n e s a n d c h a r a c t e r that Nichols was not hired to next few episodes, stuff that I read laughs. "They've given me some Tim Kitzrow.
development. replace former Minds' cast and was like, 'Whoa,'" he says. more interesting things to do this Enjoy.
Criminal Minds' Thomas Gibson member A.J. Cook. "I don't think "It's quite shocking. Now we'll season, so we'll see where they're Continue reading Our favorite
teased the November 10 episode, that anybody is intending for find out more about who we are going to take the character in the SCOTUS quotes with
guest starring Prison Break's anyone to be her replacement. and our purpose in this whole next few months. Like I said, commentary from the NBA Jam
Robert Knepper. "Rob plays the There's no replacing the character, thing. I was thinking we came anything's possible." guy
son of a movie actress from the and there's no replacing the back [to the agency] because we Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine Our favorite SCOTUS quotes
'50s, and the poor kid is pretty actress," he says. "I think one of wanted to save a friend, which is now! with commentary from the NBA
twisted," he says. "He kidnaps the things that we did in some of not the case." This entry passed through the Jam guy originally appeared on
these girls and dresses them up the subsequent episodes of her Matt Bomer promises answers on Full-Text RSS service — if this is Joystiq on Tue, 02 Nov 2010
like '50s movie stars and then kills leaving was to play that it was the January episodes of White your content and you're reading it 13:50:00 EST. Please see our
them. It's fantastic!" Gibson also hard to fill her shoes." Collar, which picks up a few on someone else's site, please read terms for use of feeds.
talked about the arrival of guest Boris Kodjoe from NBC's weeks after Mozzie ( Willie our FAQ page at Permalink| Email this| Comments
star Rachel Nichols, who plays an spydrama Undercovers was Garson) took a bullet to the chest content-only/faq.php
F B I c a d e t s t a r t i n g i n l a t e surprised to hear that Lost's Alan in the summer season finale. "The Five Filters featured article:
November. "I don't want to give Dale had been cast as the new big last seven episodes are really Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
too much away, but she has a boss on the show. But since Dale's heavy," he says. "Pretty much all Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
particular perspective that the arrival, Kodjoe has finally found the questions that we've asked for Catastrophe.
team will find invaluable in a out little hints about his own the first couple of seasons come to
specific case." Though Gibson's character's past. "A lot of secrets a head and get answered." And
stingy with the details, he will say are going to be revealed in the yes, that includes the mystery
48 TV/ Food/ E-reader News Edition
Take Two: Whole
Guiding Light Alum Robert Newman Goes Wheat English Muffin
& Whole Wheat Bagel
Primetime On Criminal Minds (Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)
Michael Logan ( wanted me to cut it even shorter.
Breaking News) It's good to have an excuse to do While similar in fat, iron, and
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:45:00 AM something extreme like this — sodium, whole wheat English
otherwise people think you're muffins and bagels offer more
Robert Newman going through a midlife crisis. Or zinc, magnesium, and vitamin E
One of Criminal Minds' dirtiest dying." than their refined counterparts.
crimes yet is getting a good The primetime gig has made him For comparison’s sake, even
sudsing. Former Guiding Light a hero with his daughter, Kendal. when downsized to a half, the
icon Robert Newman— who "She's a typical college female dense and chewy bagel packs
played Josh to Kim Zimmer's who is crazy in love with about 40 more calories per
Reva — guest stars Wednesday (9 Matthew Gray Gubler[who plays serving than an entire muffin, but
/8c, CBS) as a small-town Indiana genius special agent Spencer it provides a bit more fiber and
sheriff who butts heads with the Reid]," says Newman, with a protein, which help you feel full.
BAU team over the murder of laugh. "I sent her some photos of 100% Whole Wheat English
three women and the abduction of the two of us on my iPhone, and Muffin
a fourth. Matthew sent her a pin he (2 ounces)
"The victims are all strippers who designed. My 28 years on Guiding 115 calories
vanish after work — it turns out Light didn't impress her. Now I'm 1 gram fat
they've been raped, killed and seems to be a good omen for the walk in any doors thinking people suddenly cool!" 5 grams protein
dumped in cornfields," reports East Coast-based Newman. The will say, 'Oh, my God! Josh Subscribe to TV Guide Magazine 4 grams fiber
N e w m a n , h i n t i n g t h a t h i s actor has given himself eight Lewis! We want to hire you!'" now! 268 milligrams sodium
character — a hardnosed ex- weeks to see if there's enough says the 52-year-old star. "The This entry passed through the 100% Whole Wheat Bagel
Marine who still sports a buzz cut primetime interest in him in L.A. truth is, nobody much cares about Full-Text RSS service — if this is (2 ounces, half a bagel)
— "reveals some pretty surprising to warrant a move. the soap. And that's a good thing. your content and you're reading it 155 calories
twists and turns." Especially when "It's an exploratory trip not only I've got age and experience but on someone else's site, please read 1 gram fat
Hotch (Thomas Gibson) confronts to see how I feel about the I ' m c o n s i d e r e d a f r e s h our FAQ page at 7 grams protein
the guy about a leak: Evidence business but how I feel about c o m m o d i t y ! " content-only/faq.php 5 grams fiber
suggests that someone in the moving back to my hometown," N e w m a n s h o w e d u p i n Five Filters featured article: 269 milligrams sodium
sheriff's office is in league with Newman says. "People assume Hollywood looking rather bald — Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Kathy Kitchens Downie, RD
the killers. that would be a great thing but, he'd just wrapped a stage stint as Reporting of Falluja's Cancer This entry passed through the
The grisly episode, which also for me, a lot of emotional baggage Daddy Warbucks in Annie— and Catastrophe. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
features soap queen Melissa c o m e s w i t h i t . " D o e s h i s so far it's working for him. "It's your content and you're reading it
Claire Egan(the love-to-hate-her popularity and notoriety on GL kind of made me a new type," he on someone else's site, please read
Annie on All My Children), help him on auditions? "I never says. "The Criminal Minds people our FAQ page at
Five Filters featured article:
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
E-reader News Edition TV/ 49

2010 Midterm Elections Coverage: What to Watch

Robyn Ross ( an interactive touch screen. A
Breaking News) rotating panel of contributors will
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:23:00 PM include Sarah Palin, Mike
Huckabee and Newt Gingrich.
Anderson Cooper Bill O'Reilly, Sean Hannity and
Here's a breakdown of what kind Greta Van Susteren will also
of 2010 midterm elections weigh in. To brush up before
coverage you can expect and heading to the polls, check out the
where: network's interactive map that
ABC shows the current party divide and
8/7c: Co-anchors George breaks down the polling numbers
Stephanopoulos and Diane for all the closest races.
Sawyer will interrupt the Dancing MSNBC
With the Stars results show with 6/7c: Decision 2010 will be
live updates. anchored by Keith Olbermann,
9:30/8:30c: Vote 2010, also Chris Matthews, Rachel Maddow,
hosted by Sawyer and Lawrence O'Donnell and Eugene
Stephanopoulos, will include a Robinson.
panel of correspondents and David Gregory and Tom Brokaw. they've ditched the holograms for Whose coverage will you be
political experts who will weigh Also contributing will be NBC a new toy: an interactive election watching?
in on the results as they come in. correspondent Andrea Mitchell, matrix that displays real-time This entry passed through the
ABC News will also live-stream Savannah Guthrie, and party gains and losses, tracking Full-Text RSS service — if this is
the content online. Washington bureau chief Mark the possible shifts in the balance your content and you're reading it
CBS Whitaker. Chuck Todd, NBC of power. on someone else's site, please read
9/8c: will News' political director and chief See it in action here: our FAQ page at
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50 Products/ E-reader News Edition

Philips 6-Outlet Surge Protector 2-Pack When it comes to

(Woot! - One Day, One Deal) have been sent here to make you measurement of energy a surge • Electrical Rating: 120V/15A/
electric cars, one
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:00:24 AM an offer of assistance. Basically, protector component can adsorb. 1800W size does not fit all
you pay us a small “fee,” and, A higher joule rating reflects • Energy Dissipation: 1000 Joules
Shakedown Consumer Reports Shopping
Vito and I, we come to your house higher-quality surge protection of surge protection Blog (Consumer Reports)
Nice small appliances you got and protect your small appliances and longer product life.) • Pure Power Noise Filtering
there, friend. It’d be a shame if with our 1,000 Joules Rating. All • $100,000 equipment warranty (EMI/RFI): 150KHz – 100MHz; Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:44:59 AM

something happened to them. you gotta do is plug us into a for the life of the product up to 40 dB
I mean, I know if me and Vito grounded, three-prong AC outlet • Power Blocker automatically • Response Time: Less than 1 When it comes to electric cars,
here had such fancy things to plug and BLAM! You’ve got power shuts down power to the nanosecond (Rating indicates the one size does not fit all
into to the wall, we’d wanna be blockage to everything you’ve connected devices unit’s speed in reacting to power Car shoppers looking to buy an
real careful about keepin’ them connected, be it audio systems, • Six outlets, 2 adapter spaced, disturbances to protect connected electrified vehicle will soon be
good and, you know, fancy-like. printer/scanners, etc. Plus, Mr. side entry outlets allow you to equipment.) able to select from several kinds,
You worked so hard to get them, Philips is willing to offer you a plug in multiple devices from one • Safety Standard: Compiles with each with its own distinct
after all. So if something like, $100,000 equipment warranty for single AC outlet UL 1449 advantages. But with choices can
say, an errant power surge were to the life of both of us. Ain’t that • Attached screw allows you to come hard decisions. (See our
come along completely randomly something? securely mount the surge Caution: Risk of electric shock. Honda Insight vs. Toyota Prius
and not at all planned by outside Sure, sure. You wanna think it protector onto your wall outlet Not for use outdoors or in other video.)
forces, I bet some of those items over. That’s fair, don’t you think, (With the cover removed, detach w e t o r d a m p a r e a s , w i t h A spectrum of vehicles that use
would be in a world of hurt, huh, Vito? Of course, it is. Don’t think the small plastic insert on the a q u a r i u m s , i n h a z a r d o u s electricity partially or fully is
buddy? Yeah, I bet they’d be on it too long, though, buddy. We front of the unit to access the head environments requiring failsafe around the corner, with choices to
hurtin’ real bad. got this lightning rod out in the of the screw. Once mounted, performance (such as nuclear include EVs, “extended-range
But, as you might have guessed car, see. Maybe it’ll end up reattach the plastic insert.) facilities or aircraft), or for EVs,” plug-in hybrids, and regular
when we arrived, we are not just attached to your electrical meter, • Grounded, three-prong AC medical or life support equipment. hybrids. Potential buyers will
two good lookin’ stereotypes just maybe it won’t. Who knows what outlet required In the box: need to consider how they use the
here to amuse you with our could happen, really, • LED indicators let you know if • (2) Philips 6-Outlet Surge car in terms of routine driving
hypothetical situations. We also circumstances being what they your surge protector is P r o t e c t o r s w i t h R e m o v a b l e cycles and the occasional road trip
happen to be in the business of are? functioning properly Covers, Model No. SPP3060B/17 needs.
“protection,” if you get my Warranty: 1 Year Philips • (2) User’s Manuals Most pure electric vehicles, for
meaning. Yeah, that’s it, surge Condition: New Additional Photos: • (2) Removable Cover example, have a typical range of
protection. You see, we represent Features: • Surge Protector without Cover Instructions about 100 miles between charges.
a very powerful company that you • Designed for home electronics, • Surge Protector with Cover And each charging session
might have heard of in the such as audio systems, printer/ • 3-Prong Plug and Attached Discuss this product typically takes about eight hours.
neighborhood, eh? “Philips” ring scanners, and small appliances Screw / Back of Cover Price: $9.99 I want one! While government studies show
a bell? That’s right. Now, my • Hides cable clutter with the • Packaging that 100-mile range will be
brother and I, as his most trusted removable cover enough for most people, it
Philips 6-Outlet Surge Protector, • 1,000 Joules Rating (Joules is a Technical Specifications: certainly imposes some
restrictions, real or perceived,
compared to gasoline-fueled cars.
Plus, if you live in an area where
winters are cold, your range could
fall to as little as 40 or 50 miles.
Without widespread access to
charging at work, EVs will only
WHEN page 51
E-reader News Edition Products/ 51
continued from page 50

make sense for consumers who takes about four hours to recharge some consumers, we found, are
Outdoor-gear preview:
don’t need to drive more than 50
miles a day. For many people that
on a 220-volt charger.
Plug-in hybrids vary greatly in
ready for the next phase.
Related: “ Consumer Reports Cub Cadet cuts cost of
may mean that the pure electric the size of their batteries and the shares preliminary green-car
vehicle is a second or third car,
used for around-town errands and
conditions that require them to
run on gasoline. The plug-in 2012
survey findings at GridWeek
power steering
commuting to the train station. Toyota Prius can only go about 14 See our guide to fuel economy Consumer Reports Shopping
Blog (Consumer Reports)
The other car may be an SUV or miles on electric power (and only for advice on saving gasoline.
minivan for weekend trips, family up to 60 mph, even with fully Learn about future technologies Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:03:59 AM

vacations, and group shuttling charged batteries), but it only in our guide to alternative fuels.
chores. takes about an hour and a half to — Eric Evarts Subscribe now! Outdoor-gear preview: Cub
If an electric car doesn’t meet recharge. It is also expected to S u b s c r i b e t o Cadet cuts cost of power steering
your needs for longer trips, a plug cost much less than the Volt. for expert Lawn tractors with power
-in hybrid or extended-range Clearly, you need to pay close Ratings, buying advice and steering can cost as much as
electric vehicle (EREV) will attention to your driving habits reliability on hundreds of $5,100 for a John Deere X360.
probably be more practical. An before buying an electrified car to products. Update your feed But this week, MTD announced
EREV is a type of plug-in hybrid determine which one is best suited preferences that its Cub Cadet brand will
that relies more heavily on the to your needs. feature power steering on models
electric motor and uses its Of course, conventional hybrids costing as low as $2,500. The
The Cub Cadet SLTX1050, with
gasoline engine to supply power don’t need to be plugged in at all, news was reported at the Green
a 50-in. deck, is at the lowest-end
to the electric motor. For example just refueled at a gas station, like Industry and Equipment
of the new lawn-tractor lines that
the Chevrolet Volt can drive 25 to conventional cars. In our Expo(GIE+Expo), a trade show
50 miles on electric power before experience, most hybrids boost for outdoor power equipment and
related products. OUTDOOR-GEAR page 52
the gas engine starts at all. And it fuel economy significantly but

Daily electronics deals

Paul Eng (Consumer Reports) • HP: HP Envy 14 Core i7 in exchange for featuring these lower-priced deals that seem too
Submitted at 11/2/2010 5:43:29 AM $849.99 (prev low $900) deals; the posts are intended to be good to be true, and check return
purely informational. These deals policies for restocking fees and
Daily electronics deals Entertainment are often fleeting, with prices other gotchas.
T o d a y ' s e l e c t r o n i c s d e a l s , • Target: Buy 2 Video Games Get changing or products becoming For general buying advice for
courtesy of The Consumerist: One Free + Free Shipping (55 unavailable as the day progresses. many of the products on sale Outdoor-gear
• Newegg: Audio Unlimited SPK Choices) These posts are not an above, check out our free Buying
-9110 Circumaural 900MHz • N e w E g g : N e w W i r e l e s s endorsement of the featured Guides. Subscribe now! preview: These pavers
Wireless Headphones $19.99 Free Controller, black NSF-00001 products or the Web sites that sell S u b s c r i b e t o are 'fly,' as in fly ash
Shipping $33.99 + free ship (normally $40) them—though some of the sites for expert
• T-Mobile: Nokia 5130 Prepaid • GoGamer: Call of Duty: m a y b e i n c l u d e d , a n d Consumer Reports Shopping
Ratings, buying advice and Blog (Consumer Reports)
Cell Phone REFURB (Quad- Modern Warfare 2 $37.90 + $2.99 recommended, in our Ratings of reliability on hundreds of
Band, 2MP Video Camera, FM ship (next best $47, $48.56) retailers for computers and other products. Update your feed Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:51:33 AM

Radio, Bluetooth) $29.99 major electronics(both available preferences

• HP: HP Envy 17 $899.99 (prev Neither Consumer Reports nor to subscribers). Price shouldn't be Outdoor-gear preview: These
low $1,100) The Consumerist receive anything your only criterion. Be wary of pavers are 'fly,' as in fly ash
52 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 51 Donovan McNabb 'Absolutely'
When you need to replace your pavers look and feel better than process, along with 40 percent
front walk, you may not think to concrete but cost more. CalStar recycled content. The pavers are Insulted by Benching, but
consider whether the materials says its pavers are like clay in available nationwide through
you use are environmentally
friendly. But CalStar, a company
appearance and texture, yet cost
roughly the price of concrete:
CalStar's network of dealers and
Takes High Road
David Elfin (FanHouse Main)
exhibiting at this year’s $3.00 to $3.50 per square foot. —Ed Perratore Subscribe now!
Hardscape North America show, They are manufactured from fly S u b s c r i b e t o Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:54:00 AM

is touting the green features of its ash, a byproduct of the burning of for expert
Filed under: Redskins, NFC East,
fly-ash brick (FAB) paving coal, and have blind lugs for easy Ratings, buying advice and
NFL Quarterbacks In his first
stones. Hardscape North America, installation by a do-it-yourselfer. reliability on hundreds of
public comments since Mike
which is sharing exhibit and demo CalStar’s pavers come in eight products. Update your feed
Shanahan questioned his ability to
space with the Green Industry and colors that are “through-body,” as preferences
finish this past Sunday's game,
Equipment Expo, is mostly for opposed to the surface coloring
Redskins quarterback Donovan
professionals who build walks, associated with concrete pavers.
McNabb declined Tuesday to
retaining walls, and related The company also claims its
criticize his coach's decision to
projects. products use 85 percent less
bench him with 1:50 remaining
Paving stones, or pavers, are carbon dioxide than traditional
and Washington trailing Detroit
usually made of concrete. Clay clay pavers in the manufacturing
by just six points.
OUTDOOR-GEAR "Coach makes his decisions,"
continued from page 51 McNabb said. "I can only say how Redskins
will come with power steering. m e d i o c r e f o r m o s t c u t t i n g I feel and what I feel think is best The younger Shanahan added
We found it easy to operate tasks—and only fair for bagging for me." that the issue hadn't been
during a few quick drives in a clippings. But the six-time Pro Bowl pick, McNabb's "cardiovascular
demo meeting at the trade show. Some of next year’s Z-Force who led Philadelphia to five NFC endurance," but his ailing
Three 1000-series models will models come with stamped decks championship games and a Super hamstrings which had limited him
have the feature, along with three that we expect will score better in Bowl appearance in a decade as in practice in recent weeks.
from the 2000 GT series. The our cutting tests. They range in the starter before being traded to McNabb, who bounced back
highest-end model with power size from the $2,500 i1040, with a Washington in April, certainly
s t e e r i n g w i l l b e t h e 5 4 - i n . 42-in. deck, to the $3,000 i1050, Giants win 1st wasn't happy to be so publicly
brilliantly from his only previous
benching in 2008 in Philadelphia,
disrespected. Asked if he felt it
GTX2154LE, $7,000, which can which has a 50-in. deck.
also be fitted with decks as small —Ed Perratore Subscribe now!
Series since move was insulting to have to answer
said getting sat down in favor of
the less-talented Rex Grossman
as 42-in S u b s c r i b e
Also coming in the spring for the for expert
t o to West Coast questions about his conditioning
and his comprehension of
wouldn't cause him to look over
his shoulder to see if he's going to
Cub Cadet brand will be an Ratings, buying advice and Associated Press ( coordinator Kyle Shanahan's be replaced when the Redskins
upgraded Z-Force zero-turn rider. r e l i a b i l i t y o n h u n d r e d s o f Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:28:57 AM offense, McNabb replied, return from this week's bye on
When we tested the $4,000 Z products. Update your feed "Absolutely." Nov. 15 against the Eagles.
Force S 48 17AI5BHB, which preferences Game Information Stadium Kyle Shanahan apparently "If you begin to wonder and you
includes a steering-wheel option Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, a g r e e s , s a y i n g h i s f a t h e r ' s
have concerns, then it takes away
for safer, less intimidating control, Arlington, TX Attendance 52,045 p o s t g a m e a n d n e x t - d a y
from what you want to get
we found the fabricated deck with (105.8% full) - % is based on explanations about the benching
accomplished," McNabb said.
the sharp corners wasn't the best regular season capacity Game had "come off as an insult to
"Why go into the game with any
for airflow. We judged that model Time 2:32 Weather 68 degrees, Donovan."
more things on the your mind?"
More: JaMarcus Russell
GIANTS page 53 Reportedly Works Out For
E-reader News Edition 53
continued from page 52

clear Wind 4 mph Umpires Home their first World Series title since zone (63 pct), his best since single postseason without haired ace. Tim Lincecum, Edgar
Plate - Jeff Kellogg, First Base - 1954: - Since changing the grip on September 18. Since his dominant allowing an earned run: Renteria and the Giants won the
Gary Darling, Second Base - John his slider in early September, the start in Game 1 of the NLDS, Mitch Moreland's single in the title Monday night, beating the
Hirschbeck, Third Base - Sam pitch has been Lincecum's new opponents were hitting .440 6th inning was his 13th as the No. Texas Rangers 3-1 in a tense
Holbrook best friend. He's been relying on it against Lincecum's fastball. On 9 batter in the postseason. That Game 5 and taking the trophy
Research Notes more frequently with increased Monday, showing improved ties the postseason record for home to the city by the Bay for
How the Giants beat Cliff Lee success and Game 5 was no velocity and command, hitters most hits by a No. 9 hitter. Bucky the first time. More World Series
again in Game 5: - Lee had better different. He threw 26 sliders, were just 1-for-8. Dent (1978), Alfonso Coverage
command than during his Game 1 second-most this season to only The Giants won 6 games this Soriano(2001) and Adam
start, throwing 65 percent of his his Game 1 start, when he threw postseason scoring 3 runs or Kennedy(2002) also had 13 hits. An unlikely cast of characters
pitches in the strike zone 35. Eighteen of the 26 sliders (12 fewer. That ties the 1972 Athletics Edgar Renteria becomes the 5th brought the Giants their first
compared to 53 percent in Game for strikes) came early in the for the most wins scoring 3 runs shortstop to win the World Series World Series championship since
1. However, for all the quality count, as Lincecum paired it with or fewer in a single postseason. MVP: moving from New York, Jayson
strikes Lee's flashed this season, his fastball to get ahead. Overall, Cliff Lee finished the postseason Edgar Renteria became the fourth Stark writes. Story
the pitch that cost him Game 5 the Rangers swung at the pitch 14 with 47 strikeouts, tied for the player in MLB history to win the Tim Lincecum has fashioned a
was just the opposite of that - a times, missing on an incredible second-most in a single MVP of one World Series and Giant-sized legacy, adding a
cutter that was supposed to be on nine of those swings (64 pct, postseason, trailing Curt make the last out of another. World Series-clinching gem in
the outside corner that came back season avg 31 pct). Tim Schilling's 56 K's in 2001. The Rangers offense just never Game 5, Jerry Crasnick writes.
right over the heart of the plate. Lincecum's Slider Since Changing Tim Lincecum wins his 4th game found its groove in the World Story
Edgar Renteria made him pay for Grip Before After Pitch pct 9.6 of the postseason. He passes Series: The Giants' title vanquished years
it, sending the pitch over the left- 18.8 Opp BA .208 .148 Miss pct Christy Mathewson (1905) for the Tim Lincecum ties the all-time of torment and brought honor to
center field fence. It was only the 28.2 34.7 K pct 27.6 35.1 most wins by a Giants starter in a record for most strikeouts in a great San Francisco teams of the
third homer all year by a right- >>Changed grip before single postseason. Of course, World Series-clinching game with past, Jim Caple writes. Story
handed hitter off Lee's cutter - the September 12 start - For his out Mathewson got all 3 of his wins 10. He's the first to do it since Two World Series losses could
first of which that was left over pitch, Lincecum went to his bread in the World Series. Lincecum Bob Gibson in 1967: mark the end of hired gun Cliff
the middle of the plate. - In the and butter: the changeup. Hitters won 2 games in the World Series. Andres Torres had a double in Lee's brief run with the Rangers,
seventh, the inning in which the were 0-for-10 against his change The only other Giants starters to the 2nd inning. Its his 4th straight Gene Wojciechowski writes.
Giants broke through for three with two strikes, including eight win 2 games in a World SEries game with an extra-base hit, tying Story
hits and three runs, they had of his 10 strikeouts, which tied a are Mathewson (1905), Rube the Giants postseason record. • Neyer: Giants are worthy
success by being aggressive. Lee season high. He had outstanding Marquard (1912), Carl Hubbell Edgardo Alfonzo(2003), Rich champs
threw 20 pitches that inning and command of the pitch as he got (1933) and Phil Douglas (1921) Aurilia(2002), Jeffrey Leonard • Nelson: MVP Renteria delivers
the Giants swung at 14 of them Rangers hitters to expand their 6th HR this postseason for (1987) and Irish Meusel (1921) again
(70 pct), the second highest strike zone all night. Seven of his Nelson Cruz, breaking the also have 4-game streaks. • Stats & Info: Giants do it in style
percentage of any inning in Game eight strikeouts on the change Rangers record for most HR in a Pat Burrell: 2nd Giant with 4 K • FanGraphs: Should've walked
5. Cody Ross and Juan Uribe, came on pitches out of the zone, postseason ( Juan Gonzalez and in a World Series game, joining him
who had the two hits to set up the with six of those seven coming Josh Hamilton have 5). He also Josh Devore (1911, also in 4 AB)
homer, were particularly hungry, down in the zone. - Lincecum's ties Juan Gonzalez for the most ESPN Stats & Information Cliff Lee and the Rangers are a
swinging at eight of the nine devastating off-speed stuff was so career postseason HR in Rangers Associated Press match, even if they didn't get it
pitches they saw. effective, thanks to, at least in history. ARLINGTON, Texas -- Say Hey. done against the Giants, Richard
Lincecum is the 4th NL pitcher part, an improved fastball he Edgar Renteria is the 6th SS with Say World Series champions.The Durrett writes. Story
with at least 10 K, allowing 3 hits showed in Game 5. His fastball a go-ahead HR in the 7th inning prize that eluded Willie and Barry Despite fizzling out at the end,
or fewer and 1 ER or fewer in a averaged 92 MPH, only the third or later of a World Series game. for so long finally belongs to the the Rangers started something
World Series game. time since July 15 he's averaged Matt Cain went 21 1/3 IP without San Francisco Giants, thanks to a special in 2010, and the future is
How Tim Lincecum dominated 92 or higher. Of the 46 fastballs allowing an earned run this band of self-described castoffs GIANTS page 54
the Rangers, giving the Giants he threw, 29 were in the strike postseason, the 3rd-most IP in a and misfits and their shaggy-
54 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 53

bright, writes Jim Reeves. Story said.Wilson pitched a perfect "I grew up watching my dad and Strikeouts 2001 Curt Schilling 56 these Giants turned into world
• Caplan: Weak bats doom ninth for a save, completing a godfather as Giants, lived out my 2010 Cliff Lee 47 2003 Josh beaters is hard to say. Trailing
Rangers surprising romp through the dream playing in the same Beckett 47 2001 Randy Johnson San Diego by 7½ games in the NL
"San Francisco is going nuts, postseason for a pitching-rich uniform in front of the best fans in 47 1998 Kevin Brown 46 West on July 4, they meandered
we're going nuts and it feels really team that waited until the final the world and I just witnessed the powered by Lee struck out Pat in the wild-card race until the
good," closer Brian Wilson said.It day to clinch a playoff Giants winning the World Series. Burrell to keep the runners put, stretch run, winning the division
was an overdue victory. Willie spot.Wilson struck out Cruz I am ecstatic for the team, the city but Ross began hopping home as and finishing 92-70.Come the
Mays led the Giants to their swinging to end it, turned toward and all the fans -- you truly soon as Renteria connected, playoffs, they became dangerous.
previous crown in 1954, four center field and crossed his wrists deserve it."Renteria reprised his sending a drive that kept sailing Any well-armed team is. Start
years before they moved West. in front of his chest as he does role of postseason star. His 11th- and landed over the left-center with Matt Cain-- three postseason
After that, they never quite got it after all his saves."All the experts inning single ended Game 7 of the field wall."It was a classic starts, a 0.00 ERA. Throw in
done despite the likes of baseball out there picked us last," Huff 1997 World Series and lifted pitchers' duel down to that home Lincecum, the two-time Cy
giants Barry Bonds, Juan said. Normally rough and tough, Florida over Cleveland. Forget run. Nobody in this room is more Young winner. Add Madison
Marichal and Willie he teared up.Manager Bruce that he made the last out in the disappointed than I am," Lee Bumgarner, the 21-year-old
McCovey."This buried a lot of Bochy enjoys calling his Giants a 2004 Series that finished Boston's said.And just like that, all the rookie who helped blank Texas in
bones -- '62, '89, 2002," Giants ragtag bunch. Maybe Renteria, sweep of St. Louis -- this Giants' past troubles seemed like Game 4."This doesn't make sense.
general manager Brian Sabean Cody Ross, Huff and Freddy journeyman's path led to another ancient history.Bonds, Mays and You don't realize it. It's something
said, ticking off losing Series Sanchez fit that description. Cut title, helped by his go-ahead home several other former San that's surreal. But that's what we
appearances. "This group loose by other clubs this season run in Game 2."It was a tough Francisco stars are still a part of are, World Series champs," Cain
deserved it, faithful from the and before, they all wound up in year for me," the oft-injured the Giants family.Bonds got a said.San Francisco posted a trio of
beginning. We're proud and San Francisco.But the foundation shortstop said. "I told myself to hallowed home-run record, but one-run wins in the opening round
h u m b l e d b y t h e of this team -- for now, for the keep working hard and keep in questions persist about alleged that sent Atlanta manager Bobby
achievement."Lincecum foreseeable future -- is totally shape because something is going steroids use. He visited the Giants Cox into retirement, then stopped
outdueled Cliff Lee in a matchup home grown, built on a deep, to be good this year."A team clubhouse during the Series and the two-time defending NL
that was scoreless until Renteria talented and young rotation, a seemingly free of egos did got a big hand from fans when he champion Phillies in the
earned the Series MVP award by rookie catcher with huge star everything right to take the lead. took his seat at AT&T Park.His championship series. Those wins,
hitting a stunning three-run homer potential and their funky closer. Ross, the surprising MVP of the godfather, the 79-year-old Mays, like this one, came on the road.In
with two outs in the seventh Both Sides Of History NL Championship Series, stayed was supposed to throw out the the Year of the Pitcher, the World
inning. Nelson Cruz homered in Edgar Renteria became the fourth square and hit a leadoff single and ceremonial first ball but the Say Series proved the oldest adage in
the bottom half, but Lincecum player in MLB history to win the Juan Uribe followed with another Hey Kid was absent because of the game: Good pitching stops
returned to his wicked self and MVP of one World Series and hit up the middle.That put a illness.The Giants won their good hitting, every time.
preserved the lead.Lincecum won make the last out of another. runner at second base for the first previous title when they played in Lincecum and the team with the
this game of Texas Hold 'em, Postseason History Player MVP time in the game and brought up New York at the Polo Grounds. best ERA in the big leagues
beating Lee for the second time in Last out Edgar Renteria 2010 Huff, who led the Giants in home That's where Mays raced back for completely shut down Josh
a week. He gave up three hits over 2004 Ron Cey 1981 1978 Pete runs this year. So what did he do? perhaps the most famous catch of Hamilton and the club with the
eight innings and struck out Rose 1975 1972 Bobby He expertly put down the first all time.They moved West in majors' top batting average.Texas
10.The two-time NL Cy Young Richardson 1960 1964 sacrifice bunt of his career. On 1958 and had tried ever since to hit just .190 in the five games and
winner arrived at Rangers powered by"For us to win for our Strike escape a sort of big league was outscored 29-12."They beat
Ballpark wearing a bow tie, as if fans, it's never been done there, Cliff Lee finished the postseason Alcatraz -- the place where teams us soundly," manager Ron
he was going to a party. He had and with all those great teams," with 47 strikeouts, tied for the get stuck for decades as also-rans. Washington said. "They deserve
one on the mound, for sure."Pretty Bochy said.Bonds spent 15 years second-most in a single The Red Sox and White Sox got it."Texas became the latest Series
collected. I was very poised out wearing the black and postseason, trailing Curt free, not so the Cubs and newcomer to make a quick exit.
there. From the first inning on my orange."There is no city that Schilling's 56 K's in 2001. Indians.So clang the cable car Houston (2005) and Colorado
adrenaline kind of just dissipated deserves this championship Most Strikeouts bells. Loudly, too. Baseball's best GIANTS page 58
and I was able to calm down," he more," Bonds said in a statement. Single Postseason Year Player play by the Bay.Exactly when
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 55

Colts halt Texans to regain control of AFC South

Associated Press ( Rushing Attempts 18 28 6.8 1 33 Ward 2 5 2.5 0 5 them were on balls that were or more DBs on the field for
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:18:23 AM Yards per rush 6.0 3.8 Red Zone Indianapolis CAR YDS AVG TD underthrown (18.5 percent). EVERY ONE of Manning's pass
(Made-Att) 1-2 2-4 Penalties 5-30 LG Hart 12 84 7.0 0 35 Brown 9 Schaub underthrew his targets attempts.
Team Stat Comparison 9-69 Turnovers 2 0 16 1.8 0 5 seven times (50 percent of ESPN Stats & Information
HOU Fumbles lost 1 0 Receiving Leaders Houston REC incompletions) on Monday night Associated Press
IND 1st Downs 19 24 Interceptions thrown 1 0 YDS AVG TD LG TGTS including a second-quarter INDIANAPOLIS -- Peyton
Passing 1st downs 10 15 Defensive / Special Teams TDs 0 Johnson 7 106 15.1 1 28 10 Foster interception returned for a Manning did some extra work
Rushing 1st downs 7 8 1 Possession 23:35 36:25 9 65 7.2 0 14 9 Indianapolis REC touchdown by Kelvin Hayden. Monday night. He threw a lead
1st downs from Penalties 2 1 Passing Leaders Houston C/ATT YDS AVG TD LG TGTS Garcon NEXT-LEVEL: Eighty-nine block. He ran for a first down, and
3rd down efficiency 3-11 7-15 YDS AVG TD INT RATING 7 78 11.1 0 18 11 Tamme 6 64 percent of Peyton Manning's pass he kept the Colts' makeshift
4th down efficiency 0-1 1-1 Total Schaub 22/38 201 5.3 1 1 70.2 10.7 1 26 9 attempts this season have come offense chugging along as the
Plays 59 74 Total Yards 291 366 Indianapolis C/ATT YDS AVG Research Notes with at least five defensive backs Colts got past Houston 30-17.So
Passing 183 259 TD INT RATING Manning 26/45 NEXT-LEVEL: Among Matt on the field, by far the highest just like that, the defending AFC
Comp-Att 22-38 26-45 268 6.0 2 0 89.9 Schaub's 70 incomplete passes percentage in the league. Monday champs are back on top of the
Yards per pass 4.8 5.8 Rushing Rushing Leaders Houston CAR through the Texans' first six night was extreme even by those COLTS page 56
108 107 YDS AVG TD LG Foster 15 102 games this season, only 13 of standards, as the Texans put five
56 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 55

AFC South. More From in nearly two years, then threw and just trying to make plays. The was merely a speed bump for Indy president Bill Polian when the lead block on a first-down 2009 NFL leader in yards passing Manning.He took them 36 yards, highlights of their Super Bowl
There was plenty to learn from catch-and-run by Pierre Garcon in finished a horrible first half 5 of running off nearly all of the half's title were shown. ... Houston
the Colts' victory over the Texans, the third quarter."It was a screen, 15 for 37 yards with one final six minutes before Adam dropped to 2-16 against the Colts's Paul Kuharsky and Pierre has that ability to cut interception and a rating of 14.6 Vinatieri booted a season-long 48- and is 0-9 at Indy. ... Texans left
writes. Blog back," Manning said. "I think as he tried to dodge defensive yard field goal to make it 17-3 at tackle Duane Brown gave up a
• B l o g : R a p i d Pierre really did all the work. ends Robert Mathis and Dwight halftime.Manning didn't stop sack in the first quarter to Freeney
Reaction"Whoever's in there has Let's take it for what it really was Freeney. They still combined for there.After converting a third-and- after returning from a four-game
to somehow find a way to do the -- it was a good run."But that's three sacks.Schaub was better in 10 early in the second half, suspension for violating the
job. It's not always going to be how important Monday's game the second half, finishing 22 of 38 Manning threw a screen pass to league's banned substance policy.
pretty or perfect, but you've just was to the Colts, who evened the for 201 yards with one TD. But the right to Garcon, who cut all ... Hart will have an MRI on his
got to keep grinding," Manning season series with Houston (4-3). the damage was already done."In the way across the field and injured ankle.
said. "That's kind of the word we Fast Facts the first half, we didn't do a thing. followed No. 18 for a 14-yard Copyright by STATS LLC and
use. Just keep grinding and trying • Peyton Manning improved to 7- We dug ourselves a hole," Schaub gain and a first down.Four plays The Associated Press
to make some plays."Manning has 0 in his career at home on said. "It's a hole you don't want to later, Manning took the more INDIANAPOLIS - NOVEMBER
made his share of plays over the Monday Night Football, while the be in to any team in this league, conventional route by throwing a 01: Matt Schaub #8 of Houston
years, and his latest effort Texans are 0-9 all-time on the especially with this team and the flanker screen to Wayne, who Texans throws a pass during
certainly was no different.Though road against the Colts. defense they have."The Colts took sprinted 15 yards to make it 24- warm-ups before the NFL
the Colts (5-2) were missing All- • Jacob Tamme is the 27th player control quickly.Manning took 3.It was that kind of night for the game...(Photo by Andy Lyons/
Pro tight end Dallas Clark, to catch his first career TD pass them 78 yards on the second Texans, who got a 30-yard TD Getty Images)
receiver Austin Collie and from Manning. series, throwing a 2-yard TD pass pass from Schaub to Andre This entry passed through the
running back Joseph Addai with • In two games this season, to Tamme to make it 7-0.On the Johnson and a 6-yard TD run Full-Text RSS service — if this is
injuries, Manning made sure his Manning threw the ball 102 times second play of the second quarter, from Arian Foster to make it 27- your content and you're reading it
teammates didn't miss a beat. against the Texans. the maligned defense gave Indy 17 early in the fourth quarter.That on someone else's site, please read
Mike Hart ran for a career-high 84 • Dwight Freeney, who had zero the play it desperately needed. was as close as the Texans got."It our FAQ page at
yards and barely missed scoring sacks in his last four games, had Kelvin Hayden jumped in front of was a collective effort of content-only/faq.php
his second career touchdown. two Monday and has 15.5 sacks in Kevin Walter, picked off Schaub's mishaps," Johnson said after Five Filters featured article:
Jacob Tamme, similar to Hart his career against the Texans. pass and sprinted 25 yards to hurting his right ankle on the TD Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
making his first career start, -- ESPN Stats & Information make it 14-0."It was a huge part in catch. "Everybody was taking Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
caught six passes for 64 yards and Indy's defense repeatedly the game," Colts linebacker Gary turns making mistakes. We had Catastrophe.
h i s f i r s t c a r e e r pressured Houston quarterback Brackett said. "Obviously, a big mental lapses, when you have
touchdown.Manning, meanwhile, Matt Schaub and forced him into momentum swing for us. Great those things, you're not going to
went 26 of 45 for 268 yards with a series of mistakes including an play by him, great read, finishing win."Manning made sure of
two TDs.But it wasn't just the new interception that was returned for the deal, catching that ball, it.Game notes
guys making plays -- or only the a touchdown.The louder-than- scoring." Neil Rackers banked in Former Colts coach Tony Dungy
offense. Reggie Wayne caught a normal crowd created problems a 53-yard field goal to get was inducted into the team's ring
touchdown pass. Manning rushed for Schaub hearing play calls, Houston within 14-3 with 12 of honor at halftime. He received
for a first down for the first time barking out signals to teammates, minutes to go in the half, but that a standing ovation and hugged
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 57

Report: Randy Moss of Minnesota Vikings lashed out at locally-

catered team meal news services the New England Patriots a month Mortensen talks about his list of use against the Vikings. He also available for around $450,000 and
( ago. teams that could make a claim on expressed his admiration for the Moss could choose the team he
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:14:30 PM "This decision was made based on former Vikings WR Randy Moss. Patriots. would like to join.
what we thought was in the best Mort also says the Redskins "I'm definitely down that we lost Various league sources told
Updated: November 2, 2010, i n t e r e s t s o f t h e M i n n e s o t a coaches haven't been happy with this game. I didn't expect we'd ESPN NFL Insider Adam
1:14 PM ET Vikings, both in the short and Donovan McNabb's practice lose this game," Moss said. "I Schefter that the Washington
Randy Moss, who is expected to long term," coach Brad Childress habits for some time. don't know how many more times Redskins, Chicago Bears, St.
be waived by the Minnesota said in a statement. "We wish A source who was at a team I'll be in New England again. But Louis Rams, Miami Dolphins,
Vikings on Tuesday, may have Randy the best as he moves meeting on Monday, in which I leave coach Belichick and those Oakland Raiders, Kansas City
alienated some teammates when forward in his career." Childress informed the Vikings guys with a salute: 'I love you Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, New
he roundly criticized a post- Moss' name did not appear on the that Moss would be leaving, said guys. I miss you. I'm out.' " York Jets and even the Patriots
practice meal in front of the local league's official waiver report it was clear the coach was On Monday, Childress disagreed are among the teams possibly
restaurant owners who catered it, Monday, but he could be awarded referring to Moss' criticism of the with Moss' assertion that the interested in claiming Moss.
Yahoo! Sports reported. to another team as early as locker-room meal when he said Vikings ignored the receiver's Sources close to the situation told
Every Friday, the Vikings invite Wednesday. "This just doesn't fit with how we advice. Schefter that Vikings owner Zygi
a local establishment to cater the The player who witnessed Moss' treat people, how we talk to "I think we did a pretty good job Wilf is angry that his team plans
team's post-practice meal. Last f o o d t i r a d e c a l l e d i t " a n people and how we act," of heeding it, both offensively and to waive a player he wanted in
Friday, it was a St. Paul restaurant uncomfortable moment," adding according to Yahoo! Sports. defensively," Childress said, Minnesota. Wilf played a major
-- a favorite of former Vikings that he felt Moss deserved to be Moss' perceived lack of effort in according to the Minneapolis Star role in the re-acquisition of Moss
center Matt Birk-- that served cut after the incident, Yahoo! the Vikings' last two games and Tribune. "He gave us some and is unhappy with the way
chicken, pasta, ribs and other Sports reported. his postgame comments after windows into how we thought Monday's events regarding Moss
dishes. "This wasn't a chain -- it was a Sunday's loss at New England they would end up playing. That's unfolded.
While his teammates lined up to mom-and-pop restaurant, and you have widely been seen as reasons obviously in his eyes." Information from The Assocaited
dig in, Moss lashed out, according could tell it was their best stuff," for the Vikings giving up on the A team can claim Moss and pick Press was used in this report.
to the report. the witness said, according to the wide receiver after a month. up the final year of a contract that This entry passed through the
M o s s y e l l e d " W h a t t h e report. "And [Moss] is at his Following the Vikings' 28-18 loss pays him $6.4 million in base Full-Text RSS service — if this is
[expletive]? Who ordered this locker saying, 'You know, I used to the Patriots, in which Moss had salary. Winless Buffalo has the your content and you're reading it
crap? I wouldn't feed this to my to have to eat that crap -- but now one catch for 8 yards, the veteran worst record in the league and the on someone else's site, please read
dog," a player who witnessed the I've got money.' You just felt so receiver announced that he would first shot to claim Moss, followed our FAQ page at
incident said, according to Yahoo! sad for them. I had never seen not be answering any more by Carolina and Dallas (Cowboys content-only/faq.php
Sports. anyone treated like that. questions from the media for the owner Jerry Jones said Tuesday Five Filters featured article:
The Vikings decided to cut ties "And by the way, the food was rest of the season. he will not claim Moss). If no Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
with Moss on Monday, despite actually really good." Mike & He also criticized the Vikings for team claims him, the Vikings owe Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
having given up a third-round Mike in the Morning not heeding his advice on certain Moss the remaining $3.388 Catastrophe.
draft choice to acquire him from ESPN NFL insider Chris plays the Patriots were likely to million on his deal. He'd be
58 Sports/ E-reader News Edition
JaMarcus Russell works out for continued from page 54

(2007) got swept in their first away.Many years ago, one swing
Washington Redskins as Donovan appearances, Tampa Bay (2008)
stuck around for just five games.
of the bat prompted a call that
resonates throughout Giants
The AL champion Rangers history and beyond."The Giants
McNabb takes high road became the first team since 1966
to get shut out twice in a World
win the pennant! The Giants win
the pennant! The Giants win the news services road, saying: "Coach makes the the Raiders. Series, with big hitters Hamilton, pennant!" announcer Russ Hodges
( decisions. I can only say how I "I don't think you consider anyone Vladimir Guerrero and Cruz left shouted over and over after
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:34:08 PM feel and what I feel think is best just based off of talent," Kyle taking half-swings or flailing Bobby Thomson launched "The
for me." Shanahan said after the workout. wildly.Hamilton, the probable AL Shot Heard 'Round the World" in
Updated: November 2, 2010, Later, McNabb said: "I'm just "Everyone in the NFL's pretty MVP, went 2 for 20 with one 1951.Time to redo that cry: The
1:34 PM ET ready to move on, focus on what I talented. [It's] other stuff that RBI."We just got cold at the Giants win the Series! The Giants
Quarterback JaMarcus Russell have to do after the bye week." really separates you. He is very wrong time with the bats," he win the Series! The Giants win
worked out for the Washington Meanwhile, Russell, the former talented, so I think he can said.The Rangers' franchise the Series!Game notes
Redskins on Tuesday as he looks No. 1 draft choice of the Oakland overcome some of the stuff that wrapped up its 50th season Renteria went 7 for 17 (.412)
to resurrect his NFL career. Raiders, was on the field looking he struggled with. I don't really overall, in good hands with Nolan with a Series-leading six RBIs. ...
At the same time, the Redskins for a job. He was one of 20 know that personally, but if he Ryan as president and part-owner. At 2 hours, 32 minutes, it was the
continued to try to explain why players the Redskins worked out looks like he's in good shape out If only Big Tex could teach his fastest Series game since Game 4
their incumbent starter, Donovan on Tuesday. Several Redskins here and he's working, and that's team to hit, too.By the final out, in 1992 between Toronto and
McNabb, was pulled in the fourth players Tweeted that Russell was all you can evaluate. Sometimes Ryan sat there glumly as did the Atlanta, according to STATS
quarter of Sunday's game against at practice. when guys do get a second team's No. 1 fan, former President LLC. ... Burrell was 0 for 13 with
Detroit. Offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said: "We'll opportunity, they can change their George W. Bush.The Giants won 11 strikeouts in the Series.
Kyle Shanahan, the head coach's evaluate him and everyone else stripes." their sixth title overall, joining the Copyright by STATS LLC and
son, said that McNabb had been out there." The Redskins broke for their off likes of Christy Mathewson, Mel The Associated Press
hampered by bad hamstrings and Russell was released by the week vacation Tuesday -- and not Ott and John McGraw as champs. ARLINGTON, TX -
was told in advance that he could Oakland Raiders in May, and an a moment too soon. The five-day They also helped ease the gloating NOVEMBER 01: Manager Ron
be pulled from the game. Alabama grand jury declined not break is exactly what's needed to that blew from across the Bay, Washington of the Texas Rangers
Head coach Mike Shanahan has to indict Russell last week on a settle things down after a dizzying where the Oakland Athletics won pitches batting practice to his
given a variety of explanations for felony drug possession charge three days of quarterback drama. three straight crowns in the mid- players...(Photo by Ronald
why McNabb was pulled from the related to a drink containing Information from The Associated 1970s and swept the Giants in the Martinez/Getty Images)
game, citing backup quarterback codeine syrup found at his home. Press is included in this report. earthquake-interrupted 1989 This entry passed through the
Rex Grossman's knowledge of the Russell had been charged with This entry passed through the Series.The Giants are tied with Full-Text RSS service — if this is
team's two-minute offense and felony possession of a controlled Full-Text RSS service — if this is their longtime rivals, the Dodgers, your content and you're reading it
McNabb's physical condition. substance, a drink containing your content and you're reading it for fifth-most Series titles. The on someone else's site, please read
"The cardiovascular endurance codeine syrup, when Mobile on someone else's site, please read Yankees lead with 27, followed our FAQ page at
that it takes to run a two-minute, (Ala.) County sheriff's officers our FAQ page at by the Cardinals (10), Athletics content-only/faq.php
going all the way down with no raided his home July 5. The content-only/faq.php (9) and Red Sox (7).San Francisco Five Filters featured article:
timeouts, calling plays, it's just defense contended the drink Five Filters featured article: had come close before. Future Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
not easy." Shanahan said on belonged to another person in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Hall of Famers Orlando Cepeda, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Monday.. "If I thought it was the Russell's home, where several Reporting of Falluja's Cancer Mays, McCovey and Marichal Catastrophe.
best situation to do, then Donovan people had gathered after the July Catastrophe. lost to the Yankees 1-0 in Game 7
would have run the two-minute 4th holiday. in 1962. In 2002, Bonds & Co. led
offense." Russell was 7-18 in three seasons the Angels 5-0 in the seventh
Tuesday, McNabb took the high as the starting quarterback with inning of Game 6 before letting
that lead and Game 7 slip
E-reader News Edition Sports/ 59

Zenyatta Rocks 'n' Rolls to Date With San Francisco Parties Its
History at Breeders' Cup Heart Out
Jon Weinbach (FanHouse Lisa Olson (FanHouse Main)
Main) Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:47:00 PM

Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:14:00 PM

Filed under: MLB SAN
Filed under:@gallery, Horse FRANCISCO -- "You go, girl!"
Racing, Sports Business and And with that simple utterance,
Media more than five decades of
LOS ANGELES -- It reads like a heartache and frustration yielded
cliched Tinseltown script. There's to jubilation and exhilaration,
a music mogul, a model, a because there on the large TV
Vietnam vet, a salty sidekick, and screens was Tim Lincecum--
a God-fearing, battle-scarred best "Timmy," to one and all -- being
friend who's looking for one last hoisted atop the shoulders of his
hurrah. They all orbit around one teammates, his long, glorious hair
majestic female, a superior athlete fluttering, his right index finger
whose dramatic flair and camera- In a Deadspin era of loutish supporting her Saturday in what pointed upward, his legacy as one
friendly personality has energized athletes, lewd text messages and will likely be her final race, the $6 of this city's toughest, most
a downtrodden sport. And in the litigious team owners, Zenyatta's million Breeders' Cup Classic at charismatic sporting characters Castro over to the orange-bathed
final act, our heroine faces off climb to the top of thoroughbred Churchill Downs in Louisville, cemented forever. Civic Center, from Nob Hill to
against the world's best racing feels out of place, like a Ky. Zenyatta has been tabbed as Inside The Midnight Sun, a noted China Basin, it was impossible
competitors -- all men -- in a relic from a more innocent sports the 8-5, morning-line favorite gay bar in the heart of the Castro not to get a contact high. Sure, the
showdown with history. world. There's no drug scandal or from post eight in the 12-horse district, there were joyous tears sweet smelling wafts from
Of course, it's all true. And cheating accusation lurking on the field. and spontaneous hugging of unchecked imbibers intensified
fittingly, Zenyatta - the star of this periphery. There are no agents, "We all want to win, but we don't s t r a n g e r s a n d f e r v e n c y the rush - San Franciscans party
tale, and horse racing's best story marketing representatives or mind getting beat by her," Hall of epitomized, scenes replicated exactly like you think they would,
in decades - lives at a place called corporate sponsors involved. And Fame trainer Bob Baffert told throughout the Bay Area Monday no matter how Proposition 19
Hollywood Park. even rivals admit that they'll be reporters last week. night after the San Francisco fares -- but this buzz was all
Giants won their first World natural, born out of the magical
Series championship since ride the Giants took their fans on
moving here in 1958. these last few nutty weeks.
Everywhere you went, from the

LaMichael James on the Run to Heisman

David Whitley (FanHouse Main) candidate for the office of operative, I'd recommend the really born in a Kenyan mosque. The grim voiceover would ask,
Heisman Trophy winner.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:45:00 PM James campaign go negative. Dig up his mugshot after being "If we can't trust this man not to
That goes against most current Trot out a commercial showing arrested for possession of stolen buy a hot computer, can we trust
Filed under: Auburn, Oregon, p o l l s , w h i c h i n d i c a t e C a m Newton's five ridiculous property. Re-enact the Gainesville him not to sell the Heisman?"
Heisman In honor of this week's Newton will win unless somebody interceptions. Have anonymous police knocking on the door and
election, I'd like to state that discovers he once dated Christine sources tell Politico that Newton's Newton tossing a computer out
LaMichael James is the best O'Donnell. If I were a political birth certificate is fake and he was the window.
60 Gaming/ E-reader News Edition

Retailers: Gran Turismo 5 to miss Christmas release

James Ransom-Wiley (Joystiq)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:30:00 PM

Today was the day we were

supposed to finally, maybe play
Gran Turismo 5-- not even
Walmart, it seems, can get over
the latest delay. A search for the
game today on the retailer's site
turned up an "In Stock" result
(pictured above); though clicking
through to the product prompted
only a pre-order option.
While there remains no definitive
release date for the comically-
delayed sim racer, a Sony
representative reiterated in a
statement to Joystiq today that the
publisher is "still aiming for this released on Tuesdays -- just like placeholder release dates for Sony can pull off a last-minute
holiday" to launch GT5. Sony has today -- in the U.S. And though GT5(whereas GameFly is sticking miracle.
backed up this target window by Amazon appears to be acting on a with "TBD," for now). Continue reading Retailers: Gran
recently updating retailers, which date provided by the publisher, Technically, you can get away Turismo 5 to miss Christmas
passed the information along to Sony confirmed December 31 is with extending the holiday season release
their customers. Specifically, just a placeholder. "As far as the into early January, and by all Retailers: Gran Turismo 5 to miss
Amazon has notified GT5 pre- Amazon date goes," a Sony accounts, GT5 is still on track to Christmas release originally
orderers of a "new delivery representative told us, "retailers meet this rather dubious date appeared on Joystiq on Tue, 02
estimate based on the new release have arbitrary dates that get listed range. According to retailer Nov 2010 13:30:00 EST. Please
date" -- that date being December to coincide with any given title's expectations, however, no gamer - see our terms for use of feeds.
31, 2010. (A full copy of one such launch window if we haven't - big or small -- is going to be Permalink| Email this| Comments
email is posted after the break.) provided a specific date. So it's unwrapping Gran Turismo 5 from
Although there are exceptions completely driven from their side under the Christmas tree, or from
(first-party Nintendo games tend [...] A placeholder if you will." any other location their loved
to be released on Sundays), Similarly, GameStop and Target ones might stack their presents
almost all video games are now list January 1, 2011 this holiday. Unless, of course,
E-reader News Edition Gaming/ Featured/ Politics/ 61

I love reading Paul Krugman's blog

(Scripting News) same thing as being stupid. Albert would. We're still voting against
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:13:32 AM Einstein was surely ignorant of our interest, we're still giving
some things. money to people who use the
Krugman is a Natural Born We all do it. The world is too big money to buy votes so that they
Blogger in every sense of the and complex to pay attention to can take even more money etc etc
term. everything, no matter how smart We'll see tomorrow how bad it is,
You can tell that just from you are. but they say it's going to be pretty
reading his blog. It's especially Ignorance becomes negative, bad.
important because he's blogging at however, when you ignore things I think the systems are linked. In that sense what that are important. Ignore the The smarter the news system is
he's doing is very subversive pedestrians in the crosswalk as the smarter the political system
Fable 3 fixes incoming, because he's an expert writing
without interpretation by a
you drive through it -- that's
seriously ignorant, for you and for
can be. And the converse is true
as well, until the news system gets

Lionhead asking for bug middleman, a reporter. There's no

one between him, the expert, and
me, a person who wants access to
the pedestrians. Ignore that a
weak dollar must be balanced by a
strong currency somewhere is
smart, the political system can't.
That's why the smart anger at a
leading news place like the Times
submissions his expertise.
He's a Source that Goes Direct.
ignorance. It's just math. There's
no way around it.
is a very positive sign. Krugman
himself is good news.
Griffin McElroy (Joystiq) just won Season 3 of The Tester. I especially go for his angry The same kind of reasoning We have to care enough to not be
Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:10:00 PM The blog post also contains a pieces (like this one). What makes applies to various systems. The ignorant of our interests. We're
workaround for folks who are Krugman angry is the same thing news system is rebooting. That's not there yet. But there are
One expects to come up against having trouble transferring their that gets me going -- ignorance. the premise of a lot of my hopeful signs.
all manner of opposition when hard-earned gold over from the Ignorance is the practice of thinking. The political system is
attempting a violent overthrow of Fable 3 Kingmaker App over to ignoring. To be ignorant is not the not rebooting the way I hoped it
a monarchy, but game-crashing the game itself. No, throwing your
technical issues shouldn't be one
of them. An update on Lionhead's
smartphone at your Xbox 360 as
hard as you possibly can, hoping GOP Outsmarted Democrats in
official blog has revealed that the the gold will transfer over in the
developer is currently working on
a patch for a few known Fable 3
ensuing collision, is not the
issues, and is also seeking bug Fable 3 fixes incoming, Lionhead (Newsmax - Inside Cover) into a category 5 anti-Democratic minute advertising push in the
submissions from the game's most asking for bug submissions Submitted at 11/2/2010 7:52:58 AM hurricane. closing weeks of the election.
attentive players. You might take originally appeared on Joystiq on As first reported Monday in The According to a Roll Call analysis,
umbrage over having to do QA Tue, 02 Nov 2010 14:10:00 EST. By: David A. Patten Rothenberg Political Report, Republicans had spent $11.3
for a game you spent 60 American Please see our terms for use of Even before the election returns sources at the National through the independent-
dollars on, but, think of it this feeds. begin to flood in, Republican Republican Congressional expenditure arm of the National
way: You can pretend like you Permalink| Email this| Comments insiders are privately high-fiving Committee are saying they took a Republican Congressional
each other over their execution of roll of the dice and opened their Committee (NRCC) as of Sept.
a politically risky strategy that wallets early, spending heavily in 30, compared to $4.1 million for
enabled them to outflank their rural, less-expensive media Democrats. It now appears that
Democratic counterparts, markets while Democrats opted to GOP page 62
transforming this election cycle hold on to their cash for a last-
62 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 61

Democratic strategy has at their political maps, they saw strength of Tuesday wave. opportunities. And I think you're structural problems they faced.
backfired. race after race flipping from Ed Goeas is a partner in the going to see the results of that Goeas tells Newsmax that GOP
This was reflected in the FEC "Leaning Democratic" to "Toss- Alexandria, Va.-based Tarrance tonight." strategists deserve kudos for their
filings that showed the NRCC Up." That meant that once Group, a polling and consulting GOP strategists are saying that tactics, which obviously have paid
with just $19 million left in its Democrats did begin doling out firm that is aiding Republicans in had Democrats opened the purse off.
coffers, compared to $41.6 money, those funds had to be nine gubernatorial races, five strings early they could have "The fact that we are going into
million remaining for the spread over a much larger number Senate races, and 65 taken some races off the board by Election Day with clearly 100
Democratic Congressional of races. congressional races this cycle. solidifying the advantage many congressional races that are very
Campaign Committee. Also, as Republicans saw their Goeas credits several leading incumbents appears to enjoy even much in play, I think a lot of
Rothenberg reports that there opportunities increasing even in Republican organizations with a two months ago. Democrats credit has to go to them," Goeas
were 16 races in which the NRCC districts with strong Democratic high-stakes bet that early media wanted to save their ad dollars for says, adding: "Clearly this is the
had spent at least $300,000 by the incumbents, they were energized buys would expand the number of the waning weeks of the kind of campaign cycle that
beginning of October. Democrats, and more likely to support the vulnerable Democrats. Goeas campaign, however, when they makes us look a lot smarter than
by contrast, had invested that GOP campaign as it gathered singled out the NRCC, the could be sure the voting public what we are, and makes
much in only five contests. momentum. National Republican Senatorial was paying attention. Democrats look at lot dumber
Details of the tactics that Of course, many other Committee, and the Republican "When you have a bad than what they are."
Republicans used to set up a contributing factors are in play: Governors Association for praise environment," GOP consultant © Copyright 2010 The Associated
potential landslide are just The moribund economy, ethics in their tactics and strategies, Brad Todd told Rothenberg, Press. All rights reserved. This
beginning to emerge. A high-level charges against high-profile which capitalized on voters' "waiting does not preserve your material may not be published,
NRCC source tells Newsmax that Democrats, the disparity in party frustration with Democratic options. It just forces you into broadcast, rewritten or
the GOP, which had substantially enthusiasm, the rising policies. unacceptable and more expensive redistributed.
less money to spend than did unpopularity of House Speaker Had Republicans miscalculated, choices later." This entry passed through the
Democrats, perfectly executed the Nancy Pelosi, and the continual they could have been left with Democratic operatives, not Full-Text RSS service — if this is
political equivalent of an NFL activism of grass-roots empty pockets in the vital closing surprisingly, are pushing back your content and you're reading it
flea-flicker pass in the way it conservatives. days of the 2010 midterm against the notion that they on someone else's site, please read
allocated its money. All of these elements played an election. Instead, Democratic somehow blundered in their our FAQ page at
"We always knew we would be important role in aggravating an incumbents throughout the approach to the campaign. content-only/faq.php
outgunned by the Democrats," the already negative election cycle for country are struggling to stave off "The DCCC's discipline has been Five Filters featured article:
source says. "So we decided to Democrats. election upsets. important," Democratic consultant Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
make a calculated risk and take But the ultimate impact of the "They have won their bet," David Dixon told Rothenberg. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
advantage of the environment. We GOP's financial Hail Mary pass is independent analyst and publisher "It's rare you get a knockout Catastrophe.
believe it has paid off." reflected in analysts' projections Stuart Rothenberg recently punch in September. Our
By investing substantial dollars for a GOP gain of between 50 and declared. candidates left on the table late –
early in races that weren't even 60 seats in the House and up to 8 Goeas tells Newsmax: "They've those in 46 to 44 [percent] races –
thought to be up for grabs as of seats in the Senate. Analysts see been very professional, very need a strong endgame TV play."
September, Republicans were the 10-seat Senate pickup needed smart, and used the environmental That the second-guessing has
essentially able to expand the to take over the upper chamber as almost in a jujitsu-type move, already begun over how
playing field and gain momentum. unlikely, but not out of the using the weight of that Democrats handled the campaign
As Democratic strategists looked question, depending on the environment to increase their is just another indication off the
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 63

Feminist Backlash? College Women Want to Be Is Charlie

Treated Like Princesses Crist
Eleanor Clift (Politics Daily)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:40:00 AM
scarves in state schools, it's
heartening to see how seamlessly
a college class of middle-class
dependent?" Fiske-Rusciano
gently probed. "Since he's paying
for everything, maybe you don't
paying your way is the one that
punctures the fantasy that a man
will always be there to take care
Max Strasser (Politics Daily)
Contributor I was at Rider kids modify their behavior to need such a high-paying job?" of you. As these women study
University in New Jersey last respect different customs, and That of course was the thinking their opposite numbers in Iraq, Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:34:00 AM

week and sat in on a global how open they were to a guided before the women's movement they are also exploring their own
studies class that has a video link- discussion, suspending value Charlie Crist, the current
fought for a level playing field, customs and traditions, and
up with Kufa University in Najaf, judgments and debating back and Republican governor of Florida, is
even if it meant giving up the sometimes their reactions puzzle
Iraq. The link failed the day I was forth among themselves. running for Senate as an
perks of being the fairer sex. One those who remember fighting over
there but the professor used the independent after losing the
Professor Roberta Fiske- young woman flared at the notion these issues of money and
time to discuss the focus of the Rusciano has conducted similar Republican primary to tea-party-
that being treated like a princess chivalrous behavior and thinking
class, which is about what v i d e o c o n f e r e n c i n g w i t h backed candidate Marco Rubio.
might mean accepting something they had been resolved.
constitutes a civil society, and American University in Cairo, Crist and Rubio are in a close
less in her career. "I'm a triple I visited this global studies class
how the two campuses might put and finds it a really useful tool to three-way race with Democratic
major," she declared, "but I still in my role as a fellow with the
their ideas together to help form promote understanding between four-term Congressman Kendrick
like being treated like that." Some Woodrow Wilson Fellowship
one. She started by asking what cultures. She encouraged the Meek. As part of a Politics Daily
minor dissent followed, with one Foundation, which brings people
the Rider students admired most students to think about what series providing background
student warning that it's fine to be from various walks of life to small
about the structure of Iraqi constitutes a civil society, and the about the major candidates in
on a pedestal, but if you get liberal arts campuses with the
society, explaining to me that qualities they quickly settled on 2010, here are answers to some
knocked off, you could be the goal of enlightening the students,
their counterparts in this exercise were close family ties, with access frequently asked questions about
victim of an honor killing. and fortunately the lessons work
are all women and all wearing the for all to education and health Crist's life. Is Charlie Crist
Several women students gave both ways. I thought of these
traditional head covering, or hijab, care (with health care considered married? Yes. Who is Charlie
what sounded like testimonials to students during Saturday's rally on
that identifies them as Muslims. Crist's wife? Crist's wife is Carole
a human right). So far, so good, I the practice of having the guy the National Mall to "Restore
It was an unseasonably warm day thought. These students are Crist (nee Carole Oumano),
pick up the check. One said it's a Sanity and/or Fear," when I saw a
in late October and a technician building a list that indicates their formerly Carole Rome. How old
form of disrespect to the woman if sign that said, "Palin, O'Donnell,
t r i e d i n v a i n t o g e t t h e idealism is alive and well. is Charlie Crist's wife? Carole
the guy doesn't pay, or at least Bachmann -- For this I burned my
international connection up and Encouraging the students to dig Crist is 41. She was born Oct. 20,
make the offer. The handful of bra?"
going. Sometimes a sandstorm deeper than generalities, the 1969. What does Charlie Crist's
men in the class stayed mostly This entry passed through the
interferes, but this time it was the professor asked what qualities wife do for a living? Carole Crist
quiet, exchanging eye rolls at the Full-Text RSS service — if this is
back-up generator the Iraqi they admired about family life in graduated from Georgetown
thought that they had to bankroll your content and you're reading it
university relies on, which had Iraq. A number of the female University in 1991 with a degree
everything. on someone else's site, please read
run out of juice. When it was Rider students said they liked how in accounting. She was a financial
Did I miss something in the last our FAQ page at
clearly a no-go, one Rider student Iraqis put women on a pedestal. auditor in New York City before
several decades? I remember content-only/faq.php
peeled off her jacket. She was One said she liked being treated she became president of her
when Nora Ephron said, "The Five Filters featured article:
wearing a sleeveless top and had as a princess. Another countered family's Halloween costume and
major concrete achievement of the Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
kept the jacket on out of respect that she was raised to never gag-gift business, Franco
women's movement in the 1970s Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
for the Iraqi women. American Novelty Co., in 2000
depend on a man. "I can open the was the Dutch treat." She was Catastrophe.
With all the hullaballoo in New door myself," she said. "I don't after her father's death. During her
being wry of course, as only
York about building an Islamic want to be treated like a princess. tenure at the company, Carole
Ephron can, but of all the
cultural center near Ground Zero, That comes at a cost." Rome helped transform the
symbolic behaviors that define the
or the French banning head " B e c a u s e y o u b e c o m e relationship between the genders, CHARLIE page 64
64 Politics/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 63

catalog into one featuring more couple hit it off immediately and marriage to Todd Rome.
Obama: GOP Trying to
form-fitting costumes. She is no
longer employed at Franco
started dating. Nine months later,
on July 3, Crist asked Rome to
Also see:
How Old Is Charlie Crist? Defeat Me
American but still does consulting marry him. He gave her a What is Charlie Crist's Religion? (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
work for the family company. sapphire engagement ring. Were Latest Charlie Crist News and Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:10:09 AM
Carole Crist also holds numerous either Charlie Crist or his wife Information
assets thanks to her first husband, married before? Both Crist and Read Charlie Crist's full bio on Tuesday, 02 Nov 2010 01:10 PM
Todd Rome. She also engages in his wife were married before. In his website. So much for taking the high road.
some philanthropic work. How 1979, when Crist was a 23-year- This entry passed through the President Barack Obama already
long have Charlie Crist and his old law student at Cumberland Full-Text RSS service — if this is is putting a kibosh on the potential
wife been married? Crist and his School of Law in Birmingham, your content and you're reading it for bipartisan cooperation after
wife have been married for almost Ala., he married Amanda on someone else's site, please read Republicans take over the House
two years. The couple wed on Morrow, a sorority girl from Palm our FAQ page at and possibly the Senate in today’s
Dec. 12, 2008, in St. Petersburg, Beach County, Fla. Crist and content-only/faq.php elections, Politico reports.
Fla., Gov. Crist's hometown. How Morrow divorced eight months Five Filters featured article: years trying to defeat me, as
Obama is telling his supporters opposed to trying to move the
and when did Charlie Crist and later. Carole Crist was married to Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- that he needs people in Congress
his wife meet? Crist met Carole Todd Rome, the CEO of Blue Star Reporting of Falluja's Cancer country forward," Obama told
"who want to cooperate." But then radio host Steve Harvey in an
Rome in September 2007 when Jets, for 14 years. Does Charlie Catastrophe. he says Republicans don’t fit that
they were seated next to each Crist have any children? Crist interview broadcast Tuesday
bill. That doesn’t exactly pave the morning.
other at a dinner to discuss does not have any children of his way for the White House and new
Republican fundraising at the own, but his wife Carole Crist has Experts say what Obama should
Congress to work together.
upscale Italian restaurant two children: Skylar, 12, and "Their [Republicans’] whole OBAMA: page 66
Campagnola in Manhattan. The Jessica, 14, from her first agenda is to spend the next two

Roseanne Cash to John Boehner: Stop Using Dad's Name as a

Tom Diemer (Politics Daily) epithet for Boehner: "you asshat." that she says her father gave her
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:09:00 PM It seems the Ohio lawmaker has and told her to learn when she
been firing up Republican crowds was a teenager infatuated with the
Correspondent Roseanne Cash, of late, Politico reports, by asking: Beatles.
the singer-songwriter daughter of "Remember when Ronald Reagan This entry passed through the
the late Johnny Cash, isn't going was president? We had Bob Hope. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
to walk the line with House We had Johnny Cash. Think about your content and you're reading it
Minority Leader John Boehner where we are today. We have got on someone else's site, please read
anytime soon. President Obama. But we have no our FAQ page at
Cash, in a Twitter posting, told hope and no cash." content-only/faq.php
Boehner -- the man who could Roseanne, obviously, isn't Five Filters featured article:
whereas Cash was hard to pin Johnny Cash and his first wife,
soon be speaker of the House -- to amused. Comedian Hope and Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
down politically. But the Man in Vivian, recently recorded "The
stop using her late father's "name country singer Cash, American Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Black was no Reagan Republican. List," a dozen cuts drawn from a
as a punchline" in his stump icons, both died in 2003. Hope Catastrophe.
Roseanne Cash, the daughter of list of 100 country and folk songs
speech. And she added a puzzling was a bona fide Republican,
E-reader News Edition Politics/ 65

McDonnell on VP Short Democrats Fight for Role in Minority

List for 2012 Leadership
(Newsmax - Inside Cover) (Newsmax - Inside Cover)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 7:44:33 AM Submitted at 11/2/2010 8:19:43 AM

Tuesday, 02 Nov 2010 12:44 PM Tuesday, 02 Nov 2010 01:19 PM

Republican Virginia Gov. Bob Once congressional Democrats
McDonnell appeared at finish taking in today’s whipping
fundraising events for GOP at the hands of their Republican
candidates around the country in opponents, they will start to fight
recent weeks, helping to bring in C h r i s C h r i s t i e ’ s , w h o l i k e among themselves. The disputes
more than $2.5 million. That work McDonnell was elected last will focus on congressional
could help launch him to a vice December. But the Virginia leadership positions, The Hill
presidential bid in 2012 and governor is clearly in ascendancy. reports.
perhaps a run for the presidency © Newsmax. All rights reserved. Election results could send
after that, The Hill reports. This entry passed through the Senate Majority Leader Harry
McDonnell’s fundraising efforts favorite for the post of House on someone else's site, please read
Full-Text RSS service — if this is Reid home to Nevada with a loss Democratic leader, taking over our FAQ page at
have come on behalf of a dozen your content and you're reading it of his seat and relegate House
gubernatorial candidates, four from Pelosi as Democrats assume content-only/faq.php
on someone else's site, please read Speaker Nancy Pelosi to a lesser a minority role. Rep. John Larson Five Filters featured article:
Senate candidates and every our FAQ page at role.
major Republican campaign As for the Senate, Sens. Charles of Connecticut may launch a Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
content-only/faq.php challenge to Hoyer. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
committee, according to a Five Filters featured article: Schumer of New York and Dick
spokesman for the governor. © Newsmax. All rights reserved. Catastrophe.
Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- Durbin of Illinois are both This entry passed through the
In his home state of Virginia, Reporting of Falluja's Cancer plotting to succeed Reid. In the
McDonnell has raised money and House, Majority Leader Steny Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Catastrophe. your content and you're reading it
campaigned for nine Republican Hoyer, D-Md., represents a clear
House candidates. His star hasn’t
risen as high as New Jersey Gov.

Podcast: Eric Metaxas on 'Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet,

Matt Lewis (Politics Daily) of "Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, This is an inspiring story of our FAQ page at
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:14:00 AM Prophet, Spy." heroism that, I think, everyone content-only/faq.php
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, as you may could benefit from hearing. Five Filters featured article:
Columnist I know it's Election know, was a German pastor who Check out the podcast! Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Day, but the first polls won't close stood up to the Nazi regime, was Subscribe to "The Matt Lewis Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
for many hours. part of the conspiracy to Show" on iTunes! Catastrophe.
So take a few minutes away from assassinate Hitler, and ultimately This entry passed through the
the hustle and bustle of campaigns was murdered by the Nazis. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
and listen to today's very special Former First Lady Laura Bush G e o r g e W . B u s h w a s your content and you're reading it
podcast with Eric Metaxas, author recently said former President r e a d i n g " B o n h o e f f e r . " on someone else's site, please read
66 Science/ E-reader News Edition
continued from page 64

do is show humility after our FAQ page at

Democrats suffer their huge losses content-only/faq.php
and show an eagerness to work Five Filters featured article:
with Republicans. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
© Newsmax. All rights reserved. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
This entry passed through the Catastrophe.
Full-Text RSS service — if this is
your content and you're reading it
on someone else's site, please read

Scientists May Have Discovered a Cure for the Common Cold

(and Lots of Other Viruses)
Dan Nosowitz (Popular Science virus has a chance to take over the
- New Technology, Science cell.
News, The Future Now) The research further speculates
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:26 PM that that TRIM21 protein could be
Virus Attack! Virus (purple) used as a sort of booster shot,
circulating in the bloodstream perhaps delivered through a nasal
recognised by antibodies (yellow) spray (we do love inhalable
of the immune system The medicine). The scientists have
Independent A new virus-killing only experimented on cultured
technique could hit the market in human cells, not whole animals,
just a few years but are very confident that this
Any immunology textbook will kind of medicine could boost the
tell you that once a virus enters a cells' own defenses and give them
cell, the only way to knock that the ability to kill viruses even
virus out is to kill the entire cell. after they've entered the cell.
But a new study from the Assisting the cell's natural
Laboratory of Molecular Biology defenses allows the cell to remain
at Cambridge has shown a way to functional after it's destroyed a
kill a virus from within the cell, body's last chance to eliminate a mechanism can be enhanced further notices that there's an virus--the best kind of medicine.
leaving the virus defeated and the virus is before it enters a cell-- through external means, making interloper (the virus) attached to it These scientists believe that this
cell victorious and intact. This once it's inside, it's game over. the cells even stronger. --which, according to the strict sort of cure could be ready to go
could be huge--not just a cure for You can kill the cell, but doing Antibodies in the bloodstream bouncer-like rules of the TRIM21 to clinical testing in as few as two
the common cold, but for all kinds that too often is harmful to the attach themselves to free-floating p r o t e i n , i s n o t a l l o w e d . to five years--not soon enough to
of other viruses as well. body's health. But this new study viruses, and are taken intact with (Antibodies can't roll one-virus stop the onset-of-winter colds
T h e s t u d y , w h i c h w i l l b e shows that the body actually has the virus once it enters into a cell. deep, is what I'm saying.) The we're all about to contract, but
published this week in the its own in-cell defense mechanism Before that virus gets a chance to TRIM21 protein then triggers the encouragingly soon nonetheless.
Proceedings of the National that can attack viruses once hijack the cell, a naturally cell's defense mechanisms, which [ The Independent]
Academy of Sciences, tackles a they've entered a cell--and they're occurring protein called TRIM21 can destroy the virus in as little as
fundamental of immunology. It h o p e f u l t h a t t h i s d e f e n s e recognizes the antibody, and one or two hours--long before the
has long been assumed that the
E-reader News Edition Science/ 67

The International Space Station Has Been Continuously Inhabited

for Ten Years Today
Rebecca Boyle (Popular Federal Space Agency, the Japan
Science - New Technology, Aerospace Exploration Agency
Science News, The Future and the Canadian Space Agency.
Astronauts aboard the station are
Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:56:46 AM continually conducting
ISS Above Earth The station as experiments in several fields,
seen from space shuttle Discovery including the effects of
in March 2009. NASA weightlessness on plants and
Today marks the 10th animals; how fluids and materials
anniversary of human habitation behave in microgravity; and the
at the International Space Station, long-term health effects of living
meaning that as of this week, in space.
humans have been living in space But the ISS' greatest
for more than two decades. That's achievements may be yet to come.
a pretty impressive statement In February, astronauts will install
when you think about it. the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer
The ISS has been continuously -02, designed to detect dark
lived in since Nov. 2, 2000, when matter and uncover the secrets of
Expedition 1 commander Bill the origins of the universe. The
Shepherd and flight engineers station is built to last through
Sergei Krikalev and Yuri telescope. h u m a n s w o u l d h a v e l i v e d shield and one of its main solar 2020, and beyond that, its future
Gidzenko became the first Last week, the ISS finally continuously in space since the panels. The US planned to launch is anyone's guess - it could be
residents. Since then, 200 surpassed the former Soviet first Bush administration. a new station, Freedom, in the turned into a a base camp for
explorers have visited, 15 nations Union and then Russian space The first space station, the US' 1980s, but budget constraints expeditions to the moon or Mars,
have contributed modules and station Mir as the longest lived-in Skylab, didn't last long - it was in nearly killed it. After the Soviet crew quarters for an asteroid
hardware, and more than 600 station. Mir was occupied for a Earth's orbit from 1973 to 1979 Union fell, President George mission, or it could become a
experiments have been conducted, total of 3,641 days, from Sept. 8, and it was visited by crews just H.W. Bush and Russian President huge piece of space junk.
according to NASA. 1989 to Aug. 28, 1999, according three times, in 1973 and 1974. Boris Yeltsin agreed to cooperate In honor of 10 years, here are
The ISS is by far the biggest man to Roscosmos. A 15-month gap S k y l a b w a s p l a g u e d w i t h in space, and the ISS was born. some of the ISS' greatest hits and
-made satellite to ever orbit Earth; separated the end of space station problems from the beginning; it It's a compendium of five space our fondest memories of our
it is easily seen with the naked Mir and the beginning of the ISS - was heavily damaged during agencies: NASA, the European peaceful outpost in space.
eye, and its solar panels can be were it not for that window, launch, losing its micrometeoroid Space Agency, the Russian
seen through an amateur
68 Science/ Health/ E-reader News Edition

Pump-Powered Antennas Could Combine Basketball and

Replace Metal Communications Arrays Yoga Moves
with Fountains of Saltwater Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:00:00 AM

Clay Dillow (Popular Science - all that metal that high can of the, the operator can
New Technology, Science by Nate Millado| Print Article|
increase the ships odds of being manipulate the frequency at which Email to Friend
News, The Future Now) picked up on radar. Moreover, not the antenna transmits and HALF-MOON
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:59:20 AM all antennas are needed all the receives. An 80-foot-high stream How: Hang forward with your
Aboard oceanfaring vessels, real time, so SSC Pacific sought a way can transmit and receive left hand on the floor (or on a
estate is naturally limited. But to erect a quick, temporary anywhere from 2 to 400 mHz, basketball) about 12 inches ahead
c o m m u n i c a t i o n s a r e v i t a l , antenna that could just as easily though much smaller streams can of your right foot. Lift your leg
p r e s e n t i n g s o m e t h i n g o f a be dismantled. be used for varying other parallel to the floor, keeping your
c o n u n d r u m f o r a s h i p ' s Related Articles Fabric Antenna frequencies, ranging from HF hips even. Twist to the right,
communications crews: where to Could Yield Star Trek-like through VHF to UHF. reaching your right arm to the
place all the large antennas Clothing-Phones A Dishless The Navy sees the technology as sky. Face the floor until you are
necessary for long-range (and Future: New Flat Antennas Can potentially replacing its 80- ready to look up. Hold for two
often encrypted) communications. Work As Satellite TV Signal antenna arrays with just ten of the minutes.
So U.S. Navy R&D lab SPAWAR Receivers Sensor Networks in seawater antennas operating at Why: Develops your
Systems Center Pacific (SSC Buildings Could Use AC Ducts as various frequencies to cover the concentration, stretches the
Pacific) engineered a clever Huge, Building-Wide Antennas entire spectrum currently served. hamstrings, opens the hips, and
scheme to turn the ocean's most Tags Technology, Clay Dillow, And with a tested range of 30 strengthens the back muscles.
a b u n d a n t r e s o u r c e i n t o antennas, communications, miles, the antennas can go the DOWN DOG Why: Opens up your hips,
communications equipment, defense, military, naval sea distance as well. Outside of How: Keeping your feet hip- helping work the adductor and
making antennas out of geysers of systems, naval warfare What they military use, the antennas could width apart, bend down and place abductor muscles while also
seawater. came up with is little more than serve as compact emergency your hands shoulder-width apart. working your core and stretching
SSC Pacific (SPAWAR, by the an electromagnetic ring and a antennas for civilian watercraft, Step your feet away from your the lower and upper back. Related
way, is short for Space and Naval water pump. The ring, called a communication systems on hands to form an upside-down V. articles:
Warfare) was looking for a way to current probe, creates a magnetic offshore oil rigs, or on land using Lengthen through the shoulders. Bikram Yoga
reduce the antenna loads on those field through which the pump saltwater streams enclosed in Hold for at least one minute. Pilates For Meatheads
huge mast arrays you see on most shoots a steam of seawater (the tubes. Repeat five times. Best No-Weight Workout Ever
naval warships (the typical vessel salt is a key ingredient, as the tech [ SPAWAR via Make] Why: Helps stretch the [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
has 80 antennae aboard). Aside relies on the magnetic induction hamstrings, back, and shoulder more]
from the fact that antennas can properties of sodium chloride). By muscles, while also building This entry passed through the
interfere with each other, piling controlling the height and width upper-body strength. Full-Text RSS service — if this is
EXTENDED SIDE ANGLE your content and you're reading it
How: With your feet wide apart, on someone else's site, please read
turn your left foot out 90 degrees. our FAQ page at
Bend the left knee until it's over content-only/faq.php
the ankle. Place your left hand on Five Filters featured article:
the floor and extend your right Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
arm overhead. Rotate your chest Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
out. Hold for one minute. Repeat Catastrophe.
on the opposite side.
E-reader News Edition Food/ Health/ 69

Recipe Makeover: Chicken Fingers

(Cooking Light: Editor's Picks)

Leaving the deep fryer in the

ditch, we create a crunchy new
version of a fast-food staple that
adults (and kids) will love.
Photography John Autry and
Randy Mayor, Styling: Cindy
Barr, Food Styling: Charlotte
Autry and Kellie Gerber Kelley
Click to Enlarge
• Easy as 1, 2, 3, 4 Sure, too
much saucing can lead to a world
of sugar, salt, and calories, but
don't walk away from the saucy
verities: tang, savor, sweet heat,
and body. This delivers all those.
View Recipe: Pan-Fried Chicken
Fingers with Spicy Dipping Sauce
Battered and deep-fried strips of
poultry populate most family- ( authentic Men's Fitness spatula
restaurant and drive-through Submitted at 11/2/2010 2:00:00 AM (yes, you read that right).
menus in America because their Click Here to enter on Facebook
crunchy, salty blandness is a nice l i m e j u i c e , s o y s a u c e , a n d Just enough spicy mayo sauce | Print Article| Email to Friend Click Here for Official Rules
foil for a dipping sauce, and Sriracha to boost the mayo base, Light, crispy, crunchy Men's Fitness wants to know Read More > Pages 1| 2
finger foods please the kids. But creating the perfect complement View Recipe: Pan-Fried Chicken what you think. Why do you read [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
check out the nutrition panel to a new version of America's Fingers with Spicy Dipping Sauce our magazine? Why do you more]
below: a full gram of salt, 703 family favorite. This entry passed through the follow our website? What is it This entry passed through the
calories per serving! You OLD WAY Full-Text RSS service — if this is about Men's Fitness that keeps Full-Text RSS service — if this is
shouldn't cross the road for those 703 calories per serving your content and you're reading it you coming back for more? your content and you're reading it
chicken fingers. 1,000 milligrams sodium on someone else's site, please read From now thru November 8, on someone else's site, please read
Can this marriage of batter and 10.7 grams saturated fat our FAQ page at 2010, go to the Men's Fitness our FAQ page at
tenders be saved? Certainly: Our Deep-fried in lard content-only/faq.php Facebook page and answer this content-only/faq.php
Test Kitchen found the perfect Drowning in sauce Five Filters featured article: simple question; "Why you are a Five Filters featured article:
coating in a nutty, fiber-filled Greasy, heavy coating Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- fan of Men's Fitness?" One lucky Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
whole-grain cereal. No need to OUR WAY Reporting of Falluja's Cancer w i n n e r w i l l r e c e i v e a $ 5 0 Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
deep-fry these fingers for crunch 414 calories per serving Catastrophe. American Express Gift Card and Catastrophe.
now—there's plenty of that in the 495 milligrams sodium one runner up will receive an
coating already. For sauce, we 1.5 grams saturated fat
keep it simple but zingy, using Pan-seared in canola oil
70 Health/ E-reader News Edition

Be a Finisher
( Next, come up with a bigger idea
Submitted at 11/2/2010 5:00:00 AM ("I'm going to reduce my body fat
by 5 percent," or "develop a
by Roy S. Johnson| Print Article| business plan or book proposal").
Email to Friend Now make it happen. Finish it.
You know the guy. He's full of Soon you'll be able to go all
ideas. Big ideas. Conquering-the- Usain Bolt—exploding out of the
world-and-make-millions ideas. blocks and powering across the
He's going to lunch a company tape with your Big Idea.
and run a marathon. He's going to Be a Finisher. Strike a pose. You
lose 25 pounds and write a book. win.
He's either going to ask out the Onward,
hot girl in marketing or propose to Roy S. Johnson
his longtime girlfriend.
He might actually sketch out
Men's Fitness
Editor In Chief
some business ideas and print up
business cards. He might start
working out and going for runs
Related articles:
Today is Not Tomorrow: Chicken
Setbacks happen to the nicest
some mornings. He might change
his eating habits and even lose a
They're creative thinkers who
couldn't turn their thoughts into
reaching profitability, they slink people
away with their mouths agape. Let It Go: Negativity can make
Pita Wrap
few pounds. He might start a book anything tangible, workable, or I'm not trying to be mean or to you sick. But not if you don't (
treatment. And he might work up sellable—in other words, anything diminish their dream, but it' hard allow it to Submitted at 11/2/2010 4:00:00 AM
the nerve to say hi to the real—even if the prize was a date out here. It's hard for anyone to Own Your Spirit: Never let
marketing babe or to start looking with Eva Mendes. transform an idea into reality. And anyone push you to be someone | Print Article| Email to Friend
for rings. There are plenty of reasons if I don't ask the tough questions, you don't want to be Ingredients
Months later? He's still doing the Starters can't finish. Often their someone else surely will. [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
same dead-end job. He has ideas sound good but fall apart It happens. It happens every day. more] • 2 boneless, skinless chicken
stopped running regularly and is because they haven't thought Now, some Starters are Finishers. This entry passed through the breast halves, sliced lengthwise
getting soft around the middle. through the realities. I've lost They take their idea, assess its Full-Text RSS service — if this is • 1/2 tsp ground cumin
The book treatment is still a one- track of the number of people viability, do their research, then your content and you're reading it • 1/2 tsp paprika
pager. who've come to me pitching a pursue it like Clint Eastwood on someone else's site, please read • 1/2 tsp ground coriander
And both the hot babe and the new print or Web-based pursues bad guys. our FAQ page at • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
girlfriend have moved on. magazine. But after I've asked Anyone can be a Starter. You content-only/faq.php • 1/8 tsp cayenne
The guy is a classic Starter, and about their competitors, their want to be a Finisher. Five Filters featured article: • 3/4 tsp kosher salt, divided
unfortunately there are a lot of endemic advertisers (and why How? Start small. Take an Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- • 2 tsp canola or vegetable oil
guys like him out there. they'd advertise with them instead achievable idea ("I'll start working Reporting of Falluja's Cancer • 1/2 cup fat-free Greek yogurt
Starters are great at the gun, but of their competition), their out three days a week," or "I'll Catastrophe. • 1 tbsp fresh-squeezed lemon
they never finish the race. business model, and how much drink 36 ounces of water a day"). juice
They're talkers, not doers. capital they would need before Make it happen. Finish it. • 1 large garlic clove
• 2 plum tomatoes, cut up
• 1 cup loosely packed parsley
• 2 whole-wheat pitas

GRILLED page 71
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 71
continued from page 70

pitas on the hot grill, about 1 articles:

How to Make It minute per side. When done, fill Recipe: Pork and Udon Noodle
1.) Remove the chicken from the each pita with a chicken breast Soup
fridge and pat dry. 2.) Prepare the and top with tomato relish and Recipe: Beef "California Roll"
spice rub: In a small bowl, yogurt sauce. Salad
combine the cumin, paprika, Nutritional Breakdown Recipe: Australian Lamb on a
coriander, oregano, cayenne, 1/4 Per serving Shovel
tsp of the oil. Coat the chicken Calories: 419 [on Facebook, Digg, Reddit and
with the spice mixture, then set Protein: 41 g more]
aside to marinate for 10 minutes. Carbs: 44 g This entry passed through the
3.) Make the yogurt sauce: Fat: 10 g Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Combine the yogurt, 1/4 tsp Fiber: 7 g your content and you're reading it
kosher salt, and lemon juice; Rub On Flavor on someone else's site, please read
cover and set aside. 4.) Whip up Mixing together your favorite our FAQ page at
some tomato relish: In a food spices and rubbing them on prior content-only/faq.php
processor, combine the garlic, to cooking is an easy, low-cal way Five Filters featured article:
plum tomatoes, parsley, and to cram meat with in-your-face Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
remaining 1/4 tsp salt and pulse to flavor. A few rules: Add a dash of Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
coarsely chop. 5.) Heat a grill pan oil, lemon juice, or vinegar to the Catastrophe.
over medium heat; brush with the rub to help the spices stick; allow
remaining tsp of oil. When the 1 to 2 tbsp of rub per pound of
pan is hot, cook the chicken until meat; and for max flavor, cover
the meat is cooked through, 2 to 3 the meat with plastic wrap and let
minutes per side. 6.) Warm the chill until ready to cook. Related

Facebook and Electronic Arts Sign Social Gaming Pact

Christina Warren (Mashable!) a reported $400 million but has including Scrabble(in the U.S. and More About: EA, electronic arts,
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:07:54 PM only just started to really embrace Canada), Boggle and Poppit!. facebook, social gaming, Zynga
Facebook as a gaming platform. This is where we think EA will For more Entertainment
Electronic Arts has just entered Thus far, EA has successfully have the most success. Pogo has a coverage:
i n t o a f i v e - y e a r s t r a t e g i c ported its Madden and FIFA pretty big arsenal of addictive • Follow Mashable Entertainment
relationship with Facebook. franchises to Facebook with puzzle and board games that on Twitter
Under the agreement, Facebook Madden NFL Superstars and could prove quite popular on • Become a Fan on Facebook
Credits will become the exclusive FIFA Superstars. Facebook. • Subscribe to the Entertainment
payment method for EA games on EA is also looking to bring its Having stronger integration with channel
Facebook. large catalog of successful gaming Facebook — which the agreement • Download our free apps for
EA is undoubtedly feeling some brands to the world’s largest to utilize Facebook Credits iPhone and iPad
heat from Zynga, the ever- s o c i a l n e t w o r k , i n c l u d i n g certainly reinforces — will go a
growing startup that is reportedly M o n o p o l y . Facebook app. This app will let long way toward making EA a
now more valuable than EA. In addition, the gaming company players access approximately 20 bigger name in social gaming.
EA acquired Playfish last year for is beta-testing its Pogo Games for g a m e s f r o m o n e l o c a t i o n , Reviews: Facebook, scrabble
72 Religion/ E-reader News Edition

Theology and environmentalism

Mollie (GetReligion) to all tea partiers, whether or not interprets such contemporary
Submitted at 11/1/2010 7:54:02 PM they’re skeptics about climate struggles as battles between the
change. Here’s the evidence for competing secularized religions of
It’s no secret that the mainstream this “article of faith” claim: economics and environmentalism.
m e d i a h a v e s t r u g g l e d t o Skepticism and outright denial of The outcome will have
understand what’s happening global warming are among the momentous consequences for us
politically in the country right articles of faith of the Tea Party all. This deep book probes
now. You could say they’re more movement, here in Indiana and beneath the surface of the two
Stewart/Colbert than Tea Party. across the country. … movements rhetoric to uncover
They’re just not terribly well [A]ccording to a New York Times their fundamental theological
suited to understand or explain /CBS News Poll conducted this commitments and visions.
how, exactly, the Republicans month. The survey found that The book’s author Robert H.
likely are about to retake the only 14 percent of Tea Party Nelson was one of the panelists at
House of Representatives. supporters said that global the event I attended. He made me
Sometimes when reporters try to warming is an environmental laugh when he told me that the
make sense of the phenomenon, it problem that is having an effect economists all embrace his idea
creates funny results. This New now, while 49 percent of the rest that environmentalism is a
York Times report tries to blame of the public believes that it is. theology with it’s own creation
one Democrat’s campaign trouble More than half of Tea Party myths and apocalyptic scenarios,
on climate skeptic rubes who are supporters said that global high priests and piety. But they all
motivated by Scripture alone. The warming would have no serious get confused when he points out
article reminds you why it’s effect at any time in the future, that economists have their own
important to have reporters who while only 15 percent of other “invisible hands,” consumerist
understand a bit about religion or Americans share that view, the meta-narratives and high priests,
at least reporters who try to poll found. too. Likewise, the
u n d e r s t a n d a b i t a b o u t t h e Oh, so you’re saying that some environmentalists see faith and
language people are using. The percentage under half of Tea religion in everything the
piece definitely reads more like Party supporters think that global economists say, but have a much
“ g o t c h a ” q u o t e - g r a b b i n g warming will have at least some harder time accepting that their
journalism than a journalistic serious effect in the future. Some own views could be described
effort at understanding what article of faith, there, ascribed to theologically.
voter’s think about, say, cap and by all (or half, whatever). So discussions of religious
trade. Religious metaphors are great to book description here: temperatures will be worth the aspects of our guiding belief
But that’s not even why I bring use if they fit. But “article of The present debate raging over high costs. Questions of the true systems are great — but they’re
t h e s t o r y u p . T h e s t o r y i s faith” is a term with, you know, global warming exemplifies the and proper relationship of human more complex than this article
headlined “Climate Change Doubt an actual meaning. And it doesn’t clash between two competing beings and nature are as old as hints at and they work on all
Is Tea Party Article of Faith.” An fit in this case. public theologies. On one side, religion. Today, environmentalists sides, to boot. Written by: Mollie
article of faith, eh? So the Tea Now having said that, this does environmentalists warn of certain regard human actions to warm the on November 1, 2010.
Party movement has articles of g i v e m e a n o p p o r t u n i t y t o catastrophe if we do not take steps climate as an immoral challenge This entry passed through the
faith — basic fundamentals about mention a lecture I recently now to reduce the release of to the natural order, while Full-Text RSS service — if this is
their beliefs — that you have to attended about The New Holy greenhouse gases; on the other economists seek to put all of your content and you're reading it
subscribe to if you want to be part Wars: Economic Religion Versus side, economists are concerned nature to maximum use for on someone else's site, please read
of it? And one of these is doubt in E n v i r o n m e n t a l R e l i g i o n i n with whether the benefits of economic growth and other
climate change? This will be news Contemporary America. Quick actions to prevent higher human benefits. Robert Nelson THEOLOGY page 73
E-reader News Edition Religion/ Politics-Right/ 73
Election thread on irrationality, anger, fear and faith continued from page 72

our FAQ page at

tmatt (GetReligion) other than the old “angry, content-only/faq.php
Submitted at 11/2/2010 9:45:53 AM irrational voters” model? Five Filters featured article:
* What role has religion played in Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
I hear, since my office is on the mainstream coverage today? Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
Capital Hill, that there is some * What language did you hear Catastrophe.
kind of election going on today. today that you thought was
The word on the street is that all haunted by religion, even if the
kinds of terrified, emotional, reporters and commentators didn’t
angry people are going to march openly connect what they were
into polling places and destroy the saying with moral, religious and
era of hopeful, rational, optimism
that has ruled our great land for
cultural issues (since those do not
matter in this election)?
the past 18 months or so. At least, the way, it is not a good idea — in is haunted by language that for I’ll be much more lenient than
that’s just what I read in the this age of robotic political many implies a clash between normal today about allowing
telephone campaigning — to have reason, logic, science, sanity ( c o m m e n t s a b o u t t h e i s s u e s Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:00:07 AM
Religion is not supposed to be a a registered Democrat and a p a g i n g J o n S t e w a r t ) a n d a themselves, but I WILL INSIST
major factor in the elections this registered Republican living in the caricature of religious faith. The that comments be based on Election fatigue, Fort Hood
time around, unless there was same household. The Mattinglys story contains the thought for the specific items of news coverage. reconsidered, and more.
been a secret meeting in which of Ferndale are getting about 30 day, from President Barack Whenever possible, please offer a Election non-fever This being
Tea Party libertarians have robot calls a day. Ugh. Obama. Why will the Democrats URL that points toward a media October of an even year, I’m
conspired with Theocrats and we Where was I? For many weeks have a rough day? In the end, it source. going to grumble about election
just haven’t heard about it. Keep n o w , t h e m a i n s t r e a m - n e w s all comes down to evolution: Now, back to work. What was it fatigue, right? You bet!
NPR turned on today, just in case. template for election coverage WEST NEWTON, Mass. — that the alleged Father Guido It’s just fatigue, mind, not a
Still, anyone want to bet that, h a s , o f c o u r s e , b e e n t h a t President Barack Obama said Sarducci said when he gave the chronic cynicism. The struggle to
once again, the Pew Forum on Americans are afraid and angry Americans’ “fear and frustration” fake benediction before the two control what Chinese people call
Religion & Public Life ( paging and, thus, have become irrational. is to blame for an intense midterm fake news superstars launched tian xia da shi-- “great matters
John Green) or some other This powerful template has been election cycle that threatens to into their non-partisan rally? under heaven” -- is nothing a
respected group will find that two i n e f f e c t s o l o n g ( W e e k l y derail the Democratic agenda. Photo: Anyone recognize this grown-up person should ignore or
of the top three or so indicators on Standard survey here) that I am “Part of the reason that our thread? Written by: tmatt on take lightly. I know which side
how people voted as (a) how often convinced that most mainstream politics seems so tough right now November 2, 2010. I’m on, and I want it to win. It’s
they attend worship services and journalists are now (a) aware of it a n d f a c t s a n d s c i e n c e a n d This entry passed through the just that each of us has his
(b) how many children are in the and (b) beginning to get a bit argument does not seem to be Full-Text RSS service — if this is threshold of interest, above which
household. This time around, embarrassed by it. winning the day all the time is your content and you're reading it more politics is just too darn
u n e m p l o y m e n t w i l l a l m o s t Don’t be surprised if journalists because we’re hardwired not to on someone else's site, please read much, and I was way over my
certainly be factored in there, frantically seek some other kind always think clearly when we’re our FAQ page at threshold by about mid-year.
somewhere. But I do not expect of framing device tonight. It is s c a r e d , ” O b a m a s a i d … i n content-only/faq.php #ad#I’m with Leo Strauss (I think
the pew gap to vanish, do you? getting too easy to lean on the remarks at a small Democratic Five Filters featured article: it was) in deploring the “un-manly
So where am I going with this? angry, irrational meme. fundraiser Saturday evening. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- disdain for politics”; but while I
It’s time for an open thread of If that takes place, the turning “And the country’s scared.” Reporting of Falluja's Cancer agree that disdain is un-manly, or
some kind for this election day. p o i n t m a y h a v e b e e n t h e So here are the three questions Catastrophe. at least un-citizenly in a free
I’ll start it off, offering my own f o l l o w i n g s t o r y f r o m T h e for this open thread: republic, I can’t help thinking that
l a u g h - t o - k e e p - f r o m - c r y i n g Politico— a story that does * Have you seen any evidence of being too interested in politics is
p e r s p e c t i v e a s a c u l t u r a l l y specifically address religion, but a new template for coverage,
conservative Democrat. Oh, by OCTOBER page 74
74 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 73

the sign of a disordered digestion. that the NCO in question was his (and his NCO and entire unit) with my reader’s e-mail (and beautiful girl, as Wisdom did at
In any case, I think we’re drifting squad leader or otherwise first- were about to deploy. The NCO some others) in mind, I’ll allow the end of his movies, seemed to
into a zone of what in the line supervisor . . . For a PFC, that might have realized that the video this is not the most probable me, even then, to violate the laws
Margaret Thatcher years we used position would usually be filled in question would result in PFC hypothesis, though I won’t allow of probability. (The laws of
to call TINA: There Is No by a Sergeant or Staff Sergeant, Aviles being pulled into all sorts that it’s impossible -- not after biology are what he was actually
Alternative. Our economic though in some cases it could be a of hearings and Court Martial listening to the diversi-babble of violating; but I wasn’t yet up to
situation is going to be so Corporal. proceedings. Which would mean Casey, Roughead, and Bolden. speed on biology.)
chronically bad, even without Since the shooting occurred in that PFC Aviles would not be in I’m now putting the probabilities And no, it wasn’t the slapstick: It
unexpected shocks -- which there the afternoon, that leaves less than Afghanistan doing his job. Maybe for those four explanations at, in was him. I loved Abbott and
will surely be-- that any 12 hours for “the Army” to the NCO wanted to keep his order, 20-30-10-40; but I’m Costello, the little we could see of
administration of any stripe will discover the existence of the squad fully staffed. It sucks to receptive to further input from them in 1950s England. Perhaps it
have to carry out much the same videos, run that up the chain to the think about, but 13 KIAs are a other readers who know the was foreordained that I’d become
policies. That this election will be Pentagon, and return a decision to done deal; that NCO needs to military and its methods, and will an American. No, that can’t be it
as consequential as my colleagues destroy evidence back to the first think about the coming rotation record them on the Corner. either: Jerry Lewis left me cold.
tell me, I therefore doubt. line supervisor of PFC Aviles. and how many KIAs will occur if #ad# Obituaries of the month (1): So, come to think of it, did
It’ll be fun to watch so many Nothing in garrison ever works the unit is short one medic. Norman Wisdom I got a Charlie Chaplin.
liberals being turned out of office, that fast. Ever. Actually, nothing Some quick Googling shows me surprising number of e-mails from I think I’m seeing a common
though. As Oscar Wilde said of on the battlefield ever works that that you were just reading people asking me why I wasn’t thread there. The Daily Telegraph
the death of Little Nell, you’d fast either. verbatim from AP, UPI, etc., but openly in mourning for Sir obituary says that the appeal of
have to have a heart of stone to Your assumption that “the Army” please, in the future, do some factNorman Wisdom, who died Wisdom’s humor “transcended
read about it without laughing. ordered the videos erased is checking with someone who has October 4. cultural boundaries.” He was a
Destroying the evidence I waxed simply silly. This is clearly a case an understanding of military terms Several reasons, the two foremost huge star in Albania, apparently:
indignant about our PC military in of an NCO taking matters into his and structures . . . just aim before
being (a) I didn’t think anyone in “Wisdom was the only Western
the October 22 broadcast of Radio own hands. you shoot. the U.S.A. would know who I was actor whose films were allowed to
Derb. The topic here was the There are several valid, I think this reader has the bettertalking about, and (b) I never be shown in Albania under the
destruction of two videos a soldier reasonable reasons for that NCO of me here. Let’s break it down. found Wisdom the least bit funny. dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.”
took of the Fort Hood massacre. to do such a thing that spring to #page#There are four That second reason is the case Jerry Lewis and Charlie Chaplin
The soldier took the videos with my former NCO mind. possibilities. In descending order even though Wisdom’s popularity likewise transcended those nasty,
his cell phone, but an NCO The first is that on a battlefield, (my order) by deplorability: peaked in 1950s Britain, when narrow, provincial “cultural
ordered him to erase them: taking pictures of one’s fellow • News went up to some officer and where I was a kid. At that boundaries.”
Under cross-examination, Pfc. soldiers being slain is a total No- level, and the order to destroy age, your undeveloped infant Yes, that’s where they all lose
Lance Aviles told an Article 32 Go. Any NCO in today’s Army came down from that level. sensibilities are supposed to yield me. I think cultural boundaries
hearing that his non- will have at least one (likely • The NCO acted on his own easily to slapstick humor. Well, are, on balance, a good thing, not
commissioned officer ordered him more) combat tours in either Iraq initiative, having been mine didn’t -- not to Wisdom’s to be lightly transcended.
to destroy the two videos on Nov. or Afghanistan. They would be brainwashed by the military’s PC antics anyway. Even as a preteen I Obituaries of the month (2):
5, the same day a gunman well trained in keeping their ethos. thought he was just trying too Benoît Mandelbrot Mandelbrot
unleashed a volley of bullets people in line on things like this. • The NCO acted on his own hard. was much more my cup of tea,
inside a processing center at the A combat vet of either of those initiative, out of concern “to keep The pathos of the tears-behind- though I suppose if you want to
Texas Army post. two theaters is going to think a his squad fully staffed.” the-clown-face schtick also nitpick you could say that math
A military reader objects: guy shooting at them shouting • The NCO acted on his own escaped me, or perhaps just went transcends cultural boundaries
You note that PFC Aviles was “Allahu Akbar” is a combat initiative, out of respect for deadagainst the grain of my nascent better than anything. (Me: Yes,
told by his NCO to destroy the situation -- they will not think that comrades. reductionism: If you’re so sad, but you’re not supposed to find it
videos on the day of the shooting. it is a law-enforcement matter that what are we all supposed to be funny.)
The terminology of “ his NCO” requires evidence to be preserved. I was assuming (1) when I made laughing about? And the idea of OCTOBER page 75
instead of “ an NCO” indicates The second is that PFC Aviles the broadcast. On calm reflection, this goofy dimwit getting the
E-reader News Edition 75
continued from page 74

Mandelbrot’s 1982 book The Fair enough, I suppose, since the our existence. . . . To find bus) We’re getting blasé about their website, where you can
Fractal Geometry of Nature was public seemed to like the book. Leopardi’s equal in nihilism, one public debt. You can open any watch it. The movie’s name is “
that highly peculiar thing, a math But now some conservative would have to turn to page of any newspaper nowadays All That Mighty Heart” -- a line
bestseller. (Sound of Derb’s teeth filmmaker (ha ha ha ha ha!) philosophers like Schopenhauer and find a story about some state, from a Wordsworth sonnet, as
grinding.) We mathephiles were should riposte with a movie from or Nietzsche, both of whom city, or public authority suddenly anyone with a grade-school
of course clued into him long John Lott’s 2007 counter-blast to admired his work. discovering (really? you can’t education in 1962 England could
before that. He got our attention Freakonomics, Freedomnomics. Or Derbyshire, who already spot a thing this size coming at have told you. The movie closes
with a 1967 article titled “ How Yeah, Lott’s an economist too, admires it just after reading you from a mile away?) a tsunami 23 minutes later with an even
Long Is the Coast of Britain?,” and half-crazy like the rest of Kirsch’s review! of red ink. Here’s a random one more atmospheric sonnet: Thomas
which #page#Martin Gardner them, but my kind of crazy. (He’s Dante . . . wrote that the worst from the October 21 New York Hood’s “ Midnight.” In between
picked up for his Scientific also an occasional NRO suffering is to recall happy times Post: MTA crippled by $28B you get a day in the life of the
American column. The answer to contributor-- Hi, John!) when you are miserable. To debt. That’s the Metropolitan city, with a gentle emphasis on
the title question, Mandelbrot Poetic negativity Three years ago Leopardi, remembering the Transit Authority, which runs all the work of the transit authority.
explained, is: It depends how long in this space I boasted of having miserable times is its own kind of the buses and trains in and around Nostalgia? Oh boy. Here is
your measuring stick is. A found the most depressing poet happiness. New York City. The Manhattan London as I recall my first
coastline is an example of what he ever to have set pen to tear- Uh . . . Institute’s Nicole Gelinas, one of acquaintance with it, a mere 20
later christened a fractal-- a figure stained paper, at least in the In his last poem, “Broom,” he the best investigative reporters years on from Orwell’s
that is similar to itself at any level English language. offers his grandest statement on walking the earth today, has some observation of “crowds in the big
of magnification. I hadn’t cast my net wide enough. human fate, comparing mankind background here. towns, with their mild knobby
Any math geek who could get The October 25 issue of The New to the tenacious shrub, la ginestra, This kind of thing makes me faces, their bad teeth and gentle
near a computer in the mid-1970s Yorker(apologies to the lady who that springs up in the volcanic ash want to go back to bed and hide manners.” The teeth are actually
was generating fractals -- in my e-mails in every time I mention around Mt. Vesuvius. under the covers. What an unholy pretty good; but this is a
case on good old green-line stock that magazine, complaining that I That’s his grandest statement, mess we’ve made for our kids to promotional movie, and anyone
paper, and on company time should not be sullying my pure note. But what was the source of sweep up! showing much tooth display is an
(sorry, guys). It was painstaking conservative soul with such a all this unhappiness? Well, he was For a just barely more socially actor. The young women are
work, but irresistibly riveting. filthy leftist production: I only a hunchback and “suffered from acceptable alternative to hiding slight and pretty in their big skirts
Nowadays I suppose you can just buy it for the cartoons, Ma’am!) poor eyesight and mysterious under the bed covers, there is and cardies, just as I remember
go on YouTube and bring up the has an article in the books section nervous maladies.” Poor guy. Any always the option of wallowing in them. (When did everybody get so
Mandelbrot Set in full color and on the Italian poet Giacomo love life? Nope, “except for the nostalgia. As everyone of a fat?) The middle-aged women still
living motion . . . yep. Where’s Leopardi (1798–1837). A new few unrequited loves recorded in certain age can tell you, Western wear hats, as do the older men.
the challenge in anything translation of Leopardi’s verses his poems, and he probably died a Civ. peaked in the early 1960s. Hats -- I’m talking real hats, not
anymore? has just been published, and virgin.” (At age 38.) It’s been pretty much downhill baseball caps -- were well on the
#ad# Freedomnomics I see Adam Kirsch is reviewing it. Rough childhood? Looks like: since then. Philip Larkin nailed it way out, a social change usually
they’ve made a movie out of Leopardi is the supreme poet of “His father . . . was authoritarian as only a poet can: “Life was blamed on John F. Kennedy, but
Freakonomics, the 2005 bestseller passive, helpless suffering -- a and overprotective to a degree never better than / In nineteen with causes probably deeper.
in which “a rogue economist writer who constantly reiterated . . that now seems almost sixty-three.” That was the year I Even more evocative than the
explores the hidden side of . his conviction that in human life unbelievable . . . His mother, left home and went to college in sights are the sounds: the fruity
everything.” I read the book when “there is everything to be endured, Adelaide, was more dreadful still, London. tones of John Slater introducing
it came out and remember being nothing to be done.” thanks to her religious fanaticism . #ad#One year earlier than that, in Housewives’ Choice, a music-
underwhelmed . . . but then, I Yesss! Where has this guy been . .” And yet: “What makes the 1962, London Transport -- the request program for housewives --
think economists are all half-crazy all my life? torment of adult life complete is MTA of that time and place -- which is to say, heteronormatively
anyway. (Though not the same In Leopardi’s “Night Song of a the contrast it offers to the produced the best promotional married females brutally excluded
half in all cases.) The movie Wandering Shepherd in Asia” . . . happiness of childhood.” Go movie ever made by a transit from the workforce by the
opened October 4 on 20 screens, death is simply the last act in the figure. authority. (Not, I’ll admit, a OCTOBER page 79
says IMDb. pageant of pointless misery that is #page# Down Memory Lane (by crowded field.) LT have put it on
76 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition

Winners and Losers

Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:00:37 AM
caucus with the Republicans, Clinton’s first term, will send two someone on MSNBC will be office. (Doubly true if Fiorina
giving them the 51st vote to to Washington. Unfortunately, I arguing that Democrats lost for loses the Senate race.) But here’s
Predicting tonight. organize the Senate. Probably don’t know which two. On the not being bold enough, not going my most fun prediction: If Brown
W e asked election experts and won’t happen, but it is fun to ground, it looks like Sean Beilat far enough, and not being as wins, and if Obama’s popularity
poll watchers for their best think about. really has caught the Scott Brown liberal as the American people continues to decline, Brown will
guesstimates as to who pulls it The New York Times and magic, but the more realistic wanted. run against Obama in 2012. It’s
off, who doesn’t, and how the MSNBC will quickly haul out two choices are Jeff Perry in the open That person stopped taking his his kind of thing. He wouldn’t
likes of MSNBC and the New bogus explanations: 10th seat and Jon Golnik over meds a long time ago. care if he started a war between
York Times may try to explain it 1. Obama failed to communicate. Nikki Tsongas. Or it could be Tea -- Michael Graham hosts a radio his supporters and the Democratic
all away. Enjoy. But only if you 2. Angry, reactionary Tea Party Party–backed Marty Lamb’s talk show. party’s crucial minority
vote! voters account for Republican underfunded insurgent campaign Steven F. Hayward constituency groups.
Gary Andres gains. against “Friend of Fidel” Jim At the American Political Over the last couple weeks, the
Today’s election results will Both are wrong. Here is the McGovern. Science Association's annual liberal narrative has begun to
represent a historic repudiation of reality. Obama’s governing style Does it sound like I’m wimping meeting in D.C. over Labor Day, I coalesce: The GOP was due for a
President Obama and his allies in and policy substance were at odds out? I am. predicted a 60-seat GOP pickup in big night, with at least 40 to 45
Congress. Never in recent history with both his campaign promises #page#But I will boldly predict the House, mostly as a way of seats due to come back to them
have the American people swung and the preferences of the center- that Baker will win and return the baiting folks into giving the for all the usual reasons of the
so quickly and boldly against a right country he leads. He needs governorship to its rightful place: extreme optimistic case for 60 or economy, the GOP’s
president and his party. Obama’s to admit that to save his the hands of a liberal more (only a few takers), but underperforming in 2006 and
highly partisan, big-government, presidency. Massachusetts Republican. mostly expecting -- and receiving 2008, and so forth. Thus, a 55- or
“Washington knows best” One final cautionary note to Furthermore, I’ll predict a sweep -- the rationales for a more even 60-seat gain is really nothing
approach has been rejected, and Republicans: Stay humble in in the swing state of New conservative prediction. Well, if special. “Don’t over-interpret the
the voting today will prove it. victory. For many of the Hampshire -- U.S. Senate and the last generic poll numbers are election results,” say Arianna and
#ad#America wants a presidential independent voters who swung both congressional seats. And correct, 60 seats looks like a floor. her chorus. I hope the liberals do
“midterm correction.” And since your way, today’s win was more a Patrick Kennedy will become the I guess I’ll go with Henry Olsen indeed comfort themselves with
Obama would not change course, reaction against Obama and the second son of Camelot this year to on 64 seats, but am very tempted this line, which reminds me of Tip
voters will do it for him. Democrats than an embrace of be replaced in Washington by a to offer 70. And if the GOP really O’Neill’s remark in 1980 that the
Here’s what I expect. In the your policies. Republican when John Loughlin does net 70 House seats, then election was not an affirmation of
House, Republicans will gain 55 And with Obama still in the wins RI-1. they’ll probably take the Senate, Reagan’s conservatism, but
net seats. In the Senate, White House for the next two You want bold? How about my too. merely a rejection of the
Republicans will pick up nine years, add a new category to your fellow tea partiers Miller, Angle, The biggest upset of the night incompetent Jimmy Carter. There
Democratic seats (Arkansas, definition of victory -- stopping and Rubio all headed to the U.S. will be Tom Tancredo’s winning was some truth to that, of course,
North Dakota, Indiana, him from doing more damage. Senate? Or congressional lifer the Colorado governor’s race. The but in thinking they could go on
Wisconsin, Washington, That may be the best you can do. John Spratt losing in my home biggest disappointment of the with liberalism as usual,
Pennsylvania, Nevada, Illinois, Make sure voters understand that. state of South Carolina? night -- though not unexpected -- Democrats were in retreat for
and Colorado) and lose none. -- Gary Andres is vice president Or Carl Paladino and Christine will be Jerry Brown’s returning to much of the 1980s. Not until Bill
The Democrats’ losing of public policy and research at O’Donnell walking hand in hand . the governor’s office in Clinton and the DLC pulled the
Washington State will be one of Dutko Worldwide. . . wait! California. This will not only party to the right was it able to
the big surprises of the night. Michael Graham #ad#My meds just kicked in. I’m demonstrate the declining win the White House again. Will
Here’s one more big (potential) Predicting even a single GOP win OK now. marginal utility of huge campaign a new DLC rise out of the ruins of
surprise. If the GOP gains nine in Massachusetts is risky. And As for the media coverage, I spending, but will also be one today?
seats, the Senate could be evenly yet, I’m predicting two. expect to see the word “tantrum” more refutation of the view that -- Steven F. Hayward is the F. K.
divided in January. But Senator Massachusetts, which hasn’t had a a lot. Also, I predict that before the public wants more senior
Joe Lieberman may decide to GOP congressman since Bill the polls close in Indiana, business executives in political WINNERS page 81
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 77

More Rocket, Less Docket

Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:00:33 AM
prisons -- as if the 20 percent clip that the package was headed their toward that theory. On Sunday, screening systems and other anti-
he optimistically pegs for way aboard a UPS plane. The Mr. Brennan indicated that he was terror redundancies. Until now,
How to bring justice to al-Qaeda terrorists returning to the jihad Brits were thus able to seize the inclined to agree. attacks have failed, barely, thanks
in the Arabian Peninsula. (i.e., one in five go back to mass- explosive at the East Midlands In either event, al-Qaeda was to good fortune and terrorists’
‘W e need to bring him to justice murdering Americans) were airport (near Leicester). The UAE again using airplanes to kill incompetence. While this most
as soon as we can.” In a Fox something to crow about. authorities grabbed the other civilians. And PETN has become recent attack was stopped, the
News interview Sunday, that was To the contrary, for those of us device at a FedEx packaging something of a signature for invaluable intelligence
John Brennan, President Obama’s inclined to view al-Qaeda as an center. AQAP and al-Asiri. It was used responsible for that was, notably,
top counterterrorism adviser, enemy rather than a cabal of Both bombs featured the when they trained Umar Farouk the old-fashion kind: human
talking about Ibrahim Hassan al- d e f e n d a n t s , j u s t i c e i s b e s t explosive known as PETN Abdulmutallab in Yemen and then beings with inside information
Asiri. He is the chief explosives achieved with Predator drones. (pentaerythritol tetranitrate). More tasked him to bomb a plane over who alert agencies about ongoing
designer for Osama bin Laden’s Missile strikes better reflect due is publicly known about the Detroit on Christmas. In addition, plots and, perhaps, enable them to
franchise in Yemen, al-Qaeda in process -- the process that is due - device seized in the UAE. at the Washington Times, Bill target electronic eavesdropping
the Arabian Peninsula. - for jihadists who target civilians Ostensibly, it was an ordinary Gertz and Eli Lake have raised a more precisely.
Late last week, AQAP was foiled in wartime. Hewlett-Packard printer, but very interesting possibility: #ad#This is why official
in what intelligence services Quite clearly, killing civilians is PETN was secreted in the toner Intelligence officials now believe commentary about “bringing
theorize is the third attempt to still al-Qaeda’s modus operandi. cartridge. It was designed to be AQAP was probably behind the terrorists to justice” is
bomb American targets in the last Last week’s operation involved triggered by a cell phone. But the downing of another UPS cargo counterproductive. Some
year. The incident is unlikely to two bombs secreted in packages phone component did not include plane -- one that crashed in Dubai terrorists may be captured under
have much impact on Tuesday’s sent from Yemen via air courier. a SIM card. That indicates the on September 3, killing two crew circumstances in which trying
U . S . e l e c t i o n s , w h i c h a r e One traveled on civilian passenger bombers were relying on the cell members. A PETN bomb in the them in court makes sense --
dominated by economic concerns. flights to Qatar and then on to the phone’s internal clock -- i.e., the cargo bay rather than an particularly if they are part of U.S.
Still, Mr. Brennan’s comment United Arab Emirates. That bomb rigged to be detonated by a accidental on-board fire was the -based jihadist conspiracies
seemed strangely political, a means it was missed by screening timer alarm rather than a phone likely cause. catalyzed by Islamist ideology.
marker put down in a debate sure procedures, such as they are, in call. AQAP also used PETN in an Because most such groups lack
to intensify over the next two Sanaa and Doha. Though the This raises a nagging question for August 2009 suicide bombing. ties (beyond like-mindedness) to
years -- between President Obama suspect package was finally investigators. Much has been The target was Mohamed bin al-Qaeda, they can be prosecuted
and his Republican rivals, and d i s c o v e r e d i n t h e D u b a i , made of the fact that the packages Nayaf, the top Saudi without disclosing intelligence
between administration officials screening technology did not were addressed to Jewish targets counterterrorism minister. At the about al-Qaeda. But when it
themselves. catch it there, either. The plot was in Chicago, including a time of the unsuccessful comes to the terror network with
#ad#No doubt we’d all like to see thwarted by human intelligence. synagogue that serves a gay-and- assassination attempt, the which the nation remains at war --
“justice” for al-Asiri. We just We know that because of the lesbian congregation, the website kingdom’s interior ministry had pursuant to Congress’s
have very different ideas about other bomb package, which was for which received some just begun a crackdown on al- authorization of military force --
what is just. When Obama routed through Europe. German unexplained heavy traffic from Qaeda -- arresting dozens of the specter of trials can only
officials speak of “bringing officials say they were tipped by Egypt recently. Yet, if the bombs suspected terrorists and raiding discourage cooperation from the
terrorists to justice,” they mean S a u d i i n t e l l i g e n c e , w h o s e were not to be set off by phone their hideouts. foreign intelligence services.
prosecuting them in civilian trials. informant reported that two calls once they got to their #page#The use of PETN is The latest plots against America
So oriented is Brennan toward bombs were being sent to the intended targets, the significance alarming, and not just because it and the West reaffirm that the
this line of thinking that he earned United States from Yemen. One, of those targets diminishes. The ties a string of attacks to a very threat to our security comes
some unwelcome notoriety a few the Germans realized, had already use of timers makes it probable determined, elusive enemy. PETN mostly from places -- Yemen,
m o n t h s b a c k f o r f a v o r a b l y come to and gone from Cologne that the devices were intended for also combines high explosive northwest Pakistan, Somalia --
comparing the recidivism rate of by the time they figured out what detonation while on the planes en intensity with low detection where U.S. intelligence
released enemy combatants to that happened. But agents were able to route from Yemen. British potential. It has repeatedly
of felons sprung from American alert their counterparts in England intelligence is said to be leaning defeated multi-billion-dollar MORE page 83
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Election-watching with Jay Cost

Submitted at 11/2/2010 3:00:49 AM
Reagan wing of the party -- a COST: Probably Harry Reid, the word “Republican” has been really angry at the Democrats.
chance to build a broad electoral another Senate majority leader run through the mud. If one fiscal #page# LOPEZ: Is election night
NRO picks the brain of a coalition based upon conservative who loses in large part because conservative says to another, “I’m like Christmas Day for you?
professional horseracer. economic ideas that deliver he’s identified with the majority a Republican!” that doesn’t COST: It’s like Christmas with
J ay Cost is a professional prosperity. That’s the No. 1 party. Democrats should take that convey much information Charlie Manson! It’s crazy.
horseracer, politically speaking, mandate. as a sign about the limits of the anymore. But say, “I’m a tea LOPEZ: How did you get into
so he’s exactly who you want to Incidentally, that was Obama’s liberal program’s appeal, but they partier,” and that is packed with this business of horseracing?
be talking to on Election Day. mandate in 2008, but he took it to probably won’t. information. COST: In 2004, I got tired of all
National Review Online’s be that he was the next Franklin LOPEZ: Speaking of hard losses, So my feeling is that if the the spin coming from the usual
Kathryn Jean Lopez asks Cost, a Roosevelt. I don’t know why he how did Russ Feingold fall so Republicans in Congress redeem mainstream media outlets. We’re
staff writer for The Weekly thought this, considering he won behind? themselves over the next two hearing a lot of the same thing
Standard, about the midterms. only 52.9 percent of the vote, #ad# COST: How? He’s up for years, fiscal conservatives will this year: “The Dems are beating
LOPEZ: Why does this generic- which is less than George H. W. reelection in the Midwest in 2010! once again feel all right calling the GOP in the ground game!”
ballot talk matter? Bush did. Obama pretended he I doubt very much the Democrats themselves Republicans, and the “Polls are undercounting
COST: It gives us a good sense was there to implement New Deal will win any gubernatorial or “Tea Party” label will fade. That Democratic cell-phone voters!”
of the partisan orientation of the Mach 2, and that’s a big reason senatorial contests in the would be a good thing, as it “The youth vote will surprise
electorate. The Gallup the GOP is where it is right now. Midwest. Plus, Feingold is means that they have regained everybody!” I got tired of yelling
organization has been doing LOPEZ: The supposed dean of probably to the left of today’s control over the Republican party. at the TV and started to blog, as
generic-ballot polling since the political reporting in Nevada has Wisconsin. It might be the LOPEZ: What will you be an outlet. I’m quantitatively
1950s, and their final generic- called the Reid–Angle Senate race birthplace of LaFollette watching for tonight as returns inclined, so I started digging
ballot number has proven to be for Reid. Should I be worried? progressivism, but even so, come in? through the voting records and the
extremely accurate. COST: No. There’s been a lot of George W. Bush fell just 11,000 COST: Indiana comes in first polling to offer pushback on the
#ad# LOPEZ: So it’s blowout heat in Nevada the last few days, votes short in 2004. I’d say tomorrow night, so my early race MSM spin. It took off, I suppose,
time for the GOP? but very little light. Example: All Wisconsin is about a D+2 state to watch (beyond the Indiana 2nd, because I had questions that I
COST: In all likelihood. Consider the talk about how the Democrats and Feingold is more like a D+15 8th, and 9th districts) is IN-1. It’s wanted to answer for myself, and
the following: The pre-election should be pleased with the early- senator. a D+8 district that Pete Visclosky it turned out that readers were
ABC News/ Washington Post poll voting numbers is based on LOPEZ: Does the Tea Party have is not going to lose, but if it’s interested in the answers, too.
came back with the Republicans incomplete data and faulty staying power? around 55 percent, that will be a #ad# LOPEZ: Folks are already
+4. Good, but not great. But in comparisons. In reality, the early- COST: I’m not sure. I don’t sign that something is brewing. looking at the next election. I
1994, it came back with voting numbers look good for the know what to make of the Tea The Indiana 1st is basically Gary think it’s a silly game, but let me
Democrats +2! We’re seeing that GOP. Party. What is it? It’s not an and a few nearby rural counties. ask anyway: Who comes out of
in poll after poll -- something LOPEZ: Lisa Murkowski -- organization like the AARP or the Gary is heavily Democratic and this looking the best on the GOP
between six and nine points seriously? AFL-CIO. There are no costs to the rural counties are heavily side?
bigger than 1994. COST: We’ll see. Write-in claiming to be a member. It’s not Republican. If Gary doesn’t turn COST: Ultimately, Republicans
LOPEZ: However big the win, campaigns are easier said than even like a political party, where out and the rural counties do, it’ll need to look at 2012 as an
what’s the message to the GOP? done. Just ask Rep. Shelley you signal to the state that you make for a (relatively) close race. opportunity to rebuild fully that
What’s the mandate? Sekula-Gibbs. Oh, wait . . . belong to it. You can wake up in Also important here is that the McKinley-Coolidge-Reagan-style
COST: Grow the economy, grow LOPEZ: Biggest surprise you’re the morning as a tea-partier and GOP candidate has raised just coalition. For that, I think they
the economy, grow the economy. expecting? go to sleep at night as a non-tea- $10,000. calls him a need to look to somebody who
The electorate has handed the COST: Dennis Kucinich will partier. My feeling is that “Tea “carpenter and frequent articulates conservative principles
Republican party an enormous lose. Party” has really been a way for candidate.” People who vote for but has broad appeal. I like three
opportunity to get back to its #page# LOPEZ: Hardest loss for fiscal conservatives to him are not doing so because they potential candidates, and wish all
historic roots and what I would Democrats? Can that even be communicate with each other. know him, but because they are
call the McKinley-Coolidge- narrowed down? They’ve had to do that because either (a) Republican or (b) really, ELECTION-WATCHING
86 page
E-reader News Edition 79
continued from page 75

oppressive patriarchal conspiracy. they’re doing a darn good Back in 1859 we weren’t much Digits of the day (2 + 1 = 3), the (They’re at 3m18s in this clip, and
(The first caller, name of Elsie -- imitation of it.) invested in electricity, and time (3 = 3), and the year (2 + 0 + recur later in the opera,
when did we stop naming our Spotting a Carrington Event No, electronics hadn’t even been 1 + 0 = 3) . . . yep, it all works presumably part of the Masonic
daughters Elsie? -- requests “a nothing to do with Lytton thought of. The occasional fire in out. symbolism the whole thing is
gay tune.” John gives her Johann Strachey’s gal pal. A Carrington a telegraph office was just a I’m not going to get into why loaded with.)
Strauss’s “ Tritsch Tratsch event happens when the sun ejects nuisance. Nowadays a Carrington nine is lucky in Burma. Perhaps Okay, okay, here’s the puzzle.
Polka.” Why not Tchaikovsky or a huge cloud of electrically event on the 1859 scale would there’s an echo of it in the What’s the probability that the
Benjamin Britten?) We also get charged gas that then hits the bring down civilization. What are traditional Chinese kowtow, particular hour passing over us
the even fruitier tones of Jack de Earth’s magnetic field, causing it the odds of one? Nobody knows. where you kneel down three satisfies the “Burmese
Manio announcing something or to wobble and pulse. A moving #ad#NASA has a project called times, knocking your head on the condition”?
other, then the fine old rustic buzz magnetic field of course induces Solar Shield that might at least floor three times at each kneeling. Let me be more explicit. We’ll
of cricket commentator John electric currents in any conducting give us a few hours’ warning that In China, though, the lucky consider only years in the range
Arlott. material -- a handy thing to know the blob is on its way. I’d go so number in popular superstition is from a.d. 2001 to a.d. 3000.
It’s all so heartbreakingly if you want to generate electricity far as to say that this project alone eight, not nine. You should have That’s 1,000 years even. Multiply
English. The transit workers, who in a cable you’ve set up, but not might justify NASA’s existence. seen New York’s Chinatown on by 365, that’s 365,000 days. Add
greet each other by name when so good when it’s happening to all Though of course it doesn’t Aug. 8, 1988: Everybody 250 for the years divisible by four
changing shifts, are Bill, Bob, the conducting material on Earth, compare in importance to launched a new business that day (2004, 2008, 2012, . . . 3000), it’s
Tom, and Ted. Strangers are including earth. NASA’s primary mission: to -- you couldn’t see Mott Street for 365,250 days. Subtract for the 8
addressed as “chum” or “love,” #page# The Carrington event was make Muslims feel good. bunting. century years when you don’t get
depending on sex . . . sorry, in September 1859. It was (Hat tip to FuturePundit there.) In Haitian voodoo I believe two a leap day on the Gregorian
“gender.” The advertisements are observed by British solar Math Corner The solution to last is the lucky number: The late calendar (bypassing 2400 and
so diffident you wonder why astronomer Richard Carrington: month’s puzzle is here. Papa Doc Duvalier’s limousines 2800, when you do), and I think
anyone bothered to buy anything: hence the name. For this month, here’s a news all had number plates with the final total is 365,242 days.
“More and More People Prefer Skies all over planet Earth story from the London Sunday nothing but twos on them. I bet he Multiply by 24 and you have
Senior Service” (a brand of erupted in red, green, and purple Times October 31 edition: partied like crazy on February 2. 8,765,808 hours.
cigarette). It’s still Orwell-land, auroras so brilliant that Burma’s military dictators have Or perhaps not; Papa Doc didn’t How many of those hours -- and
more or less: a nation with plenty newspapers could be read as turned to soothsayers, astrologers look like much of a party animal. then, what proportion -- satisfy
of squabbles, tensions, and easily as in daylight. Indeed, and numerologists to help secure Perhaps he just had 22 political the Burmese condition? Use a
injustices, but long familiar with stunning auroras pulsated even at victory in national elections next prisoners garroted for his dinner- twelve-hour clock, since that
itself, at ease in its own skin. A near tropical latitudes over Cuba, Sunday [i.e. November 7]. time entertainment. seems to be the one favored by
nation, not just a place, which is the Bahamas, Jamaica, El Citizens were bewildered when a In the Anglosphere, the lucky the Burmese junta. John
all England is today. Salvador, and Hawaii. new national flag was hoisted on number is seven, I forget why. Derbyshire
Now I will go and hide under the Even more disconcerting, Oct. 21 at 3 p.m. -- a highly The three-times-three business
bedclothes. telegraph systems worldwide auspicious moment as the digits does have some purchase in the
( Footnote: Those two transit went haywire. Spark discharges of the day, the time and the year West, though: Think of the wind
workers in the canteen at 11m10s: shocked telegraph operators and all add up to three, and together chords that interrupt the allegro in
If they’re not engaged in adultery, set the telegraph paper on fire. equal the lucky number nine. the overture to The Magic Flute.
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Bin Laden’s Iranian Protectors

Ryan Mauro (FrontPage track them down if necessary. son, has also said that about 30 of
Magazine » FrontPage) These frequencies could allow the his family members are in Iran
Submitted at 11/1/2010 11:40:43 PM world’s most wanted man’s and have actually been abused.
location to be determined within Saad Bin Laden, Osama’s oldest
A senior NATO official made one square mile. In late 2006, son and key member of Al-Qaeda,
headlines last week when he said Parrot learned from the smuggler left in September 2008 (although
t h a t m e m b e r s o f P a k i s t a n i that Bin Laden was moving from he may have returned) and more
intelligence were helping hide his safe haven in Tehran to an recently, the former chief
Osama Bin Laden and Ayman al- area in Zahedan closed off for him spokesman of Al-Qaeda,
Z a w a h i r i i n n o r t h w e s t e r n to go hunting with his falcons. Suleiman Abu Ghaith, also left
Pakistan. It seems that everyone is Zahedan has been identified as Iran. The Treasury Department
focused on hunting for Bin Laden g r o u n d s w h e r e A l - Q a e d a has blacklisted Al-Qaeda
in the Afghanistan-Pakistan n e t w o r k s o p e r a t e f r o m . members in Iran that it says have
border areas, but much more Journalist Ken Timmerman arranged for the Iranian safe
p r e c i s e a n d m u l t i - s o u r c e d interviewed a U.S. intelligence harbor of family members of high
intelligence, including eyewitness official who confirmed that an -level Al-Qaeda operatives
testimony, places the terrorist intelligence report had been including those of Bin Laden and
m a s t e r m i n d s i n I r a n . A n d distributed at this time based on Zawahiri.
according to a documentary, the electronic intercepts that an A spokesman for the Green
government stopped a plot to nab individual of special importance Movement in Iran named Mohsen
him there. was moving from Tehran to t h e t e a m t o c o n t a c t t h e Omar Bin Laden has said that up Makhmalbaf has also confirmed
In the film Feathered Cocaine Zahedan and that hundreds of i n t e l l i g e n c e c o m m u n i t y , to 40 members of the Bin Laden that Bin Laden is in Iran, saying
about the falcon trade in the thousands of acres had been communication that included a family are living under house “there is absolutely no doubt
Middle East and Asia, the leader closed off for him. Whoever the May 2007 letter to CIA Director a r r e s t i n T e h r a n a n d a r e about this.” He said that he is
of the Union for the Conservation visitor to Zahedan was, he was so Michael Hayden and an offer to constantly monitored by the living in a safehouse near Karaj
of Raptors, Alan Parrot interviews important that powerful Arabs provide the government with Revolutionary Guards. He said close to Tehran. He also says that
a falcon smuggler who agreed to who regularly went to the area to footage from an unmanned aerial the compound where they live M i r - H o s s e i n M o u s a v i , t h e
anonymously tell his story after go hunting were denied entry vehicle they were going to use to includes a tennis court, swimming presidential candidate who ran
one of Parrot’s men saved his life. while he was there. confirm the information. Loftus pool, computers, videogames, and against Ahmadinejad and is now a
He claims to have met Bin Laden Parrot and his colleagues passed was firmly told to drop the plans. they are otherwise treated well, top opposition leader, told him
s i x t i m e s i n I r a n b e t w e e n this information to the intelligence Parrot says that when Bin Laden such as being allowed to go that he went on a tour with Iranian
November 2004 and October community with no response. He travels, the Iranian regime places horseback riding along the government officials in 2006 to an
2007 as Bin Laden is known to be began assembling a team of his family on house arrest to c o a s t — a k e y d e t a i l t h a t Al-Qaeda and Taliban camp near
a fan of falconry. The first f o r m e r s p e c i a l o p e r a t i o n s guarantee that he comes back. Bin corroborates the treatment Parrot Karaj where they were on a
meeting was near Baluchistan and p e r s o n n e l t o a c t o n t h e L a d e n a n d h i s f a m i l y a r e s a y s O s a m a B i n L a d e n i s hunger strike to protest the food
later meetings were at a safehouse intelligence and use the radio protected but are also imprisoned receiving. Notably, one of Bin they were given. “They were half
north of Tehran and in Mashhad. frequencies to capture Bin Laden, and controlled to a degree because Laden’s daughters escaped the p r i s o n e r s , h a l f g u e s t s , ”
The smuggler provided Parrot b u t F B I a g e n t s s a i d t h o s e of that protection. This may sound compound and left the country Makhmalbaf said, which is the
with the frequencies of the radios involved would be arrested for fanciful, but two of Bin Laden’s after going to the Saudi embassy same description given by Bin
that Bin Laden attached to the violating the Neutrality Act. sons have confirmed this element and another son left in December Laden’s sons and Parrot.
back of the falcons so he could Attorney John Loftus was used by of the story. 2009. Khalid Bin Laden, another
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Weyerhaeuser Fellow at the mind that he's been sounding like 3. MSNBC will devote at least -- Dana Perino is former White
American Enterprise Institute. the Tea Party since last winter and one segment of its Election Night House press secretary for Pres.
#page# Andrew Langer has a record that fits their mood). coverage to allegations of voter George W. Bush.
Net gain for the GOP of 62 seats 2) The Politico’s “everyone on the fraud. John J. Pitney Jr.
in the House, ten seats in the right smells Sarah Palin’s political -- John J. Miller is national Republicans net 60 seats in the
Senate, and 16 state legislatures. I blood” storyline. 3) Karl Rove correspondent for National House, nine in the Senate.
don’t make specific predictions on bought the election after writing Review and the author of The Longshot pick for the night:
races, because I have the record of George Bush’s book. 4) Rush First Assassin. Fiorina edges out Boxer in The Electric Myth: Lack
being a jinx. Limbaugh orchestrated this all. #page# Ed Morrissey California. Whatever else
However, I will make one bold These spins will all be wrong. I believe this will be a huge happens, however, it’s a dead- of Consumer Demand
prediction. In addition to the other New York Times headline: victory for Republicans. They will bang certainty that Democrats will Killed the Electric Car
major leadership defeats for the “Republican Women Win, pick up 65 House seats and nine be much stronger in the Senate Nicolas Loris (The Foundry:
Democrats, Charles Lollar will Women Hurt the Most.” Senate seats, and Tom Emmer than in the House. They will Conservative Policy News.)
stunningly defeat Steny Hoyer in -- Kathryn Jean Lopez is editor-at will score an upset in the either have a narrow majority or a
Maryland, because of strong -large of National Review Online. Minnesota gubernatorial race over minority large enough to sustain Submitted at 11/2/2010 10:00:58 AM

African-American crossover in John J. Miller Mark Dayton. The national wave filibusters and presidential vetoes.
“Don’t wanna lose it, it’s electric!
Prince George’s County. 1. Republicans will win control will create a bounty of surprises, Over the past few years,
(Boogie Woogie Woogie)” Those
#ad# New York Times headline of the House, picking up 56 seats. but look especially for a Dino academics have criticized the
lyrics (from Marcia Griffiths’
f o r W e d n e s d a y They’ll gain eight Senate seats, Rossi victory in Washington and Senate’s “un-democratic”
song “Electric Boogie,” better
morning:“Republican Tidal Wave with D-to-R victories in Arkansas, the defeat of Jim Oberstar in what character, attacking the filibuster
known as “the Electric Slide
Averted: GOP Falls Far Short of Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, has been a safe Democratic and even bemoaning the body’s
song”) are quite indicative of the
100 Predicted Seats” Nevada, North Dakota, district since 1947 in Minnesota. very existence. So here’s the
Obama Administration’s position
-- Andrew Langer is president of Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The New York Times will attempt safest prediction of all: As the
on the electric car. No matter how
the Institute for Liberty. Conservative favorite Marco to spin the depth of the loss with a academics realize that the Senate
much the market and consumers
Kathryn Jean Lopez Rubio will prevail in Florida. So headline like, “GOP gains less provides opportunities for fighting
reject the electric car, the
Republicans win 80 pickups in will Joe Miller in Alaska, Rand than expected -- Democrats the Republican agenda, the
government will continue to push
the House. Paul in Kentucky, and Rob breathe sigh of relief.” Expect at institution will suddenly regain
forward with subsidies to produce
Republicans pick up nine Senate Portman in Ohio. Republicans least one MSNBC host to blame their favor.
and purchase the vehicle. Charles
seats. Carly Fiorina of California, voter intimidation for the bad -- John J. Pitney Jr. is Roy P.
Lane wrote about the electric car
Boxer goes, Murray goes, Christine O’Donnell of Delaware, results. Crocker Professor of American
in Saturday’s Washington Post:
Feingold goes. John Raese of West Virginia, and -- Ed Morrissey writes at Politics at Claremont McKenna
[The ad campaign] asks
I think Frank goes. I think Dino Rossi of Washington will College. NRO Symposium
consumers to make an economic
Kucinich goes. come up short. #ad# Dana Perino
and technological leap of
Wow. 2. The biggest surprise of the House pick-ups: 53; Senate pick-
faith—just as both GM and the
Possible MSNBC & Co. spins: 1) night will take place on ESPN2, ups: nine. Barney Frank loses to
firm’s biggest backer, the Obama
The Tea Party didn’t really win, as Arkansas State avenges last Sean Bielat. And Carly Fiorina
administration, have invested,
because John Boehner has been in year’s loss by beating Middle wins over Barbara Boxer.
financially, politically and
Congress for 18 years (never Tennessee. MSNBC: DARK DAYS AHEAD
psychologically, in plug-in
hybrids and other electric
vehicles. How else to explain the
fact that both Washington and
Detroit persist in their costly

ELECTRIC page 82
82 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
Avalanche Now continued from page 81

electric-car project despite

Rich Trzupek (FrontPage size this year is.”
Magazine » FrontPage) mounting evidence that the
On such an occasion, it’s worth vehicles serve no particular
Submitted at 11/1/2010 11:50:53 PM examining the facts on the ground purpose, environmental or
in the key races which have economic?
If there is an overriding theme to captured the attention of the Lane points to a study from J. D.
the election that will be decided nation and what their likely Power and Associates that says
today, it can be expressed in one outcomes will be: there will be very little demand
simple word: extremism. On the Nevada Senate– If Sharon Angle for electric vehicles over the next
Republican side, candidates for holds on to her slim lead over decade, even with lucrative
national office have taken incumbent, Majority Leader Harry federal handouts. If coal produces
advantage of the growing Reid, she will have written the the electricity that powers the
discontent with the Obama playbook for how a “Tea Party electric vehicle while it runs, the
administration’s ambitious agenda candidate” can defeat an reduction in greenhouse gases is
and, as importantly, its lack of entrenched D.C. insider. Angle’s negligible. Other environmental
results. Characterizing the campaign has skillfully managed headaches include how to depose
administration as extreme has to parry Reid’s attempts to paint of exhausted batteries. The lack of
been the go-to strategy for the her as a dangerous, far-right nut- charging infrastructure presents
GOP, and Democratic candidates case, but this one will go down to another problem.
have been easily impugned by the wire. It’s still too close to call, Even so, just how much are
association. While some but most polls put Angle in the electric vehicles running on actual
Democrats have tried to move lead. electric? The Chevy Volt, touted
t o w a r d t h e c e n t e r , t h e y ’ v e campaigns understand that. The controlling the Senate as well. Delaware Senate– This is the as the electric vehicle that could
incurred the wrath of their party trick in 2010 has been to define Yet, the root-cause of this mid- antithesis of the Nevada Senate revolutionize the auto industry,
for daring to do so. Obama and what constitutes extremism. Is the course correction isn’t so much race, albeit in a far different isn’t all that electric. Investor’s
Democratic National Committee federal government running up about rebellion on the Right as it environment. Democrat Chris Business Daily covered this last
c h a i r m a n T i m K a i n e h a v e trillions of dollars in debt and is about apathy on the Left, or at C o o n s i s s e t t o t r o u n c e week:
doggedly pursued a “stay the taking over the health care system l e a s t a m o n g l e f t - l e a n i n g Republican Christine O’Donnell, Advertised as an all-electric car
course” strategy which, if the extreme? Or are citizens who independents. According to who entered the raced a deeply that could drive 50 miles on its
polls are to be believed, is a protest such actions and support Gallup, the average Republican f l a w e d c a n d i d a t e . G r a n t e d , lithium battery, GM addressed
message that has fallen entirely candidates dedicated to rolling candidate has a fifteen percentage youthful pronouncements about concerns about where you plug
flat with the electorate. The most back those actions the real point lead against his or her witchcraft and masturbation the thing in en route to grandma’s
effective Democratic strategy in e x t r e m i s t s ? L i k e b e a u t y , D e m o c r a t i c o p p o n e n t . T h i s shouldn’t matter in an ideal world, house by adding a small gasoline
this election cycle has been to extremism is in the eye of the suggests that apathy and doubt but they do in the real world. engine to help maintain the charge
invoke the specter of right-wing beholder. have infected a substantial portion O’Donnell was a long-shot at best on the battery as it starts to run
extremism, which can be effective If the polls are to be believed, of the very electorate that swept in Delaware and, unfortunately down. It was still an electric car,
(although not always) when the this election will see the most Barack Obama into power. The for the GOP, it doesn’t look like we were told, and not a hybrid on
GOP opponent is a so-called “Tea d r a m a t i c s h i f t i n p o w e r i n spread is unprecedented. As t h e u n d e r d o g w i l l p u l l a steroids.
Party” candidate. American history. Republicans Gallup observed: “Republicans triumphant upset in this election. That’s not quite true. The
The average American is made seem to be assured of winning a usually turn out at higher rates gasoline engine has been found to
very uncomfortable by extremes majority in the House, and have than Democrats, so the margin’s be more than a range-extender for
on either side of the political a n e v e n - m o n e y c h a n c e o f expansion is not unusual, but its the battery. Volt engineers are
spectrum and the people who run now admitting that when the
ELECTRIC page 84
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 83
Side Effects: Now Even Democrats Are Voicing continued from page 77

capabilities are paltry. We are

Concern About Obamacare’s Consequences deeply dependent on foreign
services. Those services know full
Kathryn Nix (The Foundry: exchanges and come out even, well that our civilian due-process
Conservative Policy News.) after paying the $2,000-per- rules make it very tough to
Submitted at 11/2/2010 1:00:56 PM employee penalty, Tennessee conceal intelligence methods and
would save $146 million. sources. Our allies will be less apt
Posted November 2nd, 2010 at S a v i n g s d o n ’ t c o m e f r o m to tell us secrets if they fear we
2:00pm in Health Care Print This reductions in the cost within the cannot keep secrets.
Post health care system. The new The more savvy Obama officials
Imagine that one day, your boss health law will actually drive know that. They also know that
takes you out to coffee. You offer insurance premiums higher. the history of bringing Yemen-
to pick up the tip as a Instead, “savings” are solely based terrorists to justice is not a
contribution. The two of you head attributable to the taxpayer- happy one. For example, Jamal al-
down the street and are faced with funded subsidies. Obamacare Badawi, the brains behind the
quite the conundrum: two coffee won’t make insurance any October 2000 U.S.S. Cole
shops to choose from! Both offer cheaper—someone else will just bombing that killed 17 U.S.
a delicious cup of joe for the same be picking up part of the tab. sailors, is at large now -- after
price, but in front of one, a There are approximately 170 multiple “escapes” from Yemeni
benevolent gentleman who calls insurance in the state exchanges. program that adds substantially to m i l l i o n A m e r i c a n s w h o s e custody, the last one occurring
himself Uncle Sam (weird, right?) To keep employers from dumping it. But our recent health reform employers provide them health after that government purported to
offers you a coupon for 50 percent coverage, the new law includes a has created a situation where there insurance. If a significant portion sentence him to death. Yemen
off, so both you and your boss “firewall”: a penalty of $2,000 for are strong economic incentives for of them lose their employer refused to transfer him and his
will save. Which coffee shop do e m p l o y e r s w h o d o n ’ t o f f e r employers to drop health coverage coverage, the subsidies could cost confederates to the United States
you think your employer would coverage and the requirement that altogether. The consequence will taxpayers approximately $1.4 for trial.
take you to? individuals have no offer of be to drive many more people trillion over 10 years. And wouldn’t you know it: The
This is not a trick question. The adequate employer coverage to than projected—and with them, This post was co-authored by lone suspect thus far detained by
scenario described above captures qualify for a subsidy. But the much greater cost—into the Charlie Adair. President Ali Abdullah Saleh’s
how employers are likely to react subsidies are so generous that in reform’s federally subsidized This entry passed through the hapless regime in connection with
t o i n c e n t i v e s c r e a t e d b y many cases, employers could system. This will happen because Full-Text RSS service — if this is last week’s bombing attempts has
Obamacare to dump employer dump coverage, pay employees t h e s u b s i d i e s t h a t b e c o m e your content and you're reading it also been released. No sooner had
coverage, as Governor Philip extra to make the switch cost- available to people purchasing on someone else's site, please read Yemeni authorities picked up
Bredesen (D–TN) explained neutral, pay the penalty, and still insurance through exchanges are our FAQ page at engineering student Hanan al-
recently in The Wall Street save. If enough employers do this, extraordinarily attractive. content-only/faq.php Samawi, whose phone number
Journal. the fiscal effects will be severe. Bredesen uses his state, which Five Filters featured article: appeared on a bomb package, than
Bredesen went against his party, Bredesen explains: employs 40,000 employees, as an Beyond Hiroshima - The Non- they decided some unknown
a g a i n . O b a m a c a r e c r e a t e s Our federal deficit is already at example. If Tennessee dropped Reporting of Falluja's Cancer person must have purloined her
g e n e r o u s , t a x p a y e r - f u n d e d unsustainable levels, and most health care coverage but raised Catastrophe. identity. Don’t hold your breath
subsidies for low- and middle- Americans understand that we can salaries by enough for employees waiting for Yemen to crack the
income Americans to purchase ill afford another entitlement to purchase coverage in the case. Like most of our “allies” in
that part of the world, Yemen has
a rabidly anti-American
population, and its tottering
MORE page 85
84 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
Ballyhooing Medicare continued from page 82

vehicle’s lithium-ion battery pack production or the government

Tait Trussell (FrontPage
Magazine » FrontPage) runs down and at speeds near or bailout but rather how bankruptcy
above 70 mph, the Volt’s gasoline forced the automaker to
Submitted at 11/1/2010 11:28:11 PM engine will directly drive the front restructure. Making a product no
wheels along with the electric one wants to buy is how GM got
In an expensive, multi-faceted motors. That’s not charging the into this mess, and now the
campaign, the Department of battery—that’s driving the car. government’s doing its job to
Health and Human Services Lane adds: ensure it will happen again.
(HHS) is trying mightily to Fine print on the Volt ad Lane sums it up nicely:
convince senior citizens that promises just “25–50 miles of The Obama administration’s
ObamaCare is full of “exciting electric driving in moderate commitment of $5 billion in loans
new changes to improve your conditions.” Translation: Much of and grants for electric cars is the
health care now and in the the time the car will be running on biggest taxpayer rip-off since corn
future.” HHS Secretary Sebelius gas, just like ones that cost far, far -based ethanol. It benefits no one
has fretted, “We have a lot of re- less than the four-seat Volt’s price but a few well-to-do car buyers
education to do.” of $33,500 (after a $7,500 federal and politically connected
The “re-education” campaign to tax credit). companies. Any “green” jobs
change minds and sell Medicare The story is similar across the these rent-seeking firms create
and ObamaCare to highly pond. British consumers bought a will vanish when consumers reject
skeptical seniors started last grand total of 55 electric cars last their products and/or the subsidies
summer when HHS sent out a
the Annual Coordinated Election liberal Democrats who drafted the year out of over 2 million vehicles cease.
slick, four-color, four-page folder
Period. It starts Nov. 15 and runs health law cut the Medicare s o l d . A n d s i m i l a r t o o u r This entry passed through the
mailed first class to 40 million
through the end of the year. Advantage program by$136 government, the cash-strapped Full-Text RSS service — if this is
households with Medicare
During this period those on billion over the next decade, even U.K. government will provide a your content and you're reading it
recipients. In that pitch, Sebelius
Medicare have the right to change as health cost rise. The Medicare ?5,000 subsidy toward each on someone else's site, please read
claimed, “The Affordable Health
their Medicare health and drug actuaries predict the cuts will electric car purchased next year. our FAQ page at
Care Act (as it is erroneously but
coverage options. Any changes cause enrollment to drop by 50 The elite receive tax breaks they content-only/faq.php
formally called) will provide you don’t need. The automakers Five Filters featured article:
they make will take effect on Jan. percent.
and your family greater savings
1, 2011. Many companies that have receive subsidies to produce Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
and increased quality health care.”
The Resource for Journalists offered Medicare Advantage something no one wants to buy. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
In recent weeks, a promotional
takes a decidedly pro-ObamaCare p l a n s a r e m a k i n g m a j o r But it makes environmentalists Catastrophe.
TV commercial features an aging
viewpoint. It explains that if a adjustments, including having to happy and it throws a bone to a
Andy Griffith plugging
senior is considering a Medicare raise premiums or increasing struggling automaker working to
ObamaCare and promising “More
Advantage plan for 2011, “be seniors’ deductibles. Some are turn sales around. It’s Bruce
good things are coming” from the
aware that if you become unhappy even being driven out of business. Yandle’s bootleggers and Baptists
health law. The commercials cost
with your MA plan, you have the Why was MA slashed? Because it theory. GM is doing better, but
$3 million to taxpayers. Poor
option to switch to Original has given about one in four it’s not because of electric vehicle
Andy had a stroke not long ago.
Medicare during the MADP.” seniors private insurance options
Now a purportedly independent
MADP stands for Medicare with added choices. “Private” and
organization, called the Medicare
Advantage Disenrollment Period. “choice” are odious ideas in the
Rights Center has sent out what it
The Medicare private health plan leftist mindset. Command and
calls “A Resource for
market, the guide says, has been control by bureaucracy feels just
Journalists.” The seven-page
“ s t r e a m l i n e d . ” T h a t ’ s a right to them.
packet is all about the fall open
euphemism for torpedoed. The
enrollment period, also known as
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ 85
Israel’s Warning continued from page 83

government walks a tightrope insufficient deference to the

P. David Hornik (FrontPage
Magazine » FrontPage) between losing lavish American sovereignty of fabulous allies like
aid and being overthrown for Pakistan, which cashes American
Submitted at 11/1/2010 11:45:59 PM seeming too cozy with checks while safeguarding
Americans. Taliban chieftains.
While these days the focus is Thus the most interesting of the Far more important, though, a
understandably on Al Qaeda, weekend’s developments: covert-ops campaign could
alarming news has also surfaced President Obama may be leaning effectively address a militant
about Hezbollah, the Shiite terror toward extending his Pakistan threat, without trials and without
group that is clustered near strategy to Yemen. That would enmeshing the United States in
Israel’s border and has taken mean covert operations designed yet another thankless, ruinously
control of Lebanon. to kill AQAP operatives, directed expensive nation-building project
The French daily Le Figaro by the CIA and the White House, in a hostile Islamic basket case
reports that Hezbollah’s arsenal not the Pentagon and the Justice where Iran is making mischief.
now numbers 40,000 missiles, and Department. In bringing that kind of justice,
that the organization fields over This would be good politics. It Obama would find plenty of
10,000 fighters. Le Figaro also would enable the president to Republican support. Terrorists on
gives details on three Hezbollah show anti-terror toughness, the wrong end of a missile tend
units tasked with maintaining and putting distance between him and not to return to the jihad.
transporting the missiles, and on his hard-Left supporters, who – Andrew C. McCarthy, a senior
Syria’s close involvement in the prefer indictments to drones. It fellow at the National Review
whole enterprise. might also remind voters that he Institute, is the author, most
The article says that last January has kept his promise to attack recently, of The Grand Jihad:
one of the three, Unit 108—in a terror sanctuaries in Muslim How Islam and the Left Sabotage
move picked up by U.S. countries with which the U.S. is America. Andrew C. McCarthy
intelligence—received a delivery formally at peace -- a promise
of 26 Syrian M-6002 missiles use at the base. and missile arsenal in Lebanon, as
Ron Ben-Yishai, veteran military well as the states that contributed over which Sen. John McCain
somewhere between Damascus ridiculed him for showing
and the Syrian-Lebanese border. analyst for Israel’s largest daily to establishing it, that is, Lebanon
While Unit 108’s main barracks Yediot Aharonot, ascribes much and Syria.
are near that border, it also has a significance to the report and Ben-Yishai goes on to note that
base near Damascus Airport for writes that “whoever provided [ in recent months Israel has been
handling weapons shipments from Le Figaro] with sensitive conveying that point to the
Iran. intelligence information” had international community,
Le Figaro quotes the French reasons for doing so. including declassified maps of
Defense Ministry as saying Israel One of those reasons, Ben-Yishai how Hezbollah stores weapons
might strike Unit 108’s sites in says, is: near schools, hospitals, and homes
Syria. to slam the facts in the face of in southern Lebanese villages.
The paper also says the Syrian international public opinion, so Hezbollah thereby wants to make
army has its own Scud missile that the UN, the West, Arab states it hard for Israel to attack the
base near Damascus. And while and the global media won’t targets, while also setting Israel
Syria denies having supplied pretend to be surprised if and up for “war crimes” accusations if
Hezbollah with Scuds, satellite when Israel undertakes powerful, it does.
images seem to show Hezbollah destructive strikes. Such actions
operatives being trained in their would target the immense rocket
86 Politics-Right/ E-reader News Edition
Congress Should Not Hurry on continued from page 78

three would run: Mitch Daniels, the liberals to back him, and he
Cybersecurity Bobby Jindal, and Mike Pence.
Mitch Daniels is my Number One
might also get those conservative
Democrats who gave Obama such
Paul Rosenzweig (The at this point, with a bullet. a headache in the Ohio,
Foundry: Conservative Policy In terms of the horserace, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia
News.) everything depends on whether primaries.
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:00:03 PM
Sarah Palin runs. If she does, Plus, the divisive nature of the
Posted November 2nd, 2010 at there will be a mad scramble 2008 electoral results makes for
1:00pm in Protect America Print among the rest of the candidates terrific opposition research for
This Post to be “the Anti-Palin.” And I anybody thinking about
As Congress gets ready to return think ultimately the 2012 nominee challenging Obama. Anybody
from its election break for a short is that person. who wants to run could dive into
lame duck session it faces many LOPEZ: Will Obama get a the data and put together a
pressing issues (taxes and the primary challenge? strategy -- all his weaknesses on
budget to name just two). Some COST: If it looks like he will his own side are plain to see in the
on Capitol Hill are hoping to lose, yes. The Democrats are way voting returns from 2008. They
include comprehensive too divided internally to unite could call me, incidentally. I
cybersecurity legislation on the behind somebody who looks like know all his electoral weaknesses
list of things to do. Others think a loser. I don’t think it will be and would be happy to help!
that the chances of legislation this Hillary Clinton, but somebody Just kidding.
year are slim. could put together a peculiar left- — Kathryn Jean Lopez is editor-
remain—most notably where everyone should be disappointed.
Those who counsel caution are u l t i m a t e a u t h o r i t y f o r But for now the time is not ripe right coalition against Obama. at-large of National Review
correct. Cybersecurity legislation cybersecurity operations should and Congress would be wise to Suppose Howard Dean runs, Online. Interview
is too important to hurry. As a be housed within the Federal g i v e t h i s i s s u e i t s f u l l claiming to be the representative
panel of speakers made clear g o v e r n m e n t . I t m a t t e r s , c o n s i d e r a t i o n n e x t y e a r . of “the Democratic wing of the
during a session at The Heritage p r o f o u n d l y , w h e t h e r t h e This entry passed through the Democratic party.” He could get
Foundation last week, a number Department of Homeland Security Full-Text RSS service — if this is
of important questions remain, or the Department of Defense your content and you're reading it
most particularly those pertaining takes the operational lead for on someone else's site, please read
to the scope of Federal authority protecting America’s cybernet, our FAQ page at
over the private sector. and that decision warrants more content-only/faq.php
T h i s p a s t y e a r h a s s e e n discussion. Five Filters featured article:
significant clarification in Cybersecurity legislation is Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
Congress’ thinking. Some of the essential. Too much is happening Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
e a r l y i d e a s f o r a b r o a d by Executive action without the Catastrophe.
Presidential authority to turn on i n p u t o f o u r e l e c t e d
an “internet kill switch” have representatives. If the next session
been narrowed to real crisis of Congress does not produce a
situations. But other disputes comprehensive, consensus bill,
about the legislation
E-reader News Edition Politics-Right/ Social Media/ 87

Votes For Tacos Is A No-No

Conn Carroll (The Foundry:
Conservative Policy News.)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:00:04 AM

According to their website,

California Tortilla is offering a
“FREE” taco today for anyone
that wears an “I VOTED” sticker,
says they voted, or screams “I
love election day.”
That last option, screaming “I
love election day,” is the only
Facebook Status Updates Tell
thing keeping California Taco
from violating the law. 42 USC
the Story of Romance Gone
1973i(c) reads:
Whoever knowingly or willfully Awry [INFOGRAPHIC]
gives false information as to his Brenna Ehrlich (Mashable!) addition to a growing canon of
name, address or period of Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:00:15 PM information depicting both
residence in the voting district for Facebook’s effect on — and role
the purpose of establishing his A v e r y i n t e r e s t i n g d a t a in — the dating realm. In the past,
employees paid leave while they offering coupons for food in
eligibility to register or vote, or visualization from infographic we have explored the negative
vote are not prohibited. Such exchange for votes, the candidate
conspires with another individual wizard David McCandless is effects of Facebook on one’s
things are given to make it easier herself taped a phone message to
for the purpose of encouraging his making its way around the web, romantic life, as well as how
to vote, not to induce them to push the offer to people in her
false registration to vote or illegal depicting the most common times some people use the social
vote. For an offer or payment to district. Both acts are illegal if
voting, or pays or offers to pay or a year that people break up — via networking site to end things.
violate 1972i(c), it must have true.
accepts payment either for Facebook status updates. What effect — if any — has
been intended to induce or reward This entry passed through the
registration to vote or for voting McCandless whipped out the Facebook had on your dating life?
the voter for engaging in one or Full-Text RSS service — if this is
shall be fined not more than chart during a TED talk this past Image courtesy of iStockphoto,
more acts necessary to cast a your content and you're reading it
$10,000 or imprisoned not more summer. Apparently, he and his A1Stock Reviews: Facebook,
ballot. on someone else's site, please read
than five years, or both. team scraped 10,000 status iStockphoto
As long as California Tortilla our FAQ page at
Payment can be anything of updates for the phrases “break up” More About: facebook, online
gives free tacos to voters and non- content-only/faq.php
monetary value such as cash, and “broken up,” and made the dating, pop culture, social media
voters alike, they should be fine. Five Filters featured article:
liquor, lottery chances, and following discoveries: 1). A ton of For more Social Media coverage:
But Rep. Corrine Brown (D-FL) Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
welfare benefits such as food people break up before social • Follow Mashable Social Media
may be in big trouble. Not only Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
stamps. However, offering free occasions like Spring Break and on Twitter
did her office distribute fliers Catastrophe.
rides to the polls or providing the summer, 2). Mondays aren’t • Become a Fan on Facebook
just the start of the work week — • Subscribe to the Social Media
there’re the end of many a channel
relationship, 3). People have the • Download our free apps for
d e c e n c y n o t t o d u m p t h e i r iPhone and iPad
significant others on Christmas
The above chart is just another
88 Social Media/ E-reader News Edition

What to Consider When Building an In-House Social Media Team

Amy-Mae Elliott (Mashable!) using social media as a sales Vodafone’s Hrabovsky, you will already have mastered the
Submitted at 11/2/2010 12:34:01 PM channel? You should be clear on might be able to utilize existing appropriate way to behave and
what you want to measure. internal experts. build relationships within several
The Social Media Marketing Engagement levels, buzz and “Ideally your social media team networks. They will also tend to
Series is supported by Webtrends sentiment or an increase in the should include people who have be natural conversationalists and
Apps, which lets you quickly number of sales — or perhaps had social media experience and passionate about a personal area
create and publish Facebook, both?” it’s very likely these are already in of interest, actively engaging in
iPhone, iPad and Android apps. Hrabovsky also points out that your organization. The advantage conversations and networks
Learn more about it here or keep your social media team members is that internal hires know the around that, possibly even writing
up with all Webtrends Social will also need to be able to help company’s products and services, a personal blog.”
products by following its blog. customers — they may be the which is crucial for responding Even our own community
Building any kind of team is a point of call that connected with the speed and accuracy the manager at Mashable, Vadim
challenge, but pulling together the consumers head to. “If you’re a social media/online environment Lavrusik, advocates hiring
communicate in a way that shows
people who are going to represent consumer-facing organization, requires.” evangelists.
the personality of your company,”
your company in the social media you should include a customer Studard agrees. “The people you “Hire people that practice what
says Kristen Studard, social media
arena is a particularly tricky task. care element to complement your want on your social media team they preach,” Lavrusik says. “This
coordinator at Threadless.
What is the ultimate purpose of social engagement team as well.” are the same people you’d want can be grabbing people internally
“At Threadless we’re a very
your social media team? Do you 2. Create a Social Media Policy talking about your brand at a party who understand the company and
friendly laid-back company and
hire experts from outside the First — naturally social people who would do well to represent it, but
we’re very excited about our
company or utilize existing Every company with a presence love your brand. Find the social also from outside the company
products, which is why we use so
employees? What do you look for in the social space should have a media-savvy people who already who would be great advocates of
many exclamation points in our
in a social media executive? social media policy, even if it’s work for you and are passionate the company, product or platform.
tweets and status updates.”
We talked to professionals who just a few lines advising about your brand and you’re onto Hiring people who love the
If you are going down the
have gone through the process — employees how you’d prefer they something.” company that they represent will
friendly, excited, exclamation
from big global businesses to reference your brand online. Dell has likewise had success usually make them more
points route with your social
small companies — to try and Creating a social media policy with recruiting from within the knowledgeable of the company’s
media policy, then be sure to hire
find some answers to these before you get a team in place ranks. Kerry Bridge, head of inner workings, making them
people who will find it easy to
questions. will help you in deciding who to digital media communications for strong candidates to represent it in
express themselves that way; if
Have a read of their advice and employ to implement it. Dell’s EMEA & global public the social space.” 4. Essential
you’re aiming for a more staid,
let us know any useful “Be sure you have a social media sector, shares her experiences: Skills to Look For
professional approach, then don’t
experiences you’ve had in the policy in place, so that your team “We have found many Dell Passion for the brand and
pick someone who can’t pen a
comments below. 1. Set Clear is clear on how the company employees who were already knowledge of the social space
line without adding a smiley at the
Goals wishes to be portrayed in the participating in social media in aren’t the only qualities that you
end. 3. Should You Recruit
Before you consider the question space. A social media policy their personal lives also had the need to look out for; there are
Internally or Externally?
of who, you need to have already should be available to all staff desire and ability to listen and other skills that a social media
The biggest question facing
established the answer to why? too,” advises Dave Delaney, engage on behalf of Dell, too. exec should boast.
anyone working to create an in-
“Firstly, before you set up a team, marketing specialist, online Social media enthusiasts exist “A social media team should have
house social media team is
you have to be clear who you communications and promotions within every organization and at least one person that knows
whether you should pull people
want to talk to and engage with at Griffin Technology. common traits make them easily their numbers and stats. Stats are
from other areas of the
and what your internal goals are,” “You should first consider how identifiable. crucial in not only measuring
organization — after all, they
says Jakub Hrabovsky, head of you want your brand represented. “Firstly, these people will be performance or ROI, but also in
know the brand — or turn to
web relations for Vodafone UK. Your social media team is going ‘early adopters’ of social media. understanding your community
outside “experts” who have a
“Is your main aim to entertain and to be speaking for your brand, so They will be actively using
great grasp of the social space. WHAT page 90
engage, or are you considering it’s important that they are able to multiple social media tools and
In an ideal world, says
E-reader News Edition Social Media/ 89

Join Mashable at CES (Mashable Awards)

Adam Hirsch (Mashable!)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 11:50:07 AM

The Mashable team will be at the

2011 International CES
Convention Week in Las Vegas,
NV and we’d love for you to join
us! We’ll have our teams on the
ground and the exhibit floor.
We’ll be bringing you the latest
news, interviews and livestreams
from all of the hottest keynotes,
booths and conference sessions.
Kicking off the opening night,
Thursday, January 6, 2011,
Mashable will host our 2nd
Mashable Awards Gala at the beautiful New York New York Thanks to Our Sponsors Cordon Bleu chef prepare your the show. Register FREE for the
Cirque du Soleil Zumanity stage Hotel. The event will include acts Mashable Awards Gala Partner: meals in your own kitchen. 2011 CES with priority code
at the New York New York hotel. and performances from our From a group of 20 street There’s no cooking, cleaning or MSHB, an exclusive promotion
There are a limited number of partner Cirque du Soleil performers at its beginnings in shopping – just fresh prepared for Mashable readers.
tickets available. Zumanity. In addition, there will 1984, Cirque du Soleil is now a delicious meals, hand delivered to Mashable Awards Silver
Thanks to our partner, CES, if be special guest presenters and global entertainment organization your door daily! Whether you Sponsor, After Party and
you haven’t secured your appearances. providing high-quality artistic want to lose weight or just want to Category Sponsor:
registration yet and you are in the Date: Thursday, January 6, 2011 entertainment. The company has eat healthy, The Fresh Diet can About Research In Motion (RIM)
consumer electronics industry, (during International CES more than 5,000 employees, help you meet your goals. The Research In Motion is a leading
you’ll receive FREE registration Convention week) including more than 1,200 artists best news, we’re giving away a designer, manufacturer and
with priority code MSHB! The Time: 7:00 – 10:00 p.m. PT from close to 50 different FREE week of The Fresh Diet marketer of innovative wireless
Mashable Awards Gala at Cirque Location: Cirque du Soleil countries. every day on our Facebook page. solutions for the worldwide
du Soleil Zumanity (Vegas) Zumanity, New York New York Cirque du Soleil has brought Just click here to become a fan mobile communications market.
In partnership with Cirque du Hotel, Las Vegas wonder and delight to nearly 100 and you could be the next winner. Through the development of
Soleil, The Mashable Awards Agenda: Networking, open bars, million spectators in 300 cities on Join now! integrated hardware, software and
Gala event will bring together the acts, surprises and the Mashable five continents. In 2010 Cirque du Mashable Awards Partner: services that support multiple
winners and nominees, the Awards Gala presentations Soleil, will present 21 shows Join us at the 2011 International wireless network standards, RIM
Mashable community, partners, Press: Press applications are simultaneously throughout the CES®, the global platform for provides platforms and solutions
media, the marketing community, being accepted for the Mashable world, including seven in Las inspired ideas and innovation. for seamless access to time-
consumer electronics and Awards Gala Vegas. With 2,500 exhibitors, CES sensitive information including
technology brands and attendees Socialize: Facebook, Foursquare, For more information about continues to be the world’s largest email, phone, SMS messaging,
from the 2011 International CES Meetup, Plancast, Cirque du Soleil, visit consumer technology tradeshow Internet and intranet-based
Convention to Las Vegas on T w i t t e r ( H a s h t a g : and always reflects the dynamic applications including the
Thursday, January 6, 2011. # M a s h a b l e A w a r d s ) Mashable Awards Online consumer electronics industry. BlackBerry wireless platform. For
Together, we will celebrate the Sponsorships are available. Partner: The International CES is not open the latest on BlackBerry products
winners and the community of the P l e a s e c o n t a c t Have you ever wished for your to the general public and all join us at
Mashable Awards at the Cirque for own personal gourmet chef? attendees must be in the CE
du Soleil Zumanity stage in the more information. The Fresh Diet is like having a industry to be eligible to attend JOIN page 90
90 E-reader News Edition
continued from page 88 continued from page 89

and what they respond to, what “Hire people who have OCD — I the voices and faces of your - 4 Winning Strategies for Social BlackBerry.
works for them,” says Lavrusik. joke but am serious about this one company online.” Media Optimization Mashable Awards Gala Silver
“Ideally, everyone on the team is at the same time,” says Lavrusik. And don’t forget that even the - 6 Ways to Recruit Talent for Sponsors:
comfortable enough to handle “You want people who are most suitable candidate needs Startups Aro Mobile is an intelligent
data and stats that are presented to obsessed with detail but at the ongoing development and - 10 Essential Tips for Building mobile experience that includes
them and be able to interpret what same time can be highly efficient possibly even further training, Your Small Biz Team better email, connected contacts,
they mean.” and productive,” says Lavrusik. something that Dell is committed - Should Your Company Have a smarter calendar and improved
Bridge suggests considering the “That’s a tough balance. You to. Chief Marketing Technologist? browsing.
main functions of the job, when want someone who pays attention “At Dell we send interested - 5 Big Social Media Questions The Aro system automatically
considering who might fill that to the detail of their content, employees back to school: Social from Small Business Owners learns what’s important in your
role. strategy, message and projects, Media and Communities Images courtesy of Flickr, life — the people, places, dates
“Social and communication skills but also someone who can do it University,” says Bridge. “After Mulad; Flickr, Håkan Dahlström; and organizations you care about
need to be accompanied with quickly. There’s nothing worse they are given an overview of our Dr. Seuss; Flickr, JanneM most. In your communications,
business skills, which will differ than having someone who writes principles and policies, employees Reviews: Android, Facebook, Aro automatically identifies
depending on what business sloppily and is updating a social decide which tools will enable Flickr, Mashable, Twitter, blog, people, places, events, dates,
objectives you are looking to profile with grammatical and them to have better connections social media organizations and locations. From
achieve. Common skills to look punctuation errors. Platforms like and conversations with our More About: business, dell, in- any recognized term, Aro offers
for would be customer advocacy, Twitter aren’t just micro- customers. Social media gives house social media team, quick action menus to speed up
writing skills, editorial planning blogging, [they're] micro- Dell more opportunities to listen, MARKETING, online marketing, your day.
and reporting,” says Bridge. publishing.” 5. Stay Committed connect and engage than ever recruitment, small business, social The unique Aro experience is
“For example if you are looking Finally, remember creating your before.” media, social media marketing, powered by advanced web
for someone to engage with policy and building up your team These are just five topics you Social Media Marketing Series, services: next generation natural
customers on blogs and Twitter, are just the beginning. You need should consider when building an social media team, threadless, language processing and semantic
then the customer listening and to be thinking long term. in-house social media team. Add vodafone data analytics services. Aro gives
engaging skills would be “The most important thing is your own thoughts in the For more Business coverage: you the power to see through the
paramount, however if you were commitment,” says Hrabovsky. comments below. Series • Follow Mashable Business on clutter and focus your mobile life.
looking for a blog manager, then “Social media and online Supported by Webtrends Twitter Mashable Awards Gala VIP
editorial and writing skill should engagement isn’t something you The Social Media Marketing • Become a Fan on Facebook Lounge Sponsor:
be prioritized,” says Bridge. can turn on and off at your Series is supported by Webtrends • Subscribe to the Business Influxis specializes in the
You also want people who pay discretion. Once you start Apps, which lets you quickly channel deployment of creative streaming
great attention to detail and have listening and talking to your target create and publish Facebook, • Download our free apps for solutions. Services include large
the ability to manage several audiences, they will expect you to iPhone, iPad and Android apps. iPhone and iPad scale deployment, mobile
things at once. Patrick Parker, be there for them every day, and Learn more about it here or keep streaming, turn-key applications
social media coordinator at to be successful you have to do up with all Webtrends Social and enterprise support with says, “Social media just that. Don’t build a faceless products by following its blog. custom network options. With the
team members need to have multi presence — select the right people More Business Resources from unique combination of a
-tasking down to a science.” for the job, because they will be Mashable: worldwide network,
knowledgeable developer support
JOIN and nearly a decade of streaming
continued from page 90
media experience, Influxis is an
innovative streaming. Reviews: For more Social Media coverage: channel essential partner to businesses,
Facebook, Foursquare, Internet, • Follow Mashable Social Media • Download our free apps for advertisers, developers, educators
Mashable, Twitter on Twitter iPhone and iPad and others who seek expertise in
More About: CES, mashable • Become a Fan on Facebook
awards, mashable awards 2010 • Subscribe to the Social Media JOIN page 90
E-reader News Edition Finance/ 91

5 Holiday Savings Tips You Blew Off Last Year

(Financiallyfit on Shine) cookies decorated with red and Take the next 20 minutes to map importantly) sticking to a list can bonanza.)
Submitted at 11/2/2010 7:18:58 PM green sugar sprinkles for the out your holiday shopping save you a serious bundle. Or, 5. Set a deadline: The holidays
entire office to enjoy. From strategy. If all you do is muddle even better ... are really about being with the
I usually wait until late scratch. through just the first two items on 3. Leave the credit cards at home: ones you love. It's hard to play
November to roll out this article. this list, I guarantee you'll spend Yes, credit cards are convenient -- board games with the kids or trim
This year, different story: I'm on So who's with me? Who's ready less than you would otherwise. they offer purchase protection, the tree when you're standing in
top of my game. I'm warmed up to be one of those well-organized, Get into it a little more, and you'll rewards, an easy way to track line on Dec. 24. Set a firm
and ready to get ready for the budget-conscious, financially exponentially improve your sanity your spending (albeit after the deadline for your shopping,
holidays. Like this article, I'm responsible consumers we swear and your savings. damage is done), and they take up wrapping, shipping, and even
way ahead of schedule, and you every Jan. 1 that we can become? 5 run-of-the-mill holiday survival less wallet room. But they're also house cleaning. You'll be a hero
can be, too! Would it help if I told you that tactics that actually work ... if you too convenient. Studies show that to your family if everything's
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only y o u p r o b a b l y a l r e a d y h a v e do them people spend more -- and more done two weeks before the big
one who remembers last year -- everything you need to pull this 1. Revisit last year's expenses: impulsively -- when no actual day.
standing in line 20 yards away off -- and that it's only a matter of Did you keep track of what you cash changes hands. Instead, carry Get financially fit with The
from the cashier, swearing that doing a few really obvious things s p e n t l a s t y e a r o n h o l i d a y the cash you need for each Motley Fool!:
next year would be different in a certain order to save some festivities? No worries: Your shopping trip. I guarantee this all- · Hang out with us on Facebook
because I was going to plan serious cash? lenders sure did. Dig up your cash diet will cut down your · Cheat off our homework with
ahead. (Anyone?) The best thing you can do for the credit-card statements from last holiday spending by at least 10%, these 13 Steps to Investing
Well, next year is here. This is next 20 minutes year for a horrifyingly accurate and likely much, much more. Foolishly
the year that we become one of You are about to read 400- a c c o u n t o f t h e N o v e m b e r - 4. Don't dawdle: Malls are many · Check out
"them." You know who I'm something words of advice that December damage. You can do a budgeter's downfall. 'Tis the Motley Fool personal finance
talking about: you've heard ad infinitum. That's one of two things now: Challenge season for temptation. Because columnist Dayana Yochim will
right, in the list below, there are y o u r s e l f t o s p e n d l e s s . O r you made a list (right?) you won't not -- she repeats -- will not spend
• They compile a list of gift no knee-slapping "gosh, I didn't challenge yourself to spend no be tempted to wade through the December in Ultra Hysterical
recipients weeks before they get know that!" morsels or "hey, I more than you did. You know the crowds to pick up a little Holiday Triage Mode (again).
to the shopping mall parking lot. gotta let 387 of my friends know right thing to do. something for yourself. If you feel This entry passed through the
• They don't have to fight tooth about this!" tidbits worthy of 2. Actually make a list of gift- your resolve growing weak, bring Full-Text RSS service — if this is
and nail on Black Friday for the posting on Facebook. ees: It may be cliche, but this list of five mind games stores your content and you're reading it
last bedraggled Tickle-Me- The lack of novelty in the shopping with a list will keep you use to make consumers spend on someone else's site, please read
Whatever on the shelf, because forthcoming advice should come honest. Next to each person's more so you can identify the our FAQ page at
the one they snagged on sale (with as a relief. No need to learn any name, write a few gift ideas and a traps. Even better: Avoid the content-only/faq.php
a President's Day coupon) is f a n c y n e w t r i c k s ( o r l o n g target dollar figure. Pick a range, bricks-and-mortar stores Five Filters featured article:
already wrapped and hidden under division) to survive the holidays and make it reasonable. Voila, altogether and shop online. Gift Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
the tarp in their attic. financially intact. You know this your holiday scorecard! If you are wrapping? Card? Shipping? Click. Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
• They don't dread January's stuff already. There's just one facing financial hardships that you Click. Click. Done. Done. And Catastrophe.
credit-card statement, because small thing you need to do weren't last year, make sure to done. (See our advice under the "
t h e y b u d g e t e d f o r h o l i d a y differently from last year: Don't aim low. With so many purchases Let your fingertips do the
spending -- and stuck to it. blow this off. made on impulse, committing a browsing" heading for tips on
• They have the time to bring Really, that's just a small thing. l i s t t o p a p e r a n d ( m o s t navigating the Web retail
92 Finance/ E-reader News Edition

Save $300 This Month

(Financiallyfit on Shine) Related: How to Budget Your Frenemies
Submitted at 11/2/2010 7:25:13 PM Paycheck 5. Score an Instant Discount
3. Lose Pounds for Free To snag unbeatable prices on
Wanna save a ton of cash this Exercising is painful enough, so anything from spa packages to
month while still living your fun, having to cough up dough for a restaurant meals to dance classes,
fabulous life? Just make a few of gym membership really freakin' sign up for daily e-mails from
these brilliant moves — you'll still hurts. We've found a way around, a service that gets
have money to treat your family, that: A few weeks before you local businesses to offer killer
friends — and even yourself — to need to get into shape, sign up for deals ranging from 50 percent to
some holiday goodies. trial memberships with a variety 90 percent off.
1. Get Gorgeous Hair for No of gyms — most offer a free one- Savings: About $65
Cash week test run. Schedule them so Read more at!
Upscale salons often have they're back-to-back and you'll get Become a fan of Cosmo on
t e a c h i n g n i g h t s f o r n e w about a month of free access to Facebook and follow us on
employees, and they need hair exercise equipment. Twitter!
"models" for the stylists-in- SAVINGS: About $30 Want More Sex & Love Advice?
training to practice on. Related: Your Ultimate Workout Subscribe to Cosmo & Save Up to
SAVINGS: About $45 Playlist 77%! Reprinted with permission
Related: 12 Ways to Save Money 4. Upgrade Ladies' Night of Hearst Communications, Inc
Fast 2. Cut Your Grocery Bill in Next time you have the girls over This entry passed through the
Half for wine and cheese, ask your Full-Text RSS service — if this is
Big chain grocery stores mark wine shop which "second labels" your content and you're reading it
down items every 12 weeks — it's i t s e l l s . H i g h - e n d w i n e r i e s on someone else's site, please read
pretty standard practice. So when typically make more vino than our FAQ page at
you see something you regularly they can unload under their pricey content-only/faq.php
buy on sale, grab a few of them to "first label," so they put leftovers Five Filters featured article:
last you those three months until in a different bottle. Beyond Hiroshima - The Non-
the next discount. SAVINGS: About $25 Reporting of Falluja's Cancer
SAVINGS: About $100 Related: Celebrity Friends and Catastrophe.