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BOPP & REUTHER Toshniusah MESSTECHNIK o> 3 a a S oe) = = cS r= Oval Wheel Meters, Type C OV Flow Transmitter * Direct measurement of volume respective of volumetric flowrate. * Measurement at high viscosities * High accuracy * Only 2 moving parts (oval wheels) * 2-wire-technique Measuring Principle Accuracy QO C) Each revolution of the oval wheels displaces a precisely known volume of liquid through the meter, from inlet to outlet. The number of revolutions therefore is directly proportional to the measured volume. The pulses generated by a pulse transmitter with high pulse resolution are processed in the electronic converter / digital indicator. (Litres, Cubiemeters, Gallons, etc.). Between : 0.1 and + 0.3% of actual flow depending upon meter type range and type of liquid. In general oval wheel meters give better accuracy and rangeablity for liquids with higher viscosity. oO OB © » Flow ranges for Toshniwal single case Oval Wheel Meters: Expressed as a function of the viscosity of the liquid for normal applications. For cold/hot water or sulphuric acid, reduced measuring ranges are to be applied. These viscosities and flow ranges are given as a guide line only. Flow ranges for intermediate viscosities are to be interpolated > For example, meter OV 400 can be used at continuous flow rate of 450 Ipm at an operating viscosity of 2000 mPa-s in iar aie in onan ale ni ae alehing| ae ate batching thing 3 iB |B |e 8 /8/8|a) 8) 3) 8] 8 thing Ti mPa set eP] * Double casing design available in 3",4” & 6” sizes ( Refer catalog: Loading Meters ) “* Viscosities above 350 cP available on request * Operating temperaturd 10°C, Normal (60°C for some materials) for Temperatures uptd 80°C (only Ag 43 ), heat extersion (300 mm ) and special tolerance are provided Error Curves +08 | for liquids with Viscosity 100 cP (mPa:s) -05 Il for liquids with Viscosity 6 cP (mPa:s) © 16, 25-30 46 30 80 70_B0 96 T00 IW for iquds wth Viscosty 1.8 cP (mPa) ostwal IV for liquids with Viscosity 0.5 1.5 cP (mPa's) Pressure Drops across different types and designs of oval wheel meters series OV Meters with Normal Tooth Profile and Graphite Bushings (Sleeve Bearings) Meters with special tooth profile and Graphite Bushings (Sleeve bearings). : ql i ie + ie tal segs Dimension, Flanges : dimension in mm ae Des ho lade eres ae 10 [60 ee Be ere) 220 | 200 a9 a pases Cr ed vz [190 150 [28 _[s08 ova peel meter wi ag 88 350 2. trminal ox OR Local nestor Sotater Local ndestarttazer ‘Ag #3 Namur Sensor canbe opt upto Smoters Ag 50 Reed Sensor ‘ay forthe FLOW METER, Ag 01-09 - Encoder Sonsor Flanges aceIN or ANSI thers: upon request, Fe (class 160/300)