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Lorenzo Orsetti (February 13, 1986 – March 18, 2019), also known as Orso and Tekoşer

Piling, was an Italian anarcho-communist and antifascist from Florence who fought with the
Kurdish People's Protection Units(YPG) in Syria.


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Lorenzo was a chef by trade, sommelier and worked in different restaurants
in Florence.[1][2][3] When he lived in Florence, he became interested in the Kurdish conflict,
his struggle against the Islamic State and the Rojava revolution, it was there when he met
Paolo Andolina, an Italian activist and anarchist who fought against ISIS alongside YPG
International.[4] In September 2017 he traveled to Syria where received military training from
the People's Protection Units (YPG). Once in Syria he struck up friendship with several
Italian antifascist volunteers who were fighting there alongside Kurds.[5]
He met several anarchist and communist militants from all over the world, but especially
from Turkey, and was linked to the anarchist battalion IRPGF.
Upon finishing his military training at the YPG International Academy, he joined to the ranks
of turkish TKP/ML TIKKO[6] and then fought at the battle of Afrin[7]against the Turkish
Army and Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army's jihadists being part of the anarchist battalion