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FamilySearch Memories

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FamilySearch Memories
A lot of our family research is focused on the family tree. You may be using an
online family tree like Ancestry, Find My Past, MyHeritage or FamilySearch. You
may even have software like Family Tree Maker, Roots Magic or Mac Family Tree.
These programs and services make it possible to trace our ancestors back many
generations and show how our ancestors are related to us.

While research makes it possible to trace our ancestors back many generations,
it is the photos, letters, notes, stories and ephemera that bring them to life.
Unfortunately, the work we do to capture that ephemera often disappears after
we are gone.

FamilySearch created Memories to serve as an archive where we can post our

family memories knowing that future generations will also have access to them.

No, we are not

handing over
priceless treasures.
With FamilySearch
Memories, we are
sharing digital
copies of the
photos, stories,
documents and
even audio
recordings for future
generations. When
you add your family Cover of Mary Katherine Link’s Autograph Book
treasures to
FamilySearch Memories you are creating a digital scrapbook containing all the
wonderful things your research has discovered.

Even better, when you connect a memory to the person - or persons - in that
memory, FamilySearch will also make a connection to them in the Family Tree.
When you click on the
Memories item in the
person’s data card, the
screen will redraw to
show you those items.
You can also share
those memories to
Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest or via email.

The Memories Gallery collects all your photos, stories, documents and
recordings in one location. You can then organize them into albums. Since the
Gallery displays all
the things you have
added, having
albums will make it
easier to organize
your collection.

In this example, the

top panel has three
photos of Lois. The
portrait is the photo I
selected to use in her
person page and
wherever she
appears in our

I haven’t added any

documents yet, but
do have a number of
them just waiting to
be scanned and
added to her
Memories. This is where the free Memories apps - for both iOS and Android
mobile devices on phones and tablets - come into play. These apps are
especially useful for scanning photos and documents as well as recording

Even if you aren’t ready to add your own memories, take advantage of the Find
screen. Enter a name or surname in the search box, choose the type of memory
you are looking for then click the Find button. You will be pleasantly surprised
when you see the results. It’s also a great way to find research cousins who may
just have even more information about your ancestor.

Click on one of the images on the screen and FamilySearch Memories redraws
the screen displaying the image you selected with panels on the right listing the
people who are in this photo/story/document along with details about the
image. These details include date,
place and contributor.

When you are working in the Tree

view, just click on a person in your
tree and a panel similar to this one
appears - showing you the sources,
discussions and memories related to
this person. When a new memory is
posted with the appropriate data,
that memory will also appear
connected to the people
documented in it.

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