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THIS DEED OF RENTAL AGREEMENT executed of Chennai on this 04 .03 .2019 between.
V. Govindarajalu S/o Vengatesan residing at No :1/399,Kommi Amman Nagar,West
Tambaram,Chennai:600048 hereinafter called the “LANDLORDS” of the ONE PART.

Athish. A. S/o Annadurai, residing at No.1/399, Kommi Amman Nagar, West

Tambaram,Chennai.600048 Hereinafter called TENANT. of the OTHER PART.

WHEREAS the landlord is is the absolute owner of the promises bearing

No:1/399,Kommi Amman Nagar,West Tambaram,Chennai.600048
And Whereas the Tenant approached the Landlord for the rent of the house of the premises
bearing No:1/399,Kommi Amman Nagar,West Tambaram Chennai.600048 And the Landlord is
desirous of letting out the said house on rent. And Whereas both the parties agreed to reduce
the terms of the this Rental Agreement on the following terms and conditions:-


1, The Tenancy is only in respect of House portion of the No:1/399 Kommi Amman
Nagar,West Tambaram Chennai:600048 for residential purpose.

2. The tenancy is only for residential purpose and the Tenant bas absolutely right to
use the demised portion for any other purpose.

3 The Tenant has paid a security deposit of Rs.15,000/- ( rupees Fifteen thousand
only) to the Landlord in cash which shall not carry any interest and the same will
returnable on the Tenant by the Landlord. Only at the time of handing over the vacant
possession of the rented out residential portion in the good condition after deducting
any arrears of rent if any, electricity charges, any damages to the premises.

4 The monthly rent for the house is Rs.4,500/- (Rupees Four Thousand Five
hundred only) in every month and it has to be paid on or before 10th day of each English
calendar Month.

5. The tenancy is for a period of Eleven Months from the date of agreement. The
period is calculated as per English Calendar Month commencing

6. After expiry of the tenancy period stipulated herein the Tenant shall surrender
vacant possession of the demised house in good condition of the Landlord,

7 the option of renewal of the rental agreement is exclusively vested with the
Landlord and only at his discretion the Rental Agreement shall be renewed.

8 The Tenant shall use and occupy the said tented out house exclusively for
residential purpose to reside with his family members of Three person only and shall
never sublet or sublease the same or any portion thereof.

9 Either side must give two months notice in case the Tenant wanted to vacate the
premises or the Landlord wanted the said place for her own use.

11 The Tenant shall allow the Landlord or his agent to inspect the demised house at
all reasonable times.

12 During the time of water scarcity, drinking water will be purchased by all
occupants and share themselves.
13 as and when the Tenant is vacating the premises the Landlord is bound to return
the security deposit within fifteen days of vacating the premises, after adjusting any
arrears of rent and cost of any damages happened to the demised house during the
period of tenancy.

14 If the Tenant defaults in payment of rent even for a month or violates any of the
foregoing terms and conditions the Landlord shall be entitled to determine the tenancy
agreed herein and take vacant possession of the demised premises them the Tenant
without prejudice to his other rights against tenant including adjustment of the above
rental advance and security deposit amount towards arrears of rent, electricity charges
and cost of damage to the building if any.


A Residential house Flats on bearing No: 1/399,Kommi Amman Nagar,West Tambaram,

Chennai600048, IN WITNESS WHEREOF: the Landlord and the Tenant have set their
hand and signed this deed on the day. Month and year first above written in the
presence of the following witness.