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Knowledge Management

Time reduction
between ATT
and field
charging of ESP

 Author’s Name –PAVAN KUMAR Y

 Project –SIMHADRI Abstract-reduction of
 Department – ME lead time for field
 Domain-SG & ESP charging of ESP in a coal
 Sub-Domain-ESP ERECTION based power plant after
 Submission Date- completion of ATT
 Key Words –esp,att,field,charging thereby giving adequate
scope for cable laying by
electrical group.

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The general practice in ESP is to start roof insulation after completion of ATT of the pass. The time
from ATT completion to field charging generally varies from a month to 60 days which includes
activities like
1)roof insulation, erection of pent house columns erection
2)placement and welding of outer roof
3)completing the emitting drive with EERM motors
4)placing the transformers, disconnecting switches, support insulator housings, oil pans, emitting
motors, support insulator heaters, etc
5)most important is to give front for electrical agency for cable tray erection followed by cable laying
and terminations

Electrical agency start their work with cable tray erection once the outer roof is placed and welded
which means they have to wait for ATT to be cleared and this takes time because of the volume of
welding involved.

In order to get the pass parallel ready both mechanically and electrically for charging, a decision was
taken to complete the thorough visual inspection, random LPI of inner roof and insulator support
panels as only 1G,2G welding positions are involved. This was done along with erection of pent
house columns following which the inner roof, insulator support panels were insulated, outer roof
was erected, welded and transformers were lifted to position.

This means release of front for cable tray erection which opens up work areas for electrical agency --
laying cable for transformers, support insulator heaters EERM motors etc and even completing the
OCC,SCC tests by the time ESP is mechanically ready for field charging

All this was done while other preparatory works were going on simultaneously for ATT -such as
welding of hoppers, funnels, gable walls etc

ATT was done, leaks attended and then the required parameters were achieved -300mmwc inside
pressure and less than 140 mmwc differential pressure across venturi as per requirement of less
than 1% leaks during ATT

(This is more important as ATT was done with inlet and outlet gates, mechanical handling valves and
solenoid valves and allied piping of ash handling agency in place. The solenoid valves were closed
with air from a portable compressor thereby cutting leaks and also resulting in time reduction in
placing and removing the dummies below hoppers for ATT .Also the dummies for funnels were
avoided which means time saving in welding the dummies to funnel and removing them after ATT. )

By this time electrical works progressed far ahead thereby reducing the cycle time for field charging
by about 50days.

All this was done for pass A of ESP in unit #4 of Simhadri stage 2.

A nice step forward and a good time saving effort from one and all involved.