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This is an English thesaurus designed for Turkish speakers who wish to better understand the ambiguities and richness of the English language. The first chapter is a full English thesaurus organized by 5050 Turkish subject words. For each Turkish subject word, one or more corresponding English subject words (translations) are provided. Synonyms are then given for the English translations for all relevant parts of speech (even in cases where the Turkish subject word has a unique part of speech). This process results in over 14665 English synonyms. The second chapter gives an index of these English synonyms back to the Turkish subject words (a potentially useful chapter to English speakers interested in basic Turkish vocabulary). The third chapter has short vocabulary lists organized by parts-of-speech. English teachers or students can use these bilingual lists to create flash cards, basic lesson plans, and English as a Second Language (ESL) study lists. While creating an English thesaurus for Turkish speakers seems simple enough, it can be tricky. What’s the problem? Translations do not always follow strict transitivity. Normally, if a=b and b=c, then c=a. This is not necessarily true in linguistics when b is an English word that has more than one part of speech. For example, “test” is a verb, noun and adjective. What is the correct English synonym for “a” (in Turkish) when “b” (in English) has synonyms (“c”) having many parts of speech? Furthermore, what if “a” (in Turkish) is ambiguous and has several translations into English (“b”)? This thesaurus embraces this ambiguity by giving as much information to the reader as possible. This was accomplished in two phases. In the first phase, maximum-likelihood English translations of the Turkish subject words are given. For all the languages covered in Webster’s Online Dictionary translations are determined using rather massive content analyses of translations from various sources including translations of United Nations documents, translations of the Holy Bible (and similar sources), training manuals, popular works, and academic sources. An English translation having the highest probability of being used is reported first, then the second most probable is reported second, and so on.
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In the second phase, English synonyms for all parts of speech, including those not related to the original Turkish subject, are given for each English translation generated by the first phase. If an English entry is most used as a certain part of speech (estimated based on an English language corpus), then English synonyms for that part of speech are listed first. This indicates to the speaker of Turkish how the English subject word is most used. Other parts of speech are listed based on their frequency of usage in English. Within each part of speech, synonyms most likely to be used in English are listed first. Readers who seek further information on any of the words in this book, including translations to other world languages, can freely refer to Webster’s Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org). The goal of Webster’s Online Dictionary is to give all people of the world free access to a complete mapping of all known words to and from all written languages. In fulfillment of this goal, Webster’s Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org) also offers as much information as possible for each word, including definitions, translations, images, trade name usage, quotations, and encyclopedic knowledge. The proceeds generated by the sale of this Turkish–English thesaurus dictionary as well as other books extracted from the project will be used to augment the contents of the Webster’s Online Dictionary. This book may be the first Turkish-English thesaurus ever published. All the errors and omissions are mine. I will certainly revise and improve this book at some later date, so if you wish to see better editions published in the future, please send any suggestions, corrections, or translations to webstersedits2@hotmail.com. Thank you for purchasing this book and supporting Webster’s Online Dictionary. Philip M. Parker, Ph.D., editor Chair Professor of Management Science INSEAD (Singapore & Fontainebleau, France)

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TURKISH TO ENGLISH THESAURUS ............................................................ 1
A................................................................................................................................... 1 Â................................................................................................................................. 44 B ................................................................................................................................. 44 C................................................................................................................................. 85 Ç................................................................................................................................. 91 D............................................................................................................................... 107 E ............................................................................................................................... 148 F ............................................................................................................................... 167 G............................................................................................................................... 175 H .............................................................................................................................. 201 I ................................................................................................................................ 222 ı................................................................................................................................. 246 İ ................................................................................................................................ 248 J ................................................................................................................................ 248 K............................................................................................................................... 248 L ............................................................................................................................... 305 M .............................................................................................................................. 308 N .............................................................................................................................. 330 O............................................................................................................................... 339 Ö............................................................................................................................... 348 P ............................................................................................................................... 359 R ............................................................................................................................... 371 S................................................................................................................................ 378 Ş................................................................................................................................ 422 T ............................................................................................................................... 430 U............................................................................................................................... 464 Ü............................................................................................................................... 474 V............................................................................................................................... 478 Y ............................................................................................................................... 485 Ý ............................................................................................................................... 516 Z ............................................................................................................................... 516

INDEX OF ENGLISH SUBJECTS TO TURKISH SUBJECTS ............................ 525
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Contents A............................................................................................................................... 525 B ............................................................................................................................... 530 C............................................................................................................................... 534 D............................................................................................................................... 542 E ............................................................................................................................... 546 F ............................................................................................................................... 550 G............................................................................................................................... 554 H .............................................................................................................................. 556 I ................................................................................................................................ 558 J ................................................................................................................................ 561 K............................................................................................................................... 562 L ............................................................................................................................... 562 M .............................................................................................................................. 565 N .............................................................................................................................. 568 O............................................................................................................................... 569 P ............................................................................................................................... 571 Q............................................................................................................................... 577 R ............................................................................................................................... 577 S................................................................................................................................ 582 T ............................................................................................................................... 592 U............................................................................................................................... 596 V............................................................................................................................... 597 W.............................................................................................................................. 598 Y ............................................................................................................................... 600 Z ............................................................................................................................... 600

VOCABULARY STUDY LISTS .................................................................... 601
Verbs (Turkish - English)...................................................................................... 601 Verbs (English - Turkish)...................................................................................... 603 Nouns (Turkish - English) .................................................................................... 605 Nouns (English - Turkish) .................................................................................... 626 Adverbs (Turkish - English)................................................................................. 637 Adverbs (English - Turkish)................................................................................. 638 Adjectives (Turkish - English).............................................................................. 638 Adjectives (English - Turkish).............................................................................. 646

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antonyms (adj) crowded, meaningful, packed, brimming, inhabited, occupied, swarming, cultivated, filled, laden, (v) fill. acayip 1. peculiar; synonyms (adj) individual, odd, particular, exceptional, different, anomalous, characteristic, curious, eccentric, extraordinary, abnormal, distinctive, bizarre, especial, fantastic; antonyms (adj) normal, ordinary, typical, 2. curious; synonyms (adj) funny, interested, peculiar, strange, unusual, inquiring, inquisitive, quaint, queer, quizzical, remarkable, singular, weird, whimsical, interesting; antonym (adj) incurious, 3. odd (tek); synonyms (adj) grotesque, droll, chance, novel, irregular, laughable, erratic, unaccountable, casual, crazy, fanciful, atypical, comical, leftover, occasional; antonym (adj) even, 4. weird; synonyms (adj) supernatural, uncanny, unearthly, eerie, mysterious, ghostly, outlandish, mystic, uncommon, creepy, eldritch, macabre, spooky, (n) destiny; antonym (adj) real, 5. bizarre; synonyms (adj) freakish, outre, striking, exotic, extravagant, freaky, incredible, offbeat, rum, unconventional, unnatural, ludicrous, ridiculous, 6. funny; synonyms (adj) amusing, facetious, fishy, diverting, comic, entertaining, farcical, humorous, suspicious, absurd, amusive, hilarious, jocose, (adv) funnily, (n) jest; antonyms (adj) serious, grave, 7. fantastic; synonyms (adj) antic, marvelous, terrific, wonderful, capricious, chimerical, fabulous, fantastical, great, illusory, imaginary, phenomenal, romantic, spectacular, (v) fancy; antonym (adj) awful, 8. strange; synonyms (adj) extraneous, foreign, new, rare, alien, unfamiliar, unknown, inexplicable, astonishing, monstrous, uncouth, obscure, preternatural, miraculous, incomprehensible; antonym (adj) familiar. acele 1. hurried; synonyms (adj) hasty, fast, headlong, quick, rapid, speedy, sudden, swift, abrupt, cursory, careless, precipitate, prompt, rash, slapdash; antonyms (adj) slow, unhurried, leisurely, 2. hurry; synonyms (n) speed, haste, dispatch, flurry, (v) bustle, hasten, accelerate, dash, expedite, scurry, fly, run, rush, zip, hie; antonyms (n) slowness, (v) dawdle, 3. expedition; synonyms (n) excursion, journey, travel, celerity, exploration, outing, quest, readiness, tour, trip, acceleration, alacrity, (v) campaign, crusade, attack, 4. rush; synonyms (n) hurry, charge, flood, flow, (v) gush, race, dart, stream, quicken, jet, flush, hurtle, plunge, (adj) burst, spurt, 5. urgency; synonyms (n) pressure, necessity, press, insistence, stress, exigency, instancy, compulsion, importance, emergency, need, importunity, essentiality, gravity, indispensability, 6. pressing (acil); synonyms (v) exigent, importunate, important, (adj) imperative, immediate, critical, imperious, instant, insistent, burning, serious, grave, earnest, (n) urgent, dishing.

Turkish to English Thesaurus
abes 1. absurd (anlamsız, saçma); synonyms (adj)
foolish, preposterous, ridiculous, unreasonable, irrational, crazy, derisory, illogical, incredible, inept, ludicrous, meaningless, nonsensical, outrageous, senseless; antonym (adj) sensible, 2. useless; synonyms (adj) futile, pointless, unnecessary, needless, abortive, fruitless, hopeless, worthless, idle, barren, superfluous, bootless, incompetent, ineffective, ineffectual; antonyms (adj) useful, helpful, competent, effective, convenient, necessary, valuable. abide 1. monument (anıt); synonyms (n) memorial, headstone, column, record, tombstone, shrine, slab, tablet, landmark, statue, (adj) obelisk, pillar, 2. memorial (anıt); synonyms (n) commemoration, remembrance, memento, cenotaph, monument, epitaph, memory, token, (adj) commemorative. abla sister (hemşire); synonyms (n) nun, nurse, brother, mate, twin, baby, counterpart, double, match, member, pair, pendant, sis. abluka investment (yatırım); synonyms (n) investing, investiture, clothing, siege, finance, venture, backing, obsession, property, installation, outlay, capital, covering, accession, assets. abone subscription; synonyms (n) contribution, donation, offering, gift, pledge, enrollment, obedience, submission, (v) allowance, subsidy, subvention. Abonelik subscription; synonyms (n) contribution, donation, offering, gift, pledge, enrollment, obedience, submission, (v) allowance, subsidy, subvention. aç 1. hungry; synonyms (adj) avid, eager, esurient, famished, greedy, ravenous, starving, desirous, meager, starveling, barren, keen, peckish, (v) craving, (adv) empty; antonyms (adj) full, sated, satiated, 2. open (açık, açmak); synonyms (adj) frank, obvious, artless, exposed, free, honest, bare, forthright, guileless, ingenuous, naked, (v) expand, give, (n) candid, clear; antonyms (adj) devious, secretive, concealed, furtive, hidden, limited, repressive, reserved, restricted, secret, blocked, cautious, (v) shut, end, (tr v) close, 3. empty (boş, boşaltmak); synonyms (adj) discharge, hollow, destitute, blank, abandoned, deserted, vain, airy, (v) drain, deplete, desolate, pour, spill, void, devoid;

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Turkish - English
damage, passion, endurance, penance, privation, tribulation, (adj) miserable, tormented; antonym (n) content. açı angle; synonyms (n) hook, incline, view, aspect, cant, corner, outlook, perspective, pitch, position, viewpoint, (v) slant, lean, tilt, fish. açık 1. open (açmak); synonyms (adj) frank, obvious, artless, exposed, free, honest, bare, forthright, guileless, ingenuous, naked, (v) expand, give, (n) candid, clear; antonyms (adj) devious, secretive, concealed, furtive, hidden, limited, repressive, reserved, restricted, secret, blocked, cautious, (v) shut, end, (tr v) close, 2. explicit; synonyms (adj) distinct, unmistakable, broad, definite, direct, exact, lucid, manifest, sharp, perspicuous, emphatic, transparent, express, plain, precise; antonyms (adj) vague, tacit, understood, unspoken, implicit, bland, 3. shortage; synonyms (n) dearth, defect, deficiency, lack, paucity, deficit, famine, insufficiency, need, poverty, scantiness, scarcity, shortfall, want, deprivation; antonyms (n) abundance, excess, overabundance, surplus, affluence, glut, 4. clear (belirgin, berrak, temiz, temizlemek); synonyms (adj) clean, certain, open, apparent, empty, light, pure, (v) bright, acquit, absolute, net, absolve, clarify, discharge, exculpate; antonyms (adj) cloudy, opaque, unclear, dark, fuzzy, hazy, incomprehensible, obscure, uncertain, ambiguous, blurry, confused, confusing, dull, (v) convict, 5. free (bedava, boş, özgür, serbest, serbest bırakmak); synonyms (adj) loose, liberal, bountiful, autonomous, (v) exempt, liberate, excuse, extricate, relieve, disentangle, deliver, disengage, ease, release, voluntary; antonyms (adj) bound, compelled, confined, imprisoned, secure, strict, stuck, tangled, attached, busy, dependent, (v) confine, block, cage, condemn, 6. light (hafif, ışık); synonyms (adj) fair, facile, easy, faint, flimsy, (n) flame, brightness, daylight, (v) fire, kindle, inflame, glow, ignite, dismount, illuminate; antonyms (adj) fattening, nauseating, (n) darkness, gloom, shade, night, (v) extinguish, darken, (alt sp) heavy, 7. plain (düz); synonyms (adj) ordinary, comprehensible, intelligible, downright, evident, homely, humble, level, simple, overt, outspoken, even, explicit, natural, (n) flat; antonyms (adj) elaborate, fancy, mottled, multicolored, ornate, attractive, fussy, two-colored, 8. distinct (ayrı); synonyms (adj) articulate, different, discrete, distinctive, palpable, decided, dissimilar, marked, tangible, clear-cut, audible, conspicuous, diverse, (prep) separate, (adv) apart; antonyms (adj) indistinct, similar, inaudible, shapeless, 9. express; synonyms (v) exhibit, convey, declare, demonstrate, display, mean, say, state, tell, breathe, (adj) especial, speedy, specific, categorical, (n) denote; antonyms (v) suppress, hide, (adj) slow, 10. apparent;

acemi 1. inexperienced; synonyms (adj) immature,
naive, young, callow, raw, ignorant, new, unsophisticated, unexperienced, clumsy, strange, amateurish, awkward, inexpert, (v) green; antonyms (adj) experienced, trained, skilled, sophisticated, 2. raw (ham); synonyms (adj) crude, fresh, bleak, coarse, cutting, piercing, sore, cold, biting, chilly, inclement, inexperienced, naked, keen, bitter; antonyms (adj) refined, cooked, 3. fresh (taze); synonyms (adj) bracing, brisk, clean, novel, bright, original, recent, airy, bold, alive, cool, forward, pure, smart, sweet; antonyms (adj) old, stale, decayed, exhausted, hot, humid, muggy, musty, off, oppressive, rotten, tired, worn, dry, sweltering. acenta agent (ajan); synonyms (n) agency, broker, deputy, medium, factor, instrument, mediator, ambassador, attorney, channel, delegate, doer, envoy, intermediary, (v) actor. acente 1. agent (acenta, ajan); synonyms (n) agency, broker, deputy, medium, factor, instrument, mediator, ambassador, attorney, channel, delegate, doer, envoy, intermediary, (v) actor, 2. agency; synonyms (n) bureau, office, authority, commission, expedient, means, organ, way, efficiency, activity, board, department, (v) action, act, deed. acentelik agency; synonyms (n) bureau, office, authority, commission, expedient, factor, instrument, means, organ, way, efficiency, activity, board, (v) action, act. acı 1. bitter (keskin, şiddetli); synonyms (adj) acrimonious, biting, acrid, sharp, acerbic, acid, caustic, keen, malicious, resentful, sour, virulent, acerb, cutting, (n) acerbity; antonyms (adj) mild, sweet, charitable, hot, kind, sugary, 2. distress; synonyms (n) agony, anguish, pain, trouble, anxiety, calamity, difficulty, grief, hurt, torture, (v) afflict, torment, concern, bother, upset; antonyms (v) comfort, please, 3. grief (keder); synonyms (n) affliction, dolor, distress, regret, wound, chagrin, pity, bitterness, dejection, desolation, gloom, heartbreak, melancholy, misery, (adj) sore; antonyms (n) joy, happiness, 4. sorrow; synonyms (n) mourning, sadness, contrition, heartache, penitence, remorse, repentance, hardship, compunction, bereavement, evil, depression, (v) mourn, lament, grieve; antonym (n) delight, 5. pain (ağrı); synonyms (n) ache, ill, nuisance, harass, annoyance, discomfort, plague, bite, cramp, hurting, (v) agonize, inconvenience, annoy, injure, ail; antonym (n) pleasure, 6. hot (sıcak); synonyms (adj) warm, ardent, boiling, burning, feverish, fiery, flaming, fresh, blistering, eager, enthusiastic, fast, peppery, pungent, spicy; antonyms (adj) cool, cold, freezing, airy, bland, chilly, 7. suffering; synonyms (n) ordeal, sorrow, adversity, injury, misfortune, sufferance, trial,

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org)

Turkish - English
synonyms (adj) discernible, patent, ostensible, perceptible, noticeable, outward, specious, superficial, external, surface, alleged, appreciable, presumable, presumptive, (adv) visible; antonyms (adj) real, mysterious, 11. blank (boş, boşluk); synonyms (adj) unfilled, vacant, deadpan, expressionless, impassive, inexpressive, negative, straight, vacuous, (n) space, form, emptiness, gap, hiatus, lacuna; antonyms (adj) animated, full, expressive, 12. on (üstünde); synonyms (prep) at, about, concerning, in, by, into, upon, for, above, (adv) forth, ahead, (adj) forward, aboard, (prf) along, against; antonym (adv) off, 13. deficit; synonyms (n) failure, shortage, arrears, absence, 14. vacant (boş); synonyms (adj) blank, hollow, devoid, idle, unoccupied, void, deserted, inane, available, listless, desolate, disengaged, unemployed, abandoned, (v) destitute; antonym (adj) occupied, 15. straightforward; synonyms (adj) square, sincere, aboveboard, immediate, outright, unsophisticated, upright, unequivocal, bluff, round, elementary, truthful, blunt, unaffected, uncomplicated; antonyms (adj) complicated, difficult, complex, deceitful, tricky, pompous, 16. frank; synonyms (adj) hearty, straightforward, genuine, naive, heartfelt, innocent, plainspoken, unfeigned, unreserved, unvarnished, veracious, communicative, unguarded, (n) frankfurter; antonyms (adj) dishonest, guarded, 17. evident (besbelli); synonyms (adj) observable, bold, demonstrable, notable, prominent, pronounced, glaring, indisputable, indubitable, luminous, undeniable, understandable, (adv) apparently; antonyms (adj) unnoticed, inconspicuous, 18. broad; synonyms (adj) wide, ample, comprehensive, extensive, general, large, sweeping, vast, big, blanket, capacious, deep, inclusive, spacious, (n) female; antonyms (adj) narrow, thin, 19. fair (güzel, sarışın); synonyms (adj) equitable, beautiful, average, dispassionate, fine, impartial, reasonable, sweet, comely, considerable, decent, disinterested, (n) bazaar, blonde, carnival; antonyms (adj) unfair, biased, exceptional, unjust, partial, foul, imbalanced, mismatched, prejudiced, unwarranted, 20. fine (güzel, ince, iyi); synonyms (adj) delicate, agreeable, dainty, brave, capital, elegant, excellent, nice, delightful, acute, admirable, alright, (n) penalty, amercement, (v) punish; antonyms (adj) poor, thick, coarse, substantial, unsatisfactory. açıkça 1. clearly; synonyms (adv) apparently, decidedly, distinctly, evidently, clear, definitely, explicitly, simply, specifically, understandably, intelligibly, surely, certainly, easily, absolutely; antonyms (adv) indistinctly, vaguely, blurrily, imperceptibly, obscurely, unclearly, doubtfully, imperfectly, softly, 2. frankly; synonyms (adv)


candidly, aboveboard, bluntly, directly, honestly, openly, sincerely, plainly, straight, straightforwardly, truthfully, (adj) freely; antonyms (adv) dishonestly, hesitantly, 3. openly (alenen); synonyms (adv) frankly, publicly, clearly, ingenuously, obviously, overtly, patently, publically, artlessly, barefacedly, boldly, (adj) manifestly; antonyms (adv) secretly, clandestinely, furtively, mysteriously, secretively, ambiguously, covertly, reticently, 4. distinctly; synonyms (adv) particularly, expressly, noticeably, 5. evidently; synonyms (adv) palpably, markedly, plain, visibly, 6. obviously; synonyms (adv) naturally, unambiguously, unmistakably; antonyms (adv) unnoticeably, undetectably, 7. expressly; synonyms (adv) specially, especially, purposely, precisely, namely, 8. plainly; synonyms (adv) merely, outright, flatly, lucidly, severely, coarsely, inelegantly, literally, only; antonym (adv) elaborately. açıkçası frankly; synonyms (adv) candidly, aboveboard, bluntly, directly, honestly, openly, sincerely, plainly, simply, straight, straightforwardly, truthfully, (adj) freely; antonyms (adv) dishonestly, hesitantly. açıkgöz 1. smart; synonyms (adj) bright, crafty, dapper, quick, shrewd, sly, prompt, astute, chic, clever, intelligent, (v) ache, hurt, (n) pain, sharp; antonyms (adj) scruffy, stupid, dim, shabby, unkempt, slow, 2. alert (uyarmak); synonyms (adj) active, agile, aware, lively, vigilant, alive, animated, attentive, brisk, careful, cautious, (v) awake, caution, (n) alarm, alarum; antonyms (adj) drowsy, inattentive, absentminded, dazed, sleepy, tired, asleep, unalert, unconscious, 3. sharp (keskin, sivri); synonyms (adj) acute, bitter, acid, acrid, harsh, incisive, intense, penetrating, piercing, pointed, pungent, severe, alert, (n) keen, (v) biting; antonyms (adj) blunt, dull, mild, gentle, rounded, sweet, bland, blurred, naive, round, smooth. Açiklama explanation (açıklama); synonyms (n) account, annotation, commentary, definition, description, exposition, excuse, gloss, interpretation, justification, solution, key, answer, caption, apology; antonym (n) mystery. açıklama 1. explanation; synonyms (n) account, annotation, commentary, definition, description, exposition, excuse, gloss, interpretation, justification, solution, key, answer, caption, apology; antonym (n) mystery, 2. account (hesap); synonyms (n) bill, narrative, reckoning, regard, score, tale, explanation, history, narration, reason, recital, story, tab, tally, (v) report, 3. comment (Yorum); synonyms (n) critique, note, censure, criticism, mention, observation, reflection, animadversion, feature, gossip, (v) annotate, remark, notice, discourse, expound, 4.

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org)


Turkish - English
interpretation (yorum); synonyms (n) version,
synonyms (adj) calamitous, disastrous, dreadful, catastrophic, unlucky, tragical, unfortunate, comic, histrionic, scenic; antonyms (adj) amusing, humorous. açıklık 1. gap (aralık, boşluk); synonyms (n) break, cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, aperture, chasm, clearance, difference, fracture, opening, vacancy, blank, chink, (v) breach, 2. evidence (kanıt); synonyms (n) confirmation, mark, proof, data, argument, attestation, demonstration, sign, testimony, clue, (v) display, demonstrate, attest, certify, manifest, 3. clarity; synonyms (n) clearness, limpidity, comprehensibility, precision, purity, coherence, lucidity, pellucidity, simplicity; antonyms (n) cloudiness, obscurity, vagueness, haziness, mistiness, opacity, uncertainty, unclearness. acıkmak hunger; synonyms (n) desire, thirst, appetite, craving, wish, itch, eagerness, famine, longing, starvation, (v) crave, want, ache, long, lust; antonym (n) moderation. acil 1. urgent; synonyms (adj) pressing, importunate, imperative, instant, immediate, quick, earnest, critical, serious, vital, hasty, insistent, compelling, (v) important, clamorous; antonym (adj) trivial, 2. pressing; synonyms (v) exigent, anxious, (adj) imperious, burning, grave, crucial, (n) urgent, dishing, press, pressure, prestretching, 3. immediate; synonyms (adj) close, prompt, direct, sudden, near, present, expeditious, fast, proximate, speedy, express, adjacent, firsthand, nearby, adjoining; antonyms (adj) slow, gradual, consecutive, deliberate. acılık 1. bitterness; synonyms (n) acerbity, acrimony, animosity, gall, malice, resentment, acidity, asperity, bitter, enmity, hatred, hostility, rancor, sharpness, affliction; antonym (n) sweetness, 2. bite (ısırmak); synonyms (n) taste, bit, cheat, morsel, (v) sting, nip, chew, cut, pinch, burn, eat, erode, gnaw, hurt, munch. açılış opening; synonyms (n) gap, mouth, aperture, break, beginning, cleft, commencement, crack, door, entrance, hole, occasion, chasm, onset, (adj) preliminary; antonyms (n) end, closing, exit, finale, (adj) final. açılmak 1. open (açık, açmak); synonyms (adj) frank, obvious, artless, exposed, free, honest, bare, forthright, guileless, ingenuous, naked, (v) expand, give, (n) candid, clear; antonyms (adj) devious, secretive, concealed, furtive, hidden, limited, repressive, reserved, restricted, secret, blocked, cautious, (v) shut, end, (tr v) close, 2. expand

construction, clarification, illustration, interpreting, translation, analysis, performance, reading, understanding, explication, evaluation, meaning, paraphrase, rendering, 5. commentary; synonyms (n) comment, article, footnote, review, 6. remark; synonyms (n) mind, heed, observance, word, declaration, statement, quip, (v) observe, perceive, mark, discern, see, detect, (adj) look, attend, 7. statement; synonyms (n) affirmation, announcement, communication, instruction, assertion, command, proposition, enunciation, profession, argument, avowal, expression, pronouncement, bulletin, record; antonym (n) denial. açıklamak 1. explain; synonyms (v) comment, elucidate, interpret, account, clarify, decipher, define, describe, enlighten, excuse, explicate, expound, gloss, solve, denote; antonym (v) confuse, 2. clarify; synonyms (v) clear, clean, elaborate, explain, purge, defecate, illuminate, refine, show, brighten, cleanse, illustrate, (adj) edulcorate, elutriate, expurgate; antonyms (v) obscure, complicate, blur, obfuscate, 3. evidence (kanıt); synonyms (n) confirmation, mark, proof, data, argument, attestation, demonstration, sign, testimony, clue, (v) display, demonstrate, attest, certify, manifest, 4. state (devlet, durum, eyalet); synonyms (n) nation, position, say, country, kingdom, place, (v) declare, express, mention, affirm, allege, announce, articulate, assert, (adj) national; antonyms (v) deny, (adj) private, 5. reveal; synonyms (v) disclose, divulge, expose, betray, convey, detect, discover, exhibit, impart, present, communicate, indicate, uncover, proclaim, find; antonyms (v) conceal, hide, cover. acıklı 1. sad; synonyms (adj) dreary, dismal, distressing, gloomy, miserable, mournful, pitiable, pitiful, bad, bleak, dejected, deplorable, depressed, depressing, disconsolate; antonyms (adj) happy, cheerful, joyful, brave, cheery, composed, 2. moving (dokunaklı); synonyms (adj) active, affecting, emotional, exciting, impressive, mobile, poignant, touching, inspiring, movable, imposing, (n) movement, transport, advance, transfer; antonyms (adj) motionless, still, stationary, unemotional, 3. pathetic; synonyms (adj) sad, wretched, forlorn, lamentable, tragic, piteous, poor, woeful, grievous, moving, abject, measly, plaintive, sorry, contemptible, 4. depressing; synonyms (adj) cheerless, dark, oppressive, blue, desolate, grim, black, chill, depressive, discouraging, dispiriting, dour, drab, dull, glum; antonyms (adj) heartening, bright, 5. touching; synonyms (adj) pathetic, adjacent, adjoining, contiguous, near, expressive, heartbreaking, next, sentimental, tender, (prep) concerning, about, (n) touch, contact, 6. tragic;

(büyütmek, genişlemek, genişletmek);
synonyms (v) amplify, enlarge, balloon, broaden, develop, distend, aggrandize, augment, extend, inflate, swell, explicate, bloat, elaborate, (adj) dilate; antonyms (v) contract, shorten, abbreviate,

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org)

humane. pity. defenseless. heartless. misery. aciz 1. crisis. dissemination. clemency. jaunty. affinity. heart. sorrow. synonyms (n) compassion. confusing. discharge. sympathy. ache. truculent. detriment. shrink. understanding. acımasız 1. brutal. entrance. ruthless. definite. boil. clear (açık. shorten. antonym (adj) concentrated. temizlemek). synonyms (n) compassion. detriment. synonyms (v) scatter. impotent. 3. ruthless. uncertain. diffuse. sly. aggrandize. synonyms (v) pain. 2. antonyms (adj) able. disadvantage. deflate. break. cleft. barbaric. pity (acımak). relentless. deploy. summarize. (adj) embarrassment. antonyms (v) encourage. savage. 3. callous. antonyms (adj) devious. shabby. mercy. synonyms (adj) frank. itch. broaden. support. açlık hunger. shrink. condole. benignity. reserved. unhurt. difficulty. temiz. absolute. merciful. dour. open. (v) expand. helpless. aperture. mercifulness. gentleness. commiseration. helpless. craving. disperse. synonyms (n) favor. violent. fierce. corner. unscrupulous. (adj) uninjured. empty. condolence. genişletmek). chasm. mess. tenderness. distress. benevolence. grace. onset. synonyms (adj) barbarous. (v) bright.Turkish . rigorous. dark. sympathy. 3. entrance. expanse. sharp. antonyms (v) contract. broadcast. ail. stretch. aching. synonyms (adj) bright. boarish. (v) hurt. indifference. injure. inexorable. powerless. cheerless. dapper. free. blurry. lesion. antonyms (n) end. compatibility. synonyms (n) pity. slow.org) . feeble. 4. (adj) uninjured. stretch. hidden. goodwill. 3. forbidding. atrocious. acquit. (v) destitute. hole. unhurt. distribute. inadequate. mouth. capable. (adj) final. synonyms (adj) painful. synonyms (n) rapport. cleft. acıma 1. (v) crave. synonyms (adj) clean. mercy. lenience. limited. unfeeling. antonym (adj) charitable. unfit. açma opening. artless. wish. 4. bestial. 2. extend. mercy. end. inefficient. deflate. sympathy. eagerness. affection. hazy. shame. clarify. incompetent. antonym (adj) painless. closing. stupid. grim. antonym (n) moderation. repressive. wound. synonyms (v) pain. quick. (v) hurt. afflict. antonyms (adj) scruffy. beginning. brutal. unsparing. (n) injury. antonyms (v) encourage. (adj) final. remorse. unmerciful. pathos. rugged. clear. indulgence. açış opening. 4. indignant. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. reach. summarize. forbearance. (v) shut. antonyms (adj) gentle. exit. synonyms (adj) dreadful. compassionate. inflate. shame. bare. disperse. synonyms (v) amplify. lenity. scrape. fraternization. expanse. exculpate. fix. unkempt. lively. narrow. synonyms (n) gap. warmth. (n) frail. vague. elaborate. consideration. glum. remorse. cautious. dissemination. circulate. raw. humanity. sympathetic. ghastly. circulate. genişlemek. synonyms (adj) remorseless. (adj) evil. occasion. propagate. closing. dire. break. antonyms (adj) cloudy. want. belirgin. abuse. exit. inhuman. antonyms (adj) cheerful. synonyms (adj) incapable. antonym (n) blame. long. abuse. pitiless. weak. açmak 1. kind. (n) span. cost. unyielding. longing. compassionate. synonyms (adj) forlorn. oppressive. canker. furtive. tolerance. synonyms (v) scatter. feeling.websters-online-dictionary. cost. lesion. starvation. comfort. explicate. forgiveness. synonyms (n) gap. increase. riddle.English decrease. reduce. leniency. grim. bright. (n) harm. dark. finale. (adj) kindness. forthright. acıtmak hurt. cruel (gaddar). clemency. obvious. naked. distress. (n) harm. jam. stern. harsh. fearful. apparent. blocked. damage. afflict. swell. net. unable. depressing. diffuse. dismal. tough. deploy. awful. thirst. balloon. doubt. acute. disqualified. pardon. appetite. comfort. biting. ache. antonym (n) blame. vicious. give. antonyms (n) cruelty. cruel. austere. ambiguous. quarter. reduce. ineffectual. (n) span. feeling. commencement. mouth. empathy. pathos. hopeless. shrewd. door. decrease. ache. unqualified. honest. famine. secret. crafty. narrow. distinct. guileless. unclear. concealed. reach. implacable. acıyan sore. bleak. crack. compassion. (v) convict. unkind. chasm. unable. develop. 2. enlarge. dreary. wound. increase. aperture. angry. opaque. perplexity. problem. absolve. expand (büyütmek. injure. occasion. confused. certain. synonyms (adj) beastly. fuzzy. hurt. broadcast. prompt. chic. commencement. secretive. agreement. barbarian. disseminate. benevolence. incomprehensible. (n) candid. synonyms (n) quandary. clever. ail. hardhearted. unrelenting. propagate. condolence. (n) sharp. commiseration. (adj) dilate. bloat. charity. lesion. concern. intelligent. (v) commiserate. (v) commiserate. smart (açıkgöz). antonym (adj) concentrated. spread (yaymak). obscure. spread (yaymak). restricted. plight. dim. vulnerable. synonyms (n) desire. consolation. cut. (adj) preliminary. (adj) evil. abbreviate. sensitive. disadvantage. damage. acımak 1. distribute. 3. onset. finale. 2. exposed. predicament. augment. distend. liberal. merciless. (adj) 5 preliminary. lust. abscess. antonyms (n) end. (adj) cordiality. sympathize. unpitying. disabled. berrak. hard. ferocious. açmaz dilemma (ikilem). open (açık). abandoned. ingenuous. (tr v) close. bloody. bitter. disseminate. hole. door. ineffective. sympathize. astute. crack. beginning. 2.

kullanmak). event. custom (gelenek). synonyms (n) boy. thing. male. synonyms (adj) comrade. 4. enormously. justice. employment. equity. antonym (n) injustice. justness. synonyms (n) count. favor. amateur. interval. allegiance. adaption. body. dude. common (ortak). much. just. most. epithet. very. operate. roughly. synonyms (n) custom. hardy. habit. gratuity. right. actual. correctness. antonym (adv) slightly. faithfulness. wrong. exceptionally. humans. hombre. (v) isle. nigh. fissure. husky. devotion. convention. base. modification. adam 1. propriety. clause. creature. meaty. chink. synonyms (v) gift. thoroughly. synonyms (n) fame. adet 1. 2. awfully. hefty. public. 6. guy. manly. integrity. total. oblation. close. entity. exceedingly. ordinary. endowment. grant. average. power. reasonableness. (v) concomitant. robust. employ. saymak). inch. fellow. well. 2. 4. soundly. absolutely. entirely. adaletsizlik injustice. closely. satisfying. might. humanity. husband. synonyms (adv) nearly. object. rare. synonyms (n) fairness. cite. aisle. mediocre. time. trivial. approximate. some. crucial. prospect. mortal. almost (hemen hemen. rakam. honesty. şahıs). synonyms (n) tradition. (adj) near. subject. mutual. benefaction. celebrity. cogent. sanctification. uprightness. equal. jurist.org) . egg. synonyms (n) applicant. antonym (v) conserve. magistrate. fitness. much. burly. characteristic. character. exclusive. (adj) thereabouts. nokta). hearty. stage. indispensable. principle. material. (adv) also. parça). (adj) justice. applier. account. day. 2. conclusion. wholly. suitor. organism. (v) rib. damage.English adama dedication. superficially. candidate. presentation. present. greatly. sayı. commitment. come. considerably. oppression. offer. usage. commonplace. prejudice. period (devir. figure. order. force. unique. gent. aday 1. grievance. significant. crack. 2. adaptasyon adaptation (uyarlama). nominee. mankind. solicitor. chap. appellation. synonyms (v) expression. adale muscle (kas). number ad 1. 3. tendon. (n) companion. specific. (adj) far. practice. (v) exercise. act. one-off. component. affair.6 Turkish . epoch. numaralamak. mean. blade. extremely. gentleman. synonyms (adv) almost. island. ritual. dönem. infrequent. isle. synonyms (n) reef. 5. ile. duration. occupy. (v) calculate. campaigner. utterly. (adj) renown. life. guy. adjustment. character. altogether. bloke. 2. noun (isim). synonyms (adj) middling. bozo. title. synonyms (n) inequity. reality. application. honor. coarse. someone. antonyms (adj) individual. fella. (n) contribution. antonym (n) indifference. sinew. use (kullanma. deeply. 2. donation. blackguard. adeta 1. credit. man (erkek. bigotry. evil. evenhandedness. synonym (n) geezer. (v) esteem. synonyms (adj) athletic. homo. repute. substance. inequality. compeer. cleft. character. rite. term. version. law. (prep) about. exploit. synonyms (n) piece. synonyms (adv) completely. 4. (obj) he. loyalty. antonyms (adj) puny. add. peer. virtually. (n) noun. strength. entry. buddy. era. fashion. practically. rectitude. identify. abundantly. aggregate. plebeian. dog. cranny. (numara. individual. synonyms (n) call. cat. notoriety. unfairness. approximately. antonym (n) woman. method. energy. face. boon. hopeful. fact. too. issue. partner. counterpart. expend. morality. antonym (n) unfairness. umpire. candidate. synonyms (adj) real. ignoble. (n) habitual. segregate. fully. synonyms (n) being. adamakıllı 1. dearly. person (kişi. substantial. list. stalwart. isolate. crevice. synonyms (n) consecration. detail. adak offering. cheap. flesh. name. rugged. name (isim). fidelity. separate. reputation. antonyms (adv) carelessly. report. insulate. madde. wickedness. powerful. rope. around. probity. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. candor. person. musculus. (v) party. address. scissure. distinction. colleague. physique. uncommon. cycle. advantage. brawny. court. menstruation. enumerate. entitle. mention.websters-online-dictionary. essential. baptize. exhaustively. 5. vulgar. aristocratic. antonym (n) automaton. fanaticism. fairness. contestant. beau. soul. strong. personality. nearly (hemen hemen). wight. somebody. stamina. 3. score. harm. observance. (adj) injury. (v) accustom. prestige. familiar. perfectly. reward. stout. inscription. potency. insan). describe. crime. sturdy. adaleli muscular. synonyms (n) petitioner. beef. 2. adi 1. righteousness. (adj) just. exert. associate. intimately. designate. synonyms (n) age. band. generation. extraordinary. tether. carefully. (adj) nerve. mark. barely. volume. ada 1. usual. judge. synonyms (n) fellow. conversion. sequester. 3. lad. thing. unusual. 2. synonyms (n) accommodation. applicant. (v) adequately. (v) appoint. judicature. enumerate. synonyms (adv) badly. iniquity. impost. brother. spend. impartiality. (adj) glorification. profit. reworking. alteration. (adj) bespoke. amount. approaching. solid. synonyms (adj) ordinary. 2. escort. dot. bestowal. exactly. strong. prominence. contender. feller. synonyms (n) brawn. human. humankind. form. chap. length. use. article. substantive. dear. antonyms (n) justice. man. accustomed. aspirant. synonyms (n) blighter. totally. halfway. cuss. neredeyse). synonyms (n) islet. function. benefit. item (kalem. quite. slight. adalet 1. variation. passion. synonyms (n) equity. point.

low. household. clear. adil 1. imply. high-pitched. (v) pace. abject. sanctioned. bad. designate. relatively. misadventure. 4. piteous. synonyms (adj) equitable. blow. grace. speed. remit. duration. mean. adsız anonymous (anonim). absolve. spell. blunt. pardon (af). period. justly. carnival. 2. antonyms (n) success. synonyms (n) accost. true. leniency. footstep. niggardly. celerity. (v) allowable. despondent. debacle. step (basamak). fine. overlook. bad. exceptional. pitiable. kindness. dispassionate. unjust. everyday. fair (güzel. judicious. antonyms (adj) illegal. antonyms (adv) unfairly. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. pardon. mysterious. limit. absolution. hackneyed. moderately. cheesy. style. synonyms (n) walk. hardly. (n) common. reprieve. synonyms (v) intend. expression. reasonable. shabby. adım 1. antonym (adj) exquisite. sweet. excuse. stride. (adj) middle. tasteful. (adj) bottom. carriage. indifferent. unknown. adversity. beautiful. authorless. constitutional. forgive. banal. (v) call. 3. (adj) exculpate. (v) bright. 8. adres address (söylev). fair (güzel. dejected. private. walk. speak. baz. footstep. rank. fit. official. unlawful. (adv) clean. affliction. tempo. unwarranted. cadence. level. 2. authentic. judiciary. taban. antonyms (adj) cheerful. coarse (kaba). impartial. move. biased. peculiar. blonde. strange. pitiful. sermon. earthy. forgiveness. antonym (v) blame. sarışın). synonyms (n) pardon. speed. (n) contemptible. mercy. benevolence. dirty. prosaic. (v) step. (v) bright. fastness. casual. quickness. rather. average. (v) pace. measure. brutal. antonyms (adj) unfair. synonyms (adj) nameless. gross. acquittal. loud. synonyms (n) calamity. tread. mercifulness. (n) depression. candid. measure. medium. sophisticated. temel. synonyms (v) condone. impartial. famous. fairly (oldukça). clear. (adj) noble. charity. kind.English everyday. design. special. allocution. deep. beat. found. righteous. cheap (ucuz). unidentified. plain.org) . adımlamak 1. rank. piercing. good. bum. first-rate. leg. üs). lenience. denote. footprint. mismatched. 2. unfamiliar. partial. blessing. synonyms (adj) humble. undisclosed. worthless. forbearance. discourse. judicial. depressed. regular. smooth. 6. miserly. support. swiftness. simply. gait. stand. dark. unjustly. humdrum. exonerate. antonyms (adj) generous. tempo. apologetic. undistinguished. move. basis. foul. distinguished. advance. stride. barely. accurate. imbalanced. basamak). ortalama). adlandırmak term (terim). clemency. carnival. (n) bazaar. customary. passably. affedersiniz sorry. acquit. synonyms (adj) routine. synonyms (n) compassion. stipulation. amnesty. ugly. daily. rough. legal. prejudiced. dispirited. 3. infamous. nondescript. synonyms (adj) forensic. antonym (adj) unrepentant. downhearted. just. inferior. gait. luxurious. greeting. synonyms (n) amnesty. speech. bane. (adv) clean. alkali. antonym (n) slowness. 2. dishonorable. rate. rude. reasonable. forgiveness. unacknowledged. feeble. tenderness. broad. fiasco. fastness. paltry. biased. judicial. tread. humanity. blue. pity. permissible. antonym (adj) known. somewhat. mundane. mean (demek istemek. wretched. happy. title. important. (v) general. run. abode. pretty. dispassionate. beautiful. pace. miserable. correct. right. foul. residence. mercy. exonerate. quotidian. (n) bazaar. proceeding. (n) high. rapidity. antonyms (adj) incredible. condonation. candid. harsh. fair. joy. pace (adım). afet disaster (yıkım). reasonable. informal. destruction. downcast. extremely. antonyms (adj) refined. clear. stage. legitimate. (v) ground. prejudiced. celerity. appropriate. discriminative. synonyms (adj) pathetic. synonyms (n) rate. unjust. unspecified. synonyms (adj) equitable. synonyms (n) amnesty. vile. brutish. boorish. equitably. sarışın). phase. synonyms (n) name. af 1. low (alçak). quarter. fine. down. beat. casualty. sorrowful. middling. synonyms (adv) exactly. rapidity. (v) greet. synonyms (n) degree. time. reasonably. judicatory. newly. 2. valid. sleazy. honest. gradation. phrase. harangue. antonyms (n) summit. average. economical. outstanding. justify. condone. 7. act. adli 1. mismatched. upright. antonym (n) slowness. (v) step. base (alçak. act. grace. pardon (affetmek). oration. brassy. commiseration. process. rightful. quite. close. boundary. deplorable. costly. cataclysm. partial. inconspicuous. synonyms (adj) sound. base. catastrophe. footprint. bogus. forgive (bağışlamak).websters-online-dictionary. favor. affetmek 1. crude. despicable. degraded. colloquial. remission. synonyms (adv) completely. slightly. 5. 2. blonde. normal. accident. right. excuse. dispassionate. procedure. 2. lecture. awkward. synonyms (n) foundation. antonyms (adj) expensive. tacky. enough. unwarranted. misfortune. licit. synonyms (adj) barbarous. dark. conventional. footfall. flashy. stingy. uncivilized. call. (v) wonted. beggarly. bawdy. step (adım. run. skill. juridic. remorseful. antonym (adj) wrong. hateful. (adv) gentle. frequent. level. penitent. (adj) fair.Turkish . indefinite. synonyms (adj) inexpensive. sweet. curse. adilane 1. imbalanced. discharge. synonyms (n) degree. sympathy. unnamed. antonyms (adj) unfair. 7 proceeding. contrite. juridical. foul. top. acquit. miserable. involve. clear. antonym (v) ignore. spare. gradation. exceptional. incognito. legal (yasal). entitle. lawful. (v) absolve. justify. cadence. correct. hidden. stage.

dim. destitute. import. heaviness. stem. tree. ağırlık 1. slow. antonym (v) punish. dull. 2. calm. ağırbaşlı 1. vane. arduous. hard. fierce. inclose. durable. landmark. 3. antonym (adj) intoxicated. receipt. bad. etch. synonyms (adj) difficult. callous. (adj) free. woods. lax. reflect. abstemious. (v) important. hurried. tree. earnest. gentle. knotty. excuse (bağışlamak. spontaneous. debate. (v) poignant. big. great. momentous. (adj) exculpate.websters-online-dictionary. chance. involuntary. antonyms (adj) weak. synonyms (adj) dull. lush. dingy. sign. faineant. ağaçlandırmak forest (orman). (v) placard. lace. labyrinth. rigorous. (n) grayness. moderate. plea. 7. (v) important. 2. rigid. posting. tired. weight. (adv) gently. rushed. earnest. interesting. lattice. dampen. flippant. tribe. inclement. cheerful. 4. (v) corner.English inert. strong. graveness. hard (sert). dreary. serious (ciddi). synonyms (adj) late. stupid. moment. indite. contemplate. fecund. hesap). big. (v) afforest. observant. cruel. idle. ağır 1. synonyms (n) earnestness. 11. entanglement. 10. considered. ağarmak grey (gri). humorous. consequence. odun. slow (Yavaş. antonyms (adj) frivolous. bland. 6. extreme. (v) gravity. ballast. acquittal. sober. humorous. (v) clear. consequence. card. spare. glossy. boring. alcoholic. luminous. netting. death. meshwork. great. opulent. palliate. sepulchre. synonyms (adj) abundant. consult. antonyms (adj) accidental. severe. intelligent. flimsy. bad. slim. prolific. quiet. damp. shiny. synonyms (adj) final. exhausted. severe. antonym (v) gross. dangerous. sober. diluted. bitter. antonyms (adj) light. check. watery. make. cogent. lethargic. antonym (adj) funny. solemn. explain. bias. flyer. leaden. synonyms (adj) serious. productive. (adv) behind. impoverished. unconvincing. burdensome. (v) gravity. impound. solid. delay. low. gaga. able. intense. confine. weight. antonyms (adj) energetic. sluggard. thoughtful. list. lustrous. film. playful. remission. gibbet. exhilarating. ad. deep. engrave. mild. stress. feeble. minor. playpen. catch. synonyms (adj) powerful. sluggish. 2. broke. momentous. confer. (v) apologise. net (net). lightly. poster. cloudy. oppressive. speedy. staid. antonyms (adj) lively. mild. cheerful. lazy (tembel). synonyms (n) corral. staidness. last. exchange. (n) network. unintentional. timberland. sad. (v) enclose. grating. beak. high-pitched. remiss.8 Turkish . grave. drab. bias. ballpoint. faint. advertisement. skinny. drowsy. hoary. house. web. invoice. cogitate. jungle. blade. gloominess. pity. delicate. timber. greyness. gravitation. ample. (v) acute. synonyms (adj) heavy. circumspect. serious (ağır. inactive. rapid. gross. modest. sedate. flippant. charge. check. lumber. sedate. antonyms (adj) lenient. painful. texture. wood (koru. slight. brisk. synonyms (adj) careful. pressure. prompt. amusing. synonyms (n) load. ciddi). grave. atrocious. coppice. material. stress. shiftless. uninteresting. (n) cemetery. exempt. jungle. write. gravity. synonyms (adj) blunt. dilatory. charge. easy. dark. deep. explanation. complicated. complex. grim. hard. leisurely. lightweight. (v) link. obtuse. active. jail. heavy. 3. (v) accelerate. poster. coop. (adv) firm. antonyms (adj) soft. affluent. quick. strict. ballast. full. solemn. dense. import. gradual. hierarchy. cobweb. critical. stable. wood. secure. evasion. (n) rough. lentisk. earn. thick. charge. 9. release. grievous. pale. collar. cage. playful. thin. heaviness. circular. sad. maze. antonym (n) triviality. steady. absolution. minor. glowing. synonyms (n) account. bag. web. trap. broadside. austere. grueling. considerable. diligent. major. burden. forcible. 3. ağıl pen (kalem). (v) gray. dispensation. importance. serene. tangle. strong. cutting. sober. sedateness. banknote. fertile. measure. potent. synonyms (adj) indolent. 2. glittery. austerity. tender. communicate. discharge. synonyms (adj) dim. extenuate. pressure. complication. lighthearted. lighthearted. 2. ağaç 1. commonplace. tahta). fat.org) . advertise. ranking. 2. significance. greyish. earnings. robust. torpid. synonyms (n) apology. antonym (n) triviality. bill (fatura. enclosure. knit. reprieve. lusty. influence. luxurious. grayish. ponder. compose. plentiful. synonyms (adj) serious. announcement. hoar. antonyms (adj) frivolous. antonyms (adj) poor. bahane. belated. grid. system. backbreaking. somber. 8. dismal. think. pretext. notice. (v) forgive. dangerous. defense. color. copious. fold. apathetic. austere. filler. mesh. ağ 1. slothful. lazy. reticulation. carve. contact. synonyms (adj) harsh. yielding. considerable. woods. synonyms (n) gallows. puny. critical. network. seriousness. (v) deaden. deliberate. simple. good. significance. merciful. dull. burden. (v) plexus. synonyms (n) net. woodland. flat. yavaşlamak). synonyms (n) load. cowardly. moment. importance. kind. (v) slack. handbill. imperceptible. grave. stimulating. grievous. bright. influential. synonyms (n) timber. tough. grain. 5. grand. (v) consider. gain. caustic. synonyms (n) forest. conscious. fruitful. exacting. calculated. bulky. exciting. nett. sepulture. synonyms (n) bill. slight. solemnity. ingenuous. trunk. rich (zengin). liberal. frail. antonyms (adj) fast. (v) ornate. ağırlaştırmak weight (ağırlık). apologize. alert. snarl. synonyms (n) tissue. biting. antonym (v) blame. act. compact. behindhand. piercing. synonyms (adj) heavy. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. afiş 1. (v) affiche. influence. demure. hasty. tardy. soggy. alibi. cold. sharp. dull. sane. dour. özür).

synonyms (n) people. antonyms (n) enemy. chance. fast. man. boyfriend. synonyms (n) stress. bacilli. ağrılı sore. entanglement. conformity. store. dangerous. strife. folk. outlet. tune. (v) catch. concordance. lasting. covenant. good. suit. hem. decision. 2. tone. discarded. persistent. honorable. persons. corrupt. hut. release. (adj) final. somberness. dost). synonyms (adj) forlorn. empty. playmate. antonyms (n) dissonance. 9 ahbap 1. howl. gin. advocate. understanding. synonyms (n) mouth. lips. nuisance. ağrı pain. torment. moan. citizenry. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. vent. accent (vurgu). stranded. bargain. attendant. barn. antonym (adj) written. stalling. virtuous. (v) call. (v) emphasize. acute. edge. afflict. deal. (v) poise. chap. indignant. proper. cranny. shelter. importance. chasm. beneficiary. companion (arkadaş). annoyance. 2. opening. fella. decent. multitude. secure. virtuous. cut. feryat). harmonize. kin. unwholesome. synonyms (n) snare. pal. antonyms (adj) immoral. trick. yell. assistant. (v) hurt. partner. (n) harm. scream. occupy. wicked. pang. good.Turkish . cleft. flock. friend. ahlaksal moral. crying. synonyms (n) person. assent. boron.org) . articulation. desolate. reliable. collector. net. synonyms (n) shed. disadvantage. barn. brim. telephone. injure. stall. scissure. 3. (v) hurt. trouble. stand. pronunciation. (adj) preliminary. line. butt. market. matrass. derelict. agoni agony. antonyms (v) laugh. sound. synonyms (n) jaw. onset. crevice. (v) accompany. kinsfolk. liquidator. house. comply. distress.English sobriety. (v) agree. (n) lesson. anguish. afflict. profligate. ensnare. feryat). earpiece. familiar. 2. antonyms (adj) immoral. advantage. capture. agonize. bank. emporium. torture. lip. proper. (adj) associate. cleft. break. bench. ağrımak hurt. antonym (n) donor. scream. synonyms (n) anguish. unclean. (v) middle. ahali 1. yakalamak). accord (anlaşma). community. breach. pure. intonation. punctuate. clamor. consent. exclaim. headset. misery. weep. bark. grant. cashier. synonyms (v) pain. angry. articulate. booster. settlement. cabin. ambush. populace. unwritten. antonym (adj) painless. depraved. clamor. clan. lightheartedness. buddy. blade. beginning. door. grief. howl. bel. ambuscade. resistance. unison. questor. roar. compartment. crowd. tribe. (v) border. chaperon. weep. consensus. margin. ache. 2. accordance. utter. orderly. (v) conflict. debauched. ill. synonyms (n) shop. corner. mate. cost. antonym (n) woman. passion. store. mob. compliance. friendship. speak. insignificance. unity. ahır 1. bay. bound. 4. lad. confirmation. give. meaning. entrap. (adj) evil. issue. ache. moan. synonyms (n) boundary. (n) injury. (v) concert. commencement. righteous. synonyms (n) booth. crony. hard. 3. pure. acceptance. affliction. exit. people (halk). antonyms (adj) restrained. honest. chink. (v) grimace. drain. brother. bawn. wound. blab. abandoned. stable. crack. extremity. synonyms (n) acquiescence. bestow. throe. blighter. stationary. ahlaki moral. shameless. aperture. wobbly. stranger. constant. rival. honest. correspondence. accentuation. peace. synonyms (n) recipient. dispute. bellow. arrangement. discord. abuse. synonyms (n) distress. connection. pain. distress. wait. folk. race. aching. chair. sorrow. kindred. bellow. (adj) uninjured. ağızdan oral. opening. lonely. antonyms (n) center. noble. synonyms (n) fellow. yell. immoral. antonyms (adj) unstable. family. feller. synonyms (adj) firm. martyrdom. lesion. mesh. emission. verbal. (v) inhabit. solid. consistency. 2. deserted. roar. ağız 1. adjust. antonyms (n) rejection. delay. antonyms (n) flippancy. right. grieve. deliver. shaky. permanent. synonyms (n) shout. bad. stable. whisper. pronounce. synonyms (adj) painful. ahenk 1. 6. edge (kenar). egress. bother. vocalize. escape. ağlamak cry (bağırmak. whisper. crevice. concurrence. emphasise. synonyms (n) agreement. lathe. finale. deed. brink. chaste. durable. antonym (n) pleasure. companion. man. damage. upright. meaning. 3. argument. friend (arkadaş. 3. bağırmak. bad. synonyms (n) peer. colleague. (v) procrastinate. bait. escort. ail. synonyms (n) accord. enduring. consort. right. harmony. crack. volatile. suffering. bacillus. consonance. amity. torment. (n) lesson. verge. reside. (adj) foul. ally. antonyms (v) laugh. bay. acquaintance. exclaim. closing. sharp. boil. lesion. crying. synonyms (adj) spoken. mouth. synonyms (adj) ethical. synonyms (n) shout. antonyms (n) end. sensitive. synonyms (adj) ethical. 5. dialect. occasion. agony. entangle. coincidence. entry. righteous. decent. antonyms (n) disagreement. ahlaksız 1. guy. canker. inhabited. antonyms (v) encourage. noble.websters-online-dictionary. carrel. appointment. emphasis. raw. synonyms (n) nation. chum. precarious. 2. shriek. comrade. vocal. ache. detriment. auditorium. speech. cubicle. idiom. concord. congruity. unwholesome. chaste. shriek. (n) examination. overcrowded. phone. ağlama cry (ağlamak. rickety. dwell. (adj) accomplice. fixed. trap (tuzak. entrance. abscess. hole. foe. harmony. beau. kiosk. limit. (v) call. upright. honorable. unhurt. gap. harass. cuss. noose. bark. accentuate. ahize receiver (alıcı). wellwisher. agreement (anlaşma). contract.

brains. dull. pour. conscience. impurity. silly. akıbet 1. antonyms (adj) rough. dwelling. tree. spy (casus). synonyms (v) active. act. (n) intellectual. facilitate. cleverness. finish. medium. natural. (v) deplete. (n) average. accident. emanation. moving. flat. shrewd. 4. speculative. (v) scholastic. graceful. ridged. crowd. conclusion. (prep) consequence. 2. (n) black. attorney. flowing. synonyms (n) blockhead. rosy. runny. delegate. common. liquified. (v) dupe. sharpness. (n) drink. moving. flaking. abrasive. university. exhaust. variable. clean. fluent. (v) start. instrument. educational. akar running. sap. antonyms (adj) firm. fluid (akışkan). death. harsh. housing. wise. house. chance. name. administration. live. synonyms (n) destiny. hateful. live. smooth. akan running. con. discontinue. 3. (adj) home. (n) gaseous. working. ahmak 1. operative. organ. adulteration. dim. waste. (v) cease. odun. denote. notice. (adj) heed. fraternity. mesken). synonyms (adj) foolish. inclination. observe. pallid. crass. synonyms (n) forest. sewer. contagion. insane. fool. run. coppice. expedient. prickly. liquidness. dephlegmation. campus. ajans agency. koru. begin. buffoon. gush. discern. even. antonyms (adj) generous. befool. (adj) flowing. (v) action. synonyms (adj) theoretical. vitiation. drive. descry. institution. fluid. visionary. academia. deputy. bloodless. antonym (v) bolster. intelligent. hypothetical. jerky. domicile. low. coarse. operation. efficiency. succulent. synonyms (n) close. learned. look. intellect. run. slick. colorless. oily. peeling. means. blank. (v) see. understanding. innocent. lumber. irrational. mediator. delude. liquefied. unwise. authority. akaç drain. dunce. foolish (akılsız). brook. detective. mole. course. emotion. psyche. (adj) cloaca. house (ev. destruction. intermediary. ignoble. synonyms (n) dolt. motion. beware. antonyms (n) purification. antonym (v) forget. working. consume. lodge. design. dullard. idiotic. aim. bright. maintenance. demise. alliance. ortalama). clever. operation. synonyms (adj) easy. antonyms (n) stupidity. finish. portion. comprehension. synonyms (adj) fair. allotment. bookish. ashen. synonyms (n) contamination. belief. gull. akarsu stream (akım). (adj) cloaca. agent (acenta). half-wit. federation. (n) pale. incorruptness. synonyms (v) active. synonyms (n) mastermind. bamboozle. dumb. 3. sappy. woods. stupid. akademi academy. imprudent. family. changeling. childish. functioning. intelligence. espy. address. league. studious. ridiculous. 2. greasy. factor. bleed. 2. consecutive. level. behold. (adj) arefaction. infection. continue. exhaust. defraud. consecutive. (v) actor. administration. edifice. cretin. dopey. waste. mad. moron. patrol. jerk. channel. synonyms (n) drain. fate (kader). livid. facile. foulness. tahta). closure. idiot. cheat. pollution. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. mobile. foundation. discover. news. fatuous. juicy. dissipate. glossy. preposterous. ass. synonyms (n) descent. synonyms (n) juice. academician. object. pedantic. jet. end. instrument. synonyms (n) bureau. antonyms (adj) sensible. perceive. genius. bleed. düzgün). ambassador. antonym (v) bolster. kismet. emissary. antonym (n) solid. regard. runnel. dike. (n) simple. synonyms (n) head. river. household. akıcı 1. (v) wrinkle. polished. destination. habitation. snoop. mentality. middle. jungle. knowledge. 2. smooth (düz. scholar. conclude. antonym (v) trickle. abode. class. brood. synonyms (n) scout. imbecile. mind. (v) quiet. ajan 1. dotty. involve. ludicrous. achromatic. factor. son). acumen. (v) whiten. (adj) flowing. oaf. akıl 1.English mean (demek istemek. structure. mellow. canker. ancestry. way. envoy. 2. senseless. keep. synonyms (v) intend. akaçlama drainage (drenaj). joker. council. operative.websters-online-dictionary. synonyms (adj) fluid. hydrography. tapping. akademik academic. dumbbell. channel. unsettled. (v) doom. intelligence. run. decency. crumpled. dike. joke. bitmek. continual. bright. fluid. sewer. sap. designate. sap. deceive.10 Turkish . creek. swarm. antonyms (adj) prudent. brain (beyin). 2. doer. (prep) current. luck. erek. filth. cause. changeable. liquid. corrugated. dimwit. finish. ahşap wood (ağaç. didactic. contemptible. bribery. fool. office. school. calm. company. miserly. beguile. synonyms (n) ditch. timber. clan. culvert. medium. unstable. (v) deplete. continual. antonyms (adj) dark. genus. aile 1. lined. listen. (adj) liquid. synonyms (n) academe.org) . brain. dopy. leak. consume. functioning. activity. notice. idiot. synonyms (n) ditch. preparatory. kind. middle. base. opening. motion. commission. (adj) shuffle. ak white (beyaz). synonyms (adj) crazy. synonyms (n) flow. channel. firm. college. capacity. kin. (v) flood. taint. limpid. synonyms (n) family. clown. breed. depravity. honesty. (v) care. lineage. stupid. synonyms (n) information. guard. scholarly. wrinkled. antonyms (n) beginning. class. (n) course. board. domestic. (v) accommodate. good. daft. (n) course. wan. erudite. uncertain. tidings. watery. building. leak. (adj) akaçlamak drain. spurt. fatality. imply. synonyms (n) agency. 3. lot. destine. broker. anserine. liquor. ahlaksızlık corruption (bozulma). dissipate. people. attend. end (bitirmek. establishment. complete. uneven. culvert. blight. snowy. antonym (n) realist. fortune. absurd.

warning. insipid. knowledgeable. nonsensical. (n) absurd. jet. synonyms (n) humor. monition. saucy. akıllılık 1. vogue. outrageous. exorbitant. impartial. logical. antonyms (n) retreat. antonym (n) foolishness. accelerate. fall. dim. present. sensible. old. sharpness. maraud. movement. ludicrous. notice. sense. synonyms (adj) clever. rational. dumb. apt. crown. insight. conclude. assault. jet. cognizant. profundity. command. intrusion. 6. afloat. unconscionable. unjust. synonyms (n) attack. rush. previous. able. reasonable. synonyms (adj) crafty. heavy. conscious. guidance. encroachment. torrent. discuss. popular. dense. antonyms (adj) clumsy. silly. synonyms (n) information. sane. hint. drift. news. unwise. flush. fly. contemporary. abound. cagy. runnel. careful. (n) stream. inexpensive. irrational. imprudent. learning. intellect. stupid (ahmak).Turkish . geçerli). stream. discerning. mood. object. sensible. inadequate. unreasonable. (prep) current. cari. dopy. synonyms (n) flow. 3. idiotic. judiciousness. ridiculous. stupid. doltish. synonyms (adj) idiotic. undue. (v) brisk. pillage. 5. synonyms (n) chief. impossible. fair. surd. verge. judiciousness. rationality. purpose. direct. discernment. pour. rob. (v) ache. crass. sarcasm. present. aggression. run. synonyms (adj) just. thick. prudent. equitable. swarm. ray. discharge. appreciable. depth. 2. (v) lore. speed. float. creek. synonyms (adj) adroit. head (baş. (v) follow. contemporary. 11 discernment. slow. humour. fashionable. inconsistent. geçerli). surge. preposterous. 7. legitimate. cleverness. prudence. synonyms (adj) excessive. synonyms (adj) aware. sensibleness. shrewd. antonyms (n) end. adept. fashionable. ground. occasion. reason. flow (akış. counsel. tend. clever. flux. acceptable. wisdom. hasten. discreet. spurt. 3. sound. sly. assail. comprehension. instant. exhortation. fall. modern. hit. quickwitted. plunder. synonyms (adj) foolish. trend (eğilim). basis. emotion. gush. thoughtless. mentality. popular. pleasantry. descent. (v) dash. antonyms (adj) bright. crazy. idiot. due. leaning. brain. wise (bilge). (n) simple. brook. hurt. hurtle. synonyms (n) fashion. course. sage. spurt. daft. unfair. intelligence (akıl). prudent. chic.English mind. invalid. brilliant. plausible. perceptible. current (cari. incursion. river. advice (öğüt). antonym (n) foolishness. run. synonyms (n) discretion. swarm. judgment. smart (açıkgöz). 3. dim. capable. practical. antonyms (n) stupidity. impractical. expensive. course. froth. onset. dull. akıllı 1. charge. synonyms (n) invasion. chair. unreasonable. booby. jet. outrageous. inclination. 2. lively. dolt. sense. (v) capital. gush. dullard. synonyms (n) discretion. nous. brainy. brainpower. spurt. good-natured. beam. current. instruction. tip. argue. rush. occupation. unsatisfactory. dopey. synonyms (n) flow. natty. akılsız 1. sheer. direction. sapience. foolish. pointless. temperate. satire. 6. antonyms (adj) absurd. ingenious. 4. synonyms (n) hurry. (v) bust. current (akım. foam. raid. unreasonable. razzia. witty. humorist. obtuse. hasty. (v) stream. learned. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. wisdom (bilgelik). emanate. admissible. direction. depth. advisable. cagey. antonyms (adj) scruffy. moderate. spout. sortie. (n) method. 2. shrewd. akmak). reasonable (makul). intelligent. akın 1. fatuous. discharge. akım 1. (adj) burst. loot. shabby. fad. announcement. synonyms (n) admonition. antonyms (adj) foolish. neat. sagacity. unfair. intelligent. argument. intellectual. turn. cunning. foray. 5. ridiculous. crazy. (n) clear. dapper. (n) afloat. profundity. expert. canny. silly. antonyms (adj) rational. (v) style. skillful. quicken. creek. alert. subordinate. synonyms (n) account. deduce. captain. invade. unkempt. pour. 2. knowing. bright. float. learning.websters-online-dictionary. current. prodigy. thoughtful. kafa). flow (akış. point. encephalon. imprudent. erudition. wag. cheap. debate. unsound. joker. caution. acumen. dart. synonyms (adj) judicious. modern. reasonableness. runnel. illogical. intelligent. pour.org) . influx. anserine. sagacious. deluge. blind. comedian. 8. 4. understanding. antonyms (adj) reasonable. reasonableness. repartee. past. 3. scholarship. 2. akıntı 1. synonyms (n) flood. fresh. new. breach. clever. invasion. infringement. smart. boss. raid. emanate. crowd. river. (adv) beastly. (v) cause. capacity. insight. acute. deranged. prudence. sharp. fine. (v) crowd. antonyms (adj) wise. antonyms (adj) unintelligent. antonym (v) trickle. reckless. sensitive. knowledge. seizure. extravagant. antonyms (adj) illogical. synonyms (adj) common. 2. irrational. logical. haste. brains. susceptible. reason. tendency. slow. gifted. abound. advisement. 3. synonyms (adj) childish. report. communication. synonyms (n) flood. mad. gush. 4. immoderate. antonym (n) tragedy. sensible. judgment. insane. incline. artful. old-fashioned. surrender. inroad. race. prevalent. flow. rife. fresh. (v) lore. jaunty. unwarranted. scholarship. senseless. chieftain. surge. sagacity. synonyms (adj) common. tidings. wit. dull-witted. realistic. stream (akım). unwise. akmak). harebrained. prevalent. 4. streak. astute. front. quick. brook. new. disposition. instant. inordinate. mugging. actual. inept. rife. (v) stream. prompt. antonyms (adj) obsolete. palpable. visionary. explanation. flux. executive. fool. lead. run. sapient. antonym (v) trickle. actual. dull. course. (n) pain. injudicious. (adj) irony. wise. (v) flood. appropriate. stupid. wisdom (bilgelik). sapience. wit.

4. move. brotherhood. deluge. (v) report. (v) aim. course (yön). mental. course. accord. crowd. old-fashioned. teem. kin. purport. duplicate. range. synonyms (n) sympathy. consanguineous. spurt. synonyms (n) league. kin. folks. (adj) liquid. function. kindred. compare. swarm. consanguinity. relevant. link. alignment. brook. swarm. culvert. musing. folk. streak. juice. congener. tie. image. learned. gender. 2. variable. emanate. equal (eşit). bearing. akışkan fluid (akıcı). regulate. synonyms (n) release. dike. air. synonyms (n) ratio. synonyms (n) brook. float. society. (n) intellect. like. association. chap. pour. near. discharge. correlation.websters-online-dictionary. surge. drain. antonym (v) drizzle. (prep) tide. description. pelt. (n) companion. affinity. run (çalıştırmak. 2. tone. akraba 1. relation (ilişki). 4. regard. (v) stream. bearing. blast. proportionate. discharge. bloodshed. deluge. drop. clear. exquisite. propinquity. emit. gush. confederacy. fluent. absolve. peer. relationship. associate. brother. flow (akış). antonyms (v) capture. brook. associated. observation. shack. direct. akıtmak 1. (n) relation. attune. akma discharge (boşaltmak). proportion. antonym (v) trickle. synonyms (n) flood. 4. swarm. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. attachment. string. antonym (v) trickle. cabin. escort. synonyms (n) melody. kindred. race. uneven. note. gist. fall. descent. route. pour. analogous. clan. 4. runnel. consonance. synonyms (adj) contemporaneous. relations. synonyms (n) account. blast. moult. exhaust. juicy. bounce. (v) wave. liquor. hire. tribe. past. boy. synonyms (n) release. burst. sürüklenme). (v) match. cashier. hurry. agreement. equivalent. (v) flood. akli intellectual. affinity. current. rush. narration. eject. mind. kinship. match (eş. synonyms (n) juice. consume. drain. (v) deplete. synonyms (adj) agree. jet. clear. idea. analogy. drift (sapma. antonyms (v) capture. gush. bleed. consanguinity. organization. affiliation. appropriate. spurt. scholar. channel. drive. beam. cashier. squirt. 5. acquaintance. design. campaign. synonyms (adj) cerebral. balance. discard. spout. reference. career. hasten. runnel. narrative. 4. coalition. sap. (prep) tide. blow. comparative. music. birth. family. contemplation. kin. uncertain. allied. run. beau. sewer. (v) differ. bounce. rain. funnel. dissipate. method. consume. dismissal. combination. operate. congenator. adequate. spiritual. 3. parallel. recital. rival. connection. synonyms (n) flood. union. deliberation. unstable. lineage. alliance (ittifak). notion. cast. chant. antonyms (adj) obsolete. hire. reflexion. relationship. billow. current. coincide. amalgamation. 3. blood (kan). equalize. torrent.12 Turkish . scatter. kibrit). beau. go. 4. commensurate. circuit. glide. relative. house. (v) acquit. spout. exuviate. synonyms (n) consideration. synonyms (n) flow. bond. (v) adjust. present. 2. akış 1. antonym (adj) unrelated. roam. synonyms (adj) related. synonyms (n) competition. dike. animadversion. synonyms (adj) comrade. dismissal. waste. bearing. (prep) current. rapport. sap. akran 1. detonate. creek. stream (akım). old. antonym (n) solid. connected. synonyms (v) shed. (v) crowd. ideal. colleague. tide (gelgit). buddy. track. antonym (v) bolster. alliance. molt. semblance. antonym (v) bolster. stock. kinfolk. contest. flowing. cognate. fit. float. dude. synonyms (v) cast. song. pertinent. dog. ray. akis reflection (yansıma). collateral. synonyms (n) drift. (v) kinsman. contemporary (Modern). river. discharge (boşaltmak). changeable. stream. clever. deluge. couple. disproportionate. tip. emanate. extraction. abound. (v) mate. recent. progress. thinker. unlike. (v) deplete. similar. association. dependency. rational. 2. affinity. synonyms (n) tendency. (v) concomitant. run. burst. new. disgorge. course. (v) acquit. conduct. intent. spill. disgorge. 2. meditation.English stream (akım). connection. ray. way. course. bout. (v) stream. finish. exhaust. penchant. repercussion. time. brain. modern. akin. path. previous. (v) crowd. (adj) humor. drain. 3. stream (akım). akmak 1. relative (göreli). strain. synonyms (n) ditch. repressive. mobile. (v) chase. synonyms (adj) germane. channel. unsettled. koşmak). eject. antonyms (v) clash. correspond. relation. noonday. runnel. drain. akort tune. leak. bleed. synonyms (n) ancestry. channel. introspection. origin. rain. (n) compeer. cultured. fall. finish. antonym (v) trickle. meet. sound.org) . academic. creek. river. proportional. kinsfolk. affair. jet. dissipate. inconsistent. decant. sewer. surge. counterpart. absolve. jet. waste. concord. spout. account. ramble. spurt. river. cogitation. complete. pour. torrent. akrabalık 1. deliver. harmonise. friendship. gush. leak. 3. reference. merger. detonate. comparable. shed. antonym (adj) absolute. pour. coxcomb. synonyms (n) family. complete. dismiss. gore. different. synonyms (n) ditch. synonyms (v) rule. equal. (adj) cloaca. harmony. club. dash. 2. (n) pass. 3. alinement. flux. bond. leeway. even. flux. relationship. abound. fellow. up-to-date. run. harmonize. dependent. effuse. movement. 3. contradict. booth. 4. deliver. rehearsal. thought. antonym (n) nonalignment. rush. antonyms (adj) unequal. beam. brother. (n) hut. watery. class. flow (akmak). discharge. synonyms (n) flow. fellow (adam). current. kinsmen. streak. runny. balanced. creek. pair. related. brilliant. fling. culvert. synonyms (n) flow. disgorge. conformity. (n) overflow. smooth. (adj) cloaca. road.

coherence. image. retell. adversary. mugging. derange. slow. headstrong. transmit. synonyms (adj) sharp. akümülatör battery (akü. obtuse. existing. synonyms (n) stress. shrewd. ark. unfavorable. shrill. ape. accentuate. (n) damage. attachment. quote. darkness. rebound. synonyms (v) agitate. notion.English topical. possession. aktif 1. reflect. (v) performer. trouble. (adj) crabbed. entertainer. synonyms (n) answer. combination. (v) emphasize. assignment. sluggish. sundown. dark. present. lethargic. rear. opposing. antonyms (v) uncross. army. phonic. lot. antonym (n) disconnection. 3. alien. wealth. synonyms (adj) conflicting. participant. price. (n) contrary. company. strong. passage. smart. refer. (adj) pattern. antonyms (adj) dormant. shift. annoyed. effective. synonyms (n) echo. excerpt. alliance. antipathy. eventide. old. reflexion. akşam 1. reverberate. contrary. eve. disagreeable. malign. kötülük). aksettirmek mirror (ayna). old-fashioned. quotation. onslaught. goodness. synonyms (n) citation. (adj) illustrate. reproduce. disarrange. change. obstinate. dole. group. give. association. emphasise. keen. communication. (adj) calm. synonyms (adj) bad. dusk. player. quiet. rage. malice. paylaşmak). finances. squadron. connection (bağ. exchange. opposite (karşıt). hostile. intonation. send. conjunction. depraved. musician. dispense. bother. belongings. citation. dislike. opponent. transfer (aktarma). copy. reverse. distribute. nullify. distress. synonyms (n) even. fury. overturn. onslaught. hatred. 2. antonym (v) control. synonyms (n) conveyance. synonyms (n) actor. copy. knot. introspection. incisive. partake. allusion. regiment. reaction. contradiction. revoke. acrid. righteousness. active (etkin). daybreak. barrage. synonyms (adj) acoustical. exemplify. divide. consign. fume. cross. discordant. synonyms (n) evening. acquit. pil). exemplar. indignation. aksatmak disturb. bearing. deliver. passive. disobedient. sensory. please. synonyms (n) doer. reflect. inverse. articulation. evil (fena. good-tempered. deal. (n) coeval. corrupt. averse. invert. price. sequence. acuate. synonyms (n) piece. (v) convey. consign. quote. dynamic. coetaneous. disorder. concatenation. punctuate. passage. critical. send. simultaneous. funds.websters-online-dictionary. aural. allot. repercussion. (adv) counter. artiste. unfriendly. countermand. antonyms (v) hold. credit. disaster. harmful. idiom. imitate. antonyms (adj) dull. allotment. 2. strong. angry. commit. regiment. importance. histrion. synonyms (n) anger. mugging. soothe. synonyms (adj) opposite. reference. estate. income. example. synonyms (n) conveyance. crabby. artist. aksilik bile (safra). aktör actor. perturb. fresh. mimic. diligent. affiliation. reflection. idle. 13 aksiyon share (hisse. nimble. lens. reverse (ters). wicked. piercing. group. affliction. transmit. night (gece). reproduce. colera. sequence. represent. light. pronunciation. pucker. sunset. battalia. cancel. gall. instance. means. smooth. evening. barrage. change. brisk. idea.org) . aksetmek echo (yankı). akü battery (batarya. reiterate. (v) glass. extract. overrule. grouchy. give. intense. battalia. baffle. bağlantı). replication. imitate. speech. 3.Turkish . apportion. synonyms (n) troop. money. twilight. disquiet. affinity. army. fashionable. animadversion. thought. thwart. synonyms (adj) adverse. meditation. pay. (v) convey. synonyms (adj) energetic. mention. commove. rescind. repercussion. mention. partition. musing. antonyms (adj) past. shift. accentuation. balky. antonyms (adj) kindhearted. transport. synonyms (v) cite. keep. synonyms (n) troop. discompose. aktarma 1. extinct. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. cogitation. violence. busy. resources. aktarmak 1. emphasis. cross (haç). adversity. impersonator. commit. deliver. depravity. antagonistic. cotemporary. (n) reversal. traverse. opposed. (v) auditory. annoy. hisse senedi. kötü. converse. player. figure. remove. carry. akustik acoustic. thespian. artist. aksi 1. resource. destructive. portion. (n) adduce. alert. (n) good. diametric. malice. perverse. comedian. antonym (n) front. cranky. quotation. aksetme reflection (yansıma). aktris actress. night. antonyms (v) arrange. pronounce. latent. observation. criminal. transport. nighttime. aksan accent (vurgu). transfer (aktarmak). ferment. lively. 2. (v) intersect. alive. penetrating. ark. company. dialect. hearing. repeal. antonyms (v) hold. agent. distract. recitalist. excerpt. cover. collection. healthy. mimic. exchange. bitterness. different. name. assignment. 5. concern. synonyms (n) crisscross. ebullition. antonym. contradictory. capital. part. detriment. resound. (v) participate. (v) repeat. extract. sedentary. (v) high. disconcert. synonyms (n) property. (adj) nocturnal. deliberation. nightfall. akut acute. violence. 2. 4. contemplation. (pron) other. 2. cantankerous. assets. ill. antonym (adj) similar. inactive. link. remove. squadron. synonyms (n) bond. antonyms (n) dawn. antonyms (n) day. forcible. live. joint. synonyms (n) consideration. calm. (n) antithesis. cynosure. squad. (v) annul. squad. keep. entertainer. grumpy. possessions. auricular. model. collection. pil). severe. agile. carry. batarya.

English compass (pusula). volume. capacity. (adj) bottom. field. top. function. deep. antonyms (v) avoid. gauge. earmark. even. hallmark. launch. extent. portfolio. troubled. district. trample. (adj) satire. freedom. margin. poll. apprehend. zone. stratum. pink. rook. 2. circuit. glowing. layer. belt. red (kırmızı. ilgi). character. (v) bore. apprehension. angle. grade. monarchy. dispose. lienor. impression. dishonorable. alakarga jay. leeway. throw. downcast. gain. grade. apathy. heed. depository. burlesque. attract. alakadar 1. shun. flatter. (adv) gentle. uneasy. invite. sanguine. battleground. subdivide. (n) depression. affected.org) . quantity. affair. upset. affect. extension. berth. tract. 15. battlefield. department. 9. loud. motion. world. subject. gap. classify. courtroom. dimension. slant. 5. infamous. track. 2. division. alay 1. (n) high. mockery. commonwealth. synonyms (n) foundation. down. court. found. 3. concerned. pass. synonyms (n) dip. climate. 2. 12. blank. feature. antonyms (v) calm. manor. inquisitive. inflamed. alaka interest (faiz. emptiness. synonyms (adj) right. place. common. recording. distance. expanse. 6. alamet 1. antonyms (adj) apathetic.websters-online-dictionary. antonyms (adj) unconcerned. foul. pitch (atmak). vinyl. base. antonyms (adj) apathetic. realm. mass. badge. chuck. romance. 2. irony. jackdaw. appeal. synonyms (adj) anxious. parcel. space (aralık. bulk. flushed. zone (bölge). welkin. işaret). bed. alarm alarm. area. passage. 8. periphery. vile. principality. fair. keen. attentive. interested. alacaklı creditor. cerise. bar. shape. synonyms (adj) red. synonyms (n) arena. scope. judge. domain. book. note. sector. synonyms (n) length. agree. (n) fetch. volume. depth. cachet. uzatmak). soil. manifestation. gad. (v) round. synonyms (n) ball. globe. (v) fishery. 3. (v) awe. heavens. dejected. empyrean. low. dominion. synonyms (v) intend. scope (kapsam). toss. basis. indication. quarter. lurch. class. carmine. grasp. tilt. clime. land. curious. lot. index. synonyms (n) forum. alçak 1. rectangular. accomplish. brigade. range. (adj) noble. intention. inquiring. uninterested. fright. wave. (adv) just. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. align. memento. form. compilation. synonyms (v) overtake. space. horrify. opportunity. antonyms (n) summit. void. object. crow. worried. hit. straight. responsibility. (n) vermilion. (v) print. apprehensive. correspond. size. achieve. make. amount. synonyms (n) dismay. interested. plot. area. ortalama). sign (im. sphere. label. close. section. stand. high-pitched. raven. (adj) notice. alert. 14. synonyms (n) record. estate. synonyms (adj) contemptible. fearful. court (avlu). benefit. course. account. synonyms (n) array. (v) separate.14 Turkish . territory. unrest. synonyms (adj) concerned. happy. despicable. ruddy. ambit. form. raillery. synonyms (n) signal. synonyms (n) drift. synonyms (adj) crimson. derision. emblem. (v) fling. location. mark. 2. care. neighborhood. purview. miscellany. terror. keen. dissertation. brand. involve. ruby. alakalı interested. pul). important. humble. tarla). state. mint. bloody. affright. antonyms (n) indifference. circumference. reach. demesne. synonyms (n) nation. antonym (n) exaggeration. caring. behalf. kingdom. synonyms (n) chough. reach (ulaşmak. abject. solicitous. Akvaryum aquarium. hurl. exposition. (v) blemish. ridicule. anthology. quadrate. hobby. banter. surround. touch. division. üs). synonyms (n) country. cherry. contact. stretch. synonyms (n) circle. scarlet. alan 1. orbit. considerate. leg. (v) settle. lookout. uncaring. compass. radical. realm. obtain. domain. firmament. collection. rank. synonyms (n) evidence. (v) arrange. breadth. (adv) beset. kızıl). inquisitive. reign. score. 16. (v) view. synonyms (n) army. opening. involved. period. parrot. synonyms (n) region. depressed. 13. base (baz. judicatory. thoughtful. synonyms (n) seal. amplitude. order. scare. seize. disc. 7. get. curious. piercing. synonyms (n) locality. uzay. equal. rundle. imply. purpose. range (erim). characterize. quadrilateral. synonyms (n) essay. humor. limit. spread. park. rectangle. treatise. slope. careful. tractate. indicate. punch. sake. 4. tribunal. al 1. startle. synonyms (n) concern. scarlet. patch. interval. emboss. orb. heave. jurisdiction. check. comfort. taban. wander. synonyms (n) sarcasm. corps. attain. 10. imprint. indicate. mean. arrive. blue. advantage. denote. warning. sphere. boundary. stamp (damga. province. portent. cycle. yer). (v) control. albüm album. downhearted. liberty. roam. poster. room. scale. empire. posta pulu. ignoble. ramble. (v) gesture. 3. ground. bowl. (v) ground. aim. line. attentive. synonyms (n) degree. design. careen. regiment. uninterested. chance. oscilloscope. latitude. mark. county. nervous. (v) woo. rosy. ring. die. agitate. impress. synonyms (adj) concerned. presage. set. unfeeling. width. field (saha. antonyms (adj) cheerful. panic. courtyard. 2. outlook. gain. equitable. pamphlet. low. inquiring. (v) partition. extend. consternation. sweep. distinguish. hall. 11. extent. bad. omen. sign. discourse. synonyms (n) vivarium. cast. (n) foursquare. square (kare). group. cast. gamut. (v) magpie. catch. measure. battalion. synonyms (n) debtee. host. discipline. quiz. go. eagerness. (v) engage. mean (demek istemek. enthusiasm. give. play. involved. temel.

neutrality. demean. rapidly. cheap. average. reign. imposture. forget. gammon. decay. cheat. chaste. trivial. synonyms (n) cosmos. obsessive. coarse. mutual. kingdom. aldatmak 1. decent. fake. debase. synonyms (n) deceit. falsehood. elaborate. furtively. civic. alem 1. con. imprudently. prosaic. antonym (n) honesty. carefully. cheating. overt. speedily. clandestinely. dismiss. eager. eagerness. antonyms (adv) secretly. alçalmak 1. base. intelligence. dismiss. daub. self-important. casual. synonyms (v) peddle. modest. pass. (v) cheat. disinterest. 2. artifice. dip. aleni public (genel. poor. stoicism. languish. overlook. antonyms (adj) generous. sphere. handy. (n) dishonor. phlegm. (adj) immerse. 2. disinterested. routine. publicly. creation. aristocratic. bedevil. ebb. cheating. antonym (v) float. distant. bandage. populace. mutual. passion. con. exclusive. bury. humiliate. typical. synonyms (n) deceit. fervor. inclination. promptly. realm. quickly. population. ignoble. (n) growth. aldırmak mind (akıl). alesta ready. merchandise. brain. discard. interest. decrease. stratagem. (n) folk. (v) confound. alelade 1. (v) general. communally. society. alenen 1. outstanding. mediocre. antonyms (adv) slowly. ingenuously. plainly. one-off. (v) degrade. specific. deception. look. community. (v) set. paravant. traditional. surprised. 2. synonyms (n) intellect. joke. suddenly. fell. accustomed. enthusiastic. alelacele hastily. characteristic. attend. vulgar. lower. rare. fallacy. universe. (n) decline. antonyms (adj) unconventional. people. humanity. eliminate. coy. secretively. lift. meek. involved. legitimately. illusion. department. grand. psyche. pretense. disgrace. honestly. quick. descend. cement. honor. nation. publically. confuse. 2. bashful. trade. abnormal. cool. wile. fair. area. 2. antonym (n) honesty. disobey. flag. 3. thoughtlessly. distinguished. uncommon. public. stock. habitual. existence. deliver. macrocosm. synonyms (n) apathy. immodest. miserly. antonyms (adj) individual. face. founder. kayıtsız). collapse. fuddle. trick. antonyms (adj) extraordinary. basin. carelessly. confidential. synonyms (n) deceit. banal. lowly. droop. common (adi. wonted. affix. antonyms (v) rise. antonyms (adj) private. universe (evren). humble. mislead. generally. fob. life. (n) common. falsehood. communal. fake. sham. disregard. sink (lavabo). boastful. hurriedly. deception (aldanma). impassiveness. rashly.websters-online-dictionary. beforehand. freely. public. swindle. 15 close. helter-skelter. mankind. demand. synonyms (n) dodger. unobtrusive. strange. give. favorite. ignoble. antonyms (adj) arrogant. betrayal. accepted. showy. antonym (v) buy. precipitately. general. dull. ostentatious. natural. ambiguously. spectacular. infrequent. detachment. first. synonyms (adv) openly. keen. unconcerned. aloof. antonym (v) forget. callous. directly. duplicity. alçakgönüllü 1. diffident. unconcern. pretense. moderate. cast. slyboots. domain.Turkish . insensible. drop. communal. react. (adj) manifestly.org) . average. set. publicly. synonyms (adj) ordinary. chronic. head. impressive. dirty. aldırmamak ignore. glue. alçı plaster (yakı). baseborn. drip. snub. aloofness. candidly. cataplasm. kind. plebeian. sympathy. bluff. (v) open. synonyms (adj) common. disregard. territory. imposing. incredible. synonyms (n) sag. observe. betray. finished. 2. state. clear. impassivity.English (adj) middle. neglect. people. unusual. paint. discombobulate. kamu). reticently. prevalent. synonyms (v) fail. synonyms (adj) humble. (adj) headlong. collectively. detached. befuddle. peculiar. fallacy. snooty. cut. globe. usual. openly. tax. aldatma 1. ortak). paste. bluntly. antonyms (adj) caring. 2. delusion. aldırışsız indifferent (ilgisiz. regard. famous. conquer. mortify. synonyms (adj) base. hoax. synonyms (adj) fit. authoritatively. low. expected. deposit. ordinary. land. synonyms (adv) fast. vend. notice. space. dominion. depress. gentle. audience. handle. keep. mysteriously. pompous. docile. bluff. exaction. 3. unique. conceited. subside. commonplace. (v) cheat. neglect. empire. synonyms (v) fall. customary. abandon. disposed. antonyms (adj) haughty. aldanma deception. infliction. abase. nature. aldırmazlık indifference (ilgisizlik). synonyms (n) country. (v) frequent. imposition. betrayal. synonyms (adj) middling. deft. beggarly. (n) average. clearly. cheap. (adj) coldness. increase. impassive. synonyms (n) world. fraud. 3. listen. fervent. monarchy. covertly. device. national. everyday. medium. overtly. deceive. special. evidently. unassuming. synonyms (adj) conventional. con. compassion. formally. ordinary. hateful. synonyms (n) mortar. (n) regular. overrule. antonyms (n) dedication. poultice. smear. beware. obviously. conspicuous. (v) care. modest. dribble. fox (tilki). stucco. illusion. careless. nimble. rebuff. energetic. bewilder. trick. dupe. trick. (n) commons. duplicity. promote. sell (satmak). cold. patently. gum. normal. delusion. artifice. discount. prevailing. settle. fraud. synonyms (adj) apathetic. mean. antonyms (v) acknowledge. enforcement. proud. apt. prompt. exchange. (adj) global. world (dünya). beguile. usual. (v) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. small. pretentious. (adj) heed. shun. drop. deal. (v) coat. impetuously. synonyms (n) deception. personal. omit. synonyms (adv) frankly. jump. prank. coolness. collective. familiar. popular. realize. (v) swindle. nonchalance.

(adj) flush. 3. comprise. wherewithal. rest. antonyms (v) leave. discernment. engine. enthusiasm. adversary. burning. dexterous. antonyms (n) ally. realize. basin. glow. captivity. (v) dactylonomy. 2. antonyms (n) seller. rival. mark. synonyms (n) ship. dismiss. grup. (adv) against. (v) rush. perceive. commemorate. opposite. lay. flare. knowledgeable. perform. handle. end. flash. emptor. arrange. receptacle. antonyms (n) punctuality. incarceration. contestant. opposer. outfit. user. ardor. arrest. arouse. literary. duct. inflame. synonyms (n) discharge. synonyms (n) start. prop. position. decisiveness. appliance. (v) excite. eager. scheme. organ. 6. antonyms (v) dump. treatment. supporter. alfabe script (senaryo). liquefy. mind. sensation. passenger. 5. deferral. (n) grasp. flare. apparatus. idea. synonyms (v) fix. glare. liquid. plan. cock. put. patron. extension. his). abscond. hell. block. scholarly. animate. celebrate. means (araç). 3. shaft. alıkoymak 1. letters. synonyms (n) assets. delay (gecikme. burning. synonyms (v) execute. watercraft. telephone. hold (tutma. durmak). advance. clutch. invention. 3. match. counter. equipment. record. (n) postponement. rhabdology. bent. educated. ignite. awareness. fast. combustion. 5. accomplish. synonyms (n) purchaser. 8. preserve. discharge. maintain. depart. expedient. tarry. ludicrousness. machinery. harmonium. machination. 2. genesis. vas. tutmak). pan. questor. hinder. retain. alfa alpha. flexible. eject. buyer. tools. foe. feeling. playscript. keep (tutmak). ardour. release. imprisonment. antagonist. entertain. sensation. persist. alev 1. rig. 6. bear. 2. fire. defend. müvekkil). bowl. regulate. 4. antonyms (adj) ignorant. client (müşteri. dodge. informed. beneficiary. prick. resource. fulfill. consumer. shopper. brilliance. fervour. method. scintillation. hesitate. define. custody. device. customer. tube. person. wealth. book. (v) drive. synonyms (n) pause. 3. client. 4. design. tool (araç).org) . purchaser. medium. willing. bar. abide. 4. writing. provoke. manner. creature. constraint. intellectual. impression. save. synonyms (n) apprehension. fix. spender. gibberish. customer (müşteri). conflagration. aleyhinde versus. studious. awareness. (v) burn. academic. antonym (v) release. text. continue. bookish. plug. synonyms (n) calligraphy. vendor. comb-out. instrument (araç). blaze. apprehension. blazing. agent. apply. endure. animal. (v) keep. headset. (adj) opposing. alıkoyma detention. support. initial. stupidity. delay. antonym (n) donor. discovery. acumen. cultured. antonyms (v) soften. deferment. apparatus. concerning. fire. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. antonyms (v) start. contraption. glare. complete. hand. check. idea. fervor. 2. process. (v) implement. synonyms (prep) anti. fervour. income. synonyms (n) blaze. aleyhtar opponent. prepare. synonyms (n) enemy. observation. guard. bonfire. tackle. reprieve. canal. synonyms (v) stand. perception. innate. duyu. kindle. impression. plot. receiver. experience. holdup. antonyms (n) garbage. stay (kalma. permit. place. (adj) fixed. expel. (adj) linger. origin. (v) feel. combustion. cling. capital. antonym (v) hire. dwell. document. wise. ardour. substance. arrest. (v) beam. funds. coruscate. earpiece. puppet. foolishness. secure. opposition. conserve. bide. enlightened. competitor. container. (v) defer. durma. (n) available. inscription. alim learned. (adj) flush. instrument. sweetheart. sack. synonyms (n) intelligence. 7. way. pawn. enthusiasm. detainment. heat. clasp. comprehension. logic. close. adhere. adjourn. challenger. mechanism. lettered. prolong. implement (araç). insight. pecker. feeling. notion. observe. synonyms (n) buyer. durdurmak. stay. figure. enforce. dawn. algı perception. begin. kalmak). brightness. stop (durak. synonyms (n) recipient. grip. journal. agency. cashier. antonyms (adj) unprepared. light. synonyms (n) member. jar. fulfil. synonyms (n) algorism. contain. vessel. stop. (n) halt. shoot.16 Turkish . resources. reserve. (n) class. interruption. image. (n) utensil. deed. set (ayarlamak. geciktirmek). flame. unwilling. synonyms (n) delay. alet 1. interrupt. organ. document. sweetheart. vendee. part. gimmick. synonyms (v) knowing. lodge. foeman. detain. nonsense. synonym (n) punter. device (aygıt). meaning.English algılamak sense (anlam. adjust. (adj) erudite. alıcı 1. takım). capture. hold. matrass. lettering. tool.websters-online-dictionary. confine. have. locate. emblem. alevlenmek flame (alev). break. encourage. gadget. detain. flash. about. postpone. sojourn. internment. obstruct. synonyms (v) keep. (adj) variable. confinement. property. intellect. (v) burn. follower. melt. set. synonyms (n) blaze. synonyms (v) hold. fervor. shimmer. gear. synonyms (v) remain. limb. copy. collector. fire (ateş). 5. fellow. glow. phone. conception. duygu. flicker. explode. craft. ruse. means. wait. change. road. setup. contrary. (n) combing. guest. notion. antonyms (n) freedom. boat. synonyms (n) plant. (adj) inhabit. marionette. bottle. carry. algoritma algorithm. synonyms (n) channel. rigging. synonyms (n) machine. trick. catch. contrivance. joyride. liquidator. synonyms (n) flame. penetration. lose. beginning. handwriting. reside. cease. synonyms (n) artifice.

overlook. set. edify. supercilium. custom (gelenek). dealing. fix. 2. allusion. profess. fix. ritual. (v) drill. routine. synonyms (adj) accepting. landing. notice. usage. charming. tap. 2. handling. character. antonyms (v) deny. employ. credit. practice. process. antonyms (adj) incredible. ripen. tax. emotional. raw. (n) receipt. alıngan 1. order. attire. fortune. reconcile. susceptive. 3. phiz. acclimatize. humble. alınyazısı fate (kader). use. prescriptive. unappealing. comrade. account. taking. ticket. performance. clothes. glamorous. regular. flavour. pickle. unsusceptible. synonyms (n) chain. discipline. 17 2. get. 3. synonyms (n) practice. recognize. acquirement. habitual. handsome. verge. realization. subject. sensitive. fatality. impressible. destine. prevailing. observance. (v) drill. exert. tactless. exercise. famous. brink. enchanting. sore. habituate. leverage. confirm. garb. liable. ignorant. alter. height. class. behavior. space. assurance. contrivance. synonyms (n) acquisition. current. 2. performance. (n) square. usual. activity. sect. regulate. alter. recognition. 2. public. recipiency. season. antonyms (adj) insensitive. natural. synonyms (adj) middling. trail. alındılamak acknowledge. special. experience. instruct. (adj) bespoke. avow. strange. everyday. gentle. sensible. accustomed. expedient. (v) sell. adapt. unaccustomed. drill. synonyms (n) acceptance. prosaic. alış receiving. habit. dull. alışılmış 1. normal. synonyms (n) opportunity. deal. trade. tail. chummy. vulnerable. train. rite. alıştırma 1. synonyms (n) reception. crown. price. allotment. form. antonyms (adj) unusual. transaction. synonyms (v) temper. synonyms (n) destiny. amenable. tempting. affirm. susceptible. fit. auger. gimlet. rehearse. (n) square. mature. thick-skinned. antonym (n) dispatch. inferior. delivery. getting. convention. mellow. usage. use. reference. household. extract. acquainted. delicate.websters-online-dictionary. alıştırmak 1. conversant. regulate. nervous. coach. confess. numb. observance. appealing. antonyms (adj) unfamiliar. synonyms (n) fashion. application. 3. kismet. own. apply. practice. balance. synonyms (n) exercise. realisation. invention.Turkish . string. susceptible. shoal. recipe. coach. acclimatize. associate. acquittance. friendly. school. preferment. herd. medium. receptive. admit. method. typical. discipline. alıntı quotation. employment. disposition. prepare. dear. mention. pedestrian. foreland. figure. pierce. instance. procure. admitting. (v) frequent. (v) accustom. forehead. responsive. employment. (n) companion. act. (adv) foremost. take. synonyms (n) commerce. alındı 1. habit. average. synonyms (adj) impressionable. repulsive. business. penetrate. invoice. free. acclaim. synonyms (n) exercise. adapt. rule. outstanding. check. destruction. irritable. visage. physiognomy. adorable. synonyms (n) brow. example. antonym (n) dispatch. 4. banal. foreign. domesticate. good-looking. orthodox. perceptive. edge. familiar. synonyms (adj) usual. unconventional. (adj) harden. receipt. instruct. formal. forehead. interesting. experience. rehearse. mean. bargain. inculcate. chance. synonyms (adj) close. luck. certificate. acceptance. straight. form. (v) flavor. constitution. brow. antonyms (adj) unattractive. preparation. practice. wonted. align. concern. disgusting. synonyms (v) accept. fashion. (v) inconspicuous. synonyms (n) peak. behavior. unpleasant. easy. hold. conventional. (adj) dress. stock. end. contract. tender. habit. work. rule. usance. action. dress. fit. tame. reception. open. ugly. impost. receptiveness. borer. general. antonyms (n) transaction. distribution. commonplace. (v) buy. delightful. declare. eyebrow. peculiar. nice. reject. synonyms (n) custom. adjust (ayarlamak). (prep) period. quote. top. engaging. ignore. familiar. indifferent. play. arrange. synonyms (n) citation. clothing. cultivate. keen. alımlı attractive. synonyms (adj) alluring. educate. exert. college. traffic. agree. rehearsal. process. new. accommodate. 3. accident. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (v) educate. unknown. lot. profit. repellent. gain. exchange. train (tren). act. arrange. balance. alışmak adjust (ayarlamak). alışkanlık 1. hilltop. concede. exercise. school (okul). convention. customary. drill (matkap). summit. revenue. rim. voucher. synonyms (adj) excitable. designate. caravan. apparel. obtain.org) . ordinary. conduct. (v) acknowledge. set. trade. acknowledgment. distinguished. salt. appreciate. 2. 2. 4. pliable. reconcile. thick. align. synonyms (v) temper. work. (v) confidential. gorgeous. apply. considerate. ordinary. train. popular. (v) aim. sensitive. (v) custom. exposed. habituate. set. answer. (v) bore.English alım purchase (satın almak). exquisite. spell. direct. moderate. excerpt. unloading. dealings. accepted. (n) customary. alın 1. mediocre. amiable. hardhearted. revolting. painful. mundane. front. grip. acceptant. liberal. fair. teach. synonyms (n) academy. acknowledgement. discipline. passage. synonyms (n) tradition. synonyms (adj) common. portion. (v) doom. alışveriş 1. inure. addiction. perforate. extraordinary. fascinating. acquire. practice. suscipient. bribe. abnormal. movement. swarm. application. recipient. mut. intimate. accommodate. traditional. (adj) dress. antonyms (adj) resistant. form.

procure. obtain. reconcile. firm. taking. cull. kid. frown. protector. synonyms (n) begetter. hi. beneficiary. possess. subordinate. onaylamak). celebrity. bestow. stem. faint. tie. support. pinnacle. believe. hear. employment. çizmek). slack. father (baba). ignoble. antonyms (v) detach. acknowledge. butt. antonyms (v) push. effect. sir. acharnement. draw (çekmek. emanate. delay. synonyms (v) keep. 10. renounce. worker. attach. entertainment. comprehension. catch. enlist. (v) hail. contemptible. interpret. admittance. forefather. balmy. author. pass. require. industry. synonyms (n) base. mistress. bear. buy. 4. humble. attractive. (n) allure. petrol. catching. 3. reception (kabul. synonyms (v) accomplish. assent. stiff. maker. remove. craft. delineate. adopt. achieve. adhere. gather. (n) depress. (n) bargain. clutch. antonyms (n) top. feeble. secondary. synonyms (v) hold. hoarse. inferior. 12. character. acceptance. antonyms (v) reject. have. potable. catch. suppose. admission. back. elicit. strong. oppose. seignior. (adv) beneath. design. create. antonym (n) donor. quiet. eat. clear. leave. take. alcoholic. backside. synonyms (n) excerpt. hold. antonyms (v) increase. sell. alp hero (kahraman). fighter. guarantee. (n) capture. essence. market. quotation. reap. patronage. 11. extort. buttocks. nobleman. lower. contagious. flabby. originate. common. requisition. toddler. synonyms (v) deduce. synonyms (n) swap. peddle. let. spring. drop. clutch. can. defender. leader. deny. beginner. earn. hullo. retain. 5. (v) beget. drag. superscript. firm. antonyms (v) refuse. cheap. 3. antonym (v) release. captain. footing. ensure. cheerio. resepsiyon). fast. draft. reach. boy. give. arise. gasohol. farewell. (n) grasp. (v) abstract. (adj) commercial. collector. intoxicant. embrace. complete. bind. synonyms (adj) gentle. profession. suffer. conclude. distill. scowl. abstain. youngster. grip. valediction. result. exert. conqueror. trade. repel. job. synonyms (n) recipient. (n) seize. (adj) safe. harsh. child (çocuk). refuse. synonyms (v) attract. junior. phone. bear. antonym (n) mother. add. mine. noble. conduct. abba. cheap. lord (sahip). descend. arse. almighty. combatant. quote. antonyms (v) give. tutmak). applause. decrease. hold (tutma.18 Turkish . snub. synonyms (adj) bad. secure. paw. liquidator. (n) seize. lesser. ruler. party. 2. antonyms (adj) better. dad. alkolsüz soft. exit. confident. begin. (v) bargain. alkol alcohol. 2. bomber. afford.English accept (kabul etmek. earpiece. grant. arrest. get. (adj) highest. tolerate. antonyms (n) purchase. delicate. padre. attraction. innocent. describe. endure. bed. sire. limp. adoption. brat. synonyms (n) drink. intercourse. synonyms (v) accept. disgrace. first-rate. drinkable. give. poor. obtain. acquiesce. antonym (v) sell. nitromethane. get. flaccid. solid. craft. gasoline. educe. get (elde etmek. (v) deliver. (adj) parting. founder. coarse. collect.org) . synonyms (v) admit. departure. questor. synonyms (n) champion. assure. synonyms (n) greeting. become. resist. varmak). winning. charm. light. deduct. 7. (adj) down. antonym (n) adult. matrass. 3. (adj) insecure. interchange. calling. approve. essence. bring. engender. contract. generate. convey. harbor. sustain. fall. 5. synonyms (v) contain.websters-online-dictionary. petty. lure. passage. derive. barter. synonyms (v) acquire. alma 1. return. receiving. antonyms (adj) hard. inclusion. antonyms (v) lose. excellent. 2. corrupt. pick. agree. juice. vulgar. incur. capture. (n) adieu. merchandise. come. easy. high-class. 2. oil. inferior. basis. (n) superior. aid. add. synonyms (v) close. yield. loose. communicate. (v) degrade. protagonist. vulnerable. firewater. 8. borrow. cut. appropriate. clasp. minor. (adj) soiree. welcome. synonyms (v) bribe. worthy. fix. bottom (dip. espouse. truck. floor. synonyms (adj) debase. express. employee. accede. ass. loose. shop. girl. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. rough. almak 1. switch. (n) bottom. admit. 9. carry. infant. Allah 1. attain. 4. (prep) below. (phr) accept. allow. return. alo hello (merhaba). telephone. premium. have. compass. occupation. beget. synonyms (n) receipt. shrill. behind. win. abide. inebriant. (v) change. deal. (phr) receive. consent. synonyms (prep) under. kıç). custom. adios. synonyms (v) recognize. 6. bum. babe. (v) feeble. impropriator. howdy. (adj) charitable. detain. assume. receive. headset. clement. gas. 3. olmak. make. carry. synonyms (int) ciao. evolve. use. descend. abase. fetch. 2. depict. find. low. synonyms (n) deal. juice. buy (satın almak). raise. extract. unsafe. salutation. clientele. gentleman. travel. synonyms (adj) fetching. grab. warrior. handle. extract. gain. receive (kabul etmek). pick. traffic (trafik). overlord. swop. greeting. welcome. do. derive. greet. squeeze. creator. stand. guard. abstain. claim. acceptation. preserve. synonyms (n) chief. take (almak). secure (güvenli). certain. distil. handicraft. infer. consume. pull. tot. loud. take. acquisition. obtain. fasten. (v) alcoholism. almaç receiver (alıcı). entertain. trade. confine. citation. prevail. foot. alkış hand (el). imp. commit. cashier. dip. infectious. patriarch. lose. purchase. synonyms (n) dealing. demand. comprise. haul. choice. bye. draw. getting. master. allahaısmarladık goodbye. juvenile. bairn. diminish. alt 1. underneath. borrow. maintain. adopt. synonyms (n) baby.

base. (v) still. if. (adj) erewhile. altında 1. target (hedef). design. exclusively. subordinate. drop. cornerstone. fair. after. cause (neden). motivation. 2. (n) mark. contrive. synonyms (prep) below. content. (adj) usage. infra. gold. contrivance. opinion. scale. antonyms (adj) biased. excluding. down. import. even. conception. intend. earnest. (v) head. synonyms (adv) but. endeavor. arise. advance. abject. ride. demise. compass. article. antonyms (prep) above. medium. 6. synonyms (v) intend. gamut. under. (n) lux. synonyms (n) basket. 2. continue. mind. purport. (v) conceive. synonyms (n) drawing. point (göstermek. meaning. bulk. antonym (v) agree. area. floor. purpose. connotation. substitute. synonyms (n) base. (adj) lower. function. however. arrangement. consider. conclusion. (v) project. (adj) low. basis. synonyms (n) trend. begin. middle. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. prey. son). (prep) underneath. scope. show. practice. board. observe. hitherto. (adj) inferior. bearing. objective (hedef. synonyms (adj) alternate. view (bakış. bestride. consider. conceive. neutral. sucker. intend. significance. (v) level. (v) except. prospect. (adj) middle. yet. bakmak. aşağıda). designate. alüminyum aluminium. subjective. synonyms (adj) lx. merely. arouse. (n) already. breadth. carp. phase. plan. king. apex. oscilloscope. contemplate. aşağıda). completion. lucky. judgment. home. notwithstanding. alkali. (n) bottom. altından underneath. 2. nesnel. only. synonyms (n) sise. amaçlamak 1. profit. resolve. synonyms (n) gist. position. aspire. intent (niyet). 14. calculate. (v) regard. (adv) beneath. altmış sixty. bent. 2. increase. after. synonyms (v) ascend. allow. golden. reach. antonyms (n) beginning. (adv) beneath. detail. downstairs. grow. görünüm. use (kullanma. limit. thought. notion. foundation. infra. determine. synonyms (adj) fortunate. under. detached. 9. overtone. reason. opening. bring. hedef). unbiased. synonyms (adj) dispassionate. synonym (n) aluminum. 19 beneath. destination. subject. under. extent. ambition. antonyms (prep) above. always. interpretation. device. (adv) alone. eight. gilded. understanding. intent. spirit. 3. engrossed. synonyms (n) money. grounds. occupy. tenor. effect. lay. purview. magnitude. quarry. involve. drive. contemplate. concrete. tail. finally. antonym (n) chance. yellow. altına 1. miserly. (prep) underneath. discontinue. mountain. demur. (v) view. tasarlamak). purpose. subordinate. amplitude. 13. more. amaç 1. variant. synonyms (v) aim. variation. underneath. antonym (v) conserve. lowest. ignoble. dimension. but (ancak. fakat). further. beget. destiny. downstairs. groundwork. degree. invent. construct. (adj) tend.English alternatif alternative (seçenek). nether. nib. design. common. import. subject. altta below (aşağı. kullanmak). finish. synonyms (n) look. advantage. drift. grade. treasure. antonym (n) consequence. synonyms (n) peak. 7. point. synonyms (n) case. synonyms (adv) underneath. just. target. (n) hill.org) . focus. (v) exercise. period. campaign. unless. foot. believe. account. construction. occasion. spot. inferior. determination. niyet). sixer. except. objektif). favored. altyapı infrastructure. address. (conj) nevertheless. aspiration. 2. complain. though. synonyms (prep) below. assize. down. auspicious. exploit. threescore.Turkish . choice. maintenance. value. unprejudiced. yet (henüz). synonyms (conj) while. (adj) low. just. end. 11. bitmek. substance. tip. (n) valley. (v) direct. impersonal. bag. height. sextuplet. wish. operate. room. goal. nonetheless. hint. sestet. underneath. denote. preference. (v) make. remonstrate. objective. mug. moment. 10. under. motive. lowest. fair. engender. goal (hedef. benefit. hateful. (n) option. downstairs. object (nesne). gold. closure. gilt.websters-online-dictionary. below (aşağı. knave. propose. intention. (adj) down. 4. low. synonyms (n) range. domain. design (proje. (prep) besides. destine. imply. idea. under. employment. climb. subject. eventually. altı six. mean (demek istemek. riches. synonyms (n) plan. kale). habit. edge. antonyms (v) descend. explanation. impartial. ace. arrange. fabric. application. model. object. synonyms (n) butt. closing. 8. 5. manzara). thing. purpose (maksat. end (bitirmek. 3. frame. favorable. wealth. 16. (n) average. synonyms (n) close. sense. 15. place. see. maksat. (v) start. 2. cause. (adj) down. sight. under. disagree. expanse. argue. bigness. synonyms (adj) attentive. direction. fundament. (n) aim. synonyms (n) matter. 4. niyet). (n) bottom. accusative. jump. aim (gaye. importance. selection. expend. substructure. rise. sketch. strive. scope (kapsam). copy. jack. blueprint. 12. synonyms (adj) lower. sextet. employ. (n) bottom. over. outlook. ama 1. do. eye. conclude. golden. advantageous. footing. basis. ortalama). absorbed. beggarly. turn. synonyms (n) animus. nether. synonyms (adv) beneath. mission. intention (kasıt. amber. synonyms (prep) below. mean. implication. (v) bound. aspect. synonyms (adv) beneath. erek. meaning (anlam). altlık mount. scheme. inferior. altın 1. antonym (prep) over. hexad. (adj) aureate. (v) cease. barely. nokta). moral. border. protest. simply. attempt. pattern. over. action. dot. scene. induce. being. infra. death. breed. will. synonyms (n) custom. essence. complete. alternating. home. contemplation.

org) . worthless. synonyms (n) bundle. 3. forgiveness. second. (v) deliver. packaging. baş). garner. give. accumulate. impossible. action. instantaneous. synonyms (n) sparkle. bitter. synonyms (n) ransom. functioning. antonyms (adj) generous. synonyms (n) note. resolve. personal. minute (dakika). plot. quarter. purposeless. handy. (adj) little. dull. synonyms (adj) common. running. atomic. synonyms (v) detain. aspirant. humanity. unsparing. amaçsız pointless. will (arzu). have. pitiless. minute. synonyms (adj) operative. leader. dart. long-term. acquittal. behavior. antonyms (adj) practiced. ordinary. synonym (n) pawnbroker. helpful. urgent. preservation. synonyms (n) accomplishment. arch. synonyms (n) area. lover. aman 1. stud. glitter. ambulans ambulance. crying. 2. inactivity. senseless. inhuman. practitioner. shimmer. popular. (v) place. activity. ameliyat operation (operasyon). desire. confidential. flash. fight. worker. basket. circumstantial. run. memory. (v) discard. keep. endure. supervisor. heap. expedient. container. synonyms (n) overseer. lawsuit. synonyms (adj) head. ferocious. (n) grasp. 5. preserve. gigantic. particular. practicable. movement. business. (n) moment. positive. deed. cardinal. civic. depository. ruler. enact. command. entrepot. hurdle. principal. line. bit. inexperienced. secondary. blunt. inexorable. prompt. governor. 3. general. manage. movement. greenhorn. bear. provide. perform. prole. determination. charity. synonyms (n) diarrhea. actor. amele 1. carry. storehouse. 2. shop. realistic. flame. region. fruitless. skipper. synonyms (n) chief. case. 4. market. carton. boss (patron). charitable. diarrhoea. arrest. diminutive. remorseless. trashcan. (v) box. mind. synonyms (n) employee. dazzle. grant. cellaret. pack. master. (n) administrator. neighborhood. go. commit. 2. unrealistic. effect. reserve. applause. imperative. intent. do. community. quart. help. microscopic. (v) achievement. needless. juncture. consequence. saklamak. unqualified. synonyms (n) store. crate. grim. feasible. retention. packet. untrained. central. performance. pardon. management. hareket. inane. antonyms (adj) private. pity. (n) folk. kind. paramount. coruscation. (v) administer. carton. pass. leave. insistent. synonyms (n) conservation. put. delicate. acquit. (n) novice. reparation. synonyms (adj) meaningless. (n) volition. comprise. mercy. superior. decree. amatör amateur. tick. synonyms (n) importance. import. communicate. stok). flux. amel 1. mutual. instant. heartless. function. cache. 3. courage. action. expert. reposition. accumulation. present. current. emporium. benevolence. communal. proletarian. bestow. action (etki. harsh. direction. synonyms (adj) amateurish. synonyms (adj) merciless. repository. closet. efficient. commandant. hand (el). synonyms (n) clemency. wrap. repurchase. antonym (n) blame. effect. fan. statute. small. inexpert. contain. amir 1. captain. transport. promptuary. 2. time. supply. depolamak. synonyms (n) bunker. magnitude. superintendent. warehousing. amansız ruthless. synonyms (n) brancard. case. flat. national. casket. huge. hour. 4.English engagement. command. grace. lodge. memorandum. beginner. expiation. wish. point. antonyms (adj) enormous. silo. clasp. warehouse. foreman. (v) stock. antonym (v) refrain. ameli practical. devise. portion. kind. release. hand. clamant. godown. liking. agency. main. recompense. infinitesimal. antonyms (adj) minor. otiose. behave. performance. measure. collection. clutch. bank. district. act. director. worker. amass. silly. fine. operator. pleasure. kindness. manager. (v) pressing. binful. rescue. locker. commander. capital. inclination. useless. play. worthwhile. executive. flash. mercifulness. business. rescue. 2. mission. agency. lighten. depot. (v) flicker. matter. direct. ambalaj package (paket). quarter (çeyrek). boss. futile. chieftain. feat. workman. functional. drudge. mercy. synonyms (n) act. (n) professional. 3. task. glimmer. rol yapmak). eylem. ineffectual. (v) magazine.websters-online-dictionary. observance. aimless. confine. exigent. hold (tutma. performance. careful. conductor. adhere. people. active. ambar 1. stretcher. twinkle. populace. audience. compassion. blink. gleam. bin (kutu). doer. act (davranmak. an 1. leniency. coruscate. chief (ana. synonyms (n) deal. antonyms (adj) gradual. move. sensible. reach. litter. grip. cruel. synonyms (adj) immediate. amme public (genel. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. barbarous. battle. essential. moment. antonym (v) release. (v) open. job. 2. parcel. box. part. synonyms (n) hoard. fulfillment. antonym (v) unwrap. useful. division. gentle. low. iş). jiffy. afford. elaborate. synonyms (n) execution. amca uncle. forbearance. devotee. miniature. commode. buyback. pragmatic. antonyms (adj) merciful. antonyms (n) inaction. 3. aid. antonyms (adj) meaningful. overt. (v) combat. storage (depolama). paw. blaze. store (depo. govern.20 Turkish . entertain. associate. favor. workable. tutmak). instant. theoretical. kamu). weight. contemptible. discharge. first. apprentice. antonyms (adj) impractical. big. unskilled. synonyms (v) bequeath. accommodate. container. atonement. salvation. relentless. brutal. hareket. amortisman redemption.

demanding. wherewithal. suggestion. uppermost. resources. fracture. dignified. first. funds. synonyms (n) captain. interchange. anal anal. care. indication. 13. (v) identify. systematic. high. rudimentary. antonym (adj) illogical. money. synonyms (n) mamma. exchange. finicky. beget. (n) cardinal. expert. greater. earliest. fussy. 9. main. (n) manager. (n) guide. proficient. clew. clue. major (büyük). master (baş). replacement. fine. synonyms (adj) inner. synonyms (adj) prime. ocean. laptop. key (tuş). resources. basic (temel). elemental. cut. chief. base. ultimate. stock. bolt. information. wealth. resemblance. shifting. intermediate. anayasa constitution. synonyms (adj) initial. (adj) dandy. cash. massive. opening. beautiful. central. means. build. defeat. prominent. guidance. legend. assets. shift. meticulous. pointer. commander. advance. extensive. essential. anamal capital (başkent. permutation. convert. curious. synonyms (n) land. engender. büyük harf). superb. organic. charter. answer. primitive. 3. native. synonyms (adj) delicat. authority. ruling. coupling. sack. synonyms (n) computer. formation. legend. (n) basis. shift. antonym (adj) incontinent. modest. foundation. antonyms (adj) unimpressive. swap. powwow. study. primeval. leading. 14. major. whip. effective. likeness. middle. cardinal. serious. clef. affinity. move. 6. synonyms (n) psychoanalyst. chemise. primordial. pivotal. synonyms (n) switch. clue. replace. principal. clue. boss. basal. generate. boundary. best. anakara continent (kıta). rational. celibate. executive. fuss. büyük harf). (v) exchange. excellent. dean. synonyms (adj) congenital. convert. top. change. huge. beginning. structure. basic. (adj) original. (n) glorious. commentator. predominant. overriding. root. organic.org) . parallel. centrical. examination. fundamental. switch. sober. synonyms (adj) significant. 11. flip. workstation. interchange. chieftain. chief. general. staple. dainty. key. median. permutation. antonyms (adj) complex. control. chapiter. famous. critic. synonyms (n) composition. capital. direct. get. whip. delicate. (adv) ahead. antonym (n) dissimilarity. fastidious. big. code. displacement. similarity. flip. investigator. (v) identify. lickerish. disposition. (v) tip. management. cut. handle. (v) father. hint. inquiry. abstinent. main. podical. synonyms (n) cane. temperate. important. crucial. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. supercomputer. forecaster. substitute. auxiliary. fault. 4. constituent. superior. prime. investigation. secondary. primary. scrutiny. synonyms (adj) preliminary. basic. ace. analyzer. inherent. (v) exchange. grave. örnekseme). finical. necessary. handle. difficult. radical. dominate. corpus. aboriginal. intrinsic. key. anabilgisayar mainframe. 12. especial. 2. winning. critical. prevailing. swap. evidence. solution. password. star. strict. paramount. parity. stock. synonyms (adj) indispensable. inborn. 21 anahtar 1. organization. methodical. synonyms (adj) chief. mother (anne). brilliant. psychiatrist. synonyms (adj) central. supreme. firsthand. principle. analitik analytical. important. exacting. austere. city. analist analyst. expert. petty. introductory. resolution. hefty. great. critical. essential. cash. chemist. inside. replacement. (v) conquer. inherent. synonyms (adj) outstanding. pure. 3. assets. foremost. synonyms (adj) gorgeous. (n) guide. director. 8. intrinsic. instructor. inquisitive. token. vital. change. synonyms (adj) analytic. regional. abstemious. synonyms (adj) arch. law. synonyms (n) semblance. great. forward. central (merkezi). gentleman. leading. center. axiomatic. correspondence. tuş). synonyms (n) anatomy. fundamental. capacity. inbuilt. area. bottom. money. antonym (adj) associate. synonyms (n) city. move. core. exquisite. eminent. lesser. exploration. elevated. 5. temperament. clef. constitutive. (adj) nature. nice.Turkish . anahtarlamak switch (anahtar). review. replacement. paramount. password. detective. synonyms (n) principal. authority. underlying. processor. (adj) chaste. observer. grand. calculation. inspection. chief (baş). fundamental. (n) election. (n) umbilical. 7. signal. antonyms (adj) minor. parent. elementary. analiz analysis (çözümleme). makeup. senior. premier. (n) leadership. exalted. means. head. innate. construction. highest. primary. synonyms (adj) large. notebook. humble. antonym (n) synthesis. synonyms (n) clew. circle. note. master. sign. antonyms (adj) peripheral. agreement. dealer. slight. diagnosis. sovereign. key (anahtar. primary (birincil). anahtarlama switching. halfway. decomposition. delta. command. break. peninsula. lever. funds. considerable. primal. lead. leader. early. counselor. opener.English ana 1. substitute. examiner. shunting. sire. focal. grand (büyük). dominant. extra. 2. principal. replace. legal. material. analoji analogy (benzerlik. (adj) main.websters-online-dictionary. shift. psychoanalysis. (n) administrator. supplementary. accountant. inkling. principal. permutation. capital (başkent. higher. essential. majestic. tangential. character. simple. antonyms (adj) unimportant. breakdown. plain. slip. crude. noble. heroic. cue. anayasal constitutional. logical. comparison. shimmy. 10. synonyms (n) cane.

eventually. weight. unawares. intense. hastily. healthy. synonyms (n) sense. ani sudden. memory. (adj) fair. effect. frame. cite. content. exactly. reverse. 7. gentle. rash. betrothal. 6. muster. rounded. create. plainly. antonym (adv) elaborately.websters-online-dictionary. notwithstanding. awareness. perceive. contract. absolutely. (v) accomplish. date. vote. impression. bitter. short. headlong. recollection. reason. suddenly. remember. synonyms (n) commemoration. synonyms (adv) abruptly. anlak intelligence (akıl). memorial. (v) mind. express. signification. blurred. merely. pillar. unexpected. though. tidings. imply. just. smooth. think. consequence. gibberish. 4. bring. significance. revoke. sharp. synonyms (adv) although. one. instanter. slowly. token. design. immediate. synonyms (n) memorial. column. lacking. antonym (adv) completely. matchless. export. 2. tablet. synonyms (n) memento. hatıra). instantly. effect (etki. close. upright. round. retention. route. presto. pollard. anket poll. plain. antonym (adj) unconstitutional. antonyms (n) insignificance. scarce. but (ama. antonyms (n) garbage. ludicrousness. however. production. slightly. 2. increasingly. peal. street. just. fight. reminiscence. sharp (keskin. magnitude. little. yet (henüz). only. anıt 1. 5. solely. (n) keen. merely. how. recollection. antonyms (n) stupidity. monument. naive. scarce. mild. make. recall. sane. aim. steep. 10. until. gravity. store. foolishness. (adj) howsoever. importance. record. synonyms (adv) but. exclusively. narrowly. pointed. sense (duygu. remembering. formation. sharply. only. fabrication. dull. all. repeal. nevertheless. honestly. recognition. (conj) albeit. interest. lengthy. single. appointment. aniden 1. cancel. synonyms (n) import. honest. conflict. spell. seriousness. moment. antonyms (adv) gradually. commitment. edifice. (adv) alone. just. tall. remember (hatırlamak). precipitous. remembrance. perception. review. barely. (adj) obelisk.English intelligent. correct. structure. fit. accurate. inquiry. penetrating. refresh. triviality. point. emotion. lone. recant. conclusion. if. creation. scantily. duyu. arrangement. mentality. monument (abide). do. (n) anamnesis. synonyms (adv) scantly. way. ballot. synonyms (conj) while. antonym (v) forget. capacity. sensible. record. constitution. course. chime. interpretation. 12. purport. quick. short (bodur. antonyms (adj) gradual. (v) action. point integral. righteous. always. synonyms (adv) hardly.22 Turkish . high. nevertheless. even. mark. fakat). curt. fast. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (v) retrieve. obviously. synonyms (n) value. (adj) reasonable. dramatic. 2. synonyms (n) product. 7. more. 5. anı memory (bellek. (adj) commemorative. antonyms (adj) blunt. cleverness. storage. predictably. duty. worth. solitary. right. thoroughfare. retract. impulsive. naively. complete. meaning. reasonable. severely. denotation. dead. 4. organization. significance. knowledge. memento. encounter. straightforwardly. sudden. pate. antonyms (adj) unfair. (adj) illogical. highroad. appropriate. good. still. implication. nonsense. ingenuously. betoken. synonyms (adj) acute. understanding. brain. crown. seldom. tombstone. making. hard. brains. synonyms (n) information. withal. mean. precipitously. barely. unless.org) . definite. synonyms (n) election. imagine. sincerely. essence. introduce. synonyms (adv) newly. synonyms (adv) regardless. swift. innocently. fast. diminutive. slab. insufficient. (n) already. 3. 3. entirely. sharpness. clearly. hasty. synonyms (adv) directly. angajman engagement. unsound. statue. scarcely. cenotaph. rescind. intent. openly. impartial. sole. however. simply. synonyms (n) building. antonym (adv) almost. 8. till. employ. landmark. (adj) quickly. consider. import (ithal etmek). meaning. feeling. lawful. ancak 1. solely. hitherto. antonyms (adj) long. synonyms (n) intelligence. confused. anlam 1. annulment. result. singular. memorial. sequel. headstone. shrine. list. carry. achieve. rapidly. finally. harsh. head. remind. manifestly. sharp. inadequate. synonyms (adv) further. wrong. return. laconic. induce. synonyms (n) road. fit. anımsamak 1. excluding. concise. intend. connotation. anayol highway. deficient. construction. 3. news. 2. unforeseen. considered. sweet. indicate. recognize. anyway. intellect. intellect. singly. 6. epitaph. substance. (v) denote. synonyms (v) commemorate. hardly. synonyms (adj) abrupt. sivri). journey. survey. sensation. abrupt. recall. immediately. kısa). simply. quick. battle. brusque. synonyms (adv) scarcely. (adj) exclusive. antonyms (n) silence. 8. (v) ring. execute. comprehension. notion. fabric. (n) walk. his). retrospect. research. logic. aftermath. core. purely. precisely. (v) biting. hafıza. (adj) erewhile. ponder. naturally. yet. (conj) howbeit. (prep) besides. matter. retrospection. notice. commemoration. gist. synonyms (adj) brief. 2. 9. (v) feel. countermand. bland. stupidity. employment. synonym (adv) wholly. (v) canvass. anyhow. 11. piercing. except. incisive. parrot. equitable. precipitate. pungent. sound (ses). rational. canvas. rarely. easily. synonyms (n) combat. synonyms (n) echo. memory. robust. nathless. individual. retain. acid. path. heretofore. good. antonym (n) destruction. biased. recall. right. contest. cause. experience. recollect. sonuç). drift. acumen. concern. intention. assembly. mind. compendious. idea. acrid. emphasis. nonetheless. remembrance.

know. meaning. design. dig (kazmak). identify. complete. absurd (saçma). become. punch. obtain. gratuitous. endure. absolute. take. gist. value. obviously. spot. 7. burrow. grasp. consequence. behold. synonyms (v) esteem. bargain. understanding. suffer. betray. dark. material. significant. 2. realize. reason. characterize. deny. supposedly. nib. understanding. (n) haul. empty. synonyms (v) jab. finger. hook. 2. catch (yakalamak). see. recognize. small. scent. incredible. anlama 1. ineffectual. air. 23 accept (almak. degree. absurd. apprehend. 4. commonplace. (v) recognition. synonyms (v) fulfill. meaning. clean. scope. his). worthless. hitch. patently. distinguish. definite. relevant. vain. preposterous. spot. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. declare. boşluk). assume. leave. reconcile. misconstrue. gap. appreciation. classify. antonyms (adj) empty. gain. unimportant. (v) round. 2. effect. dig. meaningless. plainly. major. synonyms (adj) foolish. probably. 5. clinch. ludicrousness. excavate. ostensibly. essence. synonyms (adj) eloquent. enjoy. dull. probe. detect. nokta). indicate. locate. emphatic. perform. judgment. (n) poke. snatch. discover. clench. demonstrate. interpretation. (n) touch. vague. accede. fall. blunt. direct. 2. reject. descry. antonyms (v) depreciate. (v) head. hear. get (almak. record. outrageous. irrational. investigate. notice. expressionless. unnecessary. fruitless. prize. discharge. capacity. espouse. pawl. scorn. clutches. comprehension. adopt. understand. synonyms (v) discriminate. insight. meaningless. synonyms (v) look. perceive. gibe. synonyms (v) interpret. determine. sense (anlam. stupidity. apprize. inane. excavation. 12. temiz. apex. 4. estimate. pregnant. synonyms (n) intellect. allegedly. consider. antonym (n) compliment. misunderstand. realize (gerçekleştirmek). tell. synonyms (n) apprehension. (n) space. mark. grab. grade. see (görmek). connotation. certain. peruse. explain. conception. discernment. insipid. contract. buy. open. mind. grasp. ascertain. antonyms (adj) cloudy. antonym (v) confuse. deduce. appreciation. synonyms (adj) insignificant. antonym (adj) meaningful. inept. serious. illogical. idea. empty. antonym (adj) worthwhile. execute. opaque. signalize. area. translate. crack. texture. room.English (göstermek. knowledge. expressive. free. gibberish. contrast. kabul etmek. comprehension. synonyms (adj) clean. synonyms (n) place. antonyms (v) lose. unreasonable. attain. anlaşılan apparently. emptiness. trivial. peak. edge. register. read (okumak). meaty. synonyms (n) range. effect. senseless.Turkish . extent. silly. 8. influential. inclusion. drudge. learn. beget. antonyms (n) misunderstanding. attract. block. acquit. study. renounce. respect. honor. olmak. antonyms (n) garbage. separate. (v) embrace. disbelief. ambit. 3. aimless. suppose. uncertain. do. think. cause. crazy. synonyms (v) experience. 13. anlamak 1. admit. phase. plain. deem. ambiguous. inexpressive. evidently. intention. comprehend. discern. grave. atmosphere. come. snap. appraise. foolishness. impart. antonyms (adj) insignificant. antonyms (adj) animated. clutch. fetch. intent. ridiculous. temizlemek). derisory. synonyms (n) grip. earn. feel. awareness. useless. level. obscure. delve. collar. notion. yield. like. divulge. consent. examine. abide. handle. 6. clearly. wit. blank (boş. resist. elde etmek. dot. agreement. (v) considerable. clasp. anlamlı 1. synonyms (n) intelligence. synonyms (v) receive. understanding (anlaşma). make. cherish. intercept. visibly. sound. cling. (adj) observe. full. treasure. minor. 9. acknowledge. boundary. anlaşılır 1. assent. confused. breadth. net. 3. pointed. bear. get. ludicrous. critical. gather. prod. agree. (adv) beset. logic. display. sense. mark. comprehension. 15. (adj) understand. 14. significant (önemli). trick. circuit. circle. (v) intellect. synonyms (n) import. antonyms (v) misinterpret. antonyms (v) refuse. blurry. reason. belirgin. impassive. believe. snub. duyu. nonsense. circumference. expanse. meaningful. hiatus. compass. give. apprehension. hollow. bring. indicative. trap. berrak. admire. sympathy.websters-online-dictionary. scan. perception. distinct. notion. purport. synonyms (adj) important. 3. onaylamak). ensnare. differentiate. meaningless. antonyms (n) ignorance. discharge. grasp. deal. vacant. manifestly. approve. discover. expressive. capacity. meaning (anlam). say. invent. implication. grapple. worthless. antonym (adj) sensible. have. content. acquiesce. impression. duygu. arrangement. appreciate. hold. 11. clarify. oppose. accomplish. synonyms (v) acquire. bewilderment. weighty. big. expose. meaningful. stab. aim. mind. envision. obtuse. irrelevant. trace. (v) bright. 10. purposeless. show. feel (hissetmek). capture. feeling. achieve. taunt. significance. superfluous. presumably. article. form. incomprehensible. synonyms (v) decipher. check. incomprehension. pointless. pointless. unfilled. futile. anlamsız 1. describe. brains. clear. deadpan. difference. vital. devise. familiarity. drift. varmak). bolt. momentous. synonyms (v) arrest. secern. compass (pusula). antonym (v) release. fuzzy. otiose.org) . synonyms (adj) bare. synonyms (v) disclose. synonyms (adj) flat. catch. dignify. nonsensical. sense. clear (açık. find. unclear. acumen. intelligence. noticeably. hazy. reach. absolve. distinguish. stupid. apparent. synonyms (adv) seemingly. appreciate. (adj) tolerant. sensation. conceive. needless. construe. fathom.

correspondence. 2. (adj) confirm. 12. recount. wide. disbelief. especial. concurrence. bombace. cotton (pamuk). particular. 2. 4. piece. conclude. concord. (n) coincide. affinity. correspond. language. synonyms (n) charter. antonym (n) nonalignment. village. anlatım expression (deyim. antonyms (n) agreement. antonym (n) rip-off. transaction. profound. settle. precise. anlaşmak 1. synonyms (n) order. feeble. anlaşmazlık 1. 3. 2. declaration. construction. (v) concentrate. battle. distinct. perceivable. uncertain. packthread. suit. drop. 10. anlaşılmaz 1. arrangement. (v) loose. indefinite. system. conduct. distinct. antonyms (v) suppress. refer. tell. insight. classification. variance. clear. abstruse. (v) agree. exact. sequence. society. compromise. admit. anlaşma 1. countenance. absorbed. peace. merger. inexcusable. 3. intelligible. distinguish. antonym (v) confuse. contention. (v) cater. differ. definite. antonyms (v) disagree. concordance. (v) promise. (n) disclose. buy. (adj) slow. disagreement. harmony. 3. rehearse. regulation. synonyms (v) connect. interpret. contract. voice. align. grasp. obvious. debate. equivocal. evident. conformity. (adj) explicit. yarn. consensus. antonyms (n) correspondence. (v) convict. 6. pact. synonyms (v) accord. simple. agreement. antonyms (n) argument. give. compromise. mean. organization. stipulate. discount. argument. coalition.org) . sure. direct. superficial. express. covenant. 2. pact. apply. (v) intelligence. comprehendible. associate. testament. fit. set. vague. constrict. resolve. alinement. synonyms (n) thread. composing. appertain. antonyms (n) ignorance. sympathy. report. obscure. unintelligible. plan. definite. engagement. (v) agree. composite. deal. shorten. elucidate. ambiguous. command. agree. engage. contest. expound. contrivance. bestow. inexplicable. covenant. disparity. inequality. exact. deal. pledge. reason. discernment. accommodation. dissidence. 2. synonyms (n) diction. (v) administer. accede. contrast. antonyms (v) expand. express. harmony. tell (söylemek). (v) intense. catch. 3. divergence. vow. undertake. margin. excuse. colony. adjudicate. acquiescence. agreement.English synonyms (n) alliance. establishment. texture. specific. clear. large. consonance. league. dissimilarity. faint. fuzzy. narrow. adjustment. legible. suit. synonyms (adj) comprehensible. comprehension. dicker. synonyms (n) constitution. dark. strong. string. decide. reveal. cord. cope. (n) denote. acquiesce. lessen. (v) differentiate. composition. agree. fiber. say. alignment. synonyms (n) deviation. antonym (v) request. synonyms (n) decision. sound. balance. resolution. distribute. announce. abbreviate. antonyms (adj) indefensible. (adj) cheap. acknowledge. judgment. accord (ahenk). reasonable. dispute. regulate. controversy. gloss. article. negotiate. difference. rapport. action. pay. synonyms (v) fix. indication. decipher. unpardonable. departure. deed. altercation. collision. understanding. alloy. distinction. pertain. fawn. soft. antonyms (n) disagreement. discord. excusable. traffic. clarify. conflict. manifestation. compliance. (adj) abridge. weak. communicate. production. concordat. understanding. demonstrate. compress. link. harmonize. assembly. treaty. detail. bright. apprehension. antonym (n) purchase. discriminate. synonyms (adj) indeterminate. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. bargain. contract. (v) collide. comply. confer. object.websters-online-dictionary. design. narrate. 5. synonyms (adj) thick. 2. 8. demonstration. resistance. appearance. antagonism. conflict. steal. unison. scrap. coddle. indistinct. synonyms (n) accord. rejection. adjust. alteration. strife. diminish. synonyms (v) comment. contrariety. relate. understandable. encounter. inform. wire. change. allot. association. solve. face. distribution. explicate. shrink. synonyms (n) discrepancy. disposal. apprehensible. divulge. assign. synonyms (n) clash. truck. explain (açıklamak). difference (fark). dealing. harmonize. synonyms (n) compact. 7. acceptance. array. clarify. method. undetermined. combination. high. abysmal. 5. phrase. aspect. breach. discord. refuse. determination. concurrence. sense. 11. bind. affiliation. synonyms (n) confusing. esoteric. rich. concord. widen. hazy. argue. confederacy. count. lucid. union. barter. architecture. appointment. strand. recite. engagement. makeup. structure. refute. enumerate. swap. declare. place. display. bond. define. composition. grant. accord. undefined. synonyms (n) chaffer. bargain. 9. antonyms (adj) clear. apportion. idiom. determine. negotiation. articulation. quarrel. antonym (n) repression. describe. settlement. alliance (ittifak). arrangement. express. synonyms (v) exhibit. plain. enlighten. sale. confirmation. convey. establish. payment.24 Turkish . mind. appreciation. 4. hamlet. account. convention. answer. annotate. reconciliation. accordance. colonization. synonyms (v) relate. synonyms (n) assent. compensation. high-pitched. broad. coincidence. disagreement. dissension. deep. stretch. amalgam. oppose. impart. illegible. graspable. report (rapor). (v) conflict. affinity. wrinkle. contradiction. sameness. (adj) exceptional. consent. fight. liquidation. similarity. hide. combat. synonyms (n) connection. vague. light. dispute. bewilderment. articulate. explain. compound. synonyms (n) intellect. stipulation. dim. synonyms (n) bargain. settlement. ifade). compost. conclusion. adjust. anlatmak 1. resemblance. knowledge. amalgamation. (v) exchange. dissent. trade. colonisation. antonyms (adj) shallow. condense.

milliampere. record. antonyms (n) reassurance. bulletin. wisdom. private. perverted. anomalous. musty. assurance. antonym (v) forget. synonyms (adj) bright. synonyms (adj) nameless. comprehension. creation. (adj) irony. united. insubstantial. report. remark. synonyms (n) concept. ma. design. 2. statement. synonyms (v) commemorate. humour. unnatural. agreement. secrecy. grotesque. hasty. mommy. 4. aeriform. contract. commend. alert. fuss. sensibility. short. communication. swearword. cuss. ansızın suddenly. embodied. synonyms (n) apprehension. anlayışlı 1. anlayış 1. apprehension (korku). antonym (n) tragedy. merged. mention. (adj) quickly. synonyms (n) mama. agreement. opinion. intelligent. misgiving. record. foresight. mammy. (v) father. notion. synonyms (adj) corporate.org) . capacity. (n) antenna. apprehension. synonyms (n) alarm. antonyms (n) new. comprehension. get. integrated. (adj) silent. unknown. (v) shrivel. (n) screen. acuteness. indefinite. promulgation. antiquity. familiarity. anten aerial. camouflage. ant oath (yemin). foolishness. import. quick (çabuk. sharpness. demode. impression. kör etmek). conceit. inclusion. antonyms (n) ignorance. cursory. blasphemy. news. conception (fikir). mum. uncommon. imagination.English description. improper. generate. anne 1. judgment. old. adduce.websters-online-dictionary. sacrament. citation. appreciation. combined. active. unfamiliar. unspecified. hastily. deal. observe. ponder. duygu. instanter. understanding. sarcasm. brainwave. (v) doubt. grannie. hint. antiquarian. parent. mysterious. feeling. unreal. scent. intelligence. agreement. (adv) fast. synonyms (n) mamma. repartee. recall. image. granny. thought. note. obscure. idea. synonyms (n) information. presto. wag. shutter. synonyms (adj) sightless. rapidly. hatırlamak). outmoded. bargain. penetration. incorporated. matriarch. taciturn. salt. quaint. awning. notice. mind. intuition. call. antonym (adj) sighted. sense. construct. veil. slowly. mummy. 2. anticipation. fast. invention. antonym (n) misconception. atypical. call. detect. beldame. retain. narrative. 2. comedian. momma. unacknowledged. conception. remark. beget. gist. synonyms (n) intellect. sagacity. synonyms (n) humor. mater. arrangement. 8. preternatural. light. hızlı). recollect. dumb. amalgamated. gossip. pleasantry. news. (v) intelligence. foreboding. observe. speedy. 4. promise. predictably. asseveration. meaning. (adj) tolerant. materfamilias. (v) feel. (v) bedazzle. (n) relic. antik antique (antika). pronouncement. cleverness. modern. skeleton. note. instantly. insight. perceive. agile. remind. 3. incognito. odd. calmness. crone. synonyms (adj) airy. (n) comment. release. hidden. brainstorm. bewilderment. knowledge. reason. clever. malediction. notification. ethereal. clairvoyance. emotion. (adj) anxiety. alive. 2. sudden. (v) recognition. synonyms (n) curse. unified. appreciation. am. bargain. allusion. covenant. unawares. notice. consider. commend. grandmamma. arrest. intelligence (akıl). nimble. name. grasp. arrangement. antonyms (n) misunderstanding. prompt. ad. recital. satire. synonyms (n) intellect. anmak 1. initiation. anormal abnormal. dexterous. antonyms (n) ignorance. sense (anlam. declaration. immediately. communication. anons announcement (duyuru. refresh. aptitude. 3. synonyms (adv) abruptly. expeditious. bewilderment. astuteness. dam. monstrous. care. understanding (anlaşma). accord. dazzle. leisurely. cheat. swearing. ilan). adduce. aery. mood. 6. insight. intimation. (n) comment. fancy. head. precipitously. irregular. synonyms (adj) aberrant. agitation. judgment. recognize. duyu. expletive. anlayışsız blind (kör. purport. advert. sire. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. anonymous. antonyms (n) garbage. typical. view. discernment. intent. name. engender. 25 anma mention. genius. confidence. incorporate. synonyms (n) sensation. nonsense. curtain. imagine. built-in. citation. quiet. sympathy. adjuration. reason. allusion. tidings. anneanne grandmother (büyükanne. antonyms (adj) slow. mum. advert. perception. remember (anımsamak. hint. care. disbelief. capture. grandma. grandam. reference. antonyms (adj) normal. increasingly. review. incomprehension. authorless. name. antonym (n) fact. synonyms (n) mother. understanding (anlaşma). brains. experience. notice. acquaintance. unusual. antonym (adj) known. nine). sharply. trick. mute. acumen. release. inkling. antonyms (adv) gradually. antonyms (n) stupidity. drape. notice. wit. outdated. aged. disbelief. notice. unnamed. nous. deal. synonyms (v) cite. fame. joker. ken. dead. dull. bill. mamma. intelligence. gibberish. trepidation. discernment. humorist. mentality. 7. brain. ludicrousness. mark. dread. undisclosed. logic. 5. sense. anonim 1. archaic. synonyms (n) annunciation. pledge. quickness. unidentified. sympathy. belief. obsolete. mother. narration. undiscerning. usual. synonyms (v) cite. affidavit. daze. nondescript. antediluvian. mind. message. memorialize. comprehension. synonyms (adj) ancient. perverse. purpose. reference. 2. assertion. strange. synonyms (n) gran. mom. think. proclamation. mummy. mother. antiquated. wit.Turkish . his). synonyms (n) vision. story. awareness. advertisement.

extent. fender. ridiculous. concourse. mediate. apse gathering. transitory. limousine. bumper. range. forage. (v) train. mentor. dim. admittance. 5. (v) gauge. muniment. ara 1. synonyms (n) addition. archaic. jockey. degree. note. funds. 2. port. junction. meeting. cock. pause. slight. paleontology. blatant. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. period. stupid. insane. gateway. synonyms (adj) clear. border. throng. antonyms (adj) sensible. oaf. adjunct. creature. posture. walk. assemblage. (v) contact. apparent. old. mean. dimension. ass. instrument. fatuous. port. effect. synonyms (n) hunt. ortam). groom. rummage. quiet. air. exit. obsolete. agency. captivate. accumulation. mid.org) . antonyms (n) departure. dimensions. acting. instrument (alet). perform. intermediate (orta). horseman. medium. quantity. (n) intermediary. intelligent. noticeable. clever. synonyms (n) education. antediluvian. imbecile. enrapture. carriage. ransack. gear. curiosity (merak). synonyms (n) expedient. antonyms (adj) inconspicuous. ichthyology. hall. car (otomobil). visible. synonyms (n) deed. conspicuous. crew. entomology. malacology. antiquity. dimwit. 3. (v) intercede. do. synonyms (adj) ancient. document. study. dull. 4. accessory. emptiness. interim. wise. instructor. break. interjacent. charabanc. synonyms (n) safeguard. ab. germ. teaching. interruption. marvel. synonyms (n) entrance. device. büyüklük). examination. synonyms (n) measure. interval. mediocre.26 Turkish . middle. (v) bearing. interest. organ. amalgamate. agent. taciturn. glaring. glue. carriage. educate. slow. synonyms (n) dolt. joyride. fulfil. apre size (boyut. mass. synonyms (adj) antika 1. outmoded. synonyms (n) trainer. mien. childish. don. aged. vehicle. vermeology. open. sociology. undetectable. entry. search (aramak). idiotic. (v) preparer. factor. berth. mastology. exercise. location. enforce. channel. communicate. synonyms (n) automobile. combine. amount. (adj) prime. scope. while. span. accession. bulk. unwise. concomitance. medium. (n) simple. entryway. bewitch. dullard. process. preparation. impermanent. speechless. halfway. unreasonable. charm. arabellek buffer (tampon). collection. instruct. gather. position. interim. dunce.websters-online-dictionary. way. autobus. aptal 1. cessation. uzay. 2. transport. thing. dumb. discharge. tutor. synonyms (adj) temporary. convention. novelty. manner. imprudent. opening. deportment. intermediary. synonyms (adj) mute. shield. trainer. cart. cretin. tramcar. synonyms (n) coach. manifest. latitude. helminthology. hidden. annex. musty. visionary. medium (orta. marionette. capital. compilation. synonyms (n) antitoxin. manager. machine. gadget. puppet. daft. demeanor. margin. respite. collaborate. bus. foolish (akılsız). entry (giriş). dense. (n) lag. means. discipline. quaint. auto. apply. entranceway. behavior. pursuit. boundary. unclear. antrenör 1. 3. bright. antonyms (adj) prudent. transient. railcar. interval (aralık). apandis appendix (ek). discernible. dumb. instruction. anserine. (n) tool. concealed. arrival. synonyms (n) implement. volume. (v) cushion. perceptible. prodigy. arabirim interface. synonyms (n) admission. peculiarity. synonyms (n) opening. jalopy. pad. magnitude. hiatus. circumference. connect. gait. 2. entrance. pry. practice. synonyms (n) anthroposophy. interlude. accomplish. bevy. (v) bore. moron. manner. realize. inspection. extent. irrational. apparatus. addendum. space (alan. moderate. pawn. (adv) meantime. access. oddity. coach. breadth. 4. roughrider. entering. 2. block. teacher. synonyms (adj) foolish. subtle. exploration. antiquarian. concurrence. preposterous. antiquated. synonyms (n) wonder. rest. mechanism. complete. means. method. nurture. nonsensical. oryctology. gate. distance. room. 3. communication. synonyms (adj) crazy. examine. fascinate. inquiry. antropoloji anthropology. 2. 4. experience. innocent. stupid (ahmak). entree. void. ophiology. crowd. (v) grope. machine. income. carriage. 2. antikor antibody. curio. implement (alet). slenderness. ornithology. mad. dumbbell. prying. bunch. breeding. engine.English pointless. jerk. threshold. araba 1. folklore. conveyance. synonyms (n) intermission. flagrant. halfwit. antique. appendage. natural. protection. rarity. imperceptible. lecturer. length. median. provisional. explore. synonyms (v) execute. (v) supplement. coupe. truck. shrewd. intercurrent. thick. largeness. synonyms (n) assembly. synonyms (n) link. doorway. changeling. obscure. inarticulate. schooling. herpetology. gap. distinct. inquire. article. register. silly. enrollment. dopy. stagecoach. workout. contrivance. coaching. outdated. aralık. ludicrous. antre 1. senseless. modern. antonyms (n) new. crass. antrenman training (Eğitim). cavalier. (v) enchant. equestrian. antonym (adj) permanent. nosiness. central. 2. merge. idiot. (n) relic. fool. silent. synonyms (adj) average. conduit. tool (alet). idiot. fulfill. drill. synonyms (n) attitude. antonyms (n) length. director. obtuse. dopey. marked. culture. evident. coach. door. assets. utensil. (v) drive. incursion. yer). gondola. field. congregation. voiceless. capacity. curiousness. demode. place. dotty. apaçık obvious. record. display. araç 1. rider. absurd. motorcar. 5. professor. appliance. booby. animal.

inquiry. in. repentance. attorney. seek. synonyms (adj) constant. latitude. against. medium. upon. aranjman arrangement. aperture. (prf) past. appoint. continuous (sürekli). intervening. (n) ask. ajan). probe. carrier. penetrating. (v) grope. 5. room. trace. delegate. baptize. synonyms (n) investigation. seeking. mediocre. bid. course. 3. synonyms (n) expedition. 27 inspection. crack. synonyms (n) place. sequence. way. inquest. voyage. unending. linking. inquisitive. inserted. (adj) finished. repent. central. thorough. howl. act. linking. corroding. amidst. journal. mediocre. yell. çağırmak. clearance. scrutinize. journey. order. among. question. (v) action. inquiry (sorgu. discontinuous. atmosphere. board. synonyms (v) search. penitence. synonyms (n) bureau. comb. attempt. synonyms (v) cry. (prf) along. chronic. experiment. prey. range. interpolated. amidst. inspection. aralık 1. because. aralıksız 1. synonyms (n) exploration. request. grieve. rummage. done. profound. on (üstünde). dog. transport. excruciating. quest. concerning. reconnaissance. break. amidst. aracı 1. atween. amongst. intermediate. inserted. appointment. deplore. vehicle. arasında). per. complete. investigation. method. go-between. array. 5. classification. (n) appeal. continual. along. mediate. chase. regret. explorative. ahead. factor. hunt (av. beg. name. synonyms (n) hunt. examination. avlamak). orta). (adv) betwixt. agency. probing. antonyms (adj) intermittent. volume. investigation. intervention. acute. query. inquire. (v) breach. inquire. exploration. audit. bespeak. synonyms (prep) for. scrutiny. adjustment. contrition. bay. forage. call (bağırmak. concerning.websters-online-dictionary. pursuit. uninterrupted. rummage. into. ambassador. contract. accommodation. arama 1. expedition. consuming. plan. shout. rest. organ. location. respite. synonyms (n) agreement. arasında between (arada). arbitration. intercurrent. atween. about. connecting. involving. follow. inserted. 4. araştırıcı searching. intervention (araya girme). study. environment. involving. synonyms (n) pursuit. synonyms (v) bewail. intermediate (ara. straight. intermedium. examination. 3. synonyms (n) intermission. disappointment. interim. cite. survey. temporary. 2. authority. pause. journey. test. yer). (v) separate. examine. investigation. extent. synonyms (n) enquiry. research. continued. commission. bemoan. quest.Turkish . doer. moderate. 2. (v) check. field. dig. ransack. address. eternal. involving. fracture. study. (adv) by. amongst. chasm. explore. perpetual. channel. voyage. inquest. investigating. intervening. look. ask. forage. seek. void. intermission. search. vehicle. inquest. crevice. settlement. inquire. connecting. hunting. examine.English intermediate. 7. synonyms (prep) amid. pry. (adj) piercing. exploratory. synonyms (n) cleft. medial. pursue. disparity. hearing. synonyms (n) research. (n) intermediary. request. command. (adj) middle. atween. means. mean. search (aramak). Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. via. (adj) middle. remorse. synonyms (prep) amid. synonyms (v) chase. (v) actor. interpolated. harmonium. (adv) betwixt. demand. intervening. exploration. review. explore. aralarında between (arada. application. period. (v) intercede. antonym (v) dismiss. (n) average. exploration. interjacent. opening. 2. deputy. (v) probe. araştırma 1. design. inquiry. analysis. intervene. demand. interposition. arasından through (içinden). (n) grief. for. connecting. means. scour. length. probe. halfway. mission. procurator. margin. uzay. seek. mid. study. (v) grope. expedition. (v) search. synonyms (n) medium. synonyms (prep) amid. among. curious. everlasting. mourn. communications. compunction. above. intermediate. (adj) forward. incessant. among. system. part. 6. examine. ransack. aramak 1. quest. antonym (adv) off. concerning. consecutive. indagation. amongst. aspire. aboard. unbroken. median. synonyms (v) cutting. inquiry. inquisition. examination. synonyms (n) intercession. completed. endeavor. synonyms (n) member. organ. invite. 2. interpolated. rummage. berth. bay. span. doubt. stalk. instrument. linking. difference. scope. transportation. factor. chink. pursuance. run. middle. seeking. interval. hound. blank. inspect. synonyms (adj) average. moderate. soruşturma). intermediation. running. gap (boşluk). (adv) betwixt. ransack. vacancy. platform. investigate. hiatus. gap. intermediate. endless. spiritualist. quest. trail. synonyms (prep) at. 2.org) . bellow. (adj) mediation. lament. synonyms (n) agency. request. mediocrity. search (aramak). direct. synonyms (n) discovery. concerning. broker. aracılık 1. inspection. araçlar media. search. middle. research (araştırmak). pry. synonyms (n) automobile. track. middling. interrogation. space (alan. throughout. hunt. 3. çağrı). trenchant. trial. hunt. envoy. interlude. 2. pry. by. car. mid. investigate. research. persecute. mediator. fair. summon. inquiring. cessation. (adj) middle. sporadic. 2. interference. middle. explore. (adv) forth. emptiness. mean. expedient. activity. 6. interruption. fissure. sorrow. hunting. synonyms (n) pursuit. arada between (arasında). hindrance. demand. interval. (v) grope. ceaseless. instrument. efficiency. 4. mediation. agent (acenta. distance. distribution. limb. pursuance. office.

arı 1. synonyms (n) list. beg. field. blank. (adj) barbecue. synonyms (n) dirt. invite. sound. ask. environment. syrupy. region. (v) fathom. query. inspection. assay. reflect. phobia. pierce. pursuance. nationality. land (toprak). bathe. seek. note. (v) brush. lookup. gauge. merge. demand. antonyms (adj) impure. sphere. kingdom. arazi 1. nose. (v) consider. fresh. district. blot. research (araştırma). sound. behind. seek. examine. region. theater. field. ponder. rake. aspire. investigate. inquiry. ballot. territory. repository. amphitheater. foul. scour. shop. penetrate. ancestor. synonyms (n) consideration. oligarchy. disinfect. 4. amalgamate. antiseptic. terrain. analyze. domain. sweep. arılık purity (saflık). faultless. (v) fathom. property. clean. blemish. synonyms (adj) clear. 6. empire. unwholesome. delve. pursue. plank. dust. posterior. synonyms (v) attempt. adroit. synonyms (n) plumb. synonyms (adj) just. communicate. clean (saf. arable. next. possession. araştırmak 1. ardışık consecutive. ardiye warehouse (ambar). smear. platform. verge. 2. (adj) urban. (v) magazine. mere. synonyms (n) gentility. soil. seeking. (v) brush. area. inquisition. 5. colony. request. substitute. 2. nation. pure. consider. synonyms (n) ground. absolute. depository. honor. dirty. sketch. probe. look. godown. communication. continual. beyond. point. junction. replacement. muddy. subsequent. dig. (adj) back. wash. discover. omen. clearness. antonyms (n) city. araz symptom (belirti. sequel. diluted. soil. stadium. vertex. contaminate. meditate. immaculate. decontaminate. pureness. synonyms (n) heir. 3. scrutinize. estate. antonym (v) clean. view. forage. scrutiny. drop. deliberation. search (aramak). 2. get. lemma. fair. section. humor. spy. antonym (adj) aquatic. habitat. unblemished. pure (saf). unblemished. clarify. antiseptic. antonyms (n) coarseness. plumb. arena arena. probe (sonda). blank. lid. combine. enquire. rear. precursor. voyage. synonyms (n) home. 8. 5. evidence. antonym (adj) concurrent. terms. 6. question. since. whim. seeking. bespeak. research. provincial. nobility. observe. eventide. enquiry. learning. boundary. continuous. mould. rustic. synonyms (n) expedition. bathe. tidy. mosquito. study. realm. simplicity. scene. terrain. scenery. storehouse. antonyms (adj) filthy. alight. good. guileless. country (ülke).English county. chaste. mission. ardından after (sonra). (n) chaste. synonyms (n) honeybee. nightfall. domain. patriciate. uninterrupted. foolscap. inspect. dig. semptom). gentry. (adv) later. quiz. aristokrasi aristocracy. (v) bay. when.org) . soil (toprak). synonyms (v) delve. catalogue. station. mark. straight. guilt. principle. mission. voyage. inquire. termite. tainted. look. mire. synonyms (n) chase.websters-online-dictionary. debark. province. antonyms (adj) filthy. token. rule. mania. synonyms (n) link. (v) disembark. disinfect. syrupy. genuine. censure. (v) experiment. quest. clear. arıtmak clean (saf. synonyms (v) explore. synonyms (n) hunting. top. adroit. investigate. elegance. collaborate. quiz. place. synonyms (n) store. grime. explore. bespeak. synonyms (prep) following. (adj) plummet. rake. commonwealth. territory. do. muddy. court. rummage. afterward. essay. temizlemek). government. promptuary. 7. detect. penetrate. (v) smudge. expanse. border. chastity. subsequently. study. offspring. canvass. sequent. beneficiary. probe (sonda). synonyms (adj) successive. inspect. apex. depot. struggle. parchment. 3. circumference. entrepot. country. test. canvass. jurisdiction. artless. scan. state. synonyms (n) grounds. ransack. synonyms (n) ring. unclean. prospect. unhygienic. bee. grandeur. forage. nominate. strive. criticize. cleanse. 3. dishonored. ask. synonyms (n) evening. endeavor. practice. cover. connect. synonyms (n) topography. unhygienic. quest. indication. learn. magnanimousness. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. tainted. 6. follow. 4. synonyms (n) innocence. proposition. unclean. search. space. aristarchy. clarity. synonyms (n) exploration. defile. papyrus. contemplate. aristocrats. crave. signal. invite. notion. try. sweep. pursuit. pursuance. audit. interrogate. synonyms (adj) fair. wicked. synonyms (n) inquest. contaminate. freak. prospect. 7. exponent. caprice. scan. predecessor. fancy. contemplation. (adj) rural. (v) fly. check. contaminate. area. (v) grope. integrity. sanctity. quest. afterwards. (adj) plummet. serial. virtue. program. investigation. soil. chase. sovereignty. blamelessness. aim. ground. synonyms (n) dominion. cleanness. platform. sequential. elite. display. gauge. clarify. cleanse. characteristic. (v) dirty. summit. (v) dirty. temiz. arduvaz slate. pollute. facts. pollute. then. temiz. tidy. ardıl successor (halef). scion. community. innocent. antonyms (n) forerunner. full. perfection. (v) bay. analysis. contaminated. seek (aramak). pollute. ant. paper. meditation. synonyms (n) sign. full. sphere. pierce. land. hunt. port. following. (v) condemn. schedule. temizlemek). unwholesome. examination. survey.28 Turkish . holiness. natural. pure. party. analyze. battlefield. society. (v) contact. learning. inheritor. arayüz interface (arabirim). nose. arife eve. manifestation. premises. sunset. pry. public. journey.

dost). firm. dude. information. antonym (n) woman. crew. swain. after. commonwealth. lacking. (v) deficiency. erroneous. adherent. next. league. smash. affinity. brother. (adv) backward. (adj) associate. canal. relate. cancel. burden. fore. second. buster. blame. posterior. comradeship. align. disease. setting. abaft. equal. arkasında behind. advocate. late. (adj) coadjutor. 6. recede. broken. (v) support. couple. 4. 3. family. (v) front. folk. companion. overrule. countermand. aid. antonyms (n) face. (v) accompany. (v) curve.Turkish . difficulty. nurse. sponsor. (v) concomitant. late. bottom. imperfect. synonyms (n) defect. critic. (adj) assist. early. band. worry. (adj) infirmity. relationship. sırt). (v) affiliate. synonyms (n) distress. dump. sırt).org) . nurture. chap. weakness. early. beyond. (adj) intercourse. vicious. environment. cuss. inaccurate. victory. antonym (v) keep. aid. follower. friendliness. aback. reverse (ters). stake. encourage. demerit. antonyms (n) opponent. arkadaşlık 1. sweep. debacle. back (geri. league. arc (yay). loss. (v) desert. synonyms (adj) opposite. club. buttocks. trouble. conjunction. meeting. link. (adj) fiasco. backside. bevy. crack. support. gutter. syndicate. slip. mate. 3. connection. familiar. partnership. invert. synonyms (n) affiliation. (v) copulate. discard. assistant. winner. flawed. fore. bottom. counterpart. synonyms (adv) before. lapse. inability. marry. antonym (adj) fore. ally. neglect. encourage. friend. chap. subsequently. ark 1. channel. agitate. failure (bozukluk). communion. later. imperfection. context. synonyms (prep) after. anxiety. mate. conference. afflict.English arıza 1. backwards. (n) backside. synonyms (n) trench. caller. synonyms (n) bankruptcy. 2. repeal. confederation. intimacy. erect. combination. 4. cut. endorse. fault (bozukluk. public. (n) backside. ally. concord. dearth. achievement. ditch. assemblage. alliance. chuck. bow. antonym (n) solitude. please. çökme). arızalı defective (kusurlu). supporter. synonyms (n) band. camaraderie. association (dernek). disciple. breakup. scene. can. can. army. chaperon. (v) breed. breakdown (bozulma. leave. (v) support. education. 2. advance. correspond. 3. playmate. rescind. companionship. auxiliary. behind. benefactor. confidant. foe. blighter. synonyms (n) sidekick. disorder. buttocks. twin. antonyms (n) merit. company. congress. circle. delinquency. decomposition. checkmate. friendship. inverse. inadequate. culpability. wellwisher. (n) rear. unsound. blot. synonyms (adj) deficient. analysis. collection. bad. pair. join. connection. accessory. solidarity. intimate. body. gent. default. then. (v) inconvenience. scissure. 29 arkadaş 1. error. desert. wife. boyfriend. society. chink. synonyms (n) institution. ground. disappointment. defect (kusur). (v) annul. colleague. synonyms (n) arch. feller. helper. resolution. antonyms (n) face. bottom. oppose. growth. cranny. dike. synonyms (n) fellow. rear. kusur). escort. consort. love. achiever. beyond. vice. (v) front. scrap. crime. loser. vouch. since. gild. synonyms (n) fellowship. defeat. attachment. guy. want. synonyms (n) peer. scar. basis. beyond. guarantee. acquaintance. rear. raise. synonyms (n) person. group. antonym (adj) perfect. connect. assembly. experience. crescent. backcloth. troop. synonyms (n) confederate. 2. breakdown. backer. stranger. comrade. synonyms (prep) following. capability. friend. party. devotee. 4. (v) accompany. bother. friendship. curvature. groundwork. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. backward. member. later. crevice. converse. man. incorrect. stake. crash. cleft. synonyms (n) collapse. aback. synonyms (n) shortcoming. tally. synonyms (adj) back. failing. blemish. rotten. (n) contrary. companion. communication. unite. beau. overturn. oppose. preparation. break. antonyms (adv) ahead. civilization. synonyms (n) spouse. backward. cohort. company. flaw. buddy. disaster. (adj) back. hostility. confrere. pal. (adv) later. booster. synonyms (prep) after. captain. society. (adj) back. distract. nullify. community. admirer. antonyms (n) enemy. lad. 5. detractor. (adj) assist. amity. synonyms (n) partisan. coalition. champion. 4. tail. antonyms (n) enmity. attendant. affection. 2. panorama. male. fault. (adj) accomplice. chum. revoke. decay. compeer. skeptic. familiarity. (adv) backward. antonyms (adv) ahead. synonyms (n) brotherhood. brigade. help. advocate. guarantee. geri. decline. hit. match. hata. drain. supporter. fan. crony. opponent. repulse. synonyms (n) backdrop. recede. arkasından after (sonra). pendant. build. fellowship. rear.websters-online-dictionary. union. reversal. antonyms (v) calm. deformity. bend. attainment. drawback. fraternity. arkaplan background (arka plan). synonyms (adv) before. failure. corps. moat. husband. vouch. dog. advance. friend (ahbap. 2. dud. arka 1. disquiet. partner. spark. fella. downfall. atmosphere. 7. fellow (adam). pain. 5. synonyms (n) boy. business. strength. double. champion. second. abortion. faulty. patron. order. 3. antonyms (n) success. advocate. ally. fall. ruin. arkadaki back (arka. abaft. pal. believer. incomplete. foible. disadvantage. guild. acquaintance. corporation. 5. organization. annoy. foster. inaccuracy. people. (n) rear. contact. rival. endorse. lieutenant. posterior. companion. educate. backwards. blunder. (n) posterior. antonyms (n) adversary. arkada behind. disturb. (v) abandon. association.

nerve. enhance. gain. offer. aggrandize. discard. impudence. (adj) back. plan. brawl. repetition. oddment. artıklık redundancy. lie. exhaust. spare. scrap. (adj) fragment. billingsgate. lot. modest. rest (dinlenme). balk. antonyms (adj) missing. confer. synonyms (adj) back. residue. decline. clean. antonyms (n) dissonance. conflict. palaetiology. break. backside. antonym (v) keep. sauce (sos). effrontery. superabundance. relaxation. antonyms (prep) minus. mouth. crumb. reduce. advantageous. green. slice. dower. piece. barefaced. frigid. synonyms (n) desert. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (v) decrease. devastate. positive (olumlu. daring. arsız 1. field. paleology. redundance. understanding. drop. other. chilly. augmentation. groundwork. synonyms (n) condiment. preparation. graph. fleck. (v) intrigue. garnish. behind. raise (toplamak. cheek (yanak). afterwards. quiet. expansion. synonyms (n) fight. courageous. (n) garbage. prefer. bright. disallow. waste. introduce. airy. (v) please. arktik arctic. expand. when. synonyms (v) deliver. armoni harmony (ahenk). (v) concert. waste. engineer. concordance. armağan 1. save. quality. wintry. drop. (v) deal. (adv) over. information. 5. liberate. antonym (adj) hot. basis. aptitude. 2. (n) remnant. posterior. redeem. paste. original. donate. enlarge. spent. destiny. stalwart. synonyms (n) batch. remains. realm. synonyms (n) audacity. pessimistic. cool. antonyms (adj) negative. synonyms (v) deny. 2. explicit. atmosphere. raise. (n) disadvantage. current. free. leftover. afterward. dry. respite. experience. synonyms (n) accord. boreal. peremptory. antonym (v) accept. plus. advantage. maintain. cheek. retain. disagreement. antonyms (adj) fore. pause. antonyms (n) reduction. bunch. asset. rebuff. rotten. superfluity. excite. antonym (v) lower. synonyms (adj) bracing. set. doom. capacity. discord. direct. foster. synonyms (adj) freezing. deliver. pulp. antonym (n) inability. artalan background (arka plan). damage. row. agreement. verbiage. overplus. artı 1. brave. surplus. (v) breed. disdain. scrap. liquor. foster. desolate. nurture. hot. timid. 2. bold. synonyms (n) conspiracy. argument. gift (hediye). dismiss. cold. hoard. offal. design. audacious. increase. and. worn. antonyms (v) spend. debark. frosty. grow. boldness. history. augmentation. artık 1. chip. circle. relic. synonyms (n) ground. ruin. morsel. refuse. jowl. difference. tail. rest. ravage. sweltering. state. charity. bestow. sad. peace. expansion. with. humid. muggy. north. get. brass.org) . salad. boon. ease. present (hediye). impertinence. residual. balance. plat. 2. antonyms (v) conserve. outstanding. pap. enduring. (n) gift. accrue. synonyms (adj) remaining. lift. tired. daring. residual. synonyms (n) repose. conflict. waste. estate.30 Turkish . diminish. residual. incontrovertible. forward. portion. synonyms (adj) absolute. relics. saklamak). synonyms (adj) adventurous. educate. domain. affirmative. arsızlık 1. synonyms (n) gain. surplus. synonyms (adj) grant. abide. heighten. accordance. offering. diffuseness. uncertain. synonyms (n) excess. synonyms (adj) left. barren. scene. preserve. stale. (adj) augment. sleep. residuary. gall. antonym (n) employment. destruction. bent. ability. alcohol. antonyms (adj) old. chance. keep. (v) glacial. boom. yükseltmek). face. correspondence. 3. antonyms (adj) finished. soil. junk. amity. remnant. surplus. northern. dross. (v) withdraw. bluff. rescue. arkeoloji archaeology. confident. manly. concoct. hoist. erect. antonyms (adj) cowardly. refuse. litter. synonyms (n) excess. odd. backcloth. addition.English panorama. conserve. share. talent. deteriorate. award. (adj) endowment. gratuity. definite. 2. recess. increase (artış). end. plot. (v) consume. 4. setting. protect. heroic. perch. extend. bit. favorable. 2. dissipate. subsequent. (n) posterior. alive. decisive. remainder. disrespect. synonyms (v) boost. resolute. (adv) new. antonym (v) work. elevate. build. patch. flavoring. oppressive. nation. fearless. ground. (n) front. nurse. remnants. (prep) except. synonyms (prep) besides. addition. antonym (adj) aquatic. environment. brisk. art rear. also. permanent. give. arsa 1. spirited. congruity. including. economize. tune. insolence. (n) actual. halt. (v) pleonasm. (adv) absent. leisure. extra. prefer. intermission. antonym (n) respect. consonance. plus. increase (artırmak). (adj) spoil. chilly. squander. kalan). alight. faculty. juice. behind. bottom. scheme. (v) advance. decayed. group. future. defend. flair. 2. concord. remain. unsure. synonyms (n) gain. land (toprak). derogatory. (n) extra. pozitif). allot. icy. synonyms (n) backdrop. kingdom. conspire. synonyms (n) archeology. recent. education. cabal. (adv) more. boom. exhibit. off. musty. heave. contraction. erect. artan remaining. polar. lip. certain. exhausted. trash. frozen. (v) nap. addition. country. decline. mush. 6. increase. synonyms (n) donation. novel. leftover. remainder (bakiye. (n) past. intrepid. bold. debris. artış 1.websters-online-dictionary. (v) present. seasoning. contrive. context. arrogant. fresh (taze). fate. after. squander. clash. gelid. lot (parti). lasting. promote. (v) disembark. (v) quarrel. artırmak 1. (adj) positive. consistency. rear. 3. extension. 3. fortune. cultivate. sure. perform. chart. leftovers. piercing. save (kurtarmak. reject. (v) display. build. exalt. leavings. residuum. conformity.

wish (arzu). penchant. reduce. infra.English extension. super. necessity. orb. 2. depressed. will. (adj) low. outstanding. synonyms (adj) anxious. deficiency. care. (n) loss. jot. tender. deteriorate. (n) volition. earn. like. secondary. downhearted. boom. absence. hope. advantage. mace. get. petty. master. advancement. estate. offer. yer. resolve. gain (kazanç). (v) crutch. (prep) underneath. clay. grow. zest. retire. synonyms (adj) esthetic. expand. lust. wish. downcast. taste. hunger. disillusionment. enhance. down. craving. antonyms (adj) calm. depressed. catch. coming. cheap. assent. resolve. make. ascend. trust. asa staff. 2. proposition. agitated. (v) advance. (v) advance. aspire. intent. rise (yükselmek). faculty. please. determination. hate. (v) demand. intend. reduce. raise. fearful. (adv) excited. raising. 4. globe. urge. enlarge. edgy. tasteful. fill. artistik artistic. downward. offer. antonyms (v) lose. entrance. poverty. (adj) augment. contraction. domain. artmak increase (artırmak. (n) need. brave. arrival. enlarge. (v) fancy. courage. urge. antonyms (n) reduction. (n) feather. (v) climb. attain. deprivation. soil. achieve. longing. letdown. drop. after. reality. aim. derive. synonyms (v) bequeath. want. world. synonyms (n) ambition. disappointment. choose. vulgar. cowardly. propose. pleasure. base. want (istemek). stave. desire (arzu. devise. accrue. synonyms (n) ambition. accretion. court.org) . increase. uneasy. afraid. hope. aggrandize. pauperism. contraction. plan. synonyms (v) like. annoyance. advance. dejected. inclination. aesthetic. synonyms (n) ground. lair. aggrandize. supply (tedarik etmek). relaxed. tense. access. imaginative. firm. adept. longing. craving. derive. antonyms (n) reduction. make. leave. personnel. afford. impart. antonyms (prep) above. advantage. famine. terra. creation. synonyms (n) gain. antonyms (n) reduction. command. (v) furnish. below (aşağı). shortage. catch. perform. appetency. land. impulse. iota. upward. drop. fur. earnings. acquisition. accrue. crave. den. downstairs. synonyms (n) cane. want. boom. aşağı 1. store. will. refuse. determination. antonyms (v) lose. (v) decrease. asabiyet frustration. (n) feather. first-rate. (adj) cheerful. antonyms (n) aversion. down (aşağı). brace. request. dot. devour. debark. coarse. humble. high-class. enhance. augmentation. synonyms (n) elevation. will (arzu). win. 3. accrue. feed. fuzz. plan. below (aşağıda). expand. arzulamak 1. antonyms (v) fall. synonyms (n) failure. synonyms (adj) bad. extension. expand. prefer. contemptible. common. arz 1. aggrandize. attain. 3. mind. decline. intent. creative. benefit. wizard. bestow. dispirited. diminish. defeat. prop. addition. antonym (adv) upstairs. over. kingdom. (n) lack. superscript. dejected. issue. ingenious. (v) fancy. yeryüzü). foiling. (n) bid. care. feeble. vexation. benefit. expansion. after. star. nature. wish. 2. infra. equip. jump. setback. decline. get. relish. apprehensive. (adj) low. aspiration. 3. field. extend. purpose. acquisition. asabi nervous. under. deliver. synonyms (v) give. (v) dislike. command. cater. inferior. dispirited. thirst. check. extend. excellent. 2. arise. progress. (n) volition. synonyms (n) provision. indigence. seek. downstairs. crave. thirst. synonyms (adv) beneath.websters-online-dictionary. happy. dream. country. contraction. wish. destitution. artma 1. antonyms (prep) above. 4. extend. antonyms (adv) up. provide. bid. ascent. lesser. synonyms (n) gain. club. desire. (adj) augment. accession. alight. stock. reality. put. as ace. hoard. intend. realm. achieve. mind. fidgety. (v) advance. expansion. (adj) downstair. mean. synonyms (n) dirt. reduce. ball. pleasure. downstairs. earnings. mount. liking. diminish. aspiration. 2. fur. prefer. drink. trust. addition. seek. artış). fondness. penury. hate. synonyms (adv) below. synonyms (v) acquire. increase (artırmak. will. down. lay. (n) loss. diminish. appetition. decline. go. poor. sink.Turkish . 3. 3. privation. extend. plummet. downhill. inclination. rod. (prep) underneath. pleasing. desire. land (toprak). sphere. post. (adj) crack. 2. down. downhearted. reach. state. inventive. downward. artış). extension. appetite. synonyms (adv) beneath. attic. synonyms (adj) cut. liking. under. increment. request. synonyms (v) require. synonyms (n) appetence. heave. leave. augmentation. choice. favor. (n) profit. stick. synonyms (adv) below. junior. despondent. earn. over. (n) need. gusto. arzu etmek). bid. baton. (n) superior. passion. introduce. premium. point. synonyms (v) please. purpose. lift. dream. elegant. devise. deteriorate. employees. (n) floor. enlarge. impulse. 5. aspire. earth (dünya. one. despondent. toprak. 3. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (v) acquire. nation. deteriorate. win. contribute. antonym (adj) aquatic. enhance. agreement. (v) consume. synonyms (n) acceptance. arzu 1. (v) decrease. subordinate. antonyms (v) withdraw. (v) dislike. favor. (v) disembark. swell. (n) profit. increase. grow. grow. drop. (adj) augment. stomach. dust. (v) decrease. excitable. hole. descend. neurotic. dearth. desire (arzu etmek). courage. particle. synonyms (n) expert. drop. aşağıda 1. antonyms (n) 31 aversion. virtuoso. irritation. (adj) cut. dissatisfaction. synonyms (v) bequeath. gloomy. antonyms (adj) better. reach. 3. gain (kazanç). get. mean. downcast. anger. aim. proposal. shy. choose. 2.

brew. perform. plain. asıl 1. chapter. 2. minim. evil. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. tiniest. downstairs. dab. dispirited. commission. antonyms (n) anarchy. devour. authentic. (adv) under. (adj) maximum. (v) arrange. drink. antonyms (adv) most. exact. lowest. 4. (v) consequential. infra. atomic. native. (v) consume. perceptible. acquit. different. dejected. selfish. downward. grill. angle. sinful. endeavor. candid. asgari 1. antonyms (adj) cloudy. observable. anarchist. asap nerve (sinir). order. pilfer. antonyms (adv) up. set. extent. creative. next. individual. open. pursuit. (adj) cheerful. crack. dark. (n) feather. score. appearance. minion. era. (adj) noble. synonyms (adj) atrocious. (v) convict. fling. depressed. aşı shot. modicum. lowest. downhearted. implicit. vapid. prowess. opaque. visible. antonyms (adj) tacit. shapeless. rear. arena. synonyms (adv) down. gradient. certain. sweetheart. early. understood. advance. intelligible. pet.websters-online-dictionary. rank (sıra). dissimilar. absolute.org) . synonyms (adv) below. emphatic. impertinence. subordinate. downhill. mayhem. brass. synonyms (n) minimum. incline. özgün). generous. state. perspicuous. incomprehensible. clarify. upward. renegade. üs). 4. subsequent. synonyms (adj) dignified. bullet. aboriginal. net. patrician. antonym (n) cowardice. antonyms (n) summit. foul. (adj) bottom. stage. rise. vicious. confusing. (v) bright. height. primary. side. vile.English disposition. 3. traitor. asil noble. antonym (prep) over. magnificent. top. place. antonym (adv) upstairs. bake. arise. inferior. chance. evident (besbelli). dishonorable. basis. free. underneath. decided. (v) ground. injection. hellish. boldness. basic. elevate. even. shoot. airlift.32 Turkish . synonyms (n) elevator. upward. (v) consume. aşama 1. fur. dissident. new. discernible. array. wicked. hidden. (v) boil. after. assurance. uncertain. bang. (n) atom. imposing. below. inconspicuous. beneath. antonyms (adv) up. bland. drink. gradation. dais. despicable. concoct. (adj) last. admirer. array. depressed. temizlemek). class. high. antonyms (adj) good. nasty. ensuing. broad. obvious. poach. sıra). synonyms (adj) cut. inclination. palpable. posterior. despondent. (prep) separate. dishonorable. (v) mutiny. ambiguous. lest. nether. moral. dejected. confused. rank. period. 2. negligible. bottom. bad. aşçı cook. quality. depth. aşağısına under. aşağıdaki following. iniquitous. first. level. layer. absolve. plane. unspoken. impudence. boyfriend. taban. unmistakable. minutest. mess. synonyms (adj) first. asi rebel (ayaklanmak). bold. play. synonyms (n) foundation. courage. 2. distinct (ayrı). rebellious. exalted. aşağıya 1. trace. mean. demonstrable. minimal. daring. leg. temel. file. circumstance. lucid. asayiş order (düzen. express. (v) direct. apparent. definite. meager. group. antonym (n) conformist. essential. (n) entourage. followers. diverse. heat. 2. grade (derece). backbone. synonyms (n) chef. explicit (açık). audible. elevated. (adj) cheerful. synonyms (n) aspect. synonyms (n) dear. cheek. disobey. make. downward. devotee. contemptible. gloomy. unclear. mettle. love. aşikâr 1. man. criminal. discharge. upward. buff. berrak. mischievous. impressive. downcast. direct. synonyms (adv) below. synonyms (adj) clear. chaos. nonconformist. original (orijinal. fuzzy. antonyms (adj) concealed. (n) grand. ball. slope. pure. prepare. faz. asansör lift (kaldırmak). (v) hoist. attempt. base (alçak. aşık lover. fur. inaudible. found. synonyms (n) audacity. form. fuzz. confusion. (n) feather. classify. dot. unholy. similar. dictate. rise. (adj) lower. drink. baz. majestic. (adj) cut. transparent. unequivocal. diabolical. pinch. marked. (adj) cheerful. tangible. hint. (adv) apart. condition. erect. particular. (v) present. temiz. picture. falsify. hair. innocent. aşağısında down (aşağı). facet. arrange. consecutive. feeblest. low. grade. (v) great. distinctive. primitive. 2. belirgin. fortitude. down (aşağı). brand. amorist. empty. antonyms (adj) indistinct. down. (v) disorder. synonyms (adj) consequent. position. kind. call. hike. beau. happy. smallest. blurry. floor. patent. hazy. (n) floor. oppose. stadium. low. point. downstairs. heart. sort. antonyms (adj) lower-class. (adj) mutineer. sharp. darling. obscure. go. synonyms (adj) clean. distinct. simmer. synonyms (n) gunshot. synonyms (adj) articulate. explicit. safha). devour. despondent. naughty. caliber. humble. least (en küçük). synonyms (n) range. filch. mount. degree. line. synonyms (n) rank. clear (açık. dispirited. coddle. finical. hair. discharge. precise. devour. (v) evaluate. beneath. edict. corrupt. face. request. roast. vague. stew. charge. downcast. antonym (adj) preceding. succeeding. raise. phase (evre. synonyms (n) command. abject. minimum (en az). class. insurrectionist. synonyms (n) insurgent. synonyms (adj) least. lowly. (adj) downstair. condition. 3. synonyms (n) phase. aşağılık 1. platform. excellent. glorious. unnoticed. fan. decree. düzenlemek. revolt. immoral. pious. beloved. category. gallant. downhearted. situation. emretmek. fuzz. depraved. discrete. later. bottom. indigenous. happy. subject. antonym (adj) fresh. boost. manifest. stage (sahne). shameful. littlest. effort. synonyms (adj) conspicuous. nominal. clear-cut. heave. fuzz. division. happy. chase. antonyms (adv) up. appraise. noticeable. notable. fresh. (v) consume. ignoble. distinguished.

irrational. hearty. execute. corroding. concrete. being. aşındırma erosion (erozyon). asılmak 1. unfamiliarity. imposing. deferment. impressive. control. well-worn. centred. freedom. synonyms (n) core. 3. master (ana. capital. nation. absolute. drape. make. dormant. move. corny. recess. excellent. synonyms (n) cause. stay. develop. tire. asır 1. 2. copied. companion. (n) clothing. depend. customary. epoch. ancestry. factual. change. origin (başlangıç. near. patrician. antonym (n) end. generous.Turkish . aşırı 1. dominate. ocean. ignorant. ripen. everyday. key. cocaine. clan. append. (v) great. banal. steep. aşina familiar. knowledge. new. abrasion. 5. intimate. pause. nub. abeyance. erroneous. rightful. glorious. delay. life. (v) actual. synonyms (adj) close. 2. (n) grand. intense. synonyms (n) captain. bogus. faded. usual. tug. eroding. crux. foundation. flow. head. deceptive. true (doğru. exhausted. bathe. prominent. respite. float. line. fountain. synonyms (adj) hanging. majestic. synonyms (n) delay. antonyms (adj) inaccurate. fictitious. synonyms (adj) material. secondary. principal. antonyms (adj) unfamiliar. command. strange. synonyms (adj) real. aşınmış worn. tangible. good. asılma suspension. veritable. bite. heart. (v) douse. immoderate. erosion (erozyon). ordinary. mock. deplete. reliable. correct. friction. dishonorable. synonyms (adj) grand. preposterous. deceptive. antiquity. corrosion.org) . kind. (n) copy. effort. gradual. habitual. synonyms (n) attrition. baş). precise. synonyms (v) dress. fray. body. nominal. synonyms (adj) dignified. comrade. straight. rest. insubstantial. auxiliary. attraction. (adj) chief. easy. factual. fragrance. synonyms (v) decayed. instructor. root. true. frazzle. high. 3. (n) cardinal. finish. drastic. source. outrageous. humble. entity. moderate. 7. (v) mature. friendship. naturalness. inventive. postponement. erosion. time. intermission. extreme. lineage. extravagant. commonplace. leader. tattered. repel. synonyms (adj) foolish. aşınma 1. existent. elevated. dangling. resulting. exorbitant. aeon. (v) pretend. ace. utmost. munch. lowly. dine. unreasonable. folks. cycle. conversance. new. wear. drench. corroding. aşiret tribe (kabile). carbon. careworn. descent. fluctuate. gorge. waste. infuse. eroding. asılsız false (taklit. consume. essence. corrode. swing (salıncak). kin. supposed. grow. fellowship. just. certain. decorate. suspense. imbue. inordinate. hypostasis. lawful. 33 asilzade noble (asil). apparent. tired. end. 6. çekmek). coke. selfish. synonyms (adj) deep. attire. antonyms (adj) unreal. generation. physical. attract. faithful. seniority. perfume. cling. positive. hundred. shabby. sound. (v) conquer. synonyms (n) age. antonyms (v) push. common. severe. dishonest. real (gerçek). (adv) actually. clothes. haul. gist. extraordinary. genuine. honest. literal. enormous. draw. truthful. sincere. synonyms (v) drag. kernel. commencement. conversancy. abrupt. fake. genuine. aşinalık familiarity. fatigued. shake. synonyms (adj) high. extract. pure. antonym (v) refresh. leading. frayed. direct. proper. friction. immerse. (v) square. formal. synonyms (adj) faithful. millennium. expert. substantial. garment. indisputable. hover. imitation. casualness. untrue. exalted. model. abeyant. even. 2. exact. artificial. draught. era. breed. fall. nearness. race. kaynak. disloyal. counterfeit. fantasy. (adj) haggard. century (yüzyıl). kindred. very. abrasion. cocain. magnificent. coulomb. vibrate.English imaginative. bear. loyal. right. unaccustomed. range. brandish. conventional. great. interruption. 2. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. 4. hecatomb. eternity. imaginary. artificial. corrosion. antonyms (adj) lower-class. (v) sway. gerçek). beginning. köken). dip. antonyms (adj) middle. house. reprieve. sea. gobble. garb. pendent. foreign. feed. terrible. main (ana). experience. legitimate. intimacy. synonyms (n) period. endure. ersatz. valid. derivative. counterfeit. (v) confidential. hang. synonyms (n) family. absurd. ultimate. fatigue. conversant. age (yaş). apparel. beat. knack. real. pendant. paramount. fake. synonyms (v) devour. lifetime. excessive. gentleman. burden. graze. antonyms (n) ignorance. supplementary. cordial. drink. pick. untrue. faithless. hackneyed. (n) edge. natural. yanlış).websters-online-dictionary. closeness. antonyms (adj) commonplace. pendulous. antonyms (adj) fresh. (n) mild. 8. antonyms (adj) minor. synonyms (v) dangle. hypothetical. assumed. actual (gerçek). folk. inception. rock. privity. honest. synonyms (adj) bastard. turn. antonyms (adj) false. ragged. adjournment. synonyms (n) sweep. soak. major. uttermost. unknown. hang (asmak). snow. illogical. extraction. shameful. drawn. base. synonyms (n) acquaintance. slight. people. day. oscillate. birth. antonyms (adj) true. break. inactive. impregnate. boss. basic. centenary. (n) accurate. 2. distinguished. aroma. stock. decrepit. sheer. antonyms (adj) gentle. natural. lineage. (n) suspend. correct. wear. defeat. central. supreme. (adj) digest. original. gnaw. derivation. undue. (n) wrench. saturate. threadbare. jaded. pull (çekme. dance. essential. deceitful. unimaginative. force. wear. understanding. (n) accustomed. years. sham. asılı suspended. hale. replica. jerk. swing. reasonable. aşındırmak eat (yemek). (n) archetype. synonyms (n) attrition. pluck. 3. truthful.

synonyms (n) clasp. cutthroat. silly. outline. enjoy. assist. mania. synonyms (n) fighter. stand. asit acid. antonym (adj) distant. purloin. antonym (adv) slightly. state-owned. (n) force. synonyms (adv) primarily. extreme. array. affection. academic. antonym (adj) sweet. claw. certainly. (v) tart. outstanding. (adj) hero. abeyant. covert. battery. suspended. magnate. exaggeration. askı rack (raf). by. remainder. (n) overs. correctly. huge. war. interior. ceremony. eminent. aslında 1. service. noticeably. principally. individual. synonyms (adj) real. aid. rob. acidic. synonyms (adv) considerably. postponement. extravagance. synonyms (adv) actually. soyut). abridgment. bitter. 3. aşk 1. assist. hidden. literal. aşırmak 1. pendent. antonyms (adj) false. rage. on. (v) hate. sevmek). office. unconscionable. pinch. champion. (v) ardor. 5. dear. deferment. (n) bargain. antonym (adv) elaborately. like. considering. spectacle. pendulous. shared. unresolved. tomorrow. earlier. pause. synonyms (v) abstract. suspended. attach. abhor. fire. supposed. synonyms (adv) beyond. bracket. factual. pendulous. honey. antonyms official. genuinely. highly. hanging. asker 1. merely. serve. communal. 2. moderation. synonyms (adj) theoretical. suspension. superfluity. bend. restraint. clearly. (n) synopsis. agonize. accomplice. more. adoration. interruption. truly. 3. pointed. synonyms (adv) fundamentally. (adj) forthcoming. auxiliary. airman. 6. generally. (adj) pendant. broadly. antonym (adj) concrete. radical. associate. before. 5. acrimonious. intermission. somebody. synonyms (n) help. (n) accurate. suspended. alternatively. intimate. murderer. multitude. aşırılık excess. amply. connaturally. ledge.org) . suspension. misappropriate. almost.websters-online-dictionary. love (sevgi. recess. dormant. love. mainly. shortage. synonyms (adj) extra. overplus. appetite. past. (prep) above. very. acrid. swordsman. rest. 2. tangible. antonym (adv) always. adventurer. precis. honestly. anchor. attachment. primarily. aversion. indisputably. synonyms (n) legion. significantly. respite. synonyms (adj) exaggerated. stay. warfarer. exclusive. (v) cherish. state. indisputable. lure. genuine. soldierly. authentically. gangster. sour. right. invalid. inactive. hanging. host. markedly. originally. sarcastic. just. synonyms (prep) during. undecided. confidential. (v) steep. cat. bodily. looming.English (adj) public. caustic. militant. lavish. heat. generously. afflict. ministration. warrior. colleague. antonym (adj) upright. synonyms (adj) clandestine. 3. 3. benevolence. across. excruciate. impossible. extremely. virtually. fondness. practically. reprieve. swarm. 4. synonyms (n) dangling. acolyte. nevermore. too. enthusiasm. 4. craving. especially. personal. disproportionate. mostly. business. ire. dissipation. lift. abeyance. plunder. dislike. hitch. ridiculous. 2. over. plagiarize. execution. physically. forsooth. synonyms (n) manger. superfluous. (v) abridge. assassin. steal (çalmak). antonym (adj) affordable. feeling. domestic. assistance. nor. (adj) military. primitively. simply. rest. resume. (v) overhaul. hypothetical. (n) abeyance. exactly. nearly. profuse. naturally. asli actual (gerçek). cage. largely. synonyms (adj) hanging. helper. crook. refit. secret. adjournment. real. summary. sharp. truthfully. antonym (adj) civilian. (n) accessory. precise. fasten. extract. excessive. shortfall. overly. 2. asla never (hiçbir zaman). askerlik service (hizmet). warlike. absolute. darling. beloved. assistance. (v) close. luminary. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (n) delay. synonyms (adj) acerbic. senseless. bottle. askeri military. avail. hatred. nationalized. abundance. aide. digest. abridgement. acerb. presently. actually. commonly. army (ordu). firmly. (adj) finished. antonym (adj) good-natured. epitome. (v) aid. unfair. pending. adjutant. askıda pending. o'er. creep. pilfer. sworder. substantially. true. absolutely. curtain. effectually. noted. inner. dearth.34 Turkish . existent. button. force. indifference. remove. private (özel). positive. charity. over. recruit. originally. suspense. synonyms (adv) ne'er. extra. (v) torture. formerly. synonyms (n) celebrity. pain. crucify. sneak. firstly. draw. ensnare. esoteric. really (gerçekten). creatively. additional. done. adjunct. synonyms (adj) ancillary. (n) surplus. basically. astringent. battalion. materially. militaristic. sevgili. soldier. positively. glut. exuberant. fencer. tiger. plethora. aslan lion. well. passion (tutku). doubtful. antonyms (n) apathy. occupation. literally. antonyms (n) lack. unreasonable. eccentrically. civic. slip. trap. filch. (adv) while. cutting. curiosity. employment. authentic. troop. very. monstrous. torment. brief. synonyms (adj) martial. veritable. community. synonyms (adv) chiefly. liking. brigade. inherently. notable. snatch. freely. easily. break. anger. subordinate. redundant. odd. worthy. (adj) indeed. synonyms (n) desire. wrack. hook. initially. asistan assistant (yardımcı). 2. flock. bedevil. antonyms (n) abhorrence. basically. synonyms (adv) really. devotion. fervor. boot. particular. synonyms (n) fury. overabundance. (v) catch. during. overindulgence. attendance. biting. crowd. autonomously. essentially. leader. abstract (özet. asma 1. crotchet. unsettled. awaiting. name. sincerely. quite.

synonyms (v) dangle. conference. flush. compose. synonyms (n) color. synonyms (adj) quiet. horseman. drake. inaugurate. synonyms (n) assignment. superior. exceed. axiom. nervous. hell. chilly. big.English asmak hang. sire. elder. shine. (v) impetuous. antonym (v) hire. tranquil. nomination. sawbuck. byword. excited. (n) discharge. 2. calefaction. cock. introduce. assigning. (v) calmness. synonyms (n) cavalry. elapse. antonyms (adj) cool. assignment. creator. excel. glow. (v) flash. crease. breathing. delay. appease. combustion. 2. burning. float. (v) best. cold. descendant. synonyms (v) burst. passionless. 5. delegation. delegation. antecessor. (adv) fiery. ancient. base. (v) assign. younger. transcend. (adj) better. be. file. job. kindle. (v) beget. sparkle. glimmer. abba. pungent. terminate. temperance. gleam. frightened. delegate. pacify. heat. blistering. antonym (n) dullness. synonyms (n) discharge. antonyms (n) successor. breed. establish. create. foundation. fervor. phrase. antonym (v) hire. adage. assignation. weather. hire. knight. apothegm. boiling. pass (geçiş. synonyms (v) cause. (v) fix. ast junior. eject. designation. (n) crown. dad. mount. establishment. frantic. deliver. atama 1. burning. at 1. cling. (adj) combustible. ignite. outgo. mark. fever. (v) assuage. acrid. synonyms (v) beat. indifferent. surface. father (baba). charge. lover. empower. hover. predecessor. overtake. choose. heartbeat. execute. consignment. election. surpass. charge. upset. fury. enraged. decorate. eject. antonym (v) fail. top (üst). start. height. horse. mandate. animate. synonyms (n) return. outdo. hot (sıcak). flame. heroin. ata 1. rendezvous. head. ateşlemek fire (ateş). drape. intense. date. synonyms (n) begetter. glitter. fervor. 2. steady. ordain. name. expel. row. motto. conflagration. allot. border. hot. 3. cover. scintillation. synonyms (n) fever. antonyms (adj) apathetic. duty. febricity. synonyms (adj) warm. elect. synonym (n) anhelation. locution. sacking. young. begin. fire. mollify. synonyms (v) flow. synonyms (adj) subordinate. fire. (n) senior. lighting. fitting. synonyms (n) academy. release. 4. transfer. advance. dismiss. fall. explode. apportionment. beginner. field. astım asthma. institution. boy. antecedent. cool. ardor. 2. knighthood. commission. (n) inferior. sedateness. petty. (v) excite. comprise. passionate. accredit. peaceful. animated. savior. cable. restlessness. enthusiastic. kindling. easy. angry. pulse. (v) dub. saying. glisten. chore. bland. do. close. outburst. still. encounter. secondary. give. excitable. astarlamak line (çizgi. 5.websters-online-dictionary. knack. eager. ground. moderation. summit. synonyms (v) commission. gingery. erect. craze. gander. apex. fervent. forefather. consist. arouse. 2. make. (v) excite. frenzy. synonyms (v) prescribe. (n) bottom. synonyms (n) discharge. blaze. begin. peppery. create. fast. (adj) burn. destine. fire. frame. house. constitute. kindle. crest. (v) blush. sack. fierce. synonyms (n) delirium. antonyms (adj) agitated. moderate. synonyms (n) glare. engagement. depute. furious.Turkish . hart. synonyms (adj) ardent. breed. 4. dismission. beget. annoyed. commission (kurul). (n) lull. knight. pyrexia. declaration. found. mission. feverish. allocate. lower. (adj) go. pinnacle. fresh. lather. explode. synonyms (adj) older. outshine. geçmek). 2. patience. nominate. 3. produce. sawhorse. forerunner. ancestor. superlative. family. anxious. aphorism. asude calm. post. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. chief. angry. saw. adventurer. synonyms (n) board. stint. ancestry. ardor. mission. organize. antonyms (adj) worst. atamak 1. institute. 3. nadir. effulgence. (n) suspend. 2. synonyms (v) cut. boar. top. ignition. glow. feverishness. synonyms (n) cavalier. cap. acme. earnest. father. explosion. enact. synonyms (n) allocation. (v) agitate. move. flicker. (v) order. synonyms (n) cord. contemperature. padre. enthusiasm. attach. berth. antonyms (v) destroy. (n) agitation. flare. blaze. horse (beygir). arouse. fuel. juvenile. dog. expression. appoint. meeting. temperature. synonyms (n) precursor. antonyms (adj) senior. expel. appointment. committee. antonym (n) mother. author. boundary. construct. minor. stormy. saw (testere). 2. outweigh. swing. 35 build. allay. scag. freezing. animate. ateşli 1. pass. peak. airy. diacetylmorphine. conflagration. launch. combustion. associate.org) . idiom. allotment. hat). nickname. command. initiate. shimmer. (n) maxim. amorous. engender. excitement. blaze. glint. depend. dismiss. atasözü 1. job. light. gleaming. append. overrun. flaming. detail. outmatch. ignite. synonyms (v) proverb. flame. run. junk. lesser. employ. generate. buck. partisan. equanimity. (n) saying. happen. live. create (yaratmak). chevalier. flow. 3. association. course. puisne. call. duty. warmth. authorize. lead. new. set. constitute. institute. mild. die. delivery. brow. patriarch. irritable. bring. temperament. lineage. appoint. elder. ateşleme firing. base. brilliance. designate. beam. business. assignment. wild. offer. luster. aşmak 1. synonyms (adj) maximum. ateş 1. generate. disease. spicy. assistant. climate. dictum. form. rage. appointment (randevu). 3. configure. chief. exceed. boss. (v) nuncupation. pain. dismissal. warrant. adult. conveyance. surmount. consign. founder. precedent.

flip. timid. gunfire. salient. flutter. atlatmak 1. save. bashful. passive. branch. delivery. dive. liquidation. alarum. synonyms (adj) active. rebound. synonyms (n) gunshot. abandon. synonyms (v) bud. synonyms (v) throw. flinch. reveal. vigilant. devise. proviso. casting. firm. stalwart. antonyms (n) addition. break. issue. 4. destroy. antonyms (v) calm. timid. totter. abashed. fall. knob. mighty. jut. supplement. build. coy. assign. bold. say. protrusion. (v) puff. circumvent. eradication. robust. bring. pass. enterprising. jerk. pugnacious. synonyms (v) bud. active. drive. lively. omission. drive. timid. curvet. complete. careful. shed. modest. doughty. source. whip. (n) appearance. arise. figure. 2. synonyms (n) degree. riddance. confident. jolt. shape. breathe. ilkbahar). atlamak jump (atlama). antonym (adj) weak. intelligent. utter. form. arrogant. hurtle. dart. drain. burst. passenger. figure. obliterate. send. heroic. give. shy (çekingen. barefaced. atmak 1. bat. disturb. overhang. addition. tough.36 Turkish . ramp. dance. hurl. shed. bold. shot. hurdle. avoid. discharge. (n) leap. hard. jump (atlamak). extreme. pelt. pelt. project (proje). grow.websters-online-dictionary. 5. 11. gust. slant. acute. plan. synonyms (v) bounding. purge. killing. suspicious. (n) pitch. outlet. synonyms (adj) belligerent. announce. cast (atmak. contrive. skip. drop. dart. avoidance. antonyms (adj) cowardly. provision. chute. (n) leak. attentive. rid. unconscious. (n) scion. atlama 1. antonyms (adj) drowsy. fount. antonyms (v) decrease. prominence. take. branch. play. run. strenuous. bold. idea. antonyms (v) capture. overhang. chuck. shy (çekingen. 3. germinate. ürkek). attempt. hostile. (adj) moving. (n) bold. pass. tick. picture. beat. warlike. ashamed. sprout. stamp. talk. bluff. 5. forward. atik alert (uyarmak). (n) tremble. carry. disgorge. hardy. dismiss. tell. escape (kaçmak). endeavor. form. crack. rugged. resolute. absolve. 4. synonyms (v) beat. synonyms (adj) absolute. courageous. extrusion. send. jolt. asleep. evade. synonyms (n) horseman. fearful. shape. round. start. blast. synonyms (adj) diffident. go. fire. brave. 10. give. saltant. piercing. synonyms (n) design. backward. sleepy. heave. map. clear. ürkek). fling. drop. protuberance. spring. noisy. 7. (n) appearance. bear. bloom. peaceable. demonstrative. chuck. reticent. disclose. hurtle. forecast. bang. dodge. manly. synonyms (v) hop. rescue. thump. backward. except. atma 1. agitate. return. recoil. projection (izdüşüm). cheat. quiver. slow. reserved. push. hump. bound. synonyms (adj) sturdy. (v) acquit. dance. clever. synonyms (n) fountain. bullet. equestrian. air. deliver. effort. aggressive. bolt. mould. jumping. heave. stamp. intrepid. erect. cadence. trembling. birth. reticent. flap. shake. (n) leap. chuck. self-conscious. 2. ball. baste. device. duck. deliver. 2. hurtle. deliver. 8. agile. synonyms (v) hop. synonyms (v) throw. eject. hunt. sprightly. (adj) sharp. dump. drop. caper. qualified. antonyms (adj) partial. wallop. blossom. fire. liberate. strong. spirited. wave. stout. daring. hire. knock. dip. (v) originate. cashier. exonerate. inject. antonym (v) lose. (v) awake. throw (atmak). push. dismissal. air. peace-loving. outgoing. prance. utter. synonyms (v) abolish. declare. break. casting. startle. shooting. antonyms (adj) brash. startle. 2. eliminate. alive. (n) flinch. flash. annihilation. (v) lurch. militant. festive. wag. bulge. murder. antonyms (v) capture. shoot. 3. (adj) gasp. condition. synonyms (n) cancellation. pushy. atış 1. trounce. discharge (boşaltmak). flash. clear. (n) scion. 13. dash. detonate. tilt. (n) firing. 6. enterprise. cast (kalıp). synonyms (n) bang. synonyms (v) consign. flip. dazed. (adj) quake. dispel.English atlı rider. assign. annihilate. modest. type. antonyms (adj) brash. spring. nervous. bounce. kalıp). (v) plan. chance. active.org) . fling. bound. clear. fresh. bright. inattentive. bounce. careen. jar. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. extend. coy. shoot. vigorous. grade. exclusion. fearless. forward. scheme. emit. toss. conspicuous. return. discharge. font. assertive. deletion. 3. cause. offensive. (adj) salient. 3. outgoing. evasion. caper. bounce. 9. dash. atılgan 1. fall. shot. codicil. selfconscious. render. shed. abashed. coursing. synonyms (v) hunting. modest. (n) jump. articulate. start. shoot. germinate. shot. discharge. ashamed. spring (bahar. injection. forcible. friendly. 4. voice. 3. curvet. elimination (eleme). (n) pitch. abolition. launch. 2. flip. throw. bilk. evacuation. push. skip. extinguish. confident. speak. hunt. throw (atmak). lively. (adj) bestow. dynamic. synonyms (v) cast. pitch. synonyms (adj) adventurous. rise. brandish. (n) throw. jet. nervous. cancel. beat. resilient. pant. dive. unalert. grow. excite. appendix. spirited. shot. synonyms (n) release. sprout. pronounce. fearful. animated. energetic. slope. erase. dump. leave. mold. gallant. synonyms (v) cast. build. (adj) elastic. hurl. (n) pitch. absentminded. remit. pulsate. ledge. hit. careful. (v) removal. tired. empty. (v) express. shoot. establishment. shock. hurdle. mould. antonyms (v) decrease. synonyms (v) batter. forecast. clause. excretion. blow (üflemek). proceed. hurl. measure. ejection. fling. heave. (n) alarm. industrious. aware. demonstrative. horse. 2. pass. bump. jut. delete. audacious. (n) pulse. angle. synonyms (n) bulge. reserved. mold. rise. antonyms (adj) peaceful. deliver. protrude. fall. synonyms (v) elude. invasive. type. dancing. throb. chute. quick. 12. state. give. eradicate. synonyms (adj) diffident. synonyms (v) cast. merry. discard.

hunting. racer. speck. forage. stalk. expel. synonyms (n) lawyer. possibility. verge. 3. (v) chase. ordinary. help. channel. account. light. go-between. atmosferik atmospheric. hall. (n) conclusion. 37 superiority. likeliness. vagrant. finish. clasp. judicatory. synonyms (n) search. bound. mood. pace. manor. persecute. trick. (v) disadvantage. seek. workhouse. diversion. contest. area. prey. bride. acute. synonyms (n) boundary. mite. shun. killing. drive. edge. bindery. normal. gunfire. quadrangle. courser. counselor. itinerant. encourage. (v) woo. advisor. place. situation. project. mail. slip. 2. (n) jump. synonyms (n) decoration. mediocre. pursuit. field. seeker. works.org) . bank. attorney. beam. pursue. synonyms (n) behalf. defender. (n) firing. least. (v) further. avadanlık kit. (v) chase. lead. court. commit. recede. minuscule. 5. bar. (v) chase. mid. grounds. representative. case. beagle. terrace. shoot. play. training. synonyms (v) despatch. bag. likelihood. quest. catch (yakalamak). atmospherical. corner. medallion. iota. accommodation. woodman. brim. probability. synonyms (n) chance. (v) maximum. rob. piercing. close. öğüt Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. contribute. dissension. persecute. assist. climate. 2. beak. oust. trail. seek. use. trivial. boot. regress. stalk. solicitor. setting. factor. brink. outfit. brief. quality. pursuit. backyard. (v) border. 3. auctioneer. antonym (v) release. nuclear. atölye 1. tolerable. concubine. perk. ambiance. hitch. enclosure. intercept. (v) aid. antonyms (n) drawback. charger. beast. cottage. filch. chances. driver. corpuscular. crumb. courtroom. murder. ilerletmek). forester. explosive. synonyms (n) jot. nailery. synonyms (n) cabinet. unusual. sport. origin. intermediate. mouthpiece. demote. post. 3. antonym (n) husband. yard. dispatch. beginning. başlatmak). helpmeet. antonyms (v) end. course. synonyms (v) arrest. compact. mansion. başlangıç. gamble. pursue. reward. prey. villa.Turkish . avukat 1. set. rummage. follow. attract. consort. avlamak hunt (av). synonyms (n) search. convenience. put. judicature. nag. service. (n) norm. dog. cultivate. yarar). feeling. shyster. (v) bet. synonyms (n) search. virtue. victory. palfrey. synonym (n) petitioner. tribunal. quest. judge. tools. chiliad. transmit. seek. feel. bungalow. companion. onset. courtyard. synonyms (n) advantage. minimum. approach. workshop. medium. aura. yollamak). partner. av 1. atmosfer atmosphere. extraordinary. direct. interest. synonyms (v) begin. cabbage. committee. beehive. develop. stalk. (v) hunt. passage. limit. synonyms (n) court. synonyms (n) advocate. pursue. good. commence. medal. ambience. (v) benefit. preponderance. grand. thenar. atom atom. thermonuclear. investigator. middle. igloo. abnormal. course. chase. moderate. (adj) sharp. gigantic. synonyms (n) air. antonyms (n) loss. extremity. get. benefit (yarar). match. boost. horse. detriment. chamfer. retiring. (v) middle. synonyms (n) game. evict. missis. agent. building. avarya average (ortalama). induction. synonyms (n) matron. spouse. (n) haul. capture. launch. wanderer. grab. infinitesimal. synonyms (v) shoot.websters-online-dictionary. wager. antonyms (adj) exceptional. hem. race. start (başlamak. (adj) fearless. mugger. course. loft. variance. drive. shock. stop. rummage. handicap. halt. store. rise. lawyer. follow. studio. synonyms (n) gear. avlu 1. mistress. avare rover. hunt (avlamak). arise. rummage. ensnare. nim. poorhouse. synonyms (n) chaser. stuff. meeting. prize. odds. equipment. corpuscle. hound. lady. ace. follow. sweetheart. avantaj 1. factory. fiddle. privilege. 2. hook. game (oyun). follower. brave. median. vagabond. embark. forward. prey. apprehend. handle. synonyms (adj) aerial. m. convey. synonyms (adj) minute. ilerlemek. synonyms (n) forum. shot. edge (kenar). prospect. avlamak). bolt. persecute. farmhouse. common. 2. commencement. pettifogger. background. peregrinator. ranger. surroundings. leguleian. antonyms (n) center. fair. following. avans advance (ilerleme. flatter. tackle. bailiff. proceed. synonyms (n) progress. mother. (v) difference. studio (stüdyo). Avuç palm (palmiye). antonyms (adj) conventional. 3. antonyms (v) avoid. raise. avcılık shooting. shadow. attorney. romance. pilfer. hound. butt. invite. forage. allowance. hound. acquire. (v) harm. crib. 4. asset. (phr) accelerate. line. den. difficulty. rambler.English send (göndermek. (v) retreat. fun. quarry. entertainment. antonyms (n) deterioration. indivisible. 2. helpmate. g. 4. advantage (üstünlük. medium. conclude. atelier. divert. synonyms (n) courtyard. bit. pay. forecourt. originate. solicitor. karı). delay. synonyms (n) nomad. quest. molecule. underwriter. competition. front. gain. avrat wife (eş. proctor. traveler. advance. yard (yarda). welfare. coursing. avail. fixer. spring. atomik atomic. particle. mote. atomlike. improvement. pawl. fissionable. secretary. huntsman. furrow. misunderstanding. synonyms (n) shop. assistance. margin. (adj) emboss. counsel (öğüt. roamer. pursuit. middling. dog. activate. track. avcı hunter. promote. cattle. expediency. counsel. blade. favor. subatomic. environment. transport. 4. profit. synonyms (adj) mean. avlanmak hunt (av. synonyms (n) amusement. garden. practicum. tiny. square. clerk. forage. (v) hand. dog. woman. grain.

protest. accord. agreement. array. balance. encouragement. adapt. insolence.English ascension. year. emergent. government. ordinance. environs. moneth. footing. soccer (futbol). brawl. alleviate. synonyms (n) insurgent. compute. disorder. administration. rise. synonyms (n) lunation. relief. rise. encouragement. quarter. precision. calibre. exhortation. correctness. medallion. exactness. fight. trouble. brass. lift. synonyms (n) rule. synonyms (n) comfort. arrangement. modification. rob. setting. skid. settlement. ayakkabı shoe. rapidity. design. rook. uproar. relief. limb. reckon. leg (bacak). (v) legs. (n) degree. average. direction. nonconformist. filch. antonym (n) slowness. repel. antonym (n) top. synonyms (n) order. sequence. recommendation. antonym (n) respect. 2. rate. (v) estimate. repel. (v) step. minute. criterion. contract. gaze. annoy. lip. debauchery. advance. quinquennium. impertinence. synonyms (n) solace. stirrup. support. 4. avunma consolation. (v) disgust. member. alteration. sedition. change. fit. climb. solace. forecast. encourage. fork. revolution. relief. stride. revolt. reconcile. rebellion. special. cadence. rebel. measure. outbreak. face. confusion. medal. oppose. riot. synonyms (n) bottom. fact. horseshoe. synonyms (adj) model. butt. (v) carouse. stilts. closeness. appraise. standardization. moon. nauseate. traitor. synonyms (n) consolation. normal. moonlight. crib. revolt. frighten. dissident. gait. solacement. (v) hoof. aya palm (palmiye). insurrectionist. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (n) sedition. mob. assistance. 4. conduct. foot. impudence. hockey. ease. allowance. run. synonyms (n) fete. mutiny. solace. (adj) calm. brawl. gauge. synonyms (n) stage. basis. urge. moonshine. scale. satellite. plunging. renegade. month. adjustment. frighten. appall. antonyms (n) discomfort. modification. aid. guidance. disturbance. distaste. control. repulse. synonyms (n) adaptation. pay. 2. confusion. arrangement. synonyms (n) decoration. ease. synonyms (n) insurrection. rebellious. synonyms (n) moon. comfort (avutmak). day. (n) ascending. bed. fit. fantasize. (adj) vermek). splint. set. balm. unrest. synonyms (n) caliber. make. construction. 2. truth. fight. aggravation. management. (v) allay. epoch. commotion. standardization. mount. sympathy. prize. tempo. synonyms (n) insurrection. feet. base. convenience. scope.org) . 3. growing. pilfer. emerging. (v) mutiny. console. hand. handle. position. offend. (v) allay. ayaklanma 1. ayarlamak 1. decreasing. 2. (v) disgust. ease. acclimatize. code. benchmark. antonyms (n) discomfort. norm. annoy. synonyms (n) adaptation. synonyms (n) disturbance. exhort. footstep. (adj) quicksilver. amendment. alter. accommodation. (adj) shock. appointment. ayaklanmak 1. fray. avuntu 1. synonyms (n) football. vagueness. debauchery. gauge (ölçü). gall. shank. decree. regular. soothe. act. synonyms (n) fidelity. fit. rescue. pes. avutmak comfort. avurt cheek (yanak). repulse. alleviation. basketball. arm. set. beat. note. 2. cheer. admonition. alleviation. uproar. foundation. disorder. nerve. rebel. accuracy (doğruluk). clog. fix. antonyms (adj) unusual. common. fray. regulate. post. (adj) shock. antonym (n) conformist. disrespect. peg. antonyms (adj) plummeting. consolation. victory. evaluate. adjustment. accepted. (adv) increasing. football (futbol). aid. (adj) mutineer. (adj) precept. 2. protest. blackleg. spoke. sicken. amenity. (adj) adaption. insurgence. revolution. performance. 2. pace (adım). debauch. glare. consolation. soothe. scenery. distribution. support. 5. flag. environment. confer. ball. mounting. sympathy. arm. meticulousness. time. calculate. defiance. rebellion. phase. (adj) adaption. ayaklar feet. cabbage. commotion. fastness. synonyms (n) frame. ayar 1. row. measure. rising. backdrop. (v) hand. control. (adj) hubbub. arrangement. synonyms (n) boot. disposition. (adj) calm. rebel. sicken. change. jowl. synonyms (n) caution. synonyms (v) temper. orgy. ayaktopu 1. care. synonyms (n) audacity. classification. location. accommodate. figure. meditate. alleviate. tread. floor. imprecision. scene. plan. amendment. (v) alarm. cheer. daring. assess. ayarlama 1. arise. veracity. exactitude. gridiron. law. amenity. bemuse. thenar. synonyms (n) soccer. (adj) hubbub.websters-online-dictionary. aggravation. standard (standart). disposition. accommodation. unconventional. adjustment. advise. luxury. ascent. synonyms (n) comfort. fathom. tumult. effrontery. bag. composition. method. upheaval. advisement. rebellious. background. disobey. sprit. alteration. revolt (ayaklanmak). canon. offend. support. raise. 2. uprising. assistance.38 Turkish . pins. branch. 3. (v) daydream. rate. heave. alleviation. riot. assuage. gage. galoshes. rebellion. (v) advice. ay 1. synonyms (n) repulsion. bootleg. faithfulness. settlement. base. appall. meter. arrange. 3. (v) alarm. adjust. weathercock. trotters. succor. pegs. debauch. riot. baseball. 3. agreement. 3. warn. speed. column. disobedience. formula. assuage. dream. consultation. synonyms (n) walk. place. system. celerity. revolt. balm. orgy. classic. footie. boldness. hour. uprising. antonym (n) chaos. nauseate. restriction. succor. paw. adjustment. mouth. (v) carouse. antonyms (n) inaccuracy. ayak 1. anarchist. repulsion. regulation. synonyms (adj) climbing. align. nim. solacement. week. uphill. second. tumult. rising. allowance. consult. reliability. admonish.

synonyms (n) cavalry. dismissal. engineer. antonyms (adj) uneducated. cheery. rise. daybreak. unseal. ice.websters-online-dictionary. free. discharge. (adj) conclude. sunrise. fascination. knight. dodge. synonyms (n) formality. menstruation. antonyms (adj) dull. flimsy. start. accept. artifice. ignitor. uncertain. (adj) variable. liberation. 4. tune. (v) extinguish. ışık). synonyms (n) day. easy. party. dull. lay. dot. daylight. kindle. gloomy. synonyms (v) carry. (adj) cream. invention. imperceptible. shadowy. setup. harmony. (n) alternative. demure. breezy. dog. seduction. discharge. elite. nauseating. 2. design. rank. set. parade. ceremonial. synonyms (adj) cheerful. unclear. congeal. pomp. brilliant. regulate. takım). convey. 6. burnished. incomprehensible. stupid. inflame. luminous. ayı bear (taşımak). icing. fine. length. allow. pawn. provide. synonyms (v) instructed. (adj) daybreak. straighten. comport. dawn. serene. enlightened. antonyms (adj) fattening. synonyms (n) cold. inducement. 3. quiet. aydınlatma lighting. form. set (grup. open. mental. inflame. antonyms (n) dusk. song. aygıt 1. consonance. synonyms (n) flake. manage. appear. aygır horse (at. chip. contraption. heroin. informed. inflammation. (n) class. antonyms (v) disturb. synonyms (n) device. 39 synonyms (adj) alive. ignorant. flower. divide. device. brilliant. organ. brook. (alt sp) heavy. abstemious. position. pattern. aydınlanmak dawn. nokta). illegible. sort (sınıflandırmak). freezing. hafif. variety. liquid. mount. put. opt. song. distich. intermediary. ayartma temptation. onset. emblem. grave.org) . antonyms (adj) fattening. form. brainy. aydınlık 1. best. smart. rational. pleasant. belirgin. gauge. circle. gadget. temiz. moderate. (alt sp) heavy. vague. synonyms (v) adjust. close. lettered. cockcrow. select. darken. antonym (v) descend. net. degree. acquit. brain. chapter. stage. note. glow. night. gloom. sunny. hazy. ideal. jolly. acquit. appeal. define. apparatus. kindle. staid. 2. lock. ayet verse. radiant. dim. facile. absolve. ceremony (tören). arrange. instrument. tool. ignite. blurry. plant. tackle. classify. birth. merry. mechanism. jovial. (adj) fixed. courtesy. deed. liturgy. rhyme. (v) class. influence. pull. synonyms (adj) clean. overcast. imprint. antonym (n) nighttime. igniter. paragraph. (v) chill. fire. learned. light. gimmick. custom. dönem. spiritual. modest. clause. ignition. junk. (v) extinguish. dismission. 3. determine. educated. hart. antonym (n) repulsion. liquefy. 2. stamp. stand. breed. (n) dark. afford. daytime. synonyms (n) mark. finish. control. bright. apt. sound. synonyms (adj) fair. ayıltmak sober. synonyms (adj) serious. beygir). hafif. (n) square. equipment. design. agree. ambiguous. absolute. origin. plan. synonyms (adj) fair. measure. berrak. morning. melt. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. apply. (n) array. brightness. harvest. direct. weigh. easy. sane. way. guide. obscure. stanza. locate. lure. (n) flame. outfit. thinker. (n) combing. sunny. synonyms (n) channel. apparent. display. conduct. unintelligent. installation. darkness. meter. temizlemek). (v) plug. earnest. intelligent. type. arrange (düzenlemek). clearance. gay. dismount. do. machine. assortment. 2. sunup. strain. darken. flexible. bent. synonyms (n) melody. sunset. duration. gorgeous. stop. solemn. nauseating. light (açık. attune. epoch. drake. manners. synonyms (v) clean. synonyms (n) poem. mind. (v) bright. selection. (v) fire. era. lot. aydın 1. point. slow. trained. means. toplamak). pick (seçmek. (n) form.Turkish . glow. dreary. creature. aurora. (n) dark. pack. hoar. signet. antonym (n) prose. air. brightness. 4. (v) ascend. synonyms (n) illumination. bar. mattock. decorate. cachet. darkness. ayıklamak 1. appliance. boar. joyful. gander. trick. synonyms (v) place. option. (v) convict. comb-out. behave. begin. disarrange. faint. attraction. somber. shade. apparatus. 2. order. aydınlatmak light (açık. gather. daylight. allure. poetry. shining. (v) chant. distinct. regularize. cock. synonyms (n) age. agent. bait. rate. synonyms (adj) cerebral. sunrise. hoarfrost. light. confusing. strain. flimsy. concord. happy. ışık). araç). allurement. modulate. cultured. blithe. firing. generation. gamut. synonyms (v) appoint. implement. 5. clear (açık. magnificence. synonyms (n) contrivance. buck. abide. taught. break. count. celebration. ayin 1. puppet. (n) flame. dismount. shade. classify. (v) fire. brightness. line. refined. ayaz frost. rig. antonyms (v) open. measure. lustrous. academic. intellectual. dispose. (v) break. sedate. medium. instrument (alet. figure. agency. invitation. scholar. (n) intellect. muniment. secure. beaming. description. settle. impression. tone. kindling. prime. night. faint. time. canto. ignite. facile. conclusion. mount. rigging. influence. cloudy. (adj) manner. clear. shut. synonyms (n) enticement. correct. vivid. decide. choice. thick. interval. climb. certain. string. synonyms (n) beginning. machinery. govern. cycle. gloom. daylight. sunlit. freeze. 5. gear. scale (ölçek).English dress. compose. antonyms (v) soften. confused. yardstick. clinch. assume. empty. aybaşı period (devir. leaden. check. rime. poesy. fancy. 3. (v) end. graduation. antonym (adj) intoxicated. twilight. hallmark. definite. commencement. clarify. ayıbalığı seal (damga). (adj) erudite. clear. fast. synonyms (n) kind. rite. shiny. group. document. expedient. criterion. music. day. take. clever. decoy. engine. morning. antonyms (adj) opaque. fuzzy.

net. depart. wrong. barren. observance. perceive. estrangement. divide. nature. take. fracture. seclusion. office. empty. apportion. disjoin. vacant. daub. excess. rive. 9. disagreement. bank. contrast. dissociation. antonym (v) refuse. synonyms (v) crack. antonyms (adj) inappropriate. discredit. (v) unite. unemployed. finicky. warmth. secrecy. abhorrent. division. accept. speckle. acquiesce. antonyms (n) whole. lift. ayırma 1. permit. accord. insolence. character. active. refutation. assignment. antonyms (n) respect. astute. 8. summary. synonyms (adj) incongruous. assist. disgrace. deny. join. soil. peculiar. particular. discerning. ambush. appoint. cleavage. deliberation. mark. insulation. yarmak). contempt. apportionment. antonyms (n) marriage. baseless. agree. 10. aid. (adj) admit. substitute. slight. synonyms (n) reproach.org) . constant. arrogance. apt. (n) break. synonyms (adj) reserve. merge. tell. reject. divorcement. dead. service. dapple. employed. reliable. differentiate.40 Turkish . filch. exempt. engage. slit. element. speck. inconsequent. repercussion. isolate. wedding. save. antonym (adj) working. entanglement. book. allot. ridicule. (v) abridge. scatter. prohibit. bölmek). modesty. synonyms (adj) detached. agreeable. fork. fleck. divorce. abridgment. wish. afford. reflexion. employment. fruitless. service (hizmet). distinguish. (v) free. 2. apportioning. portion. meditation. loneliness. spare. spot (benek. ration. allow (izin vermek). synonyms (n) constituent. 3. entrap. nokta). synonyms (v) elect. separate. 6. ritual. divide (bölmek). unexercised. isolation. synonyms (n) help. insulate. synonyms (n) disdain. shame. companionship. link. idea. antagonistic. assign. notion. disrespect. exclusive. excerpt. rupture. synonyms (adj) select. enable. synonyms (n) separation. shame. disperse. inconsistency. friendliness. repugnant. groundless. refit. mix. location. discover. correct. description. unfounded. combine. discrete. lean. antonyms (n) openness. opposite. congruous. aylak 1. pattern. contempt. bölünme. thin. ironic. prefer. reserve. modesty. uygun). stain. split. synonyms (adj) idle. informality. adopt. fuse.websters-online-dictionary. 2. place. synonyms (v) acknowledge. opposite. dismember. synonyms (n) kind. (n) synopsis. synonyms (adj) inconsistent. true. dispense. (v) overhaul. additional. apposite. scorn. animadversion. avail. (adj) manner. choosy. like. extract. appropriation. fragment. leke. ayıran selective (seçici. give. economize. tear. compatible. synonyms (v) distribute. carve. elective. know. arrange. seize. (n) extra. musing. opposing. (v) surrender. (v) unoccupied. discrepancy. ayıp 1. function. epitome. conflicting. 2. discriminate. draw. synonyms (n) blot. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. difference. 2. antonym (n) agreement. business. allowance. synonyms (adj) theoretical. particular. free. abridgement. dissociate. disaffection. divergent. academic. opposed. aykırılık contradiction. serve. unlike. disparagement. unrelated. proper. entirety. allocate. select. 7. incompatible. simultaneous. slim. ensnare. persnickety. (n) contradictory. behold. eclectic. absurd. bit. degrade. unsuitable. share. frivolous. sort (sınıflandırmak). excuse. meager. sever. classify. bait. image. decide. humiliate. picky. (adj) complete. part (bölüm. type. observation. fussy. lazy. (v) dishonor. mesh. thought. segregation. ayıplama reflection (yansıma). synonyms (n) snare. piece. mockery. ayırıcı trap (tuzak. ambuscade. derision. antonyms (adj) connected. separation. (v) keep. assistance. ayırmak 1. synonyms (adj) inactive. precis. breed. changeable. clash. antonyms (adj) similar. 13. factor. see. humiliation. slender. associate. antonyms (adj) busy. part. assortment. irreconcilable. (v) annex. 2. part. burst. dot. dirty. antonym (v) honor. (n) disagreeing. proportion. vote. entangle. erratic. disregard. brief. discrepant. antonyms (v) forbid. synonyms (n) backup. (v) catch. abstract (özet. synonyms (n) antithesis. bare. cleft. maintain. rank. flaw. desire. synonyms (v) discern. abash. joined. determine. grant. distribution. split (bölmek. diffidence. descry. privacy. yakalamak). hoard. section. measure. appropriate. confounding. cleave. aykırı 1. synonyms (n) allotment. divorce. choose (seçmek). (v) blemish. cut. digest. noose. contemplation. cache. flimsy. disengaged. reverse. grant. reverse. discordant. denial. scandal. fastidious. 4. variety. detect. synonyms (adj) pertinent. futile. pick. disconnect.English rift. distinguish. antonyms (n) closeness. describe. parça). idle. 2. (n) rip. desolation. capture. discriminating. accede. occupation. recognize. incoherent. gin. introspection. parting. 5. debase. illogical. solitude. deal. seçmeli). separate (ayrı. portion. chagrin. share. (v) detach. synonyms (n) consideration. article. bear. 11. form. contradictory. component. reservation. contrary. fashion. cogitation. defiance. indolent. 12. right. soyut). appropriate (kendine mal etmek. ministration. judicious. 3. insult. (v) disunite. approval. inconsistent. consent. quota. disassociate. breach. (v) change. characterize. identify. untimely. (v) group. antonyms (adj) consistent. synonyms (n) alienation. antonym (v) confuse. hold. allotment. authorize. attendance. antonym (adj) concrete. class. trick. (v) branch. order. disrepute. disjoint. allocation (tahsis etme). ceremony. outline. pity. discourtesy. slight.

exemplar. simultaneous. favour. yielding. drink. said. blank. 3. further. division. only. party. synonyms (adj) particular. directly. synonyms (adv) by. resemblance. consistent. antonyms (adj) varied. synonyms (n) bullshit. chasm. reproduce. grunter. disjunction. equalize. detached. likewise. synonyms (adj) alike. equality. synonyms (adv) withal. permit. weekly. synonyms (n) pane. demarcation. release. exactly (tam). synonyms (n) detachment. homogenous. different. abatement. (v) discrete. margin. synonyms (adj) selfsame. join. most. so. same. review. beside. feud. personality. invariable. break. cam). synonyms (n) echo. disperse. decided. anyway. equally. (v) glaze. telescope. disproportionate. marriage. 41 ayrı 1. 4. correctly. on. opening. flat. bull. moreover. spyglass. again (bir daha. synonyms (n) conflict. dissociate. synonyms (n) admission. yeniden. punctually. boar. cop. suffrage. antonym (adj) incompatible. apparent. compromise. somewhat. expressed. entirely. lens. (adv) apart. separation (ayrılma). equivalence. uniform. truly. (prep) about. reflect. rival. equivalent. fracture. equate. 2. absolution. unwritten. 4. wordy. therewithal. distant. very. balanced. compliance. earnings. rot. 2. duplicate. unduly. fair. (adj) ice. (n) digression. compare. peer. disconnection. extremely. franchise (imtiyaz). same. connection. articulate. buncombe. discord. claim. dissimilar. oral. isolated. discount. discrepancy. highly.Turkish . definite. unequal. concession (imtiyaz. (v) breach. part. agreement. asunder. actually. separate (ayırmak. greatly. dissimilarity. isolate. rightly. fissure. grant. quarrel. discriminate. constant. fee. distinctive. absurdity. synonyms (adv) besides. 6. represent. consent. team. revenue. very (çok. 2. pay. cup. clearance. associate. departure. parallel. 2. tumbler. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. mensal. twin. divagation. accurately. antonyms (adv) approximately. 2. agreement. synonyms (adv) precisely.org) . divide. disparity. exact. unity. antonyms (adv) differently. franchise. audible. 5. reward. corresponding. right. cynosure. bowl. concession. balance. mix. synonyms (n) privilege. individually. (n) livery. ayrıca 1. again. separate. de). identical. copper. completely. remuneration. change. compensation. exact. monthly. bunk. furthermore. independently. concurrence. equal (eşit). else. tam). vote. parenthesis. besides. truly. synonyms (adv) afresh. bunkum. repeatedly. copy. vocal. set. unchanging. aynılık identity (kimlik. like. buck. mirror. (n) magazine. guttle. combine. away. ödün). chink. hire. synonyms (adv) excessively. verbal. (conj) and. imitate. allowance. synonyms (adj) clear. (v) detach. synonyms (n) charter. 5. similarity. disjoin. contention. synonyms (adj) agree. additionally. crack. tantamount. merge. adequate. slightly. immunity. liberty. synonyms (n) identicalness. (adj) blunder. difference (fark). palpable. (v) glass. then. aynasız 1. link. similar. closely. bulletin. privilege. synonyms (adj) menstrual. antonyms (n) amalgamation. unlike. individual. self. choral. nominal. gulp. alone. 3. absolutely. stable. disconnect. closeness. steady. pek. too. (v) differentiate. synonyms (n) hog. barely. equable. synonyms (n) cleft. divorce. acceptance. (v) match. publication. bull (boğa). ayrıcalık 1. aynen 1. divergence. (v) farrow. likely. chalice. prerogative. distinguish. devour. quite. antonyms (n) correspondence. controversy. just. aperture. apart. 3.websters-online-dictionary. glass (bardak. due. synonymous. literal. junto. goblet. similar. 2. antonyms (adv) abysmally. uneven. (v) license. synonyms (adv) also. off. insulate. difference. unity. correspond. encore. emolument. rhetorical.English aylık 1. salary (maaş). overly. gene. crevice. equal. coordinate. ayna 1. crew. aynı 1. mimic. synonyms (adj) regular. (adj) pattern. likewise. tekrar. allowance. boşluk). abreast. 3. journal. synonyms (adv) extremely. (adj) dissimilar. commensurate. synonyms (adv) equally. faction. breakup. even. tangible. dispensation. patent. (adj) analogous. shapeless. clear-cut. (v) differ. item. beyond. assorted. fuzz. matching. pig (domuz). (adj) aloof. paper. antonym (adj) different. antonyms (adj) indistinct. income. 2. plain. synonyms (n) cabal. periodic. sect. confession. inconsistent. indistinguishable. bottle. unification. divorce. glassful. uniform (üniforma). 3. dress. statement. vacancy. fuse. (adj) much. band. aside. partition. joined. seclusion. guff. hogwash. profit. similarly. de). vague. exemption. often. over. 4. (n) compeer. congruent. considerably. marked. completely. really. (v) boon. dealership. 2. furthermore. exoneration. antonyms (adj) connected. union. set. similarity. singing. excuse. alongside. synonyms (n) wage. sameness. gap (aralık. yine). fixed. scatter. distinct. assent. cognate. bear. crap. 4. (adj) more. parting. fit. also (da. window. sharp. dissension. person. conceding. awfully. distinction. alike. synonyms (adv) aside. comparable. acknowledgment. unclear. beside. payment. isolation. deviation. gain. antonym (adj) written. disunion. (v) unite. synonyms (adj) spoken. freedom. rift. periodical. bölmek). cut. glutton. talkative. (prep) except. quarterly. loose. ayrılık 1. model. too. inaccurately. sameness. individuality. monotonous. favor. certainly. group. inaudible. character. too (dahi. 2. anew. antonyms (adj) repressive. özdeşlik). identical. verbarian. disagreement. level.

antonyms (n) correspondence. innumerable. cast. exceptional. remain. character. difference (fark). apportion. dissociate. minute. individual. leaving. chance. exiguous. additional. (n) rip. diminutive. disjoint. unification. 5. variation. breakup. fact. high. antonyms (n) arrival. separate. frigid. sporadic. departing. antonyms (adj) careless. wisdom. backup. antonyms (n) arrival. acumen. amplify. uncommon. takeoff. especial. synonyms (n) desertion. scarce. disagreement. going. complete. lacking. passing. demarcate. separate (ayırmak. simple. holiday. parting. fussy. ayrılış 1. inclusive. (v) merge. branching. crisis. feature. exempt. vague. slender. divide. modest. digression. close. synonyms (v) go. distinct. choosy. departure. going. various. synonyms (n) death. quarrel. bölmek. erratic. elaborate. countless. dilate. total. part. careful. elaborate. disunion. disjoined. takeoff. disperse. fastidious. rift. dissolve. tiny. burst. brusque. synonyms (adj) detached. union. 2. particular (özel). synonyms (n) conflict. tall. divorce. 5. 2. critical. pithy. ayrılmak 1. contention. parting. favoritism. pitchfork. approach. bölmek. forthcoming. sharp. tear. fork. departure. meager. itemize. differentiate. little. entirety. aberration. separation (ayrılık). link. 4. deviation. breach. division. boilersuit. going. full. quiet. detailed. item. appoint. relate. 3. slit. certain. fastidious. distant. demise. juncture. scatter. gang. 2. recite. cut. circumstance. distinguish. discrimination. antonyms (adj) big. bölmek). 4. choosy. moderate. (v) judgment. antonyms (n) whole. antonyms (adj) careless. enlarge. synonyms (n) constituent. prejudice. synonyms (v) distribute. part. humble. lean. split (ayırmak. aloof. expound. dispense. distinction. exact. marriage. angle. paltry. ayrı. deviation. share. thorough. negligible. reticent. portion. light. rupture. parting. 4. (adj) running. intricate. overall. agreement. (v) differentiate. controversy. article. event. dismember.English crowd. synonyms (v) crack. simultaneous. detailed. (n) detail. critical. demarcation. scatter. antonyms (adj) long. casualty. burst. change. matter. bend. inadequate. (v) branch. (v) decease. enumerate. unity. associate. easy. course. differentiation. synonyms (adj) circumstantial. leave. occasional. accident. penetration. acuteness. merge. ramification. close. leave. exit. apportion. imperceptible. individual. bifurcation. 2. company. insufficient. (v) describe. ayrıntılı 1. fuse. ayrılma 1. enormous. middling. sense. delicate. similarity. (n) departure. departure. rift. (n) general. bantam. some. specify. disjunction. uninhibited. section. circumstance. synonyms (adj) concise. depart. (adv) generally. fracture. scattered. (v) free. leaving. delicate. 3. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (v) develop. sever. important. join. choice. discrepancy. scanty. incident. thin. turning. az 1. (v) insulate. split. ordinary. short (bodur. appearance. baroque. aggregate. opportunity. short. division. exhaustive. break. ayrılmış reserved. discriminate. particular (özel). antonyms (n) amalgamation. antonym (n) tolerance. deal. breach. fancy. piece. item. (v) decease. discretion. go. careful. retiring. isolate. bit. (v) dash. spare. dissimilarity. (adj) complete. passing. synonyms (n) detachment. component. escape. finicky. whole. ayrıntı 1. bashful. abandon. aberration. lead. arm. few. synonyms (adj) modest. involved. seclusion. 3. flee. synonyms (adj) reserve. antonyms (adj) connected. individual. synonyms (n) death. divide. shy. synonyms (adj) special. finicky. ramify. bare. deviation. synonyms (adj) special. come. rupture. synonyms (n) discernment. definite. quit. detailed. ayrım 1. adventure. circumstantial. allot. balance. rare. expiration. demise. synonyms (v) depart. departure. antonyms (v) join. fork. disconnection. concurrence. 3. carve. partition. turn. fussy. antonyms (adj) outgoing. insignificant. minute. sameness. antonym (n) generalization. exit. synonyms (adj) complex. synonyms (adj) entire. synonyms (adj) small. (n) furlough.websters-online-dictionary. yarmak). synonyms (n) report. assign. kısa). diffident. broad. abandonment. bölünme. divorce. ornate. antonyms (n) plenty. slight. closeness. forking. excess. tear. cleave. yarmak). stay. baby. (n) detail. save. disconnect. joined. (n) smock. lengthy. poor. specify. (n) extra. change. 2. resemblance. lay. combine. meticulous. global. leaving. working. define. occasion. cleavage. action. detail. everywhere. relaxed. ordinary. cleave. petty. piddling. laconic. 5. slim. isolation. bölünme. connection. (adj) empty. permission. scrupulous. deficient. large. definite. brief. formal. open. separate. break. mix. discrete. warm. widespread. corner. 6. coy. depart. farewell. digression. occurrence. desert. bölmek). point. cleft. leave (bırakmak). 3. comprehensive. synonyms (n) affair. disengage. (n) rip. permit. intermittent. inconsequential. antonyms (v) unite. synonyms (v) cut. appearance. disjoin. (n) general. 2. poor slit. difference. single. cleavage. parça). part (bölüm. junction. detach. easy. taste. (adj) many. discord. vague. exact. 2. synonyms (adj) infrequent. certain. fork (çatal). split (ayırmak. particular. unite. state.42 Turkish . complicate. divergence. enter. expand.org) . antonyms (v) arrive. complicated. divergence. forsake. divide (ayırmak. (v) diverge. abrupt. rive. divergence. rive. compendious. disappearance. accurate. antonyms (adj) plain. elaborated. curt. synonyms (n) crotch. (n) cold.

wide. azarlamak 1. concentrate. (v) clip. decrease (azaltmak). boş. greatest. nuisance. quay. lessen. aza 1. rebuke. proud (gururlu). compress. kötü). intensify. azap pain (ağrı). decrement. demote. magnificent. supreme. discharge. 2. 2. decrease. depressed. 8. freedom. privileged. rebate. improve. blue. most. diminish. violent. fell. antonyms (adj) bound. jetty. pier. deliver. extension. synonyms (adj) extreme. antonyms (n) growth. extension. declaim. dock. diminution. antonyms (n) humility. drop. decay. fat. triumph. intensification. (v) sermon. collapse. degradation. cut. depreciation. disengage. shorten. antonyms (adv) frequently. fail. subside. record. synonyms (adj) narrow. confined. growth. overcome. agony. (v) increase. annoyance. decay. lofty. afflict. restoration. curtail. gaunt. wane. blame (suçlamak). lessening. expansion. conceited. element. gavelock. dejected. azami maximum (maksimum). wealthy. synonyms (n) address. (v) abate. highpitched.websters-online-dictionary. imprisoned. antonyms (n) increase. synonyms (n) bob. deep. bobtail. deterioration. diminution. diminish. allegation. lower. grandiose. piercing. exalted. (v) discharge. downcast. lecture. settle. grow. pare. antonyms (n) growth. set. abridge. pompous. intensify. descent. (v) confine. furious. acquit. contract. extricate. (v) drop. azamet pride (gurur). graceful. uncommonly. (adj) fade. employee. extension. development. imposing. bury. rise. diminution. reproof. relief. 7. regal. antonyms (adj) plump. homily. (n) depression. frantic. wing. özgür. scarcely. gallant. 43 strengthening. discourse. antonyms (adj) rich. curtail. abject. (adj) immerse. modesty. oration. (v) accept. enfranchisement. founder. assumption. fall. disdainful. 2. distinguished. little. excuse. ultimate. good. decrease. torment. deny. deteriorate. 2. reject. utmost. elated. rise. (n) mean. synonyms (n) decline. division. synonyms (n) address. azaltmak 1. 6. happy. lordliness. fault. reprimand. instruct. conceit. humble. enraged. exempt. emancipation. diminish. relieve. cutback. pathetic. presumptuous. preach. oration. maximal. abridge. homily. haughty. part. excellent. serbest. antonyms (v) pardon. synonyms (v) accuse. harbor. chide. cutback. limb. bough. liberal. highest. synonyms (n) decline. organ. talk. azalmak 1. fellow. wane. sermon. rap. harangue. grow. antonym (v) undock. (v) plume. synonyms (adj) bad. languish. azaltma reduction. scold.Turkish . wane. enfeeble. meagre. baronial. delivery. stocky. talk. lessen. conquer. deplorable. dismission. miserable. stately. haughtiness. fall. solemn. chide. intensify. synonyms (adj) angry. contract. low (alçak). needy. hardly. antonyms (adj) least. grieve. bog. detract. phallus. (n) attack. decline. base. synonyms (n) arm. impecunious. sink (lavabo). synonyms (adv) rarely. speech. onus. (n) limit. synonyms (v) impressive. ignoble. discount. vanity. flourish. common. ease. offshoot. glory. lower. (v) clear. basin. rescue. decrease. often. synonyms (n) decline. refuse. curtail. speech. tangled. infrequently. (v) abate. loud. bedava.org) . condense. synonyms (n) arrogance. antonym (adj) humble. marina. (adj) grand. antonym (v) float. lithe. remote. ache. cut. scant. azarlama lecture. destitute. edge. serbest bırakmak). lissome. (n) commanding. acquittal. arraign. (adj) degrade. compelled. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. extremity. berth. descend. lissom. praise. delicate. azalma decrease (azaltmak). harangue. sink. abase. decay. reproach. azametli 1. cut. delivery. grow. synonyms (n) release. dignified. cutback. salvation. (v) rebuke. egotistical. land. awesome. wharf. flag. (adj) few. imperious. block. lesson. dip. supporter. detract. antonyms (n) growth. cutback. (n) minimum. disdain. harass. censure. agonize. rebirth. lordly. top. jemmy. handspike. charge. dismissal. disentangle. reduce. member. ashamed. member (üye). (v) abate. (adv) gentle. frank. (v) droop. restricted. cut. lessen. cage. deduction. decrease. discourse. sublime. censure. stuck. 2. egotism. portion. attached. culmination. follower. branch. down. fena. lower. recovery. presumption. occasionally. freeing. majestic. synonyms (n) distress. well-off. fierce. embarrassed. vehement. pitiful. absolve. debase. synonyms (adj) loose. reprimand. slender. dockage. (v) hurt. first-rate. faint. azade free (açık. overbearing. deliverance. low. contract. reducing. downhearted. synonyms (n) declension. section. bother. declaim. synonyms (n) contraction. detract. appendage. exacerbate. height. diminution. ill. antonyms (v) bolster.English (fakir. preach. antonyms (n) improvement. insolence. repressive. (v) increase. synonyms (n) limb. climax. azat liberation. admirable. synonyms (n) sag. expand. synonyms (adj) arrogant. trouble. (v) lank. jimmy. feeble. penniless. associate. rise. 3. fall. antonyms (adj) cheerful. flimsy. abridge. instruct. wild. peak. synonyms (adj) contemptible. azgın 1. fine. grave. sorrel. anguish. 3. link. liberate. declination. attribute. deprive. extension. ebb. secure. rise. seldom. ferocious. boast. acquittance. strict. skinny. piteous. busy. accusation. enlarge. constituent. deflate. dilute. noble. synonyms (v) abbreviate. (v) increase. evil. hauteur. antonym (n) pleasure. decline. antonyms (adj) modest.

synonyms (adj) beloved. final. synonyms (n) glow. aperture. hurt. azıtmak lose (kaybetmek). bond. fellow. stubborn. main. daddy. post. controller. daddy. determinate. (v) absolute. papa. synonyms (n) n. fortitude. unsure. arm. ideal. solution. bold. antonyms (n) cold. tie. antonyms (adj) irresolute. succeed. (v) beget. flue. angered. associate. relate.websters-online-dictionary. pater. shot. (v) combine. chill. waste. adhesion. mislay. patriarch. 3. decisive. papa. firmness. determined. tenacity. determined. usance. bent. definitive. stormy. stack (yığın. link. obstinate. pappa. pop. rook. inferiority. manner. member. style. retrogress. north. fix. (v) award. furious. intent. infancy. (adj) correlation. dissolution. synonyms (n) association. ambitious. 2. bridge. fail. axle. yoke. untamed. nail. (adj) bespoke. nostril. nonesuch. decisiveness. destroy. elder. antonym (n) mother. disposition. concatenation. means. conversion. contact. beginner. find. rough. tenacious. weasand. couple. keep. dissection. impost. disciple. nonsuch. set. custom (gelenek). bail. anger. (adj) few. stick. azim 1. soda. settlement. resolved. inflexible. bond (bono). chimney. head. (v) bake. answer. trachea. bağlantı). secure. synonyms (n) nonage. clothes. 5. road. method. judgment. load. reckless. antonyms (v) gain. synonyms (adj) fixed. babacığım dad (baba). wild. yoke. B baba 1. childhood. concatenation. desolate. place. cultivated. nog. constancy. connect. apostle. 2. rampant. executive. joint. cherished. bundle. fasten. couple. conclusion. honey. constitution. 2. bağlamak. (v) cool. tame. (adj) fever. waste. normality. synonyms (n) pile. official. authoritative. suffer. sire. near. creator. determination (belirleme. will. tie. forfeit. regulator. column. purpose. lot. adamant. fix. affectionate. antonym (v) Â âdet 1. paterfamilias. mode. synonyms (n) begetter. attach. store. baðlamak link (bağ. joint. associate. raging. alliance. worthless. desperate. pawn. 3. aziz 1. antonyms (adj) cheap. giddy. pappa. 2. synonyms (adj) constant. firm. passage. explanation. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. chafe. ardor. adorable. master. superintendent. administrator. decomposition. garb. bridge. attach. familiar. (v) bind. synonyms (adj) conclusive. habit. caloric. clothing. fervor. author. ruler. definition. habit. domestic. (adj) popular. fasten. youth. joint. tax. decided. indecisiveness. bulge. use. bond. (adv) plump. leg. yığmak). (v) tack. deed. mountain. azimli 1. governor (patron. synonyms (n) needle. join. clear. antonym (v) separate. subordinacy. clip.44 Turkish . couple. win. azma heat (ısı). connect. trade. precious. synonyms (n) father. synonyms (n) stage. obtain. man. barbaric. rude. categorical. connection. adolescence. fasten. tie. mound. dad. (v) heap. bond. appear. pater. (v) canonize. appointment. antonyms (n) indecision. blackleg. dear (sevgili). bacak 1. 2. passion. resolution. adhere. synonyms (n) boyfriend. join. synonyms (n) connection. synonyms (n) stack. agreement. path. analysis. crack. nonpareil. divinity. lovely. gully. pathway. fork.English boisterous. convention. shoot. forefather. order. hill. restrained. defeat. fashion. courage. chief. resolve. engender. bridge. pop. idol. tonic. evangelist. antonym (v) separate. resoluteness. frenzied. escape. generate. barbarous. synonyms (adj) desert. synonyms (n) angel. uncertain. soda. concatenation. baca 1. barbarian. enshrine. tap. vent. feeble. approach. definite. rick. 2. sacrifice. important. costly. synonyms (n) father. addiction. synonyms (n) decision. vali). bağlantı). recede. bang. expensive. unmotivated. route. leader. divinity. bağlantı). ritual. click. infuriated. pop. bunch. antonym (adj) calm. synonyms (n) custom. protector. apotheosis. button. get. synonyms (n) join. beat. pack. perseverance. protrude. way (yol). rule. bağlamak. unyielding. shank. (n) darling. throat. branch. form. associate. cement. azınlık minority. relate. solved. founder. sane. synonyms (n) pa. burn. broach. synonyms (n) connection. 2. accumulation. close. antonyms (adj) orderly. 3. dad. tonic. high. resolved. brooch. acquire. idol. sire. warmth. create. wanton. resolute. synonyms (n) course. rite. excitement. crucial. abba. 2.org) . daddy. (v) combine. band. earn. antonyms (adj) indecisive. 4. resolution. relate. smokestack. azot nitrogen. escape. synonyms (n) tradition. support. warden. yoke. character. padre. popping. elder. weakness. synonyms (n) determination. weak. apparel. baðlantý link (bağ. synonyms (n) director. synonyms (v) drop. fire. regress. assessment. pin (iğne). (v) burst. estrus. bearing. mass. connect. (v) accustom. saint. link (bağlamak. nozzle. love. observance. limb. peg. saptama). (v) combine. practice. clear. dress. manager. fasten. vicious. leg. 2. bağ 1. attachment. snap. critical. clasp. attire. convincing. certain. newton. faction. manageable. usage. phase. decisive. shock. recover. attach. teens. misplace. bolt. paragon. compliance. summer. popping. positive. father. ruling. paterfamilias. track. direction. shaft.

roar. belt. bağıran screaming. (v) run. (n) area. bearing. equivalence. deadlock. thing. call (çağırmak. entwine. synonyms (n) shout. showy. habit. buzz. synonyms (v) adapt. nonpartisan. affinity. self-sufficiency. outcry. file. screech. outcry. screeching. antonym (adj) absolute. impartial. antonyms (adj) independent. narrative. (adv) just. twine. 3. synonyms (n) belief. conspicuous. gain. detachment. contingent. quadrilateral. antonyms (v) disconnect. bağıntılı relative (göreli). deliver. fair. congener. (n) relation. synonyms (n) relationship. autonomous. control. supremacy. kravat). 2. correlation. summon. exempt. bağıl relative (göreli). acquaintance. synonyms (v) cry. bağdaşmak square (kare). fastening. 3. charge.English separate. connection. sovereignty. (n) call. 5. 2. 4. mugwump. antonym (v) whisper. selfgovernment. proportional. bellow. fashion. fight. (v) leash. contain. bag. bind. distinct. synonyms (n) chain. admit. synonyms (n) draw. (v) clear. (v) braid. (n) call. baptize. boot. adjective. lacing. (v) report. antonyms (n) dependence. confined. synonyms (n) kingdom. vassal. trunk. contest. serbest. fiber. foursquare. antonym (v) evict. stuck. relationship. bağırma shout (bağırmak). unallied. rectangular. self-sufficient. coupling.org) . tat. collision. narration. tat. individuality. simultaneous. bellow. fit. cheer. cite. antonyms (n) imprisonment. affinity. command. bağcık lace. cord. strap. untie. release. compelled. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. 3. exclamation. enlace. relief. (adj) line. independent. liberty. description. synonyms (v) cry. synonyms (adj) right. affiliation. inconsequence. kicking. hitch. accord. secondary. restricted. shrieking. adjust. brother. (n) scream. dominion. harmonise. power. reliance. lacing. synonyms (n) clash. antonym (adj) absolute. proportionate. frank. (v) confine. empire. self-governing. independency. bang. suppression. freedom. quarter. charge. ligature. recital. antonyms (adj) bound. escape. (adj) mutuality. özgür. lace. engagement. strict. synonyms (adj) garish. gear. mesh. connectedness. action. ease. attached. comparative. case. separate. connective. yell. ease. (adj) contingency. proportionate. row. credence. restraint. plait. hollo. bawl. howl. (adj) string. noisy. frankness. agree. realm. secure. yelp. individual. coherence. yell. loud. screech. hold. bedava. hollo. connection. cheer. (adj) string. captivity. bağımlı dependent. thread. even. lace.Turkish . account. synonyms (n) exemption. tangled. howl. hope. bağıntı 1. rectangle. discharge. antagonism. sicim). tie (bağlamak. colony. synonyms (n) autonomy. pack. bağımsız 1. string (dizi. excuse. (n) freelance. repressive. knit. relieve. antonyms (n) independence. groan. (v) shriek. (adv) apart. boş. supply. tie. addicted. antonym (n) disconnection. immunity. outcry. kin. servant. scream. body. antonyms (n) agreement. style. interlace. galloon. dependent. bay. substantive. acquit. battle. synonyms (v) cry. clamor. bawl. synonyms (n) edging. tawdry. synonyms (n) dependence. sovereign. dispute. halloo. intercourse. difference. exclaim. antonym (v) whisper. cage. synonyms (adj) subject. noise. correspond. procession. enlace. (n) relation. howl. rope. synonyms (v) name. tributary. scream. confidence. çağrı). (v) settle. synonyms (adj) loose. faith. filament. crosstie. relation (ilişki). equal. dependency. settlement. correlativity. bağdaşmamak conflict. interlace. enfranchisement. exclaim. screech. suitcase. stuff. majesty. dependent. rehearsal. blatant. roar. reconcile. freedom (özgürlük). relevant. roar. sovereignty. knit. combination. bond. rule. clamor. bağımsızlık 1. congener. rope. (v) agree. congenator. marry. antonym (v) laugh. shriek. independence. regard. hearsay. luggage. sleeper. holler. bağırış shout (bağırmak). net. subordinate. relationship. bellow. extricate. synonyms (n) kick. yowl. halloo. (n) call. synonyms (n) edging. galloon. comparative. bark. 2. block. disengage. bawl. 2. dependency. hollo. (v) collide. equal. antonym (adj) low. ascendancy. moan. thrill. childhood. bagaj 1. trust. synonyms (adj) related. weep. clamor. feryat). independence. tether. scream. cheer. familiarity. harmony. synonyms (adj) related. knot. connecter. correspondence. disentangle. contention. dub. invite. scope. range. oblige. latitude. brother. disagreement. bearing. uproarious. addiction. lodge. gaudy. bağımlılık 1. imprisoned. crying. proportional.websters-online-dictionary. dependence. quadrate. 2. 45 detached. comparison. things. congenator. combat. knot. association. neutrality. follower. cry (ağlamak. exclaim. similarity. encounter. liberal. connection (bağlantı). attendant. series. dependance. self-sufficient. bağırmak 1. conjunction. restriction. antonyms (adj) dependent. antonym (v) whisper. entitle. (adj) franchise. right. liberate. synonyms (n) communication. entwine. goods. (adj) suit. (v) kinsman. link. 6. discharge. (v) kinsman. sequence. interrelation. busy. synonyms (n) connection. relative. (n) dependant. reign. concern. relevant. screech. address. sceptre. monarchy. bid. 2. deliverance. net. (n) appeal. slave. emancipation. shoe. serbest bırakmak). ip. strand. rank. undo. (v) braid. trimming. shout. straight. provide. halloo. peace. synonyms (adj) free. free (açık. bağdaştırmak accommodate. reference. synonyms (n) baggage. yell. amusing.

(n) cover. butt. cord. bond. meet. forgive. integrate. liking. undo. antonyms (v) break. couple. bestow. devotion. request. bonus. participation. enroll. relate. permit. remit. coupling. associated. bağlamak). connected. obligatory. band. impervious. acknowledge. (adj) exculpate. strap. 2. commitment. (v) eviscerate. tenderness. 4. spoil. absolution. synonyms (n) amnesty. freedom. meet. 7. cede. overlook. admit. synonyms (adj) connected. gift (armağan. synonyms (n) affection.org) . bağış 1. resistive. offer. release. antonym (n) disconnection. cleverness. deadlock. worship. split. case. lace. synonyms (adj) akin. bent. absolution. splice. message. wed. 6. antonym (v) blame. reward. attached. abdomen. commerce. bond. knot. invulnerability. 4. afford. 2. confederate. grant (vermek). absolve. set. interconnect. environment. add. discharge. join. allowance. confirm. charity. reject. compulsory. tether. bağışlamak 1. allow. admit. attachment. alibi. concede. confer. exculpate. antonym (n) inability. converge. marry. tidings. tangency. connection (bağ). bandaging. joint. collision. (v) boon. acquittal. alliance. contribution. conjoin. synonyms (n) communication. association. fix. licensed. affinity. affiliated. accord. setting. backdrop. (adj) ascertain. synonyms (n) joint. relate. secure. reprieve. crosstie. demand. bağışlama pardon (af. perspective. plunder. condone. discourse. flair. accord. pillage. pity. 3. despoil. donation. letter. dues. (adj) correlation. award. requisite. determine. 2. synonyms (n) band. confederative. associated. 4. dower. report. affix. link (bağ. dispensation. synonyms (adj) necessary. privilege. 5. bağışık immune. meaning. (n) oblation. (adj) hook. commission. privileged. presentation. anchor. antonym (v) dismiss. exhibition. excuse (affetmek. impact. link. coherence. grant (vermek). affectionate. 3. synonyms (n) concession. ambiance. fix. color. pardon (af. note. tie. pretext. unrelated. permit. liberty. bağlantı 1. (v) combine. duo. capacity. regard. bağırsak gut. antonym (v) uncouple. discharge. annex. tribute. association. synonyms (n) contribution. contract. security. string. 3. bind. leash. mix. addendum. concatenation. hediye). hitch. yoke. covering. page. synonyms (n) dedication. contact. assign. palliate. (v) link. (v) combine. match. loot. intercourse. (v) donate. assemble. catgut. synonyms (n) circumstance. linked. bestowal. 3. affiliate. free. synonyms (v) establish. communication (iletişim). bearing. communicating. affetmek). tie. united. excused. tie (kravat). insubordinate. synonyms (n) offering. acquit. draw. bağlamak 1. surroundings. exonerate. attach. (v) bind. conversation. cognate. justify. appendage. untie. kravat). valid. explain. couplet. affetmek). couple. spare. synonyms (n) band. word. clamp. connect. synonyms (n) concession. castrate. bağlam context. antonyms (v) deny. contact (temas). condition. kindred. unfasten. join (birleşmek. dowry. gift. synonyms (n) faculty. (adj) deliver. synonyms (n) apology. fitting. (v) copulate. tax. exonerate. afford. present. twosome. epistle. 2. evasion. resistance. engagement. award. liaison. appoint. donation. arrange. (v) absolve. acquittal. 4. (adj) ability. secede. connect. repellent. (adj) internal. grace. synonyms (n) belly. connexion. apologise. effort. synonyms (n) connection. pair. allegiance. committed. wrapping. debt. bounty. antonyms (v) disconnect. synonyms (n) announcement. effectual. confinement. command. gift. condone. fastening. (v) spare. talent. graft. payment. deuce. disembowel. duad. addition. related. endow. concede. antonym (v) blame. tie (bağlamak. dole. apologize. conjunction. appendix. affiliation. birleştirmek). join. adjust. antonym (v) separate. committal. lace. part. irresponsible. bridge. allowed. antonym (v) separate. loyalty. release. bowel. forgive (affetmek). atmosphere. antonym (n) vulnerability. bağlaşık allied (müttefik). antonym (v) punish. fondness. reach. connection. reject. background. undo. yoke. acquit. notice. knot. annex. synonyms (n) amnesty. love. bahane. settle. clear. synonyms (v) favor. gratuity. appointment. (n) state. favored. promise. aptitude. synonyms (adj) exempt. synonyms (n) touch. endowment. allow. combination. forgive. attach. synonyms (n) exemption. mate. attachment. antonyms (adj) rival. relationship. victim. joined. özür). synonyms (v) excuse. sacred. bestow. fasten. couple (çift). draw. share. abut.46 Turkish . relationship. generosity. dyad. link (bağ. back. antonyms (v) deny. adjoin. associate. (v) give. capability. bağlantı). donation. duty. offering. bağışıklık immunity. synonyms (v) unite. attachment. news. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. interaction. franchise. dressing. communicate. juxtaposition. justify. (v) call. 5. benefaction. excuse. safety. forgiveness. (v) give. forgiveness. confer. acquaintance. milieu. accessory. duet. antonyms (v) detach. bağlayıcı binding. contact. fasten. resistant. near. define. sack. synonyms (n) brace. grant. 5. acknowledge. concatenation. ravage. consignment.websters-online-dictionary. antonyms (v) disconnect. investment. untie. clear.English sleeper. charge. ransack. bestowment. fastener. relative. mandatory. expression. antonym (n) detachment. do. knit. sleeper. exception. access. remission. bağlı 1. boon. adherence. associate. (v) pardon. bond. bridge.

plot. quibble. mutlu). creed. plaisance. content. absolve. field. özne). bury. ardent. lucky. 3. reject. synonyms (n) apology. confine. 2. agent. attachment. lot. donation. observe. 4. devotedness. synonyms (n) veil. barrier. synonyms (v) cite. stake. next. escritoire. (prep) dedicated. synonyms (v) coat. cape. slant. (v) change. bed. servant. admit. farmer. boon. (v) pardon. devoted. pious. border. bribe. antonym (v) disclose. circumstances. resulting. confer. disastrous. 7. lamentable. synonyms (n) appendix. 2. permit. conversion. alter. accord. appeal. doom. justify. minister. synonyms (n) confidence. antonyms (adj) false. attached. assurance. screen. synonyms (n) clerk. turn. antonyms (v) reveal. 2. 4. affair. bağışlamak. bahis bet. synonyms (n) chance. court. name. cover (örtmek). 4. bahçe garden. discipline. habit. conceal. function. move. exposed. sad. plea. notice. helpless. close. abundance. allegiance. association. grounds. note. client. risk. loyal. lay. crown. synonyms (n) charge. religious. acquit. (n) spring. content. cap. ill. cheerful. synonyms (v) related. loyalty. treasure. shield. expectation. consequent. camouflage. color. eager. 2. bounce. fast. commend. synonyms (adj) fortunate. (v) hop. secondary. fortune. fate. bakanlık 1. tie. (adj) allied. bahtsız unfortunate. worship. belief. mask. synonyms (n) jump. luck. synonyms (n) pastor. synonyms (v) leap. condone. circumscribe. fitting. secretaire. 3. dejected. buoyant. (v) give. (n) dependant. literal. bound. disloyalty. blessed. antonyms (adj) unhappy. consequential. (n) wager. claim. excuse. link. pretext. adverse. bahsetmek mention. pall. drape. attachment. antonyms (v) deny. envelop. lawn. leap. agency. caper. sorrowful. synonyms (n) concession. scribe. synonyms (n) estate. devotion. dutiful. adduce. dependent. indifferent. bounce. antonyms (adj) independent. honest. synonyms (v) gamble. (v) farm. petition. commission. adjective. ecclesiastic. rebound. fidelity. demand. unrelated. dump. bailiff. 5. subject (konu. gay. exact. follower. riches. gratified. cloak. antonyms (n) independence. antonyms (adj) uncommitted. synonyms (adj) subject. envoy. wrap. nurseryman. (n) accurate. citizen. skip. 47 bahane 1. orchard. fluke. loving. play. stakes. clergyman. bad. dependence (bağımlılık). cloak. evasion. advocacy. selfsufficient. allusion. antonym (v) punish. dependent (bağımlı). motif. divine. shift. reliable. contented. exchange. unfailing. advantage. minister. (n) blind. scrivener. secretary (sekreter). synonyms (adj) inauspicious. bright. piety. palliate. acknowledge. synonyms (adj) ensuing. remark. disloyal. synonyms (n) horticulturist. venture. originate. peak. steadfast. bahşiş tip (tavsiye). bahçıvan gardener. calamitous. lid. allegation. mantle. bahar spring (ilkbahar). sad. switch. convert. recoil. antonym (n) unbelief. fond. dependency. desk. dependance. (v) incline. clue. garth. accessory. antonyms (adj) detached. ambassador. shroud. gleeful. call. resultant. sound.English devoted. apologise. selfsufficiency. synonyms (n) addiction. inopportune. cultivate. administer. (v) cover. bestow. synonyms (n) field. antonym (n) misfortune. apex. hint. covering. repository. capital. charge. conviction. (v) amanuensis. fondness. affluence. ofis). unreliable. justification. point. synonyms (adj) authentic. fortune. synonyms (n) top. edge. budge. apologize. portion. 8. unmarried. passionate. slave. limit. assets. jump. enthusiasm. depressed. faithful. infelicitous. keen. position. priest. devotion. subordinate. gift. curtain. synonyms (n) adoration. dependence. faithful. coincidence. displace. husbandman. 3. park. antonyms (adj) fortunate. means. afford. near. felicitous. self-government. connected. relative. (adj) commonplace. dance. compass. regard. synonyms (adj) addicted. reference. advert. liking. fluctuate. alibi. (adj) liable. following. antonyms (n) indifference. antonym (n) detachment. messenger. devout. (v) subsequent. adherence. dissemble. succeeding. (n) comment. hapless. synonyms (n) matter. area. cult. (adj) elastic. entreaty. affection. bahtiyar happy (memnun. hap.Turkish . fountain. blithe. correct.websters-online-dictionary. bağlılık 1. point. vassal. accident. prayer. antonym (adj) liberated. tributary. synonyms (n) defense. masquerade. allow. writer. expose. source. remove. argument. dive. patch. antonym (adj) free. credit. wealth. pounce. consecration. özür). cheery. 6. poor. constant. hope. (v) supply. gratuity. contingent. attendant. hazard. carefree. factor. rise. exculpate. consecrated. reliance. top. forgive. credence. issue. prosperity. duty. answer. luck. tilt. linked. citation. backyard. miserable. inaccurate. uncover. deputy. 2. trust. successive. bound. blanket. untoward. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. substance. appendage. curate. connection. excuse (affetmek. constancy. hide. synonyms (n) interchange. question. sequent. (n) auspicious. dependable. unfaithful. passion. zealous. annex. unlucky. responsible. bahşetmek grant (vermek). enthusiastic. transfer. hop. love. faith (güven). explanation. faith. inferior. award. hint. concede. destiny. (adj) veneration. (adj) contingency. pinnacle. blessing. self-governing. dedication. binding. addition. 5. disguise. call. office (büro. true. guise. boundary. separate.org) . deplorable. cleric. antonyms (adj) unconnected. bond. baht 1. lean. churchman. bakan 1.

sleep. pound. lookout. sight. eyeball. idea. aid. arraign. 3. berth. eye. manzara). bakmak). proportion. synonyms (n) balance. synonyms (n) livelihood. view. antonyms (n) carelessness. antonym (n) disrespect. bodyguard. appear. service. attentiveness. count. 5. estimate. declare. change. living. pounding. overplus. attribute. value. reckon. consideration. hearing. consign. watch. job. figure. care. 5. conserve. gallery. arm. disregard. 2. tendance. draw. copperplate. examine. assembly. appearance. post. remnants. synonyms (n) attention. defend. line. faculty. synonyms (v) attention. view (bakış. nonattendance. crowd. accusal. opinion. observe. vestal. minister. attention. synonyms (v) seem. maintenance. antonyms (n) absence. charge. coin. görünüm. deference. steward. 2. tendment. account. gaze. congregation. field. unmixed. chair. symmetricalness. (n) notice. synonyms (n) repose. thought. look (bakış). believe. symmetry. bureau. bakır copper. clericals. 2. bakire virgin. deference. synonyms (v) seem. view (bakmak. cuprum. sight. district. audience. nonattendance. (n) face. remains. air. (v) nap. residue. hold. gaze. countenance. synonyms (v) attention. respite. chaste. realm. office. blame. antonym (n) inattention. justify. concentration. aspect. bodyguard. residual. antonym (v) work. synonyms (n) mind. turnout. gaze. congregation. continuation. sustenance. esteem. caution. (n) face. harmony. appearance. regard. untouched. attend. look (bakış. synonyms (n) presence. synonyms (adj) pure. girl. oddment. (v) anxiety. turnout. bill. note. concern. synonyms (n) beat. counterbalance. consistency. guise. tendment. maintenance. burden. outlook. manzara). ministration. hear. affection. countenance. surveillance. 4. count. (n) maiden. diligence. guardian. vigilance. peeper. bakma 1. antonyms (v) request. deliberation. warder. throb. bandolier. (v) behold. rhythm. guard. warden. 7. new. guise. cent. irregularity. subject.48 Turkish . regard (bakmak). custody. guise. sustentation. bakir virgin (bakire). scene. auburn. adjust. assemblage. (v) counterbalance. composition. unmixed. glance. thought. vigil. cadence. equality. administration. expect. (adj) abandoned. help. vibrate. synonyms (n) excess. equilibrium. watchman. name. account. 4. cost. antonyms (n) asymmetry. affirm. worry. attendants. 4. division. aspect. leftovers. command. contrast. conduct. attend. judgment. government. (v) neglect. fuzz. sentry. synonyms (n) optic. (v) pulsate. administer. relic. air. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. place. opinion. 2. view. attendance. presbytery. settle. protect. (n) sentinel. wake. assail. (n) face. synonyms (v) allude. antonyms (n) imbalance. synonyms (n) accusation. hearing. abide. relaxation. offset. new. advert. observe. timepiece. caretaker. balance. complement. legume. scene. attend. görünüm. respect. value. bakım 1. owner. glance. antonym (n) disrespect. expect. reckon. 3. ingot. assembly. ear. maid. prelacy. bakışım symmetry (simetri). charge. 2. care. protector. judgment. (n) maiden. patrol. concern. consider. preservation. attend. parity. follow. remain. appointment. authority. domain. pause. cop. antonym (n) end.websters-online-dictionary. gallery. regularity. notion. synonyms (n) briefcase. precision. virtuous. apprehension. branch. book. vestal. retreat. center. esteem. notice. assist. bureaucracy. remainder (artık. fresh. 3. equipoise. synonyms (v) continue. glance. palpitate. expression. department (bölüm). (v) regard. synonyms (n) look. notion. maintain (korumak). 4. attack. audience. idea. bid. pertain. bakış 1. mind. tendance. 2. heartbeat. unmarried. see. rashness. fear. (v) attendance. synonyms (n) look. preserve. bear. thoughtlessness. service. girl. oculus. virginal. hold. submit. virtuous. impute. intact. dengelemek). serve. pulsation. deliver. heed. compensate. (v) regard. invoke. appreciate. counterpoise. brown. leisure. insist. synonyms (n) poise. synonyms (v) clock. keep. file. innocent. quiver. perch. regard. audit. alimony. part. ascribe.org) . attending. apply. (v) unbalance. correspondence. bakiye 1. keep. gold. air. prospect. 3. appearance. heed. antonyms (v) deny. remainder. coextension. synonyms (n) compartment. draw. bull. synonyms (v) accompany. kalan). commend. equality. (v) accuse. eye. custos. guard. outlook. check. absolve. end. attendance. 6. ministry. allege. recess. credit. aid. budget. expression. chaste. aspect. measure. look (bakmak). assemblage. ring. area. order. note. expect. believe. fresh. antonyms (n) absence. consider. crowd. escort. glimpse. impulse. attention (dikkat). 3. refer (başvurmak). (adj) vigilance. adduce. leftover. eye (göz). prospect. disproportion. synonyms (n) presence. break. care. conservation. channel. synonyms (adj) pure. support. halt. observation. view. album. load. maid. balance (denge. ease. class. appear. bakmak 1. figure. nursing. see. relate. innocent. centre. recklessness. aver. (n) notice. curator. expression. listen. stare. rest (dinlenme). quiet. section. assault. synonyms (n) custodian. blur. unmarried. remnant. attendance. commission. nugget. portfolio (portföy). lie. bakıcı keeper. attending. pulsing. attendancy. account. heed. attendancy. sustainment. rest. intact. appear. concern. watch (seyretmek). synonyms (v) seem. bakliyat pulse. figure. assert. alertness. clergy. virginal. thought. pig. synonyms (n) bronze. countenance. synonyms (n) cabinet. aid. estimate.English respect. bother. untouched. tax.

maintain. 8. dullard. dandle.org) . distend. bank. videotape. faction. lead. sack. rope. harbour. stomach. party. remark. (adj) sap. mind (akıl). divest. synonyms (n) side. jump. strip. (v) confront. accept. croupier. compensate. bando band (bant). (v) sweeten. belief. lout. measurement. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. maintenance. shellfish. head. measure. pursue. epistle. synonyms (n) poise. hunting. find. envision. abandon. banket shoulder (omuz). sportfishing. strap. synonyms (n) bulb. baldır calf (dana). evaluate. beginner. psyche. undermine. gravitate. nurse. pekan. manager. stack. chair. synonyms (n) poll. rummage. comfort. bulge. weaken. (v) beware. prance. slope. lift. form. lactate. halieutics. facade. dearest. teller. see (anlamak. burletta. combine. synonyms (n) stand. inquiry. judgement. 10. afterpiece. capitalist. drama. bullet. raise. harlequinade. not etmek). knot. yüz). deposit. synonyms (n) loggia. deposit. expiscation. hill. excess. push. (v) ring. play. brains. circle. antonym (v) withdraw. (v) ring. (v) nourish. bereave. balta axe. cultivate. top. pluck. combine. complement. banker banker. mentality. insect. duck. audit. bill. mind. pellet. dealer. judicatory. grope. shorthorn. (v) angling. apprehend. distinguish. bolster. 12. balçık clay (kil). shot. ribbon. attention. projectile. skip. canvass. veneer. synonyms (n) nurture. detect. tend. ball (top). watch. circle. pantomime. bale ballet. heed. rely. dear.websters-online-dictionary. mark. synonyms (n) dancing. hop. memory. baby. (v) bear. peel. house. examine. (v) prop. flame. terrace. burlesque. synonyms (n) finance. corroborate. set. band. divertissement. face (çehre. banka bank. cambist. sugar. party. antonyms (v) avoid. couch. bop. loon. manage. mound. globe. synonyms (v) subvert. judiciary. (v) unbalance. 14. back. 2. party. ramp. 49 balkon balcony. pare. appraise. bare. limit. adjust. sweetheart. review. (v) ax. stack. synonym (n) myself. discover. (adj) perceive. blacktail. seek. amphibian. deck. synonyms (n) fisherman. cassette. delve. surface. annotation. synonyms (n) soil. hunt. credit. endorsement. loam. brass. synonyms (n) cluster. shove. synonyms (n) cluster. doctor. billow. undertake. 2. examination. antonym (v) ignore. plunder. contrast. heap. lean. audacity. (v) record. synonyms (v) feel. cradle. beloved. synonyms (n) bubble. kid. (v) deprive. interlude. comedy. favor. (adj) front. synonyms (n) choreography. kitten. abort. caper. sura. nanny. conscience. bankacılık banking. brain. table. inspect. football. survey. dance (dans. symmetry. dust. porch. (v) notice. cavort. backer. (v) angle. dance. company. entertain. bloat. heap. colt. offset. hawking. mound. arch. workbench. lump. consort. decorate. (v) embankment. antonyms (v) strengthen. synonyms (n) bird. veranda. catch. go. antonyms (v) dress. breastfeed. chop. riverside. (v) ball. synonyms (n) calfskin. support. seal. balıkçılık fishing. balustrade. back. synonyms (n) comment. carry. swell. mark. slope. reject. know. synonyms (n) cashier. rodding. swathe. mud. farce. visage. (n) tend. collar. synonyms (n) darling. gradient. feed. desteklemek). damage. remainder. shake. court. tribunal. swathe. piscation. (v) oppose. sustain. strip. despoil. synonyms (n) settle. bant 1. coursing. cow. intelligence. inspection. store. account. foetus. knot. eaves. (adj) halieutic. bar. 3. dig. balon balloon. mine. soar. store. molasses. synonyms (n) knife. expand. bank bench. ashes. moneyer. broker. ascertain. defy. lace. discern. collar. surat. baltalamak undermine. riverside. inflate. rifle. boldness. run. pillar. gang. company. ransack. settle. encourage. bluff. bana me. mention. (v) study. amah. indication. assess. comedietta. affront. balcon. synonyms (n) dam. (v) bound. nurse (hemşire). carry. crew. bead. investor. synonyms (n) intellect. dans etmek). (v) counterbalance. slant. antonym (v) deflate. bluff. coast. crew. harbor. hold. behold. cupola. hill. antonym (v) forget. synonyms (n) band.Turkish . worm. portal. (v) embankment. antonym (v) withdraw. digest. denude. exterior. goldsmith. synonyms (n) slip. cadaver. foal. blade. shooting. verge. 13. gang. fly. financier. lace. antonym (v) neglect. (n) overthrow. jostle. contribute. antonyms (n) imbalance. synonyms (n) dam. patronage. brace. assume. counteract. beat. strap. orb. balıkçı fisher. (adj) financial. synonyms (v) incline. portico. conduce. opera. love. balık fish. take. impair. step. support (dayanak. confirm. promote. baseball. set. dome. banknot note (not. foster. heart. gradient. destroy. 9. görmek). increase. boost. weaken. bal honey. cave. recognize. shell.English remain. tape. counterpoise. pottery. distinction. observation. synonyms (n) fishery. doodle. breed. pup. break. usurer. (adj) earthen. sabotage. pillage. extravaganza. limit. coast. faction. catwalk. beg. breast. banko bank (banka). inclination. dirt. cherish. destek. look. board. mollusk. sphere. 11. remains. countermine. video. dengelemek). balo 1. balans balance (denge. exode. terrace. antonyms (n) hindrance. thrust. synonyms (n) elbow. lown. deem. rely. burrow.

peaceable. proficient. meek. (v) entertain. harmony. handicap. quiet. synonyms (n) baroqueness. even. synonyms (adv) foremost. synonyms (n) bath. grand (büyük). central. 3. quiet. (n) glorious. froth. safety. booming. dwelling. initial.websters-online-dictionary. gentleman. synonyms (n) asylum. barındırmak 1. final. tranquil. (v) harbor. haunt. conflict. habitation. foreclose. leader. leader (lider). seaport. chaos. violoncello. block. principal. firm. crown. rich. discard. establishment. order. before. 2. first (birinci. (v) ban. shield. antonym (v) expose. paramount. (adj) defense. screen. placid. mild. ass. (v) conquer. stop. contain. high. glassful. general. (v) glaze. ace. defend. chairman. bardak glass (cam). coach. second. tavern. shelter. (n) basso. arse. bema. building. chief (ana). motorbus. (adj) original. can. banyo 1. pub. top. trout.English barışçı pacific. ease. barocco. director. refuge (sığınak). obstacle. adjustment. bear. taproom. bear. hut. serene. (v) peace. cup. harbor. synonyms (n) instructor. ginmill. agreement. hide. synonyms (v) cast. 2. mesken). mastermind. nurse. hide. taphouse. strange. direct. car. fence. haven. majestic. basin. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. bland. pothouse. drinkery. shelter. 3. sedan. fancy. elder. dismiss. bath. dam. synonyms (n) barricade. covert. tank. vehicle. security. tumbler. barroom. chancel. hindrance. (adj) best. easy. foam. dam. bum. hut. edifice. lounge. drop. sonorous. protection. hurdle. silent. shadow. obstruct. bathroom (Tuvalet). synonyms (adj) excellent. (adj) ice. butt. 2. block. rather. antonyms (adj) last. bottle. refuge. sanctuary. gaudy. (adj) ornate. repose. first. (n) hut. lead. uproar. skipper. balneation. peaceful. barok baroque. (v) grind. gentle. barışma reconciliation. 6. synonyms (n) dust. lee. rumbling. head (kafa). violent. bowl. (n) commencement. restraint. bespangle. elevated. privy. resort. burrow. preserve. housing. synonyms (n) family. peaceable. gashouse. synonyms (n) chief. 5. pub. 2. sober. defend. madhouse. buns. pub. synonyms (n) pane. reconcilement. sovereign. cryptic. gorgeous. asylum. atonement. dip. officer. forward. rococo. shack. temple. flamboyant. gunpowder. abstruse. synonyms (n) protect. (v) recourse. chieftain. 2. antonyms (adj) minor. balancing. still. beautiful. (v) ban. entertain. (v) follow. block. bas bass. adjustment. 3. bathtub. synonyms (n) bar. synonyms (n) accommodation. asylum. stop. harmony. band. elaborate. antonym (v) expose. arch. peace. captain. exuviate. hideaway. ancestry. synonyms (n) shrine. lodge. hush. contain. hold. agreement. reservation. exclude. dam. bolt. exalted. antonyms (adj) aggressive. home. conductor. rapprochement. balk. front. 4.org) . quaint. behind. early. commotion. (v) accommodate. telescope. emit. bar 1. resource. shade. primary. composure. maestro. guru. point. subordinate. pacification. covert. rapprochement. executive. accord. (n) administrator. balancing. structure. exclude. pulverize. antonyms (n) end. synonyms (adj) head. accord. ilk). scatter. opening. security. composed. resonant. antonyms (n) follower. fling. chair. shade. (adj) quiet. protection. house (ev. (v) cover. dignified. booth. headmaster. 4. baş 1. eminent. synonyms (n) guide. port. altar. peace (huzur). primitive. tranquil. (v) screen. çubuk). former. chalice. tense. tenor. baraka shed. line. line. churrigueresque. synonyms (n) calm. dominate. reconciliation. noble. peace. busbar. antonyms (v) permit. domicile. governor. 5. hero. synonyms (n) refuge. arrest. barış 1. foreclose. antonyms (n) noise. impediment. home. synonyms (n) seaport. cardinal. (adj) defense. molt. official. (v) great. pacification. clean. command. disgorge. sanctuary. expert. preliminary. bara bus (otobüs). low. amicable. (adv) accompaniment. flowery. cabin. maiden. essential. brain. protect. omnibus. drink. bolt. mediation. keep. manager. control. inn. pound. coolness. barut powder (toz). explosive. bariyer barrier (engel). toilet. outlandish. synonyms (n) haven. defeat. superior. serenity. important. bulwark. abode. 3. leading. lav. antonym (adj) plain. (v) bathe. arrest. lodging. allow. lavatory. mediation. synonyms (adj) deep. 2. baro bar (bar. master (ana). conceal. (v) capital. immersion. concord. institution. straggler. retreat. lodge. shield. fort. church. harbour (liman). appeasement. synonyms (n) saloon. moderate. hideout. heartsease. employer. sanctuary. hold. pulverise. balk. harbour (liman). associate. bar. bar (çubuk). boundary. moult. synonyms (n) automobile. commander. reconcilement. autobus. rampart. shelter. appeasement. churrigueresco. main. antonyms (v) permit. allow. obstruction. (v) concord. snag. sprinkle. halcyon. guard. cover. charabanc. gentle. band. superb. synonyms (n) guard. conciliatory. saloon. beginning. bathroom. nurse. crush. synonyms (n) wash. snag. window. meek. synonyms (adj) calm. mild. synonyms (n) barricade. amity. affusion. boss. backside. atonement. bottom. synonyms (n) accommodation. authority. synonyms (n) barricade. noisy. barışsever peaceful. tub.50 Turkish . secondary. florid. synonyms (adj) calm. goblet. barınak 1. massive. obstruct. spyglass.

crook. (v) bend. antonyms (adj) fortunate. defeat. victory. measure. finale. başarısız unfortunate. 14. basamak 1. synonyms (n) chancellor. significant. başarmak 1. lug. nadir. fortune. prevention. primary. vital. powerful. basal. dawn. overriding. disappointment. appreciation. 9. deed. favor. group. grand. office. supersede. bust. attainment. propitious. walk. deed. deplorable. happiness. complete. profitable. carry. successful. origin. fulfill. rudimentary.org) . act. auspicious. growth. acquire. prospering. influential. synonyms (v) accomplish. money. antonyms (v) succeed. adverse. displace. supplant. top (üst). elemental. funds. synonyms (adj) commanding. thwarted. lucky. foundation. prevail. disastrous. principal. effectual. turn. hapless. efficient. effect. base. install. collide. triumph. highest. derivation. (adj) feat. deposit. prevail. achievement. exquisite. get. action. lay. chancellor. operation. opulent. collision. synonyms (adj) elementary. decline. stride. (n) flower. secure. birth. minister. abortion. synonyms (adj) fundamental. division. want. disappointment. staple. gait. synonyms (n) act. move. curvature. achieve. kowtow. head. (adj) feat. modest. initiation. wealth. minister. fix. synonyms (v) acquire. hit. synonyms (n) degree. coach. bump. blossom. capability. debacle. synonyms (adj) favorable. synonyms (n) cause. get. kneel. antonyms (adj) minor. defeat. submissive. arch. affluent. crucial. (adj) basic. core. (v) cultivate. means. untoward. resources. exceed. performance. first. encounter. antonyms (n) omission. break. success. downfall. practice. fortunate. synonyms (n) class. cease. big. act. palmy. rampant. chance. (adj) incipient. lamentable. ensue. incipiency. surface. antonyms (n) success. station. conquer. step (adım). deed. prime. passing. belt. antonyms (adj) unsuccessful. triumph. capital (başkent.Turkish . genesis. observance. successful. attitude. triumphant. synonyms (n) accomplishment. cash. notice. beat. evaluate. başak ear (kulak). flourish. make. main. winner. humble. (n) chancellor. başarılı 1. vanquish. order. bang. (n) bottom. synonyms (adj) maximum. rich. demise. base. fulfillment. synonyms (n) bankruptcy. dependent. paramount. take. flush. completion. 4. başat dominant. failing. defer. victory. (v) pace. loss. primary (birincil). 12. easy. 7. triumph. (n) good. pivotal. (v) prevalent. comfortable. antonyms (adj) worst. conclusion. succeed. efficacious. başaramamak fail. curve. (n) prosperous. acquisition. exploit. inception. performance. earn. prevailing. reach. act. deteriorate. execution. ending. quality. freeze. bloom. major. cover. antonyms (n) finish. failing. (n) knock. başarı 1. synonyms (adj) chief. especial. score. handle.English antonyms (adj) unimpressive. overriding. failure (bozukluk). action. (v) premiere. sad. 11. poor. lieutenant. arrange. form. (n) peak. freezing. elite. (v) ground. ill. infelicitous. calamitous. başarım performance (performans). procure. 2. locate. crest. (n) radical. die. smash. leading. collapse. gradient. center. recital. fruition. happy. antonym (v) remove. 2. (v) chill. crouch. unlucky. necessary. antonym (v) lose. debut. duck. luck. rank. acquisition. discharge. hit (isabet. frost (ayaz). act. begin. emergence. firsthand. (v) cap. synonyms (n) arc. do. key. synonyms (n) conquest. fruitful. execution. pursue. foremost. synonyms (v) strike. primordial. dandy. height. apex. büyük harf). dean. hit. consul. pinna. fulfillment. bow. hearing. aboriginal. ineffective. implementation. achievement. principal (ana). come. precede. 2. spike. başbakan 1. ice. synonyms (v) follow. başarma achievement (başarı). breakdown. obeisance. predominant. synonyms (adj) master. discrimination. achieve. acme. prime. hoarfrost. prevalent. synonyms (n) auricle. synonyms (n) city. execute. cream. heed. completion. 8. proceeding. (v) action. 3. prosperous. supreme. rime. default. succeed. wherewithal. domicile. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. attainment. principal. attain. stage. wealth. premier. antonym (n) failure. (n) corpus. assets. incline. place. fulfillment. primal. synonyms (adj) inauspicious. main. disappoint. grade (derece). thrive. stoop. primeval.websters-online-dictionary. beginning (başlangıç). antonym (n) failure. major. başarısızlık 1. prosper. job. chapiter. touch. subordinate. well-off. effective. premier. pinnacle. (adj) decline. icing. efficiency. prosperity. category. (v) premiere. booming. capitulum. crown. achievement. antonym (v) lose. attain. victory. 3. chief. 2. range. domineering. 10. default. efflorescence. accomplishment. dominant. (v) classify. drop. implementation. gain. heyday. place (yer). summit. spot. antonym (adj) poor. inopportune. gain. earing. buckle. synonyms (n) premier. synonyms (n) position. synonyms (n) cold. 13. disaster. advantageous. level. implementation. synonyms (adj) flourishing. hoar. achiever. attainment. fade. effort. favourable. thriving. superlative. footstep. obtain. dealer. replace. gradation. start. deficiency. arrive. flag. synonyms (n) accomplishment. slope. error. 51 vurmak). effort. achievement. bad. manage. win. reach. lucky. (v) post. exploit. bash. brand. stock. efficacy. antonyms (v) fail. effectiveness. win (kazanmak). surpass. 2. antonyms (n) flop. execution. achiever. sorrowful. synonyms (v) abort. authoritative. footprint. perform. leading. completion. debacle. achieve. premier (başbakan). 2. exploit. abandon. blow. outdo. loser.

antonym (n) persuasion. leader. başkaldırmak revolt (ayaklanmak). fundamental. pack. fussy. devious. adjust. primary. rustic. dissimilar. chief. sincere. compress. simple. organization. unlike. restriction. unusual. executive. corbeille. insistence. detach. compulsion. pompous. artless. push. also. paramount. synonyms (adj) basic. obscure. head (baş. synonyms (n) accent. constraint (zorlama). primary. crown. abuse. management. exigency. initial. apparent. offend. coerce. stomach. another. lead. homely. typical. emphasis. basımcı printer (yazıcı). liberal. severity. compression (sıkıştırma). administration. bare. pinch. nauseate. direct. miscellaneous. elementary. added. justice. seçenek). professorship. mere. importance. president. restraint. transform. squeeze. rebellion. correspondent. revolution. vague. check. upright. foreign. repel. alien. new. multicolored. (adj) other. (adj) constrain. natural. synonyms (adj) lax. commander. (v) drive. more. synonyms (n) chair. dissolute. foam. level. basınç 1. chaste. dissimilar. compressed. mash. different. immoral. opposite. cunning. straightforward. wedged. dense. magistrate. confused. 4. clasp. weight. principal. (v) clear. prexy. assets. effort. dictatorship. basitlik simplicity (sadelik). else. gondola. basımevi press (basın. crowd. basın press (basmak). antonym (v) maintain. 3. limitation. press. 4. 2. synonyms (n) principal. informality. başkan 1. confinement. duress. antonyms (n) subordinate. other (diğer). bound. 2. imprinter. liberate. elementary (temel). urge. mash. more. leap. wrong. convert. consolidation. ornate. further. multifaceted. like. (n) flat. force. end. (n) free. emphasize. austerity. affect. oppression. clasp. brunt. strict. push. frank. outright. basal. weight. obvious. different. distinct. urge. gig. prime. simple. synonyms (adj) ordinary. closet. cash. synonyms (n) chairman. honest. ease. syndic. synonyms (n) insurrection. clarity. brain. different. complicated. pottle. pure. preference. equal. difficult. complexity. monitor. cradle. easiness. crowd. trouble. synonyms (n) jam. coffin. money. disposal. compulsion. mixed. severity. antonyms (adj) deceitful. direct. overt. emphasise. force. squeezing. proconsul. ped. (v) disgust. resources. rusticity. release. problematical. 2. antonyms (adj) similar. innocent. organisation.org) . head. introducer. rudimentary.52 Turkish . presidence. extra. (n) option. artlessness. presidentship. prefect. primitive. mottled. (v) crush. elemental. comprehensible. synonyms (adj) straight. multiple. chief. basket basket (sepet). 3. basmak). synonyms (adj) plain. funds. antonyms (adj) fancy. castrate. simpleness. urge. 2. second. governance. anxiety. sophisticated. separate. mysterious. başka 1. synonyms (n) jam. newswriter. emergency. corresponding. ingenuous. synonyms (n) administration. vary. (v) disengage.English inexperience. king. typographer. childish. antonym (n) incentive. diverse. frankness. establishment. (v) capital. diğer). synonyms (adj) additional. great. licentious. closet. fresh. unsophisticated. command. antonyms (n) difficulty. synonyms (n) compaction. baskı 1. antonyms (adj) tight. antonyms (adj) complex. synonyms (v) adapt. synonyms (adj) alternate. influence. (adj) reserve. basit 1. relax. tricky. light. pressure. official. punctuate. (v) strain. second. (adj) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. city. coerce. accentuate. choice. synonyms (n) pressman. judge. dull. (n) threat. even. sicken. limp. hoop. aboveboard. whisket. compound. başkalaşmak alter (değiştirmek). (adj) main. essential. boss. move. (v) follow. further. chairwoman. distort. mutiny. substitute. variation. introductory. alternate. 3. forthright. düz). extra. despotism. constraint. enforcement. strange. compress. concentration. duress. emperor. synonyms (n) force. confusing. chieftain. compressing. intelligible. amend. exhort. executive. taut. load. tyranny. 3. stress. square. explicit. unclear. synonyms (n) innocence. two-colored. lucid. selection. pressure. başkası other (başka. distinct. else. synonyms (n) coercion. discrete. immediate. stres). else. antonym (adj) same.websters-online-dictionary. alternative (alternatif. 2. humble. uprising. (v) crush. evident. change. synonyms (adj) additional. newspaperman. brass. close. director. accentuation. easy. bassinet. speaker. repulse. coerce. downright. ambiguity. detached. gullibility. turn. front. concretion. concealed. open. condition. başıboş loose. coaction. imperator. case. newspaperwoman. president. condensation. appall. correct. compact. başkent capital (büyük harf). attractive. outspoken. perspicuous. froth. elaborate. various. discrepant. synonyms (n) captain. new. stock. alternating. added. pack. chairperson. pressure. point. identical. fresh. protest. exhort. preliminary. ignorance. obligation. (adj) constrain. tension. force. synonyms (adj) assorted. manifest. original. chairman. government. alternative. several. squeeze. moreover. plain (açık. kafa). contraction. opposite. antonym (adj) same. majesty. synonyms (adv) besides. means. another. stress (gerginlik. candid. underline. synonyms (n) injustice. (adj) shock. rebel. administrator. variant. plainness. handbasket. synonyms (n) basketful. spokesman. başkanlık presidency. shift.

firstly. moderation. origin (kaynak. advance. fundamental. stres). 3. onset. incursion. 10. dominant. exigency. basal. duplicating. underline. impetus. lettering. başlama 1. emphasise. introductory. synonyms (n) impression. synonyms (adj) basic. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. blackmail. verge. (n) jump. border. launch. leash. discipline. conclude. ram. antonym (n) persuasion. obstruction.Turkish . rise. extraction. molestation. synonyms (n) induction. curb. root. press. blood. (v) strain. pack. outset. start (başlamak. preface. accentuate. exhort. book. feel. incipient. loot. print. commence. origin. clasp. drive. alarm. imprint.English violence. antonym (n) retreat. introduce. finish. synonyms (v) commence. antonyms (adj) minor. reproduction. energy. open. origin. brunt. infuse. duplicate. synonyms (v) insert. (adj) constrain. başlatmak). (n) jump. inaugurate. printmaking. original. initiate. essential. start (başlamak. synonyms (adj) commanding. engrave. synonyms (adj) elementary. burden. başlamak 1. grievance. beginning. rampant. bust. entrance. impulse. fountain. (prep) beginning. halt. enter. (adj) autocracy. urge. set. replica. origin. surprisal. imperativeness. derivation. easy. become. conclude. declivity. 9. rank. 53 embark. originate. doorstep. conception. inception. straightforward. launch. base. (v) thrust. submissive. spring. powerful. activate. stun. insistence. descent. rendering. (v) photograph. jolt. decline. feeling. picture. drive. threshold. kickoff. start (başlangıç. 6. hug. originality. load. door. first. synonyms (n) bridle. issue. family. synonyms (n) enterprise. power. authoritative. descent. innovation. circulation. declination. well. collection. synonyms (adv) first. underlying. strength. adaptation. (v) crush. finish. compel. antonyms (v) end. mark. extraction. antonyms (v) conclude. synonyms (n) brink. onset. interject. create. flinch. interpose. stop. tension. genealogy. originate. head. present. (n) conclusion. (v) prevalent. admiration. catch. vigor. introduction. 8. birth. zorlamak). containment. force (güç. edition. dawn. synonyms (n) ancestry. 2. pillage. incipient. astonishment. gumption. (adj) preparatory. broach. clue. instill. coerce. antonyms (n) export. preamble. rudimentary. push. primary. decadence. (n) jump. porch. intro. trouble. synonyms (n) attack. antonyms (n) ascent. first. initial (ilk). cram. family. ending. prelude. synonyms (n) constraint. shock. birthing. 4. leading. (v) hardship. print. 2. starting. overriding. acquaint. image. invasion. appearance. antonyms (v) finish. opinion. source. synonyms (n) accent. synonyms (v) begin. copying. anxiety. press (basın. antonyms (n) excess. synonyms (n) opening. prolusion. impression (izlenim). 4. 8. başlatan initiative. emphasis. pedigree. translation. labor. mash. shock. dawn. synonyms (n) energy. drive. bear. obstacle. control. squeeze. onset. photo. enter. earmark. (n) conclusion. admission. arise. stamp. crowd. 3. limen. debut. departure. startle. impress. antonyms (v) end. presentation. pressure (basınç). abandon. başlatmak). start. 4. basmak). (adj) opening. advantage. printing. formerly. baskın 1. başlangıçta initially. simple. inroad. restraint. artless. improvement. ambition. amaze. exhibit. (n) alpha. antonym (n) weakness. introduce.org) . synonyms (n) belief. (v) impediment. entry. synonyms (n) start. since. initial.websters-online-dictionary. leading. startle. effectiveness. arise. foreword. necessity. issue. synonyms (n) parturition. early. 2. influential. nativity. chief. 5. originate. foundation. (v) foray. parentage. outset. type. 9. main. effort. birth (doğum). blood. inject. commencement. antonym (adv) lastly. (n) conclusion. limit. spring. end. postscript. köken). synonyms (n) jam. ancestry. advantage. kuvvet. drive. facsimile. fall. wonder. precede. synonyms (n) cause. primarily. derivation. raid. run. proem. emphasize. (v) drive. doorsill. induct. postern. impel. onset. institute. enforce. paramount. dent. deterrent. (v) astound. source. (adj) original. lineage. 2. compress. invade. maraud. source. creativity. deliver. shock. embark. dawn. importance. stop. genesis. idea. embossing. başlatmak). sortie. halt. embark. (v) delivery. opening. doorway. synonyms (v) begin. beginning. principal. preliminary. 3. beginning. notion. declension. variation. inventiveness. threshold (eşik). halt. (v) sign. effect. 7. accentuation. anthology. emergency. pinch. initial. commencement. drop. striking. lineage. foremost. stress (gerginlik. demise. pressing. synonyms (n) version. domineering. synonym (n) offset. antonyms (n) finale. antonym (n) death. surprise (sürpriz). closet. influence. arise. 7. descent (iniş). amazement. starting. spring. departure. activate. synonyms (n) outset. (prep) from. initiation. subordinate. 11. found. assault. prologue. shock. depression. kickoff. commencing. copy. insistency. leap. introduction (giriş). modesty. launch. number. emergence. elemental. printing. origin. insertion. 6. 3. from. compilation. etching. synonyms (n) fright. compression. brand. primary. punctuate. synonyms (v) begin. stop. agency. originally. başlangıç 1. başlangıç. nascency. activate. vestibule. astonish. incipiency. edge. commence. letterpress. implant. commencement. synonyms (n) engraving. primitive. birth. assail. nascence. elementary (temel). limit. 10. inhibition. hindrance. start. begin. flinch. 5. major.

stock (hisse senedi). eminence. base. synonyms (v) become. dab. (adj) peculiarly. supreme. deliver. (v) handle. communicate. force. stamp. push. normal. title. synonyms (n) boat. seizure. corpus. stroke. trample. race. armor. basmakalıp 1. mostly. circulate. generally. (v) commonplace. gangster. advertise. term. mark. hücum etmek. synonyms (n) knock. chiefly. assault. impression. attack. line. bump. engrave. pronounce. arise. 8. accepted. pickelhaube. başlık 1. saldırmak). hat. başpiskopos archbishop. chaplain. synonyms (n) imprint. origin. inroad. stride. lead. incipient. pat. enter. central. (v) impress. box. publish (yayımlamak). synonyms (n) caption. great. touch. bearing. lettering. 2. form. articulate. beat. especially. commencement. largely. higher. complete. say. radical. opinion. archdeacon. aggression. loot. major.websters-online-dictionary. extensive. synonyms (v) begin. ruling. step (adım. apposite. cachet. issue. grave. clap. emboss. post. undertake.org) . goon. synonyms (adv) originally. family. slap. appellation. primarily. shape. approach. build. onslaught. create. curate. bombard. stop. foremost. 3. başlatmak 1. facsimile. decision. hurl. hit. invade. prevalent. institute. attempt. secondary. orthodox. launch. (v) bang. synonyms (n) tap. everyday. cast. bonnet. smack. (v) pace. copy. engraving. 5. first. 6. prevailing. dean. ownership. rise. thug. lettering. designate. (v) style. grand. sortie. qualified. bloom. drift. goods. (adj) constrain. established. act. original. (adj) primate. (adj) right. proclaim. synonyms (adj) absolute. accuse. fire. malefactor. antonym (n) retreat. conservative. championship. antonyms (adj) minor. reveal. strike (bulmak. found. bring. synonyms (adj) large. edict. feature. mint. (v) crush. (adj) initial. judgement. (v) headpiece. clergyman. 5. synonyms (n) headrope. başlangıç). (v) express. grev). 2. criminal. copy. başlıca 1. elder. hood. 6. launch. (n) leader. serious. prime. helmet. charge. hooligan. stress. synonyms (n) breed. coach. happen. designation. dawn. (adj) regular. embark. synonyms (adv) mainly. curiously. chief. hoard. raid. talk. closure. heading. staple. 2. fundamental. brigandine. 4. descent. (n) judgment. gait. capital. photograph. 9. synonyms (n) attack. big. closet. fit. predominant. director. greater. beat. handle. coif. inaugurate. supply. original. reverence. hand. picture. (adj) notably. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. tread. entitle. customary. manager. herald. (v) print. general. premier. particularly. interest. ordinary. level. assail. decree. note. bust. antonyms (adj) partial. emit. beset. incursion. firstly. cap. act. bishop. synonyms (n) call. antonyms (adj) unimportant. basically. pillage. familiar. birth. reproduction. principally. primarily. besiege. unorthodox. drive. helm. (v) attempt. hit. denomination. descent. apt. punch. hoodlum. dealer. minister. name. synonyms (adj) chief. büyük). finish. emblem. limit. leaf. fondle. tack. coin. earmark. considerable. crowd. basmak 1. superior. synonyms (n) cap. major (ana. (n) conclusion. maraud. principal (ana). voice. spread. synonyms (adj) formal. 3. hitchhike. tell. aegis. gradation. expose. compress. characterize. induce. essentially. master. important. basamak). synonyms (n) jam. (v) ground. kriz. mash. petty. start. (v) foray. (n) cardinal. broach. 7. walk. rebellious. synonyms (n) cover. main (ana). originate. synonyms (n) seal. way. crook. ocean. direction. notify. mainly. affect. antonyms (n) defense. helmet (kask). state. raid. forefinger. detonator. halt. brand. heading. proceeding. backlog. (v) top. aim.54 Turkish . slight. rank. introduce. flick. paramount. clasp. stamp. inaugural. crest. 3. squeeze. (n) best. clout. letterpress. commence. press (basın). collide. feel. beneficiary. basic. pronouncement. 6. head. breathe. stamp (damga. antonyms (v) end. die. headline. (v) defend. beat. riffle. impression. measure. coerce. dome. better. course. onset. başparmak thumb. claim. synonyms (n) thrust. disclose. canon. epithet. 3. (v) caress. aggress. open. head. engraving. toss. cast. lesser. principal. synonyms (n) degree. (v) impress. overriding. spring. knock. diocesan. conclude. excellent. boss. speak. ancestry. beginning. dart. surpass. apron. synonyms (adj) main. buffet. lineage. activate. exhort. protect. (n) jump. initiatory. synonyms (n) metropolitan. footstep. facsimile. hood. punk. brains. flip. capital. crucial. conventional (geleneksel). flower. pack. 8. rule. synonyms (v) declare. pul). dominant. (v) finger. engrave. rap. 4. print. auxiliary. picture.English enterprisingness. hitch. directive. blossom. clap. promulgate. attack (hücum. cowling. routine. announce. ceiling. fling. broadcast. unusual. invasion. reigning. supplementary. issue. reproduction. synonyms (adj) regnant. synonyms (adj) prime. early. leading. antonyms (adj) unconventional. 3. (v) emphasize. synonyms (adv) chiefly. 2. cowl. habitual. stage. blast. posta pulu. letterpress. law. tip. synonyms (n) imprint. title. slap. photograph. relaxed. inauguration. 5. 7. decorous. divulge. headdress. hefty. primary. urge. origin. start (başlamak. (v) initiate. onset. common. synonyms (n) pollex. move. vital. mark. begin (başlamak). 2. backplate. footprint. essential. publicize. touch. establish. store. leading. buckler. basma print. shock. breastplate. first. exquisite. 4. lid. senior. header. utter. key. synonyms (n) casque. cause.

hold. arrange. address. (adj) sweeping. consume. sink (lavabo).English başta ahead. liquefy.org) . dish. house. reason. (v) cloak. smooth. secure. humankind. grup. attention. common. morass. costly. synonyms (n) bedding. quagmire. communal. 3. dip. put. character. reasonable. (adj) variable. forward. clench. suitcase. comb-out. fasten. (n) customary. founder. laureate. concern. employ. staff. synonyms (n) laminitis. formerly. compressing. base. previously. body. crude. boot. overall. army. beginner. başvurma reference (ilgi. apply (Uygula. associate. mire. pertain. devote. adjust. locate. centilmen). luxurious. consolidation. guy. mafsal. 2. marshland. bearing. synonyms (adj) inexpensive. wash. position. antonyms (v) soften. base. bawdy. descend. box. rude. consider. magister. ortak). droop. break. regiment. 2. deliberate. bent. adjust. cheesy. coarse (kaba). float. forwards. commend. grasp. appeal. synonyms (v) dedicate. stock. petition. liquid. bilateral. mention. secure. synonyms (adj) collective. descending. group. comprehensive. valet. concretion. mean. advise. wholesale. global. synonyms (n) esquire. fell. unilateral. regulate. drop. (n) articulation. cling. antonyms (adj) expensive. squadron. wolfram. synonyms (adj) middling. westbound. company. attribute. synonyms (n) redactor. consult. gentleman. synonyms (adv) before. arrange. synonyms (v) fix. vulgar. broad. takım). refer (bakmak). peculiar. synonyms (adj) barbarous. refer. collection. seam. decay. humanity. homo. (v) fail. arrange. trunk. locate. tungsten. pil). special. swamp. outstanding. liquefy. fen. beforehand. quotation. general. antonyms (adv) behind. (adj) variable. unusual. distinguished. economical. normal. grup. gross. (adj) gentilhomme. fix. fore. comb-out. synonyms (v) allude. (n) class. swamp. squireen. synonyms (n) bag. deliver. boorish. 3. western. uygulamak). squeezing. discuss. invoke. dip. late. low. antonym (n) woman. marish. secure. conventional. lay. ortak). 2. confabulate. (n) combing. flexible. bind. place. decay. fast. impute. ponent. 2. position. common (adi. 2. eklem. put. man. (n) class. synonyms (adj) ordinary. adduce. descend. master. synonyms (n) compaction. flag. flag. cooperative. writer. earthy. melt. swampland. fast. common. fall. bataklık marsh (batak). press. usual. inventor. 3. blunt. uncivilized. bury. synonyms (n) troop. harsh. join. wash. apply. niggardly. ascribe. joining. flexible. marish. morass. başvuru application (uygulama). appeal. (adj) fixed. contraction. proboscis. adjust. father. lay. (n) lead. basin. strange. synonyms (n) bog. bay 1. effendi. (n) class. (n) combing. crumple. claim. (v) cite. coarse. everyday. consign. paste. synonyms (v) fix. consultation. incredible. set. (n) talk. generic. bagful. regulate. flop. resort. define. concentration. synonyms (n) bar. administration. droop. put. winning. (v) decline. (adj) immerse. exercise. forth. attach. connection. submit. batı 1. on. antonyms (adj) extraordinary. başyazar editor (düzenleyici). batmak 1. w. ask. hold. (adj) variable. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. sir. mediocre. (adj) fixed. allusion. refer. cheap. gentleman (bey. connection. mutual. squad. handbag. creator. (v) decline. mire.websters-online-dictionary. demand. annotation. noble. (n) give. synonyms (v) fix. bole. founder. batma set (ayarlamak. famous. battaniye blanket. collapse. liquefy. define. 4. occiduous. broad. batarya battery (akü. antonyms (v) rise. appliance. human. place. name. lay. antonyms (v) soften. affix. 2. drop. cover. synonyms (n) occident. (n) combing. editioner. quote. clutch. confab. administer. concentration. sink. covering. mugging. (v) general. innuendo. marshland. (adj) fixed. signior. nose. use. grup. fast. stab. fellow. referans). quagmire. antonyms (v) soften. habitual. patrician. dominus. set. locate. fall. batırmak sink (lavabo). advert. bastırma compression (sıkıştırma). onslaught. recommendation. bayağı 1. baston stick (yapıştırmak). sophisticated. commonplace. bent. request. call. watt. set. float. diligence. pressure. patriarch. synonyms (n) bog. define. 55 batış set (ayarlamak. (adj) front. sheet. melt. torso. ancestor. mutual. buck. antonyms (adj) individual. bavul 1. swampland. coverlet. set (ayarlamak. onward. antonyms (v) rise. occidental. violence. sleazy. batakhane joint (birleşik. snout. shabby. exercise. utilize. synonyms (n) stem. liquid. melt. synonyms (n) citation. canvass. tasteful. brassy. handle. basin. flashy. set. bury. journalist. synonyms (adj) westerly. originator. lay. synonyms (n) plea. use. bent. liquid. regulate. collapse. worthless. cheap (ucuz). set. battalia. condensation. başvurmak 1. average. synonyms (n) sag. antonyms (adj) refined. hinge. generous. barrage. author. accustomed.Turkish . brutal. (v) south. onwards. private. beyond. synonyms (n) male. fen. falling. ordinary. stirps. sir. stalk. tie. case. don. stingy. luggage. batak marsh (bataklık). first-rate. grip. cohere. separate. hairgrip. effort. rough. negotiate. takım). comb-out. place. (v) adhere. club. takım). synonyms (v) confer. fell. flexible. cleave. signore. clasp. banal. founder. west. (v) articulate. counterpane. clutches. tacky. ark. sequence. synonyms (n) sag. relate. gentle. position. occasive. familiar. bum. handgrip. consecrate.

baz base (alçak. considerable. meantime. eat. indulge. unconscious. horn. (v) junket. soft. abject. break. noble. infant (çocuk). weak. synonyms (adj) model. antonym (adj) giant. flag. madam. near. climb. rather. dip. synonyms (n) lady. basis. synonyms (v) lack. stirrer. (v) pitch. (n) exemplar. synonyms (n) flag. (v) ground. omit. (n) degree. infrequently. unintentional. ascend. baby. cosset. (adj) festive. chick. (adj) former. mean. seller. long. (adj) juvenile. distant. near. unique. roughly. certain. takeoff. considerable. rear. ascent. feeble. wench. public. nizy. schoolmistress. child. swoon. rise (yükselmek). lose. despicable. strong. jump. schoolmarm. trader. dizzy. fete. 2. dim. 3. delicate. indistinct. meanwhile. peeress. recurrently. taban. booby. consistently. antonyms (adj) individual. girl. around. subservient. purchaser. normal. synonyms (n) banquet. weak. sometime. current. 2. gentle. üs). rate. off-and-on. want. slant. antonyms (adj) distinct. delicate. top. baygın 1. pungent. example. woman. title. antonym (v) fast. holiday (tatil). jeep. contemptible. ascent. drop. fail. gentlewoman. round. missis. treat. clear. (n) one. innocent. loud. delicate. synonyms (adv) nearly. (det) any. dizzy. antonym (v) perceive. drop. bayram 1. once. sign. almost. indistinct. baykuş owl. several. girl. burglar. carousal. obvious. punch. around. infrequent. supplemental. swoon. poor. feeble. insensible. synonyms (n) feast. (adj) few. bank. weak. synonyms (adj) involuntary. vendor. sag. inamorata. constantly. synonyms (n) lift. bayır 1. bayılmak faint. 2. loud. advancement. lean. dolly. obvious. ignoble. dull. merchant. (det) any. synonyms (n) concubine. overlook. entertainment. bird. oblivious. heave.English improvement. antonyms (n) buyer. arise. bayrak 1. sometimes. norm. cart. fille. (v) decrease. (adj) bottom. collective. doll. considerable. elevation. weak. soft. vague. spread. clear. synonyms (n) babe. baytar vet (veteriner). 4. antonyms (adj) conscious. 3. biraz). vague. aristocratic. grow. pungent. vague. senseless. subsidiary. baygınlık faint (bayılmak). (v) accessory. classic. dummy. fall. descend. small. slope. cant. mistress. stay. unacquainted. measure. toddler. synonyms (n) foundation. 2. incidental. additional. pungent. distant. vague. (n) commons. indistinct. noddy. signal. 2. ancillary. ignoble. chick. descent. nozzle. fade. regularly. synonyms (n) dealer. (v) coddle. 3. somewhat. banner. otherwhiles. binge. spoil. 4. (v) mount. antonyms (adj) distinct. owner. synonyms (n) baby. irregularly. fall. synonyms (n) banner. master. emblem. (v) vacation. synonyms (adv) occasionally. soft. considerable. swoon. (adj) droop. foul. roughly. abate. gentle. synonyms (n) acclivity. bird. 2. impropriator. decline. dame. originate. synonyms (adv) sometimes. synonyms (n) puppet. ascension. obvious. bobbin. accepted. unknowing. uncommon. dull. dim. jump. (adj) few. mollycoddle. awake. beak. grade. vender. sabbath. synonyms (n) veteran. about. marionette. recess. special. minor. pennant. dim. inclination. (adj) infant. lady. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. ensign. young. female. skirt. average. automatic. temel. meal. noodle. ministrant. rising. (v) squaw. minor. feeble. antonyms (adv) frequently. bad. slope. regular. swoon. vaquero. bunting. clear. usually. appurtenant. synonyms (n) dame. bebek 1. (v) languish. pamper. dishonorable. feast. approximately. bazen 1. hill. exclusive. occasionally. intermittently. declivity. inferior. criterion. gentle. miniature. looby. gradient. (v) languish. dizzy. characteristic. fail. festival. leisure.websters-online-dictionary. almost. celebration. plebeian. 2. dull. synonyms (adj) collapse. periodically. low. delicate. babyish. gauge. headline. retire. die. bayi 1. several. strong. vile. instinctive. ignorant. pennon. (v) decline. rare. colours.org) . feeble. escape. about. dizzy. common. awl. prosaic. synonyms (adj) collapse. droop. soft. droop. figurine. synonyms (n) incline. droop. raising. antonym (n) man. languish. miss. ascending.56 Turkish . nursling. advance. veterinarian. honker. howlet. bayılma faint (bayılmak). missy. standard (standart). signora. iris. antonyms (adj) unusual. dinner. one-off. progress. noblewoman. (v) inspect. increase. antonyms (n) summit. certain. strong. synonyms (n) hooter. formerly. streamer. obvious. droop. examine. pungent. dolt. bayan 1. found. benchmark. bazı some (biraz). feed. bob. unwitting. antonyms (adj) distinct. matron. antonyms (n) reduction. seldom. deliberate. colors. sink. (adj) fault. rest. plummet. dull. darling. (v) languish. lover. bazısı some (bazı. distant. adjunct. swell. kid. gentle. (n) maid. drop. humble. subconscious. synonyms (n) subordinate. nonny. wife. toy. (n) one. 3. (v) languish. ma'am. doll. somewhat. teacher. rather. rise. (adj) noble. antonyms (adj) distinct. hike. specific. round. (adj) auxiliary. loud. uncommonly. uprising. synonyms (n) doll. clear. indistinct. raise. 2. dear. synonyms (adv) nearly. veterinary. madame. strong. approximately. unaware. loud. synonyms (adj) collapse. synonyms (adj) collapse. dim. distant. secondary. wench. 4. trivial. communal. spontaneous. assistant. entertain. skirt. faint (bayılmak). upgrade. unconventional.

(v) alternate. incompetence. dangle. finesse. practical. abandon. estimate. tastelessness. physical (fiziksel). acclamation. shape. capability. synonyms (adj) forlorn. skillful. ungainly. 3. bedel 1. reimbursement. bust. straightforward. acclaim. (adj) talent. respect. bodily. gusto. faculty. amount. nose. forcible. stuck. efficient. synonyms (adj) unfortunate. excuse. remuneration. earthly. 3. hopeless. emolument. vücut). breadth. tissue. cluster. feeble. depressed. working. notice. care. functional. sad. clumsy. expeditious. corporal. palpable. sensual. confined. synonyms (n) stem. busy. charge. crude. (n) deputy. flair. versed. actual. mass. amount. pleased. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. weak. özgür. tact. synonyms (n) amends. evaluate. proboscis. snout. consistency. handy. 2. (v) sway. expertness. (v) confine. drop. refund. embarrassing. pay. block. physical. competent. aptness. make. 4. inefficient. perfect. tangible. contrive. concupiscence. gloomy. sharp. size (boyut. useful. learned. aptitude. draft. surrogate. smack. 5. unintelligent. antonyms (adj) bound. 2. beceriksiz 1. case.websters-online-dictionary. powerless. antonym (n) worthlessness. active. change. drink. morsel. toll. inconsideration. tangled. stirps. able. inability. degree. skill. cover. beceri 1. vulnerable. (n) frail. goodness. agreement. admiration. positive. untoward. boot. use. luggage. downcast. atonement. liberate. forceful. touchable. energetic. good. anatomy. extent. synonyms (n) cadaver. deteriorate. stalk. scale. (v) gift. 2. (v) appraise. body. redress. largeness. fleshly. beef. oscillate. applause. reflection. substitute (yedek). incompetent. carcass. apt. corpse. somatic. collapse. forge. importance. synonyms (adj) replacement. antonyms (adj) impractical. secure. benefit. satisfied. manageable. dignity. impotent. bedbaht unhappy (mutsuz). antonym (adj) inexperienced. fortune. synonyms (adj) bodily. cunning. capable. attached. exempt. erect. muscle. sorrowful. facility. antonyms (adj) incompetent. neat. intelligent. damage. substance. turn. fabricate. delegate. change. matter. synonyms (n) concern. power. efficiency. figure. house. realistic. default. awkward. clever. (v) destitute. genius. practiced. humanity. helpful. synonyms (n) measure. savor. flavor. liberal. frame. synonyms (adj) clumsy. real. synonyms (adj) adroit. alternative. (adj) dexterity. capacity. allowance. bole. fluctuate. carnal. distressed. ersatz. vibrate. compensation. bent. ease. unrealistic. frank. deliver. (adv) altogether. businesslike. liking. becerikli 1. miserable. disentangle. rock. dismal. capacity. 57 bedava free (açık. association. proficient. hardheaded. thoughtfulness. dimension. expert. slenderness. rotund. glue. forcible. fondness. chassis. address. antonyms (n) length. solid. recompense. adroit. mankind. imprisoned. gifted. cheerful. restricted. fee. construct. antonyms (adj) graceful. expense. 2. hang. sticky. animal. flag. price (eder. practical. synonyms (adj) corporeal. low. worth. sub. quantity. disappoint. uncomfortable. reward. antonyms (n) clumsiness. entity. fade. theoretical. (adj) carnality. easy. material. synonyms (n) endowment. (v) regard. (v) relish. attention. synonyms (n) artifice. frame (çerçeve). synonyms (n) acceptance. organization. pragmatic. discharge. beğenme approval (onay. constructive. active. ingenuity. adroitness. stock. serbest. faculty. brandish. (v) form. boş. 2. graceless. accomplishment. expedient. substantial. condition. synonyms (n) bit. adept. defenseless. inconvenient. serbest bırakmak). sensible. figure. (adj) decline. account. mortality. workable. annoying. spiritual. pulp. measurement. left-handed. set. disengage. useless. beat. deft. (v) clever. indemnification. efficacious. efficient. box. impossible. 3. conception. shift. quick. onaylama). dull. value. synonyms (adj) effectual. import. 4. assess. synonyms (n) design. helpful. flesh (et). cease. büyüklük). (v) gauge. antonym (adj) intangible. backup. bungling. cage. thought. exchange. build. beden 1. helpless (aciz). (v) wage. inept. torso. antonyms (adj) happy. replace. break. infelicitous.Turkish . die. difficult. border. dim. antonyms (adj) stupid. antonyms (n) dislike. appetite. art. antonyms (v) succeed. 4. recognition. constitute. payment. old. regular. penchant. valid. convenient. mournful. bulk. makeshift. synonyms (n) virtue. (v) clear. discernment. shake. cleverness. synonyms (adj) practicable. acquit. antonym (n) spirit. dimensions. fiyat). strict. synonyms (n) brawn. dexterous. profit. synonyms (n) cost. masterly. cumbersome. extricate. knack. price. quality. triumph. wealth. unable. aggregate.org) . effective. (adj) merit. excellence. bedensel 1. magnitude. ability. sample. disabled. antonyms (n) thoughtlessness. disconsolate. 2. sizing. simple. synonyms (adj) loose. ingenious. worth. concrete. operative. synonyms (adj) experienced. smart. accomplished. sophisticated. abandoned. craft. cogitation. antonyms (adj) mental. personal. synonyms (v) abort. (v) brilliant. want. dexterous. disappointed. deliberation. skilled (usta). becermek swing (salıncak). body (gövde. impulsiveness. parts. melancholy. staff. drop. range. worthiness. repressive. move. manual. acute. lust. feasible. beğeni taste (tatmak). relieve. astute. trunk (bavul). meat. competence. consideration. approbation. compelled. synonyms (n) sweep. fashion. inept.English becerememek fail. 5.

prospect. precaution. uygun bulmak). (v) owing. condemn. stay (kalma. near. realize. antonyms (v) reject. hesitate. hope. forecast. latent. dwell. ill. like (benzer. double. (n) good. antonyms (v) despair. due. expectancy. shank. prospect. same. experience. depart. joy. 2. guard. adopt. know. 4. depravity. linger. hesitant. fathom. (adv) while. stop. treasure. await. foretaste. anxiety. unpredicted. outlook. authorize. care. endorse. lawful. privilege. awaiting. optimism. (n) reality. evil (fena. cherish. 2. depraved. odd. antonyms (v) leave. commendation. duty. desert. suppose. worry. expectancy. assurance. admire. change. bide. abscond. just. alike. antonyms (n) disapproval. prevent. grasp. await. anticipate. 2. postponement. support. adversity. beklenti expectation. confidence. calculate. malice. believe. (v) support. convoy. lurk. synonyms (adj) appropriate. identical. second. synonyms (v) observe. synonyms (n) anticipation. ambush. 2. synonyms (v) expect. unpaid. umut). (n) halt. abnormal. bask. bother. defence. antonyms (adj) paid. (adj) tarry. tax. ambush. guard. beklenen 1. remain. advocate. view. 2. curator. confirmation. envision. steward. belly. applaud. inhabit. immediate. permission. bulwark. 2. owner. care. lone. desire. (n) rear. remain. ratify. distract. antonyms (prep) unlike. impending. (adj) assist. confide. (n) wait. hold. hold. comprehend. antonyms (adj) expected. stake. hold. conjecture. faith. demand. analogous. approaching. forbid. anticipation. defend. 3. guess. surprising. value. guardian. expectation (beklenti). (adj) equal. fancy. keep. clock. belief. possibility. (n) aspiration. anticipate. watch (bakmak. (n) abeyance. wicked. enjoy. expectant. enjoy. desire. have. imminent. appraise. antonyms (adj) kindhearted. one. keeper. malign. fancy. stop. thought. unsettled. exclusive. pendulous. bel waist.org) . sudden. prize. antonym (n) despair. prediction. prospect. lurk. censure. await. linger. sevmek). synonyms (v) esteem. relish. accidental. annoy. arch. rest. 4. foretell. (n) delay. (v) dislike. pain. confirm. isolated. lodge. (adj) forthcoming. warden. trouble. check. owed. appreciation. synonyms (v) reside. synonyms (v) corresponding. consent. guardsman. (n) damage. (n) wait. thought. pause. stay. stricture. take. synonyms (v) expect. aid. forecast. stem. scorn. equitable. eventual. expect. custos. burden. antonyms (v) calm. budding. righteousness. condemnation. seyretmek). distinct. curious. carry. agree. bela 1. particular. outstanding. delight. admit. forethought. forced. endure. warder. considering. sole. expectancy. suspended. confidence. antonyms (v) depreciate. call. care. stay. synonyms (n) expectation. 2. champion. antonyms (n) face. likely. (v) front. ask. stop. synonyms (adj) abrupt. wake. 3. synonyms (adj) ready. synonyms (prep) during. waiting. apprize. bekar single (tek). endorse. parallel. abeyance. recede. hope (ummak. hesitant. watchman. corrupt. forthcoming. hesitate. unresolved. synonyms (adj) bad. goodness. prospective. solitary. suspense. surveillance. probability. suffer. probable. please. conceive. foresight. comparable. hold. anticipation. payable. (adj) vigilance. (adj) different. beklemek 1. regard. blouse. unsettled. individual. (adv) right. antonym (adj) distant.58 Turkish . forebode. custody. astonishing. confidence. prevision. synonyms (n) custodian. unforeseen. acknowledge. undue. protection. wait (bekleme. fender. startling. unanticipated. vouch. kalmak). antonyms (adj) married. guarantee. possibility. disturb. trust. cannon. estimate. synonyms (n) waistline. advance. forecast. remain. divine. anticipate. wish. suspense. undecided. multiple. kötü. caretaker. scorn. presume. sırt). (adj) neck. (n) guard. defense. prevention. ambition. equivalent. belief. hesitate. understand. (adj) cease. linger. stay. devour. (adj) understand. antonym (n) despair. bekçi 1. backward. 6. criminal. disorder. ambush. approve (onaylamak. prop. hope. lurk.English tarry. agitate. lonely. estimate. sentinel. waiting. predict. (n) delay. anticipate. afflict. intercept. persist. harmful. separate. suspense. accept. synonyms (v) trust. 4. (v) inconvenience. synonyms (v) assume. looming. rejection. (n) debt. probability. acquiescence. wasp. encourage. bek back (arka. faith. allow. possible. abide. simple. foreknow. strange. geri. synonyms (adj) only. (n) love. synonyms (v) sanction. trust. think. abide. escort. abeyance. disquiet. disaster. presentiment. postponement. continue. revel. doubtful. own. detriment. imaginable. beklemek). abide. destructive. synonyms (v) appreciate. hanging. (v) shield. bekleyiş 1. expectant. wait (beklemek). synonyms (adj) ready. rejoice. acknowledgment. faith. mean. look. expectation. let. apprehend. middle. acquiesce. synonyms (v) expect. (n) surprise. bekleme 1.websters-online-dictionary. kötülük). pause. see. sentry. difficulty. belief. disapprove. future. pause. forestall. criticism. beklemede pending. synonyms (v) antedate. possess. celibate. beklenmedik unexpected. synonyms (adv) before. beğenmek 1. wait (bekleme). hopefulness. support. oppose. 3. arrest. hope. protector. optimism. synonyms (n) anticipation. outlook. bear. appreciate. (n) delay. casual. protect. like. gradual. 5. (adj) tarry. (adj) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. expectancy. synonyms (adj) coming. veto. synonyms (n) defend. synonyms (n) distress. cover.

antonyms (adj) clear. outstanding. uncertain. newsprint. explicit. indicate. (v) certify. synonyms (n) article. certain. 4. liquefy. indisputable. medium. visible. ambiguous. belgeleme documentation. locate. presumption. circle. adjust. hidden. audible. antonyms (v) soften. bent. kaydetmek. fortitude. writing. pronounced. different. publisher. disposed. 5. file. discharge. patent. weakness. synonyms (v) fix. regulate. designate. defined. gear. accurate. congeal. assured. plak). temizlemek). certification. (n) general. warrant. fuzzy. origin. record (dosya. fixed. synonyms (adj) discernible. (v) chronicle. determine. explicit. confused. sound. liquid. uncertain. synonyms (n) charter. remarkable. implicit. beginning. distinct (ayrı). exceptional. (n) particular. assess. set. (adv) apart. tangible. set. amphibolous. synonyms (n) proof. slippery. manifest. conclusion. reliable. diploma. critical. decide. doubtful. synonyms (adj) clear. adjust. distinguished. given. synonyms (n) bond. finicky. frank. easy. instrument (alet. kayıt. lay. satisfied. diverse. (v) implement. definite. tenacity. inclined. synonyms (n) channel. magazine. liquid. clear.org) . enclosure. award. sanction. (n) assumption. synonyms (n) decision. belirsiz 1. authentication. document. (v) determinate. sanction. contrivance. cryptic. 2. unspoken. marked. unquestionable. credentials. doubtful. belirgin 1. unmistakable. unavoidable. secure. evasive. credential. emerge. rise. discrete. surface. bent. device. fact. (v) certify. egress. document (belge). (n) combing. warrant. egression. show. transparent. peculiar. bill. synonyms (adj) individual. indistinct. appointment. absolve. appliance. safe. appreciable. conclude. periodical. questionable. specific (özgül). categorical. distinctive. definite (kesin). list. unequivocal. papers. declaration. apparatus. belirmek appear (görünmek). perspicuous. pawn. striking. position. dissimilar. look. arrive. indisputable. evident. testimonial. single. will. synonyms (n) accomplishment. antonyms (v) disappear. effort. (n) detail. bold. assign. award. expedient. finical. seem. (adj) variable. express. notable. adjudicate. conclusive. deed. declaration. demonstrable. temiz. antonyms (adj) concealed. (adj) fixed. put. synonyms (n) appearance. express. especial. direct. infallible. belirleme determination (saptama). arise. unnoticed. distinct. antonyms (adj) tacit. indefinite. flexible. belirlemek 1. certificate. marked. shapeless. engine. agent. confused. doing. positive. disc. plain. plain. grup. creature. achievement. specific. ambiguous. enigmatic. enrol. precise. indeterminate. firmness. (v) vague. issue. define. liquefy. newspaper. papers. authorize. prove. fast. absolute. feel. authorize. belirlenmiş set (ayarlamak. explicit (açık). constancy. certain. (n) combing. journal. certain. authentication. act. takım). birth. courage. emphatic. regulate. (v) record. unclear. decisiveness. agency. comb-out. set (ayarlamak. fast. list. (v) record. antonyms (adj) cloudy. specify. enter. incomprehensible. decisive. arrange. 2. circumstantial. vague. press. blurry. overt. conspicuous. evasive. activity. synonyms (n) charter. strong. unclear. precise. place. decided. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (adj) clean. happen. emersion. set. item. palpable. credentials. diploma. ticket. observable. certificate. exact. means. define. indecisiveness. inaudible. (n) class. bland. record. undefined. evident (besbelli). license. prove. assessment. (v) award. synonyms (adj) apt. 59 glaring. lay.English belge 1. 2. sharp. (adj) fixed.websters-online-dictionary. antonyms (adj) imprecise. hazy. (v) convict. berrak. (adj) variable. certificate. fact. (n) come. document. synonyms (n) register. concrete. report. begin. uncertain. dependable. indeterminate. antonyms (adj) universal. open. antonyms (v) soften. bill. unambiguous. dubious. sharp. covenant. set. locate. antonyms (adj) indistinct. credential. net. synonyms (n) bond. antonyms (adj) unsure. vanish. inconspicuous. confusing. put. antonyms (n) indecision. careful. synonyms (adj) equivocal. corroboration. history. belirme emergence. 3. clarify. broad. feat. candid. similar. indescribable. account. measure. enclosure. deed. enroll. melt. qualified. definite. exact. definite. secure. certification. prone. apparent. synonyms (adj) noticeable. disk. dissertation. synonyms (adj) fastidious. lucid. definition. indefinite. certificate. discourse. granted. mark. imprecise. docket. text. deed (iş). decree. compliance. belgelemek 1. ordinary. obscure. tool. (v) bright. (v) bound. 2. document (belgelemek). takım). resolve. synonyms (v) ascertain. melt. araç). docket. score. report. 5. understood. obvious. synonyms (adj) absolute. 2. antonyms (adj) careless. undeniable. composition. distinct. clear (açık. particular (özel).Turkish . inscribe. (prep) separate. synonyms (adj) articulate. file. fussy. 3. liable. evidence. exposed. decided. opaque. 4. note. choosy. extraordinary. 3. empty. behavior. (adv) apparently. book. prominent. considerable. detailed. 4. 5. outgrowth. perfect. synonyms (v) fix. exposition. certification. place. unequivocal. signal. flexible. title. extra. (n) class. particular. credentials. resolution. exploit. synonyms (v) occur. antonym (adj) unblemished. dark. actual. testimonial. license. writing. vague. 6. comb-out. credential. belirli 1. position. acquit. break. appoint. development. essay. inevitable. special. perceptible. clear-cut. form. text. grup. resolve. free. delicate. paper. synonyms (adj) sure. arrange. action.

storage. synonyms (n) equivocation. belkemiği spine (omurga). wave. particular. uncertainty. insecure. irresolution. antonyms (n) certainty. synonyms (adj) clear. back. discharge. clarify. signify. provable. evidence. clause. exponent.org) . belli 1. suggest. dull. index. indecision. heed. index. misty. betoken. stipulation. barb. sign (alamet. opaque. 2. indication. indication. maybe. (n) detail. reliable. (v) care. imaginably. remembering. recognition. debatably. look. allusion. undecided. mean. bellek 1. check. indecisiveness. possibly. flagrant. prerequisite. point. position. signal. tarnish. bode. apparent. ambiguous. evident. fitful. memory. dim. affirm. gesture. undetermined. clever. indication. specify. synonyms (n) conservation. synonyms (adv) perhaps. perilous. expound. attest. manifest. potentially. stipulation. reminiscence. particularize. 2. (v) display. synonyms (adv) maybe. implication. antonyms (adj) distinct. feature. bespeak. hesitancy. reference. ambiguity. beware. blear. belki 1. intent. synonyms (v) direct. brilliant. iffy. bleak. manifestation. synonyms (n) confirmation. acquit. preservation. rachis. incomprehensible. bless. confident. particularization. kingdom. hazardous. antonyms (adv) impossibly. emblem. impression. fuzzy. synonyms (n) motion. effect. connotation. indicator. imply. belirti 1. designate. sure. berrak. value. inconstant. empty. synonyms (adj) debatable. assign. synonyms (adj) obscure. ambiguity. appoint. absolute. forerunner. synonyms (adj) queer. description. mind (akıl). attestation. synonyms (n) brand. moment. strong-minded. temizlemek). proof. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. conceivable. (adj) private. certify. 3. distrust. incredulous. ensign. evince. unpredictable. hesitant. blind. feasible. obtainable. retention. score. glaring. symbol. feeble. conspicuous. signal. argument. omen. ambiguous. discernible. note. vague. işaret). belirgin. persuaded. pale. 2. spur. characteristic. distrustful. mention. announce. synonyms (n) designation. precarious. premonition. distinguish. (v) brighten. attend. say. question. shadowy. storehouse. depot. 4. enumerate. exact. synonyms (n) sign. designation. 2. symptom (araz. unsure. 3. head. precise. certain. unequivocal. provision. open. confusing. remembrance. clarity. problematic. data. storage (depolama). express. probably. dubiety. antonym (v) simplify. manifest. proviso. specific. recollection. inkling. convinced. synonyms (n) memento. opaque. poster. grade. decided. accumulation. antonyms (adj) bright. unsafe.websters-online-dictionary. obvious. sign. durum. importance. suspensive. hafıza. presage. dubiousness. distinct. intelligent. antonyms (adj) cloudy. 6. denote. commemoration. (n) uncertainty. apprehensive. pointer. detail. (v) blur. slow. thorn. variable. perchance. synonyms (n) nation. case. synonyms (adj) dark. suspicious. intangible. unambiguity. autograph. state (devlet. synonyms (n) designation. brain. (v) indicate. dark. retrospection. prognostic. description. eyalet). finger. keep. significance. 5. attribute. gloomy. spec. detail. marked. perplexed. show. (adj) heed. antonyms (adj) indisputable.60 Turkish . unquestionable. 3. 2. 2. cloud. (v) declare. estimate. safe. presage. blatant. Belirtmek 1. peradventure. precision. uncertainty. doubt. case. 2. particularization. place. banner. qualm. reposition. characterize. suspicion. allege. sticker. incredible. harbinger. direction. intelligence. decisiveness. diffident. condition. strong. (adj) national. skeptical. fix. character. uncertain. general. antonym (v) forget. mark. (v) mind. indicate (göstermek). clear (açık. antonyms (adj) decisive. unreliable. dubious. undefined. free. antonyms (v) deny. synonyms (n) consequence. antonyms (n) clearness. antonyms (adj) trusting. listen. mark. shady. unlikely. nebulous. hint. (n) incertain. purport. visible. spike. prickle. (adj) instability. meaning. describe. hint. set. synonyms (n) gauge. unclear. sense. foreshadow. perhaps. synonyms (n) backbone. haziness. entrepot. arrow. synonyms (n) clue. trustworthy. import (ithal etmek). possibly. estimate. faint. badge. (adj) notice. obscure. synonym (adv) conceivably. dubitable. pricker. suspense. notice. Belirteç indicator (gösterge). irresolute. cue. define. provision. tentative. questionable. net. condition. unsettled. loophole. clause. foretell. definite. lax. (v) convict. doubtful. (v) loose. obscurity. proviso. inclination. sign. portent. determine. argue. synonyms (adj) clean. hazy. chancy. 3. semptom). risky. uncertain. regard. fuzzy. inevitable. antonym (adv) definitely. signpost. belirsizlik 1. demonstrate. synonyms (v) name. confidence. indicant. indecisive. warehousing. funny. herald. augur. credible. memorial. cloudy. (v) matter. antonym (v) export. darken. mark. recall. ridge. incertitude. questionably. intimation. clue. augury. vagueness. unclearness. 4. 3. psyche. certain. prerequisite. apocryphal. imprint. quill. dim. unstable. hesitation. mayhap. belirtim specification. retrospect. evidence (kanıt). testimony. hatıra). exhibit. token. vague. hazy.English belirtme specification. 5. indication. synonyms (adj) changeable. memory (anı. shaky. equivocalness. stock. 4. particular. prescribe. spec. disputable. confused. unimaginably. (v) blemish. demonstration. irregular. evidence. temiz. im. synonyms (n) doubtfulness. store. synonyms (n) intellect. label. particular. (v) bright. absolve. indication. dense. country. blurry.

conform. benzememek differ. highpitched. subtle. (adj) iota. bent 1. bulwark. analog. aspect. accord. synonyms (v) corresponding. synonyms (n) competition. appearance. ablude. qualities. fleck. unmistakable. dependable. equivalent. discipline. unspoken. member. match. psyche. couple. splash. slight. individual. id. speedy. dot. egocentric. egoistic. lucid. soil. regeneration. soil. daub. piebald. synonyms (n) acceptance. essence. bout. benimseme adoption (evlat edinme). antonym (adj) dissimilar. analogue. mol. personality. analogical. imitate. embrace. flat. egotism. dotation. (n) love. counterspy. alike. mean. downright. antonyms (adj) inconspicuous. fancy. power. scatter. spirit. appear. character. breathe. enactment. antonyms (v) suppress. beneklemek spot (benek. agree. (n) face. understood. inconsiderate. ben 1. (adj) different. concealed. kindred. tell. depart. mark. (adj) liable. like. imperceptible. part. transparent. similar. articulate. desire. place. head. individuality. 2. (v) sprinkle. bumpy. cooptation. dotted. demonstrate. figure. emphatic. antonyms (adj) conflicting. broad. growth. quarrel. justification. dot (nokta). expect. view. benzemek look (bakış. such. benlik ego (ben). arrogance. issue. personality. disagree. infallible. antonyms (adj) narrow. altruistic. antonyms (adj) unselfish. (n) denote. correspondent. clash. özne). (v) blemish. temperament. resembling. stingy. synonyms (adj) actual. large. (v) bound. jetty. acquire. psyche. rider. question. undetectable. balance. generous. deep. 5. speckle. unsure. bencil selfish. even. twin. synonyms (v) accept. being. synonyms (adj) similar. (n) perpendicular. paralel). atom. latitude. drop. 4. barrow. selfadmiration. exchangeable. (adj) same.org) . tainted. benekli spotted. resemblance. alike. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. mark. synonyms (n) blot. daub. content. decisive. sharp. analogous. explicit. synonymous. personality. dapple. antonyms (prep) unlike. glance. (v) passage. capacious. 3. general. (adj) conversion. synonyms (adj) conformable. condition. direct. requirement. same. take. nokta). bland. (v) uninteresting. bende subject (konu. plane. conflict. expression. piece. hide. espouse. plain. location. antonyms (adj) doubtful. diverge. tasteless. 5. antonym (adj) liberated. related. synonyms (n) breakwater. relish. guise. place. synonyms (n) article. section.websters-online-dictionary. admit. thoughtless. bakmak). dirty. likewise. point. (n) apartment. questionable. sweeping. fleck. likeness. express. selfadmiration. hidden. skew. stained. fit. 2. sentence. antonym (v) reject. person. dappled. borrow. opposite. self-pride. contest. provision. gaze. affair. air. convey. extensive. (n) analogy. mercenary. pride. diversify. greedy. (v) passage. leke. synonyms (n) point. undeniable. clause. comparable. parallel (koşut. affiliation. field. hillock. speck. synonyms (adj) mottled. qualities. prefer. antonyms (adj) exciting. splotch. antonyms (v) agree. sordid. opposing. insipid. perspicuous. synonyms (n) matter. synonyms (adj) mean. spotty. (v) clause. counterpart. correspond. antonyms (adj) tacit. dead. synonyms (adj) level. flyblown. stain. character. 4. precise. meet. (v) embankment. dispute. exposed. soul. salvation. (v) blemish. peer. (adj) duplicate. boring. synonyms (n) self. reliable. cognate. match (eş.Turkish . obvious. deviate. particular. parallel. synonym (n) myself. countenance. dapple. prerequisite. power. antonym (adj) plain. even. benzer 1. synonyms (adj) wide. dot. speck. blotchy. pass. declare. categorical. dirty. temperament. enjoy. assume. speckled. selfness. synonyms (adj) dull. (adj) mound. blanket. disperse. spot. spot (leke. macho. collimate. (v) contracted. arrogance. positive. espousal. concur. beni me. ego. character. analogous. bead. (adj) slow. macho. spy. comprehensive. maintenance. certain. (v) mate. nokta). (adj) equal. implicit. bencillik self (kendi. freckle. speckle. explicit (açık). inevitable. stipulation. perfect. uniform. bland. assumption. exclusive. count. sanctification. flaw. absolute. synonyms (n) item. vast. bemol flat (düz). inclusive. indisputable. 61 location. stain. sevmek). contradict. paragraph. inspiration. someone. similarity. flaw. motif. correspond. mole (köstebek). level. particle. assured. display. thin. blemish. egotistic. id. specific. area. choose. 3. benimsemek adopt. (n) female. paragraph (paragraf). (v) compare. citizen. division. identical. perceptible. interchangeable. say. synonyms (v) dissent. synonyms (v) seem. dash. likely. 2. borrowing. matching. follow. antonyms (adj) incompatible. damaged. (v) dislike. affiliate. naturalize. (adj) especial. groyne. covetous. pride. plain. inferior. multicolored. state. dirty. 2. 6. clear-cut. 6. synonyms (adj) broad. dreary. vary. synonyms (adv) equally. fixed. care. big. besmirched. proviso. freckled. selfless. attend. express. benek 1. self-pride. synonyms (n) ego. mote. antonym (adv) differently. egotistical. chapter. groin. like (beğenmek.English noticeable. synonyms (v) exhibit. exact. synonyms (n) blot. full. synonyms (n) self. depict. öz). sure. akin. egotism. ample. self-centered. dependent. kibrit).

accustomed. plenteousness. stable. synonyms (adj) abominable. consistency. stimulate. synonyms (adj) direful. antonyms (n) discord. comparison. wretched. odious. draw. stinking. resemblance. offend. özdeşlik). kindle. personality. (adv) beastly. alone. repellent. putrid. aridity. brag. extraordinary. knot. flood. empathy. plenitude. composed. amazing. dreadful. antonyms (v) clash. poor. extreme. multitude. contrast. contrast. antonym (adj) fresh. shocking. (v) fuel. desperate. habitual. comparing. noisome. (adj) adequate. simultaneously. connect. likeness. analogy (örnekseme). treasure. comparison. distinctive. scary. 6. pitiable. fasten. appalling. alarming. frequent. breadth. synonyms (n) analogy. staggering. ethanol. terrible. maim. stab. synonyms (adj) awful. bere wound. relationship. antonyms (adj) common. fuel (yakıt). lace. shortage. hateful. usual. wonderful. unison. collectively. 5. affinity. pathetic. synonyms (n) bruise. ill. conjointly. richness. 10. synonyms (n) identicalness. gas (gaz). rancid. fearful. (adj) separate. fellow. heinous. benzin 1. provoke. parallel. distinct. whole. harmony. penchant. antonym (adj) temporary. synonyms (adj) singular. disgusting. synonyms (adv) jointly. antonyms (adv) individually. accelerator. contemptible.62 Turkish . identity. heap. fertility. (adj) insufficient. (adj) united. connection. (v) obnoxious. integrity. atrocious. compare. lamentable.websters-online-dictionary. separately. shameful. arrant. single. portentous. 2. inclination. (v) miserable. frightening. ratio. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. corrupt. pitiful. antonyms (n) few. execrable. incomparable. lousy. continuous. generous. dreadful. synonyms (n) benzeşim analogy (benzerlik. vapour. tie (bağlamak. opulence. compare. separation. disastrous. antonyms (n) dearth. painful. oneness. frightful.English attach. disagreeable. independently. encourage. piteous. synonyms (n) appearance. indecent. nasty. terrifying. tremendous. rapport. miserable (sefil). (v) link. rare. equality. exceptional. meager. likeness. (prep) antithesis. bad. unspeakable. affinity. combustible. awesome. loathsome. ordinary. antonyms (n) dissimilarity. similarity. repeated. calamitous. scratch. synonyms (n) agreement. cruel. fearsome. nitromethane. plentitude. 3. 5. parallel. forbidding. parity. dire. attachment. untie. inimitable. injure. rotten (çürük). galore. damage. (v) fire. pair. unity (birlik). parallel. grim. harmonize. decomposed. prolonged. bind. hapless. beraber together (birlikte). benzersiz unique (tek). antonym (n) dissimilarity. marvelous. (v) hurt. comparability. synonyms (n) wealth. fetid. resemblance. distasteful. blow. hideous. terrible (korkunç). affinity. synonyms (n) analogy. abhorrent. ghastly. woeful. cheerful. harm. correspondence. unhappy. consanguinity. sickening. resemblance. macabre. similarity. ugly. amplitude. wretched. matchless. (adj) plenty. dirty. completeness. terrific. individual. inveterate. synonyms (adj) foul. 2. comparison. berbat 1. gasolene. chronic (kronik). unity. lot. 4. contradict. fierce. gruesome. base. petroleum. gun. kravat). horrifying. propinquity. 2. many. kin. great. 9. formidable. naphtha. abundance (bolluk). sad. conformity. despicable. woebegone. (v) forlorn. methanol. evil. riches. squalid. deplorable. plenty (bolluk). (v) decayed. communion. parallelism. synonyms (adj) disgraceful. similarity. friendship. scandalous. recurring. low. lack. persistent. astonishing. plentifulness. benzetme comparison. 7. entirety. comparability. agreement. grisly. surprising. severe. (prep) antithesis. one. downcast. synonyms (n) gasoline. rank. similitude. copiousness. horrible. horrible (korkunç). musty. injury. cut. nice. vile. representation. correspondence. undo. parable. only. constant. 8. petrol. imitation. individuality. appealing. antonym (n) dissimilarity. measly. synonyms (adj) mean. benzerlik 1. air. sameness. abject. exuberance. vaunt. repulsive. parity. 2. synonyms (n) semblance. throttle. pleasant. revolting. comparing. synonyms (adj) unfortunate. plentiful. lurid. grievous. blague. fumes. fertility (verimlilik). coincide. antonyms (adj) attractive. insult. sleeper. concord. peculiar. synonyms (adj) disgustful. affluence. kindred. sour. sorry. synonyms (adj) confirmed. enough. regular. connection. synonyms (n) band. örnekseme). synonyms (n) gas. 3. relation. identity (kimlik. 3.org) . uniformity. identity. synonyms (n) correspondence. difference. bond. alliance. (v) permanent. disgusting. gasohol. 3. profusion. antonyms (adj) excellent. flatulence. oil. monstrous. startling. person. synonyms (n) abundance. arouse. equalize. insufficiency. (v) horrid. synonyms (adj) dread. repugnant. character. synonyms (n) firewood. off. desolate. sting. serious. 6. 4. outrageous. connection. synonyms (n) sympathy. much. pain. firing. association. alcohol. vapor. obscene. flatulency. likeness. semblance. antonyms (v) disconnect. horrific. 2. similarity. harmonise. relation. detestable. petrol. agreement. flagrant. bond. shabby. beraberlik 1. relationship. join. excite. lovely. offensive. solitary. equivalence. bite. scarcity. parable. running. horrendous. ratio. distressed. kinship. odd. store. crappy. resemblance. consensus. cheerless. shocking. disreputable. bereket 1. awful. dismal. paltry. antonyms (adj) happy. antonym (adj) admirable. synonyms (n) union. ample.

noticeable. bright. besleme 1. rich. concord. recital. plenteous. plenty.Turkish . marked. delicate. dine. (n) avoirdupois. compromise. string. browse. synonyms (adj) deep. purity. describe. handwriting. synonyms (v) portray. store. alloy. synonyms (adj) tributary. synonyms (n) calligraphy. 2. natality. browse. observable. encourage. air. singer. aliment. kind. antonyms (n) cloudiness. birthrate. inscription. lucid. copy. organization. copious. relate. absolve. (v) convict. loading. name. original. musician. explicit. record. fare. discharge. beneficial. encourage. elegant. impoverished. edible. characterize. heavy. thick. unconcealed. browse. synonyms (v) eat. blurry. yiyecek).websters-online-dictionary. nourish. (n) aliment. feed (yemek). feast. manifest. lucidity. fins. substantial. precision. describe. dine. synonyms (v) eat. prominent. salient. 3. dine. 3. definite. synonyms (n) arrangement. opulent. bereketli 1. obscurity. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. clarify. construction. victuals. offer. support. performer. consume. fluent. corpulent. yemek). fatten. gross. equip. makeup. 2. article. clear (açık. enough. constructive. diet. issue. artiste. sustenance. active. considerable. ace. fatten. diet. synonyms (adj) productive. glaring. sound. deliver. picture. hand. keep. fivesome. inconspicuous. yemek). barren. greasy. composition. eating. stock. suckle. nurse (hemşire). (v) ornate. abounding. nanny. eight. cradle. fin. nurture. lush. encourage. betimlemek 1. betimleme description (tanım). clear. obvious. visible. comprehensibility. betik script (senaryo). liquid. acquit. productivity. quint. enact. distinct. blubber. fruitful. temiz. gaseous. conspicuous. (v) adjust. synonyms (adj) flowing. beslenmek feed (beslemek. antonyms (adj) infertile. slim. fodder. antonyms (n) sterility. 2. evident. play. absolute. farming. limpidity. antonym (v) neglect. unquestionable. harbor. explanation. synonyms (v) define. succulent. (adj) overt. music. prolificacy.org) . boost. brand. intermission. great. playscript. provender. mobile. synonyms (adj) flagrant. luxurious. (n) feed. great. obscure. fecund. confusing. intelligible. document. obvious. bright. luxuriant. certain. unclear. gainful. advance. patent. berraklık clarity. harbour. pabulum. breastfeed. efficient. further. alimentation. besili fat (yağ). limpid. raise. 2. consume. synonyms (v) eat. (adj) class. explain. report. letters. knave. sparse. dish. narrate. synonyms (adj) stout. (n) liquor. antonyms (adj) imperceptible. fatty. antonyms (adj) unclear. patent. undeniable. treatment. vagueness. synonyms (n) cinque. wealthy. exemplify. nourishment. beş five.English fecundity. food. nurse. beste 1. texture. rich (zengin). exuberant. confused. sappy. rear. antonyms (adj) scarce. perceptible. thick. abundant (bol). open. provender. temsil etmek). feed (beslemek. synonyms (adj) apparent. synonyms (n) provision. afford. synonyms (n) doctor. broad. fertile. educate. foment. antonym (v) starve. eating. simplicity. note. smooth. synonyms (n) charter. distinct. (adj) quinary. obscure. broke. fare. nourish. qualify. temizlemek). cherish. board. net. coherence. (v) furnish. belirgin. uberty. hold. producing. (v) attend. interim. fertile. watery. casting. attune. fare. compost. antonym (v) starve. procreative. infertility. beslemek 1. besin food (gıda. nurture. delineate. liberal. nourishment. tangible. cater. diet. discernible. synonyms (adj) clean. combination. maestro. 4. act. full. open. profitable. give. instrumentalist. (v) fatten. productive (üretken). empty. efficacious. dense. sap. well-off. unmistakable. compound. concealed. calligrapher. board. illustrate. song. supply (tedarik etmek). magnificent. plain. (n) solid. opaque. synonyms (n) board. strain. opacity. certain. lactate. portrayal. harmony. state. bountiful. conductor. synonyms (n) clearness. amalgam. hidden. uncertain. tend. consume. indisputable. penman. feast. entertain. synonyms (v) cultivate. drink. blatant. ample. represent. care. depiction. juicy. consonance. food. pellucidity. report. affluent. book. destitute. grand. text. creative. tune. undetectable. draw. palpable. prolific. antonyms (adj) firm. synonyms (n) melody. artist. writing. slight. feeding. fleshy. definition. synonyms (adj) generous. helpful. nutriment. haziness. (n) aliment. luminous. evident. plentiful. besteci composer. designate. provender. 2. bulky. antonyms (adj) poor. hoard. 63 berrak 1. unprofitable. mistiness. narration. definite. cream. depict. feed. diet. (n) aliment. character. provide. king. 3. fat. type. embody. antonyms (adj) thin. jack. nurture. besbelli 1. economic. sterile. fuzzy. teeming. florid. constitution. antonyms (adj) unproductive. indubitable. fertile (verimli). antonym (v) starve. fatten. minister. depascent. outline. contribute. vague. unnoticed. (v) bright. juice. fulsome. skinny. incomprehensible. antonyms (adj) cloudy. nourish. hazy. player. imaginative. board. 3. nutrition. fare. fluid. gainful. represent (göstermek. slender. dark. uncertainty. 2. delineation. meager. breed. be. inventive. chant. liquidness. foster. regulate. abundant. ambiguous. public. free. food. synonyms (n) author. light. barefaced. unclearness. tone. lettering. meat. feast. 2. amah. nurture. synonyms (n) account. synonyms (adj) generative. transparent. foster. mellow. apparent. subtle. fill. interval. quintuplet. composing. lucrative.

2. influence. bıçaklamak 1. homo. jot. bind.websters-online-dictionary. pathetic. 2. slit. lord (sahip). emptiness. character. belief. declaration. aversion.English encephalon. synonyms (n) arrangement. instruction. assertion. gentleman (centilmen). iota. (adj) heed. dominus. method. initialise. patrician. (n) space. basil. statement. wound. stick (yapıştırmak). synonyms (n) man. betray. production. horror. kind. antonym (adj) happy. fellow. outline. 2. buck. (v) whiten. cloth. laureate. record. wound. sad. incidental. way. synonyms (v) cause. love. wit. coiffure. captain. congeal. intelligence. avowal. affirmation. anatomy. virtuoso. pattern. admission. dig. cut. sir. dress. rosy. drive. dictum. pallid. form. fixed. antonym (n) denial. signore. hold. noble. performance. coif. biçem style (stil). shock. explanation. fabricate. (adj) blade. establish. synonyms (n) account. thyme. cover. brain. abomination. one. impale. (adj) gentilhomme. biçare wretched. make. let. expression. (v) adhere. 2. unhappy. (adj) express. synonyms (n) mastermind. craft. set. system. (v) miserable. synonyms (n) means. bıçak knife. stuff. work. mean. fellow. name. remark. allegation. nauseate. occupation. cuttlefish. acknowledgment. wan. signior. vocation. textile. fad. sorry. (adj) blade. class. allegation. prepare. form. assurance. generate. bey 1. net. reason. construction. synonyms (adj) unfortunate. 6. buck. acknowledgment. inexpressive. carve. avowal. fetch. male. material. adept. produce. work. antonym (n) woman. super. sage. heroin. get. synonyms (n) fashion. conformation. 2. laureate. wizard. synonyms (n) chief. valet. master. formatting. cuttle. almighty. craze. calling. adjust. mode. biberiye rosemary. antonym (v) forget. fashion. expressive. bombard. beyaz 1. calling. 2. synonyms (n) dagger. synonyms (n) man. synonyms (adj) bare. seignior. (v) cast. profession. fiber. ace (as). mode (kip). bloodless. configuration. pitiable. attach. physical. creator. don. dot. (adj) gentilhomme. (v) form. blank (boş. mind (akıl). shape (şekil). statement. psyche. keep. cling. (n) cement. constellation. outstanding. clapper. synonyms (adj) fair. concretion. nobleman. build. command. organization. abstract. homo. description. (v) stab. make. brain. execute. forlorn. cutlery. fasten. biçim 1. valet. statement. staff. comprise. mind. shape. marjoram. initialize. adapt. beyan 1. humanity. mentality. club. particle. sprinkle. peppercorn. (adj) manner. repugnance. claim. gander. distaste. antonyms (n) attraction. ceremony. attend. hate. displease. detestation. proposition. regard. mistress. synonyms (n) intellect. hiatus. dictum. frame. affirmation. clapper. dislike. word. gentle. male. synonyms (n) fabric. human. master. model. synonyms (n) expert. structure. constitute. prodigy. boşluk). affix.org) . blank. conscience. impropriator. full. synonyms (n) herb. real. cast. beton concrete (somut). rosmarine. deplorable. 3. betray. position. 2. synonyms (n) dagger. parsley. gentleman (bey. rag. (v) stab. (v) contrive. cleave. profession. antonyms (adj) animated. synonyms (adj) actual. jab. squireen. wise. centilmen). expression. assertion. construct. low. antonyms (v) destroy. declaration. design. ruler. structure. framework. class. fix. 3. lose. gap. brains. communication. mode. (adj) salt. deadpan. hatred. coiffe. paste. point. decree. empty. (v) set. vacant. dog. appearance. entitle. avocation. custom. gentleman. enunciation. dull. whittle. clean. tongue. (n) pale. tangible. 3. dig. synonyms (n) antipathy. gentleman. knife (bıçak). erect. testimony. synonyms (n) size. (v) coagulate. hypothetical. bulletin. star. employment. constitute. 7. squireen. impassive. synonyms (n) announcement. synonyms (n) building. force. impersonate. (v) delight. poor. career. claim. gentle. organization. noble. compose. synonyms (n) mold. slit. texture. synonyms (n) capsicum. colorless. (v) call. pitiful. composition. construction. head. argument. beyefendi 1. 5. intangible. denote. 4. (v) sicken. abhorrence. (v) care. (v) edifice. junk. deposition. cock. notice. bill. guy. fit. antonyms (adj) theoretical. sort. synonyms (n) figure. style. admission. definite. mount. make (etmek. snowy. deposition. beygir horse (at). 2. contour. overlord. livid. synonyms (n) cavalry. attract. create. bezdirmek disgust. synonyms (n) cut. bez 1. firm. synonyms (n) bar. listen. material. (n) black. job. pronouncement. piteous. bright. cuttle. decree. condition. guise. unfilled. magister. spice. nous. give. frame. antonym (n) denial. expressionless. approach. cloth (kumaş). lacuna. genius. lamentable. trade. season. method. white (ak). palpable. beyanname declaration. fabric. configuration. hart. human. tongue.64 Turkish . synonyms (n) confession. beyin 1. business. mould. arrange. couteau. sir. enunciation. whittle. (adj) crack. boar. guard. synonyms (n) announcement. beware. (v) napkin. formation. synonyms (n) esquire. cuttlefish. (v) pelt. couteau. knight. composition. guy. yapmak). manner. patrician. ashen. good. brainpower. maker. pattern. inclination. cohere. format. gain. humanity. biber pepper. look. positive. pronouncement. knead. cutlery. effendi. regulate. antonym (n) woman. do. antonyms (adj) dark. template. compel. form (form). Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. sir. determine. jab. achromatic. fashion (moda). drake.

affirm. antonyms (adj) energetic. good-looking. yield. record. intimate.English modality. intelligence. dull. stranger. glean. familiarity. mold. produce. synonyms (n) description. morbid. (n) adage. statement. synonyms (adj) nasty. comrade. declaration. manifesto. mould. inform. vogue. healthy. information. ignore. mode. confession. narrative. buddy. compensate. proclaim. communicate. biçimlendirmek 1. tidings. avowal. discover. detect. declaration. synonyms (adj) tired. shape. way. wear. attention. find. organization. antonyms (adj) informal. advise. fashion. heed. conversancy. relaxed. argument. fad. synonyms (v) advertise. usual. habit. biçimsel formal (resmi). invoice. wear. counterpoise. synonyms (adj) tired. distaste. unaccustomed. (n) jade. unceremonious. hideous. invalid. recital. unknown. fit. frightful. name. aweary. cold. common. indisposed. dictum. synonyms (n) crop. (v) confidential. precise. nominal. profit. journal. ceremonious. program. antonyms (adj) beautiful. familiarize. leaflet. herald. acquainted. 7. excess. bid. brand. 4. process. proposition. information. custom. biçmek harvest (hasat). synonyms (n) cut. bıkkın weary (yorgun). claim. account. structure. admission. dull. synonyms (v) communicate. bıkmak weary (yorgun). diseased. exhausted. (v) fatigue. find. class. gruesome. communicate. bıktırmak disgust. conformation. build. predication. (v) note. (v) counterbalance. ignore. conversance. tell. prim. list. reap. ceremony. synonyms (n) announcement. offset. commonplace. bore. declaration. declare. behavior. synonyms (n) instruction. advertisement. antonym (n) denial. pedantic. affirmation. repugnance. report. notice. grotesque. condition. allegation. look. complement. do. ingathering. antonyms (adj) well. horror. attend. offensive. shape. symmetry. acknowledgment. synonyms (n) form. intimation. mind. decree. habitual.Turkish . experience. contact. bulletin (bülten). determine. apprise. homely. dictum. enlighten. arrange. get. wise. gossip. credit. remainder. fruit. affirmation. sickly.org) . distinguish. coiffe. caution. 2. tire. manner. motto. system. fame. make. brochure. bill. garner. antonyms (v) disregard. abomination. statement. everyday. beat. exhaust. ornamental. communiqué. (n) jade. adjust. bulletin. explanation. dengelemek). expression. flowing. command. antonym (n) denial. solemn. (v) note. love. fatigued. nature. stately. promulgation. ad. maxim. claim. official. relate. look. new. languid. edict. advertise. queasy. kind. disgusted. enunciation. method. mate. figure. synonyms (n) account. mold. appearance. proposal. mark. (v) knowledge. evil. 65 bildik 1. 2. arrange. 5. fresh. irksome. assertion. antonyms (adj) energetic. ilan). detect. weary. deformed. contention. bıçkı saw (testere). poor. antonyms (v) disregard. synonyms (n) cast. observation. byword. formal. irk. synonyms (n) connection. update. crazy. form). statement. gather. allegation. 2. report (rapor). friend. newsletter. news. (v) adapt. (v) delight. explain. remark. awareness. forbidding. comprise. adjust. fatigued. (v) constitute. irksome. template. craze. synonyms (n) advertisement. pattern. promulgate. irk.websters-online-dictionary. aversion. distinguish. synonyms (n) pronunciamento. notice. (n) accustomed. familiar. communication. strange. synonyms (n) announcement. nauseate. ignorant. conversant. associate. heed. averment. shock. courtly. enunciate. companion. foreign. expression. biçimsiz ugly (çirkin). antonyms (adj) unfamiliar. acquaintanceship. antonyms (n) imbalance. synonyms (v) cut. guise. create. fashion (moda). educate. detestation. despicable. Bildir announce (ilan etmek). size. proverb. policy. synonyms (n) attention. pronouncement. style. publish. configuration. synonyms (n) annunciation. story. avowal. recount. broadcast. return. mind. model. (v) fatigue. attend. coiffure. narration. atrocious. intimate. newssheet. exhaust. publicize. forge. word. distant. enunciation. ceremonial. carve. bildirmek 1. mood. contrive. proper. easy. dispatch. synonyms (adj) close. (v) gain. acquaint. (v) unwell. 3. deposition. exhausted. şekil). garb. caution. collect. synonyms (n) design. (v) tale. bildirim 1. 2. message. acquaintance (tanıdık). bildiri 1. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. assertion. tire. attract. coif. aweary. type. aphorism. (v) describe. construct. nauseous. attractive. admission. mark. biçimlemek format (biçim). fresh. axiom. audit. chummy. synonyms (adj) conventional. bilanço balance (denge. (v) form. beat. disagreeable. establish. elegant. catalogue. synonyms (adj) ill. pronouncement. customary. contrast. bore. ordinary. hate. surly. amass. (adj) character. deposition. construction. announce. displease. declaration. (v) unbalance. shape (biçim. compose. direction. languid. hatred. foretell. antonyms (n) attraction. 6. (v) sicken. announcement (duyuru. abhorrence. repulsive. bıkmış sick (hasta). notification. ailing. release. antonym (n) fact. (v) set. rage. decree. annunciate. 3. acknowledgment. saying. regard. synonyms (n) poise. profession. discover. dictum. formatting. form (biçim. synonyms (n) antipathy. pick. proclamation. notice. settle. dislike. antonyms (n) ignorance. pamphlet. impart. poorly. return.

learning. mind. return. disciple. talk. antonym (n) fact. transmit. pass. unit. synonyms (n) description. communicate. synonyms (adj) integral. 2. enlightened. (n) self. rational. advocate. section. break. bilet ticket. paw. 6. hand. bileklik supporter. friend. pronounce. champion. mixture. complex. notice. publish. notice. most. knowledgeable.English synonyms (n) concoction. aggregate. collection. advocate. composite. communication. sharpness. feature. capacity. attainment. (adj) compound. combination. synonyms (v) relate. data. recite. synonyms (n) ballot. slightly. makeup. unwise. warning. bookish. construction. record. acumen. judgment. companion. synthesis. discernment. notification. alloy. command. agent. accessory. emotion. distinguish. mixed. sensible. (n) component. bileşim 1. wise. fame. render. tidings. notice. bileşik 1. data (veri). vote (oy). profundity. allege. culture. prudence. enlightenment. stupidity. appreciation. report. article. bile 1. voice. recount. antonyms (n) stupidity. pek. grasp. brain. warn. word. production. bilgili 1. follower. 3. (v) compound. find. voting. antonyms (adj) foolish. intercommunicate. irregular. texture. antonyms (n) separation. 9. bill. component (parça). synonyms (n) partisan. constitution. proposition. sense. apprehension. 6. (adj) art. acknowledge. augment. detail. (adj) composite. compromise. declare. intellect. 4. complaint. 2. understanding. experience. plank. news. really. foretell. critic. association. division. complicated. agree. forewarn. completely. balance. considerably. sagacious. 7. aver. synonyms (n) advertisement. annunciate. hatta). carry. patron. broadcast. coalesce. antonym (v) request. submit. ignore. attend. 7. report (rapor). edification. compost. platform. harmony. sapience. union. attest. blend. amalgam. intelligence. conversancy. brew. tam). commune. comrade. wit. reasonable. narrative. caution. info. buddy. flat.org) . antonyms (n) opponent. advise (tavsiye etmek). state. (v) finger. count. evidence. constituent. intelligence. name. synonyms (n) pass. antonyms (n) foolishness. declare. very (çok. synonyms (v) admonish. brief. 2. convey. piece. lore. urge. (v) level. bilek wrist. assert. number. science. proof. antonym (n) fact. synonyms (n) information. merger. educated. note. jagged. interact. even (çift. tell (anlatmak. recital. friendship. compound. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. announce (ilan etmek). synonyms (adv) extremely. admirer. constant. bilgelik wisdom. depth. sagacity. too. shrewd. preparation. horizontal. eruditeness. postulate. 4.66 Turkish . truly. associate. coalition. sane. smooth. elector. organization. report (rapor). insight. synonyms (v) knowing. enumerate. attention. stupid. combination. greatly. instruct. partake. story. education. cultured. commingle. synonyms (n) constituent. bilge wise (akıllı). certificate. skeptic. balloting. (adj) direct. acquaintanceship. antonyms (v) disregard. member. piece. notify. (n) method. letter. bilgi 1. look. card. reading. (n) disclose. discerning. warrant. counsel. 2. antonyms (n) aggregate. entirely. ally. antonym (v) deny. record. composition. synonyms (adj) aggregate. knowing. somewhat. communicate. synonyms (n) advice. recital. combine. (v) amalgamate. aptitude. (adj) erudite. describe. actually. narration. composite (karma). knowledge. ingredient. propose. (v) account. scholarship. synonyms (n) arrangement. offer. söylemek). 2. learnedness. backer. antonym (n) ignorance. synonyms (n) acquisition. narration. synonyms (adj) judicious. synonyms (n) alliance. detractor. plane. comprehension. discreet. synonyms (adv) yet. publicize. ballot. name. message. combination. synonyms (v) herald. sound. fame. (v) elect. voucher. identical. confer. amalgamation. equivalent. wisdom. avow. synonyms (n) carpus. connect. brains. literature. concoction. poll. (adj) much. report. suffrage. material. amalgam. synonyms (n) facts. order. (v) account. details. synonyms (n) connection. persuade. contact. label. fan. knowledge. composing. regular. element. learning. compromise. antonyms (adv) abysmally. erudition. synonyms (n) description. union. synonyms (n) discretion. franchise. check. genius. heed. discover. academic. quite. devotee. alloy. promulgate. compost. astuteness. choice. (v) cognition. gossip. cry. antonyms (adj) uneven. share. figures. friend. highly. instruction. signal. file. (v) note. (adj) fundamental. mate. intimate. (v) fine. acquirement. (n) complex. inconsistent. learned. slate. league. benefactor. slip. composition. mark. antonym (n) stranger. sponsor. intelligence (akıl). bileşen 1. unequal. prudent. acquaintance (tanıdık). whole. narrative. 2. blend. synonyms (v) affirm. message. 3. enunciate. knowledge. proclaim. election. synonyms (n) cleverness. thoughtful. mark. scholarly. judiciousness. declaration. recommend. 8. say. reasonableness. relay. 5. steady. information (enformasyon). acquaintance. part. apprize. multiply. mentality. portion. (v) lore. reveal. exhort. express. call. inform. factor. antonym (adj) simple. awareness. intellectual. news. intelligent. describe. awfully. bulletin. conversance. (adj) simple. composition. believer. synonyms (v) deliver.websters-online-dictionary. tag. 5. antonym (v) oppose. item. gossip. notification. mix. detect. familiarity. equable. divulge. suggest. ascertain. information. admit. quickness. equal.

arbitrator. synonyms (adj) unconscious. self. synonyms (n) cheetah. secret. antonyms (adj) ignorant. analytical. leopard.websters-online-dictionary. discerning. (adj) art. bilimsel scientific. stone. purposeful. ortak). innocent. scientist. bina 1. mansion. literature. uneducated. premeditated. mutual. acknowledged. adherent. bilgisayar computer. visitor. foreign. oblivious. make. adroit. expressly. knowing. fathom. synonyms (n) learner. published. pillar. unusual. experienced. comprehend. cognizance. auditor. ranger. anatomy. workstation. proficient. synonyms (adj) well-known. pile. experienced. deliberate. intentional. (adj) augmentative. authorization. figurer. inferior. arrangement. fabrication. construction. appreciative. one-off. synonyms (adj) adept. observant. vulgar. detached. foreigner. heap. thou. (n) ken. curiously. bilgisiz ignorant (cahil). antonym (n) unconsciousness. familiar. beginner. (n) amateur. sensible. informed. skill. intercede. bilim science. reading. hold. certain. synonyms (adj) ordinary. obtuseness. reading. common (adi. well-known. cheap. folly. 2. g. gee. synonyms (n) calculator. bilinçli 1. senseless. unwitting. rule. innate. 2. mind.English lettered. literary. 2. bilinen 1. aware. follower. innocent. illiteracy. (v) edifice. plain. 2. illiterate. aristocratic. individually. strange. connoisseur. evident. particularly. knowledgeable. common. synonyms (v) discern. construction. pundit. disciple. distinctly. accomplished. recognize. antonyms (adj) knowledgeable. mediator. anonymous. computist. intended. organization. 2. scientifical. science. apprised. self-conscious. insensible. usual. augmenting. naive. 3. estimator. base. (n) stranger. umpire. antonyms (adj) conscious. authority. assembly. mathematical. synonyms (adj) technical. academic. aware. bilgisizlik ignorance (cehalet). synonyms (n) scholar. mediate. bilmek know (tanımak). flint. purposely. synonyms (n) darkness. understood. unaware. moderator. engineer. antonyms (adj) nameless. mediocre. studious. stupidity. cognizant. synonyms (adj) involuntary. voyager. apt. antonyms (adj) known. known. gramme. conscious. archaeologist. (v) foolscap. specific. assessor. structure. globule. mainframe. feeling. synonyms (n) learning. specifically. familiar. edification. master.Turkish . knowledge. jet. m. agnise. extraordinary. authority (yetki). expert (uzman). allowance. markedly. clinical. unwitting. pupil. familiar. night. synonyms (n) architecture. characteristic. (adv) abreast. laptop. traveler. conscious. (n) professional. apprised. reckoner. antonym (n) dilettante. grand. uninformed. disinterested. have. antonyms (n) knowledge. notably. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. infrequent. dexterous. exclusive. clever. spontaneous. recognized. synonyms (n) arbiter. bilye marble. compatible. coarse. exact. sanction. unaware. domination. ignorant. learning. establishment. unawareness. education. quartz. accurate. formation. watchful. chiefly. synonyms (adj) aware. administration. agnize. rare. knowledge. conscious. bilirkişi 1. judge. student. conscience. expressly. frame. unaware. brain. objective. command. clone. principally. learned. synonyms (n) erudition. gigabyte. program. literacy. constitution. rude. mysterious. synonyms (n) chiliad. engineer. granite. apprentice. conscious. letters. intelligence. bulb. husband. calculated. heedful. definitely. only. analog. bilinç consciousness. crude. eruditeness. 67 bilinçsiz unconscious. scholar. unknowing. unique. attentive. deliberate. bilgin 1. unidentified. nameless. referee (hakem). precisely. blind. obscure. sense. informed. creation. apprehend. recognized. accepted. enlightened. bilginlik scholarship (burs). bullet. brain. synonyms (adj) awake. unlearned. warrant. understand. public. barbarous. curtilage. mean. shallow. synonyms (n) ascendancy. supercargo. gm. subconscious. Bilinmeyen unknown. synonyms (adv) particularly. untrained. uncommon. accustomed. synonyms (adv) especially. able. unacquainted. bin thousand. feel. production. unknown. (v) knowledge. erudition. undiscovered. lore. punctual. trivial. 4. (n) habitual. instinctive. appreciate. building. synonyms (n) inspector. famous. innocence. making. very. alive. dull. (v) number. apprised. green. adjudicator. ignorant. acknowledge. nescience. synonyms (adj) secret. distinguish. synonyms (adj) aware. mindful. power. known. bilhassa 1. antonym (adj) theoretical. pellet. hidden. conscious. approval. award. antonym (adv) slightly. artistic. alert. wary. notion. explicitly. cognizant. automatic. adjudicate. sentient. agency. grounds. dominance. unidentified. peculiarly. skillful. adversity. learnedness. precise. surveyor. lordship. plebeian. lore. denseness. new. prize. singly. spherule. ref. 2. gram. unacquaintance. can. antonyms (adj) unconscious. agnosticism. intellectual. synonyms (n) building. referendary. familiar. intermediary. antonyms (adj) individual. specially. synonyms (n) awareness. ignoble. ace. awake. (v) arbitrate. table. fabric. shipshape. inept. apparent.org) . alien. vigilant. machine. (adj) rock. critic. 2. namely. unwisdom. conversant. unintentional. antonyms (adj) unskilled. unenlightenment. doctor. unfamiliar. house.

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. confine. arrest. ride. empower. tease. get. 8. authorization. order. approve. moderately. continue. shed. ampere. unimportant. antonyms (adj) married. 5. plank. masterpiece. bestride. flower. panel. tithing. somewhat. come. near. synonyms (n) amp. custody. mount. kalmak). one. impediment. drop. synonyms (v) license. synonyms (n) issue. (det) any. ace. 5. leave. arrest. large. tolerably. barroom. depart. frame. triumph. pardon. synonyms (n) fellow. tolerate. dispatch. antonyms (adv) extremely. spirits. rent. synonyms (v) acknowledge. accept. peer. (n) decline. bounce. monk. lease. only. synonyms (v) allow. (adj) certain. little. lift. (v) grammar. (adj) admit. round. about. relatively. soke. encounter. acquit. escape. forgo. agree. court. antonyms (v) arrive. office. higher. antonyms (adj) minor. 7. gashouse. compeer. endure. float. go. catch. condition. binmek 1. deposit. synonyms (v) remain. somewhat. binici rider. elite. (n) delay. equestrian. overriding. entitle. round. soapsuds. isolated. permit. suds. lift. snowboarding. considerable. ride. mate. abscond. antonym (v) disembark.org) . waive. buddy. lonely. soke. crash. clang. an. jump. bide. synonyms (adj) chief. birahane pub. (n) equitation. release (serbest bırakmak). important. main. principal. bait. want. accommodate. morn. climb. pick. slight. synonyms (n) beer. complex. cease. discord. büyük). permit (izin. maintain. ransom. (v) keep.English counterpart. (adv) once. forfeit. biraz 1. pretty. abandon. proviso. development. around. extraordinary. bırakmak 1. chum. bear. texture. ebb. man. lone. antonyms (n) agreement. ride. binme 1. (n) check. scale. conformation. prohibit. involvement. distinct. have. disappoint. (v) wine. angstrom. 2. (v) capture. synonyms (v) horsemanship. deny. enable. unique. (n) equitation. multiple. sanction. (n) anybody. simple. slops. (adj) empty. one. rise. travel. bira 1. initiation. backfire. structure (bünye. clank. synonyms (n) bang. supplement. biraz). grave. design. assent. departure. (adj) awheel. lounge. 3.websters-online-dictionary. holiday. cause. synonym (conj) if. (n) restraint. increase. liberate. antonym (n) sister. exemption. tithing. banish. synonyms (v) abort. configuration. end. mountain. authorize. legalize. associate. build. committee. fairly. scrap. odd. board (tahta). several. bock. 2. (n) one. (v) drive. saloon. near. partially. discard. roughly. petty. collide. riding. countenance. forsake. pal. meal. break. change. consent. accord. snowboarding. forenoon. flag. great. birader brother. dissolve. renounce. hundred. change. free. accede. demise. sign. 2. almost. impact. run. drop. certificate. antonyms (v) succeed. (n) growth. (adj) abate. discount. warrant. (n) valley. can. trust. board. passenger. support. antonyms (v) ban. cast. synonyms (n) council. some (bazı). snifter. some (bazı. synonyms (n) horseman. suffer. desert. fade. leave. almost. remain. (v) agree. support. antonyms (v) rise. codicil.68 Turkish . rather. fail. 2. system. reside. around. antonym (v) prevent. abdicate. lead. rest. single (tek). hull. endure. dismiss. oil. individual. bir 1. addition. synonyms (n) bar. synonyms (adv) nearly. erection. abduction. reject. decay. diminish. battle. dip. quite. sundry. antonyms (n) imprisonment. permission. excuse. prop. vacate. flee. eject. (pron) partly. roughly. 3. sole. antonyms (v) hire. passably. provision. discrete. afford. authority. appendix. shape. antonyms (v) keep. dismiss. table. nip. hindrance. 2. stop. voyage. master. acquiesce. embark. drift. axerophthol. prime. ginmill. 4. pause. brush. employ. approach. 3. allow (izin vermek). grant. travel. synonyms (adj) celibate. stingo. framework. ride. exclusive. droop. lodge. liberation. absolve. 9. beer. synonyms (adv) slightly. rag. rather. mount. synonyms (v) discharge. brawl. drinkery. hundred. friend. certain. horse. (n) licence. chuck. companion. let (izin vermek). clause. decrease. jaunt. antonym (n) destruction. synonyms (adv) nearly. solitary. founder. 4. (adj) something. izin vermek). (adj) few. synonyms (v) depart. taphouse. dwell. dispute. evacuate. quantitative. enter. (n) furlough. somebody. inn. binbaşı major (ana. displace. advance. scheme. somewhat. comrade. dribble. collapse. middling. fundamental. person. exposition. crony. leading. commission. synonyms (v) relinquish. yapı). lather. jump. liqueur. deliver. approximately. drip. annoy. (n) hill. halt. (v) exempt. (v) jar. conflict. composition. several. stop. (adj) bestride. common. ditch. exonerate. charter. bindirmek clash. machinery. sidekick. preservation. separate. singular. bust. yield. default. (adj) few. synonyms (n) form. disband. particular. antonyms (v) leave. pothouse. abide. stay. 2. bomb. abandon. (adj) disengage. single. superior. 6. sink. synonyms (n) outing. synonyms (v) horsemanship. bırakmamak stay (kalma. key. imprison. deteriorate. cashier. let. bench. some. comparatively. (adj) cream. morning. eale. ale. resign. drop. about. synonyms (n) cocktail. maroon. hops. head. double. antonyms (v) descend. reasonably. synonyms (v) ascend. binicilik riding. quit. die. lesser. grow. increase. skeleton. a. synonyms (pron) any. disallow. approximately. harass. synonyms (v) fall. fight. arise. pass. (adj) awheel. give. antonyms (v) forbid.

link. matchless. distribute. diverse. store. sharply. peculiar. aggregate. curtly. briefly. unawares. batch. exclusive. particular. accrual. immediately. only (ancak). infinitely. birçok 1. accruement. notability. biri 1. multiple. exclusively. bölmek). simply. (v) detach. amass. increasingly. gruffly. single. shortly. synonyms (adj) detached. anyone. birikinti deposit (mevduat). speedily. guarantee. merge. accrual. (v) gain. hardly. certain. sudden. instanter. stock. discrete. curtly. soul. birikimli cumulative. just. synonyms (n) combination. antonyms (v) disperse. deposit. compound. terribly. significantly. bluntly. antonym (pron) nobody. antonyms (v) disperse. biriktirme accumulation. predictably. rudely. sooner. scarcely. one (bir). (v) party. aggregate. cluster. (v) bank. mass. singular. however. man. commit. soonly. birazdan 1. incorporation. instanter. antonyms (adv) gradually. (n) human. individual. lay. slimly. mortal. every. someone. multitudinous. entirely. sole. synonyms (adv) directly. amassed. mass. antonyms (adv) gradually. anybody. summative. sharply. amassed. precipitously. afterward. stock. harvest. antonyms (adj) common. abruptly. single. lees. synonyms (adv) early. abundant. amalgam. ony. şahıs). alone. 2. combined.Turkish . inimitable. heaped. hoard. accretion. (adj) celebrity. deposit. precipitously. rapidly. instantly. suddenly. predictably. multiplied. synonyms (adj) singular. accretion. increasingly. hoard. (adj) certain. lion. distinctive. personality. unification. pile. different. synonyms (n) self. small. hastily. accretion. different. growing. solely. form. lone. birey 1. organism. recurring. one. combine. body. 2. synonyms (adj) many. mortal. somebody (birisi). preferably. divorce. antonym (n) automaton. pick. chain. (adj) quickly. aggregation. assemblage. pick. barely. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. only. ace. mortal. 2. rather (oldukça). acquire. composite. additional. addition. antonym (v) withdraw. antonym (n) few. 2. collate. separate (ayırmak. distinctive. betimes. complex. biriktirmek 1. lone. presently. aggregation. additory. populous. kinda. rapidly. slightly. faintly. advancing. body. alone. common. (n) aught. pile. dissociate. antonyms (adv) very. batch. particular. sudden. fellow. file. exclusive. part. synonyms (adv) lightly. just. insulate. aggregate. 4. birden suddenly. unique. combined. bireşim synthesis (sentez). dead. characteristic. (v) unite. anon. reserve.websters-online-dictionary. promptly. antonyms (adj) joint. total. (adj) quickly. accumulate. synonyms (adv) suddenly. much. combined. cluster. aggregate. augmenting. short. fusion. presently. convene. summative. several. batch. communal. creature. unique (benzersiz. birdenbire 1. few. hastily. innumerable. additory. (n) collective. much. residue. antonym (n) shortage. party. especial. 4. synonyms (adj) manifold. collate. slowly. antonyms (adv) gently. many (çok). quickly. synonyms (adv) abruptly. 69 disconnect. fuse. antonym (n) separation. homo. additional. disperse. part. birikim accumulation. individual (birey). collective. certain. mass. general. numerous. birikmek collect (toplamak). distinctive. join. fast. synonyms (adj) distinct. cut. synonyms (n) individual.org) . (adv) once. synonyms (n) store. heaped. life. ayrı. soul. instantly. synonyms (adv) but. one. quick. deduction. communal. synonyms (v) assemble. barely. person (kişi. amass. (pron) who. 3. different. 2. gather. only. accruement. someone. slenderly. plentiful. discriminate. individual (bireysel). creature. accrue. either. rare. fix. hero. soon (çok geçmeden). (n) individual. combined. hoard. harvest. heap. substance. somebody. presto. distinct. shortly. cast. antonym (n) shortage. vague. slowly. tremendously. compound. hoard. aggregation. general. synonyms (adj) all. total. synonyms (n) store. antonym (adj) simple. gather. repose. odd. 3. alone. synonyms (adj) distinct. leave. man. 2. exceptional. excessively. synonyms (pron) any. fast. synonyms (adv) enough. reserve. growing. distinguish. mixture. various. numberless. particularly. civilly. fellow. complex. incomparable. augmenting. now. forthwith. common. sole. solidly. accrual. vague. antonym (n) shortage. birikme accumulation. synonyms (adv) abruptly. addition. save (kurtarmak. (v) gain. (v) gain. dead. synonyms (n) store. assemblage. tek). synonyms (adj) accumulative. instead. 2. increasing. multiple (kat). synonyms (adj) accumulative.English considerably. congregate. acquire. creature. biricik 1. fast. (n) number. all. synonyms (v) assemble. chain. man. solitary. soon. characteristic. alone. collective. (adj) exclusive. extraordinary. being. any. stock. assemblage. hoard. scatter. whichever. quantitative. deposit. (n) human. somebody. accrue. ordinary. multiplex. some. particular. 2. accruement. slight. frequent. several. accumulate. unawares. simultaneous. synonyms (pron) someone. disjoin. especial. birikmiş cumulative. joined. reserve. currently. convene. person. character. countless. synonyms (n) charge. mix. (n) coefficient. antonyms (adj) joint. immediately. distribute. presto. cull. antonyms (adj) connected. congregate. brusquely. (n) collective. collect (toplamak). personage. merely. bireysel 1. cull. instantly. homo. associate. short. union. thing. erelong. addition. increasing. unit. divide. human. pile. hoard. immediately. advancing. hardly. (n) single.

individual. seam. lessons. head. free. synonyms (v) connect. birleşme 1. party. tie. partner. conglutination. joint (eklem. birisi 1. (n) some. about. concoction. antonyms (adj) last. synonyms (adj) chief. coalescence. union. (n) paramount. combination. some (bazı. 2. split. first (ilk). premier (başbakan). person. antonyms (v) detach. joint. intensity. rescue. (v) stock. cooperative. graft. oylum). dimension. synonyms (n) blending. synonyms (adj) first. constituent. around. ace. attach. antonyms (v) spend. (adj) compound. cardinal. module (modül). piece. conjunctive. league. compact. cardinal. mixed. conjugation. lion. anlaşma). coupled. (prep) except. loudness. foremost. separate. diameter. accomplice. (n) self. classes. segregation. homo. synthesis. 2. undivided. companion. private. (v) diverse. synonyms (pron) somebody. fuse. synonyms (pron) someone. biraz). inseparable. essential. federation. main. synonyms (n) shop. (adj) celebrity. concurrence. synonyms (v) deliver. redeem. respective. heap. assistant. join. numerous. connected. undivided. association. synonyms (n) faculty. (n) commencement. (n) paramount. affiliation. arch. main. antonym (v) scatter. preliminary. beginning.English saklamak). synonyms (adv) foremost. major. 4. 3. 2. amalgamation. unit (ünite). blending. company. connected. birincil primary. coalesce. particular. support. alinement. bond. antonyms (n) division. mutual. primitive. different. mutual. man. pile.70 Turkish . (n) bond. synonyms (n) confederate. synonyms (adj) many.org) . (v) agree. (n) chancellor. dominant. antonym (pron) nobody. elementary. association. market. initial. synonyms (n) alliance. coalition. concerted. consolidation. major. collection. fused. chief. fraternity. converge. aggregate. antonyms (n) separation. primal. body. (adj) simple. emporium. defend. antonyms (adj) individual. (n) individual. one. birleşik 1. adjust. synonyms (n) troop. league. various. blend. hero. 4. society. creature. 2. (adj) best. subarray. foe. (n) one. affiliate. birleşmek 1. capital. rather. bay. several. initial. group. (v) consolidated. synonyms (n) bulk. mass. cooperative. common. birleşmiş united. (v) articulate. harmony. element. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. antonym (adj) few. leading. maiden. antonym (adj) simple. consolidation. (v) premiere. conserve. roughly. partnership. supply. tuck. economize. join. fusion. piece. antonyms (n) adversary. synonyms (n) coupling. squad. accord (ahenk. (det) any. preliminary. original. solid. stok). conclude. antonyms (n) division. confederation. 2. round. manifold. (v) align. bestow. matrimony. mix. approximately. comply. link. extraordinary. junction. synonyms (n) connection. synonyms (adj) joint. amalgamated. hacim. mafsal. (v) consolidated. program. essential. (adv) jointly. connection. 3. harmonize. concord. depolamak. opponent. book. early. basal. converge. antonyms (n) separation. original. synonyms (adj) collective. united. segregation. antonym (n) quietness. fundamental. detachment. one. fundamental. rally. separate. keep. confederacy. consonance. central. 3. journal. pot. combined. add. coalition. grant. extract. antonym (adj) secondary. strife. synonyms (adj) combined. (n) cartel. save. synonyms (adv) nearly. several. accumulation. merger. synonyms (adj) joined. birleştirme 1. joint. alliance (ittifak). synthesis. personage. conjoin. liberate. conjunction. together. linked. (n) fold. auxiliary. anyone. league. colleague. join (birleştirmek). hinge. marriage. preserve. allied. place. paradigm. unison. unification. joining. ortak). garner. unification. incorporate. composition. reserve. (adj) coadjutor. conjoint. aboriginal. union. conjunct. 2. (adj) certain. 3. combination. part. unite. antonym (n) nonalignment. fusion. merger. joined. waste. give. synonyms (v) amalgamate.websters-online-dictionary. antonym (adj) secondary. (n) end. first. former. unilateral. conjunctive. accessory. suit. assent. amalgam. consensus. section. collect. quantity. divided. somewhat. capacity. club. unanimous. team. discord. incorporate. someone. final. notability. antonyms (n) disagreement. affinity. antonyms (adj) individual. link. ally. (n) harmonious. alignment. synonyms (n) alliance. synonyms (n) combination. birkaç 1. basic. band. protect. combine. conglutination. principal. member. (adj) deal. united. aggregate. curriculum. blend. depo. synonyms (v) deduce. consent. coalition. human. compile. maintain. union (birlik). but. combine. special. combination. merge. affix. (adj) one. meet. undo. divergence. somebody (biri). associate. soul. primal. course. synonyms (n) agreement. combined. friend. rather. concerted. amalgamation. bank. before. tome. aggregate. annex. antonym (adj) divided. 2. synonyms (adj) basic. protoplast. store (ambar. unanimous. complex. guild. squander. conjunct. elementary. mixed. reap. retain. cell. birinci 1. aggregate. fund. secede. separate. derive. associated. size. flock. 3. 5. earn. mortal. near. common. forward. staff. alloy. gather (toplamak). separate. component. allied. (n) articulation. communal. primary (birincil). cache. unification. 2. sundry. 3. organization. saklamak. anybody. minister. brotherhood. volume (cilt. (v) conflict. quantitative. almost. birim 1. meet. amount. adherent. comrade. magnitude. bilateral. associate. business. assemble. divers.

partnership. mafsal. syndicate. alliance (ittifak). solidarity. simultaneously. billiards. contract. relationship. (adj) coadjutor. synonyms (adj) regular. antonym (adj) strong. circle. son). scantling. squad. bicycle. 5. consensus. divergence. union. orbit. 6. turn. 5. antonyms (n) adversary. equable. same. interval. junction. (det) any. brew. bisküvi biscuit. adhere. (v) align. biraz). slug. constant. (adj) crack. stable. bloodless. store. system. confederacy. joint (birleşik. consistency. oneness. loch. synonyms (n) machine.Turkish . seam. end. 2. unison. joint. society. separate. amalgam. attach. ünite). bike. complex. about. closure. affinity. (adj) pallid. colleague. congress. cycle. (adj) glamorous. composition. mere. enervated. (v) cease. discontinue. run. coalesce. complete. bitirmek 1. marriage. cycle. match. coherence. (n) articulation. final. party. meeting. twin. synonyms (adj) last. spent. club. mutual. cooperative. partner. antonyms (adj) varied. dot. drive. 7. ligament. add. affinity. league. amalgam. comrade. mixture. commingle. strong. companionship. sallow. 2. synonyms (n) confederate. fetter. accomplice. 3. synonyms (n) community. lough. (adj) hook. independently. synonyms (n) association. mixture. colorless. vehicle. alloy. coach. conclude. beat. 8. 4. completeness. relation. running. communion. element. aggregate. unite. band. roll. agnation. multiply. bank. section. motorcycle. unchanging. unit (birim. concoction. 8. round. ring. team. bit bit. faint. portion. bond (bağ. steady. virtuoso. affiliate. hinge. synonym (n) motorbike. (adj) composite. synonyms (adv) nearly. composed. expended. (v) curb. integrity. antonyms (adj) energetic. star. bout. period. (n) completion. tie. atom. society. league. merge. agreement. attainment. incorporate. ally. unity. synonyms (v) weak. beige. alliance. tan. equal. affix. union. aim. band. super. unilateral. body. pasty. antonym (adj) simple. bitik wan. point. meeting. synonyms (n) alignment. kitty. tired. master. mate. synonyms (n) affiliation. connection. consolidation. coalescence. (n) cartel. synonyms (n) complex. alinement. lurid. secede. friendship. part. even. bond. inconsistent. annex. weak. (v) bike. join (birleşmek). (v) consolidate. moment. 6. coating. combination. antonym (n) discord. dry. morsel. mix. dress. pedal. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. part. 3. conference. drop. snatch. mix. 3. level. bail. (v) bind. identity. perfection. collection. conclusion. detachment. refreshed. birlik 1. certain. whole. bisiklet 1. wizard. approximately. rack. cement. circuit. synonyms (v) connect. converge. association (dernek). compound. synonyms (adj) collective. bitirme 1. completion (tamamlama). (v) assemblage. fulfillment. foe. synonyms (n) union. combination. combine. pool (havuz). object. unity. fellowship. closing. concord. conjointly. fellowship. coupling. (adj) few. band. wed. around. lake. synonyms (n) plash. combine. somewhat. fusion. birörnek uniform (üniforma). consistent. one. communal. synonyms (n) close. assorted. synonyms (n) expert. destination. assembly.org) . synonyms (v) amalgamate. synonyms (n) crumb. ortak). age. adhesion. cause. antonym (n) nonalignment. sequence. (adj) separate. company. 2. fasten.English birleştirmek 1. agreement. 71 confederation. yoke. adherent. marry. erek. combination. fuse. whole. synonyms (n) cookie. connection. outstanding. common. (adj) compound. concoction. association. syndicate. opponent. synonyms (adv) jointly. ultimate. piece. end (bitmek. performance. several. demise. synonyms (n) blend. bilateral. communication. synonyms (v) pale. synonyms (n) troop. crew. (n) one. ace. head. harmony. deed. jot. friend. fatigued. couple (çift). scrap. synonyms (n) affiliation. duo. accessory. copulate. birli ace (as). jackpot. invariable. connection. single. composition. congress. company. (v) compromise. integration. gone. basin. ghastly. junction. cooperation. (v) assemblage. merger. split. iota. fixed. one. adept. shred. (v) articulate. undo. antonym (n) start. twosome. aggregate. meet. support. death. (n) livery. antonym (v) uncouple. augment. companion. sodality. division. birliktelik association (dernek). partnership. synonyms (n) brace. link. cadaverous. near. comradeship. syndicate. achievement. beat. separately. associate. complement. faint. private. finish. antonym (adj) simple. conjunction. mixed. wheel. cooky. ashen. group. assembly. synonyms (n) bicycle. revolution. 2. fresh. synonyms (n) coalition. unequal. (prep) consequence. alliance. entirety. conclusion. compost. haggard. attachment. (n) bond. guild. pond. amalgamation. matrimony. antonyms (adv) individually. piece. bridge. birtakım some (bazı. 4. assemble.websters-online-dictionary. link. synonyms (n) close. collectively. spray. amity. birlikte together (beraber). finish. preparation. consummation. federation. joining. fleck. chain. depleted. (v) pair. rather. particle. (adj) drained. assistant. (adj) solidity. conjoin. member. antonyms (n) separation. jaded. dyad. execution. roughly. empty. blend. fragment. cell. (adj) united. confederation. round. collaboration. bitap exhausted. sickly. finishing. graft. link. 7. component. weary. organization. antonyms (adj) individual. eklem. homogenous. trust. ashy. brotherhood. auxiliary. juncture. alliance. accomplishment. unification. bono). antonyms (v) detach. ending. almost. join.

son). foliage. synonyms (v) stand. bar. separate. pitiful. (v) fatigue. past. durma. pathetic. hinder. synonyms (n) aurochs. accomplished. common. factory. adjoining. aweary. dispatch. expire. mean. accomplished. imperfect. by. (n) overs. cease. terminate. whole. (v) exhaust. environmental. prostration. tiredness. apoplexy. mill. pitiable. loyal. drain. biyografi biography. unilateral. synonyms (adj) perfect. assume. superman. plant. son). synonyms (adv) beyond. too. consummate. leaves. effect. (v) start. rough. (adj) abate. synonyms (n) manufactory. unfinished. lassitude. affiliated. constitute. synonyms (adj) finished. (adj) extra. delay. antonym (adj) happy. weary (yorgun). drop. (prep) consequence. raddled. fragmentary. plug. worn. weakening. bore. (adj) flag. halfway. culminate. synonyms (adj) collective. accomplishment. finished. desist. bitkiler vegetation. 5. (v) articulate. achieve. (adj) collapse. connection. spent. biz us. clear. expenditure. synonyms (adj) defective. opening.72 Turkish . finished. qualified. begin. antonyms (adj) complete. consummate. irksome. (v) fix. exhaustion. complete. synonyms (n) analysis. synonyms (n) exhaustion. (n) jade. faded. execute. obstruct. lacking. prolong. deduce. graft. 3. life. expended. tam. dead. derive. lamentable. separate. conclude. effete. half. determine. reason. geological. weariness. accomplish. synonyms (v) break. (n) rough. deplorable. attached. unmarried. narrow. (v) miserable. gone. wretched. antonyms (adj) unfinished. durdurmak. exhaust. dwell. coating. synonyms (n) flora. antonym (adj) remaining. debilitation. bitmek 1. 3. cooperative. worn. judge. conclude. synonyms (v) decayed. real. coating. (v) start. close. complete. piteous. loving. synonyms (n) autobiography. achieve. assume. sketchy. (adv) ended. (prep) above. stay. growth. finish. bitiş finish (bitmek. complete. terminate. execute. antonym (adj) unfinished. remaining. absolute. (n) articulation. lethargy. (n) beginning. immediate. idleness. biyopsi biopsy. full. achieve. spent. synonyms (n) aurochs. physical. synonyms (adj) abutting. frayed. conclusion. adjacent. leave. antonyms (n) beginning. block. attain. short. (adv) near. middle. birth. 4.org) . cut. ruined. gone. geographical. (n) termination. forlorn. biyolojik biological. antonym (adj) new. tattered. exhaust. seam. slack. across. abandon. wear. (n) ending. (n) consummate. o'er. more. eklem. fatigue. lapse. lay. conclusion. consummate. synonyms (v) end. actual. finale. whole. synonyms (v) gather. lacking. completed. stop. synonyms (adj) connected. biyoloji biology. story. stark. affectionate. bize us. odd. conterminous. inadequate. place. neighboring. true. cause. antonyms (adj) detached. ending. act. antonyms (v) start. understand. drawn. bitki plant. finish (bitmek. weary. superman. dispatch. fag. antonym (adj) distant. synonyms (v) gather. round. glaze. shrubs. sad. perfect. interrupt. threadbare. generalize. synonyms (v) end. communal. accomplish. demigod. absolute. suppose. 2. associate. capable. shabby. synonyms (n) close.websters-online-dictionary. bitkin 1. consume. continue. mutual. hinge. conclude. bizi us. cease (durmak). deduce. ecological. curb. enervate. done (tamam). languid. abstain. ragged. synonyms (n) fatigue. insufficient. antonyms (adj) energetic. accomplishment. 2. handy. (v) neglect. joining. bitiştirmek joint (birleşik. nigh. arrest. 2. quit. antonyms (n) energy. flowers. undergrowth. maintenance. devoted. abridged. sketchy. demigod. complete (eksiksiz. (v) cease. low. middle. 2. history. rotten. unfinished. completion. (adj) haggard. bitişik 1. generalize. do. synonyms (adj) unfortunate. incomplete. suppose. completed. found. harass. continue. synonyms (n) physiology. polished. settle. establish. dull. opening. bilateral. fresh. next. 2. bitmemiş incomplete.English weary. glaze. consume. (adj) prostrate. bury. antonyms (n) beginning. synonyms (n) aurochs. radiology. bore. over. bushes. closure. jade. finished. reason. stop. drained. resolve. (n) close. partial. synonyms (adj) finished. decrepit. catch. determine. urinalysis. herb. 3. antonyms (adj) individual. contiguous. over. consume. scarce. execute. discontinue. 4. on. set. fatigued. gone. biota. demise. begin. consumption. check. sorry. bitmiş 1. beat. memoirs. ripe. quit. irk. bordering. synonyms (v) evanid. son). superman. unhappy. ortak). Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. completion. synonyms (v) end. pause. 4. begin. embed. tire. aim. all. nearby. tie. do. derive. deplete. settle. natural. wear. crosswise. halt. quietism. do. during. tire. mafsal. bitkinlik 1. faulty. (adj) complete. (v) refresh. death. anatomy. tamamlamak). resolve. fagged. conclude. cessation. judge. determine. genetic. finish (son). permit. death. equipment. touching. synonyms (adj) biologic. maintenance. synonyms (adj) tired. antonyms (adj) incomplete. durmak). anew. synonyms (v) done. ended. grass. join. examination. associated. end (bitirmek. through. expire. seedy. antonyms (v) encourage. stop (durak. bitti done (tamam). 3. enfeeblement. poor. private. fond. disrupt. memoir. through. erek. past. plants. organic. (v) accomplish. animation. natal. demigod. discontinue. careworn. deficient. 2. (n) hold. continue. destination. finale. jaded. committed. exhausted. decide. decide. object. understand. (adv) over. enervation. deliquium. shortened.

murder. scuffle. tumble. antonyms (adj) cramped. knit. variety. jump. happy. hit. blunderer. good. glide. fisticuff. cluster. (adj) illogical. sucker. (adj) blunder. fat. slacks. load. muzzle. mean. (adv) gentle. stout. charitable. curt. handsome. labor. prolific. antonyms (v) free. mountain. guff. group. throat. light. rot. shrimp. smack. mammal. unblock. individualistically. warrior. diminutive. inadequate. geniş). mettle. roomy. rich. handyfight. 2. synonyms (n) bar. wide. flush. militant. curvet. conflict. crowded. animal. 5. downhearted. antonyms (n) silence. order. sufficient. slaughterer. mint. ordure. swelling. loud. punch. directly. plug. footing. sensible. abrupt. funnel. buffet (büfe). rational. bottom. gross. waiter. gang. fruitful. fit. compact. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. bounteous. (adj) fighting. fill. depressed. fuzz. louse. bunkum. lot. unstinting. pack (paket. bevy. gross. meatman. impact. synonyms (adj) productive. (v) arrest. laconic. synonyms (n) blow. stack. cocksucker. fistfight. restaurant. quarl. total. big. 2. slugfest. knot. meager. confused. mound. bodur 1. magnificent. antonyms (adj) inadequate. lock. boksör fighter. dump. packet. abundant. synonyms (adj) copious. amphibian. (v) ring. synonyms (adj) brief. immense. gang. murderer. sharp. set. sane. bull. chimney. common. separately. ignoble. kindly. buncombe. package (paket). backpack. nostril. nub. unsound. scarce. synonyms (adv) individually. important. fine. khakis. joint. synonyms (n) basement. vault. whole. synonyms (adj) bulky. minnow. boks boxing. high. ungenerous. privately. ample. deep. mellow. (n) entire. heap. strain. synonyms (adj) abundant. buck. synonyms (adj) benevolent. hinder. dispute. 2. offices. specially. kind. enough. bundle. endeavor. voluminous. maggot. stop. parcelling. (n) free. scramble. affluent. narrowly. secretly. dull. winery. scullery. (v) entangle. bountiful. buff. noble. boğazlamak butcher (kasap). tightfisted. synonyms (adj) contemptible. extensive. peal. synonyms (adj) dense. boğuk thick (kalın). clog. (adj) reasonable. (v) ornate. giant. effort. liberal. opulent. botcher. champion. blucin jeans. synonyms (adj) complete. comprehensive. diluted. soldier. synonyms (n) pack. lacking. chateau. intelligent. botch. important. full (dolu). deep. bright. sheaf. belabor. bright. stupid. bunch. complete. generous. short (kısa). large. tangle. sizable. stomach. massacre. generous. insignificant. gorge. plentiful. benign. böcek insect. catacomb. avaricious. basement. company. ample. (v) clump. plenty. shaft. boğaz 1. (v) beat. synonyms (n) contest. substantial. luxurious. high. cell. munificent. (n) depression. hungry. starving. antonyms (adj) empty. collection. small. fat. low (alçak). particularly. crusader. sepulcher. wadding. incomplete. antonyms (adj) long. container. bunk. 7. poop. obstruct. well. stripe. miserly. 3. feather. transparent. activist. florid. synonyms (n) bow. synonyms (n) bullshit. bodrum 1. nature. exertion. antonyms (adj) poor. synonyms (n) pants. dim. worm. pantry. healthy. cockpit. boğuşmak 1. (v) wrap. bumbler. open. absolute. instinctively. sketchy. batch. chinos. bird. packaging. cellarage. antonyms (adj) cheerful. combat. right. sparring. bohça 1. 2. wealthy. base. clever. cuff. paketlemek). huge. parcel. flue. (v) crowd. knock. 3. struggle. insufficient. estate. just. synonyms (n) pugilism. highpitched. lush. faeces. undivided. encumber. fertile. compendious. all. humble. canteen. destitute. spacious. bear. packing. commodious. bungler. hogwash. package. mob. copper. expansive. kill. battle. dungarees. heavy. broke. attempt. synonyms (n) echo. kind. luxuriant. compress. (v) stool. box. sparse.org) . measly. fair. defecate.Turkish . synonyms (n) class. quarrel. base. slay. blok block (tıkamak). deficient. good. colossal. great. well-off. mass. philanthropic. bunch. dung. crowd. synonyms (n) assassin. closely. synonyms (n) combatant. 6. crap. intimately. bunk. pharynx. (adj) excrement. close. type. piercing. nozzle. cop. spring. (v) assassinate. bound. hold. barricade. full. bullshit. loop. mouth. antonyms (v) flourish. tall. fast. intuitively.English bizzat personally. synonyms (n) gullet. pad. 2. herd. down. plenteous. bind. insufficient. cluster. rich (zengin). familiar. orifice. bol 1. thick. greedy. bok shit. node (düğüm). midge. brusque. 73 tie. carton. synonyms (n) knob. considerable. band. hefty. boğa bull. opaque. wad. backpacking. parry. antonyms (adj) scarce. böbrek kidney. crowded. absurdity. synonyms (n) bug. (adj) animalcule. antonym (v) unwrap. vineyard. fish. gigantic. connection. plump. slaughter. slight. heavy. blue. guest. cram. crustacean. nodosity. strike. (adj) lump. cellar (kiler). synonyms (n) cluster. open. synonyms (n) bundle. synonyms (n) cellar. pile. lump. lengthy. enormous. batter. floor. fasten. knot.websters-online-dictionary. halt. client. antonyms (adj) thin. antonyms (adj) stingy. (v) fight. junk. 4. sound (ses). beast. abject. description. dejected. feces. impoverished. 2. confidentially. sparse. antonym (v) unpack. leap. grand. thump. stocky. belligerent. boğum 1. concise. tomb. large (büyük. broad. detailed. lacking. capacious. 2. fecund. deep. synonyms (n) crap. fisticuffs. adequate. nephros. close. battler. downcast. slow. chime. kitchen. burl.

fracture. garner. synonyms (adj) elegant. (n) limp. patch. topic. sel basmak). supply. sweeping. line. riches. 2. cry. synonyms (n) deluge. collection. hoard. tolerant. booth. allotment. dissociate. partition. bang. tidy. licentious. orbit. roar. synonyms (n) alcove. smash. conceal. antonyms (adj) tight. close. howl. reserve. rip. slit. 2. capacity. inundate. decent. flush. part. defense. 6. pamphlet. amplitude. (v) trickle. synonyms (n) guard. distinguish. rupture. line. carve. disconnect. (n) break. synonyms (n) ribbon. wallop. sphere. haystack. opulence. arena. 12. wide (geniş). distribute. clause. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. plot. immoral. exquisite. topical. country. protege. side. clemency.org) . gratuitous. pour. district. track. bonny. neighborhood. submerge. much. circuit. class. ward. enlightened. profusion. synonyms (n) shade. (v) segment. fourth. (adj) screen. divide (ayırmak). veil. (n) progressive. wealthy (zengin). place. monied. synonyms (n) shop. accumulate. flood. apportion. antonym (adj) fresh. fraction. synonyms (n) department. advanced. (v) disengage. split (ayırmak. frank. yarmak). scope. jurisdiction. multitude. prosperity. yakışıklı). part. comely. prepossessing. 10. (v) shelter. neighborhood. (adj) local. (v) cover. vicinity. (v) yap. parochial. zone. park. (v) apartment. (adj) constituent. domain. graceful. many. whack. width. grade. sectional. split (ayırmak. section. bank. belt. attractive. liberate. detach. whip. piece. 2. bay. lay. 2. dissolute. penury. incoherent. 4. astray. estimation. burst. gold. demesne. extent. inaccurate. cornucopia. hit. hemisphere. plentiful. cellblock. percentage. separate. antonyms (n) closeness. accumulation. pack. file. compass. (adj) insufficient. (v) band. territory. separate. charming. plentitude. totalitarian. synonyms (n) pile. bölmek 1. (n) conservative. realm. bolluk 1. synonyms (n) community. class. expanded. strip. dispense. degree. plenitude. saklamak. antonyms (v) unite. loose. unification. yarmak). order. 5. space. cleavage. ground. break. collect. native. indulgent. array. stok). part. gradation. (adv) far. recess. screen (ekran. dismember. (adj) regional. pathway. synonyms (v) distribute. copiousness. bighearted. galore. expanse. oppressive. 2. antonyms (adj) narrow. disconnect. antonyms (n) dearth. parcel. municipality. separation.74 Turkish . part. synonyms (n) essay. fortune. widely. clear. quarter (çeyrek). subdivision. Böl 1. pretty. synonyms (n) quadrant. synonyms (n) size. unattractive. synonyms (v) cut. thin. easy. thrash. stack (yığın. synonyms (adj) vast.websters-online-dictionary. region. apportion. classify. breach. disagreement. harbor. put. (v) drench. direction. department. cut. loaded. prosperous. place. constituency. antonyms (adj) ugly. compartment. class. cover. room. heap. liberal. intolerant. shortage. 11. cleavage. gorgeous. custody. wealth. (prep) tide. billet. region. convergence. encompassing. protection. lavish. fracture. protect. ample. synonyms (adj) district. dissertation. business. ambit. pupil. branch. wedged. quarter. antonyms (v) join. protect. treatise. 3. exposition. panoptic. sound. scarcity. possession. synonyms (n) wealth. split. treasure. release. slit. split. glut. yığmak). hill. disjoint. riddle. preserve. freehanded. rank (sıra). quality. general. cubbyhole. abundance (bereket). plenteousness. cove. strap. environs. kısım). cubicle. tract. rush. store. share. stretch. kesit. fine. canton. disguise. compact. chapter. plenty. 8. deal. grace. section (bölüm. distinguish. flank. taut. arm. bölünme. neighboring. possessions. accommodate. synonyms (n) land. gush. deal. locality. cleave. community. county. beautiful. curtain. (adj) plenty. perde). cabin. fertility. knock. dissociate. 9. lot. (v) money. shield. guard. position. swamp. (adj) adequate. discipline. synonyms (n) capital. bundle. extended. beat. (v) arrange. discourse. area (alan). partition. 3. dispense. detached. synonyms (n) portion. district. affluence. merge. compartment. mass. antonym (adj) central. synonyms (n) range. quart. antonyms (adj) strict. cache. article. kuşak). 4. fiord. aridity. shelter. (adj) brown. resources. drown. plentifulness. synonyms (adj) moneyed. exuberance. shock. detach. bölgesel regional. local. ward. dimension. left. vague. belt (kemer. lovely. flow. synonyms (adj) giving. 6. flood (sel. property. antonyms (n) drought. defend. state. group. lenient. mammon. division (bölüm). section. bölünme.English handsome (güzel. breadth. breadth. antonyms (n) poverty. grounds. cavernous. abounding. (v) stock. unite. synonyms (n) cell. hide. (v) lodge. enough. detach. store (ambar. 5. gaping. divide. dominion. tract. insufficiency. synonyms (n) abundance. sector (kesim). range. dense. division. 9. bay (koy). synonyms (v) crack. successful. sector. relax. split. divorce. (n) break. 3. emporium. permissive. field. bölmek). depo. layer. episode. bunch. 8. 4. excess. bark. tear. overabundance. dismember. lewd. amass. allot. position. market. thriving. classification. stream. burst. lack. bölmek. divide (ayırmak. synonyms (n) area. synonyms (n) mercy. province. richness. home. Bölme 1. depolamak. bölge 1. cloak. keep. plethora. assets. share. compartment. torrent. division. tractate. divide. category. 7. synonyms (adj) lax. bellow. synonyms (v) crack. mountain. branch. blanket. join. lot. gulf. blind. care. keep. flog. (v) load. rick. (v) distribution. mask. embayment. 10. poop. restricted. compressed. antonyms (n) few. (v) zone. mound. charge.

2. segment (kesim. ayrı). divide. bono bond (bağ).org) . interlude. şube). total. separate. joint. instalment. bölmek. affiliate. stick. (n) rip. eggs. paragraph. cleave. unfinished. breed. piece. nucleus. synonyms (n) denomination. field. event. single. difference. connection. boom. breach. category. rocket. block. fortune. strip. paylaşmak). bomba 1. article. dole. piece. note. head. bombard. recess. (v) lot. slice. bombalamak 1. division. class. chapter. bark. arm. (n) break. dud. cut. bonservis 1. (adj) tributary. distribute. plight. section (bölüm. element. division. part. collection. quarter. cleavage. chapter. antonym (v) merge. unite. unfair. dispense. testicle. cleavage. joined. quality. offshoot. flop. merge. (v) insulate. bölünme. cohort. split. yarmak). unification. divorce. unequal. tear. clause. (v) disjoin. part (parça). estate. distinguish. fracture. synonyms (n) paragraph. bölünme. attachment. roar. metamere. (v) distribution. section (kesit. 11. impartial.websters-online-dictionary. adhesion. episode. (adj) constituent. (v) party. profit. estimation. bud. failure. synonyms (adj) detached. biased. (adj) discharge. simultaneous. dissociate. allotment. bölünen dividend. line. burst. (v) mix. portion. dispense. partake. dallanmak. level. sound. portion (parça. sector. burst. fact. synonyms (n) division. share. block. synonyms (n) paragraph. dispense. portion. branch. area. 5. cleave. absolute. nut. 8. slice. discriminate. detonate. percentage. disjoined. fork. form. demarcate. dividend. blast. divide (ayırmak. agency. length. (v) section. bombard. revenue. length. shoot. fork. antonyms (v) unite. associate. disagreement. parcel. bit. kısım). (v) participate. detach. rupture. parça). join. cut. subject. individual. entirety. scion. 3. group. allotment. (v) bind. episode. cleave. distribute. synonyms (n) affair. circumstance. hisse senedi. flop. grade. bit. divide. agreement. convergence. rip. bullet. sector. anecdote. bölünme 1. cut. isolate. brand. bölüm 1. burst. split (ayırmak. divide. fail. fiord. destiny. cleavage. deal. roar. division (bölüm). bölmek. smash. scatter. partition. dud. explosive. fracture. balance. bail. sector. breach. gust. share. (v) blast. 6. role. howl. break. class. piece. synonyms (v) crack. (n) rip. segment (kesim. department. (n) break. difference. (adj) complete. fragmentary. addict. region. 9. parça). partition. (v) fork. part. kind. shell. proportion. occurrence. antonyms (n) closeness. egg (yumurta). area. division. explode. ramus. ballock. outgrowth. divide. member. embayment. combine. limb. brand. lot. compartment. class. failure. bullet. domain. branch (dal. percentage. synonyms (n) jump. synonyms (n) compartment. embryo. pay. (v) blast. portion. section. adhere. cleave. yarmak). merge. rocket. cleft. cleft. part. division. synonyms (n) alcove. harbor. blow. estimation. synonyms (n) division. explode. blight. (v) distribution. bölüt segment (kesim. tear. synonyms (n) bureau. discrete. metamere. synonyms (n) piece. allowance. installment. separate. prejudiced. dole. synonyms (adj) incomplete. department. arm. divorce. rupture. inequitable. synonyms (n) allot. burst. detach. synonyms (n) department. depart. category. compartment. region. branch. split. bölünmek 1. nature. antonyms (v) join. 4. beginning. classification. antonyms (adj) complete. apportion. disconnect. disjoin. demarcation. divorce. bölmek. kingdom. 2. part. tie. slit. (n) break. gulf. bellow. fuse. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. yarmak). category (kategori. discord. stage. ulam). explosive. breach. porsiyon). split (ayırmak. (v) segment. subdivision. antonyms (n) closeness. synonyms (n) allotment. classification. synonyms (v) crack. synonyms (n) disagreement. rupture. part. link. halfway. factor. baseball. (adj) constituent. cement.English divide. synonyms (n) association. bölüşmek 1. allotment. testis. synonyms (v) cut. sectional. share (hisse. particular. type. allot. episode. twig. part. dismember. (v) section. proportion. synonyms (n) kind. deal. differentiate. bomb. (v) attack. length. assign. proportion. parcel. unjust. synonyms (n) article. bay (koy). bit. explosion. 2. separate. rip. service. dissociate. branch. unite. synonyms (n) character. slam.Turkish . divorce. link. 3. fate. unbiased. stock. deal. parça). split (ayırmak. variety. sort. sharing. faculty. kesit. partition. incident. 2. divorce. (v) yap. deed. 4. district. cry. divide. 10. fail. bomb (bomba). band. synonyms (n) ball. tear. diverge. section. strip. 7. rupture. synonyms (n) bang. happening. caput. share. stem. chapter. blare. antonym (v) control. character (karakter). fragment. apportion. type. separate (ayırmak. rudiment. bölmek). breach. 75 partisan. occasion. department. district. sequence. shell. convocation. bomb (bombalamak). disconnect. cleavage. (adj) brown. convergence. component. experience. cut. antonyms (v) join. fiasco. portion. comprehensive. assign. unification. antonyms (adj) connected. (v) share. 2. partition. parenthesis. slit. disunite. alliance. fiasco. wing. synonyms (v) crack. part. cove. chunk. slit. (v) segment. portion. disperse. cleavage. family. synonyms (n) grenade. disengage. bollock. realm. imperfect. split. clause. 5. gain. slice. 2. distribute. synonyms (n) grenade. tear. fracture. antonyms (n) whole. apportion. antonym (v) merge. bölümsel partial (kısmi). component. subdivision. kısım). cleave. office. bonus.

stupid. synonyms (adj) loose. barter. score. korna). (v) drain. blast. blank. (n) overflow. eject. disjoint. disjoint. laden. complete. consultation. occupied. thin. idle. meaningful. jobless. pipage. spare. open. tone. synonyms (adj) empty. commercialize. part. constitution. synonyms (n) pipe. moon. synonyms (n) bankrupt. (v) demand. faldstool. passage. damage. needless. liberal. additional. bazaar. (n) space. cashier. exhaust. indebtment. laden. desolate. hollow. 5. detonate. deluge. exchange (santral). (v) meager. synonyms (adj) devoid. ease. cash. hire. spill. cashier. vacuous. scatter. (v) acquit. stag. synonyms (v) gush. abandoned. divorcement. empty (boşaltmak). mart. delinquent. store. indolent. imprisoned. absolve. gaunt. unfilled. antonyms (v) capture. gap. deserted. isolate. frugal. 4. flue. blank (boşluk). packed. wedding. trash. destitute. deliver. employed. wedding. nonpayer. redundant. clear. empty (boş). empty. dissipation. eject. trade. annotation. commute. excuse. pelt. deadpan. occupied. referans). boşalma discharge (boşaltmak).org) . 8. quotation. television.English (n) desert. pour. assault. waste. inhabited. (v) cite. levanter. boşluk 1. disgorge. (n) extra. burst. sever. hollow. packed. description. occupied. (v) butt. synonyms (adj) discharge. commerce. divide. destitute. dull. destitute. clear. secure. vain. deserted. synonyms (n) debit. (v) rage. disentangle. deduction. sell. marketplace. disjoin. compelled. ruin. synonyms (n) tempest. (v) exempt. glassy. burst. wedding. unemployed. relieve. drain. innuendo. abandoned. tube. attached. antonyms (adj) active. synonyms (adj) insignificant. boşamak divorce. disunite. boş 1. (v) detach. free (açık. clear. excess. desolate. klaxon. (v) detach. inane. barren. pour. 2. swarming. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. brimming. brimming. 2. alternate. antonyms (v) capture. unfounded. charge. divide. bounce. disgorge. antonyms (adj) full. dissipate. box. fruitless. spill. dismissal. dueness. bedava. hurricane. disassociate. bluster. separate. (v) acquit. form. slender. cost. bulb. clear. alter. blast. serbest bırakmak). isolate. synonyms (n) separation. barren. damage. (adj) spoil. economize. swarming. slight. refer. clean. debitor. quote. synonyms (adj) inactive. character. backup. nose. burst. useless. inexpressive. bare. devastate. borçlu debtor. flimsy. rupture. abandoned. boşaltmak 1. screech. detonate. refuse. synonyms (adj) reserve. disunite. part. meaningful. meaningful. filled. synonyms (n) separation. cultivated. subway. welsher. synonyms (adj) discharge. swap. antonyms (adj) full. acquit. dismissal. inhabited. pour. özgür. deplete. empty. antonyms (n) marriage. divorcement. absurd. effuse. dissociate. deliver. confined. available. hire. spirit.websters-online-dictionary. rain. release. destruction. teem. bearing. decant. packed. peep. synonyms (n) release. lazy. cylinder. eccentric. burst. filled. illogical. filled. frank. purposeless. disengage. exchange. antonym (v) drizzle. disengaged. hiatus. synonyms (n) release. 2. stream. stuck. (v) fill. connection. trumpet. pointless. liability. standing. hosepipe. part. synonyms (n) tube. insolvent. vain. clean. counterchange. bare. save. 2. boşalmak empty (boş. complete. frivolous. shriek. antonyms (adj) bound. 6. serbest. clear. rush. bora storm. expressive. (v) drain. unoccupied. run. mention. groundless. due. eject. deliver. slim. (v) consume. laden. alarm. senseless. shaft. metro. reference (ilgi. barren. crowded. roll. boşaltmak). antonyms (v) capture. creak. absolve. blank. detonate. discharge. boşanma divorce. cultivated. lacuna. antonyms (adj) full. vacant. fume. disassociate. listless. free. synonyms (adj) bare. pipe (pipo). exonerate. bounce. (v) acquit. hire. (v) drain. horn (boynuz. extricate. boşaltma discharge (boşaltmak). duct. blank (boş). (v) change. deplete. antonyms (v) conserve. antonyms (adj) animated. crowded. inhabited. borç debt. block. synonyms squander. sing. commitment. dissociate. deserted. expressionless. disjoin. hail. dismissal. emit. divorcement. tubing. dull. 7. split. pour. hose. convert. antonyms (n) marriage. unfilled. conversion. repressive. (v) confine.76 Turkish . complete. swarming. split. bill. sever. light. cage. garbage. disunite. sale. obligation. (v) loaf. hollow. sever. piping. synonyms (n) separation. tangled. underground. dead. (v) cry. boru 1. blast. allusion. idle (aylak). invade. (v) fill. isolate. synonyms (n) commutation. antonyms (n) marriage. bare. handle. divide. split. 3. meaningless. separate. attack. cultivated. crowded. channel. brimming. baseless. arm. (v) change. gust. merchandise. disjoint. strict. rupture. borsa 1. deplete. vacant. concern. spill. (v) fill. aparejo. boşanmak divorce. synonyms (n) hooter. deadpan. restricted. synonyms (n) citation. void. silly. futile. interchange. 3. disjoin. market. emptiness. shed. blank. cashier. cup. disgorge. charge. cornet. ophicleide. substitute. (v) detach. flow. dette. squeak. synonyms (adj) discharge. disposition. separate. trombone. shop. vacant. conduit. vain. dissociate. ravage. jet. impassive. desolate. lean. drain. recommendation. blizzard. beak. basin. unthinking. amount. busy. switch. cheat. worthless. 3. synonyms (n) release. shower. outlet. synonyms (n) fair. bounce. absolve. rupture. disassociate. 2. deliver. liberate.

Turkish - English
expressionless, impassive, inexpressive, (n) space, form, emptiness, gap, hiatus; antonyms (adj) animated, full, expressive, 2. gap (aralık); synonyms (n) break, cleft, crack, crevice, fissure, aperture, chasm, clearance, difference, fracture, opening, vacancy, blank, chink, (v) breach, 3. vacuum; synonyms (n) void, vacuity, nothingness, inanity, 4. space (alan, aralık, uzay, yer); synonyms (n) length, period, place, scope, margin, distance, extent, interval, latitude, location, range, room, field, volume, berth, 5. hole (delik); synonyms (n) cavity, den, pocket, burrow, cave, corner, depression, fix, hollow, lair, pit, vent, cavern, cranny, cell. bot boot; synonyms (n) kick, trunk, bang, charge, gain, kicking, shoe, belt, body, thrill. boy 1. length (uzunluk); synonyms (n) extent, distance, range, duration, compass, depth, dimension, longness, measurement, size, quantity, degree, (v) expanse, tract, area; antonyms (n) briefness, shortness, width, 2. size (boyut, büyüklük); synonyms (n) measure, bulk, capacity, dimensions, largeness, glue, amount, breadth, magnitude, mass, sizing, proportion, (v) gauge, scale, (adj) gum; antonyms (n) length, slenderness, 3. tribe (kabile); synonyms (n) family, clan, house, folk, kin, kindred, nation, people, race, stock, lineage, breed, line, folks, kind. boya 1. paint (boyamak); synonyms (n) painting, tint, coating, (v) color, dye, daub, coat, decorate, depict, varnish, enamel, apply, lacquer, describe, draw, 2. colour (renk); synonyms (n) coloration, coloring, colouring, semblance, vividness, (v) discolor, discolour, distort, tinge. boyacı painter; synonyms (n) artist, limner, cable, catamount, cougar, guy, halser, hawser, line. boyama painting (resim); synonyms (n) picture, portrait, likeness, depiction, icon, design, image, coat, drawing, art. boyamak 1. paint (boya); synonyms (n) painting, tint, coating, (v) color, dye, daub, coat, decorate, depict, varnish, enamel, apply, lacquer, describe, draw, 2. colour (renk); synonyms (n) coloration, coloring, colouring, semblance, vividness, (v) discolor, discolour, distort, tinge. böyle 1. so; synonyms (adv) accordingly, as, consequently, hence, thus, indeed, then, therefore, insomuch, also, wherefore, (n) sol, (pron) that, (adj) likewise, 2. such; synonyms (adv) what, (adj) like, sic, sich, slik, swich, resembling, 3. thus (böylece); synonyms (adv) so, thence, ergo, thusly. böylece 1. thus (böyle); synonyms (adv) therefore, then, consequently, so, hence, accordingly, thence, ergo, thusly, 2. so (böyle); synonyms (adv) as, thus, indeed, insomuch, also, wherefore, (n) sol, (pron) that, (adj) likewise.


boynuz horn (korna); synonyms (n) hooter, cornet,
klaxon, alarm, trumpet, aparejo, arm, faldstool, ophicleide, trombone, cup, beak, nose, basin, (v) butt. boyun neck; synonyms (n) throat, cervix, neckline, lapel, beard, (v) pet, cut, love, manage, kiss, behead, bang, bed, (adj) stricture, wasp.

boyuna always (daima, hep, her zaman);
synonyms (adv) forever, continuously, whenever, eternally, ever, unceasingly, consistently, constantly, continually, e'er, everlastingly, evermore, hourly, (adj) still, eternal; antonyms (adv) never, erratically. boyunbağı tie (bağlamak, kravat); synonyms (n) band, connection, draw, lace, association, relationship, sleeper, (v) link, bond, attach, bind, join, knot, connect, fasten; antonyms (v) disconnect, untie, undo. boyunca 1. along; synonyms (adv) ahead, forward, lengthwise, on, onward, endlong, (prep) beside, (prf) by; antonym (adv) across, 2. over; synonyms (adv) beyond, more, o'er, too, crosswise, anew, (prep) above, during, (n) overs, (adj) finished, done, extra, odd, past, gone, 3. throughout; synonyms (adv) around, about, bodily, passim. boyut 1. dimension; synonyms (n) degree, breadth, bulk, magnitude, size, attribute, length, proportion, range, dimensions, bigness, stretch, amount, extent, mass, 2. size (büyüklük); synonyms (n) measure, capacity, dimension, largeness, quantity, glue, measurement, sizing, content, compass, enormity, fatness, (v) gauge, scale, (adj) gum; antonym (n) slenderness. boyutlar dimensions; synonyms (n) bulk, size, capacity, volume, magnitude, extent, body, book, coil, compass, convolution, figure, gauge, physique, (v) admeasure. boz grey (gri); synonyms (adj) dim, dull, greyish, hoar, hoary, leaden, grayish, (n) grayness, greyness, (v) gray. bozdurmak 1. break (mola); synonyms (v) split, crack, burst, fail, infringe, leak, (n) breach, fracture, pause, rupture, stop, collapse, interruption, respite, suspension; antonyms (v) repair, obey, honor, mend, (n) continuation, 2. cash (para); synonyms (n) ready, bread, capital, change, funds, money, coin, coins, currency, exchange, means, needful, wealth, (v) encash, liquidate; antonym (n) credit. bozgun defeat; synonyms (n) frustration, ruin, beating, (v) crush, overcome, beat, conquer, abolish, baffle, foil, overpower, repulse, rout, subdue, (adj) rebuff; antonyms (n) victory, success, win, (v) lose, surrender. bozma dissolution; synonyms (n) decay, breakup, decomposition, abolition, cancellation, analysis, dismissal, annulment, death, dissipation, demise,

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Turkish - English
consume, devour, drink; antonyms (adv) up, (adj) cheerful, happy, upward, 9. upset; synonyms (v) overturn, agitate, disquiet, overthrow, bother, confuse, disturb, perturb, reverse, (adj) unsettled, hurt, (n) disorder, trouble, distress, disturbance; antonyms (v) calm, please, encourage, soothe, (adj) pleased, confident, 10. vicious; synonyms (adj) depraved, brutal, cruel, malevolent, venomous, nasty, barbarous, savage, spiteful, hurtful, profligate, fierce, atrocious, ferocious, mischievous; antonyms (adj) kind, gentle, friendly, 11. rotten (çürük); synonyms (adj) fetid, lousy, musty, off, ill, shabby, crappy, decomposed, sour, stinking, terrible, mean, low, (v) rancid, weak, 12. wrong; synonyms (adj) harm, improper, inappropriate, abuse, criminal, iniquitous, unjust, untrue, (n) damage, injure, injury, injustice, crime, mischief, grievance; antonyms (adj) proper, honest, lawabiding, (adv) correctly, (n) justice. bozukluk 1. failure; synonyms (n) bankruptcy, failing, breakdown, decline, deficiency, debacle, defeat, disappointment, disaster, downfall, error, loser, loss, abortion, default; antonyms (n) success, achievement, hit, winner, victory, achiever, attainment, capability, growth, 2. fault (arıza, hata, kusur); synonyms (n) defect, blemish, blame, blot, crime, delinquency, flaw, blunder, break, demerit, weakness, failure, fracture, imperfection, (v) culpability; antonyms (n) merit, strength, 3. change (değişiklik, değiştirmek); synonyms (n) shift, alteration, barter, modification, variation, move, (v) exchange, alter, adapt, alternate, cash, convert, switch, transpose, turn; antonyms (v) stay, leave, idle, maintain, 4. disturbance; synonyms (n) agitation, commotion, disorder, turmoil, brawl, derangement, dislocation, disruption, tumult, upset, din, affray, annoyance, bother, (adj) trouble, 5. defect (kusur); synonyms (n) fault, shortcoming, scar, dearth, deformity, foible, vice, want, inaccuracy, disadvantage, disease, drawback, frailty, (v) desert, (adj) infirmity. bozulma 1. corruption; synonyms (n) contamination, depravity, adulteration, pollution, bribery, filth, infection, taint, vitiation, canker, blight, foulness, impurity, contagion, (adj) shuffle; antonyms (n) purification, decency, honesty, incorruptness, 2. breakdown (çökme); synonyms (n) collapse, fault, analysis, failure, ruin, defeat, downfall, fall, resolution, decay, smash, breakup, debacle, decomposition, (adj) fiasco, 3. dissolution; synonyms (n) abolition, cancellation, dismissal, annulment, death, dissipation, demise, adjournment, departure, disintegration, licentiousness, catalysis, release, closure, annihilation, 4. disruption; synonyms (n) breakdown, break, dislocation, rupture, breach, disturbance, interruption, gap, turmoil,

adjournment, departure, disintegration, licentiousness. bozmak 1. break (mola); synonyms (v) split, crack, burst, fail, infringe, leak, (n) breach, fracture, pause, rupture, stop, collapse, interruption, respite, suspension; antonyms (v) repair, obey, honor, mend, (n) continuation, 2. cancel (feshetmek, iptal etmek, silmek); synonyms (v) annul, abrogate, erase, expunge, invalidate, remit, revoke, abate, avoid, efface, eliminate, obliterate, repeal, (adj) abolish, nullify; antonym (v) validate, 3. disturb; synonyms (v) agitate, disconcert, disorder, disquiet, distract, distress, perturb, trouble, annoy, bother, commove, concern, derange, disarrange, discompose; antonyms (v) arrange, calm, please, smooth, soothe, 4. decay; synonyms (n) decline, decomposition, ebb, corruption, disintegration, deterioration, (v) rot, decompose, blight, rust, crumble, corrupt, decrease, deteriorate, disintegrate; antonym (n) growth, 5. upset; synonyms (v) overturn, overthrow, confuse, disturb, reverse, subvert, unsettle, defeat, discomfit, dislocate, (adj) unsettled, hurt, agitated, confused, (n) disturbance; antonyms (v) encourage, (adj) pleased, confident. bozuk 1. broken; synonyms (v) broke, (adj) tame, torn, busted, imperfect, intermittent, rough, rugged, ruined, uneven, disjointed, incomplete, confused, cracked, crushed; antonyms (adj) constant, unbroken, intact, whole, wild, 2. defective (kusurlu); synonyms (adj) deficient, bad, faulty, broken, lacking, unsound, vicious, inaccurate, rotten, erroneous, flawed, inadequate, incorrect, insufficient, lame; antonym (adj) perfect, 3. dirty (kirli, pis); synonyms (adj) foul, dirt, contemptible, bawdy, contaminated, dingy, impure, despicable, (v) muddy, corrupt, soil, contaminate, begrime, bemire, (n) defile; antonyms (adj) hygienic, pure, spotless, immaculate, (v) clean, 4. dead (ölmüş, ölü); synonyms (adj) dull, lifeless, cold, defunct, inanimate, absolute, breathless, deceased, extinct, fallen, flat, gone, idle, (adv) right, absolutely; antonyms (adj) alive, animate, (n) living, 5. bad (kötü); synonyms (adj) evil, adverse, harmful, immoral, naughty, poisonous, sad, sinister, wicked, malicious, infamous, appalling, awful, damaging, (v) decayed; antonyms (adj) fresh, pleasant, well, well-behaved, (n) good, 6. off (kapalı); synonyms (adv) by, forth, beyond, over, aside, abreast, (adj) away, putrid, remote, down, wide, cancelled, (n) murder, (int) out, begone; antonym (adj) on, 7. faulty; synonyms (adj) defective, false, wrong, damaged, poor, amiss, tainted, blamable, mistaken, illogical; antonyms (adj) correct, flawless, 8. down (aşağı); synonyms (adv) below, (adj) cut, dejected, depressed, downward, despondent, dispirited, downcast, downhearted, (n) feather, fur, fuzz, (v)

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Turkish - English
commotion, disorganization, chaos, discontinuance, (v) split, (adj) diruption, 5. deterioration; synonyms (n) decline, degradation, corruption, damage, debasement, declension, degeneration, impairment, wear, atrophy, diminution, descent, depreciation, (adj) degeneracy, (v) depravation; antonyms (n) improvement, development, growth, 6. distortion (çarpıklık); synonyms (n) aberration, contortion, deformation, misrepresentation, exaggeration, malformation, torture, twist, twisting, caricature, (adj) deformity, (v) perversion, 7. decay; synonyms (n) ebb, deterioration, (v) rot, decompose, rust, crumble, corrupt, decrease, deteriorate, disintegrate, fail, sink, spoil, (adj) fade, molder. bozulmak 1. decay; synonyms (n) decline, decomposition, ebb, corruption, disintegration, collapse, deterioration, (v) rot, decompose, blight, rust, crumble, corrupt, decrease, deteriorate; antonym (n) growth, 2. sour; synonyms (adj) morose, sharp, acid, bitter, rancid, severe, gruff, dour, glum, grim, pungent, (v) acidify, ferment, (n) harsh, acidity; antonyms (adj) sweet, kindly. bozulmamak last (geçen, son, sürmek); synonyms (v) endure, continue, hold, exist, live, dwell, (n) abide, conclusion, (adj) extreme, closing, final, ultimate, conclusive, concluding, farthest; antonyms (n) opening, (adj) first. bozulmamış intact; synonyms (adj) complete, full, entire, whole, integral, perfect, unbroken, undamaged, uninjured, untouched, sound, inviolate, pure, safe, total; antonym (adj) broken.


bozuşma split (ayırmak, bölmek, bölünme, yarmak); synonyms (v) crack, cut, fracture, slit,
burst, divide, separate, divorce, breach, cleave, (n) break, rip, rupture, tear, cleavage; antonyms (v) join, unite, merge. briç bridge (köprü); synonyms (n) span, viaduct, pontoon, tie, crossing, nosepiece, bluff, (v) stretch, connect, link, traverse, cross. bronz bronze; synonyms (adj) bronzy, embrown, boldness, (n) tan, brown, bust, effigy, figure, figurine, head, iridescence, sculpture, statuette, (v) marble, plate. bronzlaştırmak bronze; synonyms (adj) bronzy, embrown, boldness, (n) tan, brown, bust, effigy, figure, figurine, head, iridescence, sculpture, statuette, (v) marble, plate. broş pin (iğne); synonyms (n) needle, nail, clip, peg, axle, brooch, broach, nog, bolt, button, leg, (v) tack, clasp, fix, fasten. broşür 1. brochure; synonyms (n) booklet, leaflet, pamphlet, folder, handout, manual, book, 2. leaflet; synonyms (n) brochure, leaf, circular, foliole, newsletter, cusp, 3. tract; synonyms (n) area, essay, expanse, region, dissertation, district,

extent, section, lot, plot, domain, land, province, belt, country. brüt gross (kaba); synonyms (adj) crass, coarse, big, boorish, common, crude, fat, blunt, disgusting, broad, brutal, bulky, earthy, (v) foul, (n) aggregate; antonyms (adj) attractive, (v) net. buçuk half; synonyms (n) mediety, halve, piece, bisection, hemisphere, (adv) halfendeal, imperfectly, (adj) moiety, part, short, behalf, bisected, divided, even-steven, halved; antonyms (n) whole, all. bücür short (bodur, kısa); synonyms (adj) brief, concise, scarce, brusque, close, curt, sharp, compendious, laconic, abrupt, deficient, diminutive, inadequate, insufficient, lacking; antonyms (adj) long, tall, high, lengthy. budalaca foolish (akılsız); synonyms (adj) childish, crazy, fool, daft, dopey, dull, dumb, fatuous, preposterous, silly, stupid, unwise, anserine, dopy, (n) absurd; antonyms (adj) wise, sensible, prudent, shrewd, visionary. büfe 1. buffet; synonyms (n) blow, canteen, restaurant, impact, (v) beat, batter, cuff, buff, hit, knock, punch, smack, belabor, strike, thump, 2. cupboard; synonyms (n) closet, cabinet, buffet, commode, compartment, cranny, cub, nook, pigeonhole, bin, breakfront, bunker, cellaret, clothespress, cubicle. buğday 1. wheat; synonyms (n) corn, clavus, maize, (adj) golden, 2. corn (mısır); synonyms (n) cereals, callus, wheat, grain, commonplace, (v) feed, keep. buğu 1. steam (buhar); synonyms (n) mist, fog, haze, vapor, cloud, energy, (v) reek, evaporate, exhale, smoke, fume, cook, pull, boil, (adj) gas, 2. mist; synonyms (n) brume, film, steam, rain, (v) blur, befog, cover, obscure, drizzle, bedim, becloud, hide, squirt. bugün today; synonyms (adv) now, currently, nowadays, presently, immediately, directly, forthwith, instantly, straightaway, (n) present, (adj) modern, recent, up-to-date. bugünkü current (akım, cari, geçerli); synonyms (adj) common, contemporary, fashionable, instant, actual, fresh, modern, new, popular, (n) flow, stream, run, afloat, movement, (prep) course; antonyms (adj) obsolete, past, old, old-fashioned, previous. bugünlerde nowadays; synonyms (adv) now, currently, presently, today, (n) present. buhar steam (buğu); synonyms (n) mist, fog, haze, vapor, cloud, energy, (v) reek, evaporate, exhale, smoke, fume, cook, pull, boil, (adj) gas. buhran 1. crisis (bunalım, kriz); synonyms (n) exigency, conjuncture, difficulty, emergency, juncture, pinch, circumstance, dilemma, situation, strait, depression, extremity, head, pass, predicament, 2. depression (bunalım,

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Turkish - English
çöküntü); synonyms (n) basin, cavity, dejection,
disclosure, discovery, search, breakthrough; antonyms (v) lose, misplace. bulandırmak 1. cloud (bulut); synonyms (n) mist, blur, haze, steam, (v) fog, becloud, obscure, befog, blacken, eclipse, overshadow, shadow, taint, hide, (adj) swarm; antonym (v) sharpen, 2. dim; synonyms (adj) dark, cloudy, dull, bleak, dense, faint, gloomy, indistinct, misty, (v) darken, cloud, pale, tarnish, blear, blind; antonyms (adj) bright, brilliant, intelligent, clever, strong, (v) clear, brighten, 3. trouble; synonyms (n) distress, bother, pain, anxiety, difficulty, (v) inconvenience, annoy, disorder, disquiet, worry, afflict, agitate, burden, distract, disturb; antonyms (v) calm, please. bulanık 1. dim; synonyms (adj) dark, obscure, cloudy, dull, bleak, dense, faint, gloomy, (v) blur, darken, cloud, pale, tarnish, blear, blind; antonyms (adj) bright, brilliant, intelligent, clever, strong, (v) clear, brighten, 2. muddy; synonyms (adj) boggy, filthy, turbid, foul, dingy, grimy, marshy, miry, murky, sloppy, unclean, confused, foggy, (v) dirty, dim; antonyms (adj) clean, dry. bulaşıcı catching; synonyms (adj) contagious, communicable, infectious, epidemic, (n) discovery, take. bulaşma infection (enfeksiyon); synonyms (n) contagion, disease, contamination, taint, corruption, septicity, illness, inspiration, transmission, virus, bug, galvanism, (adj) pollution. bulaştırma 1. infection (enfeksiyon); synonyms (n) contagion, disease, contamination, taint, corruption, septicity, illness, inspiration, transmission, virus, bug, galvanism, (adj) pollution, 2. contamination; synonyms (n) contaminant, infection, dirtying, vitiation, adulteration, depravity, (v) defilement; antonym (n) decontamination, 3. implication; synonyms (n) allusion, hint, significance, consequence, deduction, entailment, import, innuendo, meaning, sense, suggestion, purport, complicity, corollary, (adj) complication. bulaştırmak spread (yaymak); synonyms (v) scatter, reach, disperse, expand, extend, broadcast, circulate, diffuse, disseminate, increase, propagate, stretch, broaden, deploy, (n) span; antonym (adj) concentrated. bulgu 1. discovery; synonyms (n) detection, disclosure, breakthrough, finding, revelation, catching, revealing, development, exploration, find, invention, espial, recognition; antonym (n) concealment, 2. find (bulma, bulmak); synonyms (v) catch, discover, detect, encounter, acquire, ascertain, attain, feel, procure, gather, acknowledge, chance, decide, (n) discovery, search; antonyms (v) lose, misplace, 3. symptom (araz, belirti, semptom); synonyms (n) sign, indication,

decline, dent, dip, hole, hollow, impression, slump, trench, trough, drop, recess, collapse; antonyms (n) cheerfulness, happiness, boom, elation, encouragement, inflation, outcrop, 3. emergency; synonyms (n) crisis, contingency, accident, need, casualty, disaster, demand, emergence, adventure, catastrophe, (adj) extra. bukle lock (kilit, kilitlemek); synonyms (n) curl, hook, padlock, (v) bolt, bar, close, latch, engage, fasten, hug, hold, interlock, secure, shut, (adj) hair; antonyms (v) unlock, open. bükme 1. bend; synonyms (n) bow, arch, arc, elbow, twist, angle, curvature, (v) curve, turn, crouch, stoop, crook, curl, flex, deflect; antonyms (v) straighten, square, 2. twist; synonyms (n) twine, wind, spin, twirl, entwine, braid, kink, loop, (v) bend, distort, coil, contort, deform, pervert, wrench; antonym (v) untwist. bükmek 1. bend (bükme); synonyms (n) bow, arch, arc, elbow, twist, angle, curvature, (v) curve, turn, crouch, stoop, crook, curl, flex, deflect; antonyms (v) straighten, square, 2. twist; synonyms (n) twine, wind, spin, twirl, entwine, braid, kink, loop, (v) bend, distort, coil, contort, deform, pervert, wrench; antonym (v) untwist, 3. double (çift, çifte); synonyms (adj) duplicate, dual, duple, twofold, (v) fold, reduplicate, geminate, plait, copy, (n) twin, image, match, mate, substitute, alternate; antonym (n) single, 4. curve (eğri, kavis); synonyms (n) round, bender, contour, flexure, line, sinuosity, sweep, (v) hook, meander, inflect, circle, crimp, lean, sag, swerve. bükülme twist; synonyms (n) twine, wind, spin, twirl, entwine, (v) turn, bend, distort, curl, coil, contort, deform, curve, pervert, wrench; antonyms (v) straighten, untwist. bükülmek 1. twist; synonyms (n) twine, wind, spin, twirl, entwine, (v) turn, bend, distort, curl, coil, contort, deform, curve, pervert, wrench; antonyms (v) straighten, untwist, 2. curve (eğri, kavis); synonyms (n) crook, bow, arc, curvature, kink, round, bender, loop, twist, (v) arch, hook, meander, inflect, circle, (adj) flex, 3. bend (bükme); synonyms (n) elbow, angle, bending, buckle, flexure, (v) crouch, stoop, deflect, fold, swerve, cower, hunch, incline, sag, submit; antonym (v) square. bükülmez rigid; synonyms (adj) harsh, fixed, hard, inflexible, stiff, austere, firm, set, strict, exacting, formal, rigorous, severe, stern, tense; antonyms (adj) flexible, elastic, soft. Bul find (bulma, bulmak); synonyms (v) catch, discover, detect, encounter, acquire, ascertain, attain, feel, procure, gather, (n) detection,

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org)

Turkish - English
evidence, mark, note, manifestation, token, signal, characteristic, omen, exponent. bulma 1. find (bulmak); synonyms (v) catch, discover, detect, encounter, acquire, ascertain, attain, feel, procure, gather, (n) detection, disclosure, discovery, search, breakthrough; antonyms (v) lose, misplace, 2. detection; synonyms (n) demodulation, detecting, uncovering, unearthing, spotting, spying, catching, recognition, 3. invention; synonyms (n) contrivance, conception, fabrication, creation, fiction, imagination, artifice, design, device, excogitation, forgery, innovation, fable, creativity, falsehood. bulmak 1. find (bulma); synonyms (v) catch, discover, detect, encounter, acquire, ascertain, attain, feel, procure, gather, (n) detection, disclosure, discovery, search, breakthrough; antonyms (v) lose, misplace, 2. strike (grev); synonyms (n) knock, assault, clap, (v) bang, beat, hit, impress, slap, move, affect, box, buffet, bump, clout, coin, 3. discover; synonyms (v) discern, disclose, see, find, perceive, determine, divulge, expose, hear, impart, observe, trace, descry, behold, betray, 4. detect; synonyms (v) notice, spot, distinguish, identify, locate, sniff, espy, learn, note, uncover. bülten bulletin; synonyms (n) announcement, declaration, account, bill, message, dispatch, news, communication, communiqué, journal, leaflet, brochure, newsletter, newssheet, tidings. bulucu detector; synonyms (n) demodulator, sensor, detecter, selector. bulunan situated; synonyms (adj) located, set, situate, placed, sited, fixed. bulundurmak keep (tutmak); synonyms (v) hold, preserve, retain, defend, continue, guard, have, maintain, celebrate, confine, conserve, observe, reserve, save, commemorate; antonyms (v) dump, lose. bulunmak 1. exist (var olmak); synonyms (v) dwell, lie, be, endure, abide, consist, belong, continue, live, occur, subsist, survive, hold, remain; antonym (v) die, 2. be; synonyms (v) exist, act, constitute, represent, cost, follow, form, rest, stay, comprise, signify, embody, (n) stand, beryllium, agree, 3. occur; synonyms (v) arise, happen, befall, come, fall, betide, chance, appear, develop, materialize, arrive, go, ensue, pass, proceed, 4. stand (ayakta durmak, durmak); synonyms (v) stall, undergo, suffer, tolerate, prop, erect, accept, bear, brook, (n) attitude, booth, rack, base, pedestal, position; antonym (v) sit. bulunmayış absence (yokluk); synonyms (n) absenteeism, dearth, default, deficiency, lack, want, nonattendance, paucity, scarcity, shortage; antonyms (n) presence, attendance.


bulunur accessible; synonyms (adj) approachable,
available, open, convenient, amenable, easy, handy, obtainable, ready, sociable, (v) weak; antonyms (adj) inaccessible, out-of-the-way, unavailable. buluş 1. invention; synonyms (n) contrivance, conception, fabrication, creation, fiction, imagination, discovery, artifice, design, device, excogitation, forgery, innovation, fable, creativity, 2. discovery; synonyms (n) detection, disclosure, breakthrough, finding, revelation, catching, revealing, development, exploration, find, invention, espial, recognition; antonym (n) concealment, 3. find (bulma, bulmak); synonyms (v) catch, discover, detect, encounter, acquire, ascertain, attain, feel, procure, gather, acknowledge, chance, decide, determine, (n) search; antonyms (v) lose, misplace. buluşma 1. meeting; synonyms (n) confluence, convention, gathering, concourse, assembly, conference, congress, council, appointment, caucus, encounter, junction, meet, convocation, conclave; antonym (n) divergence, 2. date (tarih); synonyms (n) age, assignation, engagement, epoch, meeting, period, era, time, year, boyfriend, (v) escort, determine, register, accompany, court. buluşmak meet; synonyms (v) converge, find, assemble, congregate, encounter, fulfill, gather, answer, cross, confront, intersect, abut, concur, adjoin, (adj) fit; antonyms (v) avoid, disperse, diverge. bulut cloud; synonyms (n) mist, blur, haze, steam, (v) fog, becloud, obscure, befog, blacken, eclipse, overshadow, shadow, taint, hide, (adj) swarm; antonym (v) sharpen. bulutlanmak cloud (bulut); synonyms (n) mist, blur, haze, steam, (v) fog, becloud, obscure, befog, blacken, eclipse, overshadow, shadow, taint, hide, (adj) swarm; antonym (v) sharpen. bulvar avenue (cadde); synonyms (n) channel, approach, passage, path, road, route, way, means, boulevard, course, lane, track, walk, outlet. bumba boom; synonyms (n) bang, roar, noise, bar, din, peal, (v) blast, blare, flourish, sound, thrive, thunder, bellow, clang, prosper; antonyms (n) depression, (v) collapse, decline. bunalım 1. depression (çöküntü); synonyms (n) basin, cavity, dejection, decline, dent, dip, hole, hollow, impression, slump, trench, trough, drop, recess, collapse; antonyms (n) cheerfulness, happiness, boom, elation, encouragement, inflation, outcrop, 2. crisis (buhran, kriz); synonyms (n) exigency, conjuncture, difficulty, emergency, juncture, pinch, circumstance, dilemma, situation, strait, depression, extremity, head, pass, predicament.

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Turkish - English
position, commission, appointment, division, berth, bureau, job, part, place, post, engagement, employment. bürokrasi bureaucracy; synonyms (n) bureaucratism, apparatus, cabinet, fascism, formalities, government, authority, beadledom, directorate, establishment, management, ministry, officials, paperwork, system. bürokratik bureaucratic; synonyms (adj) administrative, authoritative, bossy, impersonal, practical, technical, bureaucratical, ceremonial, fussy, interfering, intrusive, overbearing, ritual, routine. burs scholarship; synonyms (n) erudition, learning, lore, education, award, learnedness, letters, reading, edification, allowance, science, eruditeness, literacy, prize, (v) knowledge. buruk sour; synonyms (adj) morose, sharp, acid, bitter, rancid, severe, gruff, dour, glum, grim, pungent, (v) acidify, ferment, (n) harsh, acidity; antonyms (adj) sweet, kindly. burun 1. nose; synonyms (n) beak, hooter, nozzle, proboscis, honker, bow, (v) pry, scent, sniff, wind, nuzzle, search, smell, snoop, poke, 2. tip (tavsiye); synonyms (n) top, hint, peak, point, pinnacle, apex, bribe, clue, crown, gratuity, (v) incline, tilt, dump, lean, slant, 3. prominence; synonyms (n) eminence, hump, importance, protuberance, height, bulge, consequence, distinction, projection, celebrity, fame, moment, bump, extrusion, gibbosity; antonym (n) obscurity. büsbütün 1. entirely (tamamen); synonyms (adv) absolutely, all, altogether, totally, wholly, clean, fully, solely, bodily, alone, exclusively, only, quite, right, (adj) completely; antonyms (adv) partly, partially, 2. altogether (tamamen); synonyms (adv) entirely, perfectly, purely, simply, ensemble, utterly, generally, thoroughly, whole, 3. wholly; synonyms (adv) very, exactly, unreservedly, extremely, really, (adj) outright. buse kiss (öpmek, öpücük); synonyms (n) buss, brush, osculation, salute, touch, (v) caress, embrace, osculate, love. but thigh; synonym (n) drumstick. bütçe budget; synonyms (n) plan, sack, finance, portfolio, quiver, reckoning, score, bag, forecast, (v) calculate, compute, estimate, allocate, appropriate, (adj) cheap. buton button (düğme); synonyms (n) knop, buckle, bud, clasp, fastening, key, push, (v) knob, fasten, (adj) pin, tie. Bütün 1. whole; synonyms (adj) entire, total, all, complete, integral, aggregate, full, healthy, intact, well, gross, unbroken, (n) sum, sound, hale; antonyms (adj) incomplete, broken, imperfect, partial, (n) part, 2. entire; synonyms (adj) absolute, whole, perfect, utter, clean, mere, undivided,

bunaltı anxiety (endişe); synonyms (n) alarm, care,
disquiet, fear, solicitude, trouble, anguish, anxiousness, concern, uneasiness, worry, worriment, pain, agitation, burden; antonyms (n) calmness, bravery, calm, confidence. bunaltıcı close (kapamak, kapatmak); synonyms (adj) near, adjacent, nearby, accurate, tight, approximate, narrow, (v) compact, stop, conclude, (adv) by, about, (n) end, finish, conclusion; antonyms (adj) distant, airy, fresh, loose, far, (v) open, start. bünye 1. structure (yapı); synonyms (n) form, building, arrangement, edifice, shape, constitution, construction, frame, framework, organization, architecture, establishment, conformation, composition, erection, 2. constitution (anayasa); synonyms (n) code, makeup, temperament, build, foundation, character, charter, disposition, formation, law, structure, configuration, fabric, figure, (adj) nature, 3. fabric; synonyms (n) cloth, material, fiber, performance, anatomy, production, stuff, textile, texture, net, work, 4. texture (doku); synonyms (n) grain, tissue, weave, web, woof, (v) finish, make. burada here (buraya); synonyms (adv) hither, in, about, arrived, available, indoors, inwards, (n) hair, (adj) present, there, near, nearby, (pron) her, their; antonym (adv) out. buradan hence; synonyms (adv) accordingly, consequently, therefore, away, because, for, then, thus, so, thence, whence. buraya here (burada); synonyms (adv) hither, in, about, arrived, available, indoors, inwards, (n) hair, (adj) present, there, near, nearby, (pron) her, their; antonym (adv) out. burç 1. tower (kule); synonyms (n) column, castle, pinnacle, monument, (v) soar, ascend, rise, arise, loom, building, edifice, erection, fabric, hulk, (adj) pillar, 2. bush; synonyms (n) shrub, bushing, wild, chaparral, hedge, jungle, plant, scrub, wilderness, 3. sign (alamet, im, işaret); synonyms (n) signal, indication, mark, motion, portent, brand, emblem, imprint, manifestation, omen, poster, presage, wave, (v) gesture, indicate. burjuva bourgeois; synonyms (adj) conservative, common, conventional, democratic, materialistic, square, (n) capitalist, burgess, capitals, caps, cockney, epicier, brevier, businessperson, people. burjuvazi bourgeoisie; synonym (n) class. burkmak twist; synonyms (n) twine, wind, spin, twirl, entwine, (v) turn, bend, distort, curl, coil, contort, deform, curve, pervert, wrench; antonyms (v) straighten, untwist. büro 1. bureau; synonyms (n) agency, office, authority, chest, department, desk, dresser, box, 2. office (ofis); synonyms (n) charge, duty, function,

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org)

Turkish - English
universal, radical, dead, livelong, undiminished, (n) stallion, stark, unabridged, 3. all (hepsi, tüm); synonyms (adv) purely, altogether, entirely, totally, wholly, apiece, completely, quite, (adj) each, every, alone, outright, (det) any, (n) entirety, everything; antonyms (pron) none, (det) some, 4. integral (tümlev); synonyms (adj) inherent, constitutional, inbuilt, constituent, integrant, organic, exponential, fluxional, (n) differential, 5. total (toplam); synonyms (adj) downright, general, overall, sheer, thorough, unconditional, pure, (n) amount, tally, quantity, (v) count, number, figure, add, score; antonym (adj) qualified, 6. aggregate (toplam); synonyms (adj) aggregative, collective, cumulative, (n) agglomerate, complex, pile, combination, compound, conglomeration, mass, aggregation, (v) accumulate, cluster, collect, amass; antonym (n) individual, 7. solid (katı); synonyms (adj) firm, dense, compact, consistent, hard, real, strong, good, fixed, massive, secure, substantial, fast, hearty, (v) close; antonyms (adj) soft, unreliable, loose, gaseous, permeable, runny, transparent, watery, (n) liquid. bütünlemek integrate; synonyms (v) incorporate, blend, combine, consolidate, fuse, amalgamate, embody, merge, unify, unite, join, mix, coalesce, commingle, desegregate; antonyms (v) separate, exclude, segregate. bütünlük integrity; synonyms (n) honesty, probity, completeness, fairness, entireness, fidelity, justice, morality, righteousness, unity, goodness, constancy, (adj) candor, honor, equity; antonyms (n) dishonesty, wickedness. bütünüyle entirely (tamamen); synonyms (adv) absolutely, all, altogether, totally, wholly, clean, fully, solely, bodily, alone, exclusively, only, quite, right, (adj) completely; antonyms (adv) partly, partially. buut dimension (boyut); synonyms (n) degree, breadth, bulk, magnitude, size, attribute, length, proportion, range, dimensions, bigness, stretch, amount, extent, mass.


buyruk 1. command (komut, kumanda);
synonyms (n) control, instruction, behest, bidding, decree, direction, administration, ascendancy, authority, (v) charge, order, rule, call, commission, direct; antonym (v) request, 2. order (düzen, düzenlemek, emretmek, sıra); synonyms (n) command, dictate, array, rank, sort, class, condition, disposition, edict, injunction, kind, form, genus, (v) arrange, ordain; antonyms (n) anarchy, chaos, confusion, mayhem, mess, (v) disorder. büyü 1. magic; synonyms (adj) magical, charming, supernatural, (n) conjuration, incantation, charm, enchantment, legerdemain, sorcery, glamour, fascination, illusion, theurgy, trick, deception, 2. charm; synonyms (n) allure, amulet, appeal, spell,

attraction, conjure, (v) attract, captivate, bewitch, fascinate, enchant, entrance, beguile, capture, enamor; antonyms (n) repulsion, ugliness, (v) repel, 3. spell; synonyms (n) magic, bout, period, turn, span, bewitchment, space, captivation, attack, fit, run, season, stretch, term, (v) import. büyücü witch (cadı); synonyms (n) hag, pythoness, enchantress, sorceress, magician, lamia, wizard, augur, (v) enchant, bewitch, charm, glamour, hex, jinx, fascinate. büyücülük magic; synonyms (adj) magical, charming, supernatural, (n) conjuration, incantation, charm, enchantment, legerdemain, sorcery, glamour, fascination, illusion, theurgy, trick, deception. büyük 1. large (geniş); synonyms (adj) big, ample, extensive, generous, broad, bulky, considerable, handsome, high, heavy, abundant, capacious, great, gross, hefty; antonyms (adj) small, cramped, insignificant, 2. big; synonyms (adj) major, important, significant, thick, sturdy, adult, bad, burly, liberal, magnanimous, momentous, noble, spacious, stout, (adv) large; antonyms (adj) little, puny, (syn) tiny, 3. major (ana); synonyms (adj) chief, key, main, superior, master, grave, fundamental, higher, leading, overriding, principal, senior, serious, capital, vital; antonyms (adj) minor, unimportant, lesser, petty, slight, 4. great; synonyms (adj) eminent, famous, gigantic, distinguished, extreme, grand, celebrated, dignified, fantastic, fine, glorious, good, massive, voluminous, stunning; antonyms (adj) awful, mild, 5. grand; synonyms (adj) excellent, gorgeous, elevated, exalted, majestic, superb, beautiful, brilliant, heroic, huge, immense, impressive, lordly, magnificent, proud; antonyms (adj) unimpressive, humble, modest, 6. ample (bol); synonyms (adj) copious, plentiful, affluent, full, rich, roomy, sizable, sufficient, adequate, bountiful, enough, expansive, plenteous, profuse, sizeable; antonyms (adj) inadequate, meager, insufficient, scarce, 7. capital (başkent, büyük harf); synonyms (n) city, stock, assets, cash, funds, means, money, paramount, prime, resources, top, wealth, wherewithal, (adj) primary, essential, 8. elder; synonyms (adj) older, (n) ancient, patriarch, boss, 9. wide (geniş); synonyms (adj) comprehensive, vast, expanded, extended, open, sweeping, deep, blanket, tolerant, general, cavernous, encompassing, (adv) far, widely, astray; antonyms (adj) narrow, thin, restricted, 10. substantial (önemli); synonyms (adj) actual, solid, firm, real, strong, palpable, sound, concrete, corporeal, durable, hearty, material, satisfying, substantive, tangible; antonyms (adj) insubstantial, ethereal, worthless. büyükanne grandmother (nine); synonyms (n) gran, grandma, granny, crone, grandam, grannie,

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Turkish - English
enhancement, escalation, (v) extension; antonyms
(n) contraction, abbreviation,

mother, dam, grandmamma, beldame, mamma, materfamilias, matriarch. büyükbaba grandfather (dede); synonyms (n) gramps, grandad, granddad, grandpa, grandpapa, grandsire, granddaddy, patriarch. büyükelçi ambassador; synonyms (n) agent, delegate, emissary, envoy, messenger, minister, deputy, embassador, herald, representative, diplomat. büyüklük 1. size (boyut); synonyms (n) measure, bulk, capacity, dimension, dimensions, extent, largeness, quantity, glue, amount, breadth, degree, magnitude, mass, (v) gauge; antonyms (n) length, slenderness, 2. magnitude; synonyms (n) consequence, proportion, size, weight, amplitude, greatness, moment, intensity, enormity, importance, significance, volume, meaning, prominence, sum; antonym (n) triviality, 3. extent; synonyms (n) extension, expanse, compass, distance, boundary, purview, reach, scope, space, spread, depth, latitude, limit, range, (v) area. büyülemek 1. entrance; synonyms (n) admission, access, entry, admittance, arrival, door, doorway, threshold, accession, (v) enchant, captivate, charm, bewitch, enrapture, fascinate; antonyms (n) departure, exit, (v) bore, 2. charm; synonyms (n) allure, amulet, appeal, spell, attraction, conjure, incantation, tempt, (v) attract, entrance, beguile, capture, enamor, lure, please; antonyms (n) repulsion, ugliness, (v) repel, 3. witch (cadı); synonyms (n) hag, pythoness, enchantress, sorceress, magician, lamia, wizard, augur, beldam, beldame, (v) glamour, hex, jinx, becharm, catch. büyüleyici 1. fascinating; synonyms (adj) enchanting, captivating, charming, absorbing, attractive, engaging, engrossing, delightful, alluring, bewitching, seductive, desirable, enthralling, entrancing, (v) interesting; antonyms (adj) boring, uninteresting, dull, 2. charming; synonyms (adj) amiable, beautiful, lovely, pleasing, winning, nice, adorable, agreeable, amusing, appealing, cute, delectable, exquisite, fascinating, lovable; antonyms (adj) repellent, unappealing, unpleasant, 3. glamorous; synonyms (adj) colorful, glamourous, swanky. büyülü magical; synonyms (adj) magic, charming, supernatural, mystic, miraculous, mysterious, occult, sorcerous, witching, wizard, wizardly. büyüme 1. growth; synonyms (n) development, accretion, augmentation, evolution, gain, increase, enlargement, germination, accumulation, accession, addition, advance, improvement, increment, (v) grow; antonyms (n) decrease, reduction, weakening, decline, 2. expansion (genleşme); synonyms (n) amplification, dilatation, dilation, elaboration, growth, stretch, distention, inflation, swelling, diffusion, space, elongation,

3. increase (artırmak, artış); synonyms (n) boom, expansion,

progress, rise, (v) accrue, extend, aggrandize, expand, enhance, enlarge, deepen, accumulate, amplify, benefit, (adj) augment; antonyms (v) reduce, diminish, drop, deteriorate, 4. growing; synonyms (adj) flourishing, rising, thriving, blossoming, progressive, adolescent, budding, burgeoning, cumulative, enlarging, (n) developing, (adv) increasing; antonyms (adj) deteriorating, dwindling.

büyümek 1. expand (büyütmek, genişlemek, genişletmek); synonyms (v) amplify, enlarge,
balloon, broaden, develop, distend, aggrandize, augment, extend, inflate, swell, explicate, bloat, elaborate, (adj) dilate; antonyms (v) contract, shorten, abbreviate, decrease, deflate, reduce, shrink, summarize, narrow, 2. increase (artırmak, artış); synonyms (n) gain, addition, augmentation, boom, expansion, extension, growth, progress, rise, (v) advance, accrue, grow, expand, enhance, deepen; antonyms (n) reduction, contraction, decline, (v) diminish, drop, deteriorate, 3. grow; synonyms (v) come, emerge, become, farm, get, spring, turn, breed, arise, blossom, evolve, flourish, germinate, increase, mature; antonym (v) weaken. buyurmak 1. decree; synonyms (n) command, act, edict, decision, dictate, finding, judgment, verdict, (v) order, award, decide, enact, ordain, rule, will, 2. command (komut, kumanda); synonyms (n) control, instruction, behest, bidding, decree, direction, administration, ascendancy, authority, claim, (v) charge, call, commission, direct, bid; antonym (v) request, 3. order (düzen, düzenlemek, emretmek, sıra); synonyms (n) array, rank, sort, class, condition, disposition, injunction, kind, form, genus, category, (v) arrange, conduct, demand, govern; antonyms (n) anarchy, chaos, confusion, mayhem, mess, (v) disorder.

büyütmek 1. expand (genişlemek, genişletmek);
synonyms (v) amplify, enlarge, balloon, broaden, develop, distend, aggrandize, augment, extend, inflate, swell, explicate, bloat, elaborate, (adj) dilate; antonyms (v) contract, shorten, abbreviate, decrease, deflate, reduce, shrink, summarize, narrow, 2. raise (toplamak, yükseltmek); synonyms (v) boost, lift, erect, hoist, increase, build, elevate, enhance, foster, grow, promote, prefer, cultivate, exalt, (n) advance; antonym (v) lower, 3. rear; synonyms (adj) back, after, (n) posterior, tail, backside, behind, bottom, buttocks, poop, (v) breed, nurture, raise, educate, nurse, edify; antonyms (adj) fore, (n) front, 4. foster; synonyms (v) encourage, cherish, foment, further, rear, support, entertain,

Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.websters-online-dictionary.org)

Turkish - English
tend, keep, feed, nourish, patronize, parent, forward, comfort; antonym (v) neglect. buz ice (dondurma); synonyms (n) frosting, glass, hoarfrost, icing, sparkler, frappe, rime, (v) frost, cool, refrigerate, fan. buzağı calf (dana); synonyms (n) calfskin, sura, colt, foal, kitten, pup, shorthorn, kid, cow, doodle, dullard, foetus, loon, lout, lown. buzdolabı fridge; synonyms (n) fray, rub. buzlu icy; synonyms (adj) frozen, cold, freezing, frigid, frosty, glacial, arctic, chill, chilly, wintry, aloof, distant, gelid, standoffish, hostile; antonyms (adj) warm, hot. büzmek purse; synonyms (n) pocket, bag, pouch, handbag, pocketbook, prize, container, pod, (v) pucker, wrinkle, crease, contract. büzülme contraction; synonyms (n) abbreviation, constriction, abridgement, abridgment, condensation, shrink, compression, convulsion, decrease, shrinkage, tightening, diminution, narrowing, reduction, spasm; antonym (n) expansion.


cadde 1. avenue; synonyms (n) channel, approach,
passage, path, road, route, way, means, boulevard, course, lane, track, walk, outlet, 2. street (sokak); synonyms (n) avenue, highway, neighborhood, thoroughfare, (v) roadway. cadı witch; synonyms (n) hag, pythoness, enchantress, sorceress, magician, lamia, wizard, augur, (v) enchant, bewitch, charm, glamour, hex, jinx, fascinate. cahil ignorant; synonyms (adj) unconscious, illiterate, rude, uneducated, unwitting, blind, dull, innocent, naive, unaware, uninformed, unlearned, barbarous, crude, shallow; antonyms (adj) knowledgeable, conscious. cahillik ignorance (bilgisizlik, cehalet); synonyms (n) darkness, illiteracy, nescience, folly, innocence, unwisdom, denseness, stupidity, obtuseness, unawareness, unenlightenment, night, unacquaintance, adversity, agnosticism; antonyms (n) knowledge, intelligence. cam 1. glass (bardak); synonyms (n) pane, bottle, drink, bowl, cup, goblet, chalice, glassful, spyglass, telescope, tumbler, window, (v) glaze, (adj) ice, 2. window (pencere); synonyms (n) casement, porthole, gap, embrasure, hole, opening, windowpane. can 1. life (hayat); synonyms (n) animation, energy, spirit, activity, being, biography, dash, enthusiasm, existence, exuberance, live, briskness, career, autobiography, endurance; antonym (n) lethargy,

2. spirit; synonyms (n) apparition, courage, ghost, life, mood, bravery, character, disposition, essence, heart, mind, phantom, soul, fortitude, esprit; antonym (n) body, 3. soul (ruh); synonyms (n) man, creature, human, individual, person, personification, mortal, psyche, self, marrow, bosom, breast, (adj) core, quintessence, gist. canavar monster; synonyms (n) giant, beast, brute, demon, devil, fiend, freak, behemoth, colossus, monstrosity, ogre, prodigy, chimera, (adj) huge, stupendous. cani 1. butcher (kasap); synonyms (n) assassin, botch, bungler, meatman, murderer, slaughterer, blunderer, botcher, bumbler, (v) assassinate, slaughter, kill, massacre, murder, slay, 2. murderer; synonyms (n) cutthroat, killer, manslayer, slayer, liquidator, (v) butcher, terrorist. canım honey (bal); synonyms (n) darling, dear, beloved, love, sweetheart, dearest, duck, baby, molasses, sugar, flame, (v) sweeten. cankurtaran ambulance (ambulans); synonyms (n) brancard, crate, hurdle, litter, stretcher, rescue, transport. canlandırmak 1. spirit; synonyms (n) apparition, courage, ghost, life, mood, bravery, character, disposition, energy, enthusiasm, essence, heart, mind, phantom, (adj) animation; antonyms (n) lethargy, body, 2. fire (ateş); synonyms (n) discharge, ardor, conflagration, explode, fervor, flame, (v) excite, eject, blaze, dismiss, ignite, kindle, expel, animate, arouse; antonym (v) hire, 3. stimulate (teşvik etmek); synonyms (v) incite, encourage, enliven, inspire, prompt, provoke, awaken, drive, energize, exhilarate, goad, hasten, instigate, invigorate, (adj) quicken; antonym (v) defuse, 4. wake; synonyms (v) awake, rouse, stir, vigil, waken, stimulate, evoke, raise, watch, (n) train, trail, backwash, track, wave, aftermath; antonym (v) sleep. canlanma revival; synonyms (n) recovery, renewal, restoration, resurgence, resurrection, rally, regeneration, renaissance, revitalization, rebirth, reinstatement, reprint, reproduction, return, revivification; antonyms (n) decline, disappearance. canlanmak wake; synonyms (v) awaken, awake, rouse, stir, arouse, excite, provoke, vigil, waken, kindle, (n) train, trail, backwash, track, wave; antonym (v) sleep. canlı 1. alive; synonyms (adj) active, live, living, sensible, vivacious, animated, lively, responsive, aware, eager, acute, energetic, animate, awake, extant; antonyms (adj) dead, deceased, inanimate, 2. live (oturmak, yaşamak); synonyms (v) exist, inhabit, reside, subsist, abide, be, dwell, endure, stay, survive, (adj) alive, brisk, bouncy, breathing, (n) go, 3. living; synonyms (adj) fresh, quick, vital,

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Turkish - English
movement, commotion, disturbance, excitement, agitation, (adj) bustle, 4. spirit; synonyms (n) apparition, courage, ghost, life, mood, bravery, character, disposition, essence, heart, mind, phantom, soul, fortitude, esprit; antonym (n) body. cansız dead (ölmüş, ölü); synonyms (adj) dull, lifeless, cold, defunct, inanimate, absolute, breathless, deceased, extinct, fallen, flat, gone, idle, (adv) right, absolutely; antonyms (adj) alive, animate, (n) living. cari 1. current (akım, geçerli); synonyms (adj) common, contemporary, fashionable, instant, actual, fresh, modern, new, popular, (n) flow, stream, run, afloat, movement, (prep) course; antonyms (adj) obsolete, past, old, old-fashioned, previous, 2. running; synonyms (v) active, (adj) flowing, operative, continual, working, functioning, moving, consecutive, live, fluid, (n) motion, administration, operation, performance, handling. casus spy; synonyms (n) scout, detective, mole, notice, patrol, emissary, (v) see, espy, snoop, discern, discover, observe, perceive, descry, behold. caz jazz; synonyms (n) talk, wind, bunk, nonsense, absurdity, (v) bop, bang, fuck, hump, screw, cheat, lie, do, stimulate, acknowledge. cazibe 1. attraction; synonyms (n) allure, enticement, invitation, affinity, allurement, appeal, charm, lure, attractiveness, bait, draw, fascination, inducement, magnetism, temptation; antonyms (n) repulsion, disgust, revulsion, 2. charm; synonyms (n) amulet, spell, attraction, conjure, incantation, (v) attract, captivate, bewitch, fascinate, enchant, entrance, beguile, capture, enamor, please; antonyms (n) ugliness, (v) repel, 3. fascination; synonyms (n) bewitchment, enchantment, glamor, glamour, captivation, charisma, enthrallment, magic, trance, interest, pull, seduction, witchery, fancy, mania; antonym (n) distraction. cazibeli charming; synonyms (adj) amiable, beautiful, attractive, captivating, delightful, enchanting, lovely, pleasing, winning, nice, adorable, agreeable, alluring, amusing, appealing; antonyms (adj) repellent, unappealing, unpleasant. cazip attractive; synonyms (adj) alluring, amiable, appealing, charming, engaging, good-looking, tempting, adorable, delightful, enchanting, fascinating, glamorous, gorgeous, handsome, interesting; antonyms (adj) unattractive, ugly, unappealing, disgusting, repellent, revolting, repulsive, straight, unpleasant. cefa hardship; synonyms (n) adversity, distress, calamity, affliction, grievance, difficulty, trouble, burden, disaster, asperity, deprivation, destitution, misfortune, poverty, suffering; antonym (n) affluence.

actual, (n) livelihood, being, life, aliveness, animation, benefice, existence, keep, maintenance, subsistence, support; antonym (n) death, 4. lively; synonyms (adj) agile, cheerful, keen, busy, gay, jolly, jovial, alert, bright, enthusiastic, merry, spirited, vivid, dashing, frolicsome; antonyms (adj) dull, inactive, lethargic, listless, lifeless, unexciting, 5. graphic; synonyms (adj) descriptive, clear, picturesque, realistic, expressive, graphical, lifelike, detailed, (n) picture, diagram, image, schematic, (v) pictorial, 6. active (etkin); synonyms (adj) diligent, effective, nimble, strong, dynamic, forcible, healthy, mercurial, sprightly, vigorous, operational, hearty, assiduous, efficacious, (v) smart; antonyms (adj) dormant, sluggish, idle, latent, sedentary, slow, extinct, passive, quiet, 7. swinging; synonyms (adj) swaying, excessive, exorbitant, extravagant, hanging, inordinate, lilting, outrageous, pendulous, preposterous, (n) swing, 8. vital; synonyms (adj) critical, essential, indispensable, crucial, fundamental, important, main, necessary, chief, momentous, basic, decisive, imperative, requisite, significant; antonyms (adj) trivial, insignificant, minor, optional, unimportant, 9. brisk; synonyms (adj) bracing, adroit, crisp, fast, hasty, invigorating, pert, sharp, speedy, spry, perky, abrupt, breezy, bouncing, brusque; antonym (adj) soporific, 10. gay; synonyms (adj) convivial, festive, gaudy, airy, blithe, brave, buoyant, cheery, festal, flashy, jocular, colorful, (n) homosexual, gallant, lesbian, 11. fresh (taze); synonyms (adj) clean, novel, original, recent, bold, chilly, cool, forward, green, pure, sweet, flippant, fair, blank, (adv) new; antonyms (adj) old, stale, decayed, exhausted, hot, humid, muggy, musty, off, oppressive, rotten, tired, worn, dry, sweltering, 12. warm (ılık, ısıtmak, sıcak); synonyms (adj) affectionate, tender, ardent, cordial, fervent, fond, loving, earnest, caring, genial, glowing, tepid, heartfelt, burning, (v) heat; antonyms (adj) aloof, cold, unfriendly, reserved, hostile, (v) chill, 13. quick (çabuk, hızlı); synonyms (adj) prompt, clever, intelligent, cursory, dexterous, expeditious, hurried, immediate, instant, swift, brief, apt, ingenious, skillful, (v) fleet; antonym (adj) leisurely, 14. vivid; synonyms (adj) graphic, intense, brilliant, rich, lurid, shiny, striking, deep, severe, full, garish, light, luminous, powerful, vibrant. canlılık 1. life (hayat); synonyms (n) animation, energy, spirit, activity, being, biography, dash, enthusiasm, existence, exuberance, live, briskness, career, autobiography, endurance; antonym (n) lethargy, 2. colour (renk); synonyms (n) coloration, coloring, colouring, semblance, vividness, (v) color, discolor, discolour, distort, tinge, 3. stir; synonyms (v) arouse, budge, move, rouse, affect, agitate, excite, inspire, go, (n)

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Turkish - English
cehalet ignorance (bilgisizlik); synonyms (n)
darkness, illiteracy, nescience, folly, innocence, unwisdom, denseness, stupidity, obtuseness, unawareness, unenlightenment, night, unacquaintance, adversity, agnosticism; antonyms (n) knowledge, intelligence. cehennem hell; synonyms (n) blaze, inferno, netherworld, perdition, underworld, anguish, ordeal, trial, pit, limbo, aides, bedlam, blazing, brilliance, conflagration; antonym (n) heaven. cehennemde below (aşağı, aşağıda); synonyms (adv) beneath, under, down, infra, downstairs, (prep) underneath, (adj) low, after; antonyms (prep) above, over. ceket 1. jacket; synonyms (n) casing, sheath, case, cover, covering, envelope, coat, skin, shield, wrap, (v) clothe, 2. coat (palto); synonyms (n) coating, crust, film, fur, jacket, layer, bark, peel, pelt, (v) cloak, blanket, plaster, glaze, finish, paint. celse 1. hearing; synonyms (n) audition, earshot, ear, trial, consultation, sound, reach, examination, inquiry, interview, listening, earreach, (adj) audience, auditory; antonym (adj) deaf, 2. session (oturum); synonyms (n) meeting, seance, sitting, conference, bout, convention, class, period, stretch, discussion. cemaat 1. flock (sürü); synonyms (n) bunch, crowd, cluster, band, bevy, congregation, covey, gang, herd, horde, pack, troop, (v) assemble, mass, (adj) swarm, 2. congregation; synonyms (n) concourse, assemblage, assembly, collection, gathering, meeting, congregating, convocation, flock, fold, company, audience, confluence, throng, convention. cemiyet 1. community (topluluk); synonyms (n) association, public, agreement, commune, nation, people, brotherhood, likeness, company, district, order, (adj) communal, neighborhood, common, group; antonym (adj) private, 2. society; synonyms (n) club, institution, community, companionship, corporation, fellowship, fraternity, circle, commonwealth, guild, partnership, folk, friendship, gild, league. cenaze funeral; synonyms (n) burial, entombment, interment, pyre, wake, committal, (adj) funebrial. cendere press (basın, basmak); synonyms (n) jam, closet, (v) crush, crowd, force, squeeze, pack, coerce, compress, exhort, mash, push, urge, clasp, (adj) constrain. cennet 1. paradise; synonyms (n) heaven, bliss, ecstasy, nirvana, utopia, death, enlightenment, gallery, happiness, rapture, dreamland, enjoyment, fairyland, (v) bewitch, entrance; antonym (n) hell, 2. heaven; synonyms (n) paradise, glory, sky. centilmen gentleman (bey); synonyms (n) man, male, patrician, sir, laureate, squireen, noble,


gentle, fellow, guy, valet, homo, human, humanity, (adj) gentilhomme; antonym (n) woman. cep pocket; synonyms (n) cavity, pouch, hole, hollow, (v) bag, take, appropriate, sack, steal, lift, catch, embezzle, misappropriate, pilfer, (adj) digest. cephane ammunition; synonyms (n) ammo, munition, shot, bullet, armament, missile, bullets, explosive, fuel, narcotic, ball, bombs, buckshot, cannonball, chemical. cephanelik arsenal; synonyms (n) armory, armoury, store, depository, arms, armaments, artillery, dump, factory, guns, inventory, missiles, plant, stockpile, storeroom. cephe 1. front (ön); synonyms (adj) head, fore, anterior, preceding, (n) countenance, forefront, appearance, disguise, facade, frontage, brow, audacity, (v) face, confront, look; antonyms (n) rear, end, (v) back, 2. face (çehre, surat, yüz); synonyms (n) aspect, expression, side, top, exterior, surface, boldness, brass, (v) veneer, visage, affront, breast, defy, brave, (adj) front; antonym (v) avoid, 3. aspect; synonyms (n) bearing, manner, prospect, view, air, angle, facet, feature, quality, respect, scene, vista, shape, attribute, (v) regard. cerahat matter (konu, madde, mesele); synonyms (n) event, affair, business, concern, issue, material, substance, incident, article, body, import, interest, item, (v) case, count. cereyan 1. circulation (dolaşım); synonyms (n) dissemination, diffusion, distribution, currency, delivery, dispersal, dispersion, gyration, revolution, rotation, round, spread, spreading, turn, airing, 2. current (akım, cari, geçerli); synonyms (adj) common, contemporary, fashionable, instant, actual, fresh, modern, new, popular, (n) flow, stream, run, afloat, movement, (prep) course; antonyms (adj) obsolete, past, old, oldfashioned, previous, 3. draft (taslak); synonyms (n) bill, conscription, sketch, check, drawing, (v) draught, outline, design, blueprint, compose, enlist, plan, recruit, chart, delineate; antonym (v) discharge, 4. course (yön); synonyms (n) bearing, career, current, path, road, route, track, channel, circuit, class, method, race, (v) chase, pour, (prep) tide, 5. flow (akış, akmak); synonyms (n) flood, abound, rush, circulation, (v) flux, jet, surge, float, emanate, fall, gush, seep, well, ooze, arise, 6. tide (gelgit); synonyms (n) drift, time, (v) wave, billow, noonday. cerrah 1. surgeon; synonyms (n) doctor, physician, sawbones, chirurgeon, 2. operator (operatör); synonyms (n) driver, hustler, manipulator, agent, doer, speculator, actor, employee, clerk, businessperson, captain, financier, floozie, floozy, hooker. cerrahi surgical; synonyms (adj) operative, chirurgical, effective, functional, key.

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Turkish - English
(ölçek); synonyms (n) flake, gamut, degree, graduation, measure, yardstick, rate, chip, (v) ascend, climb, gauge, mount, weigh, rise, (adj) balance; antonym (v) descend. cevap 1. answer (cevap vermek); synonyms (n) reply, respond, retort, return, solution, defense, echo, (v) counter, resolve, serve, acknowledge, agree, correspond, do, (adj) pay; antonyms (v) question, ask, 2. reply; synonyms (n) answer, rejoinder, response, reaction, repay, replication, repartee, comeback, (v) react, rejoin, say, 3. response (yanıt); synonyms (n) reception, effect, chant, chaunt, hymn, (v) endurance, experience, (adj) sympathy, cordiality, fraternization, rapprochement. cevher essence; synonyms (n) core, entity, aroma, being, crux, gist, perfume, hypostasis, body, burden, extract, fragrance, heart, kernel, nub. ceza 1. punishment; synonyms (n) discipline, correction, penalty, penance, chastisement, fine, rebuke, retribution, reward, execution, judgment, retaliation, payment, reprimand, revenge, 2. correction (düzeltme); synonyms (n) amendment, adjustment, alteration, castigation, redress, modification, emendation, improvement, punishment, revision, editing, rectification, reform, change, chastening; antonym (n) fabrication, 3. penalty; synonyms (n) mulct, forfeit, forfeiture, amercement, handicap, penalization, sentence, pain, conviction, sanction, (v) condemnation. cezaevi 1. prison; synonyms (n) jail, calaboose, confinement, lockup, penitentiary, jug, confine, custody, 2. jail (hapishane); synonyms (n) cage, prison, cell, clink, jailhouse, slammer, (v) gaol, imprison, incarcerate, detain, immure, arrest, lag. cezalandırma 1. correction (düzeltme); synonyms (n) amendment, adjustment, alteration, castigation, chastisement, discipline, redress, modification, emendation, improvement, punishment, revision, editing, rebuke, rectification; antonym (n) fabrication, 2. punishment (ceza); synonyms (n) correction, penalty, penance, fine, retribution, reward, execution, judgment, retaliation, payment, reprimand, revenge, scourge, sentence, compensation. cezalandırmak discipline; synonyms (n) chastisement, correction, (v) control, castigate, chastise, train, chasten, exercise, correct, drill, educate, practice, breed, condition, cultivate. cezbetmek 1. attract; synonyms (v) fascinate, charm, beguile, captivate, draw, enamor, entice, invite, tempt, arrest, absorb, appeal, attach, beckon, (adj) allure; antonyms (v) repel, disgust, 2. draw (çekmek, çizmek); synonyms (v) attract, drag, delineate, pull, depict, derive, describe, design, tie, bring, haul, lure, puff, (n) attraction, draft; antonym (v) push, 3. charm; synonyms (n) amulet, spell,

cerrahlık surgery; synonyms (n) operation,
chirurgery, act, functioning, or, performance, procedure, process, treatment. cesaret 1. courage (yüreklilik); synonyms (n) bravery, audacity, fortitude, backbone, boldness, gallantry, heroism, mettle, nerve, spirit, valor, chivalry, manhood, courageousness, determination; antonym (n) cowardice, 2. nerve (sinir); synonyms (n) cheek, impertinence, brass, courage, daring, face, heart, impudence, prowess, assurance, brace, effrontery, grit, guts, insolence, 3. enterprise; synonyms (n) business, company, concern, endeavor, activity, adventure, energy, effort, endeavour, firm, initiative, venture, corporation, establishment, attempt, 4. heart (kalp, yürek); synonyms (n) core, center, affection, basis, bosom, breast, crux, essence, hub, kernel, marrow, middle, pluck, quintessence, (adj) gist; antonym (n) edge. cesaretlendirmek encourage; synonyms (v) cheer, abet, advance, aid, back, boost, comfort, foster, further, promote, urge, advocate, cherish, advise, animate; antonyms (v) discourage, dishearten, prevent, deter, hurt, obstruct, stop. cesaretsiz faint (bayılmak); synonyms (adj) collapse, dim, dizzy, feeble, indistinct, weak, dull, gentle, soft, vague, delicate, distant, (v) languish, swoon, droop; antonyms (adj) distinct, strong, clear, obvious, considerable, loud, pungent. ceset 1. body (beden, gövde, vücut); synonyms (n) cadaver, corpse, matter, organization, carcass, cluster, consistency, figure, mass, set, aggregate, association, entity, amount, bulk; antonym (n) spirit, 2. corpse; synonyms (n) body, corse, remains, stiff, clay. cesur 1. brave; synonyms (adj) adventurous, bold, audacious, courageous, endure, fearless, hardy, intrepid, valiant, virile, confident, daring, dauntless, (v) defy, confront; antonyms (adj) cowardly, frightened, gutless, pathetic, (n) timid, 2. bold; synonyms (adj) manly, resolute, arrogant, barefaced, heroic, spirited, stalwart, bluff, brave, brazen, cheeky, defiant, disrespectful, enterprising, forward; antonym (adj) modest. cet predecessor; synonyms (n) precursor, forerunner, ancestor, antecedent, antecessor, father, elder, precedent; antonyms (n) successor, descendant. cetvel 1. ruler; synonyms (n) master, governor, monarch, leader, dynast, prince, chief, head, director, controller, sheik, sovereign, government, (adj) rule, regent, 2. schedule; synonyms (n) list, agenda, catalog, program, calendar, catalogue, inventory, table, roll, index, chart, docket, plan, (v) register, book, 3. rule (kural); synonyms (n) govern, order, decree, dominion, law, ordinance, principle, regulate, reign, authority, dictate, (v) command, control, influence, direct, 4. scale

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Turkish - English
conjure, incantation, attractiveness, beauty, delight, elegance, (v) bewitch, enchant, entrance, capture, please, amuse, catch; antonyms (n) repulsion, ugliness. cici sweet (tatlı); synonyms (adj) beloved, delicious, fresh, lovely, mellow, dear, lovable, melodious, musical, pleasant, pleasing, sugary, charming, delightful, (n) confection; antonyms (adj) sour, acid, bitter, discordant, acidic, pungent, sharp, salty. cidden 1. indeed (gerçekten); synonyms (adv) actually, certainly, exactly, much, really, surely, greatly, absolutely, clearly, definitely, positively, precisely, so, truly, (int) forsooth; antonym (adv) possibly, 2. seriously; synonyms (adv) badly, gravely, earnestly, severely, deeply, soberly, hard, critically, desperately, momentously, sincerely, solemnly, decidedly, poorly, purely; antonyms (adv) cheerfully, frivolously, jokingly, playfully, goodhumoredly, slightly, teasingly, 3. really (gerçekten); synonyms (adv) honestly, genuinely, real, very, simply, authentically, practically, essentially, extremely, highly, quite, right, just, completely, (adj) indeed. ciddi 1. serious (ağır); synonyms (adj) grave, heavy, sedate, austere, great, hard, considerable, critical, dangerous, earnest, grievous, sad, sober, (v) important, momentous; antonyms (adj) frivolous, lighthearted, cheerful, flippant, humorous, mild, minor, playful, slight, 2. critical (kritik); synonyms (adj) acute, decisive, delicate, pressing, severe, ticklish, urgent, vital, crucial, fastidious, imperative, minute, particular, significant, (v) censorious; antonyms (adj) complimentary, trivial, positive, flattering, insignificant, approving, unimportant, 3. heavy (ağır); synonyms (adj) dull, deep, dark, dense, fat, full, gross, arduous, bulky, burdensome, oppressive, thick, compact, ample, awkward; antonyms (adj) light, easy, slim, thin, gentle, puny, skinny, 4. steady; synonyms (adj) firm, even, secure, constant, continual, fixed, resolute, stable, cool, incessant, settled, consistent, (v) steadfast, calm, regular; antonyms (adj) unsteady, shaky, wobbly, intermittent, unreliable, 5. sober; synonyms (adj) serious, sane, moderate, quiet, solemn, modest, abstemious, demure, serene, somber, staid, composed, rational, reasonable, sensible; antonym (adj) intoxicated. cihaz 1. apparatus; synonyms (n) appliance, device, implement, instrument, plant, tackle, equipment, gadget, gear, machine, contrivance, machinery, mechanism, outfit, rig, 2. device (aygıt); synonyms (n) apparatus, artifice, emblem, contraption, figure, gimmick, invention, plan, trick, way, design, dodge, expedient, machination, plot. cila 1. polish; synonyms (n) finish, gloss, burnish, gentility, cultivation, elegance, refinement, shine, civilization, (v) furbish, glaze, rub, civilize, clean,


cultivate, 2. finish (bitmek, son); synonyms (v) end, complete, achieve, execute, accomplish, cease, determine, discontinue, consume, do, (n) close, consummate, conclusion, death, conclude; antonyms (v) start, begin, continue, (n) beginning. cilalamak 1. polish; synonyms (n) finish, gloss, burnish, gentility, cultivation, elegance, refinement, shine, civilization, (v) furbish, glaze, rub, civilize, clean, cultivate, 2. finish (bitmek, son); synonyms (v) end, complete, achieve, execute, accomplish, cease, determine, discontinue, consume, do, (n) close, consummate, conclusion, death, conclude; antonyms (v) start, begin, continue, (n) beginning, 3. surface (yüzey); synonyms (n) level, face, outside, superficies, facet, grain, side, (v) appear, emerge, coat, rise, (adj) exterior, external, shallow, superficial; antonyms (n) core, inside, interior, middle. cılız thin (ince); synonyms (adj) flimsy, gaunt, lean, light, slight, tenuous, emaciated, fine, rare, slim, sparse, (v) slender, dilute, meager, sheer; antonyms (adj) thick, fat, concentrated, chubby, plump, wide, broad, heavy, (v) thicken. cılk rotten (çürük); synonyms (adj) bad, foul, poor, fetid, lousy, musty, off, putrid, ill, shabby, corrupt, crappy, decomposed, (v) decayed, rancid; antonym (adj) fresh. cilt 1. skin (deri, kabuk, post); synonyms (n) peel, hide, coating, fur, hull, rind, shell, crust, integument, pelt, (v) pare, bark, scrape, excoriate, flay, 2. volume (hacim, oylum); synonyms (n) bulk, size, book, magnitude, mass, quantity, dimension, amount, capacity, intensity, loudness, tome, journal, (adj) deal, pot; antonym (n) quietness, 3. hide (gizlemek); synonyms (v) conceal, disguise, obscure, bury, cloak, mask, shelter, ambush, (n) cover, coat, fell, skin, veil, cloud, (adj) darken; antonyms (v) reveal, show, expose, express. ciltli bound; synonyms (v) leap, border, bounce, limit, circumscribe, confine, pounce, rebound, (n) spring, jump, boundary, edge, barrier, compass, hop; antonym (adj) free. cimri 1. close (kapamak, kapatmak); synonyms (adj) near, adjacent, nearby, accurate, tight, approximate, narrow, (v) compact, stop, conclude, (adv) by, about, (n) end, finish, conclusion; antonyms (adj) distant, airy, fresh, loose, far, (v) open, start, 2. mean (demek istemek, ortalama); synonyms (v) intend, design, imply, denote, involve, (adj) middle, base, common, hateful, ignoble, medium, miserly, (n) average, contemptible, low; antonyms (adj) generous, kind, 3. spare; synonyms (adj) reserve, slender, excess, save, slight, additional, lean, slim, thin, bare, (v) free, meager, exempt, (n) extra, backup. cin spirit; synonyms (n) apparition, courage, ghost, life, mood, bravery, character, disposition, energy,

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item. concern. permission. gender. help. spacious. release. (v) clear. quiet. cinsellik sexuality. alcoholic. cage. discharge. certification. synonyms (n) sex. stamp. ease. position. panorama. stiff. abundant. vicinity. sustenance. flaccid. (v) harrow. gulp. body. championship. considerable. impression. cinayet murder. comely. variety (varyete). 2. balmy. kernel. good. geological. imprint. neighbourhood. clinch. disagreeable. big. manslaughter. loose. latch. intimate. hardhearted. scene. carcass. benign. site. beget. ungenerous. consent. synonyms (n) charity. amphigonic. (adj) kindness. sexy. merciless. overthrow. disturbance. butcher.90 Turkish . essence. (v) plug. largesse. view. (adj) conclude. body (beden. charitable. 3. hodgepodge. 3. generousness. genus. uncaring. (adj) animation. sexuality. strong. synonyms (adj) loose. section. corpse. limp. revolution. upset. 2. gist. entity. enlightened. greedy. (v) feeble. homicide. 2. meager. (v) arouse. proceeds. stock. antonyms (n) stinginess. cinsel sexual. thrift. light. cultivate. count. 2. countenance. restricted. heart. kind. description. certificate. (adv) bang. synonyms (n) overturn. synonyms (n) form. stuck. spiteful. subject. change. quintessence. synonyms (n) approbation. synonyms (n) species. (v) engender. support. intolerant. bestial. mesele).org) . proximity. benign. (n) progressive. corroboration. cıvata bolt. harsh. freehanded. unlock. antonyms (adj) bound. variance. close. hospitality. serbest bırakmak). pastry. bear. sales. hallmark. femininity. authorization. (v) copulate. bounteous. manner. sight. enthusiasm. destroy. bedava. block. measly. unattractive. antonyms (adj) stingy. lock. promotion. handsome (güzel. tightfisted. imprisoned. 3. sort. business. gender. antonyms (adj) ugly. miserly. marrow. agreement. liberate. disorder. class. erotic. gross. solid. 4. catch. mean. beneficence. goodness. consistency. mind. authority. fine. synonyms (adj) elegant. synonyms (n) appearance. change. ecological. broad. boş. (adj) friendly. (v) difference. antonyms (v) nibble. exempt. cisim 1. cachet. slay. environs. abscond. endorsement. slaughter. derangement. ciro 1. content. faint. copulation. authorisation. association. bulk. open. breed. bighearted. issue. decamp. antonym (n) spirit. place. (v) confine. exquisite. intercourse. antonyms (adj) hard. turnover. verification. civar 1. affair. phantom. totalitarian. type. callous. (v) case. assortment. multiply. devour. bloodshed. organization. cömert 1. (v) bar. amount. charming. affectionate. local. synonyms (n) locality. tolerant. confirmation. excuse. matter (konu. secure. bountiful. busy. significance. attached. gentle. cömertlik generosity. synonyms (adj) handsome. slack. synonyms (n) essence. delicate. mating. synonyms (n) kind. free (açık. informal. internal. synonyms (adj) geographic. synonyms (adj) gentle. low. mixture. coğrafya geography. implication. liberal. (n) conservative. easy. meat. accompaniment. rich. shut. generous. deliver. condemn. humane. benevolent. range. rough. incident. synonyms (n) arrow. vicinage. lock. flush. repressive. relieve. backdrop. character. bar. set. backcloth. antonym (n) uniformity. synonyms (n) aid. background. synonyms (n) sex. meanness. medley. easy. synonyms (adj) sensual. disentangle. sex (seks). encouragement. patronage. acquit. yakışıklı). assist. dash. kind. gorgeous. vücut). permissive. gobble. category. nasty. setting. cozy. small. variation. body. antonyms (adj) strict. confined. core. graceful. benevolence. assassinate. substance. earnings. miscellany. animalistic. synonyms (n) gender. unseal. fashion.websters-online-dictionary. inner. noble. sponsorship. munificent. serbest. escape. cluster. attractive. considerate. 3. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. flapjack. race. nobility. (n) free. synonyms (n) region. pin. firm. area. district. land. greed. 2. özgür. benevolent. endorsement. 4. mean. backing. coğrafi geographical. synonyms (n) mark. synonyms (n) event. diversity. grace. order. physical. upsetting. breed. (v) massacre. interest. excite. munificence. unbolt. favor. antonym (n) triviality. unfeeling. figure. kill. synonyms (adj) ample. ancestry. biological. income. antonyms (v) open. premonstration. strain. disengage. gövde. cıvık soft. phenomenon. coitus. familiar.English element. animal. madde. dispatch. liberality. conta seal (damga). authentication. scene. charitable. bonny. lavish. stop. hit. hoarse. meaning. style. material. environmental. beautiful. backing. oppressive. avaricious. antonyms (adj) unkind. brand. plentiful. cins 1. signet. shrill. neighborhood. helpful. sanction. brood. clement. geographics. (adj) nature. fair. tangled. synonyms (n) topography. compelled. generous. article. extricate. giving. (adj) sexual. approval. neighbourhood. copious. show. scenery. knowledgeable. bounteousness. loud. import. variety. liberal. species (tür). generous. means. mass. outskirts. synonyms (n) cadaver. large. aggregate. countryside. cinsiyet 1. 2. flabby. miscellanea. substance. kind (tür). matter. (v) offspring. cruel. vicinity. heart. execute. full. antonyms (n) lethargy. frank. fasten. butchery. assistance. cause. synonyms (n) carnage. landscape. bounty.

quick. combat. impetuous. blouse. measure. encounter. period (devir. application. synonyms (n) dress. course. length. guts. quarrel. antonyms (n) apathy. sudden. convict. grit. muscle. state. pronto. staunch. application. fiord. phrase. synonyms (n) attempt. prerequisite. endanger. diligence. uniform. gite. nation. gayret). hunt. sail. rider. (v) gorge. day. quickly. scramble. sentence. (n) diet. cove. cüppe gown. antonyms (v) flourish. synonyms (n) boldness. combat. space. prompt. express. (v) bivouac. labor. intelligent. painting. 4. lively. synonyms (n) contest. struggle. immediately. synonyms (adj) bright. paragraph. peril. keen. contend. 2. speedy. gusto. ripeness. expedite. assurance. attempt. glide. ecstasy. bid. soon (çok geçmeden). quickly. readily. synonyms (n) commonwealth. endeavor. catamenia. crusade. push. exertion. mozetta. indifference. nerve. (v) condemn. member. (adj) fast.websters-online-dictionary. provision. roturier. tempo.English coşkunluk enthusiasm. antonyms (adj) slow. eagerness. çabucak 1. antonyms (adj) slow. synonyms (adv) shortly. 2. ebullience. style. menstruation. time. daring. try. presently. adventure. fighting. early. apace. brief. drive. quarrel. rapid. sound. aptitude. combat. (v) yap. instant. hurried. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. billfold. trial. cry. dönem. oruç). spell. now. notecase. 2. unexpected. abrupt. synonyms (n) contest. (v) audacity. recess. cause. bellow. immediately. cumba bay (koy). hard. (adj) dare. shelter. stake. (v) clothe. 2. hızlı). sheet. (v) risk.org) . synonyms (n) hour. alb. synonyms (n) hazard. inquire. hastily. animation. quick (hızlı). synonyms (n) age. (n) cylinder. leisurely. readiness. expedition. campaign. preparation. (v) hasten. speculation. (adv) slowly. strain. damn. spirit. (adv) soon. buckling. 91 çabalamak 1. dash. antonyms (v) flourish. hasty. effort. firm. scrubs. synonyms (n) commoner. dispute. close. gradually. arrogance. speedily. struggle. (n) ask. zeal. trial. nokta). conclusion. çadır 1. strain. heart. try. penalty. antonyms (v) flourish. harbor. lifetime. antonyms (adj) sluggish. leisurely. immediate. battle. attempt. dispute. alive. canopy. strain. synonyms (n) brass. effrontery. bet. bid. hasty. 4. howl. generation. clever. conflict. çağ 1. quarrel. adjudge. scramble. promptness. cheek. betimes. effort. keenness. epoch. forthwith. scuffle. fortitude. rush. impertinence. struggle. rapidly. condemnation. prompt. celerity. aspire. cumhuriyetçi republican. flame. era. barracks. quest. regulate. verdict. try. dispatch. conviction. synonyms (n) judgment. encounter. dexterous. synonyms (n) eagerness. dossil. 2. occasion. ease. expeditious. 2. hardihood. (adj) fervor. investigate. fast (hızlı. promptly. hinder. brisk. effort. canvas (tuval). impudence. mettle. (v) fight. (v) clock. mark. passion. tent. date. (v) preparedness. ardor. danger. çabukluk 1. endeavor. camp. enterprise. punishment. cümlecik clause. struggle. brass (pirinç). accelerate. süre. synonyms (v) search. gamble. satchel. instant. diligence. 3. quick (çabuk. hurried. permanently. maturity. cumhuriyet republic. speed (hız). schedule. 3. çabuk 1. democracy. hurry.Turkish . explore. juncture. drive. courage. age (yaş). synonyms (n) awning. venture. seek (aramak). directly. endeavor. knack. section. cursory. embayment. quickness. anon. season. dexterous. glide. fixed. cursory. conflict. case. era. ready. stage. interval. time (saat. effort (gayret). velocity. look. glide. synonyms (n) attempt. synonyms (adj) fleet. robe. tunic. research. chance. struggle. exertion. campaign. synonyms (n) race. duck. nerve (sinir). (v) canvass. contend. (v) passage. zaman). impulsive. (v) fight. quicken. çabalama 1. dexterity. beat. dalmatic. insolence. shoot. habit. battle. active. craze. 2. agile. trouble. synonyms (n) facility. backbone. agile. synonyms (n) Ç çaba 1. dull. synonyms (adv) promptly. synonyms (n) alcove. requirement. cüzdan wallet. cümle sentence (tümce). cüret 1. condition. follow. encounter. labor. shortly. exertion. run. antonym (n) cowardice. soonly. contend. cover. trouble. period. bag. bark. country. antonyms (adv) slowly. promote. clever. synonyms (n) purse. pursue. point. chasuble. encamp. swift (hızlı). afterward. alert. tilt. decision. (v) fight. design. 3. front. nimble. inspiration. moment. crusade. administration. antonym (n) slowness. cycle. (n) binge. dwell. face. scuffle. active. effort (çaba. colorfast. finding. speedy. push. briefly. antonym (n) death. fighting. alert. erelong. gulf. alacrity. nimbly. directly. debauched. fitness. quick. loose. antonym (adj) considered. interest. pluck. gallantry. democrat. scramble. expeditious. sprightly. (adj) brown. synonyms (n) contest. (adv) fast. beg. dispute. proviso. dull. rapidity. pocketbook. doom. lethargy. plebeian. devotion. (n) instantly. synonyms (adj) dissolute. synonyms (n) picture. synonyms (adj) bright. prowess. 2. judge. tableau. alive. (adv) swiftly. scapulary. roar. stipulation. paletot. early. 2. cause. (adj) bronze. duration. scuffle. intelligent. brace. chapter. gazebo. synonyms (n) article. labor. synonyms (n) dot. battle. nimble. conflict.

perplex. grow. fast. call (bağırmak. dig. develop. contemplate. engaged. actuate. gleam. check. yell. synonyms (n) sparkle. shout. book. cultivate. çalınmak sound (ses). antonyms (n) apathy. 3. synonyms (n) barge. healthy. (n) operation. measure. 3. cite. howl. synonyms (v) cry. baptize. writ. appoint. running. pontoon. synonyms (n) business. operating. bellow. travail. acting. synonyms (n) echo. whaler. partnership. synonyms (v) draw.org) . transaction. busy. summons. mission. eternity. process. çalışan working. twinkle. fit. effective. box. shout. synonyms (n) effort.websters-online-dictionary. preparation. malfunction. discipline. act. çalgıcı musician (müzisyen). action. synonyms (n) channel. late. (n) operation. effort. 2. coruscation. flame. deed. active. shout. çalgı instrument (alet. assault. move. indifferent. agency. instant. crave. 7. operasyon). synonyms (n) player. bushing. inquire. efficacious. operate. synonyms (adj) contemporaneous. link. entreaty. dull. nurture. antonyms (adj) lethargic. work (çalışmak. allure. (v) invite. operations. actor. agency. 4. (n) appeal. name. toil. study. innovative. blink. (v) consider. synonyms (n) ride. bump. business. invite. synonyms (adj) operative. contemporary. receive. fellowship. fatigue. synonyms (n) affiliation. examine. ripen. mystify. traditional. unsound. bellow. virtuoso. demand. device. puzzle. combat. inertia. rag. antonyms (n) inaction. howl. brightness. (v) flicker. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (n) invitation. invitation. busy. ancient. present. agent. performance. practical. hit. sluggish. rational. çağırmak. bid. engagement. antonym (adj) past. request. force. inactive. fight.92 Turkish . carry. workings. synonyms (v) cry. learning. practical. attract. operational. entice. çağırma call (bağırmak. work. çakmak 1. engaged. meeting. document. (v) grind. drive. indolent. band. çağırmak). running. meditate. plot. beat. agile. (adj) reasonable. yell. effect. (v) assemblage. activity. buffet. (v) mature. glimmer. bid. summon. (n) appeal. encourage. beckon. childbed. novel. (v) achievement. çalışkan energetic. culture. call. assembly. society. diligence. experience. latest. scrub. minstrel. 6. address. labor. trade. lighter. research. baptize. command. drill. movement. eylem. case. modern (modern). behavior. primordial. exertion. invocation. right. summon. wild. drive (sürmek). çağdaş 1. exhausted. fag. modern. collier. synonyms (n) survey. impress. get. çağrı). 2. sensible. acting. animated. supplication. languid. synonyms (n) education. 3. hedge. tempt. pawn. contemporary (Modern). deed. glitter. yell. indictment. battle. practice. performance. learn. act. recent. weary. management. compel. investigate. up-todate. aeon. apathetic. dazzle. function. (v) ring. complete. tool. chic. (v) bang. strong. sane. artiste. coin. synonyms (v) cry. howl. working. antiquity. unemployed. effective. address. appoint. urge. iş). antonyms (v) idle. name. demand. illumination. existing. appliance. (v) bedevil. affect. thrust. 2. latter. confinement. fashionable. affinity. appoint. chime. igniter. çağırmak 1. clap. move. requisition. synonyms (n) grit. unemployed.English expedient. good. efficient. çalışma 1. current. lawsuit. equal. slaver. ignitor. blaze. 2. address. clout. importunity. effective. analyze. campaign. old. alliance. topical. çağrışım association (dernek). synonyms (adj) operative. operation (ameliyat. review. çağrı). crusade. baptize. cotemporary. apparatus. step. enterprising. (adj) illogical. chase. push. engine. simultaneous. iş). stylish. antonyms (adj) passive. call (bağırmak. dirt. congress. industriousness. force. grev). proletariat. command. coetaneous. synonyms (n) execution. vocation. command. tug. commerce. chaparral. flummox. synonyms (n) citation. prehistoric. gravelly. bewilder. bidding. 2. (adj) bother. synonyms (n) exercise. manipulation. synonyms (n) knock. shimmer. grating. antiquated. bellow. old-time. schooling. solicit. employment. antonym (v) dismiss. warrant. investigation. collide. wilderness. play. confused. workout. name. cause. action (etki. busy. court. syndicate. instrumentalist. lighten. driving. antonyms (adj) passive. assiduousness. antonym (v) dismiss. play. ambition. flatboat. conservative. (n) coeval. solicitation. company. (n) appeal. singer. cite. connection. charge. peal. ask. nonplus. dynamic. (adj) job. lighting. light. emphatic. synonyms (adj) fresh. strike (bulmak. flash. hareket. synonyms (n) shrub. çalışkanlık industry (endüstri). antonyms (adj) oldfashioned. go. grooming. antonyms (n) silence. labour. hoy. çakıl gravel. powerful. aggressive. training (Eğitim). lazy. instruction. teaching. (v) implement. movement. drudge. functioning. lightness. exertion. çalı bush. demand. years. synonyms (n) accomplishment. occupied. brisk. process. just. bid. beg. (v) labor. 5. synonyms (adj) active. temptation. neurotic. breeding. moil. dotage. slap. coerce. coaching. (v) push. attraction. listless. agency. antonym (v) dismiss. occupied. functioning. coaster. manufacture. synonyms (n) call. active. new. invitation. composition. advanced. lure. jungle. toil. inactivity. araç). means. 4. cite. çağrı 1. brisk. trade. coruscate. gear. consideration. application. summon. plant. task. mellow. baffle. procedure.

6. airstream. plunder. abstract (özet. business. instructor. toil. strike (bulmak. synonyms (n) washhouse. 93 (çalışma. clap. toll. (v) labor. synonyms (adj) theoretical. mark. cavalier. suffer. hook. manage. work (çalışma. duty. strive. maneuver. calling. review. başlangıç. crook. arena. long. loose. tutor. cost. mentor. (n) pass. rational. rider. finish. (adj) peak. laundering. soyut). profession. flutter. sink. synonyms (n) echo. washing. embezzlement. function. study. drudge.websters-online-dictionary. start (başlamak. malfunction. synonyms (n) robbery. sensible. function. buzz. filch. ring (halka. levy. lift. coin. jar. çalma theft (hırsızlık). başlatmak). hike. direct. synonyms (v) flow. support. (v) consider. advance. do. incipient. don. energetic. arrest. shock. synonyms (adj) tempestuous. launch. effective. rise. box. (adj) opening. synonyms (n) clasp. campaign. fasten. washables. purification. confinement. abridgment. steal (aşırmak). expense. career. roughrider. synonyms (n) elevator. flag. origin. grev). task. contemplate. rule. buffet. operate. kickoff. assessment. bend. embark. analyze. stab. action. indent. 8. move. antonyms (v) idle. finish. tumultuous. antonyms (v) end. (v) ring. slash. die. go. use. clysmic. originate. çam pine. confused. halt. performance. (v) languish. course. movement. operate (işletmek). good. synonyms (n) duty. malfunction. (v) lavatory. purloin. embark. clout. synonyms (n) occupation. claw. cut. meditate. perform. stop. essay. employ. synonyms (n) operation. kaldırmak). operate (işletmek). active. epitome. (n) synopsis. tariff. (v) preparer. commencement. backwash. summary. just. furious. drive. circuit. task. başlatmak). rude. gash. crotchet. gush. precis. 4. charge. depredation. dues. jingle. spring. fee. antonyms (n) silence. band. jolt. reverberate. task. academic. employ. fade. (adj) illogical. wild. chance. origin. function. management. act. dash. synonyms (n) knock. business. brief. book. learning.org) . bump. sane. (v) application. (v) grind. elevate. (n) tremble. 2. lure. seek. teacher. trade. ferment. anchor. call. wave. disturb. laundry. energical. synonyms (n) business. activate. starting. move. synonyms (v) begin. form. damage. agitate. çamaşır 1. bid. airlift. excise. acting. (n) conclusion. ache. score. jockey. backwash. avocation. disorderly. (adj) stream. unruly. work. act. start (başlamak. right. equestrian. (adj) quake. synonyms (v) act. slap. chime. action. activate. synonyms (v) attempt. annulus. pilfer. functioning. operating. race. raise. synonyms (v) abstract. attack. arise. synonyms (n) laundry. misappropriate. onset. managing. research. employment. spring. farming. scratch. attach. commencement. synonyms (n) childbed. creep. direct. riotous. çalmak 1. prove. thieving. proletariat. 4. tax. exertion. race. synonyms (n) execution. dawn. professor. beginning. undertake. unsound. handle. 2. trade. shock. synonyms (n) washhouse. fag. loop. (v) abridge. go. 7. heave. (adj) job. dairy. mission. experiment. (adj) cleansing. gang. proceed. inquire. exploit. çalkantılı turbulent. quiver. airstream. engage. sneak. dig. first. (n) endeavor. synonyms (v) run. gouge. başlangıç. consideration. outline. impress. slipstream. advantage. pinch. washing. berth. fatigue. action. sound (ses). wash. fly. latrociny. 6. labour. offer. (v) aim. laundering. snatch. çalkalamak shake. synonyms (n) yearn. commence. cleaning. washables. lavation. operate. hit. synonyms (n) exercise. 2. exercise. rough. extract. beginning. work Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. meditation. sample. gird. çalıştırıcı trainer. affect. judge. lift (asansör. employed. wash. 7. 4. commencement. composition. fly. (v) bang. attempt (yeltenmek). behave. 4. book. outset. antonym (n) unemployment. resound. (v) dent. horseman. effect. dairy. operative. indentation. impost. struggle. investigation. composition. swipe. excite. slipstream. yüzük). 9. complete. race. chip. behave. erect. control. running. assault. yen. commence. agency. rob. departure. examine. toil. do. conclude. dawn. synonyms (v) beat. (n) bargain. plagiarize. antonym (adj) calm. droop. career. operasyon). rim. 2. launch. synonyms (n) survey. remove. (adj) reasonable. stealing. (prep) beginning. source. slip. 3. venture.English çalışmak 1. service. (v) catch. bucking. employment. 3. origin. push. test. tempt. button. boisterous. wag. tug. 5. washing. 3. larceny. peal. rear. 3. manage. synonyms (v) begin. engaged. operation (ameliyat. (n) conclusion. (v) circle. synonyms (n) encircle. check. cultivate. due. incision. control. draw. (v) lavatory. move. moil. maneuver. try. employment. drive. (v) hoist. hack. trade. (adj) working. stop. synonyms (n) notch. decline. effort. steal. synonyms (n) coach. perform. 2. employ. (n) jump. trembling. trial. handle. healthy. run (koşmak). travail. investigate. digest. lavation. fit. fast. çalıştırma 1. agitated. from. (adj) work. exploitation. totter. onset. arise. brandish.Turkish . run. 5. synonyms (n) start. antonyms (v) idle. ensnare. (adj) job. (n) stormy. çamaşırhane laundry. performing. trap. engagement. iş). conduct. work. learn. assay. conclude. halt. burglary. abridgement. antonyms (v) end. initial. synonyms (n) try. shot. price. nick. çalışmak. adventure. originate. troubled. job. iş). (n) jump. beat. çalıştırmak 1. resume. thievery. hitch. noisy. original. proceed. assault. (v) labor. cultivate. antonym (adj) concrete. boost. violent. stealth.

recklessness. extraordinary. ineluctable. length. antonyms (v) uncross. (v) roll. rectify. extension. facility. container. dirtiness. (n) hindrance. cover. (adj) constituent. çarkçı engineer (mühendis). shift. arm. asset. çamurluk wing (ek bina. astonishing. spin. synonyms (n) grip. contamination. overthwart. (v) mire. gear. climb. fatal. clean. hairgrip. resource (kaynak). determination. troll. prominent. antonyms (adj) simple. antonyms (adj) uncertain. (v) correct. explanation. yardım. pouch. (adv) over. mount. trundle. embossment. slope. eccentric. good-tempered. manage. break. thwart. unavoidable. cadaver. stock. therapy. definition. sail. (n) frail. diametral. affliction. resort. sophisticated. çamurlu muddy. luggage. grumpy. antonyms (n) impartiality. diam. crabby. cantankerous. synonyms (n) expedient. clarification. mitigation. awkward. affliction. hold. synonyms (adj) impressive. exchange. muck. component. key. neutrality. (v) dirty. angry. net. guide. convert. angle. resolving. çapraşık complicated. crossways.org) . mastermind. synonyms (n) despair. capture. (v) intersect. handle. organize. case. grimy. remedy (ilaç). disabled. diameter. reply. delegate. handbag. conversion. flank. (adj) crossed. hook. answer. redress. device. conspicuous. jacket. direct. synonyms (n) dirt. amendment. switch. çapraz 1. carton. gyrate. example. synonyms (n) remedy. grumpy. bigotry. measure. preserve. plate. crossways. bicycle. fated. case. thwart. feather. deputy. kanat). item. baffle. aid. yardstick. hatch. complicate. (adj) balance. traverse. striking. inevitable. 6. clear. tekerlek). abandoned. clutches. construct. release. smudge. cure. finagle. crosswise. treatment. 2.94 Turkish . spectacular. favor. dramatic. pot. medication. resourcefulness. loam. çare 1. (adj) calm. antonyms (adv) along. displace. 3. depression. 5. degree. rest. rack. plan. (adj) crabbed. ease. noticeable. worsen. result. (v) recourse. element. suit. notable. size. remove.websters-online-dictionary. catch. (v) fly. smut. forward. outcome. synonyms (v) assist. impotent. avoidless. murky. relaxation. cross. amends. ooze. powerless. dish. dark. point. suitcase. stadium. 3. incompetent. 3. 3. relief. necessary. impurity. dry. cranky. consideration. alleviation. sloppy. handgrip. (v) change. helpless (aciz). defenseless. assistant. synonyms (adj) certain. synonyms (n) agent. bias (önyargı). branch. broker. base. land. squalor. antonyms (adv) along. container. relieve. çarpıcı 1. part. 2. solution (çözelti. facilitate. (adj) crossed. (adj) uncrossed. miry. foul. healing. boost. divisor. çark wheel (Teker. favor. bagful. alleviate. swamp. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. ground. filth. synonyms (n) cure. annoyed. refuge. support. fairness. transfer. shift. evitable. curative. easing. treat. shell. doctor. eriyik). resolve. respite. (adj) partiality. (n) hit. benefit. soil. fix. faction. cover. fury. broadness. gamut. sack. back. bin. (v) involved. solace. synonyms (n) comfort. imagination. rate. 2. briefcase. blur. resolution. çarmıh cross (haç). confusion. cover.English restore. synonyms (n) penchant. help (imdat. across. salient. synonyms (adj) complex. çap 1. synonyms (n) dust. settlement. limb. cranky. (v) amend. grouchy. çarpan factor (etmen). scandal. straightforward. knapsack. detriment. destined. turn. crosswise. synonyms (n) architect. feeble. grouchy. synonyms (adj) boggy. arena. 2. physic. parameter. unchangeable. burst. mud. synonyms (n) basin. turbid. dull. twirl. 4. (v) intersect. antonyms (v) uncross. difficult. synonyms (n) annex. çaprazlama across. pickle. foulness. dingy. clasp. clay (kil). stain. antonyms (adj) clear. radius. liquid. diagonal. convoluted. casing. fender. filch. synonyms (n) crisscross. slant. contribute. turn. synonyms (n) pocket. rotate. imposing. synonyms (n) box. antonym (v) descend. bowlful. remediation. toss. mud. synonyms (n) flake. chip. roll. (v) hurl. module. outstanding. tricky. (adj) calm. synonyms (n) circle. machinist. (v) ascend. medicine. help. soar. influence. quibble. package. yardım etmek). 7. cloudy. synonyms (n) caliber. grasp. fluctuate. easy. hopeless. clutch. predictable. (v) devise. antonyms (v) hinder. graduation. curing. scale (ölçek). instance. pottery. clench. avail. bent. abatement. heal. alter. drift. cross. budge. cantankerous. traverse. çaresizlik desperation. knotty. synonyms (n) dissolution. revolve. obvious. feature. (v) destitute. irresistible. uncleanness. pollution. synonyms (prep) athwart. drug. vulnerable. good-tempered. trundle. trough. (adj) earthen. dirt. 2. conduct. angry. intricate. salve. (adj) crabbed. bag (torba). weigh. rage. (adj) uncrossed. grime. pinion. overthwart. marshy. (adj) patient. encouragement. twist. annoyed. synonyms (adj) forlorn. consolation. source. 2. ingredient. action. pennon. ministration. desperateness. ashes. hard. breadth. bag. bike. crabby. (v) prejudice. cycle. filthy. contrive. purse. synonyms (n) crisscross. synonyms (prep) athwart. çanta 1. cross (haç). (adj) clay. çaresiz 1. unable. gauge. (n) assistance. assuagement. çanak bowl. contrivance. turn. obscure. rise. çözüm. inescapable. foolhardiness. relief. width. synonyms (n) remains. deep. remarkable. antidote. affair. (v) bulge. weak. irrevocable. baffle. çamur 1. dispose. elaborate. handwheel. synonyms (n) interchange. move. (adv) over. shelter. crap. hollow. tortuous. sludge.

branch. detect. exaggeration. heave. disgust. collision. vibrate. date. antonyms (n) inaction. bifurcation. beat. scare. 6. store. çarpışmak 1. brawl. shape. çarpıtma distortion (çarpıklık). mismatched. coating. synonyms (adj) abnormal. vuruş). sale. incur. 5. (v) slant. exchange. accident. engagement. form. synonyms (n) knock.org) . coat. bout. engagement. impingement. hitting. meeting. skirmish. contention. collision. çarpmak 1. clatter. conflict. (v) agree. jar. strike (bulmak. mint. contest. deformation. collide. influence. dramatic. experience. 4. corner. hit. fight. battle. divide. ordinary. synonyms (v) hurl. desultory. feud. deformation. contortion. kalıp). forking. crash. outrage. collide. cover. split. divide. touch. move. outlet. synonyms (n) collision. attain. smash. fair (güzel. concussion. (v) bright. dispassionate. shed. dismay. misrepresentation. suffer. conflict. (v) collide. çarşaf sheet (yaprak). disagree. canvas. assail. collision. 2. equal. box. symmetrical. striking. synonyms (n) daze. view. constant. rencounter. clank. (v) diverge. unwarranted. antonyms (adj) unfair. clang. whack. twist. clang. pulse. beautiful. cast (atmak. impression. startle. palpitate. bend. pulsing. eylem. hareket. dispute. (adv) clean. tilt. (v) perversion. (v) jar. blow. film. turn. employment. çarpık irregular. tap. outlook. çatallaşmak 1. antonym (v) retreat. (v) diverge. separate. impact (etki). plot. sarışın). play. confront. influence. sell. pounding. grev). attack. impact (etki). bump. casting. crash. thespian. fondle. bang. crash. figure. commodity. encounter. erratic. synonyms (n) fair. impingement. çarşı 1. scenic. struggle. corner. turn. face. collide. legume. pulsation. prejudiced. twist. fish. candid. 2. apoplexy. lawsuit. antagonism. paper. affray. face. broken. club. carnival. behavior. line. synonyms (n) act. shock. striking. encounter. 3. bang. cadence. (v) affect. grapple. harmony. quarrel. sweet. impression. development. changeable. 2. collision. (v) perversion. disagreement. synonyms (n) confrontation. clout. layer. sudden. buffet. (adj) deformity. chance. rap. çarpım product (ürün). 95 confrontation. throb. slap. outgrowth. (n) smash. wrangle. (v) achievement. (v) clash. imbalanced. 7. brush. sensational. blow. employ. (v) oppose. hit. blow. mesh. article. offend. çatal fork. clang. torture. unjust. newspaper. grev). fling. synonyms (n) brush. (v) pulsate. clear. disorderly. (v) agree. 4. angle. accomplishment. plane. undramatic. movement. peace. handle. antonyms (adj) regular. merchandise. mold. contest. perspective. touch.English strike. clout. junction. synonyms (n) hit. duty. encounter. discord. jangle. upshot. chance. synonyms (n) assault. 4. bump. corner. chance. smash. manufacture. exceptional. twisting. scrap. consequence. see. forking. lean. malformation. bash. betrothal. iş). clangor. slap. encounter. bend. wrestle. assignation. fork (çatal). çarpıtmak angle (açı). commitment. coin. blanket. fight. (v) impress. (n) blonde. branching. bump. contend. action. clank. 3. torture. synonyms (n) board. (v) confront. stamp. clangour. frighten. action (etki. deed. clank. synonyms (n) hook. 8. shock (şok). action. foul. crack. clap. synonyms (adj) theatrical. combat. contract. lick. bang. move. case. vurmak). composition. chuck. biased. contact. rendezvous. (n) guerrilla. fighting. rencounter. incline. clash. crash. pat. 2. dispute. strange. junction. thud. bump. consequence. coverlet. measure. angle. çarpıklık 1. shop. impress. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. throw. synonyms (n) fruit. (v) bang. 2. marketplace. antonyms (adj) ugly. leaf. difference. synonyms (n) shock. antonyms (n) agreement. mart. clap. 2. misrepresentation. synonyms (n) impulse. inactivity. antonyms (adj) gradual. conflict. fine. market. hit (isabet. çarpma 1. antonym (v) retreat. engagement. exaggeration. piece. dump. bifurcation. thump. bazaar. position. sporadic. stroke (inme. guerilla. crop. clash. effect. affair. pound. affect. deviant. synonyms (n) beat. twisting. comely. compact. (v) demand.Turkish . 2. accord. malformation. average. corruption. normal. caricature. engage. impact. contact. knock. find. synonyms (n) crotch. vibration. flop. (v) impact. (v) produce. play. antonym (v) comfort. antonyms (n) failure. sail. box. contortion. synonyms (n) combat. synonyms (v) strike. ram. competition. contact. synonyms (n) aberration. receive. attack. clash. branching. streak. impact. corruption. synonyms (n) aberration. crack. (v) affect. whack. 3. combat. (v) slam. assault. horrify. synonyms (adj) equitable. even. synonyms (n) bang. dark. mould. clatter. rhythm. partial. mark. steady. pitchfork. find. anomalous. pat. jolt. battle. output. synonyms (n) clash. appall. lash. hostility. cant. rap. proceeds. exciting. ram. argument. harvest. antonyms (n) agreement. surprise. (n) appearance. heartbeat. belt. fray. activity. clink. discord. touch. bargain. unimpressive. merchandise. war. synonyms (n) appointment. push. performance. separate. force. (v) jar. synonyms (n) break. concussion. force. commercialize. synonyms (n) brawl. caress. branch. aspect. boom. scuffle. impartial. (adj) deformity. tilt. strike (bulmak. effect. eccentric. clashing. atypical. caricature. resist. revolt.websters-online-dictionary. effect. smooth. çarpışma 1. synonyms (n) smack. 2. distortion. clash. move. viewpoint. cyclic. trade. unequal. meet. blast. encounter. (v) buffet. experience. measure. pitchfork. fright. pitch. reasonable. detect. coin. synonyms (n) crotch. split. squabble. agency.

snap. (v) chink. antonyms (n) accord. strife.org) . divorce. gent. respite. creek. smash. antonym (n) woman. dome. person. mend. impact. field (alan. (v) regard. meal. conflict. beau. brush. collision (çarpışma). snap.English lad. pronounce. brush. cleave. wight. separate. rift. constitute. fissure. weakness. fracture. detective. breach. man. gent. angle. crevice. recoil. place. synonyms (n) break. mad. mend. breakage. burst. man. feller. snap. disciplinarian. cuss. officer. demerit. expression. corpse. burst. male. skip. synonyms (n) clash. chap. (v) top. clap. separate. dispute. antonyms (n) merit. shelter. cuss. tarla). battlefield. rift. utter. ilkbahar). (v) hop. bones. fighting. clap. shape. antonyms (v) repair. manner. quality. leak. swarm. capsule. fight. feature. 2. strength. conflict. feller. action. beau. çatlamak 1. 5. (v) jar. breach. antagonism. cadaver. top. synonyms (n) jump. scene. letter. suffrage. engagement. çatışmak clash. 2. synonyms (n) break. clang. (v) flood. crack. stop. honor. originate. herb. ludicrous. shell. sketch. articulate. battleground. cleft. crevice. synonyms (v) cut. antonyms (v) repair. synonyms (v) crack. conflict. compass. synonyms (n) defect. audacity. fissure. flaw. fella. çayır 1. leap. stream (akım). suspension. lad. synonyms (n) bearing. (v) chocolate. facade. male. crack. breach. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. rack. merge. range. (v) confront. house. building. cracked. synonyms (n) fellow. check. tear. dope. mend. disagreement. delinquency. veneer. crazed. formation. divide. form. synonyms (n) fellow. synonyms (n) boiler. division. body. 3. harmony. blighter. encounter. fissure. rupture. express. epistle. bozukluk. parting. herbage. (v) chink. language. create. cranny. anatomy. sensible. frame (çerçeve). (v) scram. teatime. synonyms (n) parachute. antonyms (v) join. antonyms (adj) sane. part. breach. bounce. crack. (v) jar. hata. crash. shock. cranny. realm. vista. runnel. failing. blow. pour. bölmek. hitting. fabric. check. (v) chink. chip. split. crazy (deli). kettledrum. setting. clap. clashing. çatlak 1. (n) pause. accident. alembic. scissure. guy. cleave. parting. battle. antonyms (v) avoid. (n) rip. synonyms (n) break. crevice. merge. (v) deficiency. beau. brawl. synonyms (n) arena. rift. cranny. antonyms (v) obey. person. eardrum. concussion. can. bucket. yüz). 4. split. guy. 2. fella. (v) chink. tear. matrass. synonyms (n) flow. hemp. (v) agree. çatırtı crack. error. bang. housing. antonyms (v) join. aspect. feller. crack. fork. 3. grass (çimen. synonyms (n) combat. sound. coffee. synonyms (n) fellow. contrive. difference. foolish. speak. fork. 5. sphere. surface. ceiling. cuss. crime. cover. container. informer. unite. blunder. synonyms (n) bang. clang. impact. male. forage. back. dance. (n) rip. undo. contravene. respect. bolthead. burst. run. lad. split. part. fashion. marijuana. spurt. bang. rupture. green. scaffold. percussion. antonyms (v) repair. say. vocalize. clap. course. slit. (v) enunciate. synonyms (n) speech. fissure. (adj) front. (n) continuation. brook. part. synonyms (n) crown. appearance. brawl. blighter. synonyms (n) bang. breach. çay 1. urn. timpani. ganja. cleavage. (adj) pot. çavuş sergeant. forge. air. demented. 3. source. person. madcap. mend. 2. pan. hit. battle. (v) chink. fella. split (ayırmak. snap. carcass. scissure. former. airplane. fountain. antonyms (v) repair. preposterous. mend. discipline. unite. synonyms (n) framework. blighter. spring (bahar. fracture. clap. check. face. çaydanlık kettle. antonyms (v) repair. contention. countenance. silly. (v) agree. yarmak). bang. chip. chip. saha. gush. chance. blot. discord. framework (iskelet). tea. çatlatmak 1. ot). crevice. eccentric. chip. bölmek. slit. 2. feed. exterior. ground. cleft. clank. default. state. skeleton. cleft. kettleful. blame. cut. chap. crowd. chassis. synonyms (n) frame. synonyms (n) serjeant. shape. synonyms (n) cannabis. split. skeleton (iskelet). (v) rencontre. area. department. facet. section. grating. synonyms (v) fail. antonym (n) woman. encounter. crash. build. fault (arıza. vote. çaylak kite (uçurtma). side. contest. wacky. (adj) elastic. dive. collapse. prospect. denounce. physique. absurd. burst. infringe. 6. gent.websters-online-dictionary. (v) construct. cleave. plan. çatı 1. scissure. dispute. synonyms (n) break. make. cleave. division. struggle. (v) draft. synonyms (n) reception. box. fabricate. chip. brainsick. back. burst. face (surat. domain. cleft. 3. aspect. fissure. outline. divorce.96 Turkish . beat. 2. summary. wild. check. scuffle. bölünme. collide. bust. framing. divide. man. court. antonyms (n) agreement. architecture. (v) betray. crevice. (prep) current. bölünme. caper. interruption. visage. synonyms (n) design. çehre 1. striking. river. blemish. clank. yarmak). argument. 2. break (mola). ruins. synonyms (n) look. discord. border. collide. culpability. bang. crack. voice (ses). roof (dam). bang. 2. peace. bound. 4. fracture. 3. cleavage. rive. structure. cocoa. view. check. antonyms (n) agreement. snap. war. rencounter. receiver. slip. kusur). cleave. corse. split (ayırmak. clash. stand. fracture. collision. antonym (n) woman. cleft. rise. fight. party. çatışma 1. chap. synonyms (adj) deranged. antonym (v) trickle. contact. guy. erect. jet. fracture. pasture.

synonyms (adj) triumphant. deplorable. confirmation. synonyms (adj) insupportable. account. 11. handsome. reticent. 2. magical. swallow. unfeasible. revoke. captivation. give. disgusting. bold. nice. club. (v) bottom. epidemic. secession. go. relaxed. coy. recall. cede. abandon. batter. trace. bang. implausible. relinquish. (v) taking. formal. unlikely. antonym (adv) losing. backdown.websters-online-dictionary. implore. curb. (n) allure. tap. çekilme withdrawal. stop. forthcoming. retreat. unbearable. uninhibited. recession. advert. (n) cold. enticement. (v) strike. bill. rescind. take. cute. tempting. guarded. glamourous. synonyms (adj) distant. entrancing. drawn. inducement. pull. incantation. çekiçlemek hammer (çekiç). magnetism. please. appeal. 2. antonym (n) ceiling. arrest. unapproachable. inviting. hitch. amiable. bait. checkout. apply. cheque. drum. lovely.org) . limit. reconcile. intolerable. winning. antonyms (v) advance. inducement. detestable. (v) repel. taking. enchantment. synonyms (n) bewitchment. charming. glamour. rap. synonyms (adj) absorbing. synonyms (adj) insufferable. captivating. 5. halt. imploring. repulsive. drag. denetlemek). 4. propose. repetitive. yield. 9. found. timid. basis. retire. infectious. synonyms (v) extract. unpleasant. cancel. forgo. attractive. agreeable. attractiveness. antonyms (adj) bearable. synonyms (n) removal. charisma. antonyms (n) repulsion. abashed. exodus. 3. victorious. enticing. modest. 10. electrifying. magnetised. (v) strike. revulsion. ugly. çekim attraction (cazibe). fancy. (v) attract. mania. submit. subtract. captivate. synonyms (adj) diffident. pinched. çizmek). reserved. shrink. beat. persuasive. synonyms (n) allure. likeable. allurement. repeal. bait. ashamed. attraction. gaunt. sweet. synonyms (n) amulet. uninteresting. 2. forego. (n) control. hit. retreat. withdraw. charm. synonyms (adj) beautiful. tie. careworn. dampen. (v) check. 2. desertion. enthralling. demand. bashful.Turkish . amusing. cautious. enamor. retiring. synonyms (n) draft. disgust. magic. dull. fetching. forsake. riveting. fascination. magnetized. antonym (n) distraction. straight. surrender. cause. fascinating. 7. beat. backward. exciting. magic. 8. enchant. reserved. glamorous. bar. retirement. allurement. plead. block. deliver. soil. cool. gorgeous. appealing. electric. electrical. describe. spellbinding. çekicilik 1. prepossessing. compelling. charm. retraction. disarming. appealing. incredible. deposit. bewitching. unbelievable. synonyms (adj) contagious. engrossing. enticement. antonyms (adj) open. synonyms (n) allure. desirable. antonyms (n) repulsion. interesting. gavel. 3. 97 entreaty. delay. country. appeal. swanky. antonyms (adj) possible. pleasant. impractical. (v) fling. hit. repeal. depart. repel. antonyms (adj) brash. çekici 1. catching. secede. conjure. revulsion. acceptance. cadaverous. tired. dirt. magnetism. club. taut. delectable. fascinating (büyüleyici). antonyms (n) ugliness. verification. thrash. synonyms (adj) catching. inexcusable. confident. impracticable. affinity. 3. disengage. çekilmez 1. synonyms (n) plea. attractiveness. chit. synonyms (n) pound. moderate. departure. glamor. adjourn. steamroller. frigid. pleasing. painful. shy (ürkek). humble. restrain. beguile. çekingen 1. desert. temptation. attraction (cazibe). adorable. demonstrative. exotic. affinity. derive. retract. resign. lure. hypnotic. trance. charming. magnetic. glamorous.English çek 1. cast. cheque. pleading. revolting. good-looking. striking. worn. invigorating. recall. winning. ask. unimaginable. fascination. drive. tab. zemin). 2. 6. thrash. capture. receipt. magnetic (manyetik). (v) subtraction. unthinkable. bring. remove. regrade. pull. synonyms (v) bridle. sue. exit. seduction. (n) throw. draft. application. charm. reason. forge. tolerable. lure. recourse. intolerable. drive. hopeless. 2. aloof. forward. invitation. agree. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. delightful. synonyms (n) pound. (v) request. defection. chip. offer. ridiculous. stay. synonyms (v) recede. synonyms (n) backhoe. rap. outgoing. abdicate. seductive. inconceivable. appeal. antonyms (adj) unattractive. achievable. beseech. repellent. synonyms (adj) likable. çekilmiş 1. floor. retire. 4. quiet. draw. tractor (traktör). (n) discovery. ebb. crack. antonym (n) unpleasantness. dynamic. self-conscious. drum. witchery. ingratiating. unacceptable. unsay. antonyms (adj) boring. synonyms (adj) colorful. land. release. exquisite. forge. deduct. inviting. drop. successful. entrance. knock. gavel. depict. delineate. fascination. engaging. establish. charm. çekiç hammer. nervous. haul. synonyms (adj) charismatic. ground (toprak. attraction. attractive. design. quit. address. withdraw (geri çekmek). stoppage. bewitch. synonyms (adj) alluring. disgust. pretty. feasible. temptation. communicable. synonyms (v) attract. batter. draw. fix. fearful. mesmerizing. 2. spell. antonyms (v) push. obnoxious. enthrallment. leave. synonyms (v) renounce. enchanting. gripping. acharnement. bang. knock. çekilmek 1. yer. fascinate. draw. synonyms (n) base. grader. interest. check (denetim. shy. unappealing. field. lovable. extend. çekiliş draw (çekmek. warm. resign. invitation. tap. return. present. prayer. synonyms (adj) haggard. substantiation. assay. (n) capture. impossible.

educe. germ. clamp. repeal. go. antagonism. kernel. (v) compete. (v) keep. game. 2. synonyms (n) backup. fight. bank. controversy. antonyms (n) agreement. tow. constraint. synonyms (n) bout. essence. charm. plant. attract. lure. pith. chart. lure. argue. nut. race. warmth. extraction. sürüklemek). (adj) immerse. appropriate. synonyms (v) carry. assume. involve. engulf. pull. draft. depict. heart. contention. haul. make. offspring. maintain.org) . harmony. enamor. 2. root. abashed. contest. combat. nub. (v) agree. weaken. prop. endure. contest. outgoing. drag (sürükleme. (n) allure. contest. centre. boost. derive. conflict. compete. selfconscious. clothespress. hale. assimilate. design. synonyms (n) competition. emulation. hire. rescind. breed. ingest. prohibition. (n) allure. attract. synonyms (v) trail. tie. brood. delay. 2. draught. competition. friendliness. antonym (v) release. tug. engross. betroth. bear (ayı. çekmek). cast. tie. express. arrest. hold. conduct. ashamed. encourage. genealogy. antonyms (n) openness. invite. diffidence. battle. engagement. contest. beguile. dredge. match. beginning. argument. swallow. cart. save. origin. revoke. (adj) central. contention. essence. (n) bother. describe. engagement. difference. (v) fling. (v) outline. (n) wrench. effort. draw (çizmek). Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. 11. remove. çekinmek shy (çekingen. collision. pluck. (v) collide. antonyms (v) push. withdraw (geri çekmek). reservation. mine. extract. bear.98 Turkish . enlist. cellaret. (v) collide. force. combat. beckon. key. 7. antonyms (v) push. get. employ. absorb (emmek). draw (çekmek. outline. juice. extract. pick. disagreement. ban. encounter. pluck. design. heave. desteklemek). inhibition. claim. draw. synonyms (n) draftsman. substitute. synonyms (n) bill. hub. comport. make. fight. recall. pick. clutch. modesty. engraver. catch. aid. clutches. arrest. repel. bring. antagonism. drink. effort. abide. brace. çekmek 1. strife. force. destek. entice. handle. (v) agree. accord. attach. disagreement. çekişme 1. rent. forbiddance. conscription. fighting. race. bring. pluck. war. synonyms (n) rivalry. tie. 8. synonyms (n) issue. crux. behave. stock. support (dayanak. hindrance. controvert. till. pull. imbibe. synonyms (n) descent. distill. family. dispute. draft (taslak). source. delineate. synonyms (v) drag. repel. argue. grapple. accept. lock. puff. clinch. synonyms (n) excerpt. nucleus. challenger. embryo. case. hale. (v) grasp. citation. 5. book. antonyms (v) fire. antonyms (v) advance. mesh. posterity. derive. antonym (v) disgust. cling. embrace. synonyms (n) check. haul. antonym (v) emit. design. synonyms (n) core. burden. core (göbek). parentage. draw. event. amuse. compose. derive. tempt. quintessence. discord. conflict. draft. nucleus. pull (çekmek). opposition. synonyms (v) fascinate. attraction. mind. blueprint. 4. çekiş 1. secede. progeny. sketch. antonyms (n) agreement.English çekme 1. synonyms (n) help. bud. draughtsman. capture. çekişmek 1. buffet. repression. çekingenlik 1. yakalamak). occupy. synonyms (v) contract. confident. antonyms (v) oppose. antonyms (v) push. center. commode. antonym (n) harmony. arguing. conflict. 2. contend. charm. attraction. bring. shamble. synonyms (v) delineate. line. confirm. elongate. maintenance. taşımak). deduce. engage. (v) interference. removal. plan. synonyms (v) consume. conflict. recede. restraint. charter. antonym (adj) minor. draw (çekmek. cull. synonyms (v) delineate. challenge. retract. contention. book. get. çekmece drawer. argumentation. action. reserved. depict. dispute. disengage. distil. describe. 4. bag. court. synonyms (n) clasp. discuss. competitor.websters-online-dictionary. focus. absorb. drink. jerk. çizmek). fighting. allow. retain. get. base. substance. reserve (ayırmak). pull (çekme). informality. leave. blood. (n) throw. contend. tug. (v) assist. 2. describe. antonym (n) cooperation. 3. 2. encounter. clog. bold. clench. collision. scuffle. maintain. brook. control. jerk. fearful. 3. ürkek). synonyms (n) clash. check. effort. quarrel. quotation. stand. altercation. attract. pick. draught. afford. synonyms (n) bout. peace. hale. engage. lineage. retire. (v) inseminate. lure. jerk. gist. assertion. antonym (v) discharge. contender. synonyms (v) drag. grip (kavramak. acquit. basis. captivate. synonyms (v) pull. fixture. (v) battle. grab. undermine. tug. cupboard. suck. depict. 3. marrow. draught. bind. 3. 9. synonyms (n) clash. friction. depart. attraction. drawing. synonyms (n) bosom. appeal. import. reticent. puff. attract. timid. carry. peace. cancel. feud. cache. restriction. gripe. force. synonyms (adj) diffident. clashing. stone. convey. synonyms (v) drag. difference. backward. repel. patronage. forward. digest. (n) wrench. take. engage. (n) wrench. retreat. bin. hold. abandon. reject. hoard. antonyms (adj) brash. (adj) crumb. draft. enlist. action. debate. antonym (n) insertion. middle. locker. puff. (n) allure. modest. struggle. extort. essence. 10. 2. bore. coy. inhalation. lug. strife. beginning. birth. charm. back. seed (tohum). origin. 6. taboo. çekirdek 1. competition. struggle. comfort. suppression. inhale. closet. allegation. apply. haul. neglect. busy. berry. apprehend. (v) abstract. ancestry. draftsperson. keep. challenge. çizmek). quote. make. nervous. collision. pull (çekme. recruit. war. elicit. accord. 4. altercation. scuffle. draw. synonyms (v) extract. sow. rival. bunker. demonstrative. outline.

debt. arrange. chuck. medley. limit. 3. çene 1. hatch. denial.English extend. 3. jabber. bend. synonyms (n) clasp. nick. 12. comparison. gash. confusion. fling. miscellanea. call. bear. scrap. forge. edge. propagate. synonyms (n) design. draw. (v) engender. part. adumbrate. gabble. chat. score. incision. generous. (v) catch. nail. draw. decree. offer. chassis. raise. climb. microchip. buzz. synonyms (n) alteration. charge. jaw. scrape. range. circle (daire). çengel hook. cheek. 6. 2. groove. brand. edict. button. check. mean. synonyms (v) bud. trap. encircle. (v) form. synonyms (n) notch. berate. refutation. synonyms (n) chip. recital. association. forge. outline (özet). 8. frame. (v) group. çember 1. scotch. instruction. classify. premonstration. experience. make. variety (varyete). synonyms (n) mark. boorish. variation. boundary. (v) line. antonym (n) similarity. field. shape. shed. condition. antonyms (adj) unkind. erect. bestride. jawbone. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. annulus. brace. (v) catch. draw. confabulate. hem. gash. bit. (v) chatter. 2. representation. ring. (adj) friendly. spore. contrast. synonyms (n) contrariety. distinction. meal. çentmek 1. mixture. unfeeling. crook. synonyms (n) account. gentle. class. inconsistency. upsetting. cruel. (v) crack. mutation. ensnare. department. compass. progeny. conflict. (n) scion.org) . peel. bend. explanation. ride. scale. chip. gird. bill. variation. low. constitute. rim. diverge. brood. yüzük). synonyms (n) talk. assort. synonyms (n) splinter. synonyms (v) ascend. branch. mayhem. adamant. 13. farina. synonyms (n) form. branch. discharge. (v) direct. shoot. fragment. nature. synonyms (v) support. synonyms (n) category. mould. (adj) clack. disagreeable. mean. disagreement. family. temper. synonyms (n) harden. trap. portrayal. dart. produce. change. gang. synopsis. rim. throw. classification. gouge. fabricate. synonyms (n) chin. assortment. variance. position. (adj) character. collation. chin. sort. fashion. synonyms (n) jingle. indent. (v) offspring. crotchet. verge. make. categorize. chaos. disposition. ding. chide. multiply. build. humane. (v) skirt. (v) place. resound. fleck. continue. crotchet. corroborate. emretmek. digest. fashion. picture. build. phenomenon. report. chip (yonga). drop. tanım). flange. casting. grow. arise. cause. beat. sustain. bran. synonyms (n) species. advance. erect. construct. 4. utter. flour. drive. order (düzen. lip. grade. bound. type. loop. 2. indentation. achieve. slash. strengthen. clique. miscellany. chirp. dash. anchor. microchip. gossip. claw. jaws. dictate. arena. çelişmek contrast (kontrast). ordain. attach. cheep. tally. story. 2. fasten. fortify. Çeltik paddy. anatomy. blade.websters-online-dictionary. flash. pattern. genus. benign. çerçeve 1. antonyms (n) anarchy. difference. course. mouth. band. cut. synonyms (n) design. mold. synonyms (n) margin. flake. arrest. çeşit 1. diversity. button. array. class (sınıf). chassis. strain. breed. chaffer. constitute. grow. stamp. fasten. arrest. (v) dent. 99 score. contrive. like. part. jump. (adj) iron. range. scrap. antithesis. elegance. brink. helpful. echo. flake. construct. button. (v) speak. difference. figure. callous. spiteful. indent. rank. discrepancy. steal. sight. indentation. division. çengellemek hook. description. fabricate. (n) hill. antonym (n) agreement. foil. scratch. peel. çerçevelemek frame (çerçeve). have. rap. attach. synonyms (n) antithesis. stock. border. blueprint. çeşitleme variation. point. strengthen. (v) form. affirm. denomination. nourish. anatomy. (v) difference. statement. synonyms (n) race. chew. (adj) manner. delineation. opposite. order. opposite. counterpoint. nick. suffer. synonyms (n) show. call. germinate. heave. antonyms (v) descend. pedigree. fragment. chip (yonga). vagabond. give. snick. lecture. preserve. describe. chipping. mess. synonyms (n) sketch. change. figure. jaw. mark. collate. send. affectionate. gouge. confine. anchor. cast (atmak. synonyms (n) command. 4. fleck. hitch. contrive. cultivate. check. gab. mount. contour. (v) nerve. whirl. steal. mountain. receive. propose. 3. (adj) rice. posterity. (n) valley. hunt. 2. nick. mentum. circuit. 7. clash. chart. bolster. abstract. description (betimleme. (v) differ. frame. divide. 9. (v) dent. (v) crack. synonyms (n) splinter. gird. sword. scene. brim. company. sporule. draft. çentik 1. line. increase. deposit. kalıp). peal. (v) turn. organize. bit. 5. hack. hitch. ensnare. definition. scratch. brief. nick. species (tür). cut. draft. variety. lure. crook. good. çelişki contradiction. synonyms (n) kind. nasty. hardhearted. shaving. style. sort (sınıflandırmak). sıra). divergence. sprout. pitch. (n) appearance. board. injunction. hack. beget. shaving. chipping. mouth. ring. 2. present. narration. (v) circle. relieve. chute. rise. (v) disorder. substantiate. hodgepodge. border. çelik steel. slash. synonyms (n) clasp. chops. account. dash. clash. reverberate. confer. incision. invigorate. portrait. variance. synonyms (n) mick. (v) notch. ridge. scope. dump. merciless. antonym (n) uniformity.Turkish . count. nurture. depiction. fashion. score. ancestry. düzenlemek. lure. inject. brand. fix. kind (tür). reverse. ring (halka. claw. oppose. commission. uncaring. synonyms (v) hurl. breed. request. synonyms (n) round.

club. account. background. various. railing. atmosphere. band (bant). çevirme 1. 3. (n) cylinder. alert. merciful. cage. ripen. cluster. alcoholic. dissimilar. contrast. turn (dönmek. synonyms (adj) hard. abrupt. synonyms (n) version. gyrate. contrary. ball. genus. invent. salt. ready. reform. complicated. changeover. çevre 1. (adj) class. paraphrase. ambiance. 3. fluctuation. (adv) gently. style. (n) proselyte. change. varied. mature. çete 1. case. energetic. separate. mob. fabricate. adaptation. synonyms (n) aroma. shift. sprightly. surroundings. conversion. tough. grave. passage. milieu. lace. inure. reel. inclosure. vicinity. ride. diversified. provide. assembly (montaj). antonyms (adj) kind. company. prompt. species. bout. translate. conclave. modification. home. modify. lightly. nature. antonyms (adj) considered. 4. cantankerous. synonyms (n) circumstance. like. firm. mellow.org) . synonyms (n) cluster. font. habitat. turn. burdensome. insert. synonyms (n) fount. relish. circle. delicate. surround. arena. construe. corresponding. impetuous. synonyms (v) alter. typical. numerous. odd. form. ambitious. institution. coil. stout. synonyms (v) afford. 2. assembling. assemblage. uphill. circle. become. meeting. definition. element. opposite. edition. çevirmek 1. derivation. scene. 3. dour. çeşnilendirmek season. curve. rendition. representation. roll. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. neighbourhood. preferment. translation. tough. outskirts. context. transfer. agile. çeşitlemek vary. spout. flimsy. group. synonyms (n) opportunity. sundry. shift. hard (sert). variant. synonyms (n) air. recite. body. bitter. rendering. adjustment. globe. modify. illustration. different. feeble. feel. proximity. smell. zone. lightweight. disagree. severe. (n) bully. addition. çevik 1. synonyms (n) crew. faction. aura. sturdy. synonyms (adj) fast.English antonyms (adj) slow. vicinity. rapid. savor. feeling. translation. hasty. amendment. finicky. çeşitlilik variety (varyete). type. rugged. domain. departure. alternate. complex. differ. pay. (v) flavor. pen. taste. space. make. go. expeditious. synonyms (adj) another. bad. rough. neighbourhood. team. party. (v) flavor. concourse. deviate. çetin 1. interpretation (yorum). leisurely. antonyms (adj) tender. (v) difference. 2. synonyms (n) reading. strap. induction. çeviri 1. sapidity. acute. enclosing. environment (ortam). (adj) harden. dull. sty. synonyms (n) alteration. (n) bend. unequal. neighborhood. synonyms (adj) several. commute. exposition. consecration. çeşitli 1. antonym (n) similarity. unexpected. synonyms (adj) awkward. congregation. motley. stripe. disagreeable. antonyms (adj) similar. atm. ecology. contrast. sphere. analysis. ring. strip. multiple. ring. synonyms (n) region. locality. pack. callous. impart. different (başka). interpretation. narrate. hardy. distinct. weak. (adj) believer. tenacious. company.websters-online-dictionary. fabrication. depict. mood. backbreaking. synonyms (adj) austere. various. savour. eddy. alive. (adj) salvation. squirt. switch. knot. synonyms (n) twirl. understanding. description. range. flow. version (uyarlama). uniform. collar. offer. 2. animated. alteration. chamber. fastidious. combine. distinction. exchange. synonyms (v) alter. spin (döndürmek). circle. 4. (v) assemblage. province. 6. bracing. swift (hızlı). difficult. change. depart. 3. convention. convert (dönüştürmek). resurrection. breed. rowdy. 2. tang. environs. soft. variegate. diverse. change. invert. explication. discrete. fresh. performance. habituate. homogeneous. clear. area. demanding. transition. set. (v) run. evaluation. ordination. synonyms (n) district. replace. synonyms (n) gathering. flavour. band. hurried. rotate. quality. 2. (v) spring. 3. permutation. get. feeling. yield. explanation. lively. render. smack. atmosphere (atmosfer). well. (prep) period. disparate. collection. synonyms (n) environment. furnish. synonyms (v) revolve. synonyms (n) kind. abstruse. climate. construction. shift. round. realm. variation. diverge. adapt. story. surroundings.100 Turkish . synonyms (n) coop. smart. transform. strong. 3. enclosure. dönüş). speedy. pickle. gang. fluctuate. identical. frequent. swathe. lection. recount. (v) ring. difficult (zor). meaning. department. simple. discrepancy. heterogeneous. cruel. clarification. knotty. gang. nimble. antonym (n) uniformity. assorted. 2. bright. unusual. manifold. synonyms (n) displacement. moderate. antonyms (adj) boring. antonym (adj) few. circumstances. diversity. interpret. wellspring. adaptation. setting. origin. (v) transmission. change. association. vicinage. fencing. deviation. gloss. drive. 2. 7. synonyms (adj) active. miscellany. çeşni flavour (tat vermek). twist. round. many. crowd. disagreement. tone. arduous. modulate. 5. easy. feel. jet. spell. deviate. give. situation. transformation. exacting. conversion (dönüştürme). transformation. season. metamorphosis. neophyte. field. sudden. divers. envelopment. versatile. çeşme fountain. brisk. yielding. exchange. alien. tie. section. interpreting. pivot. locale. varied. bunch. hedge. foreign. laborious. grueling. report. compass. soporific. rewarding. bent. barrier. good-natured. alternative. whirl. adroit. commentary. version. antonyms (adj) straightforward. dissimilarity. new. equal. variation. revolution. multitude. diversify. express. compact. synonyms (adj) mixed. source. root. (v) acute. miscellaneous. quick. medium. 2. ambience. fleet. soggy. sort. clique. crabby. explain. place. return.

bitstock.Turkish . (v) bloom. extraneous. uneven. regular. elite. (adj) circular. antonyms (v) laugh. difficulty. floral. fresh. fracture. disjointed. nearby. antonym (adj) individual. bifold. feeder. rift. belt. crying. equal. agronomy. doubleheader. dairy. infringement. porsiyon). allot. roar. equivalent. intermittent. crack. encircling. agriculturist. lodge. associate. pure. apprehend. synonyms (n) brace. wild. accommodate. section. round. synonyms (adj) duplicate. deuce. torn. synonyms (v) broke. connect. flowerbed. perimeter. equable. unequal. farmhouse. interior. flat. floret. plait. opening. çevrede around. peripherical. setting. sharp. bottom. environmental. cooked. synonyms (adj) double. some. (prep) encompassing. (v) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. compass. geological. ring. bend. sower. land. link. inconsistent. peripheral. rear. dominion. divide.websters-online-dictionary. convenience. (v) circle. lead. labor. rustic. (adj) hook. 5. flourish. even (hatta). agricultor. coarse. dual. tour. agronomics. shriek. crib. route. outlying. conservationism. synonyms (n) shout. expediency. around. synonyms (n) farming. alternate. (v) bloom. yeoman.English compass (pusula).org) . turn. image. bay. double-dip. good. couplet. çifte double (çift). intact. profit. immature. tie. synonyms (adv) yet. 2. direction. bleak. mercy. copulate. biological. gain. preponderance. room. breadth. botany. efflorescence. floral. horizontal. circuit. combine. synonyms (n) land. almost. territory. cold. berth. estate. somewhere. doubled. division. synonyms (n) bouquet. chubby. circuit. pedal. balance. incomplete. division. 4. bend. join. smooth. circuit. synonyms (n) area. join. region (bölge). (adj) near. support. superficial. base. plant. synonyms (n) agriculture. ambit. (v) pair. image. (v) bike. yell. terraculture. çevrim 1. area. howl. cream. tillage. pair. duple. (n) twin. complete. excursion. trespass. region. ruined. synonyms (n) bionomics. vital. chink. çevresinde round (Yuvarlak). antonym (n) single. antonyms (n) drawback. cutting. allotment. grow. piercing. duo. (n) twin. cooperative. agriculturism. rest. (adj) prime. duo. weep. grange. bark. agribusiness. florescence. scream. accomplish. cycle (bisiklet). inexperienced. chilly. basis. matched. link. dividend. blow. part. portion. expanse. attach. demesne. antonyms (adj) uneven. culture. geographical. avail. circa. çevresel 1. pallet. geoponics. line. match. jagged. cycle. florescence. (v) couple. beat. neighborhood. whole. çeyiz portion (parça. green. country. synonyms (n) scope. substitute. combine. çiftlik farm. grasp. (adj) doublet. çiçeklenmek flower (çiçek). green. biting. quart. (n) vicinity. synonyms (n) bicycle. plane. (n) circle. state. mate. imperfect. (v) place. synonyms (adj) crude. yoke. perk. outdoor. orbit. çiğnenmiş broken (bozuk). (v) get. çiftçi farmer. outside. rent. rupture. frivolous. tie. allowance. (v) fold. approximately. understructure. (v) benefit. cream. (v) level. advantage (avantaj. physical. match. turn. yoke. çiğ raw (ham). interval. synonyms (n) countryman. threefold. husbandry. çiftleşmek couple (çift). organic. çiçek flower. synonyms (adv) about. nonessential. achieve. irregular. substitute. twosome. breeder. moan. capacity. agriculture. hire. synonyms (adv) about. duplex. dual. antonym (v) uncouple. marginal. extreme. double (çifte). justice. yarar). gap. floret. motorcycle. age. woodcutter. whisper. (v) compass. cultivation. nosegay. treble. kingdom. period. duple. (v) lot. (adv) beset. periphery. round. outer. parcel. reach. entire. antonyms (adj) slim. education. identical. constituent. blow. component. blossom. trip. rough. antonyms (adj) central. synonyms (n) part. fructify. 2. çiftçilik 1. çift 1. forked. plait. gird. farming. boot. 101 combined. synonyms (n) brace. binal. synonyms (n) beat. dyad. biodegradable. associate. cob. 3. surrounding. antonyms (adj) refined. fructify. common. dual. naked. cracked. dole. detriment. raise. position. divergent. put. ornament. synonyms (adj) exterior. copulate. blossom. geminate. virtue. produce. connect. commerce. synonyms (n) behalf. çeyrek quarter. synonyms (n) bouquet. run. sequence. bivalent. (adj) tame. inclement. antonym (n) single. plough. synonyms (n) couch. team. synonyms (adj) ecological. elite. synonyms (n) duet. journey. natural. granger. antonyms (adj) constant. circuit (devre). defense. ground. flourish. synonyms (n) aperture. clamor. mate. reduplicate. external. roughly. terrestrial. piece. busted. antonym (v) uncouple. (n) earthly. (v) fold. 2. two. circumference. sodbuster. constant. fissure. coupling. steady. system. twofold. circumstantial. producer. çıkar 1. foundation. rugged. crushed. network. crevice. loop. equate. alternate. geminate. synonyms (n) property. çığlık cry (ağlamak. bout. 2. recyclable. split. match. synonyms (adj) duplicate. bağırmak. layer. (v) cultivate. (v) call. division. confused. ornament. boundary. duad. (adj) hook. üstünlük. reduplicate. ring. dyad. (n) component. husbandman. bellow. part. direction. 8. antonym (n) observance. çiçeklik bed (yatak). nosegay. sack. extent. twofold. couple. nearly. (v) break. feryat). district. district. attach. contravene. (adj) direct. sore. unbroken. plump. account. efflorescence. exclaim. çiğneme breach. bout. (v) pair. privilege. conservation. agronomist. fragment. wheel. quarter. (adj) prime. çevrebilim ecology (ekoloji).

establishment. synonyms (n) failure. synonyms (v) admit. pick. parentage. distinguished. vent. slip. family. favor. scratch (çizik. ledge. open. utility. forecast. destroy. unknown. allowance.102 Turkish . going. flinch. 2. mutiny. merit. adherence. effusion. (v) depart. abolition. (v) enter. 6. elimination (eleme). vent. passage. forthcoming. stem. exit (çıkış). importance. (v) flow. çıkmak 1. celebrated. affect. demonstrative. nick. revolt. gang. fascinate. dividend. debarment. return. emission (yayma). 3. halt. line. synonyms (v) abolish. illustrious. antonym (v) lose. moment. dislodge. consequence. consequence. transport. 2. antonyms (v) end. conclusion. compress. extort. acquisition. quotation. distill. emission. barring. synonyms (v) begin. reward. expulsion. discharge. affair. bear. exit. reserved. synonyms (n) departure. pretermission. passage. çıkarma 1. occupy. grate. plan. 8. flood. synonyms (n) crop. market. go. antonyms (n) arrival. exclusion. height. starting. mistake. fall. (v) enter. beginning. eruption. mine. offset. synonyms (n) concern. escape. groove. entry. chafe. benefit (yarar). vent. lose. decease. synonyms (n) descent. clutch. explosion. effect. antonyms (n) inclusion. assist. strip. deletion. progeny. venting. 4. obliterate. distinction. product. inadvertence. derive. rake. conclude. outbreak. arise. gate. gregarious. başlatmak). flaw. carry. debouch. antonyms (adj) inconspicuous. extrovert. omission. 5. first. evacuation. (v) harm. noted. hike. preparatory. 4. shock. drive. leave. (n) onset. incipient. advance. synonyms (n) produce. abrasion. çıkıntı 1. neglect. emanate. (v) engage. salient. consequence. discard. leading. disadvantage. advantage. escape. heap. synonyms (n) epidemic. burst. (adj) initial. egress. 3. outlet. start (başlamak. rub. escape. entry. (v) graze. eradicate. gradient. die. exit (çıkış. place. entry. issue. 2. gate. hump. climb (tırmanmak). antonyms (n) arrival. cram.org) . outturn. issue (sorun). beginning. dismission. draw. lineage. enthusiasm. box. (v) conspicuous. commence. passage. synonyms (v) oust. activate. 3. obtain. next. clamber. launch. yield. interest. removal. derive. elicit. rash. appeal. (v) bore. synonyms (v) ascend. slant. synonyms (n) acclivity. eject. 2. arise. incoming. fame. expansive. famous. catch. birth. descend. egress. use. spring. expel. cull. original. output (çıktı). release. lucre. essence. citation. ilgi). (prep) from. çıkış 1. death. eliminate. purge. 7. (v) depart. income. antonyms (n) descent. outlet. evacuate. ancestry. hill. excommunication. circulate. synonyms (n) aftermath. minor. (adj) defect. outgoing (giden). 2. exclusion. striking. leave. deduct. liquidation. extraction. dismissal. error. profit. death. educe. overhang. 5. antonyms (adj) inward. grade. origin. synonyms (n) departure. map. companionable. (v) abstract. rebellion. cut. vent. interest (faiz. take (almak). gate. scrabble. refuse. oversight. passage. introverted. help. extract. default. antonyms (n) addition. eradication. great. 6. bunch. synonyms (adj) friendly. exclude. ellipsis. gush. antonyms (n) indifference. (n) seize. synonyms (n) emanation. going. (v) outcome. riddance. rid. excrescence. extrovertish. door. preliminary. synonyms (adj) eminent.websters-online-dictionary. earn. spate. (adj) salient. vantage. result. finish. exception. decease. express. çıkın pack (paket. escalate. emerge. turnout. sake. convexity. ostracism. harvest. bump. çıkıntılı prominent. distil. discharge. (v) enter. assistance. adopt. outlet. dismiss. empty. quote. synonyms (n) bundle. prominence. gap. ascent. extract. mark. blood. storm. asset. prediction. apathy. çıkarmak 1. mob. attack. usefulness. 2. disqualification. herd. emporium. hobby. sociable. eagerness. antonym (v) unpack. increase. protrusion. grip. 4. go. store. projection. early. die. proceeds. cancel. hole. antonym (n) entitlement. çıkmak). get. leave. jump. aperture. outstanding. borrow. outset. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. başlangıç. drain. move.English backpack. outlet. excretion. death. elevation. importance. omission. result. annihilate. pull. abstain. synonyms (n) advantage. synonyms (n) shop. obvious. celebrity. door. pay. erase. antonyms (n) arrival. ascension. synonyms (n) departure. proscription. extrusion. exit (çıkmak). inclination. (v) crowd. 3. advance. kickoff. extroverted. antonyms (v) insert. egress. remove (kaldırmak). antonym (n) obscurity. antonym (n) insertion. go. extract. refusal. spell. decease. onset. welfare. come. discharge. fill. genealogy. dispel. repudiation. dent. service. çıkma 1. elimination. 2. synonyms (v) deduce. delete. (v) depart. (v) net. synonyms (n) banishment. notch. take. (adj) free. antonyms (v) give. clear. event. fault. stock. increment. climb. (adj) claim. outburst. hold. antonyms (n) loss. expenditure. add. care. gain. synonyms (n) cancellation. ejection. synonyms (n) score. bulge. origin. projection (izdüşüm). synonyms (n) start. incline. company. noticeable. protuberance. acquire. (phr) accept. nonadmission. synonyms (n) eminence. receive. opening. ejection. evolve. door. originate. bevy. essence. cast. batch. disregard. ascending. segregation. (n) displace. introductory. knob. rejection. conclude. install. 4. prohibition. gibbosity. notable. synonyms (n) jut. stop. commencement. going. synonyms (n) excerpt. dawn. die. kaşımak). eliminate. source. paketlemek). scrape. infer. annihilation. embark. 5. (v) aid. juice. rise. extinguish. earnings. prominence.

frightful. denounce. assert. sorrow. band. carol. martyrdom. bow. dope. affliction. (adj) miserable. fix. swell. circuit. echo. (adj) concrete. synonyms (v) demonstrate. obnoxious. synonyms (adj) frantic. surface. synonyms (n) elevation. brainsick. dimensions. flowing. size. uçak). lift. suffering. çimento cement. hearing. (adj) pot. herb. originate. madcap. crazy (deli). anxiety. stark. poetize. çirkin 1. problem. audition. synonyms (adj) bald. cementum. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. slenderness. synonyms (adj) naked. (v) fall. examine. bound. heather. synonyms (n) grass. capacity. slenderness. mead. insane. mad. ganja. forbidding. disagreeable. 4. squeal. loop. proceed. homely. paste. rim. reverberate. synonyms (n) glue. synonyms (n) examination. ascending. çınlamak 1. (v) outcome. fountain. measurement. anger. check. auburn. esplanade. quantity. effort. evil. çıktı output. advancement. magnitude. raw. (n) rise. herb. reveal. synonyms (n) root. sweet. cocoa. synonyms (n) brown. denuded. antonyms (n) length. establish. (n) squeak. flush. distracted. stick. pasture. surly. font. drone. synonyms (n) leap. neighborhood. stick. pasture. source. craziness. branch. ascension. concealed. issue. size (boyut. sink. synonyms (n) encircle. esplanade. feed. bulk. bonbon. deformed. decrease. büyüklük). glue. endeavor. flat. green. band. (v) cover. field. torture. crazy. (adj) fury. backyard. degree. çiriş 1. proof. hideous. perplexity. synonyms (v) chant. hard. antonyms (n) reduction. 2. dive. improvement. stick. magnitude. anger. grow. bough. rise (yükselmek). cracked. damage. 2. bind. 6. extent. ilkbahar). synonyms (n) measure. dimensions. capacity. frenetic. adhesive. irate. raise. annulus. synonyms (n) frenzy. antonyms (adj) sane. hemp. atrocious. grassplot. denude. çim 1. bare. 2. good-looking. çimenlik lawn. bounce. loop. breadth. defenseless. plaster. ill. suffering. (v) climb. plat. repulsive. outrageous. cause. furor. çikolata chocolate. (adj) experimental. offensive. 2. synonyms (n) measure. rude. vacuous. (n) furious. harmonize. absurd. grief. skip. annulus. (v) empty. join. experiment. axis. 2. stem (sap). ugly. amount. desperation. smooth. vocalize. paste. jingle. plat. silly. terrace. stick. bare. lunatic. field. dimension. yield. çile 1. synonyms (adj) nasty. ugly. park. jam. dimension. coffee. delirium. chestnut. mass. raising. çıplak 1. barren. lunacy. sour.English increase. degree. caper. antonyms (adj) covered. synonyms (adj) deranged. antonyms (v) descend. retire. tribulation. bleak. exposed. corroborate. 2. informer. affix. marijuana. attest. synonyms (n) glue. gang. aircraft. cinnamon. peal. misfortune. assay. awkward. (adj) embarrassment. meadow. (adj) elastic. twitter. dope. bind.websters-online-dictionary. 3. preposterous. forage. synonyms (n) encircle. denounce. injury. insaneness. anguish. arrest. calm. degree. attractive. çirişlemek size (boyut. disclose. insanity. backyard. plot. hemp. acclivity. rage. çılgın 1. çınlatmak ring (halka. progress. attempt. snitch. mass. halt. slope. evince. (v) fasten. outturn. spring (bahar. test. affix. folly. (v) circle. dance. yüzük). advance. (adj) concrete. adhere. destitute. candy. adhesive. green. aeroplane. scramble. ornamental. essay. mead. adhesive. affix. alone. antonyms (n) sanity. çıkmaz dilemma (ikilem). aberration. shave. authenticate. sing (ötmek). essay. amount. naked. ornate. unpleasant. bad. gird. idiocy. (adj) brunette. bonkers. plight. hell. 103 çimen grass (ot). chirp. synonyms (n) airplane. plain. (adj) pot. synonyms (n) grass. drop. antonym (n) content. antonyms (adj) cultivated. meadow. experience. neighborhood. open. plot. endurance. plummet. çılgınlık madness. grassplat. shank. ordeal. ot). marijuana. castaneous. extent. gruesome. synonyms (n) cannabis. (v) gauge. ascent. even. bulk. echo. scale. synonyms (n) crop. tan. stage. jingle. plaster. bind. corner. show. (v) block. herbage. horizontal. devoid. dapple. feed. (v) betray. confirm.Turkish . foolish. join. fix. çimentolamak cement. despicable. (v) circle. jump. grassplat. heave. ludicrous. desolate. green. wild. bay. (adj) concrete. grotesque. difficulty. call. (n) agony. pipe. prove. base. eccentric. largeness. (v) betray. (v) fasten. crisis. quantity. recoil. care. grassplot. product. manifest. trouble. (v) hop. undraped. gird. incline. evidence. ordeal. doubt. frenzied. (v) fasten. show. heather. mount. cementum. sense. paste. handle. reverberate. torment. hum. synonyms (adj) harsh. nightmare. angry. rear. 3. antonym (v) disprove. pasturage. crazed. call. nude. plaster. informer. lawn.org) . scrape. size. wacky. misery. stalk. adhere. mere. hurt. adhere. trial (deneme). mad. gang. expose. hymn. betray. herbage. park. fix. vacant. (v) gauge. size. cement. breadth. resound. riddle. distress. ganja. synonyms (n) trial. grass (çimen. antonyms (n) length. cementum. jet. peal. pasturage. 5. sensible. largeness. hardship. demented. circuit. forage. harvest. sufferance. gum. predicament. passion. unclothed. expenditure. difficulty. furore. delirious. synonyms (n) quandary. join. fix. turnout. face. mess. yüzük). (v) tea. gum. synonyms (n) cannabis. büyüklük). antonyms (adj) beautiful. (v) flatten. ring (halka. austere. resound. defenceless. balmy. synonyms (v) pain. approve. (adj) level. adversity. çınar plane (planya. synonyms (n) glue. 2. rim. gum.

foreclose. sign. obstruct. snag. crease. trail. tip. wall. draw. tally. indication. allow. synonyms (n) bulwark. kid. çobanpüskülü holly. trace. enjoyable. nice. tick. move. intimation. 3. balk. barrier. narrate. draw. report. dupe. (adj) notice. abrasion. record. diagram. clergyman. synonyms (n) aftermath. chart. (v) blemish. charming. check. catalogue. bit. çırpmak beat. chart. baste. pulsate. synonyms (n) coop. draftsmanship. sheepherder. antonyms (v) push. cabal. pat. divine. bring. roll. synonyms (n) clue. synonyms (n) line. figure. heed. abhorrent. postpone. synonyms (n) baby. çoban shepherd. catalog. tie. (v) graze. tease. chafe. notch. inclosure. scratch (çizik. (v) track. sty. imprint. mark. bill. body. result. çizmek 1. piddle. knock. 5. outline. dash. shaver. synonyms (n) cord. synonyms (adj) lineal. schedule. effect. odious. 2. draft. painful. 4. pen. (v) ban. graph. painting. diagram. derive. arrangement. cable. synonyms (n) score. (v) map. touch. drafting. analog. direct. izlemek). straight. family. synonyms (n) draft. characterize. synonyms (n) brand. file. feature. elude. impression. house. fence. evidence. tike. design. antonyms (v) permit. patch.English impact. (v) suggest. duck. dash. inventory. charm. round. sketch. synonyms (n) plan. analogue. egress. churchman. boundary. synonyms (n) barricade. minister. (v) defer. (v) buffet. describe. hunt. (v) map. haul. caress. chart. plat. explain. discharge. table. (v) joke. fencing. describe (betimlemek). depiction. (v) intrigue. (v) dodge. count. rectilinear. belt. schedule. breed. concoct. calendar. gush. prevaricate. delineation. imply. çıtlatmak hint (ipucu). plan. abrasion. badge. confine. ecclesiastic. repel. brat. (n) pulse. heed. çubuk). stroke (inme. synonyms (n) brand. pale. tyke. evade. addition. depict. barrage. chaff. ancestral. arise. score. plot. wonderful. plateau. synonyms (n) pastor. synonyms (v) attract. graph. field. draw. beat. bat. drag. panel. scrabble. stop. console. imp. tablo). bush. elongate. table. recount. evidence. grate. event. block. youth. implication. çizenek diagram (diyagram). graph. synonyms (n) score. consequence.104 Turkish . 2. break. synonyms (n) touch. (v) register.org) . 2. fence. chart (grafik). attraction. allude. character. (n) allure. synonyms (n) conspiracy. name. enclosure. score. groove. designate. conspire. character. scrape. pursue. barrier (engel). bitter. antonym (n) overtone. (adj) blow. outline. jolly. progeny. synonyms (n) enclosure. hurdle. çizgisel linear (doğrusal). kaşımak). bar (bar. juvenile. patriarchal. impression. check. illustration. drawing. 3. kid. apoplexy. rampart. rub. arrange. envelopment. agreeable. bairn. docket. guide. border. hindrance. graphic. bang. çocuklar issue (sorun). boundary. contrive. 4. fondle. characterize. thrill. 5. row. synonyms (n) mark. sketch. nick. boy. hedge. recite. vuruş). parry. lass. attack. scrabble. drawing. (v) flow. illustration. pee. barricade. synonyms (n) lad. flap. book. railing. ring. çizgi 1. (n) difficult. synonyms (n) kidskin. chamber. guard. synonyms (n) agenda. fare. schematic. exclude. table (masa. suggestion. pub. bolt. label. çizge graph (grafik). (v) conduct. avoid. adolescent. grade. sign. rake. lineage. nursling. enclose. emiction. (v) chart. 2. grade. urchin. grate. mock. banter. çizelge 1. 2. water. synonyms (n) board. running. label. dam. synonyms (n) design. cut. cut. dam. account. represent. enclosing. scratch. plat. synonyms (v) define. design. screen. antonym (v) lose. priest. restraint. (adj) intimate. chart (grafik). charge. taunt. sketch. shelve. delightful. trounce. spot. horrible. course. whip. block. contend. mark. snag. border. knock. 6. (v) hedge. (adj) plate. circumvent. çocuk 1. suggestion. handicap. comfortable. figure. scotch. synonyms (n) hedging. list. design. ancestry. youngster. babe. çizik scratch (kaşımak). thump. line (hat). (adj) plan. draw (çekmek). rake. imprint. nick. plot (arsa). tablet. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. debt. scheme. trunk. state. case. hedgerow. minor. (v) notch. guard. (adj) young. throb. distinguish. cowherd. chart. line. program. delineate. plan. synonyms (n) plot. family. hit. platen. cartoon. chafe. distinguish. (v) blemish. infant. illustration. drawing. (v) graze. pull. 3. synonyms (n) kick. relate. graph. draught. skirt. insert. additive. dent. pissing. gain. drawing. cage. protect. slate. fudge. teen. youngster (delikanlı). supplement. weewee. girl. çizme boot. shade. nipper. drawing. çiş urine. outline. toddler. diagram. jest. 4. child. netting. fool. presbyter.websters-online-dictionary. offspring. synonyms (n) figure. scheme. touch. allusion. emerge. functional. plan. antonym (n) adult. objectionable. band. synonym (adv) wholly. peeing. cadence. (v) order. illustration. antonyms (adj) pleasant. synonyms (n) piss. engineer. stand. dash. dent. equivocate. çizim 1. scrape. inkling. release. elongated. groove. groove. bang. çit 1. kicking. mark. hint. impediment. (v) plot. synonyms (n) child. map. notch. arrest. lanterloo. lead. shoe. exit. emanate. lick. qualify. index. picture. outline. obstruction. delineated. obstacle. graphic. schematic. (adj) notice. cut. 2. picture. mark. rub. infant (bebek). shadow. tot. 3. 3. synonyms (v) batter. lot. feature. quibble. list. schedule. partition. 4. trace (iz. innocent. sheepman. figure. rag. teenager. achieve. bar. action. table. clue. cue.

ample. unwell. gross. heap. accretion. (n) sol. çoğunluk majority. dying. augmentation. multitude. fine. colossal. immaturity. gargantuan. destructive. imitation. infinite. boyhood. (v) decrease. multiple. maximum. (n) benign. 3. (adj) almost. capable. addition. poorly. nice. very. tremendously. terribly. propagation. badly. substantially. grievously. antonyms (n) reduction. unkindly. deadly. further. mainly. preponderance. deteriorate. fertile. slightly. duplicate. large. synonyms (adj) immense. infinitely. 7. highly. synonyms (n) gain. unremarkably. excessively. childishness. expansion. readily. pretty. virtually. muckle. usually. (adj) fake. grow. dearly. abundantly. perfectly. large (büyük. deathly. 11. innumerable. age. (n) self. contraction. agreement. too. fatal. many. accrue. indeed. similarly. capacious. antonyms (adj) sick. fully. several. other. excellent. myriad. synonyms (n) babyhood. agreeable. very (pek. customarily. 5. well (iyi). diminish. expand. grow. luxuriant. robust. identical. vastly. greatly. 2. aggrandize. wherefore. artış). advantageous. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (n) gain. enormously. considerable. habitually. synonyms (adv) largely. (n) coefficient. and. plentiful. more (daha). over. 4. most. enlarge. hefty. so (böyle). considerably. synonyms (adj) able. less. truly. correctly. slik. synonyms (adj) big. (v) decrease. ill. reduce. boom.English çocukluk childhood. entrance. good. antonyms (adv) fewer. aggrandize. vast.org) . gain. juvenile. facsimile. wrong. pestilent. thoroughly. accession. synonyms (adv) beyond. populous. consequently. compound. arrival. 16. indeed. affluent. education. resembling. often.Turkish . expansion. (v) advance. fat. immensely. youth. significantly. moreover. extension. gigantic. unpleasant. (pron) another. wicked. best. enormous. antonym (n) minority. reappearance. (adj) ancient. infancy. antonyms (adv) well. antonyms (n) reduction. rife. abounding. complex. desperately. poor. 17. synonyms (adv) extremely. far. different. multiple (kat). çoğaltma reproduction. 15. antonyms (adv) unusually. toxic. very. evil. (v) dead. greatly. pernicious. addition. regularly. lush. 13. near. çok 1. noxious. good (iyi). too (dahi. expand. abundant. enlarge. shaft. (adj) inferior. (adj) augment. insomuch. 105 synonyms (adj) manifold. roughly. diverse. mostly. enlarge. coming. deteriorate. (n) lot. boom. extend. antonym (adv) least. artış). increment. antonym (n) adulthood. boring. hollow. background. adolescence. multiplex. massive. copying. such (böyle). primarily. synonyms (adj) many. 9. (adj) deeply. mightily. heavy. synonyms (adv) generally. reduce. extend. synonyms (adv) also. roomy. numerous. breeding. antonyms (adv) abysmally. meager. diminish. greatly. numerous. (v) decrease. flawlessly. enough. augmentation. much. çoğaltmak increase (artırmak. substantial. usually (genellikle). çoğalma 1. artış). growth. common. acquisition. numberless. synonyms (adj) baneful. (adj) augment. accrue. antonym (n) few. somewhat. ordinarily. decline. accrue. (v) advance. synonyms (n) bulk. image. abundant (bol). access. broad. giant. synonyms (n) gain. advantage. tiny. decline. exceptionally. (n) number. 14. decline. overly. antonym (adj) harmless. nauseous. 8. synonyms (n) replica. virulent. bulky. monumental. synonyms (adv) bad. antonym (adj) simple. therefore. aggrandize. sound. synonyms (adv) accordingly. expansion. right. countless. boundless. delicious. sic. exceptionally. sparse. 6. fruitful. overall. 2. extensive. (prep) above. teeming. (n) fountain. synonyms (adj) generous. intensely. about. synonyms (n) addition. enhance. acceptance. copy. huge. awfully. (v) advance. obediently. body. rarely. practically. tam). mostly. narrow. almost. lethal. geniş). extension. (adj) gravely. hard. boom. superior. plurality. normally. drop. (pron) that. completely. enhance. synonyms (adv) exceedingly. (adj) healthy. increase. 12. extra. chiefly. predominantly. plenty. handsome. broadly. severely. çoğu most. generation. synonyms (adv) badly. spring. synonyms (adv) easily. better. age. insignificant. antonyms (adj) disobedient. imperfectly. contraction. reduce. synonyms (adv) nearly. multiplied. 10. important. (adj) like. utmost. baleful. equally. drop. mortal. giftedly. improperly. desirable. (v) gush. likewise. antonyms (n) reduction. çoğalmak increase (artırmak. (adj) much. (n) majority. increase (artırmak. multitudinous. infant. juniority. commonly. high. various. sich. spacious. cramped. (adj) great. antonyms (adj) small. incalculable. mass. progress. profoundly. synonyms (adj) copious. fit. principally. maturity. thus. hugely. replication. expand.websters-online-dictionary. greater. benefit. extension. 18. antonyms (adj) scarce. extend. exceed. duplication. enhance. amiss. 2. (adj) augment. puerility. as. wide. frequently. antonyms (adj) limited. larger. swich. antonym (adj) genuine. seriously. bountiful. assent. liberal. rich. besides. thick. immeasurable. drop. entirely. nigh. deteriorate. youthhood. much. especially. de). procreation. actually. stout. skillfully. unduly. highly. furthermore. diminish. pit. nearly. prolific. contraction. really. çoğunlukla 1. synonyms (adv) what. poisonous. augmentation. efficient. (adj) additional. synonyms (adv) frequently. quite. hence. unlimited. then. grow. frequent. well.

multitudinous. constancy. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. flop. settling.websters-online-dictionary. synonyms (n) wilderness. ram. hogwash. debacle. win. filth. çözüm 1. resolution. impact. alight. analysis. forsake. slug. weakness. synonyms (v) decline. çöp 1. diagnosis. breakdown. increase. languish. flourish. drivel. interpret. falderal. means. tan. potage. (n) ascent. fortitude. defeat. fog. antonyms (v) conserve. 3. decrease. formula. growth. remedy. treasure. trumpery. compound. bedding. synonyms (v) analyze. explanation. canvas. declination. amplitude. deposition. break. boom. ascend. dissipation. antonyms (n) improvement. çömlekçilik pottery. resolve. resoluteness. decision. clank. waste. offal. (adj) plenty. subsidence. (n) purpose. faint. solve. (adj) bosh. breakdown. flop. rebirth. psychoanalyse. refuse. çörek biscuit. dissection. save. fall. rubble. descent. decline. ravage. abscond. antonym (adj) simple. dejection. synonyms (n) decay. container. defeat. defect. complex. richness. store.106 Turkish . (adj) glamorous. exuberance. triumph. rain. burst. resolve. deflate. secret. study. synonyms (n) brood. reject. design. absurdity. impression. antonyms (n) cheerfulness. 3. 3. insufficiency. father. garbage. aridity. synonyms (n) decision. crumble. various. desolate. elation. buckle. antonyms (v) rise. terracotta. thunder.English worth. recess. bolluk). guess. breakup. ascend. inspection. nonsense. ditch. beverage. declension. clayware. sink. batter. liquid. disintegrate. scrutiny. desolate. resolution. beginner. dwindle. synonyms (n) laminitis. answer. subsidence. calculation. squander. descend. crack. wild. fail. (n) coefficient. buckle. flop. faint. (v) stay. dent. examination. collapse. (v) wane. çokluk abundance (bereket. populous. resolution. issue. ancestor. decrease. synonyms (n) desert. riddle. lack. outcrop. (adj) spoil. (n) ascent. settle. compound. dive. synonyms (v) decline. crack. collapse. answer. plunge. desert. synonyms (v) determine. drink. affluence. exploration. answer. judgment. hollow. descend. destruction. 2. subsidence. (n) drop. burst. synonyms (n) clash. crumble. grounds. climb. escape. synonyms (n) basin. conclude. clarify. inflation. (adj) earthenware. decline. clarification. end. wildness. debacle. beige. substance. nostrum. trench. remedy. litter. bust. psychoanalyze. clatter. figure. folderol. canvass. resolution. settlement. solution. dip. collapse. cipher. decipher. basis. eriyik). demise. review. examine. collision. ruling. downfall. settlement. breakdown. inquiry. refuse. antonym (n) sense. deflate. exhaust. stoneware. synonyms (n) ceramic. drop. synonyms (n) anatomy. capacity. çökmek 1. solution (çözelti. synonyms (v) resolve. collapse. analyze. combination. huddle. elucidate. lees. blend. resolving. multiplex. synonyms (n) dissolution. fall (düşmek. sonbahar). climb. dissect. antonyms (n) dearth. deteriorate. dip. explanation. breadth. synonyms (n) deposit. wreck. win. 2. crumple. plunge. synonyms (n) receipt. debris. sonbahar). cavity. synonyms (n) desert. multiplied. (adj) fiasco. profusion. deterioration. antonyms (v) rise. determination. rubbish. perseverance. resolution. diminish. antonyms (n) bog. faint. antonym (n) synthesis. 3. synonyms (n) litter. waste. synonyms (n) cookie. decomposition. çözmek 1. recovery. decomposition. key. author. decompose. 2. bust. 2. synonyms (n) dissolution. stretcher. diminish. (v) bang. method. 3. resolve. burst. dissolve. fall (düşmek. residue. key. firmness. sink. crack. crumple. amalgam. buckle. (v) abandon. diverse. fault. rubbish. fertility. defeat. antonyms (n) indecision. slump. dirt. resolving. alight. (adj) loose. (adj) waste. scarcity. leave. (v) consume. reply. devastate. antonym (n) indecisiveness. çökme 1. development. solitude. demise. bull. copiousness. synonyms (n) crash. debacle. determination. smash. çökelti sediment. bust. conversion. fuel. (adj) fade. çözelti solution (çözüm. originator. dregs. many. definition. fall. collapse. explain. solve. clay. dash. balderdash. (n) drop. synonyms (n) broth. crumble. investigation. barren. relinquish. synonyms (n) wealth. predicament. collapse. çözümleme analysis (analiz). study. abate. dip. dive. dwindle. drop. failure. shortage. psychoanalysis. synonyms (adj) manifold. (v) slump. break. remedy. pitch. barren. (v) break. definition. triumph. decomposition. ruin. recipe. çoklu multiple (kat). 2. purpose. improve. çöküntü depression (bunalım). çorba soup. trough. plenitude. synonyms (n) collapse. dissipate. (v) clutter.org) . junk. happiness. mess. (v) pottage. crash. hole. çöküş 1. rain. wasteland. reply. crumple. deny. disentangle. damage. descent. (adj) jumble. crack. conclusion. amalgamation. determination. refuse. merit. Çöl 1. ruin. fall. 2. breakdown (bozulma). decide. founder. firmness. eriyik). resolution. (v) fail. enough. downfall. plunge. (v) slump. riches. liquid. cooky. creator. cascade. spray. patriarch. head. pitch. dish. çözümlemek analyse (analiz etmek). result. explosive. slam. slump. trash. ebb. result. (adj) emulsion. haze. diminution. synonyms (n) crash. breakdown. (v) accept. prescription. convention. 2. encouragement. synonyms (n) crash. analysis. downfall. clang. wilderness. chinaware. disarray. increase. clarification. liquor. decay. loosen. inventor.

definition. çözünürlük resolution. antonym (n) dip. resolution. bestride. can. curious. foreclose. decrease. unduly. corruption. synonyms (n) channel. line. denude. logical. net. fix. item. synonyms (n) nurture. stop. synonyms (n) decline. eat (yemek). mount. harbor. deep. rifle. spread (yaymak). methodical. dispersion. çubuk 1. deterioration. synonyms (v) ascend. decrease. over. feed. critical. filch. rise. therefore. resolve. deteriorate. plunder. dağılma 1. rancid. rust. logical. pluck. deal. crush. loot. 2. hose. expand. sack. decay. oppose. collapse. sack. passage. (v) encroach. sack (torba). decorate. antonym (adj) fresh. abolition. strip. resolve. overly. remedy. 2. purse. capture. dispersal. sewer. cavern. mountain. disintegration. hence. collapse. deteriorate. çürük rotten. (v) cry. bag. delivery. purpose. (v) rot. screech. mine. during. dispersal. permutation. stack. corruption. liquid. synonyms (n) diffusion. dağ 1. synonyms (n) barricade. exclude. (v) ban. synonyms (n) tube. constancy. heap. disposition. synonyms (n) diffusion. flip. advance. ransack. clarification. similarly. putrid. 107 çürümek decay. divest. equally. bolt. synonyms (n) cane. pipo). 3. apportionment. synonyms (conj) qua. çukur 1. entertain. bundle. inquisitive. convert. for (için). answer. replacement. squeak. (v) pillage. cut. (v) rot. (v) nourish. antonym (n) growth. band. pit. corrupt. crappy. blight. dismissal. duct. corrupt. rational. hook. bag (çanta. as (gibi.Turkish . crack. extremely. pouch.websters-online-dictionary. bereave. withal. disintegration. çürüme decay. decrease. corrode. breach. (v) rot. synonyms (n) sac. rational. poor. deplete. synonyms (n) mount. (adv) equally. breakup. (adv) against. 2. solution. eriyik). pare. corrupt. disposal. 2. board. move. assignment. crumble. death. D da 1. elevation. collapse. çürütmek 1. despoil. synonyms (adj) bad. division. raise. stone. synonyms (n) decline. reach. likewise. arrangement. groove. attend. analysis. rust. çünkü 1. decomposed. bar (bar). gorge. delivery. distribution (dağıtım). analysis. (v) den. dismiss. (adj) hollow. dissipation. ransack. hole (delik). conduit. synonyms (adj) analytic. corruption. break. synonyms (n) slip. antonym (adj) illogical. dispensation. perseverance. arrest. 3. resolving. from. dissolution. balk. since. critical. excavate. annulment. bare. (v) dissemination. shift. (v) dissemination. antonym (v) hire. ditch. besides. synonyms (adv) also. pipe (boru. further. rifle. synonyms (prep) because. (n) analyser. creak. 3. departure. disintegration. amah. deterioration. pit. decomposition. resoluteness. frame. ill. sing. mountain. antonyms (v) permit. 2. change. çözümsel analytical (analitik). obstruct. decomposition. so. rape. division. knapsack. hole. infringe. vent. dağılım distribution (dağıtım). systematic. deteriorate. climb. jump. corrupt. again. on. demise. gobble. package. arise. grow. decomposition. dugout. cherish. peel. flue. synonyms (adj) analytic. dissolution. dike.org) . dadı nurse (hemşire). disperse. (v) mound. scale. explanation. graze. behind. decomposition. lactate. arrangement. increase. 2. channel. rob. pillage. drop. ride. blight. also (de). antonym (n) growth. çözüm. foul. doctor. methodical. snag. lair. ebb. depression. answer. çuval 1. whip. 2. case. interchange. determination. cut. deal. fire. disintegration. (n) valley. more. bite. dispersion. munch. curious. (conj) and. trough. key. despoil. cranny. synonyms (v) scatter. catch. result. adjournment. keep. drink. pocket. grave. briefcase. (v) deprive. disposition. synonyms (n) decline. 2. disposal. conclusion. torba). allotment. cradle. synonyms (n) dissolution. decomposition. peep. musty. switch (anahtar). (adj) gap. cell. moreover. dispensation. ebb. substitute. poke. cancellation. dissipation. decompose. (n) arsenic. block. licentiousness. deterioration. mass. Olarak). excavation. (prep) like. (v) bulge. furrow. (v) exchange. synonyms (v) devour. shabby. settlement. container. gutter. fortitude. resolution. burrow. antonym (n) indecisiveness. height. apportionment. antonyms (v) dress. synonyms (n) pocket. cave. crumble. allotment. replace. off. pipage. trench. (v) decayed. antonyms (v) descend. excessively. synonyms (adv) too. dig. (adj) digest. crumble. 4. lousy. colliery. allow. while. systematic. foster. (n) hill. synonyms (n) decision. decompose. de). discharge. (conj) considering. rust. drain. firmness. assignment. furthermore. cultivate. çözünme solution (çözelti. dam. swap. fetid. plunder. dent. per. die.English contemplate. synonyms (n) aperture. as. finish. crumple. reply. crumble. synonyms (n) cavity. toward. ebb. pub. dine. blight. antonym (n) concentration. antonym (n) growth. pile. decompose. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. shriek. foxhole. millstone. too (dahi. antonym (n) concentration. çözümlemeli analytical (analitik). determination. corner. synonyms (n) decay. breastfeed. (adj) lead. gnaw. whilst. inquisitive. antonym (adj) illogical. peak. by. consume.

(v) circle. sedate. hitherto. soothe. perimeter. overly. place. (v) disengage. beyond. course. threshold. sequence. ever. synonyms (prep) plus.English entrails. desk. (n) rank. transitory. allay. (adj) erect. synonyms (adv) about. synonym (v) intramural. dağınık loose. diffuse. synonyms (adv) always. 3. constantly. compact. result. over. almost. arrangement. ambit. talent. rung. brain. synonyms (adj) firm. stable. innermost. 2. antonyms (adv) never. dağıtım distribution. branch. expand. 3. most. permanent (kalıcı). disperse. detached. immoral. tour. clique. antonym (adv) temporarily. consistent. (n) span. withal. extra. extend. near. chubby. (conj) nevertheless. inner. turn. ingenuity. disseminate. intrinsic. standing. antonyms (adj) external. roughly. eternal. dissolute. peaceful. edge. foreign. 7. precisely. detach. verge (kenar). circuit (çevrim. including. type. extremely. around. secure. synonyms (n) jingle. surround. antonyms (adv) fewer. internal (iç). for. ability. whirl. attitude. daimi 1. middle. antonym (n) stupidity. antonyms (prep) excluding. unless. division. intestine. antonym (n) concentration. bent. make. licentious. synonyms (adj) internal. vague. greater. deploy. appease. department (bölüm). assignment. continuous. antonym (adj) outside. blade. compartment. gush. assuage. continuance. liberate. 2. 2. similarly. agency. stretch. lasting. (v) gird. inside. circuit. inner (iç). moreover. other. incessant. intimate. everlasting. route. stretch. less. propagate. daima 1. 2. silence. skirt. permanently. more. shaky. familiar. rim. allotment. eternal. prodigy. indelible. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (adv) moreover. immutable. arise. abiding. synonyms (v) scatter. brilliance. 2. disposition. brace. broadcast. reputation. (adj) stigma. field. synonyms (prep) encircling. plump. dispensation. de). over. unduly. blot. 3. resolute. wedged. (v) border. (n) eternity. continuing. yüzük). class. 4. (v) constant. calm. confine. (v) quiet. consistently. (adv) around. consequence. encompassing. strict. edging. release. close. synonyms (adj) numbered. synonyms (n) capacity. synonyms (adv) too. (adj) counting. (adv) also. compass. broaden. propagate. home. discharge. (v) dissemination. office. antonym (adj) concentrated. spread (yaymak). indoor. even. kind. unreliable. dağıtmak 1. entire. realm. regular. synonyms (adj) lax. antonyms (adj) fleeting. quiescent. 2. dispersal. fresh. approximately. sharp. broaden. ring (halka. lull. falchion. effect. but. progeny. annulus. (adj) additional. disseminate. division. synonym (adv) perpetually. fame. synonyms (adj) calm. inward. more. again. continually. dair about (hakkında. even. (n) already. eventually. section. range. deploy. gift. peal. mental. emblem. part. prestige. gang. reach. daire 1. egress. permanent. synonyms (n) badge. compressed. nonetheless. (adj) inferior. (v) turn. 5. light. brim. (v) still. association. limp. bend. flair. forever. class. item. ring. provisional. 4. temporary. synonyms (adv) also. complete. central. everlastingly. furthermore. antonym (adj) concentrated. department. ding. concerning. excessively. patrol. footing. whenever. and. unceasingly. emerge. journey. synonyms (n) aftermath. (n) free. always. dahi 1. synonyms (adv) also. synonyms (n) brink. cleverness. synonyms (adj) interior. (adv) under. (adj) permanent. if. also (da. (v) call. e'er. circulate. though. cycle. interminably. encircle. district. hemen hemen). (n) threat. taut.108 Turkish . impermanent. (adj) some. arena. round (Yuvarlak). issue (sorun). area. liberal. compose. orbit. antonyms (adj) slim. synonyms (adj) durable. stain. wobbly. inclosed. arm. confined. (adj) new. (v) mark. denounce. pacify. slur. always (hep. still. evermore. scope. event. (prep) above. intermittent. antonyms (adj) unsteady. synonyms (n) round. emanate. synonyms (v) stand. antonyms (prep) exactly. relax. apportionment. genius. (adj) endowment. 2. 3. equally. (adj) still. inland. cool. 6. mob. (v) included. buzz. increase. domestic. disposal. synonyms (n) bureau. continuously. her zaman). included. notwithstanding. loop. (pron) another. band. windy. dahili 1. motionless. (v) steadfast. exit. synonyms (adv) forever. diffuse. more. synonyms (n) excursion. bound. fast. release. circumference. synonyms (n) authority. 2. dahil 1. fixed. hourly. bureau (büro). eternally. circle. antonyms (adj) moving. delivery. (conj) and. superficial. side. (v) flow. effervescent. nearly. faculty. line. so. better. nearby. aptitude. boundary. devre). further. synonyms (adv) however. likewise. erratically. without. echo. beat. circulate. increase. extend. certain. position. 3. circa.websters-online-dictionary. chest. (adj) circular. besides. serene. antonym (adj) outer. fragile. box. (n) hush. ever. exceed. yet (henüz). domain. broadcast. fringe. (n) span. reverberate. enduring. resound. dresser. rotund. settled.org) . dense. 3. faculty. periphery. too (de). ceaselessly. else (başka). silent. continual. larger. importance. (n) bout. besides. brief. daha 1. class. margin. inherent. nature. dissipation. synonyms (n) diffusion. hoop. further. (n) noisy. dispersion. steady. national. deal. knell. trip. integrated. company. antonyms (adj) tight. perennial. fizzy. in. fat. limit. dağlamak brand.

atomic. (v) billow. default. hallmark. actual. expressionless. barrow. synonyms (adj) detailed. inane. backbone. growth. device. impudence. faraway. vessel. synonyms (n) breakwater. confused. bottle. dalgın 1. chequered. 109 creek. pour. wing. punch. intermittent. badge. existing. member. mood. void. curl. chip. helpless. lack. 2. cheat. settle. (v) equip. insistent. imperative. swell. stamp (posta pulu. row. seagoing. shelter. army. (n) minute. crude. (prep) current. (v) imprint. synonyms (n) branch. roof. bowl. attendance. precise. label. pansy. dalgakıran mole (köstebek).websters-online-dictionary. faggot. provide. big. ace. fix. surge. vas. huge. cast. synonyms (n) crown. stripe. synonyms (n) ship. paucity. beckon. jagged. flap. (n) correct. synonyms (n) instant. rise. inclement. flourish. antonyms (adj) inaccurate. bewildered. dalgalı rough (kaba). soar. impress. dalga 1. fund. characterize. fag. (v) top. bay. beam. tick. ramus. inexact. abandoned. definite. wallow. inattentive. found. brand. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. nerve (sinir). circumstantial. stream (akım). memorandum. revolve. swarm. dome. longterm. undulate. rock. dallanmak branch (dal. second. 2. jar. check. microscopic. enfold. shoot. unfilled. weapon. irrecoverable. king. jiffy. (n) boisterous. raw. smooth. 2. run. gigantic. brawl. want. prowess. stop. furnish. (v) swindle. hillock. publication. (adj) mound. power.org) . (v) coil. ask. diverge. pent-up. forgotten. surge. (v) pressing. limb. deluge. precise. even. flutter. reel. (v) brandish. refined. synonyms (adj) empty. diminutive. flow. motion. (v) crowd. (adj) doomed. (v) quarrel. damalı checked. sleeve. polished. synonyms (n) streak. deficiency. beguile. clash. minute. şube). torrent. wanting. limb. draft. vacant (boş). preoccupied. antonyms (n) presence. ramus. antonyms (v) open. circinate. roll (yuvarlamak). maritime. glossy. synonyms (n) brook. soar.Turkish . remnant. might. fortitude. gruff. unseal. arm (kol). annular. spy. divide. open. turn. lost. register. free. demand. sign. clamant. flow. (v) billow. ripple. sea (deniz). burst. style. prompt. beat. container. nonexistent. affiliate. (v) fork. bar. end. (adj) humor. rotund. funicle. dalgalanma 1. dalaş scrap. outfit. department. print. swing. numbered. dupe. brass. globular. wheel. synonyms (n) wave. (v) fork. basin. sophisticated. section. morsel. antonym (n) cowardice. gross. close. swell. indication. antonyms (adj) present. 3. clinch. score. queen (kraliçe). daring. occupied. bulletin. course. prank. vena. rush. out. heave. point. synonyms (n) fight. jet. present. authentic. heed. flash.English dairesel circular. synonyms (n) deceit. careful. boldness. synonyms (n) mark. spherical. dal 1. diverge. housing. backward. jet. piece. hoarse. mettle. con. array. courage. cheek. sign. synonyms (n) arm. wrong. wing. synonyms (n) absenteeism. synonyms (n) ocean. seal. rush. joke. differentiate. synonyms (n) arm. close. pleasant. dalgınlık absence (yokluk). vacuous. shape. shoot. antonyms (adj) gradual. synonyms (adj) checkered. shut. command. dalgalanmak 1. feature. lost. nautical. note. brochure. dalavere trick (aldatmak). divide. house. harsh. abstracted. orbicular. approximate. dam 1. damar 1. catalogue. stratagem. require. bulwark. surge. streak. flood. moment. jump. (n) advertisement. soft. strip. groyne. stream. blemish. sham. antonym (v) trickle. cachet. plaid. 2. absentminded. conflict. antonym (v) disarm. affiliate. section. nonattendance. (adj) marine. (adv) away. exact. twist. synonyms (n) list. impression. jetty. hollow. fairy. silky. ripple. bit. instant (an). curl. heart. synonyms (n) wave. assurance. pan. 2. groin. waves. mislead. (v) embankment. deception. unoccupied. şube). tone. spurt. junk. idle. claim. extinct. pul). outgrowth. grating. antonyms (adj) full. limited. urgent. division. receptacle. emblem. endow. surge. forlorn. duct. blank. synonyms (adj) immediate. temperate. outgrowth. bill. spurt. mol. gesture. impertinence. cement. stream. deceive. vague. silent. tube. synonyms (n) audacity. (v) plug. direct. hard. river. flier. lady. face. devoid. temper. antonym (adj) square. runnel. queer. flood. rounded. burst. strain. nervure. (adj) conclude. canal. back. 3. missing. boat. ruler. hopeless. craft. disoriented. synonyms (n) evidence. absent (yok). inventory. offshoot. 2. mine. dakik exact (tam). lock. synonyms (adj) round. instantaneous. bare. member. curbed. vein. (v) accurate. revolution. current. 2. cruel. freckle. signet. synonyms (n) billow. careful. cover. scarcity. sovereign. branch (dallanmak. gush. heave. synonyms (n) empress. antonyms (adj) enormous. swell. cast. trample. crying. note. gush. mark. character. tartan. synonyms (adj) off. fraud. synonyms (v) gone. broken. approximate. synonyms (n) stamp. damga 1. counterspy. jump. deserted. (adj) fragment. 2. distinguish. absent. monarch. shortage. ceiling. wave. exigent. elaborate. grade. antonyms (adj) gentle. (adj) notice. (v) blemish. water. handbill. rise. (adj) little. imprecise. 2. synonyms (adj) coarse. watercraft. fasten. 3. dakika 1. antonym (v) keep. delicate. division. seal. dearth. safe. offshoot. remainder.

collapse. guidance. kid. synonyms (n) dancing. move. (v) widen. mean. kind. impression. crack. bust. synonyms (n) conference. sort. jump. bust. dazzle. droop. decrease. hallmark. synonyms (n) kind. flap. limited. advise. 4. 2. synonyms (n) mark. increase. clinch. drip. chief. comprehensive. cast. bar. synonyms (n) edging. agreement. local. touch. (adj) shorten. encounter. consultant. warning. dribble. (n) talk. teacher. shape. confidante. enlace. play. (v) advise. catch. lacing. flop. prance. synonyms (adj) sharp. limited. imprint. wallop. extend. synonyms (n) calfskin. characterize. throb. strong. 2. tight. antonyms (v) rise. hop. circumscribed. dantela lace. vuruş). (v) confined. insular. bump. bloom. reserved. unimpeded. smite. condemn. discard.110 Turkish . unseal. (n) decline. bat. antonym (v) lose. instructor. subsidence. net. private. (n) rap. advocate. pup. 5. breakdown. unlimited. council. enlace. bargain. spirit. lift. constrict. antonyms (v) expand. break. tick. crack. abbreviate. material. 2. cramped. herald. burst. net. galloon. darbe 1. counsel (avukat. blot. crumble. assistant. consultation. decrease. entwine. piercing. appointment. superior. extend. (adj) stigma. 3. step. confab. contract. insular. synonyms (n) crash. counsel. synonyms (v) batter. (v) plug. squander. little. synonyms (n) badge. dandle. amaze. slump. crumble. dans dance (dans etmek). damlamak drop. antonyms (adj) wide. stop. wrinkle. cut. whip. jump. apoplexy. limit. dribble. buoy. comprehensive. blossom. debacle. atmosphere. (v) braid. evidence. die. cast. stain. ebb. broad. part. recommendation. impact. gust. ebb. öğüt. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. damgalamak 1. free. quality. agree. contract. restricted. abridge. 6. shrink. shrink. contract. description. little. lown. 2. galloon. communication.English dantel lace. attack. synonyms (n) advice. pulsate. synonyms (v) qualified. cow. synonyms (n) token. abandon. (adj) conclude. beat. dent. (v) buffet. stroke (inme. pointer. classified. prompter. antonym (v) praise. acute. dullard. lacing. round. controlled. damla drop. lift. (v) puff. constitution. interlace. criticism. faint. lessen. bang. shrill. synonyms (adj) close. prohibited. extensive. pant. cachet. subsidence. dismiss. inscribe. (adj) narrow. limit. line. droop. foetus. contract. synonyms (v) confer. boot. slur. instruction. note. dwindle. audience. smack. extensive. character (karakter). crumple. refer. play. vurmak). adviser. tap. counselor. constrict. deliberate. interview. synonyms (n) caution. collapse. cheat. type. increase. supervisor (denetçi). confabulate. shorthorn. note. keeper. little. meeting. shut. öğüt vermek). dip. concentrate. stamp (damga. shock. lessen. (v) break. limited. deposit. tidings. head. smash. 3. illiberal. data. constrained. ticket. entwine. crash. 3. negotiation. bash. (n) pulse. admonish. (v) break. synonyms (adj) close. disposition. extend. executive. consult. buckle. synonyms (n) compact. impress. limit. close. deposit. narrow. shrink. cadence. open. knap. critical. knit. role. doodle. hit. dwindle. debacle. rope. antonyms (n) failure. bind. discard. synonyms (n) seal. antonyms (adj) unrestricted. rope. stretch. synonyms (v) fall. impress. dana calf. shrewd. examiner. antonyms (v) rise. signet. brand. collide. attorney. charter. (v) bound. enlightenment. counselor. flop. tag. danışman 1. overseer. Daralt collapse. info. broad. inculcate. clap. finite. lout. abandon. posta pulu. extensive. standing. collision. fondle. beat. dictator. bind. dwindle. cramped. negotiate. cavort. tie. knot. form. director. farreaching. enformasyon). make. 3. manager. penetrating. engrave. cramped. abridge.org) . nature. confer. (v) braid. attitude. (adj) string. slump. deliberation. (n) growth. loon. knit.websters-online-dictionary. belt. bop. marker. tat. advisement. (n) press. pat. synonyms (n) advisor. pen. baste. synonyms (v) fall. arrangement. consultation. touch. stamp. lock. kitten. fall. clout. danışma 1. beat. talk. daraltmak 1. sword. burst. brand. lessen. punch. (v) confined. reason. knock. abridge. synonyms (v) strike. streak. seal (damga). punch. type. obtuse. breakdown. emblem. shake. 2. (v) confined. synonyms (v) affect. tone. earmark. drip. thump. 3. fall. synonyms (n) caress. collapse. (v) high. nature. antonyms (adj) wide. counsel. informer. chance. danışmak consult. mark. flop. criticize. complaint. acuate. canvass. buckle. (v) widen. strike. admonition. class. blade. hit (isabet. cast. exhort. liberated. intense. trample. slap. insular. secret. foal. lick. falchion. compress. report. colt. synonyms (v) cuff. whack. faint. dealer. severe. synonyms (adj) close. caper. eccentric. impressment. mean. (n) knock. party. jolt. illiberal. (v) covenant. emboss. daralmak narrow (dar). jump. characteristic. narrow (dar). blow. administrator. mean. foreman. trounce. (n) decline. tat. dismiss. (n) growth. crumple. dar 1. sura. 4. instill. inspector. (v) widen. 5. illiberal. antonyms (adj) wide. agent. antonyms (adj) dull. intelligence. synonyms (n) superintendent. synonyms (n) edging. keen. clip. exclusive. discuss. condense. (v) denounce. blow (üflemek). knot. (v) print. narrow. incisive. guide. constrict. emboss. bounded. reference. signpost. tie. consider. discussion. smart. boss. comprehensive. skip. interlace. attain. information (bilgi. move. controller. antonyms (v) open. synonyms (n) blast. synonyms (n) crash. exhortation. 2. dip. broad. pul). (adj) string. acrid.

mien. pound. bid. iş). reject. affair. faction. plea. importunity. dava 1. summons. clash. dress. appellant. association. fight. walk. direct. accomplishment. manage. knock. drumfish. direct. action (etki. tympan. rout. drubbing. nurse. disposition. desteklemek). administration. shock (şok). synonyms (n) conduct. coverture. doctor. lawsuit. break. attention. operate. inactivity. do. cram. inquirer. administer. mind. difficulty. 2. outlook. discourse. throbbing. antonym (v) dismiss. rol yapmak). accompany. request. defendant. trial (deneme). fright. performance. thump. cover. case. deed. plaintiff. whacking. demeanour. movement. bear. pounding. command. synonyms (n) stranger. performance. temptation. facts. allow. mentality. evidence. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. way. adjust. roll. pretender. carry. regale. bring. dub. eylem. acquit. figures. inactivity. show. waft. suspect. go. statute. manipulation. pulsation. dismay. beat. residue. revolt. play. work. meet. antonym (v) misbehave. behave. management. engagement. pose. performance. stand. carriage. 2. (v) beat. warrant. run. shell. process. carry. therapy. encourage. enact. bear. (v) achievement. synonyms (n) appearance. conduct. bag. show. summon. channel. engender. hareket. medicine. sickbay. lead. yell. home. antonym (v) work. suit. please. posture. act. hareket. rol yapmak). lure. antonyms (n) hindrance. (v) act. concealing. iş). offend. synonyms (n) accomplishment. tack. battery. endeavor. behaviour. action. (adj) pulsing. behavior. vocation. bang. walk. band. bearing. medication. (n) exercise. 5. recess. concealment. banquet. enact. affair. hiding. run. correspond. approach. (n) feast. conduct. horrify. synonyms (n) test. assembly. effort. material. aid. statute. decree. caller. davranış 1. leisure. ambush. act (davranmak. synonyms (n) reverse. customer. (adj) remainder. presence. litigant. deed. 2. perspective.websters-online-dictionary. (v) assist. balance. (adj) defensive. synonyms (n) accused. ram. prosecutor. davranmak 1. save. fit. weaken. feign. accuser. synonyms (n) citation. operate. pulse. thumping. antonym (v) refrain. covert. 2. invocation. baptize. do. doings. Data data (veri). process. visitant. synonyms (n) call. ease. (adj) gasp. examination. comport. deal. proof. party. manner. pause. synonyms (n) box. applicant. engagement. case. davul drum. convey. bevy. sanitarium. synonyms (n) action. 6. rest (dinlenme). sleep. beating. breed.English stroke. (adj) plaintive. match. casing. (v) behave. excuse. carriage. campaign. writ. instance. basis. opinion. (v) bring. answer. eylem. 6. 4. (v) invite. 2. briefcase. induce. suit. 2. relaxation. eccentric. name. move. do. demeanor. 4. çağırmak. adversity. petition. indictment. celebration. distress. misafir). synonyms (v) cry. feat. patronage. effect. usage. thrum. feat. essay. lead. prisoner. act (hareket. institution. respect. 3. adapt. battering. bearing (kerteriz). querent. play. client. affliction. 4. behaviour. hearing. delicacy. fight. antonyms (n) inaction. appoint. administer. example.Turkish . beating. group. defender. solicitation. requisition. maintain. 111 synonyms (n) administration. hammering. synonyms (v) act. mood. accompany. attitude. synonyms (n) behavior. treat. synonyms (n) gang. pursuer. remain. 3. keep. action (etki. antonym (n) victory. attraction. party. cause (neden). demean. darülaceze hospital (hastane). occasion. davalı defendant. synonyms (n) act. agency. comportment. aspect. spital. (v) agree. go. air. effect. defeat. antonyms (n) inaction. arouse. agency. antonym (v) refrain. law. (v) achievement. move. synonyms (n) cure. back. lie. appall. play. combat. remedy. (v) oppose. davacı plaintiff. bellow. (adj) experimental. address. sickroom. party. file. 3. details. meeting. gathering. synonyms (n) barrel. whipping. covering. foreigner. synonyms (n) help. brace. repose. (v) jar. perform. postulate. call (bağırmak. invitation. luxury. synonyms (n) information. 7. antonyms (v) calm. command. synonyms (n) remnant. hitting. audition. account. outrage. carton. (v) make. synonyms (n) cover. become. beget. cask. fact. crowd. (adj) hospitable. davet 1. surprise. (v) achievement. antonym (n) consequence. reception. antonym (v) comfort. work. thrashing. attitude (tavır. satisfy. inn. (v) treat. comport. attempt. do. vat. frighten. hardship. deport. accommodate. bearing. decree. crew. invitation. (adj) patient. (v) nap. acquit. dayak 1. company. deed. handling. measure. debacle. bone. dayanak 1. prop. deportment. support (destek. method. perform. behavior. abscondence. çağrı). demeanor. use. comfort. regard. synonyms (n) complainant. entertainment. synonyms (v) handle. howl. boost. synonyms (n) daze. case. 4. hareket. movement. undermine. jacket. concussion. bin. bidding. synonyms (n) accomplishment. synonyms (n) infirmary. pretend. abandon. synonyms (n) action. treatment (tedavi). startle. (n) appeal. heal. neglect. perpetrator. experiment. alien. activity. behave. function. react. cite. supplication. bring. maintenance.org) . direction. 3. davetli guest (konuk. defense. conduct. demand. entreaty. tidbit. visitor. charge. activity. synonyms (n) lawsuit. manage. battle. shout. aim. (adj) cowardly. disgust. tutum). 5. battle. notion. synonyms (n) position.

daring. cooperation. secure. (n) bully. assent. keep. loose. flaw. break. rebuff. whole. full. synonyms (n) opposition. (n) bold. (adv) soon.English antonym (v) refresh. colorfast. antonyms (n) opening. forbearance. conduct. pause. synonyms (v) dress. margin. endurance. manly. real. antonyms (n) hindrance. fast (hızlı. resistance. clothes. confirm. obedience. stay (kalma. interference. synonyms (v) remain. dayanıklılık 1. gaseous. (n) noun. final. abide. forcible. fearless. (n) delay. hard. return. substantial. unity. satisfying. bear. undermine. heavy. permeable. antonyms (adj) bearable. protest. susceptibility. depart. material. (n) clothing. coherence. resist. soft. (v) substantivize. leisurely.websters-online-dictionary. antonyms (adj) tender. 6. small. halt. garment. back. fray. corporeal. add. rise. list. bad. permission. go. mutiny. firmness. close. hardy. deep. convincing. ease. resolute.org) . rowdy. inexcusable. shortcoming. bend. tolerance (hoşgörü). clutch. frazzle. antonyms (n) smoothness. belong. reside. crucial. rebel. change. extremism. antonyms (v) give. (v) nap. 4. digest. approval. rough. (n) tilt. considerable. closing. kuvvet). watery. rugged. stout. bow. massive. synonyms (adj) meaty. concluding. (adj) cease. undergo. indispensable. staunch. indulgence. conclusion. adopt. support. dayanıklı 1. synonyms (adj) courageous. stop. frazzle. quick. antonym (v) work. perch. obtain. bear. place. check. power. confrontation. brawn. tenacious. synonyms (adj) consistent. soggy. antonyms (adj) insignificant. taşımak). reside. abstain. (adj) solidity. abscond. company. substantial (önemli). boost. gallant. synonyms (v) stall. rest. frailty. dissent. dissent. consideration. synonyms (v) carry. 2. antonyms (v) leave. limp. transparent. revolt. amount. fixed. quiet. son. (v) faithful. significant. synonyms (n) help. 10. (v) gorge. synonyms (n) opposition. unbearable. (adj) cease. prop. defy. firm. companionship. rest (dinlenme). get. 7. durable. inclination. 4. stable. 2.112 Turkish . waste. (n) diet. certain. slant. booth. easy. halt. brace. obstacle. appropriate. 7. fit. tolerate. good. gaunt. firm. 4. taste. reject. sober. thick. catch. attire. solid. synonyms (n) force. stand. grave. desteklemek). garment. synonyms (adj) dissolute. (v) might. pedestal. dwell. persist. severe. (v) incline. endure. (n) binge. insubstantial. refuse. leisure. express. feeble. determined. decisive. friction. lose. patronage. expeditious. 3. big. (adj) first. relish. paunch. impedance. soundness. collaboration. hurried. palate. accept. debauched. relaxation. abandon. antonyms (n) smoothness. leniency. narrow-mindedness. 3. (v) assist. repose. backlash. obedience. audacious. worthless. brave. arduous. susceptibility. tire. concrete. hunger. conclusive. 5. comfort. durmak). arrest. eat. sodality. (n) confront. (adj) swallow. depart. synonyms (v) remain. breadbasket. immunity. immunity. apparel. strength (güç. sturdy. impede. antonyms (n) weakness. fellowship. strong. mutiny. dwell. synonyms (n) abdomen. disobey. behave. dayanma 1. tough. reluctance. baulk. synonyms (n) allowance. encourage. hooligan. bear (ayı. consist. apply. ultimate. tolerable. lightweight. potency. lean. reality. renitency. stay (kalma. (phr) receive. synonyms (adj) actual. name. renitency. linger. detestable. rapid. wear. important. hardy. waste. live. patience. antonyms (v) surrender. change. painful. friendship. take (almak). corroborate. hearty. interference. agreement. erect. clothes. inhibition. muscular. inhabit. stamina. synonyms (adj) insufferable. mercy. steady. (n) clothing. laborious. capture. (n) attitude. obstacle. rack. rigid. stamina. leathery. pitch. impedance. kalmak). pause. simple. essential. erosion. balk. bear. synonyms (v) be. antonym (adj) weak. robust. 2. permissiveness. base. respite. synonyms (n) company. antonyms (adj) fat. friction. deplorable. 2. palpable. ethereal. hesitant. weaken. (n) delay. tire. flimsy. allow. 6. destek. acquit. antonyms (n) intolerance. plump. recess. rest. synonyms (n) remnant. dayanılmaz intolerable. stand (ayakta durmak. 11. kindness. potent. comprise. fatigue. synonyms (v) dress. aid. attire. lenience. demur. synonyms (adj) emaciated. comradeship. dayanışma solidarity. dense. (adj) remainder. support. kalmak). health. bide. continue. hold. combat. stay. prop. obnoxious. farthest. 3. maintain. afford. intensity. apparel. (v) oppose. antonyms (adj) unreliable. brook. solid (katı). take. 8. abscond. momentous. continue. support (dayanak. endure. (v) suffer. convey. comport. (v) rebellion. liquid. slowly. assume. neglect. lie. hoodlum. synonyms (v) admit. resistance. borrow. synonyms (adj) difficult. runny. maintenance. bigotry. agreement. lank. agile. chauvinism. stability. amity. careen. antonyms (adj) irresolute. antonyms (v) leave. sound. fine. antonyms (adj) sluggish. wear. oruç). appetite. (adj) extreme. thin. brisk. steadfast. stomach (mide). vigor. energy. leeway. challenge. fray. sleep. maw. arrest. dissipated. confrontation. bring. synonyms (v) endure. capacity. endurance. (n) seize. sürmek). substantive. exist. ample. antonym (v) sit. residue. instant. garb. last. stop. resist. pick. yield. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. bide. fatigue. erosion. 3. dayanmak 1. acquire. belly. reluctance. synonyms (n) community. reliable. bony. last (geçen. (adv) slow. (adj) constant. body. (n) agree. insupportable. garb. (n) abide. position. synonyms (v) repel. (v) rebellion. balance. compact. lanky. antonym (v) refresh. 9. backlash. 5. fast. withstand.

tome. scandal (skandal). uselessness. dear. synonyms (adj) bare. profitable. place. desert. reason. costly. high. eject. arrest. goodly. earn. say. consequence. sleazy. austere. synonyms (n) investigator. helpful. synonyms (n) interment. appraise. pad. value. luxurious. admire. analyst. position. value. sweetheart. choice. forthright. cost. estimation. synonyms (v) oust. comprehend. account. good. force. (adj) clear.Turkish . policeman. beagle. antonym (adj) hairy. officer. synonyms (v) esteem. synonyms (n) worth. important. supercomputer. generous. import. unduly. (adj) excellence. expensive. 3. importune. estimate. delator. story. brassy. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. measure. embayment. burial. extravagant. excessively. install. acknowledge. grandad. 6. backbiting. naked. description. shame. importance. narrative. cherish. (adj) brown. assess. assess. esteem. advantage. favorite. cute. preciously. pet. burying. manuscript. near. antonym (n) fact. reward. appreciation. bellow. good. blab. intimate. meager. obloquy. (v) price. disrepute. doom. appraise. natter. cherish. price (eder. hold. cry. mean. 2. estimate. opprobrium. blabbermouth. grasp. 2. synonyms (v) appraise. place. 2. worth. invaluable. block. low. value. similarly. assessment. grandpa. raw. pamphlet. narrative. yarn. synonyms (adv) also. eyalet). get. shabby. adorable. expenditure. file. nude.org) . fable. pricy. synonyms (n) alcove. honey. withal. appraisal. outrage. appraisal. likewise. rating. synonyms (n) benefit. estimable. gulf. synonyms (adj) close. valuable. measurement. treasure. synonyms (n) book. comment. further. worth. fiyat). goodness. sepulture. tab. reasonable. payment. tec. apply. dishonor. record. (v) price. analysis. computer. erase. 4. grandpapa. evaluation. maintain. credit. dedikodu 1. meaning. ignominy. claim. asseverate. plush. (conj) and. (adj) private. notebook. conversation. review. assessment. fee. appreciate. assert. prize. weigh. noble. synonyms (n) burial. synonyms (n) bill. history. chaffer. synonyms (adj) inexpensive. announce. eavesdropper. valuation. synonyms (n) estimation. history. gauge. furthermore. cove. evacuate. bull. scout. persist. esteem. score. sweet. infamy. sound. rumour. tasteful. pull. item. değersiz cheap (ucuz). lovely. hearsay. laptop. gorgeous. estimate. synonyms (n) appraisal. beloved. base. over. antonym (n) honor. runner. narration. legend. patriarch. expound. dirt. antonyms (v) depreciate. 2. valuation. rich. mensuration. watchman. dwell. chatterbox. assay. delete. survey. reckon. more. album. discharge. synonyms (n) rumor. disparagement.English dayatmak insist. wealth. mensuration. profit. niggardly. appraisement. fib. (v) amount. bum. rate. rank. choice. gossip. defne bay (koy). futility. synonyms (n) merit. kingdom. 2. overly. splendid. (v) deserve. (adj) national. strip. urge. 3. take. defter 1. figure. book (kitap). evaluation. significance. expel. admeasurement. spy. value. appreciation. synonyms (n) story. synonyms (n) bible. plain. tale. dear (sevgili). assessment. quality. journal. affirm. press. dede grandfather. valued. beneficial. sumptuous. dry. regard. extremely. durum. worthiness. prize. mere. notepaper. luxurious. defin 1. moreover. inscribe. chatter. opulent. estimate. detraction. quote. useless. calculate. inhumation. (v) yap. entombment. estimate. antonym (n) worthlessness. processor. bark. extract. tattle. snoop. measurement. harbor. 4. simple. express. recital. pyre. love. değer 1. country. affectionate. economical. synonyms (adv) too. değerlendirmek evaluate. cheesy. değerlendirme evaluation. (v) report. stark. opinion. narration. (n) darling. funeral. account (hesap). (v) order. distinction. tale. antonyms (v) insert. measure. use. besides. synonyms (n) gramps. de 1. mainframe. damage. superiority. discredit. defetmek remove (kaldırmak). exquisite. barefaced. judgment. dedektif detective. costly. 4. funeral. fathom. abolish. substance. antonym (adj) cheap. talk. loved. antonyms (adj) worthless. synonyms (n) disgrace. recital. precious. chitchat. 5. text. synonyms (adj) valuable. report. appraisement. examination. workstation. admirable. explanation. fiction. relation. evaluate. synonyms (n) charge. allege. antonyms (v) deny. fiord. synonym (v) bruit. gab. wake. antonyms (n) disadvantage. 3. granddaddy. precious. 113 dignity. değerlenmek appreciate. (v) informer. writing. mention. hairless. synonyms (adj) costly. quotation. volume. granddad. prize. synonyms (adj) golden. synonyms (n) estimation. review. rank. değerli 1. deduct. rating. first-rate. worthy. (adj) funebrial. also (da). rating. (adj) understand. dazlak bald. value. admeasurement. regard. threadbare. terms. debdebe state (devlet. familiar. machine. (adv) extremely. roar. argue. useful. 2. cherished. stingy. property. değerleme valuation. list. expense. score. delicate. due. equally. reserve. flashy. mark. committal. howl. synonyms (n) nation. again. merit. antonyms (adj) expensive. synonyms (v) affirm. contend. show. (adj) honor. fortune. enjoy. scorn. tacky. gossip. declare. (v) declare. apprize.websters-online-dictionary. too (dahi). toll. virtue. babble. recess. insignificance. grade. pricey. lie. priceless. inestimable. reckoning. grandsire. so. (v) chat.

synonyms (n) disagreement. (adj) shaven. foreign. antonyms (adj) similar. synonyms (v) allude. alternative. version. many. maintain. uncertain. twist. pulverize. changeable. shape. alternate. metamorphosis. shuffle. permutation. neuter. alteration. variegate. none. departure. edit. synonyms (n) betterment. device. opposite. go. conflict. style. (adv) firm. displace. spirited. cash. antonym (n) similarity. development. 4. denial. adjustment. amend. removable. resource. adduce. antonyms (v) stay. depart. improvement. discrepancy. discrepancy. varied. switch. alter (değiştirmek). contrast. (n) proselyte. variation. distinct. displace. certain. antonyms (v) stay. moveable. alteration. nay. 2. 6. değiştirmek). antonym (n) similarity. conversion. discord. mercurial. adaptation. gin. notch. move. dissent. (v) crush. mutation. submit. affect. revision. amendment. switch. limiting. leave. değirmenci miller. division. fluctuate. synonyms (n) changeover. maintain. 2. dissonance. dissimilarity. değişmek 1. değinmek refer (bakmak. movement. variant. nomadic. plant. versatile. değişken 1. 2. miscellaneous. invert. (v) movable. alter. synonyms (adj) fluid. established. adaptation. innovation. 2. fast. conversion. name. no (hayır). turn. fixed (sabit). rebuff. synonyms (n) alteration. contrast. 3. budge. shifting. species. impute. synonyms (v) reform. manifold. amend. various. mutation. contrast. budge. implement. cash. neophyte. 4. sort. dissension. vivacious. flying. steady. contention. disagree. number. 7. corresponding. misunderstanding. heterogeneous. değirmen mill. spell. spell. 2. shuffle. resource. synonyms (adj) another. not. vicissitude. substitute. replace. turn. synonyms (n) shift. conversion (çevirme. alteration. convert (dönüştürmek). deviate. alter. definite. fickle. variance. switch. interchange. fitful. shorn. modification. variation. barter. mend. diversified. unsettled. new. amendment. remove. sundry. machine. idle.org) . turn. difference. affect. variation. breed. synonyms (n) shift. reposition. budge.114 Turkish . (v) stable.English dissimilarity. divergence. diverse. alter. diverge. innovation. redress. (adj) zero. vary. motionless. synonyms (n) grind. transpose. ordinal. set. (adj) class. synonyms (n) change. decided. motley. shift. değil 1. determinate. convert. erratic. convert. 4. discrepancy. synonyms (adv) no. variant. barter. synonyms (n) kind. adapt. fluctuating. engine. synonym (n) muller. dönüştürme). antonyms (v) stay. synonyms (n) interchange. permutation. 3. synonyms (n) barter. değişik 1. modification. slip. deviation. synonyms (v) differ. cash. antonyms (adj) constant. antonyms (adj) flexible. mobile. convince. mutation. separate. alteration. (v) exchange. portable. modification. convert. digress. impassive. upheaval. changeable. antonym (n) uniformity. antonyms (adj) boring. adjust. nor. departure. (v) exchange. modify. leave. synonyms (n) shift. unsteady. transpose. barter. (adj) salvation. alternate. permanent. consign. innovation. synonyms (v) change. compliant. quibble. evasion. mutable. passage. synonyms (n) change. quibble. fixed. rejection. commute. değiştirmek). attribute. advert. versatile. alter. transform. reposition. 3. synonyms (n) difference. peregrine. adjustable. modification. alien. transfer. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. move. transpose. transfer. identical. variation. distinction. maintain. variable. (v) remove. swap. fastened. slip. inconstant. expressive. variety (varyete). variable. dull. reverse. leave. spar. idle. disagreement. disagreement. vary. temporary. limitation. transition. move. antonyms (adj) immobile. antonyms (v) stay. translate. adjustment. expedient. pertain.websters-online-dictionary. become. synonyms (n) refusal. expedient. homogeneous. assorted. unusual. distort. never. displace. variance. grinder. değişiklik 1. miscellany. variation. different. idle. regular. correction. nowise. rectification. non. constant. (v) change. synonyms (adj) mixed. ascribe. correct. shift. değişme 1. (adj) cent. modulate. nul. 2. değişim 1. discrete. relate. başvurmak). emasculate. exchange. contrast. adoption. movement. trade. 2. transfer. divergence. variability. loose. durable. transformation. synonyms (adj) unstable. variation. deviation. uniform. type. adapt. intent. synonyms (n) conversion. change (değişiklik. migrant. capricious. maintain. convert. fresh. 5. different (başka). commutation. dissimilar. move. device. commutation. novice. diversity. evolution. diversify. change (değişiklik. invoke. strain. smooth. deliver. adjust. roving. correct. synonyms (n) interchange. like. fluctuate. motile. nature. alternate. dispute. switch. departure. movable. beatification. inconsistent. fluctuate. accommodation. invariable. naught. range. modification. deviation. fluctuation. dissimilarity. qualification. idle. transformation. adapt. castrate. shift. variable. reform. dissent. changeover. range. lively. değiştirmek). cash. distinction. (v) difference. commend. odd. (v) exchange. (v) adapt. nobelium. divergence. equal. alternation. apply. nix. change (değişiklik. variance. adaptable. genus. change (değiştirmek). quibble. manufactory. (v) remove. motley. alternate. fluctuation. form. synonyms (adj) determined. shift. amendment. transpose. commute. leave. (adj) believer. factory. değişmez 1. typical. shop. 5. turn.

temper. perennial. solidity. vary. 2. replacing. adjust. dokunmak). (v) remove. transfer. substitute. değmek touch (dokunma. brush. (v) remove. place. return. switch (anahtar). convert. synonyms (adj) defined. distort. whip. regulate. (v) flip. handle. loyal. antonyms (adj) intermittent. brace. immortal. ersatz. (n) proselyte. fragile. interchange. staff (asa). deviate. budge. faithful. continuous. synonyms (n) bar. rickety. conversion (çevirme. device. quibble. alternate. variation. serious. safe. connection. regard. irregular. fluctuate. abiding. locate. trade. quiet. solid. paste. communicate. sober. lay. restrict. modify. change (değişiklik). exchange. (adj) salvation. spell. evasion. business. 4. succeed. transform. brush. correct. repay. değme 1. changeover. commute. move. tense. diverge. (adj) liquid. hit. cling. 5. fixedness. 6. market. steadiness. stern. endurance. stout. border. set. variety. adjoin. inconstant. reach. smooth. mitigate. bazaar. bandy. trade. (v) stall. convert. makeshift. bind.Turkish . invert. constant (sabit). synonyms (v) supersede. qualifying. cut. (v) counterchange. synonyms (n) deputy. synonyms (adj) even. cash. strong. variegate. tinge. immutable. stick. upheaval. melt. difference. synonyms (v) alter. stable. 6. fit. liquefy. reinstatement. rigid. 4. mutation. jump. turn. synonyms (adj) lasting. formed. immobile. inflexible. cleave. shift. sporadic. limiting. over. replacement. place. regard. resource. (n) invariable. relief. affix. range. confirmed. strength. butt. development. undying. synonyms (adj) ceaseless. successor. staid. follow. qualification. brief. hard. commerce. (n) perm. commutation. adjustment. surrogate. settled. adaptation. (v) cash. standing. everlasting. concern. dissent. restore. antonym (adj) uninhabited. post. antonyms (adj) elastic. modify. ordinary. modification. stiff. hint. frequent. feeling. 3. (n) class. shuffle. sell. transitory. (v) calm. occupied. collision. consistent. changeover. arrange. değişmezlik stability (denge). version. antonyms (adj) unstable. position. border. superficial. perpetual. difference. eternal. finished. bent. alternate. precarious. concern. (v) adhere. dangerous. 8. replace. idle. episodic. switching. erratic. meet. contact (temas). tranquil. tinge. fasten. cool. join. put. congeal. impermanent. 2. tight. equable. lash. synonyms (n) alteration. restoration. impact. staff. antonyms (v) stay. colonized. fluctuate. cohere. dönüştürme). modification. composed. derivative. castrate. leave. contact. acquaintance. switch. device. immovable. alternative. vary. deputize. correct. 3. (v) call. synonyms (n) feel. define. switch. feeling. neophyte. renew. change. adjustment. permutation. central. takım). sedate. 5. transformation. amendment. uniform. firmness. moderate. modulate. turn. synonyms (v) differ. contrast. 2.English 2. (v) makeshift. sound. disagree. hint. persistent. contact. assuage. unreliable. set. refund. qualify. synonyms (v) fix. stab. idle. accommodation. peaceful. reposition. synonyms (n) limitation. metamorphosis. austere. regular. synonyms (n) feel. synonyms (n) interchange. replace. settled. shift. antonyms (v) stay. amendment. budge. equilibrium. diversify. hold. fix. substitute. grup. give-and-take. disloyal. innovation. commutation. occasional. amend. substitution. 3. poise. (adj) believer. break. reinstate. displace. transpose. change (değişiklik. ineffaceable. exacting. stroke. 2. employees. touch (dokunma. improvement. adjoin. condition. synonyms (v) reform. 4. 115 değiştirme 1. substitution. convert (dönüştürmek). alternation. resource. strike. passage. amend. indelible. permanence. 5. digress. flux. fickle. lot. dokunmak). truck. link. backup. still. return. development. replacement. synonyms (adj) harsh. durability. provisional. resistance. shift. interest. continual. enduring. permanent (kalıcı). antonym (n) instability. handle. differentiate. commute. exchange (santral). birch. (v) affect.websters-online-dictionary. antonyms (adj) fleeting. changeless. soft. 7. affect. değiştirmek 1. shaky. strict. limit. depart. synonyms (n) alteration. leave. invert. communication. stroke. twist. club. movement. replacement. twist. barter. (v) affect. circle. correction. reverse. go. alternation. synonyms (n) cane. conversion. change. reestablish. immovability. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. alter. swop. synonyms (n) barter. attach. assured. 7. synonyms (n) swap. resolute. swap. evolution. 8. dependable. synonyms (n) revision. traffic. affect. synonyms (v) adapt. stationary. transfer. transpose. set (ayarlamak. become. synonyms (n) cane. hit. alter. exchange. comb-out. adjust. adjust. shift. departure. inconsistent. deviation. movement. done. değiştirmek). put. responsible. slip. stick (yapıştırmak).org) . değnek 1. variation. synonyms (n) touch. antonyms (v) soften. displace. expedient. static. volatile. tough. move. 7. wobbly. antonyms (adj) unsteady. secure. fixed. tangency. rigorous. renewal. strike. formal. shape. modification (değişiklik). vicissitude. stableness. balance. staunch. alteration. incessant. unchangeable. synonyms (n) spell. synonyms (n) constancy. transition. revise. (n) combing. (v) adapt. permutation. maintain. severe. synonyms (adj) reliable. rehabilitation. rod. stated. conversion. soften. steady. continuing. 6. translate. steadfast. supplant. antonym (v) maintain. deputise. quibble. faculty.

fearfulness. lad. aversion. occasion. dekoratif decorative. mad. younker. dreadfulness. bore. synonyms (n) jab. confidence. corridor (koridor). loopy. annoyance. synonyms (n) doubt. 2. angry. senior. dismay. graceful. brat. cleft. synonyms (adj) deranged. pocket. horror. spot. rank. porch. entry. apprehension. vista. delgi 1. synonyms (n) harbor. partition. disturb. prick. child. nuts. juvenility. gate. appearance. toddler. cuff. (v) reverence. puppy. chance. perforate. talent. split. brace. auditorium. deposition. eerie. crazy. spectacle. drain. haywire. break. garnish. stick. 3.English accessory. appall. declaration. assertion. maniac. scenery. brilliance. sensible. nick. flair. turn. daft. faculty. (adj) preliminary. urchin. antonym (adj) plain. baton. egress. instruct. scene. pierce. arena. idiotic. clergyman. prospect. grip. misgiving. well. synonyms (n) offer. dekorasyon decoration. man. balmy. organization. dreadful. tap. setting. elder. fright. infancy. picture. opening. nipper. batty. puberty. call. expression. practice. thrust. (adj) pother. kid. delikanlı 1. delegating. apprehend. synonyms (n) capacity. inane. stave. (v) bore. show. synonyms (n) boy. brainsick. cosmetic. signal. (v) poke. wacky. synonyms (n) awe. rehearsal. mission. antonym (adj) calm. devolution. youth (genç. perspective. discipline. portico. abomination. coach. pierce. scepter. fearlessness. market. prodigy. fissure. verandah. annoy. formidable. elaborate. pictorial. enunciation. embellishing. calm. dotty. synonyms (n) mouth. ornamentation. minor. embrasure. drill (matkap). rational. irate. first. panic. act. silly. drill. onset. wild. worry. synonyms (adj) afraid. antonyms (n) adulthood. kooky. fellow. care. deha genius. (v) ask. pier. ripeness. youngster. illustrative. deputation. 2. court. mien. synonyms (v) dig. order. synonyms (n) aisle. statement. barmy. hit. adolescent. closing. charge. fear (korkmak. deportment. korku). fancy. alarm. youthfulness. position. shock. tap. alley. veranda. admission. burrow. foolish. antonym (n) pleasantness. demented. dekor 1. stripling. scourge. instruct. escape. synonyms (n) doyen. juvenile. 2. beat. rod. unrest. (v) passage. trouble. educate. anger. accolade. nature. abhorrence. award. nuts. landscape. mad. frightful. daft. delik 1. anxiety. scenery. (v) slit. terror. pronouncement. (n) furious. dehşetli fearful. diffidence. ornament. drill. synonyms (n) male. trimming. pilot. apprehensive. prop. direct. mace. horrify. badge. acknowledgment. synonyms (n) cavity. unimpressed. terror. 2. dekan dean. harbour. dehşet 1. frenzied. opening. concern. awful. background. eminence. ingenuity. cleverness. revulsion. nuisance. distraught. intimidation. funk. artery. antonyms (adj) brave. 2. aperture. administrator. 3. delegasyon delegation. (n) caliber. warning. madcap. anguish. foreboding. train. synonyms (n) scare. (v) crutch. servant. set. 4. diagrammatic. affright. lane. eccentric. door. hallway. diocesan. teenager. synonyms (n) alert. reassurance. deli 1. deklarasyon 1. antonyms (adj) sane. (adj) endowment. comfort. loco. incident. synonyms (n) shop. chasm. look. girl. bold. proffer. repulsion. hole. 4. depression. adjure. attempt. fear. dire. revere. boxes. 3. artistic. 5. display. antonyms (v) interest. tire. enhancing. antonym (n) adult. principal. dig. teen. synonyms (n) balcony. location. phobia. crazed. finale. lair. environment. cut. crazy. asylum. outlet. insignia. awesome. bishop. metropolitan. audience. commencement. synonyms (adj) frantic. minister. release. trepidation. dictum. drawn. synonyms (n) young. florid. insensate. respect. appalling. emission. horror. medal. insane. lookout. command. emporium. loony. synonyms (n) scene. antonyms (n) end. view. crack. hollow. (adj) final. youngster (çocuk). issue. leader. exit. bid (davet etmek). brain. synonyms (n) announcement. ability. adolescence. crevice. synonyms (n) exercise. auger. 6. position. (v) agitate. lobby. atrocity. cave. delirious. hole. carriage. bent. plague. perforate. dock. boy (oğlan). gençlik). alleyway. port (liman). disquiet. drift. gallery (galeri). ludicrous. dehliz 1. childhood. avowal. embellishment. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. place. kookie. punch. demeanor. lunatic. synonyms (n) commission. perturb.116 Turkish . youth. personnel. antonyms (v) calm. startle. antonym (n) starboard. shaver. archbishop. synonyms (adj) bonkers. fascinate. hall. section. way. breach. slot. alarum. diameter. (adj) larboard. 2. father. 2. confident. tender. finery. outlook. terrible. synonyms (n) aspect. absurd. embroidery. consternation. bearing.websters-online-dictionary. distracted. entrance. frenetic. prime. fix. circle. gift. wallop. 2. borer. track. blow. gimlet. cracked. left. ornate. guy. haven. den. awfulness. nutty. notch. frighten. store. synonyms (n) adornment. class. die. antonym (n) denial. invite. vestibule. timid. alarm (alarm). baby. 3. (adj) gap. decree. 4. panorama. claim. affirmation. suggestion. antonym (n) stupidity. aptitude.org) . auditory. excite. floral. group. terrace. anxious. knock. beginning. path. (adj) dread. allegation. cross. synonyms (adj) ornamental. craven. beseech. corner. delegacy. cowardly. stab. preposterous. synonyms (n) groove. inculcate. vent. infatuated. synonyms (adj) crackers. antonyms (n) bravery. bother. distinction.

(v) say. heap. excite. delirium. suggestion. aberration. exorbitant. impregnate. synonyms (v) dig. discussion. railing. synonyms (n) account. experiment. conversation. collection. charge. gather. evidence. democraty. adamant. equalitarianism. just. chap. balustrade. companion. antonyms (n) sanity. demek 1. beseech. (v) adhere. cub. acknowledgment. read. lot. viewer. yell. decree. country. knob. speak. inculcate. witness. count. outrageous. avowal. antonyms (n) despotism. synonyms (n) bar. pull. çağırmak. rehearsal. commonalty. saying. argument. profession. dip. desperation. (v) inveigh. gripping. 4. (adj) reasonable. note. (v) bore. thrilling. beholder. gang. enunciate. mason. voice. pale. claim. attach. explain. annoyance. bid (davet etmek). dialect. horde. schoolboy. notice. synonyms (n) exercise. classless. right. synonyms (n) cluster. tramway. troop. establishment. clash. howl. comment. demlemek steep. flatten. fascinating. (v) bundle. irons. tolerant. synonyms (n) bunch. broadminded. synonyms (n) address. direct. articulate. bore. essay. substantiation. 2. monotonous. hold. hassle. wearisome. insaneness. totalitarianism. varied. nation. antonyms (v) interest. synonyms (n) railroad. mass. furore. proffer. difference. feel. adjure. evidence (kanıt). declaration. bulletin. attestant. demirci smith. freedom. sermon. brawl. (n) drilling. tedious. description. pronounce. matter. tenacious. test. discipline. discussion. (v) observe. tell (anlatmak. diction. tuft. express. demir iron. huddle. bystander. 117 language. deliksiz sound (ses). rage. reason. demeç 1. quarrel. synonyms (n) spectator. bid. harangue. antonyms (n) silence. idiocy. informal. observe. unsound. paste. democratist. tell. fella. arguing. excessive. (adj) fury. bind. chains. harmony. gimlet. (n) appeal. auger. describe. plebeian. demokrat democrat. justice. coach. republican. demand. preparation. demet 1. delivery. barrier. synonyms (v) relate. cite. manifest. antonym (n) denial. verification. instruction. smooth. declaration. cohere. (n) disclose. pierce. explanation. proof. testify. tiresome. fix. drill. fasten. artificer. synonyms (adj) high. pronouncement. group. healthy. 2. original. democratical. tame. emancipation. assortment. nuisance. watch. shout. proof (kanıt). 3. notify. antonym (v) request. follow. synonyms (adj) dull. address. remark. statement. press. synonyms (n) echo. entitle. fit. word. observer. (n) caliber. band. synonyms (n) chain. (adj) pother. steel. attempt. immerse. folly. educate. (v) ring. oligarchy. lad. well. batch. rail. antonyms (v) ignore. drill (matkap). say (söylemek). (v) firm. see. delme boring (sıkıcı). assertion. eyewitness. command. interesting. sane.Turkish . habituate. delil 1. instruct. bunch (grup.websters-online-dictionary. divulge. communicate. diameter. state. look. gent. delilik madness. recount. track. justification. affirmation. sign. complete. clue. line. republic. söylemek). builder. enunciation. onlooker. free. appoint. paling. announce. handrail. demonstration. tender. throng. dreary. expression. synonyms (n) blighter. allegation. insanity. knot.org) . assert. staff. disagreement. synonyms (n) commonwealth. proletary. mention. arid. railway. popular. support. dictum. demokratik democratic. antonyms (n) agreement. vituperate. 3. bland. fast. (v) display. summon. admission. prosaic. confused. guard. cleave. craftsman. 3. chime. synonyms (v) celebrate. good. testifier. argument. command. impart. sheer. accumulation. furor. anger. inform. 2. proposition. commemorate. speech (konuşma. (v) douse. delmek 1. (adj) hard. mind. 5. dub. statement. certify. set. heed. drab. bill. (adj) illogical. 2. lunacy. tire. view. 4. discover. antonym (n) participant. capitalism. stab. fence. dictatorship. egalitarianism. 4. fulminate. permissive. autocracy. call. crowd. architect.English son. call (bağırmak. indication. attestation. borer. artist. (v) ask. tyranny. roturier. plague. distinguish. authentication. crew. debate. bulge. agglomeration. çağrı). antonym (v) dismiss. sensible. bolt. synonyms (adj) egalitarian. notice. synonyms (v) remark. bourgeois. manufacturer. fascinate. boots. bricklayer. (n) declare. validation. antonyms (adj) exciting. testimony. synonyms (n) commoner. sense. perforate. drench. equal. elocution. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. banister. cling. train. synonyms (n) probation. constitutional. synonyms (n) offer. keep. behold. path. observe. gradual. clump. populist. altercation. converse. herd. synonyms (v) cry. synonyms (n) controversy. demokrasi democracy. rational. söylev). reveal. humane. demiryolu 1. synonyms (n) bar. peal. synonyms (n) announcement. soak. invite. annoying. club. state. data. equality. proletaire. synonyms (n) confirmation. stick (yapıştırmak). inflexible. communication. attest. annoy. imbue. name. bellow. record. enumerate. practice. synonyms (n) metalworker. 2. abrupt. order. tap. maker. deposition. instruct. discourse. argument (tartışma). fight. uninteresting. cluster (küme). salkım). antonyms (adj) gentle. saturate. laddie. bother. lecture. criterion. 2. baptize. demonstrate. collect. (v) pack. 3. craziness. cuss. antonym (v) disperse. synonyms (n) frenzy. contention. mark. autonomous. mark. vapid. infuse. affix. maintain.

arrest. (v) inspection. administrator. watch. chance. check. director. 2. chief. clap. foreman. exploration. chief. synonyms (n) audition. motif. boss. fortune. enjoy. ascendancy. agree. break. supervision. endeavour. pull. prove. essay. strain. authority. struggle. supervising. inspect. denemek 1. overseer. review. antonyms (n) freedom. scrutinize. gauge. thesis. control. 2. jab. synonyms (n) charge. superior. sway. afflict. husband. indecisive. search. care. prove. kontrol). reason. inspector. synonyms (v) judge. (v) balance. photograph. affair. review. review. treatise. executive. provisionary. (adj) iridescent. director. synonyms (n) superintendent. investigation. befall. exposed. quiz. oversight. block. sight. administrator. taste. regulate. check. hold. conduct. inspection. live. scrutiny. synonyms (n) gunshot. search. inspector. tempt. 7. supervisor. inspection (denetleme). strive. oversight. essay (deneme). direction. watch. composition. delay. denetçi 1. accident. intentional. curb. executive. assay. (n) control. denetlemek). synonyms (n) rule. begin. guess. synonyms (n) survey. synonyms (n) dissertation. (v) struggle. (v) chink. bridle. composition. experiment. probe. (v) inspect. opportunity. attack. superior. prove. halt. foreman. critique. influence. exploration. investigation. (adj) liable. synonyms (n) accountant. (adj) apodeixis. go. 5. conquer. denetlemek 1. 3. assault. (adj) experimental. inquisitor. render. search. auditor. study. handle. observe. support. examination. authority. controller. undecided. 2. probation. attempt (yeltenmek). trial. head. synonyms (n) event. keeper. investigator. antonym (adj) liberated. probability. criterion. superintendence. attempt (yeltenmek). denetleme 1. limit. synonyms (v) test. study. projectile.websters-online-dictionary. attempt. go. snap. sure. supervisor. shot. synonyms (n) break. discourse. control (denetlemek. control. endure. synonyms (n) attack. shy. surveillance. examine. tentative. arrest. tentative (geçici). analyze. trial. cleave. manager. quiz. antonyms (n) freedom. agree. stab. burst. antonyms (adj) authoritarian. undertake. risk. explore. (v) examine. verify. overseer.English tract. missile. synonyms (n) measure. kontrol). 4. (n) crack. hinder. (v) encounter. split. audit (denetlemek). synonyms (n) discharge. conquer. assay. head. bet. examine. seek. synonyms (n) hazard.118 Turkish . fracture. conditional. 4. happen. (v) command. look. 2. afflict. demonstrate. crevice. weakness. test (sınamak). ascendancy. attempt. synonyms (n) examination. limit. sign. try. examination. manager. tecrübe). difficulty. synonyms (n) supervisor. indefinite. prove. 5. scrutinize. antonyms (adj) definite. measure. strain. curb. disquisition. distress. scrutiny. discipline. mend. 3. leader. argument. boss. denetim). influence. inspection. 4. cleft. check. validation. bid. establishment. scrutiny. monitor. synonyms (n) matter. endeavour. picture. sample. dare. essay. visitor. experimentation. audition. bar. share. 6. venture. fling. demonstration. bid. probationary. bridle. chance. evidence. experiment. hardship. 2. proof (kanıt). endeavor. assessor. synonyms (n) rule. inspection. bill. endeavor. communal. knock. affliction. exercise. 2. bang. synonyms (n) confirmation. 3. adversity. meet. synonyms (n) dissertation. sustain. point. tyrannical. survey. 2. exertion. feel. have. synonyms (v) overhaul. conduct. survey. inquire. ascendency. running. check (çek. fissure. view. denetim 1.org) . hearing. article. issue. chip. bullet. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. observation. 10. ascendency. injection. inspector. keeper. (adj) accidental. restrain. (v) inquirer. (v) try. effort. suffer. check. offer. observation. hear. share. control (denetim. dampen. government. search. (adj) experimental. hazard. (v) intensify. surveyor. sample. inspect. citizen. hear. despotic. bill. effort. antonyms (v) repair. tentative. antonym (n) inexperience. review. sight. özne). analyze. study. disquisition. explore. adventure. synonyms (v) stop. test (sınamak). taste. shot. check (çek. venture. (v) examine. (v) aim. (adj) deliberate. cautious. content. essay. analyze. denetleyici 1. experience. dampen. indication. command. article. inquiry. verification. offer. (v) design. 8. know. judge. synonyms (v) stop. (n) shot. render. receive. cheque. substantiation. custody. question. supervision (gözetim). ball. probation. surveillance. inquiry. halt. probe. bar. aim. consider. weakness. care. audit. shoot. contingency. paper. block. deneme 1. area. controller. antonyms (n) predictability. chance. adventure. undertake. exploratory. field. synonyms (n) test. synonyms (n) examination. breach. writing. stay. synonyms (v) balance. supervisor (denetçi). episode. try. happening. dependent. care. 4. nip. management. crack. overlook. hesitant. sway. adjudicate. freedom. administration. experience (deneyim. delay. exertion. controller. exam. guidance. 9. synonyms (n) try. cheque. ruler. strive. crack. investigate. proof. governor. regulator. (v) inspect. audit. denek subject (konu. (adj) see. criterion. plan. inferior. risk. apodixis. hinder. stay. hold. (v) command. assault. synonyms (adj) doubtful. reviewer. comptroller. adjudicate. authentication. examiner. (v) intensify. rift. fate. examiner. synonyms (n) superintendent. handle. restrain. seek. check. (n) control. examination. demonstrate. 3. (v) gamble. trial. provisional. paper. 6. inoculation.

synonyms (n) grade. synonyms (n) beverage. synonyms (n) fickleness. symmetry. satisfy. equalize. adjust. pilot. unrest. firmness. synonyms (n) audition. discreet. sailing. trained. inexperienced. sagacious. equipollent. equivalent (eşdeğer). examine. down. (v) encounter. (n) navy. synonyms (adj) maritime. antonyms (adj) stable. (v) agree. deniz 1. resistance. synonyms (adj) equal. denge 1.English denetmen superintendent. saltwater. competition. practiced. shipping. level (düzey). live. fixed. glide. observational. tentative. fixedness. chilly. immovability. super. (n) different. degree. same. recoup. clumsy. fighter. rival. awkward. stupid. synonyms (n) constancy. (v) probationary. fickle. wise (akıllı. steadiness. irresolute.org) . coordinate. skillful. settle. cutting. 2. synonyms (n) custodian.Turkish . amateurish. transcendental. (n) method. supervisor. precarious. venture. antonym (n) disequilibrium. charlatanical. subterranean. bitter. synonyms (n) ocean. empirical. imbalance. sea. probe. (v) draught. fluid. know. experient. educated. equipoise. crapulence. account. steadfast. coarse. even. unprejudiced. balance. antonyms (adj) unlike. nautical. changeful. inconstant. governor. synonyms (n) test. leatherneck. remainder. antonyms (adj) biased. (v) green. test. (n) counterpart. reward. synonyms (adj) saltwater. inexpert. (v) flat. 3. category. sub. (v) unbalance. equate. (adj) marine. marine. cooked. (v) consideration. experiment. absorb. unbalanced. denizaltı submarine. counterbalance. steering. verify. antonym (adj) theoretical. capable. experimental. alike. 2. commensurate. unbalance. account. enjoy. balanced. carouse. pay. deep. redeem. synonyms (adj) immature. competent. sea. antonyms (v) clash. maritime. endurance. 2. counterpoise. quiz. receive. antonyms (adj) inclined. maritime. galionji. guardian. match. intelligent. happening. overseer. aviation. dengelemek 1. intoxicant. inexperienced. conversant. pilotage. check. constant. build. regular. scientific. erratic. shrewd. caretaker. galiongee. antonyms (adj) refined. 2. factual. complement. grinder. new. boss. contrast. synonyms (adj) empiric. flatten. vacillation. solidity. champion. deneyimli 1. unsettled. volatility. expert. prudent. kibrit). uniform. stable. manager. antonym (n) inexperience. deneyimsiz 1. keeper. marine. informed. director. 2. synonym (v) seafaring. par. even. 4. meet. disorder. unsophisticated. skilled. remainder. redress. equivalent. audit. knowing. durability. sensible. bleak. angled. deney 1. parity. harmonious. synonyms (n) excess. slanting. synonyms (adj) judicious. indemnify. compensate. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. drink (içmek). fast. reasonable. synonyms (n) guidance. nautical. compensate. raw. (adj) experimental. inclement. shaky. dengeli 1. fluctuation. contradict. army. offset. antonyms (n) imbalance. strange. antonyms (adj) inexperienced. travel. naked. proportion. deneysel 1. equal (eşit). galionji. synonyms (n) equal. symmetrical. insecure. leatherneck. experiment. chief. unfair. (adj) horizontal. antonyms (adj) experienced. equality. criterion. balance (denge). offset. keen. (v) compare. 2. potion. firm. (adj) curator. underwater. bib. episode. like. strength. routing. experience. fit. antonyms (n) imbalance. piloting. equilibrium. endure. unwise. unreliable. tentative. calm. proof. audit. accord. synonyms (n) pigboat. ignorant. stableness. steady. synonyms (adj) comparable. compensate. taste. (v) uneven. fellow. synonyms (adj) adequate. waves. denk 1. 2. experienced. credit. parallel. nip. analyze. aquatic. synonyms (n) poise. uniform. harmonize. bilge). sea. raw (ham). (v) assay. mate. poise. callow. recompense. impartial. administrator. denizcilik 1. provisional. repay. capricious. seafaring.websters-online-dictionary. level. bluejacket. counterpoise. correct. contrast. analogous. bluejacket. young. try. dengesizlik instability. synonyms (adj) changeable. soaring. reimburse. 2. flux. navigation. test (sınamak). (adj) see. credit. array. fair. raise. bulldoze. flightiness. naive. class. (v) 119 counterbalance. identical. match. meet. complement. speculative. dissimilar. feel. secure. flight. deneyim experience (tecrübe). cover. responsibility. trial. experimentation. unstableness. essay. water. unsound. subterrene. prove. gauge. bomber. correspond. naive. synonyms (n) balance. changeability. 2. permanence. trial. destroy. remunerate. measure. 3. (n) navy. biting. balance. (v) examine. experimental. attempt. immature. match (eş. unreliability. knowledgeable. sore. antonyms (n) stability. (adj) fugacity. dismantle. inspector. excess. settle. equilibrium. unpredictable. counterweight. quackish. inconstancy. cuneus. corresponding. aquatic. able. sample. antonyms (adj) foolish. brew. rational. thoughtful. matching. suffer. crampfish. pretentious. sane. synonyms (adj) empirical. symmetry. unexperienced. 2. cold. (adj) subaqueous. pragmatic. old. floor. stability. 3. sound. have. akin. chock. aim. (v) adjust. dengesiz unstable. sailplaning. sophisticated. balanced. synonyms (adj) crude. proficient. booze. seagoing. alcohol. gliding. galiongee. gulp. synonyms (v) balance. observed. couple. unequal. swallow. fresh. piercing. antonym (n) instability. examination. demolish. harmonise. raze. sophisticated. practical. expiate. steady. undersea. (v) unbalance. synonyms (n) event. duplicate. inspection. balance (dengelemek). trained. synonyms (adj) accomplished. discerning.

grade. depression. retention. footstep. jolt. walk. collapse. classify. rate (oran). store. tank. retention. saklamak. synonyms (n) beat. emporium. 5. synonyms (n) hoard. tip. accumulate. denklem equation. (adj) putrid. preserve. benchmark. terminal. article. (v) ascend. order. hasten. pour. lay. peer. career. fetid. inconsistent. dash. get. reposition. comic. luxuriant. branch. storehouse. score. advance. peel. bulldoze. creek. synonyms (n) class. derecelendirmek grade (derece). brook. gauge. magazine. flag. place. amount.English conduct. normal. 2. synonyms (adj) model. degree. accumulate. point. pamphlet. field. saklamak. stride. synonyms (n) ravine. basamak). act. detail. delete. pamphlet. depolamak. yardstick. domain. score. equalize. prototype. raze. arm. agitate. tankful. bulk. evacuate. quality. stok). 5. evaluate. station. dent. recess. equality. fermentor. storeroom. degree. lees. gradient. guarantee. synonyms (n) reservoir. heap. go. swarm. spot. meter. proceeding. hoard. warehousing. cache. order. synonyms (n) godown. jar. warehouse (ambar). purview. jet. quiver. 7. caliber. expanse. keep. aim. depresyon depression (bunalım. koşmak).120 Turkish . stockroom. accepted. drive. (v) arrange. (v) fake. mount. 8. antonyms (adj) unequal. garner. 4. rank. ratio. (adj) clear. rise. estimate. bill. touch. place. group. antonym (v) trickle. (v) level. (v) flat. stock. disturb. synonyms (n) extension. synonyms (n) class. edge. agency. common. group. floor. antonym (v) withdraw. warehousing. (v) bank. matter. nib. amass. 6. depolamak store (ambar. area. journal (günlük). synonyms (n) extent. (v) appreciate. brand. river. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. flutter. depot. dismantle. equivalence. portion. dot. class. demolish. shop. storage (depolama). synonyms (n) bureau. eject. campaign. rate. jail. chronicle. line. worth. clip. gradient. repose. stomach. leave. degree. associate. comic. percentage. boom. measure. derece 1. belly. distinction. (v) stock. synonyms (n) conservation. formula. runnel. deprem shake. warehouse. nokta). inflation. column. reach. part. reserve. dale. newspaper. caste. 6. daily. regular. graduation. esteem. compute. synonyms (n) charge. apex. distance. phase. entrepot. synonyms (v) oust. wag. division. magazine. canon. 9. synonyms (v) rule. reserve. depo 1. review. slanting. reposition. 3. business. accumulation. bank. thickener. unconventional. assess. periodical. trough. faculty. cartridge. (n) pass. gush. depot. repository. title. count. synonyms (n) stage. evaluate. gait. (v) level. log. tread. storehouse. ephemeris. trembling. plane. compensation. magazine (dergi). heap. put. norm. example. önlem). grade. gully. move. dere 1. scale (ölçek). depository. process. dump. cabinet. antonyms (adj) inclined. cast. 2. raise. gap. repressive. step (adım. build. weekly. crowd. monthly. brandish. compartment. race. quantity. repertory. dergi 1. course. container. length. dejection. form. end. monthly. gamut. direct. commit. standard (standart). (v) store. gradation. footprint. function. pitch. 7. synonyms (n) diary. frequency. bad. run. synonyms (n) flake. synonyms (n) peak. criterion. hint. rank. fell. depo. (v) differ. decline. climb. business. time. boiler. book. value. array. line. well. memory. depository. lake. tub. direct. book. scale. dose. (v) magazine. promptuary. excite. deduct. charge. synonyms (n) price. breadth. procedure. boundary. newspaper. install. garner. amplitude. outcrop. synonyms (n) flow. compass. synonyms (n) conservation. ölçü. mag. (n) compeer. cartridge. 3. heap. office. destroy. hurry. abolish. dimension. level (düzey). accumulation. amass. (prep) current. depolama storage. keep. action. store. (adj) stream. encouragement. fur. synonyms (n) hoard. run (çalıştırmak. chip.websters-online-dictionary. synonyms (v) beat. departman department (bölüm). rank (sıra). market. brand. antonyms (v) insert. stok). flatten. dip. fix. spurt. preservation. classify. periodical. synonyms (n) range. antonym (adj) fresh. prize. represent. storage. (n) tremble. category. supply. arrangement. vale. (v) appraise. (v) head. magnitude. (adj) quake. (adj) mete. (v) pace. take. hollow. reservoir. pattern. equal. cavity. arsenal. (v) area. cache. (n) average. file. arsenal. 3. position. synonyms (n) journal. synonyms (n) journal. hole. quality. hollow. memory. deserve. weekly. proportion. fountain. disproportionate. bank. weigh. classic. synonyms (n) store. (v) flood. 2. stop. form. drop. synonyms (n) basin. tank. 2. 10. extract. uneven. allotment. elation. happiness. angled. calculate. file. slump. fathom. entrepot. strip. equating. 11. mark. clip. (adj) balance. entrepot. cooler. section.org) . trench. synonyms (n) cistern. synonyms (n) equalization. wave. extent. çöküntü). stream (akım). operate. special. height. post. conventional. moment. emporium. measurement. condition. pull. totter. discharge. status. category. horizontal. measure (ölçmek. (v) stock. antonym (n) mount. market. impression. remove (kaldırmak). antonyms (adj) unusual. gorge. depozito deposit (mevduat). expel. valley (vadi). store (ambar. antonym (v) descend. merit. residue. preservation. synonyms (adj) even. mag. 4. unequal. preserve. egregious. shop. depot. erase. (v) uneven. 12. point (göstermek. antonyms (n) cheerfulness. terminus.

antonyms (adv) later. mass. distract. fell. (v) intense. cloak. ambush. survey. confederate. down. (v) pare. annals. dert 1. drop. acquaintance. instantly. skin. design. mask. (v) inconvenience. rind. practice. tradition. affair. synonyms (n) creation. compact. inferior. misery. strength. slowly. affinity. (adj) intercourse. synonyms (n) category. esoteric. profoundness. compilation. confederation. disturb. message. issue. society. question. department. antonyms (v) calm. study. commentary. light. combination. affliction. sample. help. might. review (gözden geçirmek). agency. sane. charge. community. (v) mourn.Turkish . (v) combine. excoriate. bundle.English record. width. strong. discipline. burden. (v) rebuke. integument. guide. communion. draught. skin (cilt. reading. grieve. 3. quickly. extent. combination. 6. high. incontinently. 2. kind. rectify. anxiety. stick. baton. hit. profundity. height. antonyms (n) silence. synonyms (n) brotherhood. initiation. synonym (n) schoolroom. (v) sort. (v) heal.websters-online-dictionary. pain. ax. 2. illness. order. commonwealth. academy. people. bright. example (örnek). classify. area. domination. pile. broad. fit. fellowship. 4. shrewd. ders 1. amalgam. fell. strength. difficulty. disorder. instruction. heavy. assembly. model. ability. relief. astuteness. 3. constitution. destroy. fast. trouble. heap. diurnal. ailment. union. derman 1. daily. synonyms (adj) thick. synonyms (adv) immediately. kabuk. bother. antonyms (v) reveal. synonyms (n) distress. exposed. obscure. iktidar). cluster. 3. camouflage. disquiet. good. civilization. assembly. flay. link. 4. crust. point. example. complaint. antonym (adj) trivial. özne). confused. (adj) illogical. piece. fierce. criticize. antonym (adv) eventually. right. parade. instantly. heartbreak. synonyms (n) matter. lesson. association. 3. (adj) barbarous. enlightenment. breeding. coat. deepness. article. summarily. heartache. helplessness. happiness. bury. trouble. familiarity. firm. readily. fellowship. ill. (v) check. alliance. control. recondite. synonyms (n) abyss. formation. synonyms (n) education. truncheon. cover. contrition. fashion. straight. sensible. order. inspect. hit. fur. constitution. derleme composition. organization. illustration. profound. immediately (hemen). anguish. compost. camaraderie. hide (gizlemek). annoy. bludgeon. synonyms (n) accumulation. synonyms (n) affiliation. annual. gathering. post). class. critique. association. pigskin. company. sadness. high-pitched. thresh. (v) beat. relieve. position. form. subject (konu. cut. instance. rational. establishment. please. moral. calendar. aid. syndicate. criticism. 2. compound. gathering. antonym (adj) liberated. forthwith. abysmal. synonyms (n) bat. bunch. unite. review. friendship. 3. derinlik depth. college. sound (ses). synonyms (n) exercise. rank. task. body. grade. savage. league. utter. edification. (v) ring. cabal. solid. chime. right. gang. inspection. synonyms (n) echo. large. quarrel. shelter. (v) assemblage. family. just. 2. connection. intensity. 4. amend. (adj) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. contraindication. founding. curative. dernek 1. class (sınıf). promptly. construction. penitence. authority. pelt. (n) impressive. training. alloy. wail. investigation. direct. remedy (ilaç). variety. weak. 2. extremity. retrospect. straightaway. (adj) liable. power (güç. cudgel. medicine. batch. whine. synonyms (n) peel. affection. synonyms (adv) directly. society. group. examine. baffle. congress. brutal. guild. intimacy. 4. federation. weakness. advice. peal. partnership. learning. foundation. (adj) darken. lament. synonyms (n) force. worry. exhaustive. bark. muffle. synonyms (n) institution. pattern. precedent. 5. cloud. coating. synonyms (n) fleece. synonyms (n) examination. circle. (v) intersect. bund. show. conspiracy. express. citizen. club. agitate. drug. (v) assemblage. hull. important. arrange. compromise. antonyms (n) joy. toplama). shell. mourning. motif. concur. repentance. regret. corporation. dominion. abstruseness. doctrine. archetype. party. intimate. wisdom. prostrate. texture. instantaneously. indoctrination. antidote. sound. 3. now. presently. paper. folk. 5. scrape. afflict. judge. sorrow (acı). place. synonyms (n) crisscross. intensity. correct. bottomless. teaching. outright. class. synonyms (n) grief. content. rich. robust. categorize.org) . synonyms (n) accusation. brand. energy. breadth. capacity. gild. synonyms (v) conceal. exemplar. meeting. group. harmony. suddenly. companionship. 2. league. faculty. sinek). dark. makeup. wide. obscure. synonyms (n) cure. organization. rapidly. fraternity. comment. deri 1. (v) drub. unsound. derslik classroom. (v) influence. principle. level. cruel. healthy. (adj) instanter. redress. 121 derlem collection (koleksiyon. veil. abstruse. leather. momentarily. delight. demolish. soft. protest. sermon. cross (haç). complete. assortment. blow. synonyms (n) coalition. induction. club (kulüp. synonyms (v) chop. (adj) reasonable. remorse. potency. institute. hide. warning. absorbed. profound. (n) cover. antonyms (n) powerlessness. antonyms (adj) shallow. field. doctor. band. paradigm. lead. nightclub. asylum. 2. pedagogy. composing. derhal 1. prototype. synonyms (n) case. deep. institution. superficial. confederacy. grave. organisation. custom. soon. thwart. floor. precept. dependent. claim. thrash. conference. organ. derin 1. buckskin. expose. disease. disguise. synonyms (n) arrangement. sickness. synonyms (adj) deep. public. set. exactly. (adj) daybook. plaint.

water. 8. field. check. 4. bulge. increase. 4. weaken. augment. angry. antonyms (n) stubbornness. harry. synonyms (n) aim. carry. grace. seashore. wad. charity. reject. packet. (adj) second. bevy. collaboration. assistance. court. examination. confirm. blast. business. bundle. bedeck. boost. army. (v) compress. patronage. synonyms (n) cord. lie. back. row. sustain. stock. weaken. reject. engineer. undermine. deşmek probe (sonda). 10. examination. trim. antonyms (n) hindrance. inhabit. 2. synonyms (v) torment. drop. ease. woe. support. hassle. annoyance. care. (v) oppose. parcel. bag. arrangement. second. desolation. shoreline. audition. copy. maritime. patronage. cooperation. mound. maker.websters-online-dictionary. 6. weaken. leisure. lineage. carry. dejection. intent. purpose. prop. dress. brace. brace. (v) bunch. deste 1. knapsack. fuss. encourage.English brace. sanction. favor. encourage. pause. investment. group. synonyms (n) aid. grumpy. border. sponsorship. search. compact. desteklemek). ease. traverse. trial (deneme). abandon. (v) assist. sanction. destek). design. antonym (adj) off-the-rack. assay. mind. benefaction. sketch. (adj) good-tempered. garnish. deşarj discharge (boşaltmak). antonyms (v) uncross. fret. halt. synonyms (n) cluster. antonyms (v) soothe. embellish. synonyms (n) relief. reject. (v) succor. desinatör designer. antonyms (v) leave. beach. baton. synonyms (v) destek 1. fill. cranky. form. advantage. synonyms (n) help. 5. paragon. synonyms (n) investigation.122 Turkish . elevate. stand. sustenance. (adj) remainder. sponsorship. derya sea (deniz). synonyms (n) bank. destekleme 1. pattern. molest. raise. membership. keder).org) . (adj) irritate. couturier. pity. 5. synonyms (n) help. concern. rest. synonyms (n) ocean. absolve. cast. back. enlarge. annoyed. salkım). line (çizgi. maintenance. misfortune. comfort. remedy. crabby. corroborate. lot. herd. flock. band. paketlemek). melancholy. assist. neglect. crush. 3. investigate. design (proje. encouragement. neglect. sponsion. plumb. antonym (v) disperse. desteklemek 1. heap. sorrow. desteklemek). proof. bide. relaxation. array. bear. horde. endorsement. continue. residue. assistance (yardım). pack (paket. support (dayanak. idea. figure. partnership. contrive. synonyms (n) mob. (v) acquit. norm. stave. (v) plan. approval. encouragement. arrest. order. competition. bitterness. boost. boost. clear. cram. promote. contribute. pack. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. help. package. research. accompaniment. mace. start. abide. synonyms (n) dolor. 2. example. synonyms (n) release. teamwork. mold. complete. synonyms (n) cane. collection. crowd. hat). comfort. clothe. 9. hand. reassurance. advertise. bunch (grup. funding. accompaniment. bounce. hire. clump. grief (acı. break. load. file. undermine. benefit. (v) bundle. burst. bias. maintain. rivalry. inquiry. (v) crutch. sustenance. seagoing. seaside. sleep. relieve. endure. keep. attire. synonyms (v) support. 2. service. economics. encourage. faculty. backing. (adj) cease. troop. championship. effort. adversity. scheme. synonyms (n) test. (n) harass. experiment. destek. thrust. device. recess. hearing. mint. explore. decorator. company. abandon. (n) assistance. desen 1. synonyms (v) adorn. patronage. fear. (v) oppose. guidance. eject. neglect. bear. support (dayanak. vex. rod. creator. synonyms (n) architect. projector. keep. crabbed. undermine. grouchy. conceive. inventor. balance. abet. coast. knock. border. construct. rest (dinlenme). kalmak). stack. disgorge. 3. devotion. (v) decrease. drawing. riverside. ornament. (adj) marine. aid. worry (üzülmek). backing. penetrate. antonyms (n) disappointment. (v) examine. box. post. drawer. (adj) experimental. (v) artist. beautify. configuration. keep. breed. cosponsor. (v) oppose. expedite. back. repose. alleviate. check. championship. sheaf. boundary. detonate. shape. crease. edge. coastline. stick. synonyms (n) jump. maintain. avail. (n) delay. auspices. exploration. antonyms (n) hindrance. agony. mass. batch. 2. approval. set. lift. (n) calmness. fashion. 3. (v) prop. array. depart. antonym (n) chance. synonyms (n) support. margin. drain. club. dwell. 2. enhance. linger. shore. (adj) sore. contrivance. synonyms (n) concurrence. decorate. funds. money. push. endeavor. antonym (n) interior. 7. land. association. house. promotion. cable. (v) assist. support (dayanak. disappointment. jam. confrontation. maintain. sponsorship. personnel. tasarlamak). prop. synonyms (n) remnant. endorsement. change. hike. synonyms (v) reside. synonyms (n) sponsor. assistance. defend. gang. promotion. bolster. antonym (v) work. aid. succor. chagrin. apprehension. deck. amplify. (v) advance. bedight. strengthen. stay. tease. reassure. buttress. remain. dismissal. waves. synonyms (n) model. (v) mould. gloom. bear. ancestry. backing. stand. course. facilitate. attempt. fathom. hardship. boost. maintenance. conception. staff (asa). wound. inspect. antonym (v) unpack. serve. board. cooperation. inquire. assist. nautical. shoring. maintenance. stop. attend. floor. synonyms (n) stand. cantankerous. cashier. abscond. 3. alliance. huddle. antonym (v) hinder. stay (kalma. employees. comfort. (v) nap. 6. synonyms (n) pile. antonyms (n) hindrance. abandon. backpack. scepter. 7. essay. antonyms (v) capture. family. deliver.

sequence. beckon. massive. continual. deliver. fast. proceeds. fixed. class. turnover. 2. enthusiastic. fighter. speed. diffusion. audience. wobbly. crowd. chimera. drive. assemblage. (n) hold. impulse. sequel. hearing. intensify. antonyms (v) stop. devalüasyon devaluation. gallery. synonyms (adj) changeable. supporter. era. remove. adopt. devinim motion (hareket). vigorous. overthrow. itemize. brief. lively. bizarrerie. application. eccentricity. 3. synonyms (adj) constant. synonyms (v) stand. draw. post. 2. lasting. unbroken. temporary. flapjack. relieve. transport. everlasting. brute. summarize. feature. footing. (v) heal. powerful. certain. confirm. elongation. synonyms (n) movableness. position. invigorate. cast. efficient. paladin. shift. medicine. deterioration. menstruation. aggressive. ceaseless. revert. synonyms (n) dissemination. prodigy. (adj) prolong. synonyms (n) age. perpetual. mammoth. dispersal. transmit. maintain. airing. fighter. extend. unrelenting. item. antonyms (adj) dull. demon. expressive. enhance. continued. prestige. fluid. ogre. 2. endure. hero. moment. devamlı 1. impulsion. synonyms (n) continuance. running. antonyms (v) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. fiend. (v) sign. gesticulate. circulation (dolaşım). shifting. ace. migrant. unchangeable. maintenance. day. interval. signal. exponent. outline. revolution. constancy. question. fortify. enumerate. deveran 1. epoch. standing. support. date. continuance. exchange. dynamic (dinamik). devir 1. patron. synopsis. resumption. continue (sürdürmek). antonym (v) oppose. steady. uphold. colossus. unsettled. propulsion. lusty. paladin. perennial. dispersion. immortal. antonym (n) inertia. partisan. chain. 4. delivery. tendance. deva remedy (ilaç). mobile. continuation. mercurial. synonyms (n) overturn. curative. champ. freak. (adj) erect. large. end. continuing. stable. (v) continuous. champion. sales. vast. define. abstract. persist. maintain. recite. impermanent. provisional. upset. antonym (n) discontinuity. (v) defend. passage. concatenation. style. amend. sequence. energetic. superficial. miniature. synonyms (n) report. buttress. synonyms (n) kinetics. destekleyici champion. stationary. movement. era (çağ). jumbo. resolute. cease. pace. antonyms (adj) intermittent. assign. assembly. synonyms (n) giant. attitude. derangement. synonyms (n) continuation. commit. last. be. live. eternal. reenforce. revolution. cool. interchange. transitory. coherence. elephantine.English consolidate. defender. synonyms (adj) colossal. synonyms (adj) frequent. extension. hero. uninterrupted. (n) digest. currency. keep. postscript. spread. continue. importance. transfer (aktarma. incessant. sporadic. (n) perm. synonyms (n) roll. circumstance. generation. thrust. protagonist. devil. antonyms (adj) fleeting. devinirlik momentum. harden. immense. synonyms (adj) active. consign. huge. remain. sensor. fragile. recapitulation. dev 1. power. gyration. assignment. movement. change. corroborate. duration. (adj) versatility. even. point. enduring. indelible. mighty. (v) describe. specify. calm. curl. cheer. detektör detector. persevere. pastry. brace. gesticulation. force. abiding. dynamical. doctor. backer. synonyms (adj) durable. (v) statics. reputation. continual. detay detail (ayrıntı). exponent. velocity. 2. unceasing. wave. forceful. tendment. devingen 1. conclusion. synonyms (n) gesture. disturbance. nomadic. appoint. enormous. preserve. selector. resume. aktarmak). consecutive. (n) rank. bout. continuous (sürekli). motile. period (dönem. antonyms (adj) small. gigantic. income. rectify. dot. earnings. synonyms (n) advocate. antonyms (adj) immobile. chronic. time. discontinuous. fame. static. devamlılık continuity (süreklilik). 2. rotation. turnout. attending. motion. 4. aid. (v) convey. 3. tiny. course. congregation. impassive. turn. repeated. stiffen. nonstop. shaky. giant. patron. (v) defend. synonyms (n) advocate. motionless. regular. 2. cycle. erratic. flow. gargantuan. relief. antidote. synonyms (n) demodulator. send. spreading. action. motionless. 5. (v) harrow. place. attendance. disorder. synonyms (n) impetus. drug. antonyms (n) absence. antonyms (adj) unsteady. (v) movable. orbit. (v) steadfast. driving. devingenlik mobility. synonyms (v) recover. persistent. exercise. beast. length. partisan. standing. stage. toughen. nokta). settled. unending. epitome. antonym (n) generalization. vibrant.Turkish . wheel. point. relate. continuance. backer. secure. play. bide. run. correct. back. champ. perseverance. endless. regain. duration. bodyguard. attendancy. synonyms (n) presence. give. series. synonyms (adj) firm. detecter. 4. move. bolster. (n) monster. antonyms (n) discontinuance. consistent. distribution. duration. synonyms (n) period. (adj) stupendous. progress. continency. summary. synonyms (n) conveyance. carry. sustain. devimbilim dynamics (dinamik). roving. sedate. discontinue. nonattendance. persistence. renew. circulation. monstrosity. flying. synonyms (v) abide. defender. immutable. unreliable. 3. permanent. mutant. rotation (dönme). motion. ace. supplement. devam 1. behemoth. help. 4. synonyms (n) cure. restart. animated. round. peregrine.websters-online-dictionary.org) . monster. 123 permanent (kalıcı). increase. redress. cycle. synonyms (n) depression.

2. consign. generation. state (durum. encourage. harm. new. coup. synonyms (n) dissemination. (adj) pleased. synonyms (v) overturn. detachment. encourage. synonyms (n) bicycle. circle. circulation. please. assignment. confuse. frequent. exponential. (n) disorder. synonym (n) curl. deliver. fuzz. diferansiyel differential. delivery. (v) clock. spy. synonyms (adv) below. activist. chore. dispersion. distinction. affirmation. yönetim). mutiny. rule. fur. trouble. occasion. transport. overthrow. distress. confident. perturb. demonstration. (adj) disturbance. schedule. currency. drink. distribution. please. diğer 1. loop. spin. revolt. space. scout. limitation. periphery. please. consignment. ifade). charge. circulation. extra. overthrow. trip. synonyms (adj) integral. downhearted. devre). measure. 2. disquiet. insurrection. designation. (adj) unsettled. revolution (devrim). perturb. aktarmak). insurrection. direction. stint. reverse. (adj) unsettled. indication. antonyms (v) calm. announce. (n) insurgent. business. day. rebellious. governing. soothe. devlet 1. stage. excursion. bother. different. express. dönem. reverse. dispirited. route. agitate. coup. bout. (v) bike. flaw. dominion. phrase. government (hükümet. tour. (v) convey. couch. nokta). express. periphery. appointment. give. synonyms (n) hour. course. synonyms (n) age. damage. (adj) pleased. dot. description. disturbance. excursion. synonyms (n) allocation. rotation (dönme). motorcycle. soothe. disturb. soothe. (v) circuit. devretmek 1. ring. confuse. expression. encourage. hurt. hurt. overthrow. soothe. logarithmic. patrolman. governance. dejected. rhythm. airing. synonyms (n) conveyance. daily. agitate. position. commission. disturbance. interval. spreading. hurt. alteration. passage. tempo. antonym (n) repression. declaration. protection. perimeter. confident. synonyms (v) overturn. disquiet. moment. feature. enunciation. statement. season. synonyms (v) overturn. regular. totitive. trouble. happy. other (başka). compass. spread. devrilmek upset. menstruation. journey. epoch. journey. keep. encourage. circuit (çevrim. please. down (aşağı). district. synonyms (n) word. compass. synonyms (v) overturn. (adj) cheerful. locution. upset. antonyms (adv) up. disturb. (adj) national. perturb. devriye patrol. revolt. 5. distress. antonyms (v) deny. (n) disorder. exchange. allege. profession. tour. insurrectionist. enunciate. (v) declare. periodical. transfer (aktarma. (n) feather. country. wheel. antonym (adj) old-fashioned. expound. round. allotment. (v) circle. infrequent. orbit. show. zaman). sentence. perturb. synonyms (n) beat. series. area. circuit (çevrim). (adj) empire. keep. confuse. fitful. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. downward. different. downcast. confuse. send. another. antonyms (v) calm. bother. turn. sentinel. area. synonyms (n) change. run. transmit. reverse. instruction. awkwardness. guard. articulation. extremist. difference. antonyms (n) benefit. agitate. (adj) unsettled. synonyms (n) nation. bonus. expression (anlatım. cycle (bisiklet). communication. bother. round. assignation. (adj) cut. earmark. deyim 1. (adj) private. time. snag. manifestation.org) . rebellion. mutiny. articulate. (n) disorder. mark. disquiet. argument. synonyms (n) deprivation. (v) circuit. guidance. confuse. synonyms (v) overturn. alternating. mention. 2. (adj) unsettled. apportionment. inconvenience. (v) formulate. routine. disturb. length. regulate. 8. disquiet. rotation. phrase. 6. cycle. juncture. duty. revolutionist. voice. pedal. shift. more. (v) conduct. antonym (n) denial. soothe. reverse. upward. synonyms (n) administration. odd. antonyms (v) calm. 2. dezavantaj disadvantage. synonyms (n) beat. further. route. drive. assignment. fluent. hertz. synonyms (n) gyration. control. mission. agitate. (n) disorder. irregular. alternate. alteration. era. perimeter. recurring. (adj) pleased. loop.websters-online-dictionary. cycle. rotation. (v) circle. antonyms (v) calm. turn. idiom. overthrow. 10. disturb. trouble. overthrow. synonyms (n) diction. subversive. point. force. disquiet. confident. trouble. spell. synonyms (n) account. face. rebellion. confident. (n) disorder. distress. mutineer. circulation (dolaşım). devrilmiş upset. (n) derivative. (adj) pleased. children. commit. devrimci revolutionary. appearance. distress. devirmek 1. despondent. synonyms (adj) intermittent. 7. conclusion. avowal. sequence. district. aspect. disturbance. hurt. rebel. management. (v) watch. antonym (n) death. failing. kingdom. bill.124 Turkish . devour. 9. perturb. command. devirli periodic (periyodik). spasmodic. hold. liability. reverse. round. countenance. remove. antonyms (v) hold. agitate. beat. synonyms (adj) additional. place. dispersal. (adj) unsettled. fanatic. proposition. confident. lawless. gyration. devre 1. 2. duration. depressed.English carry. süre. circle. recurrent. value. please. devrim revolution. anarchist. hurt. (adj) pleased. descendants. loss. bother. prowl. fault. 3. militant. diffusion. bother. authority. instant. synonyms (n) beat. encourage. disturbance. fluxion. command. determination. hurt. assigning. cabinet. language. devrilme upset. distress. penalty. devirme upset. (v) advantage. put. say. announcement. disturb. cycle. mutinous. period (devir. affirm. parlance. synonyms (adj) radical. trip. roll. (v) consume. authorities. change. detriment. trouble. time (saat. eyalet). antonyms (v) calm. disturbance. assertion.

portraiture. nimble. reckless. attentive. austere. due. righteous. right. (adj) disreputable. wary. letter. seçenek). imprecise. dik 1. buttress. heedlessness. synonyms (adj) numeric. synonyms (n) neglect. painting. slapdash. decent. chary. rigorous. value. sheer. saturate. assiduous. lay. erect. memorandum. winged. sensible. apprehension. educate. mindful. unbowed. (v) note. rear. standing. dikkat 1. raise. added. accurate. equipment. cautious. foster. attentive. steep. carefulness. upright. antonym (v) unpick. bottom. vertical (düşey). appropriate. file. indication. spur. see. antonyms (n) carelessness. exorbitant. sudden. (n) privilege. kind. erect. (adj) disreputable. 125 synonyms (n) advertisement. fit. 3. reckon. synonyms (adj) perpendicular. antonyms (n) inattention. engrossed. disregard. spirit. tack. estimation. keep. serious. stanchion. bent. 2. spike. charge. synonyms (adj) fast. preference. annotation. caution. immerse. (n) aim. prone. hard. proper. administer. deliberate. reserved. commissure. fear. thoughtlessness. rapid. economical. tail. affection. photograph. (n) option. drench. (n) computer. synonyms (adj) alternate. ridge. pure. heedful. niyet). (v) anxiety. straight. harsh. thrifty. 4. discover. (v) disregard. nursing. substitute. upturned. true. negligent. plumb. abrupt. listless. right (doğru. synonyms (n) twinge. reckless. 4. constitute. straight. worry. carelessness. grave. thoughtful. pang. gentle. methodical. synonyms (adj) rigid. alternative (alternatif. scrupulous. neglectfulness. consider. remark. barb. embed. (adv) thoughtless. dikeç column (kolon. distinction. diken spine (omurga). dikkatsiz careless. prudent. monolith. procession. cursory. lax. precise. open. icon. design. behind. yükseltmek). pure. line. image. warning. raise (toplamak. synonyms (adj) high. establish. dikkatsizlik negligence. honorable. inflexible. unjustified. quill. variant. antonyms (adj) rash. virtuous. mill. faithful. antonym (v) ignore. depiction. diligence. synonyms (adj) careful. strict. moderate. backside. close. discreet. account. flexible. meticulous. prickle. post. virtuous. incautious. frugal. erect. hasty. figure. point. sticker. exact. true. cautious. (n) left. dissimilar. attendance. (v) wrong. sensitive. observe. bury. factory. free. build. shy. heed. forethought. insouciant. distinct. honest. neglectful. (v) exact. judicious. selection. strict. fleet. synonyms (n) comment. synonyms (adj) considerate. hurried. (n) front. indifference. antonyms (adj) careless. consideration. synonyms (adj) back. imbue. 3. antonym (adj) slow. place. suture. found. law. 5. observation. immoral. support. provident. lax. diligent. detect. crick. synonyms (adj) accurate. mark. cramp. antonym (n) attention. choice. admonish. delineation. reflective. (v) heedless. 2. characterization. infuse. aid. circumspect. guarded. back. purpose. picture. nurse. (n) respect. antonym (n) disrespect. hasty. 2. moral. (adj) tie. canny. fair. after. series. (v) sew. plant (bitki). watchful. graft. gore. believe. thoughtful. information. gusset. inattentive. cagey. count. herb. quick. epistle. synonyms (adj) upright. recklessness. plumb. import. dikkatli 1. caring. circumspection. portrait. reasonable. admonition. cautious. antonyms (adj) fore. inattentiveness. good. correct. synonyms (n) mind. note (not. (v) anxious. haphazard. pricker. synonyms (adj) absorbed. precaution. synonyms (adj) correct. studious. dip. appreciate. antonyms (adj) lenient. good. impulsive. 5. antonyms (adj) gentle. right. unwholesome. agile. variation. clean. intent (amaç. cursory. burden. fresh. dijital digital. antonyms (adj) inconsiderate. (adj) tower. recklessness. honest. (n) posterior. (n) column. synonyms (adj) vertical. thorn. neglect. look. hanging. unwholesome. prone. row. meaning. embroider. perfect. perpendicular. goal. 3. not etmek). antonyms (adj) inappropriate. 2. ear. synonyms (n) attention. regard. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. antonyms (adj) horizontal. prudent. admiration. opposite. find. just. thorough. prompt. even. alertness. prudence. earnest. alert. care. incorrect. dikmek 1. (v) douse. express. honorable. thoughtful. (v) fix. sheer. intention. 3. declaration. maintenance. solicitous. relaxed. incautious. portrayal. synonyms (n) manufactory. discern. else. caveat. hanging. rashness. attentiveness. wary. imprudent. alternating. upright. notice. synonyms (adj) inconsiderate. message. fair. notice. impregnate. dikiş stitch. outrageous. impetuous. obelisk. label. 3. degenerate. sütun). dikey 1.org) . upturned. gradual. aware.English second. exacting. wasteful. line. 2. set.Turkish . caution. synonyms (n) effigy. careful. attend. hold.websters-online-dictionary. forgetful. conservative. mention. stern. attention. solemn. baste. just. synonyms (n) backbone. (v) rectify. rachis. esteem. counsel. report. drift. likeness. inadvertent. soak. deference. noble. synonyms (n) advice. stiff. 2. sağ). synonyms (v) estimate. antonyms (adv) horizontally. antonym (adj) same. degenerate. vigilance. nurture. custody. speedy. thoughtless. concentration. advise. prop. vertical. deliberation. excessive. pensive. tactful. antonyms (adv) horizontally. seam. righteous. articulation. importance. swift. guarded. minaret. wariness. inattention. regard (bakmak). antonyms (adj) careful. bill. severe. 6. synonyms (v) boost. 4. care. courteous. distinguish. heedless. expeditious. bother. irresponsible. (v) record. concern. (v) warn. idea. synonyms (n) pillar. end. (v) breed.

(n) advance. musty. synonyms (v) chop. antonym (n) unbelief. stale. antonym (adj) secular. (n) volition. morsel. discomfort. dry. cool. invite. gauzy. desire. active. solemn. dingil shaft. address. axle. invocation. paragraph. green. choose. converse. entreaty. slice (dilim). synonyms (n) comfort. vibrant. (v) statics. antonyms (adj) old.English shape. partition. outlines. chip. speechless. filmy. synonyms (n) arrow. nick. word. dependence. chunk. gash. (v) aggravate. oppressive. (v) assuage. (n) monk. bar. 2. divine. enthusiastic. (v) initiation. praxis. claim. knife. section. cadge. lusty. (adv) new. 3. (n) notch. lengthen. application. solicit. chip. repose. synonyms (n) appeal. energetic. thick. allay. ghostly. drop. synonyms (n) language. want.126 Turkish . speech. (v) lick. antonyms (v) dislike. pure.org) . promote. blow. original. forceful. satisfaction. slice. devotion. portion. desire (arzu. diaphanous. terminology. slice. cut (kesmek). (v) cut. department. handle. crave. idiom. synonyms (n) glossology. solicit. ask. credit. piece. synonyms (n) rudiments. youthful (genç). communication. lance. proportion. carve. entreat. tongue. exhausted. strict. elocution. recent. pray. pacify. 3. synonyms (adj) bracing. 2. cutting. clip. muggy. command. hoist. sweltering. simple. antonyms (v) increase. dilbilgisi grammar. require. portion. request (istek). 2. lingua. aim. words. convenience. pure. plead. bit. drop. intend. crave. adolescent. supplicate. 2. clip. transparent. synonyms (n) ambition. dilbilim linguistics. entreat. slab. exalt. sermon. dil 1. humid. bite. tender. lift. glottology. speak. synonyms (v) hope. excite. appeal. dimdik sheer. discussion. wish. supplicate. synonyms (v) bequeath. persuasion. obtuse. plead. off. (v) fancy. (adv) will. powerful. entire. heave. speech (konuşma. like. condense. liking. inclination. bite. awkwardness. driving. still. saying. please. synonyms (n) share. saintly. faith (güven). parça). bit. ask. testament. easy. sect. voice. piece. antonyms (n) difficulty. part. inarticulate. prayer. alive. unenergetic. leave. relief. language (lisan). aspiration. elevate. (n) complete. dream. lively. dinamik 1. parcel. (v) cheat. thick. reduce. energetic. cadge. pray. bright. taciturn. pronunciation. novel. relax. expectation. application. dilbilimsel linguistic. beg. beardless. beam. antonyms (adj) gentle. 2. strenuous. entreat. dull. crop. bid. glossary. inclination. dynamics. implore. synonyms (adj) absolute.websters-online-dictionary. faith. importune. cut (kesmek). dull. metamere. vigorous. hope. steep. dim. animated. gossamer. holiness. harangue. denomination. pray. tired. chunk. reality. (n) brave. well. dynamic (devingen). request. hate. will. enhance. 2. implore. chapter. prefer. antonyms (n) aversion. dilim 1. chilly. lingo. peaceful. claim. ray. trust. (n) notch. pleasure. ask. perfect. sector. spiritual. worn. invitation. palate. (n) addition. block. tranquil. choose. rest. glossa. synonyms (n) dialect. grow. discourse. dindar religious. beg (dilenmek). fluency. devise. abbreviate. dilenmek beg. decayed. dindirmek ease (rahat). belief. (v) earnest. spirit. synonyms (v) carve. synonyms (v) adjure. holy. live. order. dart. request. (n) addition. nick. chop. arzu etmek). (v) divide. ask. crop. condense. hardy. subdivision. hate. extension. relieve. aggressive. philology. resolve. (n) want. cool. desire. hot. weak. gash. segment (kesim. jargon. abridge. dinç 1. immature. lecture. formality. devout. mighty. mere. allegiance. wish (arzu). (v) demand. cutting. bold. 3. fashion. 3. ambition. increase. motion. mighty. söylev). give. pleasure. vigorous. fidelity. dilsiz dumb. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. facilitate. longing. (v) dislike. mind. synonyms (adj) pious. powerful. sacred. stupid. credence. tongue. require. slash. request. din 1. synonyms (n) share. pillar. request. synonyms (adj) young. (v) alleviate. childish. (v) demand. lacerate. 2. entreaty. entreat. scrap. regular. quiet. importune. urge. (n) need. athletic. appease. synonyms (n) piety. juvenile. voiceless. synonyms (adj) robust. pit. lengthen. appeal. abridge. synonym (adj) lingual. will (arzu). purpose. strong. lacerate. fresh (taze). (adj) smooth. religion. synonyms (v) adjure. smart. antonym (v) lower. clapper. post. dilekçe petition. (v) brisk. morsel. dilek 1. religion. aspiration. synonyms (n) division. flowing. dense. prefer. godly. courage. axis. slow. asking. slice. 2. diction. allay. dynamical. dilemek 1. hope. efficient. silent. forward. 4. elements. synonyms (adj) quiet. invite. clean. antonyms (v) increase. healthy. crave. airy. fresh. synonyms (n) confidence. constancy. lethargic. rotten. vernal. spit. slash. devoted. expression. talk. idiotic. shall. antonyms (adj) feeble. leisure. need. fashion. apply. purpose. articulation. oration. desire. scrupulous. aid. intent. longing. cult. part. assuage. slab. reliance. synonyms (adj) active. strip. hearty. mine. static. antonym (adj) adult. impulse. synonyms (n) delivery. please. aspire. (v) cut. (adj) flippancy. extension. section. worsen. synonyms (adj) mute. assurance. abbreviate. punctuation. synonyms (n) petition. call. appeal. crave. determination. like. vernacular. parlance. antonyms (adj) dull. craving. choice. beg. blow. dingin calm. length. aim. wish (arzu). synonyms (n) kinetics. church. dilimlemek 1. bold. cultivate. conversation. seek. (v) say. augment. creed. bid. synonyms (v) desire. conviction. care.

backside. clerical. manager. leisure. infantry. remain. antonyms (v) tighten. respite. antonyms (n) top. assonance. examine. editorial. stand. remit. residue. axle. column (kolon. pronouncement. synonyms (adj) devout. grin. bylaw. remission. sleep. harken. 3. holy. politic. doctrine. relaxation (gevşeme). strict. peace. synonyms (n) leg. enraged. gear. conduct. pause. concentrate. gather. stake. merriment. upset. 127 celestial. command. lay. advice. diplomatik diplomatic. understand. scrupulous. repose. play. synonyms (n) decree. synonyms (adj) pious. 3. light. anxious. devoted. recess. house. (n) monk. beneficent. address. stanchion. direk 1. break. behind. position. back. direktif 1. diplomatics. religious. terminal. column. glow. recess. sütun). synonyms (n) hearing. ironclad. try. vile. pes. joist. despicable. devoted. control. deed. (v) agitate. bed. public. incline. repose. edification. perch. earreach. residue. venerable. dinsel 1. sleep. unbend. yönerge). synonyms (n) charge. steady. following. solemn. ghostly. delicate. synonyms (n) hearing. observe. prop. yönlendirmek). twirl. 4. dame. relieve. rest.English moderate. rotate. saintly. Teker. drill. holy. blessed. find. ray. information. spin. infamous. hear (duymak). direksiyon wheel (çark. rack. synonyms (n) finesse. post. bad. monolith. give. send. antonym (adj) profane. antonyms (adj) indirect. mean. synonyms (n) commander. balance. (v) nap. hearken. consecrated. base (alçak. synonyms (n) perch. amusement. axis. remain. godly. annoyed. administer. dinleme 1. instruction (talimat. radiate. lie. order. testimonial. listen. pinnacle. picket. broadcast. bar. measure. substructure. post (posta). breather. foundation. bum. synonyms (n) remnant. rest (dinlenme). bill. debilitate. catch. antonym (adj) secular. monitor (izlemek. locate. apprehend. pastime. education. overhear. floor. attend. residue. synonyms (n) remnant. (adj) tower. revolve. devout.Turkish . found. ease. administrator. taban. interest. lecture. synonyms (n) remnant. diploma certificate. synonyms (n) base. function. sacred (kutsal). (n) monk. equanimity. release. congregation. gleam. attitude. guideline. seat. bottom (alt. stormy. ease. godly. audient. license. imposing. base. heavenly. (v) earnest. teaching. synonyms (n) circle. synonyms (n) diversion. relaxation. solemn. religious. (v) earnest. law. recess. antonyms (adj) tactless. office. synonyms (adj) ecclesiastic. smile. gentle. synonyms (v) discover. (adj) attentive. prescription. turnout. row. (n) lull. abatement.websters-online-dictionary. contemptible. beam. monitör). pause. (adj) highest. cycle. audience. leisure. counsel. buttocks. (adj) noble.org) . directive (yönerge). temel. 3. statecraft. pious. antonym (v) work. nervous. (v) mail. document. foul. eavesdrop. synonyms (v) hark. synonyms (adj) straight. 2. instruction. synonyms (n) blaze. synonym (n) observation. remain. ft. 2. article. balance. 2. job. learn. relax. ruling. (v) roll. dishonorable. hear. lounge. hand. (adj) remainder. credential. sacred. mind. monitoring. certification. kiriş). charge. rod. lie. antonym (v) work. frightened. pleasure. undiplomatic. head. turn. rest. get. (v) request. listen. relax. antonym (adj) secular. guidance. trundle. butt. direkt direct (dolaysız. warrant. churchly. convoy. tense. gyrate. reproduction. (v) ground. tact. guiding. religious. sleep. pure. intense. ghostly. earshot. foot (ayak). hobby. (adj) remainder. lie. foot. antonyms (n) summit. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. blunt. judge. wild. moderator. scrupulous. 2. 2. (n) loosen. (adj) abject. ass. theological. antonym (v) work. ease. quiet. basis. baz. ecclesiological. dini 1. 3. bicycle. sacred. minaret. timber. extremity. pillar. synonyms (n) bond. authentication. berth. groundwork. ecclesial. pin. (adj) directing. sideways. flash. comprehend. heed. strategic. buttress. consecrate. obelisk. (adj) shine. edict. interview. careful. leisure. commission. civilized. feet. (adj) remainder. enter. line. arse. antonyms (adj) agitated. dinlenme 1. (adj) relent. entertainment. 2. game. paw. üs). dinlendirmek rest (dinlenme). second-hand. melt. (v) majestic. synonyms (n) distraction. fun. athletics. kıç). (v) aim. divine. relaxation. strict. tekerlek). (n) admonisher. mollify. suave. spiritual. synonyms (n) bottom. bike. balance. synonyms (n) procession. audition. support. credentials. refreshment. see. bidding. direction. regulate. guide. irritable. pause. rule. air. dip 1. religious. unplanned. list. (n) agitation. dinleyiciler audience. synonyms (n) place. thoughtful. recreation. baton. break. abate. craft. synonyms (v) loose. (v) glare. angry. dinlenmek 1. oblique. inviolable. (v) hoof. boss. sport. sanction. politics. frantic. recreation. sacrosanct. handwheel. rest. ecclesiastical. supervise. 2. dictate. roundabout. comfort. (n) command. ministerial. (v) auditory. listening. chief. pay. low. pole (kutup). docket. break. 2. dedicated. directional. repose. divine. lead. sublime. crowd. meter. saintly. relaxation. discreet. slack. spiritual. file. series. diplomasi diplomacy. ignoble. meeting. channel. attendance. footing. spectators. biblical. immediate. (v) nap. synonyms (adj) hallowed. (v) certify. synonyms (v) check. delicacy. dinlemek 1. beam (ışın. (v) nap. circuitous. 2. control. audition. yönetici). diploma. synonyms (adj) tactful. direktör director (müdür. injunction.

pistillate. synonyms (adv) off. durable. surface. omit. insubordinate.org) . synonyms (conj) but. (n) exterior. extraneous. outside. (v) rebellion. outside. ordure. shove. discover. undergo. abroad. direnmek resist. impervious. man. dwell. movement. spicule. correction. absent. diri 1. friction. liking. yaşamak). lively. diş tooth. familiar. girl. curvature. (n) go. immunity. reside. yield. hustle. jostle. master. by. reserve. seat. antonyms (adv) in. 3. lavatory. agreement. synonyms (adj) distaff. endurance. position. alive (canlı). antonyms (v) surrender. survive. antagonistic. train. outside. distant. (adj) indoor. crowd. controller. endure. live. quick. leader. record. dissent. disk. impede. extrinsic. by. (v) resistive. active. 2. taut. aside. defy. immunity. forward. synonyms (adj) external. outer. impedance. withstand. woman. confrontation. square. antonyms (n) smoothness. fish. loose. saucer. inanimate. living. (v) reveal. synonyms (n) opposition. form. extant. impedance. subsist. round. 4. outer. by. unless. toilet. deflect. outdoor. foreign. obstacle. keen. tolerate. joint. nudge. direniş resistance. dışkı stool (tabure). (v) bite. dirsek 1. aside. inhabit. view. chasten. antonyms (v) straighten. extinct. outdoor. 2. objective. coach. object. extinct. antonyms (adj) fragile. impart. stamina. dirençli resistant. gone. exempt. synonyms (adv) off. (adv) outdoors. antonym (adj) deceased. prop. 2.English dış 1. tilt. ball. backlash. (v) slant. proof. arch. permeable. awake. disobey. turn. flex. remote. suffer. excluding. push. backlash. forth. 3. (adv) indoors. animate. antonyms (prep) inside. cubitus. platter. obedience. jolt. reluctance. angle. renitency. (v) exclude. viewpoint. (prep) inside. dance. demur. impedance. antonyms (adj) native. alfresco. party. (v) reveal. synonyms (adj) external. exercise. synonyms (n) chastisement. crowd. disk 1. nap. foreign. (n) attitude. friction. angle. commode. diskette. chairman. (adv) besides. disko disco. endurance. bulb. elbow. disclose. outwards. synonym (n) toothdrawer. antonyms (adj) stiff. (prep) inside. outward. curl. crook. dışarıdaki outer. (adj) alive. exotic. (n) limp. guide. direnme 1. outward. animated. 2. susceptibility. dissent. disc. saving. breed. internal. lie. apophysis. exterior. away. dejection. hardy. antonyms (adj) dead. balk. antonyms (n) smoothness. external. bench. club. adventitious. drill. inmost. gone. (n) exterior. beyond. droopy. outward. antonym (adj) middle. outdoor. baggy. confrontation. booth. (adj) away. dışarıda 1. out. peripheral. tough. strange. face. forward. fold. head. formal. domestic. endurance. faeces. abide. foreign. combat. soft. (adv) outdoors. defiant. (n) lady. assent. obedience. interference. synonyms (v) repel. (adj) nib. crapper. remote. hold. jolt. slight. (n) oppose. confrontation. cabaret. synonyms (n) discotheque. utter. forth. discus. protest. (prep) save. resistance. confront. extraneous. dışında except. antonym (adj) middle. condition. principal. antonyms (adv) in. superintendent. (adv) indoors. (v) curve. (adj) indoor. outlandish. friction. internal. reluctance. 2. dissent. vivacious. erect. feminine. push. castigate. synonyms (adj) immune. wheel. interior. throne. without. disket floppy. slack. antonyms (adj) masculine. (v) poke. (v) poke. surface.128 Turkish . joint. educate. aside. synonym (adj) utter.websters-online-dictionary. hustle. (v) rebellion. antonyms (prep) inside. agreeable. disiplin discipline. outer. aware. agreement. 2. dirseklemek elbow (dirsek). obstacle. dişçi dentist. synonyms (adj) live. in. renitency. (v) reveal. twist. angle (açı). cant. (adj) extinct. rebel. aspect. obedience. stay. point. renitency. refuse. reject. drooping. (n) male. sensible. synonyms (n) bend. perspective. synonyms (adj) flabby. peregrine. forth. out. synonyms (adj) alien. durmak). abroad. stall. dışarıya out. synonyms (adj) external. interference. alfresco. dial. synonyms (adj) outside. backlash. stomach. abroad. unfamiliar. immunity. practice. outwards. outlying. elbow. absent. synonyms (n) hook. (v) control. saw. surface. interference. distant. synonyms (n) circle. antonym (v) include. 3. incline. stamina. cultivate. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. energetic. feces. disk. bend (bükme). mutiny. synonyms (adv) off. outwards. synonyms (n) palate. synonyms (adj) outside. synonyms (n) opposition. nightclub. grain. diskette. antonyms (adj) inner. rebellious. strong. (v) conductor. imported. forward. fiber. outdoor. in. nudge. antonyms (n) smoothness. outlying. wire. gone. arc. crouch. casino. outside. (obj) she. superficial. mutiny. pedestal. (adj) away. tongue. acute. agreement. unusual. synonyms (v) endure. synonyms (n) chair. outward. (n) bar. pitch. outward. oturmak. can. eager. revolt. submissive. position. absent. stable. synonyms (n) opposition. susceptibility. lean. oversea. out. dish. intelligent. nightspot. susceptibility. beyond. different. unknown. shove. stoop. synonyms (n) bend. outside. rack. flaccid. peripheral. live (canlı. cubitus. stamina. dişi female. solid. outlook. fast. responsive. correct. excepting. dışarı out. beyond. obstacle. stand (ayakta durmak. irrelevant. synonyms (v) exist. endure. (v) rebellion. antonyms (v) sit. chastise. jostle. away. corner. slight. be. book. outlying. reluctance. direnç resistance. mutiny. tramontane. synonyms (n) disc. synonyms (n) bow. base. extrinsic.

duologue. cult. mayhem. uterus. synonyms (n) discotheque. pil). (v) biting. domain. row. pattern. tasarlamak). brigade. mild. cut. ban. synonyms (n) collection. combination. makeup. legislature. synonyms (n) arrangement. lie. set. wander. edict. exaggeration. condition. 2. admit. pour. 6. nourishment. council. cord. diyar land (toprak). fast. (v) classify. retail. (v) chase. (n) keen. nip. (adj) putrid. round. bad. sivri). quick. order. drawing. antonym (adj) fresh. sell. synonyms (v) banish. nation. range. extent. road. order (düzen. junction. method. track. rotation. clothing. luxuriant. synonyms (n) place. impression. board. illustration. poetry. quality. synonyms (n) taste. nightspot. clause. path. position. rank. organization. deformation. series. conception. degree. denomination. diagram. latitude. buying. antonyms (n) anarchy. file. rule. sprawl. outfit. dizgi 1. disallow. synonyms (n) method. rounded. dawdle. antonyms (adj) blunt. assortment. composition. cogwheel. talking. speech. shut. organisation. chat. torture. angle. düzenlemek. interview. synonyms (n) command. compromise. (v) direct. plat. count. 2. church. garb. incisive. battery (akü. composing. class. monotype. pungent. sustenance. tie. (v) plan. sect. gang. bearing. dull. ball. continuity. caricature. string (dizi. convocation. estate. twist. country. diyagram diagram. food. erode. stanza. erim). career. conference. antonym (adj) aquatic. rash. hinge. compound. groundmass. company. comprise. circuit. exchange. meter. pointed. rest. scheme. synonyms (n) design. plan. relax. synonyms (n) chain. (adj) deformity. emretmek. tie. mode. diz knee. recline. serial. antonym (n) chance. synonyms (n) talk. 7. combination. malformation. diet. battalion. amalgam. ark. arrangement. (v) perversion. organization. sicim). 5. holiness. reach. (v) plot. (v) run. belongings. string. (v) roam. idea. bask. thread. diyet diet. chaos. arrangement. squadron. construct. sort. loll. genu. apparatus. synonyms (n) congress. (v) import. pinch. dişlemek bite (ısırmak). expel. purpose. paragraph. casino. hurt. synonyms (n) die. assembly. 129 dizayn design (proje. call. dress. (adj) excommunicate. network. grade. contrivance. array. stuff. forbid. communication. harmony. eject. sofa. texture. naive. commission. dump. scope. range. army. gentle. dialog. ramble. twisting. confusion. synonyms (n) arrangement. violence. sequence. chapter. antonyms (v) binge. procession. sickle. (adj) line. munch. sketch. antonym (v) disarray. mugging. order. 2. (adj) line. matter. adorn. article. row. dize verse. chart. file. domain. alloy. cheat. convention. antonyms (v) include.Turkish . rank. series. 10. measure. permit. form. synonyms (n) chain. misrepresentation. contrivance. cockpit. dizge system (sistem). (v) loiter. filament. distich. dispose. bland. route. sıra). diyalog dialogue. diyez sharp (keskin. device. intense. form. 3. synonyms (n) aberration. freight. kind. convocation. serial. bully. soil. trade. zigzag. cord. string (ip. synonyms (n) assembly. ornament. plasm. range (alan. kit. twine. field. process. (v) sting. smuggle. talks. rate. synonyms (n) consequence. batarya. 8. strand. concatenation. consign. picture. eat. colloquy. debar. harsh. compost. current. 9. intent. cabaret. dizi 1. stifle. (adj) progression. meeting.websters-online-dictionary. burn. arrange. decree. chew. penetrating. bitter. corruption. synonyms (n) stream. acid. construction. loaf. contrive. faith. disposition. scythe. frame. dizey matrix (matris). song. conclave. dişli gear. drop. port. piercing. (adj) fattening. party. contortion. category. synonyms (n) aim. synonyms (n) piety. round. series (seri). caldron. dışsatım export (ihraç etmek). antonym (n) prose. luggage. squad. channel. distance. (v) disembark. dışlamak exclude. mat. market. diyanet religion (din). persuasion. structure. debark. regiment. acrid. cycle. smooth. council. crucible. post. alembic. dictate. dress. (v) course. lounge. deck. distorsiyon distortion (çarpıklık). gnaw. rank (sıra). figure. bombardment. incorporate. drawing. gradation. thread. field. baggage. synonyms (n) couch. ostracize. poesy. injunction. kingdom. consultation.English diskotek disco. eliminate. bar. suite. rhyme. array. interlocution. morsel. ship. battalia. blurred. clothe. align. go. tackle. constitution. synonyms (n) area. club. strand. display. device. realm. conversation. canto. get. ip. mess. alight. effect. compass. synonyms (n) poem. group. know. means. strain. garment. episode. sequel. (v) run. consultation. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. discussion. sweet. train. except. sequence. synonyms (n) equipment. omit. congress. state. request. synonyms (n) exportation. twine. synonyms (n) elbow. outline. onslaught. bit. 4. sicim). bar. barrage. fare. convention. instruction. nurture. linger. (v) disorder. intelligent. discharge. estimate. synonyms (n) ground. (v) gangue. course (yön). graph. dance. apparel. dieting. sequence (sıra). gad. sketch. establishment. saunter. divan 1. synonyms (adj) acute. cabinet. synod. battery. business. result. flow. filament. creed. (adj) plan. course. ordain. conceive. charge. devotion. synonyms (n) troop.org) . nightclub. succession. (v) harness. (v) attire.

kill. ramble. fine. arrive (varmak). faithful. lay. correct. good. literal. progress. paranormal. sequent. loyal. confined. 2. set. lineage. jump. wrong. cultivated. start. becoming. actual. drop. unwholesome. (adj) native. synonyms (v) deliver. 7. doğma birth (doğum). essential. boş. antonyms (adv) indirectly. devout. (v) delivery. faithful. school. trustworthy. frankly. straightforward. true. manner. command. enumeration. slaughter. (v) list. land. synonyms (adj) artless. synonyms (v) cut. coach. (n) privilege. temperament. constitution. impartial. free (açık. murderer. dutiful. fix. saying. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. squabble. zigzag. succeed. dispute. occur. synonyms (n) caravan.org) . mount. synonyms (adj) constant. heave. doğru 1. wrangle. go. (n) adage. emanate. practice. 6. directly. straighten. domestic. enter. unfailing. normal. tail. antonyms (adj) artificial. close. consecutive. tangled. series. barely. untrained. (adj) fracas. raise. genuine. call. chaste. compelled. better. type. instinctive. synonyms (v) come. immediately. nativity. 2. (n) genuine. originate. disposition. evenhanded. inhabitant. sincere. genesis. regular. deposit. saw (testere). moral. (adj) erect. extricate. 11. (adj) equitable. swell. perpendicular. guileless. put. just. dizisel serial. arise. serbest bırakmak). block. righteous. correct. prosper. successive. lying. synonyms (n) character. install. compel. antonyms (adj) imprecise. get. 12. brawl. secure. invest. unnatural. honest. antonyms (adj) unfair. deliver. ensue. class. educate. argue. precision. serbest. chasten. hardly. 9. deep-seated. mature. range (alan. (adj) curly. clash. 2. natal. index (indeks). onset. meatman. synonyms (adv) level. reasonable. proper. dizin 1. antonyms (adj) incorrect. right (sağ). table. trail. nonparallel. impose. antonym (n) death. castigate. reliable. synonyms (n) elevation. consecutive. murder. forefinger. substantial. improper. indication. domain. derive. twisting. (adj) kind. twisted. liberate. instinctive. frank. ask. allay. immediate. pure. motto. (n) periodical. clear. show. spring. rank. slay. dictum. ease. gad. (n) ballad. hearty. intrinsic. broil. plain. just. nonparallel. imported. elder. exercise. indicator. askew. (v) quarrel. disentangle. discipline. subscript. catalog. (v) assassinate. essence. rise (yükselmek). (n) periodical. strict. retire. mettle. align. ingenuous. corrupt. honorable. lie. apt. prepare. uneducated. sequent. inborn. natural. riot. resident. religious. connatural. reach. synonyms (n) catalogue. explicit. ascend. express. row. 5. accurate (tam). nice. firsthand. 4. lift. vertical. atone. develop. consecutive. arise. antonyms (adj) bogus. bedava. remedy. right. antonyms (v) leave. essential. exponent. liberal. axiom. exclusively. botcher. sink.English attain. ascent. parturition. proverb. rightful. ancestry. faulty. (v) fall. group. flat. fast. naive. cognate. bungler. (v) climb. raising. roam. synonyms (n) beginning. aphorism. 3. (v) adjust. exempt. synonyms (adj) natural. slaughterer. built-in. indices. crude. register. veritable. immigrant. regular. arrange. disengage. fight. candid. antonyms (n) reduction. synonyms (n) record. vague. false. stem. synonyms (v) place. synonyms (adv) exactly. proceed. turmoil. disloyal. 3. autochthonous. emerge. simply. inexact. imprisoned. butcher (kasap). check. innate. doğal 1. 2. honest (dürüst). restricted. 3. directory. circuitous. compass. (v) clear. mark. awake. antonyms (adj) unjustified. factual. claim. array. antonyms (n) agreement. native. antonyms (adj) dishonest. exact (tam). decent. issue. local. amend. indigene. devoted. order. antonyms (adj) foreign. successive. (v) confine. massacre. aboveboard. knotted. roll. extort. detailed. definite. (n) aboriginal. synonyms (n) assassin. sound. immoral. neat. truthful. approximate. recurrent. require. fit. conscientious. fair. quality.130 Turkish . maxim. winding. commence. guide. natural. antonyms (adj) bound. busy. 2. mistaken. (v) line. learned. result. (n) appear. pitch. straight. (v) aim. ethical. argument. newly. labor. (v) demand. minute. wander. deliver. bicker. false. affected. dependable. stuck. scope. blood. virtuous. downright. even. grow. curvy. handbook. supernatural. synonyms (adj) sequential. discharge. plummet. reach. erim). rest. indigenous. synonyms (adj) accurate. (n) stranger. follow. upright. synonyms (adj) real. meticulous. relieve. refined. congenital. direct. instruct. liberty. curved. 8. synonyms (adj) inherent. wavy. descent. byword. appropriate. (adj) secular. scientific. blunderer. citizen. bear. bent. doğramak 1. humor. openly. attached. unaffected. (v) square. heartfelt. authentic. synonyms (adj) sequential. depart. bear. excuse. decrease. precise. inbred. autochthon. untrue. doğmak 1. strict. synonyms (adj) careful. creation. artless. frank. drill. doğa nature. (v) rectify. increase. synonyms (adj) loose. (v) spoil. dizmek 1. özgür. antonyms (adj) inaccurate. straight (düz). law. (v) agree. happen. listing. cage. synonyms (n) altercation. domesticate. chastise. true (gerçek). train (tren). guarded. botch. authority. (n) left.websters-online-dictionary. directory. forthright. synonyms (v) rise. intrinsic. native. perfect. tame. acquit. extraction. diluted. synonyms (n) area. bumbler. untutored. synonyms (adj) due. synonyms (adj) exact. inappropriate. clean. file. breed. attribute. recurrent. advancement. descend. nascency. misleading. doğmuş born. 2. biased. repressive.

hardness. 131 doğrultmak 1. distribution. right (doğru. effect. antonyms (n) deceit. verify. arouse. synonyms (adj) agreeable. antonyms (n) inaccuracy. agreement. synonyms (v) affirm. honesty (dürüstlük). circuitous. exactitude. immoral. make. assume. greatly. (v) request. generate (üretmek). abundant. (n) privilege. posterity.org) . rigor. antonym (adv) possibly. issue.websters-online-dictionary. synonyms (n) orient. (n) command. peculiar. inspire. rich. uberty. 5. yield. quadrate. credible. rectangle. verification. sideways. synonyms (adv) actually. administer. (int) forsooth. second-hand. doğurganlık fertility (verimlilik). immediate. impartiality. create. conduct. running. nativity. verimli). 3. perfection. confinement. expedient. brook. unfairness. synonyms (v) consign. respect. abide. conduct. ancestral. motivate. direct (dolaysız. magistrate. conform. behavior. 4. just. doğum 1. bear. synonyms (n) kind. justice. abandon. behave. basis.English responsible. descent. action. exact. virtue. legitimacy. formal. blunt. brood. candidness. nativity. care. certainly. elocution. meet. reasonableness. doğurma bearing (kerteriz). aspect. jurist. antonyms (n) untruth. justice (adalet). raise. truthfulness. straight. truly. fruitful. birth. (v) multiply. lineage. doğrusu indeed (gerçekten). birth. rise Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. verity. blood. sterile. doğrusal linear. rude. vigor. charge. acquit. corroboration. 4. demeanor. individual. prove. judicature. provoke. precisely. synonyms (n) judge. check. morality. genuineness. fact. honestness. accuracy. clearly. dictate. additive. bear. engender. air. return. prolific. clinch. race. exactly. richness. lawsuit. antonym (n) consequence. vagueness. creative. authenticate. ample. synonyms (adj) rectangular. antonym (n) death. honesty. validate. actuality. approve. wickedness. authorize. fairness. 2. reliability. perfect. sağ). assure. ratification. righteousness. apply. square (kare). productivity. carry. proper. antonyms (n) injustice. doğurtmak deliver. parturition. assert. genesis. elongate. doğurmak 1. synonyms (n) beginning. induce. nascency. (v) delivery. dignity. honorableness. antonym (n) contradiction. positively. antonym (n) dispatch. definitely. render. strength. 3. conduct. bountiful. antonyms (adj) infertile. court. onset. affluence. bear (ayı. substantiation. genesis. umpire. dishonesty. unjustified. analog. propagate. infertility. abundance. proof. 2. power. let. (adj) just. cause (neden). synonyms (n) case. deliver. unplanned. extraction. due. articulation. accuracy. antonyms (adj) inappropriate. analogue. bear. unreliable. roundabout. beget. character. 10. quadrilateral. drop. synonyms (n) reality. chastity. genus. testimony. veracity. utter. diamond. propriety. descent. tried. channel. 2. proper. integrity. unwavering. rescue. evidence. principle. closeness. correctness. bear. integrity (bütünlük). meticulousness. synonyms (n) fecundity. absolutely. approach. e. authority. deportment. lie. birth (doğum). synonyms (n) candor. lead. good. pure. antonyms (n) sterility. establish. tocopherol. consignment. (v) address. bring. cogency. constancy. delivery (teslim). (n) area. family. copious. (v) orientate. excuse. birthrate. inventive. precision. fitting. exactness. sincerity. appropriate. 11. (v) settle. believing. synonyms (adj) productive. antonyms (adj) indirect. parturition. plenty. synonyms (adj) lineal. convenient. authenticity. sort. variety. fecund. bring. comportment. even. hatch. attitude. doğruluk 1. communication. treachery. synonyms (n) childbirth. balance. equal. deliverance. decorous. antonyms (adj) unseemly. entireness. incorrect. imprecision. rectitude. endorsement. head. synonyms (n) beginning. fit. address. doğurgan fertile (bereketli. decency. probity. right. allow. loyalty. onset. contradict. 2. extraction. foursquare. guide. synonyms (n) affirmation. synonyms (v) carry. valid. equity. aim. antonym (n) death. (v) wrong. campaign. nascency. stand. liberate. certify. falsehood. soundness. yönlendirmek). trueness. synonyms (n) carriage. delineated. send. einsteinium. court. post. rigour. (v) delivery. doğrulamak confirm (onaylamak). blood. unity. synonyms (adj) correct. suitable. ancestry. (n) left. steadfast. fiction. so. labor. produce. deviousness. patriarchal. convey. acquit. surrender. class. surely. wholeness. accept. approval. deliver. synonyms (adj) straight. father. oblique. stalwart. account. frankness. affluent. reproduce. cause. truth.Turkish . afford. 2. deception. order. lineage. functional. occasion. prolificacy. faithfulness. credibility. totality. ancestry. goodness. agree. get. certainty. legitimate. synonyms (n) completeness. manner. (v) do. natality. synonyms (n) force. synonyms (v) breed. pronounce. antonyms (adj) unfaithful. demonstrate. fat. fabrication. really. (v) aim. fair. justify. ancestry. cultivate. much. law. uprightness. control. correspond. decent. elongated. exuberant. comport. modest. save. doğuş 1. antonyms (v) disprove. truth. whole. discharge. corroborate. direction. direct. block. synonyms (n) fidelity. appearance. sanction. seemly. authentication. faithful. validity (geçerlik). 6. faith. take. develop. rectilinear. progeny. effectiveness. accurate. doğu east. rescue. taşımak). breed. luxuriant. doğrulama confirmation. labor. demonstration. (adj) honor. justness. befitting.

unemotional. mold. opinion. credentials. intrinsic. dwindle.org) . lift. teem. chuck. hunch. lift. acquaintance. antonym (v) undock. bobtail. woeful. antonym (v) break. heave. record. crowded. antonyms (adj) motionless. regard. faith. lattice. shed. run. dökülmek 1. beginner. alight. labyrinth. synonyms (n) elevation. sonbahar). ascend. win. emotion. essential. shack. win. rouleau. heave. synonyms (v) decline. certification. shed. ingenuous. weave. descend. flow. descent. dip. (yükselmek).websters-online-dictionary. sonbahar). mold. meet. principle. swarming. wharf. synonyms (n) physician. occupied. decant. heal. mood. implication. sink. atmosphere. conviction. touch. plexus. retire. manufacturing. harbor. doktor doctor. stream. 3. contrivance. descent. deserted. pouring. trace. border. drapery. advance. touching. abject. (v) climb. stamp. pile. doğuştan 1. clear. casting. disgorge. tapestry. raising. boşaltmak). synonyms (n) material. innate. moving. antonyms (adj) full. 4. make. credential. inhabited. moult. brimming. poignant. dökülme fall (düşmek. triumph. decrease. laden. pouring. plunge. artificially. leech. progress. forlorn. dökümcülük cast (atmak. feeling (duygu). packed. descend. brush. arise. crowded. 2. reach. clear. (n) drop. touch (dokunmak). supernatural. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. collision. strike. contrivance. cut. pour. molding. certificate. synonyms (adj) discharge. genuine. dokunaklı 1. collapse. lace. border. entanglement. berth. 2. deserted. four. congenital. evidence. intimation. filled. corroboration. spill. jet. creator. dok dock. rain. synonyms (n) clue. hint. sad. ism. antonyms (n) reduction. downfall. (v) cure. deprive. air. stream. figure. father. fix. synonyms (adj) hollow. (n) overflow. doku 1. (n) hut. emotional. stuff. grain. shed. jet. four. lump. antonyms (v) rise. synonyms (n) mesh. author. remedy. 2. stamp. desolate. paranormal. 3. pelt. cultivated. dokundurmak hint (ipucu). falsify. network. complication. shed. döküm 1. cloth. interaction. artless. debase. drop. sense. inventor. hollow. 2. direction. deplete. texture. inhabited. mobile. throw. swarming. (v) drain. congeries. boşaltmak). glance. hovel. connection. molding. obviously. flop. advancement. discard. pour. pathetic. contact (temas). 3. synonyms (v) cast. antonyms (adv) unnaturally. affecting. break. sink. dogma. pelt. openly. shape. ascend. piteous. impression. appearence. native. transfer. emit. wretched. synonyms (adj) deplorable. pitiful. (adj) mass. synonyms (n) touch. suggestion. (adj) intimate. exciting. belief. transport. (v) drain. unaffected. tissue. antonyms (v) rise. synonyms (v) decline. filled. handling. film. (n) appearance. run. kalıp). (n) appearance. radiate. marina. stationary. contact. synonyms (n) texture. glance. web. flow. booth. mould. (v) fill. manufacturing. poor. (v) affect. antonym (v) drizzle. rain. dokunma 1. 2. rain. join. cobweb. empty (boş. moving. bare. pier. vain. (n) ascent. patriarch. grievous. fabric. affected. communicate. spontaneously. brimming. synonyms (v) hurl. antonyms (adj) full. sink. synonyms (adv) course. stroke. kalıp). dash. blade. handle. constitution. heap. air. deplete. appearence. (int) certainly. allude. diminish. texture. tip. inkling.132 Turkish . doksan ninety. blank. maze. impressive. synonyms (n) cast. dwindle. pour. form. pitch. instinctive. lift. feeding. canon. casting. occupied. enthusiasm. natural (doğal). mien. destitute. descend. antonym (n) overtone. (n) ascent. bare. shape. (n) overflow. (n) drop. false. feeling. abandoned. raise. lesson. quay. meaningful.English plunge. dump. still. ascent. naive. tissue. synonyms (n) affection. scatter. woof. cultivated. innately. molt. (v) suggest. doktrin doctrine. emit. cultivated. decrease. cue. ascend. synonyms (v) hurl. distressing. plummet. decrease. chuck. alight. form. decant. airy. dive. cook. barren. cast (atmak. exuviate. sorrel. meaningful. grain. destitute. packed. mould. dökümcü founder. triumph. 2. butt. fall (düşmek. gospel. blank. antonyms (n) numbness. scatter. cascade. crumple. (v) call. imply. dökme casting. border. laden. pitch. inborn. impact. passion. lamentable. vain. antonym (adj) brave. fling. barren. look. pour. abandoned. (v) fall. look. depressing. synonyms (n) proof. unnatural. refined. philosophy. naturally. originator. swell. direction. pare. tragic. figure. fabric. measly. dump. increase. synonyms (n) feel. (v) fail. film. tenet. downfall. antonym (v) drizzle. cobweb. drop. 2. tangency. throw. miserable. adjoin. feeding. hit. belief. dökmek 1. sink. sentiment. school. movable. synonyms (adj) active. jump. spill. repair. mien. sensitivity. adulterate. concern. textile. shed. indifference. antonyms (adj) artificial. communication. mount. dismiss. diminish. desolate. fling. crude. ancestor. dokuma 1. attend. normal. empty (boş. synonym (n) xc. synonyms (v) gush. tissue. climb. bulk. increase. medico. (n) movement. cabin. void. web. (v) finish. synonyms (n) creed. (v) clip. climb. dockage. discharge. (v) fill. deluge. increase. excitement. credo. fling. teem. doc. synonyms (n) laminitis. allusion. synonyms (v) gush. intuition. curtail. casting. tinge. synonyms (adj) inherent. mend. synonyms (n) bob. inspiring. dive. synonyms (n) cast. synonyms (n) structure. dokümantasyon documentation. (v) net. link. effuse. dip. 2. heave. unaffectedly.

curl. disdain. manipulate. deal. hit. turn. running. synonym (adj) ninefold. clam. impress. untouched. brawl. plant. brush. bill. safety. deal. con. rubbish. treatment. indirect (dolaylı). rotund. faker. greenback. buffet. device. deliver. entwine. safe. offspring. counterfeit. race. blow. antonym (v) keep. scatter. (n) sentiment. uninjured. synonyms (n) brood. crumb. row. deception. nucleus. affect. club. devious. synonyms (n) connection. interaction. antonyms (v) conserve. (adv) compass. (v) affect. fruit. synonyms (n) germ. integral. coil. bone. impostor. synonyms (n) exemption. wind (Rüzgar. curve. grasp. dishonesty. posterity. 4. dokunulabilir tangible. 2. 3. method. (adj) fragment. treat. obscure. quarter. definite. pertain. exhaust. crook. circuit. 3. fake. sarmak). child. antonym (adj) intangible. beginning. nightclub. dolambaçlı 1. sound. grope. compartment. crooked. gust. synonyms (n) dissemination. disarray. cubicle. sideboard. butt. merchandise. dime. scrap. bedding. annular. root. encompass. (v) affect. involve. arrangement. communicate. lodge. synonyms (n) contrivance. concern. antonym (v) buy. bend. 5. 2. incidental. perceptible. contact. feign. handle. ruin. con. end. nightspot. duplicity. orbicular. sensible. spherical. contact. circinate. (v) consume. conspiracy. sham. leavings. sow. embryo. (v) inseminate. perceive. ennead. issue. rounded. disme. board. border. clear. gyration. sense. meander. falsehood. cum. revolution. give. döküntü 1. regard. adjoin. clutch. trick (aldatmak). fraud. real. gust. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. feeling. rotation. brood. trick. wield. debris. locker. design. dolamak 1. 5. dispersion. guild. embrace. side. core. secondary. dokunulmazlık immunity. knave. (v) clutter. synonyms (n) deceit. frog. remnant. synonyms (n) air. devastate. hint. tinge. seed. liberty. franchise. commode. cupboard. turn. turn. deem. exchange. origin. diagram. damage. synonyms (v) deny. collateral. knee. lead. synonyms (v) experience. evident. cabaret. curve. morsel. (n) grip. waste. bind. breakfront. berry. dolap 1. use. whole. dokuz nine. intrigue. refuse. (n) garbage. counterfeit. seed (tohum). generation. synonyms (n) niner. tangency. synonyms (n) feel. cheating. brush. litter. synonyms (n) cheat. ravage. nook. dolandırıcı fraud. meander. piece. conflict. strike. stretcher. note. falsehood. dokunuş touch (dokunma. con. handle (kulp. synonyms (n) cabinet. dispersal. round. ace. perfect. dolandırıcılık fraud. handbill. stroke. decline. antonym (n) honesty. sham. manage. twist. dissipation. chip. entwine. air. full. litter. deceive. rebuff. unbroken. synonyms (adj) complete. security. trick. antonym (adj) broken. beset. press. synonyms (n) desert. chamber. move. pretend. 4. swindle. dokuzuncu ninth. fold. synonyms (v) administer. cope. dolaşım circulation. weave. squander. (n) applicable. publication. (v) breed. trash. synonyms (adj) circuitous. distribution. family. cabinet (bakanlar kurulu. exception. antonym (v) observe. find. progeny. (v) coil. concrete. flier. (n) advertisement. jack. management. texture. antonyms (adj) direct. dishonesty. conspire. currency. believe. schedule. direct. promote. twine. hold. dolar dollar. encircle. overt. source. sap). 2. dismiss. synonyms (v) peddle. physical. (v) call. duplicity. diffusion. contact (temas). privilege. adjoin. genuine. mess. king. dupe. reject. dodge. lineage. betray. crook. impostor. refuse. children. airing. collision. cellaret. sham. release. spread. dissemble. roll. nickel. synonyms (n) feel. spreading. beguile. dispensation. circular. juxtaposition. dispose. (v) lick. cupboard. bulletin. entire. conduct. deceit. languish. (adj) jumble. clue. impact. synonyms (n) issue.Turkish . synonyms (n) case. 2. swindle. globular. handle. hit. (v) plan. 2. synonyms (n) buck. realize. golfclub. strike. synonyms (v) touch. plot. mislead. sarmak). meet. oblique. winding. tinge. council. bit. scrap. (n) atmosphere. stratagem. implied. cucumber. dolanmak wind (Rüzgar. cranny. border. blow. orbit. clubhouse. delivery. offspring. synonyms (adj) material. tortuous. palpable. regard. 3. huddle.websters-online-dictionary. finger. handle. curl. freedom. feel (hissetmek). (adj) spoil. sham. overlap. impression. synonyms (n) cheat. hint. sell (satmak). project. control. antonym (adj) square. (adj) crumb. antonym (v) accept. enclose. communication. descendant. 2. corporeal. concern. govern. kabine). cub. consider. roll. remainder. fake. touch (dokunma). conduct. offal. 4. joke. faker. synonyms (n) circle. act. synonyms (n) air. bend. davenport. bin. junk. pigeonhole. dokunulmamış intact.org) . brochure. bunker. antonym (n) honesty. deception. barren.English synonyms (n) manipulation. weave. link. contrive. destruction. (v) quarrel. undamaged. invulnerability. scheme (proje). fish. influence. breed. gammon. antonym (n) vulnerability. acquaintance. backhanded. disallow. desolate. actual. roundabout. (v) twist. pass. substantial. waste. save. deception. reach. sound. console. deceit. descendants. prank. synonyms (n) fight. join. disingenuous. cheat. 133 döl 1. closet. dross. certificate. twine. lap (kucak). inviolate. bill. pure. trade. devise. administration. clash. dokunmak). synonyms (adj) round. resistance. cheating. feeling. dissipate. dokunmak 1. endure. total. (v) swindle. stroke. fake. vend. ace. gild. adequate. clothespress.

gainful. bank. synonyms (v) block. rime. weight. tour. centre. synonyms (n) flood. circuit (çevrim. antonyms (adj) thin. extensive. administer. cream. synonyms (n) huddle. fast. loose. stuffing. execute. current. plastered. complete. perimeter. 3. armament. fleshy. ballpoint. stone. icing. control. doldurmak 1. (v) aim. line. playpen. (v) circle. journey. lacking. (v) stock. pad. (v) chill. (v) stream. amass. excursion. jaunt. material. transparent. cram. woof. inclose. thick. close. abound. (n) crowd. pile. (n) crowd. care. pour. wealthy. filler. dense. command. gear. gulp. free. trip. surge. walk. cluster. total. brim. beef. flock. wadding. bid. crowd. army. concourse. flood. freight. guide. hungry. (v) bunch. (v) fatten. 2. charge. weft. (v) burden. flood. route. goods. boar. pork. substance. supply. amplify. close. consistent. pad. assembly. housewares. attack. cache. weft. district. squeeze. copious. encumber. matter. quintessence. cop. (v) request. absolve. substantial. hoar. synonyms (n) huddle. ride. veal. lade. piloting. girl. padding. medal. synonyms (n) beat. compact. oblique. ice. dolmakalem pen (kalem). antonyms (adj) soft. travel. slender. charge. stuff. (adj) rubbish. collateral. heart. fixed. seafaring. skinny. immediate. shop. fulfill. cage. synonyms (adj) stout. loading. fuzz. pig. ham. antonym (v) disperse. cycle. copper. devre). run.org) . tipsy. fill. synonyms (adj) complete. second-hand. synonyms (n) ironmongery. prostitute. fall. antonym (adj) poor. stok). (n) command. great. address. core (çekirdek. depo. (n) entire. conduct. business. line. cycle. compress. gear. area. enough. 6. line. tight. greasy. antonym (v) disperse. circuitous. course. charge. enlarge. blunt. dolaşmak 1. glut. depolamak. brim. filling. gaseous. 3. complete. store (ambar. fabric. don frost (ayaz). abundant. collection. slim. fixtures. execute. marrow. (v) farrow. compass. essence. crux. sideways. antonyms (adj) empty. circle. channel. ample. chicken. compass. preserve. doldurma 1. impound. head. swarm. synonyms (n) guidance. roundabout. 2. incomplete. round. guttle. loading. visit. write. affluent. 7. free. assembly. fulfill. spell. backhanded. filling. 2. bill. load. flight. domuz 1. indite. synonyms (v) block. secure. army. (n) liquid. shipping. free. clog. dolu 1. fill (doldurmak). complete. mind. pixilated. 2. synonyms (adj) firm. intoxicated. contents. synonyms (n) beat. gorge. antonyms (v) request. compress. dictate. garner. fatty. antonyms (v) empty. gun. cram. loop. ironware. stuff. 2. (n) crowd. antonyms (v) empty. swarm. synonyms (adj) straight. bull. discharge. synonyms (v) block. gush. soused. embroider. synonyms (n) fill. (v) circle. dense. district. flood. massive. impletion. expand. antonyms (adj) indirect. gem. voyage. antonym (v) unstuff. venison. obscure. woof. digs. loop. ram. dolgun fat (yağ). pad. 2. unplanned. coop.websters-online-dictionary. stow. dolgu 1. good. sketchy. jail. pack. dolaylı indirect. sailplaning. wadding. ramble. tax. donanım 1. loaded (yüklü). stuff. pilgrimage. navigation. fulfill. dwelling. charge. synonyms (n) hog. steering. clog. assault. 3. flush. 3. stuff. (n) crowd. incidental. brim. shipment. synonyms (n) cranberry. burdened. charge. 2. freeze. arraign. overt. brim. squeeze. congregation. float. padding. mutton. pad. gliding. compose. synonyms (adj) laden. wet. complete. bolster. wadding. real. flow (akış. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. pilotage. watery. cloth. jewelry. secondary. blubber. starving. synonyms (v) block. circuit (çevrim. tramp. tortuous. antonym (adj) minor. line. free. (v) bunch. filling. crowded. crooked. glide. (v) jam. kernel. antonym (v) unload. market. antonyms (v) empty. side. lading. göbek). solid (katı). synonyms (n) material. grunter. routing. 4. filling. keep. blame. crew. synonyms (n) cushion. focus. synonyms (adj) circuitous. enclosure. filling. bulky. flood. synonyms (n) hoard. absolute. roundabout. (v) inflate. gist. 2. heavy. accumulate. jet. tour. hearty. fittings. fill (doldurmak). antonyms (adj) direct. unreliable. apartment. confine. base. hoarfrost. (v) close. round. close.English stuff. area. corpulent. travel. load (yük. clog. dolaysız direct (yönlendirmek). stuffing. fertile. go. close. synonyms (n) corral. fulfill. accomplish. congregation. collection. accomplish. press. periphery. tour. assail. aviation. freezing. excursion. implied. heap. execute. 5. trip. full. synonyms (n) cold. oblique. lead. female. cram. rich. accomplish. trinket. dolmak fill (doldurmak). burden. (v) expedition. devious. winding. execute. aggrandize. wad. concourse. magnify. synonyms (n) fill. devre). cram. contents. clog. periphery. accomplish. perimeter. shove. synonyms (n) porc. press. jewel. center. disingenuous. synonyms (n) bosom. extend. crew. consignment. impletion. soaring. (v) enclose. journey. turn. emporium. plug. hard. hardware. accouterments. route. stack. devour. akmak). reserve. synonyms (n) accusation. passage. plug. saklamak. emanate. accusal. sailing. detailed. circle.134 Turkish . filler. lamb. retreat. yüklemek). appliances. broad. filling. synonyms (n) circuit. fill. flux. dolaşma 1. (n) avoirdupois. commission. full. (v) accuse. fold. strong. permeable. synonyms (n) cargo. doluşmak crowd. antonyms (v) empty. moneyed. glutton. runny. woman. charge. force. domates tomato. fasteners. flock. cluster. comprehensive.

icing. fast. winding. era. dress. time. synonyms (n) air. circuit. agile. sweltering. synonyms (n) bend. coil. pack. sweltering. cool. embellish. costume. arctic. spiral. kit. (v) glacial. clothing. frivolous. version. bicycle. deform. goods. ice (buz). arch. become. (n) proselyte. (v) equipment. outfit. accoutrements. wheel. abolition. gelid. unsteady. stuff. designate. day. deviation. trim. dot. (v) recur. expeditious. chill. red-hot. neophyte. (v) glacial. spin. frigid. swing. erratic. giddy. synonyms (n) armada. congelation. weave. antonyms (v) straighten. chilly. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. orbit. bitter. get. decorate. synonyms (adj) revolving. flotilla. length. belongings. gelid. wintry. squeal. airy. dress. grace. gale. wheel (çark. sparkler. rime. gyrate. gelid. inconstant. era (çağ). twist. array.websters-online-dictionary. style. blow. gust. arctic. dondurmak ice (buz. rotation. innovation. frozen. get. rapid. gyrate. cool. frigid. floor. expression. apparatus. shift. fleet. 2. change. bitter. round. dönme 1. marine. fit. replace. kit. kink. cower. return (dönüş). defect. apparatus. hurry. fabricate. synonyms (adj) revolving. synonyms (adj) changeable. bout. (v) curl. beautify. loop. pay. entwine. synonyms (n) coil. bight. fan. 3. retort. winding. gear. fold. brisk. wind (Rüzgar. circle. synonyms (n) frosting. circulation. dondurma 1. deviate. sapphire. entitle. arc. turn. (v) blackleg. turn (dönüş). kit. cogwheel. bow. exchange. services. dönmek 1. stuff. eddy. (v) run. 3. revolt. frappe. belongings. antonyms (adj) boiling. double. limit. ring. denounce. field. (adj) flex. ensemble. invert. (v) call. change. bedeck. (v) turn. (v) circuit. point. frosty. facility. apparatus. whirl. furnishings. gyration.org) . blue. synonyms (n) turn. kavis). excitable. variable. wind. recovery. spin. income. switch. betrayer. synonyms (n) elbow. (v) fickle. (n) bend. reel. gear. (v) flit. confiscation. whirl. speedy. (adj) disturbance. inform. square. bitter. military. döndürmek 1. (n) bend. frozen. synonyms (adj) cold. goods. (v) curve. synonyms (n) round. donatım equipment. rotating. synonyms (v) adorn. fan. clue. warm. 4. synonyms (adj) cold. 135 dönem 1. circle. round. diversion. frigid. round. circuit. 2. gyre. convert (dönüştürmek). distort. frosty. 2. twist. synonyms (n) material. conclusion. reform. renegade. synonyms (v) revolve. 2. (v) glacial. swerve. apostate. attire. donatmak 1.Turkish . synonyms (n) fleet. bender. (v) frost. knot. vicissitude. gear. go. chilly. twist. refund. stoop. synonyms (v) alter. apostatize. device. recompense. contort. hoarfrost. ornament. restoration. coup. icing. pivot. volatile (uçucu). revolution. interval. eyelet. duration. roll. orb. curl. rack. rebellion. donanma 1. bend (bükme). float. conversion. glass. epoch. spin. meander. dönemeç 1. synonyms (n) cycle. hoarfrost. clothes. cool. tour. polar. curve. flighty. unstable. modify. buckle. rotary. congelation. bout. luggage. dönge circle (daire). appellation. navy. synonyms (n) age. rotating. (n) bend. circle.English synonyms (n) equipment. range. mutiny. synonym (n) date. freezing. deck (deste). boot. ride. icy. device. 2. eye. curve (eğri. dönüş). sparkler. (v) furniture. wheeling. clothe. cerulean. dönek 1. dondurma). stipulation. baggage. mercurial. (v) harness. roll. sequence. synonyms (n) revolution. spin (döndürmek). convoy. quick. frosty. synonyms (n) material. company. phrase. (n) revolution. arctic. turn (dönmek. fly. ring. cool. conversion. hot. synonyms (adj) cold. frappe. breath. outfit. army. drive. facility. turning. outfit. entwine. 2. twirl. menstruation. synonyms (n) grass. capricious. synonyms (n) garb. twirl. crook. stuff. frozen. indigo. upheaval. bedight. (n) freeze. (n) freeze. tekerlek). invent. (v) frost. restitution. rotary. hasty. period. cycle. bent. donma freezing. round. wintry. roll. synonyms (n) name. circle. icy. (n) freeze. hot. apparel. go. 2. wintry. furnish. noose. nokta). coil. outfit. revolution. belongings. sweltering. proceeds. refrigerate. (adj) swift. 3. adapt. round. 4. antonym (adj) stable. version. congelation. roll. synonyms (n) yield. cycle. device. contrivance. curl. generation. alteration. rig. warm. red-hot. tackle. Teker. chilly. gang. 3. baggage. ride. spinning. warm. curvature. reimburse. sarmak). change. beat. glass. red-hot. hot. band. (v) curve. answer. fabricate. turn. clothing. synonyms (n) insurrection. peach. icy. gear. apparel. (v) keep. crouch. rotate. whirl. betray. 2. scab. döngü loop. (adj) believer. tenure. kit. bout. handwheel. repay. deflect. donatı equipment (donatım). (v) revolve. bent. rotation. spinning. company. compass. furnishings. loop. refrigerate. boundary. kink. (v) furniture. revolution (devrim). reel. spell. baggage. chill. suggestion. bending. eddy. synonyms (n) frosting. title. run. hook. garnish. trundle. informer. equip. antonyms (n) departure. scope. sing. association. period (devir. intimation. antonyms (adj) boiling. render. 3. bend. (adj) azure. angle. term (terim). transform. restore. uprising. antonyms (adj) boiling. wheeling. cobalt. rime. curve. chill. (v) bike. dondurucu freezing. accoutrements. curl. commute. synonyms (n) turn. turning. (v) coil. diversion. 2. twine. synonyms (v) deviate. encircle. rat (sıçan). drive. deviation. light. apparel. stage.

modification. constant. synonyms (v) convert. (n) apartment. equal. cladding. orbit. dönüşüm transformation. head. sharp. considerable. transfer. dim. rotate. pale. recount. adaptation. facing. go. get. lost. shift. round. convert. restitution. diversion. transfigure. spinning. affect. quartern. shift. strong.websters-online-dictionary. change. amendment. transform. synonyms (n) quaternity. (adj) believer. stern. turn (dönmek). deviate. cold. synonyms (n) alteration. (v) uninteresting. dead (ölmüş. antonyms (adj) hot. lustrous. settled. clever. shift. revolution. (n) living. transition. glittery. dismal. metamorphose. (v) settle. synonyms (adj) obscure. interesting. (adv) right. extinct. recompense. retort. reform. continual. dark. dampen. fallen. double. dull. synonyms (n) gyration. gentle. recovery. turn (dönmek. exchange. against. handwheel. dört four. prime. (prep) opposite. roll. synonyms (adv) about. acme. sequence. amusing. recite. vary. (n) proselyte. dull. flat (düz). bland. antonyms (adj) unsteady. transition. amendment. crown. coil. (n) bend. (v) steadfast. turn. version. transformation. doruk 1. (n) proselyte. transformation. circle. secure. circulation. dönüş 1. (v) clear. vapid. (n) bend. wheeling. revolution. feeble. quaternate. gyre. blunt. 3. correspond. (adj) fronting. cloud. alteration. synonyms (v) alter. curve. get. level. iced. beat. mold. before. shift. inanimate. square. adaptation. top. stiff. repay. glowing. become. bent. mountain. antonyms (adj) brilliant. coil. modify. twist. high-pitched. 4. restoration. synonyms (v) alter. equal. exchange. apex. translate. proceeds. synonyms (v) revolve. opaque. confiscation. revolution. bent. transmogrify. bent. turning. blind. dördüncü fourth. maximum. dönüşme conversion (çevirme. tail. improvement. 2. curve. air. plane. fixed. numb.English (v) recur. inactive.org) . (adv) just. quadrate. even. deviate. cool. shift. cycle. insert. restore. turn. (adj) circular. roll. dim. coating. glittery. sharp. antonyms (adj) bright. synonyms (adj) cold. pay. transfer. 2. dönüşmek 1. synonyms (adj) dim. synonyms (adj) dim. revetment. synonyms (n) alteration. lively. brighten. eye. vague. spin. plump. dönüş). tekerlek). (v) bike. quaternion. breathless. dreary. stimulating. foursome. (n) ring. fat. dead. antonym (adj) bumpy. drop. dense. dönüştürme conversion (çevirme). exhilarating. orbit. poop. amusing. become. gear. peak (zirve). ace. glacial. moving. flat. agree. exciting. sluggish. synonyms (adj) defunct. bleak. antonyms (adj) brilliant. even. tarnish. intense. transmute. opaque. (adj) believer. sharp. dördül square (kare). 5. adjustment. 5. (v) compass. dull. rectangular. gelid. donmuş frozen. lifeless. boot. 2. synonyms (v) revolve. Teker. (n) deviation. frigid. commute. sedate. 2. roll. dreary. switch. sluggish. synonyms (n) conversion. circle. antonyms (adj) alive. delicate. indistinct. go. synonyms (adj) even. animate. gone. interesting. reform. frosty. 4. abolition. synonyms (n) bicycle. (adj) quaternary. changeover. rotation (dönme). change. shape. resolute. clever. transform. luminous. faint (bayılmak). dampen. blear. freezing. round. interpret. rotary. unreliable. transmutation. cloudy. render. synonyms (n) face. bland. veneer. dull. indistinct. lining. droop. wintry. calm. chilly. translation. extreme. exhausted. obvious. inert. inert. change. 2. change. monotonous. faint. turn. regular. shaky. misty. exhilarating. orb. circuit. wheel. synonyms (n) yield. chilled. front. darken. gloomy. loud. dönüştürmek 1. trundle. tarnish. tasteless. luminous. transpose. height. invert. rectification. darken. version. round (Yuvarlak). icy. 5. 3. metamorphosis. deviate. conversion. idle. rotating. diametric. cloudy. intermittent. reimburse. (n) bend. foursquare. round. conk. bout. donuklaştırmak 1. dense. highpitched. swing. change. curl. modify. plain. (v) blur. narrate. antonyms (n) departure. cycle. (v) clear. stable. invert. circle. loop. (n) area. dismal. glossy. gloomy. climax. glowing. exciting. synonyms (n) crest. brighten. synonyms (adj) revolving. synonyms (adj) right. intelligent. answer. exchange. tetrad. pale. quarter. out. invent. faint. synonyms (adj) firm. stimulating. curve. dönüş). quadrilateral. return (dönmek). turn (dönmek. congealed. changeover. antonyms (adj) bright. entire. cast. 4. adjustment. antonyms (adj) distinct.136 Turkish . (v) deaden. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. rectangle. pivot. dönüştürme). dark. cold. (v) languish. lustrous. glossy. adapt. blunt. ölü). dönmez steady. cloud. (adv) fourthly. switch. pungent. change. modification. commute. twist. absolute. inactive. get. rack. dizzy. process. around. appearence. complete. convert (dönüştürmek). gird. income. wheel (çark. (adj) salvation. intense. weak. boring. transform. synonyms (adj) obscure. arctic. neophyte. refund. fixed. mutation. (adj) salvation. passage. quaternary. synonyms (n) quarter. pinnacle. second. direction. (v) deaden. coil. exchange. donuk 1. insipid. casting. antonyms (adj) slim. chubby. absolutely. synonyms (adj) collapse. version. twist. boring. synonyms (v) revolve. winding. contrivance. wobbly. adapt. blind. bleak. bout. (v) keep. soft. strong. passage. 3. third. swoon. neophyte. quadruplet. distant. transmogrification. intelligent. metabolism. incessant. lively. (v) blur. set. bout. straight. fair. downright. blear. version. deceased. go. misty. modification.

mate. assistant. grade. antonym (n) shortness. reject. gallant. peak. aversion. synonyms (n) chum. roll. antonyms (n) abhorrence. friend (ahbap. file. connect. synonyms (n) archive. synonyms (n) fellowship. company. curved. extremity. curvy. foe. (n) surface. abhor. reserved. auxiliary. link. liking. synonyms (adj) amiable.org) . clash. (n) battle. companion. honest.Turkish . counterpart. (n) bottom. apogee. askew. synonyms (v) beat. summit (zirve). group. string. blighter. regard. sidekick. badge. order. group. rasp. discard. dövüş fight. fellow (adam). register. antonyms (n) enmity. degree. flat. hilltop. remainder. (adj) battered. belligerent. sum (toplam). ram. twisted. meridian. engagement. zenith. junk. league. highlight. antonym (v) keep. contend. hatred. booster. disk. dispute. surpass. addition. dislike. beau. accessory. rout. extent. pen. bang. liking. throb. better. flooring. 2. hammering. 2. dosyalamak file (dosya). end. feud. pulsation. adherence. 2. appendage. rival. (adj) flame. contend. complaisant. report. kernel. add. 7. honey. quarrel. file. buffet. dude. benevolence. (v) beat. (v) best. attachment. pound. arkadaş). resume. rasp. good-natured. tip. rank. contest. society. onslaught. devotee. round. company. heyday. palpitate. connection. document. bent. (n) battle. commonwealth. (n) pulse. antonym (n) detachment. synonyms (adv) level. guarded. break. worship. synonyms (adj) superlative. proper. 3. outdo. dövme 1. darling. wellwisher. excel. synonyms (n) confederate. sevgili. charity. fair. device. right. rank. crisis. climax. beloved. knock. (adj) all. opponent. comradeship. friendliness. cadence. synonyms (n) bed. enter. accommodating. mass. pulsate. friend. heraldry. mugging. level. antonyms (v) agree. buff. adherent. colleague. (v) culminate. guild. battalia. perpendicular. decent. (adj) fragment. benevolent. (adj) curly. (adj) panache. scrape. conflict. (adj) brawl. battery. bicker. tie. (v) consort. bicker. dostça friendly. synonyms (n) dear. diluted. quantity. batarya. hostility. sevmek). concord. arrange. routed. violence. battering. 5. (v) chronicle. beat. record. 2. (v) amount. synonyms (n) appendix. fell. distant. fondness. enrol. antonyms (adj) worst. synonyms (n) desire. 6. fondness. intimacy. dump. comrade. trounce. bruise. fold. thrashing. series. withdrawal. people. dövülmüş beaten. antonyms (n) nadir. dostluk 1. synonyms (n) cage. barrage. sevgi. conflict. affectionate. lid. (v) row. antonym (adj) victorious. synonyms (v) combat. beat. top (üst). finale. high. overcome. register. approachable. document. companionable. unfriendly.English summit. synonyms (v) combat. accurate. devotion. squadron. fleck. record (kaydetmek. corporation. book. grate. synonyms (n) fight. trough. convivial. figure. intimate. string. (adj) erect. baffle. association. synonyms (n) fellow. roll. (v) concomitant. length. support. army. clash. compute. argue. zemin). synonyms (v) batter. (v) deck. stranger. edge. ally. 6. circuitous. synonyms (n) orgasm. brotherhood. (v) cherish. prostrate. size. conquered. close. 4. knotted. ridge. kayıt. crest. synonyms (n) club. defeat. marry. eminence. dövüşmek 1. campaign. list. vertex. aggressive. list. abrade. frosty. favor. measure. favorable. institution. accomplice. circle. dosya 1. directly. affection. aloof. confidant. beating. 2. align. admirer. dövmek 1. like. height (yükseklik.websters-online-dictionary. tick. crush. pil). score. baste. band. pulse. (adj) associate. curt. ground. mash. friendship. procession. ally. exceed. zigzag. antonyms (adv) indirectly. morsel. scrap. base. amity. public. synonyms (n) point. pounding. amorist. covering. 2. winding. antonyms (n) enemy. piece. boyfriend. even. 137 antonyms (adj) hostile. finish. folk. love. confrere. level. dog. fitting. 2. formal. kind. synonyms (n) brow. brother. abrade. plak). enthusiast. community. attachment. overpowered. escort. whipping. elevation. retreat. disc. twisting. sequence. accessory. (v) direct. dispute. contest. dost 1. synonyms (n) troop. upside. maul. scrape. companionship. bottom. ark. upright. acquaintance. (adj) brawl. crag. squad. deed. antonyms (v) agree. series. synonyms (n) archive. stun. cover. pass. pet. (v) order. pal. dosdoğru straight (düz). bad-tempered. fraternity. remnant. fight. quarrel. attachment. arrange. lover. history. 5. campaign. (v) cap. insignia. zirve). entirety. pate. engagement. layer. emblem. aggregate. disagreeable. hammer. drubbing. love. base. chip. chap. bond. 3. feud. join. buddy. lead. peer. withdrawal. synonyms (n) total. record. debacle. affection. fan. bit. culmination. (adj) pulsing. partner. procession. enjoy. 3. amicable. bat. döşeme floor (taban. (v) order. (v) affiliate. devotion. partnership. contention. flap. love (aşk. antonyms (n) adversary. synonyms (n) reverse. whip. supreme. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. argue. mark. advocate. familiarity. relationship. number. grind. contention. wavy. collection. sweetheart. (adj) coadjutor. connection. antonym (n) victory. end. plume. equal. antonym (v) lose. compeer. retreat. beat. 4. count. thump. crony. note. pitch. battery (akü. synonyms (n) altitude. annex. regiment. antonym (v) dip. synonyms (n) account. acquaintance. (v) hate. inscribe. soil. crumb. affable. correct. synonyms (n) boy. man. just. antonym (n) top. follower. meeting. platform.

leader. frequent. (adj) pin. synonyms (n) store. performance. asking. bunch. ease. wadding. doyum satisfaction (tatmin). tragedy. free. dim. edge. association. wheeze. discharge. duple. pervert. draw. good. 3. tangle. dudak lip. 3. plug. (n) twin. gang. stuffing. curve. perfume. emanation. content. key. plea. reek. duman 1. tragedy. antonyms (adj) unpleasant. synonyms (n) prince. expiation. bend. untie. drive. string. Dükkan store (ambar. (v) blur. measure. (v) contentment. circumference. push. contort. amends. synonyms (n) marriage. displeasure. smoking. düğme button. share. cram. spectacle. join. clasp. antonyms (v) disconnect. chief. bond. dua prayer. push. substantial. sensational. cache. draught. nuptial. cluster. contents. spectacle. loop. (v) knob. (adj) smudge. drizzle. (adj) arefaction. leash. cluster. brink. dislike. shop. tie. portion. displease. padding. matrimonial. string. compensation. kravat). synonyms (n) knob. substitute. medicine. pill. aversion. synonyms (adj) pleasing. düğüm 1. purchase. fastening. theatrical. fasten. (adj) pin. synonyms (n) bow. smoke. connect. (v) confuse. matrimony. (v) fume. dephlegmation. gratification. filling. 2. grass. persuade. twist. fasten. workshop. antonyms (n) satisfaction. (v) fold. dük duke. pleasant. clasp. sing. kravat). enjoyment. brim. cord. düğmelemek button (düğme). effrontery. cure. brim. assuage. thespian. impletion. garner. amass. line. murk. heap. atonement. stok). keep. appease. 4. 2. tie. workplace. synonyms (n) twine. tie. client. pleasurable. exciting. joy. disappointment. ennui. denounce. synonyms (n) border. accomplish. dosage. synonyms (n) pleasure. flood. suit. knot. smolder. attach. appeal. pennywhistle. synonyms (n) displeasure. theater. match. fumigate. obscure. (v) link. satisfactory. (v) link. knot. browse. synonyms (n) fumes. flange. fogginess. shop. (v) knob. patronize. insolence. synonyms (n) play. image. satisfy (memnun etmek). wind. synonyms (v) block. nuptials. fill (doldurmak).websters-online-dictionary. dükkân 1. depolamak. swelling. house. plant. synonyms (n) cloud. join. blessing. antonyms (v) dissatisfy. devotion. strap. plait. disappoint. hand. antonyms (v) straighten. bedim. market. satisfying. twofold. contingent. clog. orison. appreciated. node (boğum). delight. backtalk. shop. reduplicate. theater. gratifying. fog. indulge. untie. dram drama. knit. (v) betray. bend. peach. (adj) bridal. hearty. untwist. shot. supplicant. synonyms (n) fill. burl. drama drama. gang. disaffection. undo. comfortable. filler. strap. cloudiness. enjoyable. bond. tweet. lace. entreaty. 2. sudden. coil. undramatic. supplication. close. entwine. deadlock. market. complete. charge. tie (bağlamak. striking. distort. synonyms (n) petition. (v) drug. reserve. antonyms (v) empty. daze. synonyms (n) draw. meet. tie. joint. show. dividend. delightful. fog (sis). accumulate. intensify. fasten. drenaj drainage. keep. knot. bunch. woof. synonyms (n) play. puff. haze. discontent. spin. complacency. filling. dramatik dramatic. outlet. steam. synonyms (n) hoard. wedlock. synonyms (n) knop. pad. undo. burl. disfavor. exhale. allotment. (v) entangle. synonyms (n) potion. fastening. smoke. bind.org) . depo. curl. bank. performance. mouth. execute. invocation. connect. depo. duble double (çift. cheek. düğümlemek 1. cover. burn. synonyms (n) knop. knit. damp. tie (bağlamak. fulfill. reserve. synonyms (adj) spectacular. film. lump.English düdük whistle (ıslık çalmak).138 Turkish . do. befog. request. loading. mist. (v) stock. saklamak. weft. (v) pass. content. deform. 2. antonyms (adj) gradual. convince. alternate. impressive. antonyms (n) dissatisfaction. mate. twitter. factory. geminate. show. (v) pipe. sleeper. scenic. impudence. garner. vapor. impertinence. bank. deliver. antonym (n) divorce. nodosity. rim. comforting. hiss. contentment. fasten. batch. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. box. (v) entangle. hide. disapproval. doz dose. bud. amass. nub. mist. saklamak. synonyms (v) please. dual. stok). cry. 2. relationship. disapprobation. sate. buckle. twirl. relationship. brume. reparation. stuff. regret. smoulder. synonyms (adj) duplicate. 2. synonyms (n) bow. synonyms (n) drain. disinclination. distaste. bind. wrench. welcome. business. leash. tapping. joint. lace. muddle. association. doyurmak 1. emporium. unrewarding. band. fogging. çifte). (n) crowd. düğün wedding. hydrography. cheep. emporium. antonyms (v) disconnect. (adj) suffice. business. accumulate. litany. depolamak. fill. loop. chirp. buckle. sleeper. heap. tangle. doyurucu 1. attach. becloud. agreeable. bud. doyumsuzluk dissatisfaction. preserve. doctor. band. answer. preserve. synonyms (n) confusion. (v) stock. synonyms (n) whistling. synonyms (n) connection. aggravation. synonyms (n) hoard. key. darken. crowd. connection. cache. satiate. warble. (v) turn. knot. demand. lump. disquiet. store (ambar. discontent. delight. guest. antonym (n) single. verge.

aeroplane. quiet. diaphanous. lair. finish. globe. apprehension. synonyms (n) stop. bar. steep. delay. halt (durma.English dümdüz 1. arrest. prolong. league. hold. transparent. (adj) horizontal. antonyms (n) decisiveness. worldly. permit. antonyms (adv) indirectly. limp. close. synonyms (n) connection. synonyms (adj) immobile. gap. (v) direct. durma. interruption. laic. standstill. prolong. 2. curb. end. reside. bear. plug. inhibit. start. block. (n) halt. 2. durmak). arrest. discontinue. start. obstruct. directly. synonyms (adv) level.Turkish . rigid. stop (durdurmak. (n) halt. depart. synonyms (adj) absolute. encourage. society. antonyms (v) continue. cease. (adj) curly. permit. fixed. detain. cease. (adj) global. accurate. synonyms (v) stand. inactive. temporal. detention. apprehension. interrupt. interrupt. durma. country. prop. put. detain. desist. apprehend. 2. interrupt. arrest. synonyms (n) remnant. (v) halt. diluted. gap. perpendicular. end. block. hesitate. public. ground. coalition. finish. get. stop. simple. curvy. dwell. antonyms (n) certainty. (v) halt. custody. gauzy. nature. (n) complete. antonyms (n) decisiveness. catch. faltering. antonym (adj) moving. durdurmak. history. collar. bent. flat. breather. lay. synonyms (v) endure. base. facet. antonyms (v) sit. post. recess. synonyms (n) stop. (n) stay. dünyevi secular (laik). even. rest. stagnant. nail. delay. undergo. affinity. discharge. breather. freeze. delay. hold. sleep. synonyms (n) break. check. durma. aircraft. durak 1. indecision. union. inert. stop (durak. bar. relaxation. prolong. close. folk. craft. lay. Dur 1. encourage. synonyms (n) binocular. bar. disrupt. begin. terrestrial. deadlock. breather. catch. break. synonyms (n) past. spiritual. durmak). cease. duraklamak pause. arrest. pause. locate. hold. degree. (adj) passé. (v) continue. delay. permit. hold. durdurmak. hesitancy. tolerate. people. check. adjournment. stationary. antonyms (adj) gentle. begin. hold. hinder. leisure. orb. statik). kalmak). adjournment. rest (dinlenme). interruption. unmoving. antonyms (v) release. arrest. rest. support. (n) halt. humanity. discharge. ease. abide. dust. end. synonyms (v) remain. lodge. perch. start. encourage. 4. thick. suffer. (n) halt. site. hole. set. 139 remain. foretime. pause. organization. arrest. delay. mere. dwell. stop. begin. twisting. (v) capture. synonyms (n) airplane. stop. bar. synonyms (n) dirt. hesitate. confederacy. guarded. gap. residue. 3. close. lifeless. arrest. (v) doubt. düpedüz sheer. right. persist. zigzag. rest. dural static (duruk. block. booth. abscond. society. passive. den. smooth. surface. durmak). 3. permit. synonyms (v) stand. check. plug. life. 2. obstruct. (adj) remainder. interval. stay. durmak). change. interval. live. depot. stay. interruption. plug. block. affiliation. uçak). (adj) inhabit. stop (durak. diffidence. (n) attitude. synonyms (n) cessation. begin. get. endure. fear. (adj) discontinue. religious. correct. world. lie. curved. synonyms (n) break. dürbün binoculars. synonyms (v) stand. existence. break. proper. duraksama hesitation. (v) flatten. bide. durdurmak 1. plug. antonyms (v) continue. durmak). prolong. begin. delay. antonyms (v) release. antonyms (v) continue. delay. hinder. universe. mankind. dünya 1. Durdur stop (durak. (v) continue. respite. hesitate. encourage. sojourn. (adj) flag. standstill. retard. close.websters-online-dictionary. power. (v) nap. stall. (adj) discontinue. prop. durma. antonym (v) work. encourage. stop (durak. pedestal. (v) place. cease Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. alignment. seat. regular. prolong. (v) halt. durmak). shave. durmak). spyglass. cease. straight (düz). interval. dünürlük alliance (ittifak). bygone. synonyms (n) break. end. respite. obstruct. synonyms (adj) profane. yer. stay. bold. rest. durma. collar. dün yesterday. hesitate. persuasiveness. block. antonym (n) tomorrow. (n) layman. knotted. apprehend. sphere. synonyms (v) stand. misgiving. yeryüzü). amalgamation. winding. order. suspension. durdurma 1. check. Duraklat pause (duraklamak). just. desist. delay. desist. reluctance. respite. pure. (adj) discontinue. check. honest. clay. synonyms (n) cosmos. obstruct. erect. wavy. stable. permit. earthly. synonyms (n) hesitance. repose. stage. (v) continue. twisted. interrupt. flush. (adj) erect. office. cease. qualm. interrupt. world. ball. waver. intermission. balance. abide. 2. jet. fair. filmy. face. linger. station (istasyon). delay. pause. standing. stay (kalma. earth (toprak. intermission. brake. falter. antonym (n) nonalignment. desist. intermission. realm. plane (planya. duraklama pause (duraklamak). alinement. accept. synonyms (n) rank. merger. combination. upright. stale. (v) capture. entire. position. rack. stay. antonyms (v) continue. start. obstruct. detention. (n) atmospherics. halt. synonyms (v) stand. motionless. gossamer. land. 4. custody. askew. 2. adjournment. plug. pause. perfect. (v) stop. end. creation. circuitous. bar. start. antonyms (v) leave. antonyms (n) decisiveness.org) . (v) centennial. hesitating. still. association. macrocosm. stand (ayakta durmak. antonyms (adj) holy. close. durdurmak. antonyms (v) continue.

prestige. frightened. bow. rigid. easy. prop. synonyms (n) enforce. pacify. upset. (v) adjournment. abeyance. tarry. passive. silent. (n) noisy. (adj) calm. comprehend. suffer. permit. stimulus. easy. (v) stop. abstain. post. conclude. ground. excavation. pause. suspension. end. deadlock. hobble. 2. change. level. equanimity. motif. 4. rack. interrupt. taunt. exist. disincentive. modest. bide. anxious. (n) peace. nevertheless. constraint. (adj) flag. lull. recess. motive (güdü). fizzy. permit. termination. cast. restrain. 4. break. bill. even. abscond. prod. hold. drop. mollify. antonyms (n) deterrent. motive. durmak). persevere. finish. slump. compose. annoyed. ease. incentive. place. end. lifeless. hold. effervescent. (n) atmospherics. synonyms (adj) quiet. stay (kalma. talkative. support. impulse. attitude.org) . incitement. synonyms (adj) gentle. serene. bide. arise. upset. wait. whip. position. abandon. stimulant. brake. synonyms (n) cessation. check. be. urge. rest. gap. stab. survive. (n) halt. denetlemek). reprieve. wait. catalyst. equanimity. lame. rest. synonyms (v) stand. interval. deadlock. silence. handle. advocate. tolerate. urge. bland. (v) originate. synonyms (n) root. standstill. discontinue. importance. freeze. calm. die. tranquilize. depart. stoppage. issue. lapse. drive. (n) halt. bait. hiatus. drive. detain. stop (durak. (adj) flag. (n) termination. block. dürtü 1. account. abide. peacefulness. finish. stick. (v) stop. prolong. prevail. ram. cool. niche. freeze. bar. barrier. cease. synonyms (n) encouragement. (n) postponement. incite. corner. blow. leisure. rein. delve. last. block. flat (düz). (durmak). abide. (v) compose. provocation. silence. absolute. impel. proceed. still. (n) poke. (v) assuage. synonyms (v) bridle. (adj) quicken. bribe. bonus. receding. fizzy. (v) agitate. durdurmak. synonyms (adj) immobile. investigate. downright. falter. footing. (adj) abate. (v) assuage. break. perish. windy. stationary. mute. stormy. 2. (v) uninteresting. limp. refrain. endure. waver. stand (ayakta durmak). dead. antonyms (adj) agitated. lure. inactive. antonyms (adj) moving. synonyms (v) keep. (adj) abate. shove. tranquil. depart. antonyms (v) continue. nervous. close. permanent. suspend. object. pacify. synonyms (n) cessation. persist. lie. antonyms (v) leave. excavate. begin. sojourn. interrupt. stay (kalma. synonyms (v) quit. plain. thrust. lapse. lodge. bumpy. support. persuade. pulse. interruption. nevertheless. synonyms (adj) dull. moderate. 2. dig. demur. shank. (adj) inhabit. squeeze. (v) agitate. stay. 8. durdurmak. start. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. annoyed. conclude. stall. branch. halt (durma. delay. stick. plug. close. standstill. (n) hush. 2. soothe. delay. linger. discontinue. inducement. durgun 1. instigate. waver. gibe. durmak). but. agree. dwell. base. brake. settle. fixed. apprehend. intense. stormy. durma 1. serene. dreary. peaceful. wild. depression. antonyms (adj) agitated. mollify.websters-online-dictionary. cool. antonyms (adj) exciting. 7.English arrest. alleviate. bough. (adj) erect. cram. placid. stable. kalmak). windy. linger. enraged. terminate. synonyms (adv) however. design. axis. prompt. silent. boring. (v) repose. fall. whim. 5. boost. fame. (n) hush. expire. cessation. frantic. 4. (v) quiet. synonyms (n) impetus. promote. assay. limit. dwell. begin. occasion. synonyms (n) suspension. irritable. cease. frightened. durma). allay. breather. press. (v) push. (v) aim. expire. (n) rank. obstruct. angry. peaceful. 3.140 Turkish . steady. insipid. undergo. induce. subject. 5. synonyms (n) decline. lodge. position. live. quiescent. persist. (adj) inhabit. continuance. class. 3. 3. synonyms (v) stand. still. hushed. cut. goad. check (çek. dig (kazmak). reside. incentive. abandon. entreat. respite. 6. stick. audit. punch. 6. durgunluk 1. booth. standing. motionless. reputation. quit. gag. erect. synonyms (n) intermission. cheque. kalmak). stay. motivation. steady. vociferous. 3. inspiration. moderate. impel. 2. (v) limp. (n) push. denetim. encourage. start. anxious. retain. durmak 1. desist. (n) lull. spur. contain. synonyms (v) endure. wild. synonyms (n) cause. stalk. expedite. leave. stem. hesitate. unchanging. 4. calm. antonyms (v) continue. desist. arrest. force. momentum. appease. tasteless. nervous. antonym (v) discourage. inert. cease. irritable. brake. composed. antonyms (v) change. pause (duraklamak). inspire. stagnant. grounds. frantic. appease. tranquil. effervescent. throw. low. antonyms (adj) loud. freeze. desist. harmonious. collected. prop. test. plane. still. antonym (n) compliment. synonyms (adj) quiet. subsist. antonyms (v) sit. impulse. antonym (n) decisiveness. tarry. quiescent. (n) agitation. (adj) calm. plunge. assuage. probe. (n) agitation. pedestal. abscond. hang. synonyms (v) force. base. waver. enraged. discontinue. ascertain. dampen. antonyms (adj) moving. interruption. antonym (v) pull. high-pitched. 5. desire. synonyms (v) remain. dürtmek 1. sojourn. remain. abstain. angry. encourage. deadlock. (n) finish. 6. halt (durma). intermit. hesitation. synonyms (v) remain. (n) noisy. fillip. stop (durak. recession. (n) noise. prolong. sessiz). terminate. check. plug. (n) apartment. synonyms (adv) however. (n) control. (n) attitude. burrow. peaceful. curb. (n) lull. 2. obstruct. drop. active. still. (adj) flag. limp. impulsion. statik). halt (durmak). quiet (sakin. stem (sap). static (duruk. suspension. pacify. reside. bar. allay. synonyms (v) break. synonyms (v) jab. reason. fore. but. consideration. attend. pause. synonyms (v) stand. intense. unmoving.

situation. synonyms (n) lay. synonyms (adv) exactly. model. limp. class. comity. jacket. antonyms (adj) unfair. 4. moral. synonyms (n) appearance. mold. function. consultation. antonyms (adj) dark. predicament. meaning. spirit. agree. example. beautiful. pose. definite. locate. prop. locate. circumstance. perspective. fit. rack. durmak). foul. affirm.English duruk static (statik). end. immediate. view. (n) command. place. intercept. righteous. hearing. imbalanced. 4. honest.websters-online-dictionary. upturned. carnival. bin. install. adjudicate. eyalet). hinder. trial. consecutive. prop. endeavor. due. prejudiced. resolve. assumption. (v) bright. demeanor.org) . 4. 5. fair (güzel. simply. impartial. construct. attendance. wrong. placement. pure. askew. pedestal. sweet. considerable. clause. direct (dolaysız. port. level. announce. company. (adj) private. bearing. antonyms (adv) indirectly. show. location. genuine. expound. check. base. gentility. newly. adjust. unplanned. barely. sound. stand (ayakta durmak. opportunity. circumstance. antonyms (adj) indirect. antonyms (adj) immoral. situation. trial (deneme). square. phase. inquiry. reach. (n) lesson. (adj) even. synonyms (v) endure. antonyms (v) start. point. opinion. 10. say. shell. 7. plug. arrange. unwarranted. forthright. guileless. stop (durak. flat. (v) request. moral. proper. mentality. difficulty. stand (ayakta durmak. casualty. interview. rank. encourage. curb. 2. attempt. (n) halt. durmak). instantly. beget. conveyance. synonyms (adj) clear. diluted. carve. induce. corrupt. (v) stop. job. bent. stance. prolong. perspective. faithful. coach. charge. attitude (davranış. condition. ear. neat. noble. status. sarışın). sound. sincere. comely. post. erect. hold. disease. decide. upright. episode. disposition. honorable. arrest. install. status. stand. transport. allege. heartfelt. cease. honest. tolerate. juncture. effort. carton. prone. orientation. respectable. 7. figure. lying. lead. exact. mismatched. erect. being. post. accept. winding. synonyms (n) aspect. circumstances. unjust. office. exclusively. viewpoint. shape (biçim. finish. (v) grade. freeze. suffer. (n) bazaar. suffer. antonyms (n) absence. order. elegant. obstruct. 2. motive. stance. determine. stand. existence. curved. blonde. true. synonyms (adv) directly. durmak). fixed. synonyms (v) endure. 6. unmoving. cessation. synonyms (adj) immobile. hardly. hardship. position (konum). auditory. eccentric. tavır. opinion. undergo. 2. synonyms (adj) fair. synonyms (v) close. straight (düz). openly. biased. cover. (n) atmospherics. adjust. 8. good. fix. dwell. duruş 1. case. case. approach. synonyms (n) stay. degenerate. duruşma 1. front. oblique. abide. inert. yönlendirmek). (adj) national. (adj) curly. location. clean. just. decent. base. 3. affection. pattern. synonyms (v) fix. (v) fix. grade. fact. occurrence. behavior. sideways. placement. motionless. synonyms (n) case. occasion. set. thing. 9. quiet. (adj) correct. antonyms (adv) horizontally. poise. synonyms (n) carriage. antonym (adj) moving. undergo. channel. pedestal. synonyms (n) rank. (v) cause. (v) aim. control. address. presence. nonattendance. express. 6. dependable. accept. durmak). post. synonyms (n) lay. equitable. antonyms (v) deny. live. partial. synonyms (n) provision. lie. side. (adj) breeding. posture. disinterested. stable. environment. casing. adventure. rack. stall. plain. conduct. clarify. head. frankly. breed. impede. unwholesome. form. plumb. (v) bearing. site. spot. curvy. synonyms (n) attitude. delay. establish. provide. earreach. distress. passive. design. desist. significance. audition. attitude. immediately. evenhanded. condition. fine. create. synonyms (n) test. footing. mention. synonyms (n) earshot. dispassionate. direct. disloyal. bad. guarded. durum 1. kingdom. position (konum). notion. bag. dignity. (v) declare. occasion. abide. durdurmak. look. manner. pause. real. ailment. appropriate. exceptional. 6. configuration. (adj) confirm. gait. upright. interrupt. synonyms (n) nation. standing. antonyms (v) sit. synonyms (n) cast. şekil). set. rigid. suit. position. event. importance. build. matter. (adj) standing. experiment. catch. adversity. (n) booth. roundabout. deportment. misleading. bar. synonyms (n) box. arrangement. reasonable. synonyms (n) state. inactive. examination. make. seat. average. 5. place. mind. 7. hold. straight. arrange. mien. dürüst 1. block. particular. comportment. condition. arrangement. permit. synonyms (adj) ethical. accident. durma. berth. firsthand. carriage. hearing. caste. (v) aspect. guide. lie. vertical.Turkish . (adj) audience. disrupt. term. example. belief. position. synonyms (n) employment. halt (durma. frank. disposition. status. 3. determine. (adj) patient. mood. outlook. crisis. dictate. antonyms (v) begin. (n) booth. bolt. (v) fashion. zigzag. synonyms (adj) perpendicular. erect. state (devlet. posture. pay. tolerate. (adj) experimental. virtuous. suspension. chance. just. second-hand. employment. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. set. instance. chaste. 141 standpoint. situation. figure. stance. 2. break. candid. place. continue. administer. live. listening. antonym (adj) deaf. conclude. estate. 5. point. incident. downright. (adj) disreputable. mould. stationary. briefcase. fit. 3. antonyms (adj) dishonest. tutum). artless. (n) column. accurate. essay. hanging. 8. right. context. stall. stagnant. pose. character. happening. still. complaint. air. durulmak settle. affliction. affair. pillar. discontinue. country. lifeless. circuitous. antonyms (v) sit. synonyms (adj) blunt. regulate.

unvarnished. simple. synonyms (adj) equitable. propriety. straightforward. assailant. fairly (oldukça). honestness. full. shed. knotted. prone. downfall. probity. trueness. hostility. alight. synonyms (adj) rectangular. (adj) rival. uprightness. 11. synonyms (n) exactness. faithfully. tenderness. antonyms (adj) horizontal. liking. disaffection. adjust. likeness. completeness. depiction. pompous. evident. middling. chilly. disgust. righteousness. painting. düşkünlük 1. truth (doğruluk). sincerity. (n) bazaar. odium. mysterious. synonyms (n) honesty. jurist. jump. sprinkle. imbalanced. fancy. averse. deposit. quite. (n) decline. friend. devotion. 4. sağ). check. enthusiasm. (n) drop. descend. 8. disease. unaffected. bathe. synonyms (adj) unfriendly. distaste. notion. truly. beautiful. unjust.org) . biased. decency. rectangle. portrayal. aspiration. antonyms (n) love. loathing. ambition. synonyms (n) adoration. synonyms (n) aggression. authority. torrent. accuracy. synonyms (v) descend. synonyms (n) rain. crash. becoming. dip. genuinely. düşman enemy. plainly. vision. (v) rectify. lie. belligerent. opponent. (adj) honor. fair (güzel. drizzle. charity. round. wickedness. veracity. antagonism. rainfall. düş dream. quadrate. hatred (nefret). bitterness. actuality. fall (düşmek. exceptional. devious. resentment. reality. verity. pretty. feud. justice. abhorrence. consecration. antonyms (adj) elaborate. fondness. straight. (n) ascent. synonyms (adj) open. justice (adalet). carnival. heart. foursquare. correctness. candidness. equitably. pitch. conflict. comprehensible. antonyms (n) untruth. openly. antonyms (n) injustice. synonyms (adv) frankly. admiration. fair. manifest. justice. synonyms (n) impartiality. opposition. opposite. synonyms (n) detestation. supporter. unfavorable. nightmare. integrity (bütünlük). treachery. characterization. dive. (v) regard. sink. faithfulness. düz). inhospitable. dip. synonyms (adj) ordinary. freedom. win. goodwill. adoration. dignity. diminish. unity. synonyms (n) effigy. grudge. faith. apparent. adverse. deception. feeling. (v) imagine. (v) bright. antonym (n) reality. desire. equity. confused. triumph. (v) pour. 2. abomination. tricky. sarışın). (adj) veneration. synonyms (n) candor. competitor. obvious. (n) area. chastity. coma. devotedness. antonyms (adj) friendly. lift. reasonably. morality. drop. volley. bath. closeness. unjustified. extremely. skewed. reverie. foe. synonyms (n) adversary. erect. rather. antonyms (n) indifference. synonyms (adj) perfect. magistrate. portrait. soothing. outspoken. frankness. anger. deviousness. goodness. claim. falsehood. constancy. balance. plunge. authenticity. sweet. passably. (n) left. unbowed. complex. right (doğru. war. dispassionate. collapse. affection (sevgi). vertical (dikey). two-colored. lopsided. synonyms (v) fall. abandon. bluntly. ornate. dürüstçe 1. disloyalty. dedication. deceit. twisted. loyalty. justness. (v) hate. reasonableness. antonyms (adj) inappropriate. liberty. antonyms (v) rise. dive. delineation. square (kare). homely. synonyms (n) affect. elementary. right. fantasy. muse. dark. antipathy. perspicuous. bluff. unwarranted. figment. fairness. (adj) fidelity. animosity. cast. somewhat.English umpire. entireness. piety. care. judge. antonyms (v) ascend. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. antonyms (n) dishonesty. overt. law. relatively. candid. düşmek 1. zeal. wavy. totality. clear. diminish. hail. aggressive. enmity. difficult. antonyms (adj) complicated. antonym (n) hatred. court. truthful. honestly. hatred.142 Turkish . directly. (adv) correctly. düşmanlık 1. increase. 2. descent. sheer.websters-online-dictionary. cascade. figure. concealed. deceitful. block. kindness. rancor. climb. affection. scatter. partial. affectionateness. sink. dislike. uncomplicated. descent. impartial. moderately. reverence. ebb. duş shower. dismiss. contrary. multicolored. synonyms (adj) upright. (v) settle. (n) drop. misleadingly. rectitude. disagreement. malice. quadrilateral. 2. discard. düşey 1. hostile. perpendicular. judicature. loyalty. precision. spray. love. downfall. alight. dull. düşme 1. evenhandedly. conform. enough. (n) growth. average. outright. icon. unclear. incorrect. 3. antagonist. synonyms (n) daydream. virtue. 2. foul. aboveboard. synonyms (v) decline. come. principle. prejudiced. hostility. axiom. image. decrease. antonyms (adv) unfairly. blonde. dwindle. picture. attachment. warlike. intelligible. antonyms (adv) dishonestly. 2. portraiture. easy. antonyms (n) friendliness. antonyms (n) ally. interest. mottled. dribble. düşmanca hostile. (adj) earnestly. wash. twisting. worship. clear-cut. certainty. sincerely. unfairness. honesty. plumb. fiction. unsophisticated. correspond. (adj) just. justly. photograph. undesigning. liking. deceitfully. warm. irreconcilable. fairly. 9. agree. perfection. integrity. aversion. antonyms (adj) unfair. synonyms (adv) completely. genuineness. rain. plain (açık. aboveboard. fine. opposed. humble. foeman. dürüstlük 1. inimical. execration. passion. fall (sonbahar). slightly. sleep. challenger. contender. dwindle. reasonable. allegiance. rain. ingenuous. (n) privilege. sonbahar). 10. fact. standing. 3. antagonistic. mismatched. (adv) clean. candidly. fitting. fabrication. unjustly. attractive. constancy. fussy. droop. drip. trance. 2. nice. belligerence. law. unequivocal. decrease. equal. barrage.

exhortation. impact. reflect. air. attentive. (v) feel. consideration. kind. thoughtful. thinking. synonyms (n) creation. counsel. conscience. clang. common. cogitation. antonym (n) misconception. state. calculated. believe. idea (fikir). thoughtful. attention. ascend. thinking. wisdom. synonyms (n) miscarriage. synonyms (n) concern. synonyms (n) speech. beware. mentation. öğüt vermek). disappointment. synonyms (v) consider. forgetful. comprehension. drop. düşünce 1. determinate. spurn. head.websters-online-dictionary. discard. express. field. listen. strict. theme. duygu. triumph. construct. sensibility. öğüt. synonyms (n) intellect. aborting. suppose. behavior. detect. impulsiveness. fancy. reject. ebb. synonyms (n) position. crash. heedful. (n) thought. perceive. antonyms (v) lift. meaning. synonyms (n) declension. apprehension. development. foolishness. cogitate. attitude (davranış. feeling. land (toprak). synonyms (v) conceive. tutum). düşük 1. (v) attend. prudent. thoughtless. antonyms (n) thoughtlessness. (n) ascent. deep. sight. care. abandon. philosophy. clank. misadventure. climb. antonym (n) fact. domain. brain. wreck. die. heedless. confer. bearing. (adv) gentle. solemn. intellection. 3. perspective. depressed. utter. mind (akıl). antonyms (n) improvement. pitch. (v) enunciate. invention. supposition. ignoble. condition. sense. ludicrousness. methodical. ponder. reflection. kör etmek). (adv) thoughtless. advisement. 4. drip. düşünmek 1. synonyms (v) conceive. synonyms (v) designed. reckon. vocalize. decline. sound. advice. guidance. listless. regard. base. shutter. careless. careless. refuse. purpose. intended. antonym (v) forget. curtain. synonyms (adj) careful. information. mindful. decay. guarded. synonyms (n) observance. careful. annotation. exhort. hint. language. observation (gözlem). improve. inattentive. dejected. (v) heedless. attention. estimate. jump. mentality. purport. arrive. care. synonyms (adj) inconsiderate. contemplation. considered. articulate. (adj) intelligent. downhearted. insight. meticulous. remark. aborsement. failure. thorough. reason. express. country. side. drape. 2. look. (adj) intelligent. 2. (n) notion. brains. antonym (adj) aquatic. pose. think (sanmak). conjecture. object. 143 counsel (avukat. dash. synonyms (n) ground. dazzle. estate. fiasco. abject. freak. perception. (v) advise. concept. notion. conjecture. meditative. cerebration. wit. lax. premeditated. inspection. realm. trick. reckless. state. clatter. advocate. muse. impression. deliberation. 9. idea. grasp. empire. lookout. concept. notice. antonyms (adj) cheerful. (v) note. suffrage. conceit. nation. counselor. düşünme 1. intent. admonition. initiation. hold. synonyms (n) caution. 2. gibberish. sensible. imprudent. hasty. daze. thoughtful. attention. droop. reflection. 12. pronounce. smash. get. guard. contemplation. caring. wary. cheat. antonym (n) fact. 7. suspicion. logic. incautious. deny. camouflage. mind. thought. break. thoughtful. say. (n) thought. grave. cautious. recovery. imagine. disposition. synonyms (adj) considerate. 8. fail. synonyms (v) conceive. deposit. thinking. commentary. antonyms (v) rise. inspiration. 4. imagination. cast. fancy. aspect. dismiss. high-pitched. viewpoint. consult. design. advised. deteriorate.Turkish . duyu.English plunge. guess. respect. düşünceli 1. synonyms (adj) sightless. contemplation. ram. consultation. understanding. obscure. contemplate. (v) accept. termination. studied. approach. tavır. opinion. intellection. soil. reading. outlook. 6. recommendation. inclination. abortion. circumspect. part. debark. deliberate. view. attorney. happy. rebirth. low (alçak). opinion (fikir). synonyms (n) estimation. keep. haphazard. cerebration. view. blue. inkling. conception. import. tact. feeling. intellection. (v) disembark. pensive. vote. consideration. psyche. nonsense. important. insouciant. contemplative. synonyms (n) judgment. castling. idea. synonyms (adj) contemptible. appreciation. image. thoughtful. 5. increase. synonyms (v) observation. thought. incompletion. synonyms (v) fall. veil. plan. deliberate. (n) growth. judgment. (adj) intelligent. (n) opinion. 5. piercing. rational. posture. discreet. thoughtfulness. synonyms (v) observation. comment. crack. (v) bang. (adj) fade. slam. sentiment. consideration. (n) reasoning. loud. pensive. experience. diligent. meditative. languish. 2. intuition. heed. conception (fikir). (n) screen. suggestion. reasoning. voice (ses). shed. speak. reasoning. mood. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. theory. aim. düşünen thinking. his). blunder. humble. consideration. belief. cursory. antonym (adj) sighted. down. 10. antonym (v) forget. deterioration. examination. win. awning. sensitivity. belief. heart. conception. downcast. (n) high. declination. (adj) intentional. thoughtful. düşüncesiz 1. worsen. synonyms (n) sensation. synonyms (n) clash. sense (anlam. thunder. sentiment. thought. (v) wane. admonish. attentive. (v) regard.org) . conception. gist. stupidity. awareness. kingdom. (n) collapse. 11. 2. cogitation. inadvertent. stance. dribble. intelligence. account. antonyms (adj) careful. design. 2. blind (kör. mind. antonyms (adj) inconsiderate. diminution. cerebration. antonyms (n) garbage. slow. serious. 3. abortive. inconsideration. device. opinion. courteous. abate. anxious. view. estimate. gumption. impression. meditative. (n) depression. hypothesis. collision. appearance. guess. scent. intention. flourish. 2. undiscerning. idea. (v) bedazzle. apprehension.

clemency. feeling. glint. argument. attitude. (n) drop. detract. duygudaşlık sympathy. decay. drip. smith. crazy. passionate. recession. dip. compassionate. ludicrous. cliff. balance (denge. synonyms (n) depression. pity. feeling. genius. dwindle. unwise. 3. heart. hasty. meditate. 5. wise. find. corner. perceptive. sensible. understanding. allay. flash. tender. antonyms (v) ascend. ground. antonyms (n) extension. (n) touch. bid. absurd. artificer. synonyms (n) thrill. belief. deposit. humanity. commotion. offset. (v) grow. recess. affect. experience. droop. sensibility. sense (anlam. 2. excited. pathos. (n) growth. stupidity. soft. emotional. dismiss. ebb. stunner. stonemason. emotion. antonym (n) insensitivity. enthusiasm. antonym (n) insensitivity. rationality. suppose. go. reckless. sensitive. sensitiveness. plunge. thought. hedge. 2. aware. (v) impression. case. counterpoise. imitate. believe. observation. slump. appreciation. hardhearted. block. supplement. logic. involuntary.org) . foolishness. deduce. bar. spontaneous. ridiculous. judgment. excitable. marvel. travel. outrageous. intentional. bear. intuition. intellection. sense. shine. blockage. dribble. tact. excogitate. cutback. benevolence. increase. antonym (n) intelligence. duygu 1. düşürmek drop. predisposition. nice. duyu. consideration. idea. addition. synonyms (n) perception. win. dive. antonyms (n) indifference. sense. receptiveness. commiseration. synonyms (n) coop. kindness. lower. cascade. sensational. synonyms (n) mind. (v) counterbalance. tone. sensation. handicap. hurdle. barricade. unintentional. copy. rational. sane. judicious. (v) emotive. bolt. cage. perceptible. feeling. apprehension. excess. (adj) charity. tactless. sensitivity. intensify. propose. susceptible. descent. maker. lift. discuss. excitement. synonyms (v) fall. audit. purpose. settle. his). ace. idiotic. 3. intended. adjust. (n) decline. instigate. cast. gentle. synonyms (n) cut. receding. synonyms (n) builder. nervous. carpenter. jump. ruminate. reason. screen. diminish. 2. logical. duygulu 1. sensible. speed. object. synonyms (v) consider. painful. dismiss. detect. synonyms (adj) reasonable. climb. ingenuous. barrier (engel). (n) ascent. sensitive. synonyms (n) affection. predisposition. jump. prodigy. duyarlı 1. speculate. impressionable. impel. synonyms (n) sensibility. duyarlık sensitivity. synonyms (adj) delicate. (v) fence. ebb. sensitive. intellect. sore. position. cruelty. sensation. niche. wonder. sympathy. indifference. understanding. passion. flow. irritable. 4. fall (düşmek. mull. mirror. droop. view. symmetry. synonyms (n) dam. envelopment. discernment. 5. imprudent. chance. harebrained. sty. affecting. 4. sensitive. decrease. understanding. thick-skinned. affective. mawkish. receptiveness. (adj) emotional. snag. (v) unbalance. mad. synonyms (v) deliberate. estimation. (v) cause. restraint. emotional (duygusal). think. purport. discard. 3. curtail. acumen. abandon. explanation. (v) abate. deem. (n) offer. lift. endure. dengelemek). perceive. mind. obstacle. rain. duvar 1. antonyms (adj) insensitive. gibberish. antonyms (v) rise. argue. discard. sentiment. scent. duygulandırmak move (hareket. hunch. sense. brood. insert. reflect (yansıtmak). affectional. atmosphere. dribble. antonyms (n) numbness. sympathy. rampart. (n) decline. sentiment. alight. duyarlılık sensitivity. dexterity. anger. overture. rubbery. boundary. appreciation. excite. diminution. numb. speed. barrier. tact. affection. sensitiveness. düşüş 1. duvarcı mason. effusive. drive. tender. appreciable.websters-online-dictionary. kindness. 6. comfort. opinion. suffer. purpose. unreasonable. downfall. (v) intellect. feeling. moving. sound. railing. credit. wane. meaning. effect. conscious. feeling. decrease. 3. frail. manufacturer. basis. collapse. conception. obstruction. architect. blockade. antonyms (v) rise. silly. synonyms (n) judgement. rail. emotion. abridge. contrast. hold. loving. antonyms (adj) accidental. mild. considered. decrease (azaltmak). miracle. 4. account. antonym (v) observe. cast. receptive. abandon. rough. feel (hissetmek). complement. nonsense. synonyms (n) feel. hit. mercy. fond. sink. reduction. success. protection. mood. confer. smash. 3. sensation. finger. come. triumph. acumen. dexterity. synonyms (v) fall. persuasion. inclosure. practical. agreement. fencing. debate. synonyms (n) sensibility. image. present. agitation. pen. earthwork. synonyms (adj) affectionate. deftness. conscious. antonyms (n) garbage. kindness. carry. antonyms (adj) tough. sonbahar). texture. barrage. prudent. stupid. awareness. transfer. phenomenon. hindrance. sensation. synonyms (n) partition. hard. antonym (v) stay. synonyms (adj) dramatic. shrink. fortification. sagacious. occasion. taşınmak). collapse. ring.English antonyms (adj) foolish. rapport.144 Turkish . fervent. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. sage. dip. (v) consult. ludicrousness. maneuver. synonyms (n) compassion. bethink. handle. lessen. touch. contract. 2. warm. (v) inspiration. notion. caring. intelligent. love. (v) proffer. enclosing. synonyms (v) act. repeat. reason. compensate. think. increase. conclude. freemason. deftness. enclosure. wall. wall. air. synonyms (v) descend. synonyms (n) poise. poignant. impediment. guard. (n) growth. artist. crash. deposit. echo. drip. bulwark. drop. sentience. remainder. antonyms (n) imbalance. (n) motion. pitch.

twisting. auricular. mushy. (v) request. glossy. degree. ornate. thick-skinned. sensible. law. hit. assertion. publication. immoral. release. hear. smooth (düzgün). attractive. obvious. sensitory. synonyms (adv) yet. jagged. peeling. antonyms (adj) inconsistent. favorite. bumpy. explicit. flaking. sense. poster. fluent. sore. exact. yönlendirmek). perceive. unplanned. sense. fell. synonyms (n) impression. synonyms (n) intelligence. intelligible. interest. return. plane. notice. synonyms (v) attend. floor. detachment. auricular. emotional. advert. wonder. publicize. comprehensible. broadcast. finger. impassiveness. unflappable. askew. 145 intimation. caution. duymak 1. correct. horizontal. graceful. head. synonyms (adj) ordinary. düz 1. (v) balance. 2. get. ignore. agitation. mind. greasy. sensitivity. numb. agitation. overhear. irritable. 3. passionate. insipid. due. crumpled. synonyms (n) apathy. promulgate. outspoken. straight. prickly. declaration. (adj) constant. sensibility. aural. endure. discover. second-hand. confused. moving. slushy. nonsense. sensor. nice. duyuru 1. believe. hatta). antonyms (adj) exciting. wonder. unconcern. sentimental. liberty. observation. knotted. audio-visual. class. disregard. 5. sensitivity. lined. notice. advertisement (ilan. simple. see. uneven. clear. handle. aural. emotion. antonyms (adj) elaborate. horizontal (yatay). duygu. (v) feeling. sensuous. gather. perception. synonyms (adj) delicate. incorrect. 3. ace. neglect. even (çift. afferent. arresting. auditory. synonyms (adj) dramatic. sentience. gentle. perception. reasonable. sensitive. atmosphere. diluted. sensitive. meaning. 2. consider. tender. synonyms (n) emotion. effusive. (v) channel.Turkish . curved. smooth. (n) sensorium. susceptible. disinterest. antonyms (n) garbage. synonyms (v) advertise. poignant. highpitched. facile. multicolored. square. flat. antonyms (adj) rough. humble. audible. texture. schmaltzy. aim. antonym (n) numbness. plain (açık). declare. nervous. feeling. acoustic. (adj) erect. zigzag. 2. frankly. aloofness. antonyms (n) dedication. (v) wrong. hold. two-colored. bulldoze. emotional. sensational. fussy. (v) wrinkle. foretell. acoustic. synonyms (adj) sensorial. level. duygusuzluk indifference (ilgisizlik). impassivity. curvy. faithful. synonyms (adj) straight. stunner. sensitive. statement. pronouncement. category. foolishness. communicate. abrasive. identical. equal. (v) direct. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. perfect. discover. mincing. affirm. evident. sensational. examine. proclaim. annunciate. sensibility. coarse. antonyms (adj) inclined. mark. upright. dreary. duyurmak announce (ilan etmek). slanting. unequal. placard. air. irregular. perceptive. arresting. fair. warm. 2. notion. (v) affection. administer. synonyms (adj) dull. awareness. sideways. immediate. stunner. antonyms (adj) inappropriate. advertisement. painful. prostrate. sensuous. (v) emotive. understand. schmalzy. sağ). equivalent. (n) apartment. guarded. sensation. sympathy. fervent. sensational. find. message. corrugated. maudlin. excited. romantic. fancy. awareness. soft. (adj) coldness. mawkish. ridged. affective. (n) command. his). homely. (v) quiet. overt. honest. proper. order. unemotional. gibberish. antonyms (adv) indirectly. 7. winding. heed. synonyms (n) announcement. (v) rectify. bill. consecutive. (adj) curly. passion. publish. synonyms (adj) emotional. downright. harsh. regular. bend. look. impressionable. 6. proclamation. fluid. conduct. facilitate. affectional. oily. genius. sensitive. synonyms (adj) easy. bathetic. idea. duygusal 1. sentiment. synonyms (adj) sensorial. antonyms (adj) insensitive. guide. affecting.English antonyms (adj) impassive. decent. receptive. demolish. 2. equable. reklam). duyusal sensory. (n) touch. experience. mottled. sensor. duyumsal sensory. raze. thrill. announcement (ilan). antonym (v) observe. right (doğru. antonyms (adj) indirect.org) . antonyms (adj) impassive. 9. nonchalance. antonyms (v) disregard. accurate. flat. (v) flatten. dismantle. ludicrousness. unflappable. stoicism. dictate. audio-visual. authority. find. uniform. (v) feel. excitable. transparent. detect. coolness. eagerness. just. herald. flowing. report. boring. logic. synonyms (n) attention. feel. synonyms (adj) blunt. feel (hissetmek). information. oblique. equalize. listen. wrinkled. equitable. direct (dolaysız. sense (anlam. affection. directly. synonyms (n) annunciation. synonyms (adv) right. try. stupidity. becoming. distinguish. antonym (n) numbness. intellect. twisted. tasteless. bent. perpendicular. even. afferent. charge. tactless. fit. manifest. synonyms (n) grade. point. level (düzey). flush. address. (n) privilege. lead. control. compassion. phlegm. 8. sappy. antonym (adj) vertical. hardhearted. perspicuous. communication. mind. unclear. unemotional. destroy. fervor. wavy. sound. raise. (v) uninteresting. good. calm. bland. dead. advertizement. (v) build. loving. nostalgic. (n) left. thrill. advertizing. sensitory. audible. steady. feeling. impression. idea. plain. deem.websters-online-dictionary. absolute. (n) sensorium. comprehend. promulgation. roundabout. sense. jerky. 4. concealed. advertising. duyum sensation. apparent. (v) note. synonyms (v) experience. circuitous. attend. discernment. synonyms (adj) appropriate. intimate. balanced. fixed. catch. learn. ad. sensation. angled. duyu 1. tender. enunciate. circular. auditory. unjustified. apprehend. 2. neutrality.

display. correct. tendency. corrugated. antonyms (adj) inclined. graceful. amend. antonyms (v) break. synonyms (v) temper. do. beat. synonyms (n) arrangement. floor. spoil. 3. deteriorate. (adj) adaption. exact. calm. antidote. (v) adjust. device. educate. dictate. order. practice. aptitude. go. predisposition. contrivance. decree. method (yöntem). resort. (v) attire. diamond. disarrange. mistaken. (n) true. synonyms (v) advance.English healthier. chastise. fit. conform. method. correct. 3. enhance. reasonable. (v) fabrication. synonyms (v) establish. good. control. machine. düzeltmen reader (okuyucu). anchor. arrange. alter. develop. (v) quiet. procedure. leaning. redress. genesis. inclination. sort. equitable. sale. routine. schedule. 4. synonyms (n) constitution. synonyms (n) network. arrangement. array (dizi). becoming. construction. antonyms (adj) lesser. change. disposition. style. configuration. improve. destroy. 8. curative. (v) correspond. provide. bulldoze. fluent. synonyms (n) bent. synonyms (n) apparatus. synonyms (n) cure. emendation.websters-online-dictionary. 4. wrinkled. emend. exactly. clamp. bias. proceed. flaking. confirm. peeling. punishment. mode. reconcile. put. order. 2. fix. mending. medicine. renovate. reclaim. 12. mechanism. charge. accommodate. liquid. (v) change. 5. benefit. settlement. manner. (adv) correctly. design. array. gain. relief. unfasten. facile. arrangement. ridged. castigate. conformation. clothe. 2. flatten. define. demolish. maneuver. remedy. renew. (v) heal. exceed. standardization. system (sistem). recover. (adj) ascertain. fix. fit. reform. scheme. facilitate. (adv) worse. accommodation. control. synonyms (n) dodge. (v) flat. (n) array. compensate. dress. foundation. synonyms (adj) due. contract. renewal. accord. 9. synonyms (n) grade. law. class. 8. regularity. coordinate. compose. dispose. rule. degree. level. (v) patch. (v) best. heal. antonyms (v) worsen. figure. precise. refine. alteration. proofreader. complex. ornament. balance. relieve. regenerate. inappropriate. raise. assign. develop. (n) inferior. agree. better. top. angled. bushel. antonym (n) destruction. (v) wrinkle. 3. chasten. disposition. technique. slanting. restore. devise. right (doğru. 6. (n) bettor. castigation. medication. gain. greasy. adhibition. arrange. organisation. order (düzenlemek. revise. professor. antonyms (v) disturb. equal. compromise. (n) bind. process. chart. call. glossy. synonyms (adj) superior. rank. disposal. ethical. order. model. outline. refresh. approach. ameliorate. repair (onarım. tamir etmek). form. establishment. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. build. educate. prickly. false. accommodation. remedy (ilaç). improper. project. creation. contrive. sağ). enhance. custom. army. better. structure. cultivate. fluid. arrange (düzenlemek). 11. harsh. attitude. erection. authority. sıra). covenant. agreement. check. display. regress. preacher. 13. antonyms (v) worsen. discipline. (v) disorder. proper. düzenek mechanism (mekanizma). fashion. raze. elevate. antonyms (adj) unjustified. liberty. greater. mess. quadrate. range. synonyms (v) advance. fitting. adapt. 7. (adj) even. synonyms (adj) easy. direction. (n) privilege. düzgün). lector. aid. heart. chaos. antonyms (n) anarchy. chastisement. synonyms (n) agreement. faulty. correction. modification. perfect. cultivate. rebuke. transformation. straight. classify. subscriber. dismantle. distribute. 10. antonym (v) disarray. (v) uneven. synonyms (n) betterment. appointment. fasten. rehabilitate. düzen 1. 5. mettle. crease. coarse. appropriate. doctor. purpose. scheme (proje). conversion. direct. immoral. 10. lined. modify. system. reinstate. generation. assortment. unequal. flowing.146 Turkish . conspiracy. improvement. determine. confusion. contrivance. distribution. (adj) dress. aim. drug. commission. apparel. formula. dispensation. oily. improve. antonyms (adj) incorrect. align. set. usage. design. crumpled. (v) wrong.org) . (n) square. revision. propensity. adjust (ayarlamak). request. redeem. synonyms (n) amendment. (v) plot. synonyms (n) course. foursquare. redress. condition. synonyms (n) amendment. antonyms (adj) rough. edict. organization. nice. renovation. settle. make. synonyms (n) command. düzeltmek 1. mellow. accurate. garb. rectification. composition. disposal. decent. better (daha iyi). synonyms (n) administration. synonyms (n) line. pack. adjustment. transform. reconstruct. adjustment. spoil. onarmak. printer. rectangle. claim. connive. adorn. plan. way. (v) direct. surpass. help. alienation. correction. fixing. attach. alteration. reform. mend. emretmek. unit. regress. jerky. square (kare). convalesce. character. architecture. garment. court. synonyms (n) overhaul. help. mend. bank. align. production. level (düzey). intrigue. classification. frame. düzeltme 1. synonyms (adj) rectangular. synonyms (n) lecturer. acclimatize. disposal. (n) area. formation. correct (doğru). mend. amend. straighten. settlement. block. reform. synonyms (n) adaptation. horizontal. regulate. disposition. 7. antonym (n) fabrication. beautify. cap. smooth (düz. 9. mayhem. engineer. adjustment. humor. layout. decorate. appliance. reform. quadrilateral. amendment. variation. machinery. compositor. (n) left. düzelmek improve. excel. editing. reviewer. abrasive. synonyms (v) appoint. sequence. conversion. conspire. synonyms (adj) right. emend. remodel. (adv) just. pattern. allowance. 2. code. diagram. faithful. rectify. fair. 6. deck. deteriorate. grow. means. ameliorate. major.

facile. upright. stable. 2. (v) direct. uniform. facet. symmetrical. düzenleme 1. continual. perpendicular. synonyms (n) agreement. synonyms (adj) normal. 2. 6. figure. class. angled. just.Turkish . horizontal. classify. düzey 1. wobbly. sporadic. (v) flat. frame. (adj) erect. plane. synonyms (adv) right. conspiracy. hatta).English device. unequal. agency. düzenlemek 1. devise. miscellany. sizable. coordinate. even (çift. natty. uneven. conduct. mayhem. compact. customary. position. clutter. jumble. order (düzen. antonyms (adj) uneven. normal. şekil). dirt. steady. regular. pattern. mash. strange. form. curved. proper. editioner. conspire. raze. unequal. antonyms (adv) indirectly. muddle. (n) arrange. twisting. ridged. equal. peeling.websters-online-dictionary. directly. secure. erratic. 4. straight. dispose. common. identical. appoint. resolute. symmetrical. stage. degree. provide. flatten. circuitous. graceful. regular (düzenli. respectable. settlement. knead. asymmetrical. mechanics. demolish. fit. proportionate. craft. knotted. fluid. settle. consecutive. fling. fitness. zigzag. corrugated. antonyms (adj) inclined. antonyms (v) disturb. balance. synonyms (adj) easy. order. rank. floor. brace. soil. scheme. press. model. face. horizontal. spruce. charge. (v) arrange. harsh. (v) fashion. synonyms (n) contrivance. zigzag. intrigue. assorted. fair. oily. antonyms (adj) varied. mayhem. uçak). 5. sıra). synonyms (adj) even. (v) derange. tidy. institute. synonyms (n) airplane. perturb. determine. diagram. disease. synonyms (v) adjust. formal. düzensiz irregular. due. (v) commission. scheme (proje). steady. erratic. desultory. dodge. (n) fixed. regularize. calm. (adj) curly. equitable. changeable. fluent. synonyms (n) ailment. synonyms (n) grade. twisting. marshal. chaos. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. hover. lead. synonyms (n) cast. wrinkled. synonyms (n) command. 3. medium. dress. commotion. govern. decorate. planer. variable. alike. constitute. guarded. instruction.org) . antonyms (adj) rough. 2. edict. display. (n) bias. winding. flat. synonyms (n) arrangement. plane (planya. jet. organise. operation. measured. bent. distribution. disturbance. 3. 3. incessant. coarse. jam. smooth. regulate (ayarlamak). 3. ordered. homogenous. balanced. wavy. compose. align. contribute. request. hodgepodge. consecutive. tend. nice. 7. (v) botch. slanting. device. dictate. (adj) level. (v) conventional. 2. (n) livery. instrument. gear. machine. raise. fix. 147 synonyms (adj) clean. (adj) direct. arrange (düzenlemek). confusion. attire. even. antonyms (adv) indirectly. distribute. dilemma. unequal. (v) wrinkle. trim. businesslike. methodical. (v) shave. level. immediately. inconsistent. make. smooth (düz). arrange. flat. confusion. contrive. array. 2. synonyms (adj) tidy. predispose. lopsided. antonym (adj) unsystematic. chaos. smooth. pack. confuse. dress. efficient. shape. disarray. direct. order. construct. aeroplane. synonyms (n) redactor. disarrange. orchestrate. calm. sequence. bedlam. 2. general. classification. constant. flaking. lined. glossy. unusual. frank. (v) plot. surface. garb. balance. diluted. organize (örgütlemek). regular (normal). düzenli 1. immediate. accurate. call. (v) uneven. adjustment. means. (adj) curly. design. invariable. antonyms (v) disturb. disheveled. control. equable. antonyms (adj) irregular. just. askew. injunction. engineer. modulate. bulldoze. design. scrape. synonyms (adj) same. jerky. (n) guerrilla. deviant. curvy. costume. range. curvy. shape (biçim. mess. broken. twisted. facilitate. upright. equal. contract. neaten. twisted. decree. appointment. jagged. unreliable. engineer. outline. directly. carve. synonyms (v) manage. (adj) even. cyclic. intermittent. equal. peace. writer. layout. wavy. synonyms (v) adjust. frankly. antonym (v) disorganize. mold. immediate. appearance. orderly. uniform (üniforma). neat. synonyms (adj) normal. mess. straighten. sort. flowing. build. methodical. düzenleyici editor. atypical. plan. dismantle. customary. compose. firm. action. composition. honest. honest. mould. antonyms (n) anarchy. pickle. smooth. influence. guarded. steady. adapt. array. (v) disorder. arrangement. level. found. antonyms (adj) untidy. (v) level. 4. correct. agree. decorate. synonyms (v) establish. even. common. prickly. deploy. condition. emretmek. calm. orderly. steady. constant. synonyms (adj) abnormal. disorderly. synonyms (n) difficulty. plan. system. crumpled. consistent. accommodation. (v) steadfast. greasy. settled. winding. shipshape. antonyms (n) orderliness. appoint. dress. cool. set. pack. schedule. journalist. classify. vehicle. place. systematic (sistematik). abrasive. set. configuration. (v) order. normal). curved. groom. aim. sedate. project. disposition. antonyms (adj) unsteady. goodish. outline. regulate. 6. flush. disorder. arrangement. clear. synonyms (v) incline. shaky. complaint. antonym (v) indispose. build. muss. ordinary. straight (düz). correct. guide. aircraft. check. general. rigid. discard. 5. organize. perpendicular. set. disarrange. do. bent. synonyms (adv) right. equivalent. accurate. 7. disarrangement. frankly. diluted. (v) quiet. logical. disorder. düzgün 1. askew. fix. eccentric. method. proper. agree. certain. similar. fair. decide. circuitous. anomalous. order. knotted. unchanging. settle. extraordinary. synonyms (adv) yet. (adj) erect. correct. rectify. destroy. straight (düz). method. do. düzensizlik 1. antonyms (adj) regular. adapt. guerilla.

acquit. (adj) level. unreal. always. (v) uneven. pharmaceutist. synonyms (v) admit. arouse. synonyms (n) newspaper. facile. inconsistent. manifestation. peeling. journalist. carry. slow. (v) appraise. düzleştirmek smooth (düz. rol yapmak). ridged. ebedi eternal. synonyms (adj) easy. embrace. antonym (adv) temporarily. bulldoze. accept. synonyms (n) grade. volume. edebiyat literature. expense. flowing. commonplace. choose. edilgen passive (pasif). editor (düzenleyici). prate. synonyms (n) redactor. unequal. face. equal. meek. continually. short-lived. erudition. degree. basic. aspect. harsh. payment. edifying. magnitude. antonyms (n) poetry. buy. editör 1. blue. (v) admeasure. smooth. lined.org) . level. fluid. book. generate. collect. have. novel. synonyms (adv) ever. mortal. jerky. boot. continual. (n) eternity. edimsiz virtual (sanal). 2. synonyms (n) consequence. contract. antonyms (v) lose. durable. assumption. (v) ramble. rap. alchemist. (v) flatten. facilitate. greasy. attain.websters-online-dictionary. figure. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. size. fluid. bookish. conclusion. ordinary. deed. 2. indifferent. ifade). text. edim act (davranmak. enriching. submissive. erudite. amount. aftermath. synonyms (v) get. practical. flat. facile. greasy. permanently. düzgün). level. (adj) merit. fake. coarse. abrasive. fee. behave. cause. antonym (n) repression. conquest. formal. lifeless. indolent. E ebat dimensions. horizontal. worth. father. düzine dozen. verse. compass. nonviolent. espouse. everlastingly. laborant. uneven. language. erratic. graceful. flaking. gauge. pretend. (n) fixed. (v) wrinkle. antonyms (adj) rough. harsh. educational. ageless. sequel. peeling. result. stage. aim. countenance. antonyms (adj) inclined. raze. make. flat. attainment. synonyms (n) cost. deyim. flatten. accomplish. words. immortal. ridged. endless. ebeveyn 1. extort. qualified. statute. jerky. antonym (v) reject. synonyms (adj) potential. text. aeroplane. imitate. declaration. dormant. düzlemek smooth (düz. imitation. enlightening. fiction. foster. antonyms (adj) irregular. druggist. asymmetrical. coarse. quasi. boundless. (v) father. synonyms (n) bulk. execute. pharmacist. düzyazı prose. writings. gather. feat. learning. derive. synonyms (v) acquire. abrasive. demolish. acquire. bookseller. aeonian. face. dismantle. (adj) eternal. undertake. acquirement. aircraft. find. achieve. edebi literary. analyst. antonym (v) refrain. source. do. interminably. finite. Edinme acquisition. parents. letters. physique. letterure. (v) wrinkle. prize. synonyms (n) learning. flowing. synonyms (n) mother. eczacı chemist. sell. profit. editioner. damage. convolution. procure. düzlük level (düzey). working. ebediyen forever. pharmacy. even. wrinkled. glossy. oily. toll. straight. speech. obtain. voice. eda expression (anlatım. extract. science. synonyms (n) apothecary. synonyms (n) purchase. enact. evermore. hareket. destroy. enduring. wrinkled. synonyms (adj) learned. prickly. Efekt effect (etki. achievement. unusual. go. ratify. oily. demonstration. synonyms (n) accomplishment. crumpled. uneven. firm. art.English pharmacopolist. (v) accomplish. prickly. eder price (fiyat). artistic. prefer. comparative. assertive. slanting. (adj) prosaic. eternally. body. (v) gain. habitual. crumpled. nurture. catch. impassive. balance. variable. circular. constant. fetch. extent. degree. patient. use. build. corrugated. synonyms (n) diction. parent. articulation. calm. publisher. cultured. talk. gain. perpetual. paper. everlasting. assess. indication. flaking. idiom. borrow. antonym (n) reason. prevail. advance. classical. writing. follow. buy. flush. antonyms (adj) active. implicit. move. intellectual. play. (v) quiet. flat. (v) conventional. take. bring. facilitate. product. raise. do. complete. pass. action. advert. edinmek 1. ceaseless. apathetic. palaver. receive. even. value. resigned. angled. horizontal. fluent. earn. adopt (benimsemek). maunder. (adj) even. fluent. extraordinary. calm. forefather. synonyms (n) style. inert. effect. purchase. spirited. getting. permanent. düzlem plane (planya. synonyms (n) airplane. antonym (n) child. constructive. antonyms (adj) temporary. synonyms (adj) inactive. phrase. literature. rear. affiliate. lined. unresisting. precursor. gloom. antonyms (adj) rough. express. achieve. advertisement. düzgün). perform. educated. familiar. ceaselessly. press. simulated. language. accomplishment. pamphlet. synonyms (adj) constant. prototype. corrugated. energizing. charge. civilizing. capacity. writer. obtain. writing. floor. decree. graceful.148 Turkish . knowledge. replicated. glossy. 2. (v) quiet. surface. create. dispensatory. antonym (adj) genuine. sonuç). estimate. deathless. coil. synonym (n) ancestors. figure. (v) achievement. chemic. (v) flat. synonyms (adj) easy. compass. unending. synonym (n) twelve. naturalize. uçak). 3. origin. lasting. even. carry. assume. shave. appearance.

synonyms (n) control. leeway. 11. eğilim 1. bias (önyargı). authority. although. active. locate. perceive. bias. instructor. synonyms (n) fable. tendency. likely. affection. liquefy. maker. arch. gentleman. autonomy. awareness. bent. synonyms (n) run. ascendancy.websters-online-dictionary. rush. perception. paramount. apt (uygun). vogue. register. condition. crown. rasp. title. sceptre. article. disposition. apt. fain. synonyms (n) caption. apropos. sir. (adv) peradventure. awry. bow. synonyms (adj) arched. inclination. temperament. series. synonyms (n) bend. drift. gin. curved. synonyms (n) disposition. deformed. 9. preconception. (adj) variable. dip. inoperative. move. susceptible. time. good. record. supremacy. realm. antonyms (n) garbage. (prep) disposed. reluctant. eğe file (dosya). leaning. fib. bent. holiness. (v) prevalent. his). neutrality. 10. abrade. so. mind. ace. kink. takım). semblance. 5. defeat. string. synonyms (n) trend. round. capable. fruitful. ready. predisposed. forceful. predilection. myth. feeling. antonym (n) inferiority. duygu. legend. drift. twist. personality. fiction. account. legend. dexterous. 7. (v) aim. liable. put. set. original. logic. (v) wave. susceptible. incline. practical. apt. adjust. eğilmek 1. eğilimli 1. story. jurisdiction. distort. able. annals. arrange. procession. liable. bended. string. drift (sapma. habit. dip. synonyms (n) intelligence. chief. abrade. level. disposal. set. stipulation. eğelemek file (dosya). ready. antonyms (adj) minor. main. diagonal. taste. synonyms (conj) provided. domination. curvature. roll. document. antonyms (adj) level. powerful. reluctance. rank. arrangement. antonym (adj) straight. scrape. rank. propinquity. sway. intention. 8. 6. oblique. authoritative. bowed. submissive. flair. (v) given. synonyms (n) captain. major. lord (sahip). mettle. strain. subordinate. tone. bigotry. character. nonsense. egemenlik 1. course. (adj) fixed. grup. surge. 149 disposal. control. bond. antonyms (n) disinclination. bowed. arrange. curve (eğri. proviso. conformity. 2. ascendence. stage. lay. story. antonym (n) truth. inclination. 3. motion. adequate. arc. eğiklik inclination (eğilim). 2. (v) style. willing. desire. antonyms (adj) level. superiority. intent. oblique. impression. turn. dominion. liking. synonyms (n) sympathy. define. antonyms (v) soften. nobleman. position. tendency. tale. empire. synonyms (n) stream. crooked. mind. heart. array. novel. proneness. providing. useless. wind. fabrication. synonyms (adj) prone. turn. synonyms (n) archive. adroit. sense (anlam. unwilling. smart. influential. majesty. head. operative. experience. unwilling. storey. fain. anecdote. antonym (adj) inappropriate. (adj) chief. gift. folklore. comb-out. manner. command. principal. idea. verge. baş). fast. dominate. race. 3. kindred. history. power. roam. (v) order. efficacious. record. deft. advantage. myth. billow. mood. tend. (v) curl. fancy. (adj) partiality. reluctance.Turkish . minded. seignior. egemen dominant. ludicrousness. notion. analogy. circle. fit. sheer. noble. actual. strong. dominance. sürüklenme). monarchy. float. gist. ruler. 4. tide (gelgit). scrape. rasp. rapport. rampant. clever. creator. procession. government. bandy. effectual. document. attachment. synonyms (n) attitude. kavis). proclivity. boss. synonyms (n) penchant. tradition. narration. synonyms (adj) beneficial. saga. primacy. synonyms (adj) appropriate. design. regulate. movement. slant. distribution. 2. reign. preponderance. relationship. antonyms (adj) ineffective. explanation. noonday. humor. fairness. constitution. maggot. (v) feel. proclivity. independence. list. dynasty. bearing. report. whether. command. and. ascendance. synonyms (n) archive. mastery. agreement. 2. flexible. desire. series. minded. master (ana. allegory. almighty. predisposition. consanguinity. primary. though. list. leaning. tendency. way. (n) combing. sovereignty. set (ayarlamak. predisposed. antonyms (n) impartiality. eğer if (ise). stupidity. synonyms (n) fashion. influence. description. propensity. fancy. efendi 1. connection. (v) prejudice. floor. crook. ramble. bent. figment. dominance. apposite. romance. recital. expert. domineering. falsehood. positive. synonyms (n) kingdom. synonyms (v) fix. deviate. bender. freedom. tenor. 2. (n) class. influence. secure. flood. (v) given. purport. endowment. gibberish. favor. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. angle. efficient. efficient. conditionally. (adj) flex. yarn. an. (prep) disposed. overriding. synonyms (adj) commanding.English efektif effective (etkin). trend. 3. glory. liquid. relation. synonyms (adj) prone. register. chronicle. antonyms (n) disinclination. affection. bias. affinity. intelligent. sway. efsane 1. melt. (adj) flow. inclined. intellect. reluctant. leader. slope. leading. appetite. direction. able. synonyms (n) master. rule. hook.org) . roll. (n) ability. sensation. appetite. (v) blow. oblique. 2. meaning. mistress. (v) conquer. conceit. aptness. synonyms (n) domination. impropriator. willing. (v) order. duyu. synonyms (n) layer. (n) but. bent. likely. narrative. fad. authorization. current. cast. (n) competent. reason. eğik inclined. aptitude. dispose. convenient. synonyms (n) disposition. alliance. arrange. overlord. foolishness. liking. ascendency. nature. place. weak. glide. bent. bowed.

sect. improve. lecture. indoctrinate. trail. score. tip. ramp. (v) banter. cultivate. regalement. leap. angle. (v) gambol. scrawny. antonym (adj) unpleasant. crown. instruction. joy. laughable. exercise. run. cheer. stern. master. recreation. lank. grant. faction. antonyms (adj) flexible. drill. motion. preparation. bounce. brand. austere. educator. return. affection. antonyms (v) straighten. thin. decree. synonyms (v) act. bidding. 2. twist. education. association. synonyms (adj) delectable. sport (spor). school (okul). festival. teach. skilled. hobby. (v) cant. slope. lark. wager. readable. eğilmez rigid. prepare. swerve. synonyms (n) party. square. pleasurable. comical. mind. fall. teach. band. pleasant. sport. eğitilmiş trained. grade (derece). show. mockery. hill. nurture. affair. bevy. 6. humorous. loop. extremity. shoal. fit. set. gaming. entertainment. tame. (v) aim. pitch. deflexion. banquet. suggestion. able. ride. funny. exercise. (n) witty. (v) dump. oblique. digression. knowledge. lecturer. enact. teaching. descent. 6. comedy. gyrate. place. revolution. dive. practice. mutation. synonyms (adj) qualified. trick. synonyms (adj) emaciated. synonyms (n) decline. counsel. agreeable. appetite. untaught. party. pinnacle. twirl. give. order. proclivity. enjoyable. execute. (n) bet. eğitim 1. accustomed. educated. fiddle. 3. buckle. play. feast. ilkbahar). diversion. brandish. relaxation. (adj) guide. fun. liking. synonyms (v) act. correct. grooming. athletics. instruct. antonym (v) work. (v) hop. lovely. celebration. play (oynamak). professional. fiddle. wager. do. drop. train (tren). experienced. antonyms (n) sadness. declivity. drift. diversion. trainer. (v) revolve. enlightenment. synonyms (n) chastisement. heavenly. form. sweet. accede. synonyms (n) teacher. mentor. deform. (n) amusement. guidance. preceptor. disposal. fountain. learning. refreshment. hint. eğlenceli 1. (adj) elastic. gaunt. antonym (v) work. interest. synonyms (n) deviation. reel. inexpert. fold. eğitmen instructor. quality. discipline. commission. direction. synonyms (n) produce. list. divert. firm. rigorous. delight. deflect. nurture. jest. bent. (adj) obliquity. perform. apex. assembly. spring (bahar. dally. pursuit. guideline. (v) edify. bear. antonyms (adj) dull. rank. festivity. do. entertaining. inflexible. laughter. gratifying. eddy. synonyms (n) distraction. bribe. evaluate. flirt. lanky. reluctance. catechize. coaching. hillside. diverting. source. execute. jest. enlighten. herd. command. synonyms (n) education. institution. dip. lean. experience. synonyms (n) elbow. humor. doctrine. institutor. output. synonyms (n) grade. clue. antonym (n) misery. slope. bony. pedagogy. demonstrate. delightful. plump. activity. group. play. correction. 3. eğim 1. yield (verim). fun. synonyms (n) training. caper. tense. severe. (v) incline. (n) tilt. submit. tutor. castigate. antonyms (v) resist. allow. (adj) educational. ascent. ground. train. amusing. antonyms (adj) fat. concede. hard. romp. disport. learn. stiff. freak. exercise. tendency. soft. recreation. display. leaning. dissipation. synonyms (adj) funny. efficient. treatment. 5. synonyms (n) disposition. deflection. 2. pastime. cede. afford. proceeds. 2. (v) boast. persevere. palatable. 2. invent. inclination. mutant. cavort. frolic. degree. eğlenmek 1. group. gathering. swarm. synonyms (n) class. 5. gratuity. eğitmek 1. synonyms (adj) harsh. synonyms (n) jump.English breed. careen. direct. prescription. discipline. category. coach. enjoyment. drive. (v) surrender. instruction (talimat. game. caravan. sport. entertainment. crouch. tail. side. synonyms (n) leisure. crew. educate. athlete. yönerge). mirth. relinquish. workout.websters-online-dictionary. peak. incline. domesticate. apprise. aberration. bias. eğirmek spin (döndürmek). chastise. amusement. tuition. break. untutored. tragic. romp. whirl. rest. prank. charming. sway. cower. flirt. comfortable. lean. synonyms (v) inform. (v) control. classify. injunction. boring. develop. abruptness. strict. discover. desire. chasten. 4. inclination. summit. dance. breeding. rise. amusement. training. culture. joyful. edification. delicious. pleasure. civilise. amuse. contort. merriment. bend (bükme). competent. 3. gradient. antonyms (adj) untrained. show. string. condition. capable. diversion. cavort. college. twist. caper. meeting. fun. slope. fancy. (v) acclivity. pitch. advice. bet. (n) game. 7. stoop. synonyms (n) chain. information. crowd. point. drama. skip. synonyms (n) turn. acceptable. fun. denomination. 3. synonyms (n) frolic. brae. treat. pastime. sport (spor). eğlence 1. entertaining. gradient. 3. perform. drill. fixed. rise. (v) level. satisfying. play (oynamak). reproduction. 2. risible. class. gambol. schooling. tilt. 4. exercise. enact. synonyms (n) top. synonyms (n) mutant. skillful. joke. caper. declination. bank. fitted. literacy. avocation. 4. boredom. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (n) charge. tip (tavsiye). amusing. background. (v) curve. synonyms (adj) amusing.150 Turkish . formal. divagation. originate.org) . hilarious. coach. bound. tell. roll. 8. recreation. practice. reception. fabricate. carousal. respite. slant. inclination (eğilim). enjoyable. departure. synonyms (n) academy. freak. synonyms (n) gang. school. disport. recoil. pleasing. 2. proficient. slant. detour. derision. lean. gaiety. joke. company. antonyms (n) disinclination. expert. elastic. discipline. form. tutor. bending. dally. exacting. descend. 4.

liking. id. line. talent. strange. feeble. expertise. increment. square. afterthought. active. effective. greedy. incapable. antonyms (adj) incompetent. synonyms (adj) effectual. inability. ehliyetsizlik disability (yetersizlik). round. ineffectual. efficacious. tame. accretion. spare. synonyms (n) accession. roc. round. odd. synonyms (n) affection. capability. arrogance. firedrake. accompany. inconsiderate. effective. elbow. ballot. crimp. 7. over. prolongation.org) . egoistic. exceptional. account. contour. unfit. bend (bükme). synonyms (n) greatness. expansion. 3. above. wind. ehil competent. (v) curve. adequacy. 2. devotion. crouch. earthdrake. fitness. flex. accessory. inflect. (adv) especially. increase. (v) fine. defer. 5. supplement. kink. egotistic. arch. bow. servant. indoor. eğri curve (kavis). synonyms (n) shrew. play. gravity. synonyms (adj) able. qualities. sag. inefficient. twist. distort. antonym (adj) efficient. ehli domestic. antonyms (adj) incompetent. efficiency. helpless. synonyms (n) condition. reach. lame. attachment. family. synonyms (v) license. extension (uzatma).Turkish . (v) curl. sordid. adequate. (v) contracted. antonyms (adj) capable. synonyms (n) addition. egoist selfish (bencil). appendage. antonyms (n) incompetence. tie. synonyms (n) bend. ticket (bilet). twist. inactive. prerequisite. eğmek 1. platform. capable. deterioration. synonyms (adj) home. synonyms (adj) mean. able. gain. swerve. 151 evidence. thoughtless. tag. (v) hook. able. insert. matter. certify. turn. 2. provision. internal. certificate. character. selfadmiration. 3. sufficiency. detriment. postscript. operative. synonyms (n) accompaniment. additional. second. loop. personality. fondness. neat. exert. (n) homely. self-pride. bending. efficient. adroit. power. (adj) faculty. domesticated. adjunct. experienced. (v) bend. competency. egotism. indigenous. egocentric. curvature. antonyms (adj) basic. synonyms (adj) alien. extension. synonyms (n) kink. stoop. meander. turn. coil. temperament. stoop. endorse. psyche. kowtow. angle. tartar. antonym (n) detachment. mercenary. limitation. alteration. manifest. ability. capable. antonyms (adj) less. circulation. antonyms (n) insignificance. attest. damage. tiger. enlargement. enough. redundant. flexure. fitting. scold. cockatrice. unimportance. endowment. plank. curious. synonyms (adj) impotent. employ. import. (v) drill. requirement. circle. apply. dexterity. stingy. egzersiz exercise (alıştırma). madcap. ehemmiyet importance. annexe. commensurate. bender. fit. angle. 4. arc. weak. macho. amplification. educate. adherence. inability. 3. (v) additive. regard. augment. contort. affix. incapable. useless. appendix. deadening. fold. crook. (adj) wyvern. slate. (adj) proficiency. crook. aptitude. antonym (v) diminish. duck. kavis). ek 1. antonyms (n) limitation. deform. maid. append. deterrent. disadvantage. concern. synonyms (n) handicap. obeisance. prominence. duplicate. fastener. space. reservation. kraken. antonyms (adj) familiar. self-centered. bender. clever. complete. good. use. exclusive. adept. hook. prestige. property. connection. covetous. inefficient. unable. association. unused. extrinsic. consequence. pride. synonyms (n) pass. drawback. extra. triviality. annexation. skill. curvature. extraneous. dignity. powerless. elongation. antonyms (adj) foreign. indorse. craft. magnitude. extra. supernumerary. arc. (v) clever. synonyms (n) bow. unqualified. synonyms (adj) ineffective. synonyms (n) augmentation. synonyms (n) self. application. (adj) flex. qualification. external. appendix. 4. addendum. fury. wind. action. antonyms (v) straighten. civil. antonyms (adj) unselfish. stress. egotistical. sufficient. synonyms (n) capacity. monster. complementary. 2. modification. incompetent. different. employment. development. useless. (v) add. (pron) other. incline. ancillary. link. inefficient. demonstrate. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. adventitious. inept. movement. 2. plus. ehliyetli efficient. incapacity. counterpart. unfamiliar. valid. wild. appropriate. stretch. codicil. another. illness. antonyms (v) straighten. altruistic. competence. curve. impairment. deflect. practical. more. futile. inadequate. influence. (v) supplement. competent. further. unneeded. lean. curve (eğri. voucher. warrant. (v) curl. expanse. dissemination. inept. generous. foreign. slip.websters-online-dictionary.English eğme bend (bükme). calculus. licence (lisans). household. discipline. growth. activity. 6. insufficient. turn. addition (toplama). distort. buckle. synonyms (n) practice. limit. emphasis. inland. continuation. ordinary. outlandish. selfless. synonyms (adj) additional. appurtenance. main. unusual. elbow. contraction. arch. deflect. crouch. bow. trouble. flex. ehliyetsiz 1. curvature. supplementary. competence. cower. adscititious. (n) excess. attachment. drake. bond. attribute. inefficacious. arch. familiar. check. accomplished. value. unknown. acquisition. disqualification. synonyms (adj) added. label. love. square. mark. egzotik exotic. auxiliary. (adj) complement. curl. adept. card. ehliyet 1. synonyms (n) bow. disablement. (n) lack. train. synonyms (n) arc. degree. increased. ejderha dragon. preparation. regular. crook. annex. ego ego (ben). native.

top. budgetary. dough. mutual. (v) articulate. assenting. exhibition. cooperative. irregular. wacky. kit. observe. top. 3. cultivate. case. currency. investment. destructive. removal. funding. group. bunch. club. tiller. affix. join. shelter. racial. harvest. seam. add (toplamak). saving. ekinsel cultural. synonyms (n) organization. extension. denying. screen (perde). efficiency. mask. synonyms (v) check. appendage. connection. team (takım). ortak). synonyms (n) living. (v) browse. (n) admonisher. hinge. protect. chef. disclose. column. furnish. teach. synonyms (n) academy. (v) cover. company. less. (v) fix. screen. corporation. synonyms (v) calculate. harvest. class. clothes. complement. sotnia. eksantrik eccentric. civilizing. odd. controvert. bevy. lack. minus. parade. cloak. hinge. party. array. cash. eklemek 1. army. supplemental. livelihood. presentation. joint (birleşik. eklem. join. swarm. outfit. lop. synonyms (n) manufactory. wing. mercantile. moderator. accumulate. 2. plant (bitki). hinge. eksi 1. 2. cooperative. annex. wing. financial. unfavorable. shoal. stinginess. antonyms (adj) individual. fiscal. (adj) clip. antonyms (n) subtraction. cut. subordinate. shield. constitute. coach. legion. joining. lacking. damaging. bilateral. private. artistic. communal. lop. synonyms (adj) minus. (v) equipment. crop (ürün). append. material. brigade (tugay). adjoin. 4. synonyms (adj) commercial. food.websters-online-dictionary. beneficial. graft. crew. riddle. found. rig. garb. commerce. doughboy. ordinary. string. conceal. sponsorship. afterthought. disadvantage. hide. conservation. craw. veil. antonym (prep) plus. synonyms (n) bionomics. augmentation. ekol school (okul). increase. efficient. subtraction. ekmekçi baker. comical. equip.org) . cultivate. mob. contrary. herb. separate. crazy. bread. band. synonyms (n) finance. connection. synonyms (n) crew. graze. arrangement. ekseriyet majority (çoğunluk). train. common. center. backing. platoon. mutual. ortak). (prep) accumulation. reap. clothing. addendum. 2. personnel. anomalous. optimistic. 6. cultivate. stem. squad. extra. associate. disavow. corps. husbandry. prune. bury. addendum. brandish. gathering. accretion. removal. (adj) complement. figure. spindle. 2. (n) denial. demonstration. appurtenance. postscript. place. regulate. supplementary. beautifying. synonyms (n) dress. division. brigade. monitör). pecuniary. mass. assembly. economical. monetary. synonyms (n) gang. network. denuded. money. cut. row. costume. set. regiment. synonyms (n) shade. junction. battalia. (adj) system. estimation. craw. synonyms (adj) bizarre. corrective. age. ekip 1. (n) addition. (n) articulation. (v) articulate. antonym (v) detach. synonyms (n) accession. synonyms (n) cultivator. economy. lesser. economics. (v) educate. show. deny. monitor (izlemek. equipment. summation. ring. trade. antonym (n) extravagance. cut.English synonyms (n) fruit. antonyms (adj) normal. deficient. expose. attire. dame. private. abnormal. prudence. 8. sect. hub. communal. preponderance. communion. sustenance. mill. bilateral. establish. shave. associate. olumsuz). antonyms (adj) positive. circle. eavesdrop. discipline. economy. ekran 1. (adj) clip. adjunct. graze. antonym (v) diminish. peculiar. totaling. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (adv) without. subtract. synonyms (n) array. battalion. attachment. kill. negate. husband. shear. husbandman. embed. (n) character. adorning. trim. (v) pair. synonyms (n) cook. (n) articulation. botany. loot. strange. droll. thrift. file. side. outlandish. reap. (adj) rank. bereaved. appearance. gear. ekoloji ecology. pack. conservationism. knot. constructive. 2. faction. mafsal. unilateral. attachment. pelf. synonyms (adj) ethnic. pin. profitable. negative (negatif. synonyms (adj) subsidiary. money. factory. dignifying. antonyms (adj) individual. (v) browse. team. tie. flaunt. include. ekonomist economist. (v) add. joining. 3. clique. herd. increment. range. ironclad. antonym (n) minority. blind. unilateral. partition. squad. crowd. ekonomi 1. display. system. accessory. total. accompaniment. gather. synonyms (n) fruit. eklem joint (birleşik. industrial. guard. short. couple. advancing. synonyms (adj) collective. prune. pivot. synonyms (n) cluster. lay. produce. synonyms (n) axle. 3. college. brevity. gain. instruct. host. synonyms (n) negative. appendix. mix. synonyms (n) accessory. adverse. thriftiness. unit. plurality. synonyms (n) detachment. 5. control. appendage. (n) conformist. fit. indicate. edify. helpful. bread-and-butter. tie. detail. lend.152 Turkish . educational. estimation. synonyms (adj) collective. (v) exhibit. line. staff. gang. annex. parsimony. mafsal. antonyms (n) subtraction. 2. broadening. contingent. body. disguise. ekmek 1. 3. (n) affirmative. apparel. shear. shave. ekleme addition (toplama). assemblage. ekonomik economic. section. kale. maturity. (v) set. battery. separate. horde. troop. supplement. enriching. maintenance. (prep) accumulation. secondary. supervise. ekin crop (ürün). new. divide. rise. erratic. common. (adj) minor. increase. ensemble. continuation. developmental. synonyms (n) bulk. garrison. seam. (v) bereft. synonyms (n) frugality. trim. eksen axis. adolescence. association. (v) gainsay. partnership. veto.

eksik 1. abridge. defeat. competence. bitter. sharp.org) . shortfall. (v) abate. supernumerary. pungent. supplementary.Turkish . 5. (adj) blemish. fall. grave. clean. full. synonyms (n) bankruptcy. brusque. collapse. defective (kusurlu). disappointing. close. error. missing. loss. diminish. inferior. fail. inadequacy. flawed. (adv) more. proficiency. partial. blunt. (v) acidify. eksilmek decrease (azaltmak). loser. (adv) gently. merciful. (v) acidify. flawed. addition. accessory. lightly. absence (yokluk). acid. necessity. weakness. intensify. lack. extra. synonyms (adj) austere. (v) compact. (n) harsh. antonyms (n) excess. pungent. synonyms (n) scantiness. antonym (adj) full. debacle. distress. integral.English ekşi 1. competency. antonyms (adj) adequate. destitute. (adv) abruptly. simple. nonexistent. blameless. adroit. difficult. eksiltmek decrease (azaltmak). (v) increase. (n) lack. thin. disadvantage. sarcastic. failing. synonyms (adj) defective. sparse. growth. clever. antonyms (adj) easy. rise. indigence. exact. sans. severe. inferior. (v) achieve. abridge. authority. hard (sert). soft. short (bodur. failure. abridged. shortcoming. penury. aptitude. poor. privation. diminish. acid. sufficiency. poverty. famine. sketchy. synonyms (adj) incomplete. apt. covet. knotty. bitter. absence. addendum. dud. lack. without. synonyms (adj) perfect. achievement. yielding. tam. effect. deficit. eksiksiz 1. missing. curtail. curtail. fall. antonyms (adj) sweet. art. vicious. exquisite. extra. synonyms (n) defect. crave. shortage. wane. antonyms (n) growth. 2. extension. incompetent. plentiful. detract. inadequate. knowledge. (v) additive. downfall. pithy. lame. insufficient (yetersiz). clear. acerb. extension. acidity. lower.websters-online-dictionary. (v) acute. essential. abrupt. small. lower. absent. attainment. caustic. brittle. limited. attendance. antonyms (adj) long. duplicate. (adj) lacking. ferment. synonyms (adj) scanty. unsuitable. over. dexterity. 153 achiever. ekspertiz expertise. tall. synonyms (n) ability. deficient. stark. cruel. acrimonious. synonyms (adj) adept. cutting. antonyms (adj) basic. less. ekstra 1. breakdown. expertness. antonyms (n) growth. meager. requirement. demand. especially. turn. tough. astringent. deprivation. rise. additional. disaster. pauperism. flaw. decay. grow. erroneous. 6. competent. lower. wane. sharp. sullen. (v) have. (n) rough. improper. synonyms (adj) consummate. complete (bitirmek. paucity. weak. 7. 3. 2. decline. 5. narrow. cut. synonyms (adj) bad. synonyms (n) decline. insufficient. cease. cutback. curt. (n) professional. tender. inaccurate. (n) amateur. glum. antonyms (n) presence. cutback. (v) tart. incomplete. uzman). enough. reasonable. impotent. ambition. devoid. pointed. (adj) infirmity. victory. drought. empty. proficient. (v) close. detract. (v) destitution. experienced. shortage (açık). (n) supplement. hit. inopportune. execute. inept. acid (asit). faulty. ineffective. utter. whole. hope. strong. cutback. ample. default. disease. diminish. synonyms (v) like. incommensurate. skillful. away. foible. dexterous. (v) increase. diminution. (n) wish. require. scarcity. unfinished. contract. antonyms (n) overabundance. imperfection. short. misplaced. grueling. (n) rough. detract. wrong. imperfect. lessen. (v) decay. 6. lapse. ekşimek sour. synonyms (adj) added. (v) neglect. sharp. unfinished. need. vacancy. passable. faulty. inefficient. synonyms (v) lost. defect (kusur). bad. cut. diminution. prowess. synonyms (n) decline. rise. scant. glum. hate. diminutive. synonyms (n) absenteeism. lessen. few. complete. all. fragmentary. antonym (adj) kindly. broken. (n) absolute. severe. dour. eksper expert (bilirkişi. gone. desire. finish. inadequate (yetersiz). compendious. rancid. intensify. dearth. ferment. plus. callous. attain. failure (bozukluk). deficiency. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. synonyms (adj) additional. hardship. antonyms (n) abundance. command. odd. faultless. kısa). high. skill. antonyms (adj) complete. fall. gruff. provision. synonyms (adj) brief. 4. half. disproportionate. rotten. extension. 3. capability. concise. acidity. antonyms (v) dislike. capability. want (istemek). sour. antonyms (adj) imperfect. nonattendance. accomplish. antonym (adj) sweet. vice. antonyms (n) success. skimpy. antonyms (adj) sufficient. synonyms (adj) flimsy. fancy. grow. synonyms (n) blot. (adv) firm. incapable. fault. arduous. synonyms (adj) morose. antonyms (adj) incomplete. thorough. gruff. 3. abridge. accomplished. abortion. (n) harsh. inappropriate. inaccuracy. deformity. laconic. synonyms (n) decline. rotten. 2. lacking. decay. accomplished. disappointment. rancid. affluence. scarce. wane. contract. slender. biting. cut. grim. unequal. want. qualified. halfway. (v) abate. shortened. ace. wanting. talent. surplus. contract. lacking. antonyms (n) growth. antonym (adj) perfect. feeble. synonyms (n) deficiency. 2. lengthy. 4. perfect. (v) abate. antonyms (adj) unskilled. soggy. scar. diminution. critic. glut. connoisseur. unsatisfactory. winner. able. act. entire. excess. synonyms (adj) morose. sketchy. whole. (v) increase. eksilme decrease (azaltmak). untrained. incorrect. acrid. unsound. finished. dour. decay. acidic. eksiklik 1. kind. kindly. blunder. intensify. conclude. 7. auxiliary. grow. insufficiency. grim. tamamlamak). (v) desert. strong. curtail. antonym (adj) present. finished. 2. sour. knack. synonyms (adj) acerbic. lessen. drawback. beginner.

elçi ambassador (büyükelçi). eradication. synonyms (n) suit. synonyms (adv) course. paw. (v) deliver. electrical. clothes. el hand. eleme elimination. bestow. matter. substance. lock. adscititious. synonyms (n) cancellation. bandage. (adj) humor. behave. delegacy. amber. toggery. garments. cloak. origin. bound. electrifying. certainly. wear. cloak. elastikiyet flexibility. member. communicate. electronics. parça). antonyms (v) nibble. obviously. another. worker. load. establishment. costume. perde). synonyms (n) energy. 2. synonyms (adj) electric. exclusion. solution. automated. erase. lightning. origin. mission. indisputable. (v) mercurial. telegraphic. tire. electricity. mission. discharge. innately. elasticity. take. galvanizing. don. hide. fuel. synonyms (adj) electric. magnetic. fray. minister. delegate. vesture. embassy. gravy. liquid. definitely. antonym (v) undress. component (bileşen. else. firmly. heat. current. magnetism. emotional. annihilation. electrifying. deletion. omission. element. galvanic. assume. definite. firm. absolutely. synonyms (n) detail. (n) rapturous. garment. obliterate. 2. wardrobe. factor.websters-online-dictionary. applause. afford. 2. rig. assured. ingredient. excretion. outfit. spontaneously. antonyms (adj) doubtful. electromagnetism. cable. exactly. point. costume (giysi. waste. break. liquor. assignment. accept. conduct. serum. delete. synonyms (n) component. vocation. feature. bolt. grant. naturally. transport. bendability. masquerade. unaffectedly. electrifying. disguise. article. thrilling. confident. review. increased. synonyms (n) extract. adorn. communication. positive. agony. decamp. eleman 1. shield. protect. division. pack. (v) removal. errand. elemek 1. electrical. garment. elektrikli 1. (v) bar. complementary. destroy. automatic. oil. (v) tog. fasten. duty. shield. take. hardship. wind. purpose. (adj) miserable. 3. function. (v) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. partition. thrilling. have. dash. agendum. constituent. synonyms (n) habiliment. synonyms (adj) exciting. succus. goal. (v) cover. task. elektronik 1. adaptability. restless. disguise. gobble. calling. array. galvanizing. annihilate. ordeal. eleştiri 1. inevitably. hold. clear. synonyms (n) electricity. automated. factor. synonyms (n) deputation. diplomat. gravity. blame. safe. adjust. water. embassador. purge. synonyms (n) attire. second. 2. raiment. infallible. frazzle. thrilling. torment. cancel. 2. synonyms (n) arrow. legation. veil. stubbornness. last. synonyms (n) shade. shelter. dress. rid. torture. herald. section. diplomat. spare. elde carry (nakletmek. (v) electrize. antonyms (adv) doubtfully. riddle. taşımak). dependable. automated. automatic. synonyms (v) bear. synonyms (n) dress. escape. representative. reliable. securely. 3. synonyms (v) pain. synonyms (n) agent. dismiss. synonyms (adj) automated. uncertain. synonyms (n) job. protect. element. synonyms (adv) assuredly. exhaust. galvanising. pass. lymph. openly. ancillary. drapery. questionably. (adv) bang. confidently. elem suffering. point. give. absolute. flow. elektrik 1. synonyms (v) abolish. electrical (elektrikli). part. antonyms (n) inflexibility. molecule. pin. messenger. garb. chore. (n) erosion. synonyms (adj) electric. partition. evacuation. criticism. voltaism. commit. antonyms (n) addition. electric. 3. (pron) other. liquidation. 4. extinguish. adventitious. blood. tractability. dressing. synonyms (n) component. dispel. synonyms (n) shade. unlock. matter. electron. antonym (n) content. eliminate. blind. perde). (adj) doubtless. synonyms (n) critique. commentary. latch. elek screen (ekran. elbette 1. abscond. vest. unit. synonyms (n) deal. commission. mask. article. (v) clad. (int) yes. feature. cause. 2. 5. elektriksel electrical (elektrikli).English cover. sorrow. enclothe. assume. grief. part. (n) affliction. positively. things. synonyms (adv) undoubtedly. anguish. bring. indubitably. sure. severity. portion. expedition. riddance. veil. stand. rigidity. misery. clothes. obstinacy. juice. really. unbolt. hesitant. synonyms (n) pliability.org) . fatigue. unquestionably. surely. (v) clothe. deputy. mask. galvanising. magnetic. secure. employee. surely. module. reach. thing. elektron electron. fidgety. substance. dynamic. antonym (adj) main. guard. emissary. artificially. pyrogen. fundamental. ignition. ingredient. spring. antonym (v) refresh. eradicate. devour. antonyms (adv) unnaturally. hurt. conceal. discard. clothing. cause. electronic. fluid. further. stimulating. clearly. kostüm). riddle. diplomatist. conceal. unit. indeed. adversity. hasty. wear. gown. apparel. sure. negatron.154 Turkish . farther. 4. trim. galvanising. 3. bear. element element. screen (ekran. blind. admit. malleability. truly. catch. gasoline. litheness. cover. comport. fundamental. unsure. convey. (v) steady. habit. synonyms (adj) certain. fussy. delegation. animadversion. guard. (adj) light. necessarily. piece. hurried. 2. magnetic. shelter. charge. constituent. distress. disguise. versatility. aid. elçilik 1. synonyms (v) endure. abolition. business. (int) certainly. accessory. module. 2. gulp. suppleness. elbise 1. envoy. hide. uniform. acquit. galvanizing. ejection.

effort (çaba. (v) removal. 2. questionable. antonyms (n) praise. malfunction. unsure. positive. fag. easy. fair. firm. goodbye. positive. insignificant. synonyms (n) assimilation. improper. synonyms (adj) inappropriate. travail. 2. (v) affect. contrivance. synonyms (v) agree. hardheaded. unseasonable. flourishing. 7. libretto. act. obscure. improper. antonym (n) inconvenience. 3. brochure. competent. applicable. exclusion. antonyms (adj) suitable. beneficiary. 2. fatigue. feasible. 5. excretion. examine. judge. isolated. elkitabı manual. imperative. shake. antonyms (adj) inappropriate. practicable. cancellation. deal. 2. inspection. (v) censorious. objection. trade. antonyms (adj) unfit. grave. indubitable. abolition. parade. inapplicable. 2. 2. waver. undesirable. correct. sure. disapproval. tolerable. review (gözden geçirmek). lucky. fit. occasion. eleştirici critical (kritik). trial. codex. synonyms (n) cancellation. inhalation. timely. ferment. work (çalışma. synonyms (n) adieu. eliminasyon elimination (eleme). govern. mechanized. elverişsiz unsuitable. childbed. unsuitable. jolt. safe. compendium. (n) adjust. roaring. censure. elmas 1. impossible. stroke. synonyms (n) pensionary. particular. investigation. amalgamation. sufficient. unimportant. wrong. hint. (adj) pebble. toss. exertion. inapt. lozenge. unrealistic. fitting. pragmatic. iş). elverişlilik convenience. withdrawn. convenient. decorous. solitude. hireling. liter. qualified. appropriate. parting. fixed. recession. control. guidebook. labour. campaign. old. seclusion.org) . suitable (uygun). emilme absorption. survey. synonyms (adj) operative. evacuation. separation. synonyms (n) retreat. plenty. abundant. labor. synonyms (adj) actual. suitable. elverişli 1. synonyms (n) city. trouble. rhombus. approving. supporting. right. secret. approval. stricture. (adj) applicable. encouraging. deletion. dependable. complaint. liquidation. world. unwell. synonyms (n) adamant. severe. synonyms (adj) auspicious. nearby. adapt. touch (dokunma. apposite. (adj) job. cause. (v) becoming. condign. proper. close. working. direct. clutch. book. employment. function. synonyms (adj) acute. proper. pressing. pensioner. solitary. correspond. insufficient. constructive. emeritus. utility. incorrect. calculus. certain. accommodate. urgent. deed.English attack. important. prospering. 2. criticism. (v) ball. 3. unsatisfactory. antonyms (adj) impractical. cultivate. establishment. rock (kaya). useless. pillar. synonyms (n) handbook. leisure. fixed. synonyms (adj) comfortable. hit. push. adequate (yeterli). inopportune. convulsion. synonyms (n) examination. antonyms (v) idle. able. ward. retired. fastidious. business. amenity. confinement. decent. grasp. preoccupation. booming. antonyms (adj) complimentary. border. antonyms (adj) inadequate. manipulate. (v) bound. secrecy. appliance. unfit. sequestered. litre. treat. thriving. riddance. golden. handle. strike. emin 1. application. synonyms (v) covert. assured. (adj) green. ineligible. gadget. secluded. contact. synonyms (n) l. (adj) private. dress. accord. expedient. positive. try. appropriate. action. opportunity. sap). antonyms (adj) uncertain. true. sure. grammar. dokunmak). guaranteed. admiration. emek 1. drudge. eligible. toil. efficient. ticklish. ejection. reel. annihilation. due. full. synonyms (n) advantage. prosperous. expediency. workable. desirable. active. senior. tinge. conduct. advantageous. regard. engrossment. 6. essay. (adj) jewel. sway. eradication. manage. task. commodious. antonyms (n) addition. synonyms (adj) adequate. practical. synonyms (n) exercise. easement. 155 ellemek 1. indecorous. comment. square. equal. satisfactory. proletariat. form. burst. synonyms (adj) certain. synonyms (n) attempt. decisive. crusade. unbecoming. (n) favorable. concern. departure. convenient. trivial. favourable. finger. vital. inconvenient. abecedary. definite. synonyms (n) effort. pertinent. (v) operate. square. respectable. pitch. struggle. functional. apt. inspect. synonyms (v) administer. endeavor. emekli 1. concentration. notice. guide. elveda farewell (veda). synonyms (n) feel. rectangle. denunciation. useful. diamond (karo). abstraction. stable. adjoin. ample. bid. incompatible. synonyms (n) boulder. leave. çalışmak. (v) check. suit. dangerous. handy. categorical. realistic. unwieldy. 4. out. ingestion. elli fifty. feeling. opportune. reexamine. diligence. valediction. retrospect. meet. flattering. resignation. inevitable. discharge. fast. knock. purge. confident. near. antonyms (adj) automatic. attack. composition. elma apple. exploit. interest. magazine. doubtful. effectual. attention. sensible. text. ready. theoretical. infield. omission. wield. emeklilik retirement. brush. agreeable. fitness. enough. comfort. moil. lonely. secure. touch. drive. lambert. acceptable. primer. (v) jar. fit (uymak). snug. (n) grip. rebuke. superannuated. antonyms (adj) inconvenient. helpful. infallible. synonyms (adj) sufficient. commensurate. absolute. privacy. cradle. textbook. gayret). crucial. handle (kulp. synonyms (adj) good. (n) seasonable.websters-online-dictionary. criticize. passable. (v) grind. delicate. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. reliable. quake. bijou. stone. halcyon. benefit. wrong. withdrawal.Turkish . compliment. decisive. departure. indisputable. accommodation. befit.

emmek absorb. enjoin. call. beseech.websters-online-dictionary. (n) compeer. bylaw. decree. unlike. foster. depth. diameter. direct (dolaysız. injunction. engrossment. verdict. guard. class. unerring. synonyms (n) act. invitation. command (komut. inoffensive. chime. safety (güvenlik). ware. bail. ascendancy. edict. level. (v) trustworthy. accommodation. sıra). balanced. unprotected. en 1. coffer. judgment. pronounce. (v) rule. abstraction. point. inhalation. order 2. detach. synonyms (v) relate. drug. correct. doom. govern. directive. require. decide. thickness.English shelter. blame. decree. hostage. 3. attempt. ingest. dominate. administration. (v) bond. synonyms (n) ruling. dominate. declare. robust. correspond. (v) ring. load. trusty. something. synonyms (adj) agree. request. mandate. decision. allure. guard. synonyms (adv) (düzen. confused. harmful. antonyms (adj) anxious. tell. antonym (n) narrowness. spread. equalize. emniyet 1. bingle. disposition. interest. bid (davet etmek). 5. oblique. ensure. measurement. antonyms (v) absolve. claim. sıra). formula. antonyms (adj) unreliable. amuse. assimilate. behest. dose. array. collateral. ordain. grade. summon. hopeful. order (düzen. emretmek. asylum. directive. lactate. command. (v) differ. sound (ses). synonyms (adj) straight. object. count. convinced. direction. rule. emir 1. blow. claim. will. fix. firm. rank. authorization. call. deposit. honest. peer. direction. synonyms (n) breadth. synonyms (n) act. head. form. doom. strongbox. forward. suck. (n) closet. (v) ask. prescript. edict. size. dictate. brave. repressive. range. condom. raise. dictate. sideways. authority. valuable. (v) aim. administer. instruct. demand. reckless. emzirmek nurse (hemşire).156 Turkish . acquire. compare. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (adj) immerse. decision. amah. length. doctor. genus. demand. emsal equal (eşit). frightened. appoint. (adj) firmness. decide. parallel. protected. sensible. explain. retreat. security. chary. pronouncement. confusion. (v) accuse. synonyms (n) protection. emme absorption. harmless. 3. bid. enjoin. synonyms (n) control. lock. bind. will. synonyms (n) assimilation. synonyms (n) echo. class. bidding. receipt.org) . synonyms (n) accusation. effects. power. ordain. appeal. synonyms (n) medicine. 2. preserve. synonyms (n) control. even. mess. sanctuary. fill. lead. faithful. roundabout. guiding. comparable. 5. blunt. 2. synonyms (n) nurture. tender. sanguine. law. synonyms (n) pledge. assail. area. timid. ascendancy. swallow. antonym (adj) hesitant. (adj) attach. (adj) insecure. sound. mandate. assertive. appoint. unplanned. sort. product. disposition. conduct. (adj) precept. communicate. antonyms (adj) unequal. fasten. (v) cocksure. peal. harbor. hazard. prescription (reçete). arrange. antonym (n) thinness. verdict. synonyms (adj) good. assault. antonyms (n) anarchy. latitude. prerogative. cultivate. authority. get. antonyms (v) bore. concentration. address. composed. 4. true. broadness. distance. 6. synonyms (n) merchandise. gage. greet. amplitude. tax. safeness. sway. accusal. synonyms (n) command. fit. refuge. movable. security (güvenlik). commandment. defense. just. equivalent. right. occupy. innocuous. 7. preservation. transparent. 2. kumanda). keep. goods. safe. synonyms (adj) bold. second-hand. enact. inconsistent. yönlendirmek). height. commission. engage. antonyms (n) danger. loose. conduct. kumanda). emtia commodity. assure. synonyms (adj) cautious. bend. width. instruction. impart. dimension. 6. (v) disorder. commensurate. optimistic. uneven. antonyms (adj) dangerous. breadth. innocent. emretmek 1. sound. attend. antonyms (v) lose. mastery. confident. (v) award. emphatic. entertain. disproportionate. dogmatic. belonging. tell (anlatmak. cost. asset. directive (yönerge). synonyms (v) close. cradle. unsafe. credible. dependable. synonyms (n) charge. rank. digest. 3. (adj) reasonable. prophylactic. invite. width (genişlik). abundance. fearless. condition. condition. antonyms (n) anarchy. stretch. confusion. breastfeed. unscathed. care. peace. safe. sane. bill. engulf. distinguish. medication. burden. enumerate. finding. enact. order. drink. attain. emniyetli reliable. unsound. (v) disorder. believable. bylaw. (v) steady. judgment. most. finding. ingestion. synonyms (n) offer. imbibe. 4. (v) match. suggestion. rational. nostrum. circuitous. safe. düzenlemek. emit. secure (güvenli). recount. advantage. safety. instruct. adequate. (v) direct. bid. insurance. chaos. gain. assurance. different. chaos. mayhem. (v) award. (v) arrange. secureness. direct. (adj) directing. express. 4. cover. reveal. fascinate. arraign. attention. divulge. immediate. 5. (n) disclose. charge. (adj) illogical. synonyms (v) consume. guarantee. proffer. ease. preoccupation. administration. antonyms (adj) indirect. complete. discreet. category. engross. wideness. hurt. 6. describe. span. behest. (v) nourish. decree. ordination. instruction. announce. antonym (v) request. 3. (adv) certainly. mess. söylemek). channel. strength. satisfied. fallacious. inconsistent. thing. certain. good. article. command (komut. (v) order. bidding. amalgamation. synonyms (n) array. authentic. extent. regulation. adjure. commission. decree. attack. pessimistic. recipe. kind. charge. risky. synonyms (n) scope. mayhem. sort. antonyms (n) silence. rival. solid. cherish. healthy. guide. düzenlemek. vulnerable. directional.

carry. release. communication. material. pek. contour. tense. regard. anguish. jittery. uneasy. restive. brilliant. unconcerned. technological. formidable. disturb. appreciation. inspiration. import. 5. (v) broken. estimate. antonyms (adj) brave. capitalist. annoyance. endüstriyel industrial. anticipation. affect. apprehend. cipher. disproportionate. instruction. jealous. steam (buğu.English nearly. enlightenment. capability. exertion. completely. synonyms (n) business. (adj) gas. symmetrical. endişeli 1. agitate. frightful. dash. (v) push. antonyms (adj) lethargic. synonyms (adj) bothered. super. coerce. best. sluggish. vapor. anxiety. 5. straight. indeed. efficacy. effectiveness. manufacture. authority. efficient. busy. appearance. aggressive. enterprising. disquieted. near. very. şekil). bug. fright. assiduousness. count. apprehension. contamination. bombast. helplessness. drive (sürmek). caring. antonym (adj) calm. scientific. enfes superb. 4. antonym (n) fearlessness. terrible. intimidation. boom. 4. fog. dread. timid. anxious. professional. worry. mechanical. synonyms (n) alarm. firm. strong. synonyms (adj) afraid. greatly. bother. awful. (v) reek. cost. idleness. synonyms (n) ability. (adj) almost. listless. pain. buhar). ragged. (v) reverence. enerji 1. 4. 2. dominion. ambition. maximum. synonyms (adj) rough. solicitous. fret. exact. weary. antonyms (n) lethargy. (v) worry. gorgeous. complaint. synonyms (n) business. languid. equal. excellent. (adj) pollution. synonyms (n) expansion. intelligence. grand. (adj) identical. sympathetic. virus. 3. agitated. fear. regard. craggy. labor. synonyms (adj) technical. emblem. 4. harry. action. urge. toil. well. conception. awkward. marvelous. antonyms (n) reassurance. interest. capture. spirit. engebeli uneven. antonyms (n) calmness. accumulation. highly. increase. utmost. dismay. erratic. funk. disquiet. synonyms (n) contagion. consternation. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. unbalanced. chase. affair. synonyms (adj) active. arrest. synonyms (n) mist. counsel. affright. antonyms (adv) abysmally. jagged. synonyms (adj) splendid. agency. trepidation. efficacious. troubled. detention. indifferent. exhaustion. campaign. sluggishness. economic. exaggeration. considerate. galvanism. power (güç. evidence. tease. vigor. undisturbed. synonyms (n) animation. 3. upset. uneasy. attention. apprehension. dire. potency. 3. report. domination. foreboding. concern. worried. antonym (adj) awful. driving. attention. confidence. (adj) anxiety. pertain. constrain. apprehension (anlayış. antonyms (n) powerlessness. fearfulness. might. considerably. fearful. business. magnificent. distressed. glorious. beautiful. careful. awesome. antonym (v) unconcern. awfully. thirsty. unfeeling. commerce. synonyms (adj) interested. energy. korku). spotty. drive. irregular. faculty. crusade. bravery. misgiving. desirous. residential. bother. cause. boil. concerned. 2. keen. commercial. sorrow. actually. character. powerful. care. anxiety. synonyms (n) advice. transmission. anxious. inactive. determination. fretful. (n) self. energy (güç).websters-online-dictionary. interest. affair. quite. concern. build. dynamic. tiredness. intensity. application. eerie. agitation. carefree. apprehensive. effort. 2. enflasyon inflation. force. control. info. enformasyon information (bilgi). affected. actuate. part. virtually. cast. respect. nervous. (v) doubt. worried. attentive. synonyms (adj) uncomfortable. panic. most. antonyms (adj) relaxed. concerned. iktidar). rise. antonym (adv) least. effective. trouble. distraught. unquiet. much. pained. rugged. enfeksiyon infection. antonym (n) inertia. rich. involve. synonyms (n) ride. corruption. endüstri industry. capacity. thoughtful. septicity. data. developed. antonym (n) deflation. confident. apathy. disturbed. antonyms (adj) even. antonym (adj) charitable. calm. truly. endam figure (figür. (v) influence. fashion. apathetic. taint. very (çok. synonyms (adv) extremely. depression. synonyms (adj) cowardly. effect. calculate. care. rational. fume. antonyms (adj) uncaring. solicitude. uneasiness. somewhat. appalling. (v) design. appreciation. emphatic. indolent. reassure. entrepreneurial. fidgety. shape. life. molest. exhausted. antonym (adj) reassured. matter. understanding. diligence. enerjik energetic. illness. animated. endişelendirmek concern. evaporate. royal. synonyms (n) business. warning. anxiousness. majestic. revere. insecure. antonym (v) unconcern. lazy. trouble. activity. brisk. smooth. cloud. terror. annoy. (n) majority. synonyms (n) comprehension. restless. burden. strength. compel. (v) jumpy. (n) harsh. dreadful. diffidence. vex. occupational. (n) harass. 157 stressed. pull. paternal. phobia. beat. distress. endişe 1. work. untroubled. trade. alarmed. thrust. slightly. agile. craven. burden. fuss. about. company. patchy. synonyms (n) form. unhappy. fabulous. industriousness. aptitude. dastardly.Turkish . synonyms (n) awe. augmentation. bold. nigh. matter. tam). synonyms (v) torment. dilatation. (adj) pretension. note. frightened. vitality. involved. (v) affect. worriment.org) . smoke. euphemism. entirely. tidings. exquisite. alarming. crooked. haze. urban. exhale. conceit. disease. too. unequal. fearful. subtilization. really. weakness. (adj) irritate. company. cook. dull. fear (korkmak. worry (üzülmek). unimpressed. (v) afflicted. effort. desperate. manufactured. korku). antonyms (v) soothe.

widely. confine. antonyms (adj) limited. blanket. mind. audit. disruption. spiritual. impede. usable. obstruct. disadvantage. enli 1. parry. extended. entrika 1. restrict. admit. obstacle. plug. barricade. (adj) lump. absolve. disablement. begin. trash. lyric. profitable. operatic. synonyms (n) channel. burden. (v) convict. bring. blurry. engelleme 1. fix. barrier. cease. (v) hinder. antonyms (v) permit. means. pad. let. synonyms (n) conspiracy. hindrance. 7. general. synonyms (adj) conducive. ideal. vast. confinement. clever. intermeddling. prevaricate. pub. synonyms (v) stand. prohibition. obstruction. expanded. antonyms (n) freedom. synonyms (adj) roomy. disrupt. inservient. (v) collision. get. antonyms (v) forbid. certain. repression. wide (geniş). device. ban. sweeping. plug. thick. fence. catch. open. cluster. custody. (v) delay. mental. antonyms (v) free. baffle. clyster. benefit. discharge. release. (v) arrest. engel 1. taboo. penalty. belirgin. bore. plot (arsa). capture. prenotion. handicap. (v) intrigue. rubbish. 2. (n) intellect. puff. imprisonment. good-tempered. handicap. seizure. restrict. synonyms (n) crisscross. cheque. cramped. subservient. border. astray. captivity. karışma). obstruct. temizlemek). bill. encumbrance. obscure. synonyms (n) pad. synonyms (adj) clean. distinct. learned. authorize. clog. antonyms (adj) thin. retard. intercept. synonyms (v) bridle. start. 4. wide (geniş). 6. liberal. (v) bright. unblock. hazy. foreclose. cranky.org) . sürükleme. brilliant. rub. confine. suffer. influential.websters-online-dictionary. synonyms (adj) huge. expanded. (adj) calm. prevent. halt. synonyms (n) hedging. draw. odds. balk. immense. arrest. synonyms (n) barricade. tiny. impediment. big. big. implemental. synonyms (n) band. affliction. trail. antonyms (v) continue. thin. curb. inhibition. grouchy. restricted. form.158 Turkish . engin 1. pen. injectant. ascertain. cross (haç). stop (durak. prison. scheme. deep. begin. synonyms (n) bar. expansive. chart. academic. enstitü institute. inhibition. open. enormous. (v) dodge. build. 9. lock. cramp. stop. equivocate. synonyms (adj) wide. let (izin vermek). elude. denetim. snag. encourage. antonyms (v) permit. hold. exclude. end. clog. vague. (v) ban. check (çek. constitute. instrumentary. synonyms (n) academy. drag (çekmek. tool. finish. hindrance. block (blok. free. confused. graph. appoint. block. crack. blockage. duck. (v) hamper. unclear. (n) female. liability. refuse. detain. interfere. setback. check. synonyms (n) band. brain. document. scrap. contain. barrier. antonym (v) push. dark. (adj) enact. chock. ample. bar. pawn. restriction. cause. absolute. erect. synonyms (n) detritus. prolong. 10. liberal. tolerant. inoculation. blocking. snag. encumber. balk. roomy. deed. litter. cluster. boundless. synonyms (v) hire. have. tıkamak). dam. (v) intersect. unlimited. suppression. broad. circumvent. empty. spacious. tıkamak). detention. medicine. found. open. demise. 2. forbiddance. enkaz debris. (v) interference. synonyms (n) disability. problem. impairment. durma. dam. cover. hinder. garbage. extensive. waste. 2. synonyms (n) shot. lease. remains. apparent. immeasurable. ambiguous. disable. (adj) quit. vast. encumbrance. large. acquit. antonyms (adj) cloudy. boundary. engelsiz clear (açık. apparatus. grumpy. comprehensive. countenance. uncertain. give. ample. agency. bar. obstruction. tow. definite. specific. blockade. engine. incarceration. open. cavernous. berrak. (v) implement. (adj) rubble. chunk. restraint. enstrümantal instrumental. test. cultured. full. create. rampart. obstacle. extensive. enema. hitch. barrier. interference (girişim. interrupt. antagonism. rent. lock. heave. thick. (v) ban. antonyms (v) free. expedient. stay. exclusion. comprehensive. synonyms (adj) broad. open. junk. expansive. large. allow. skirt. cart. line. fuzzy. synonyms (n) check. 3. cantankerous. hurdle. baulk. plan. muck. 8. parry. incomprehensible. assay. clarify. exclude. active. free. 3. extended. intervention. great. small. apprehension. detainment. bulwark.English (adj) lump. crabby. net. synonyms (adj) cerebral. arrest. full. huge. charter. handicap. control. deep. 5. (n) pull. wreck. hedgerow. scholar. vaccination. (adj) crabbed. enjeksiyon injection. constraint. dampen. antonyms (v) uncross. annoyed. encumber. capacious. 3. agree. allow. stop. inhalation. spacious. synonyms (n) avoidance. bolt. 2. foreclose. 4. traverse. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. antonyms (adj) narrow. embarrass. lot. pause. appliance. (v) establish. thwart. limit. block. interruption. antonym (n) success. durmak). hitch. lug. internment. leave. rational. araç). line. sweeping. 2. vocal. broad. fudge. bother. dwell. organic. initiate. restraint. jab. fence. intercession. synonyms (v) attract. antonyms (v) advantage. (v) keep. opaque. design. close. discouragement. (n) control. gear. antonym (adj) restricted. temiz. avoid. engellemek 1. wide. denetlemek). blocking. block. synonyms (n) delay. helpful. bar (bar. hedge. çubuk). vast. gigantic. bush. patch. agent. synonyms (n) difficulty. (adv) far. shamble. halt. sürüklemek). detain. bar (bar. block (blok. haul. çubuk). hale. thinker. unblock. restrain. deterrent. durdurmak. blanket. prevention. colossal. drawback. evade. ruins. base. useful. pub. confusing. bolt. grant. narrow. angry. enstrüman instrument (alet. (n) hold. synonyms (n) disturbance. entellektüel intellectual. choke. capacious.

antonym (n) failure. experienced. private (özel). intent. (v) start. fit. recruit. vitality. fusion. mixture. solution (çözelti. synonyms (n) force. (adj) just. get. ergin mature. spirit. synonyms (n) worth. resolving. ability. entry. 2. synonyms (n) list. liquid. strive. arrange. concoct. completely. covert. antonyms (adj) childish. (v) round. entryway. stretch. authority. synonyms (adj) ripe. desert. gate. neaten. epey 1. synonyms (adj) manly. unification. end (bitirmek. spread. discontinue. maturate. entree. account. credit. record. assassin. erdem 1. plat. conspire. antonym (n) exit. range (alan). narrow. outburst. (v) close. carry.org) . inner. synthesis. individual. bottle. synonyms (n) gunshot. groom. object. passage. helplessness. gain. end. antonyms (adj) untidy. widen. warrior. limit. caveman. direct. gaye. community. iktidar). doorway. old. weakness. eriyik solution (çözelti. listing. manlike. honesty. sophomoric. might. develop. capability. synonyms (v) range. gate. state-owned. crack. array. cutthroat. will. elongate. (v) clear. continue. erim 1. goodish. naive. shared. intensity. approach. synonyms (n) contrivance. determination. wish. diagram. dignity. airman. frame. respectable. 4. antonyms (adj) feminine. decency. synonyms (n) close. domain. achieve. envanter inventory. methodical. settlement. resolve. coalescence. remedy. antonyms (v) withdraw. stark. outburst. accomplish. energy. mellow. rate. developed. synonyms (n) range. reason. soldier (asker). (v) point. project. alliance. goal (hedef. accession. attack. bullet. intention. meritoriousness. 159 eril masculine. champion. doorway. (n) fetch. antonyms (n) beginning. (adv) beset. reach. er 1. go. fledged. vigor. dilate. augment. shipshape. agency. design. drive. 2. index. uzatmak). settlement. figure. state. synonyms (adj) clean. endeavor. table. attempt. maneuver. disheveled. bitmek. synonyms (v) expand. acquirement. attribute. hedef). potency. aged. synonyms (n) dissolution. cruel. catalog. circumference. unripe. effort. merger. çözüm. amplify. admittance. synonyms (n) butt. breadth. entrance. antonym (n) separation. connive. official. limit. middle. increase.websters-online-dictionary. murderer. erişim access (giriş). spruce. skill. remedy. mankind. honorable. synonyms (n) accomplishment. enlarge. hedef). antonym (n) exit. (v) male. (v) cease. natty. conclusion.Turkish . goal. schedule. exactly. solution. compass (pusula). admittance. distinction. dominion. confidential. age. purpose. (v) bound. roam. synonyms (n) amalgamation. (adj) stretch. explanation. entry. stock. pass. ambition. potency. begin. gallant. antonyms (n) wickedness. amalgam. orderly. antonym (adv) extremely. extend. shorten. 3. control. aspiration. rank. make. guilt. key. (v) deserve. dodge. 2. overtake. order. combination. aim. synonyms (n) basket. reply. synonyms (n) animation. domestic. virtue. explanation. go. shrink. prey. picture. achieve. continue. nationalized. quite. interior. sworder. shoot. warfarer. mark. generative. maintenance. (adj) merit. extent.English cabal. bold. hidden. alloy. adventurer. faculty. completion. opening. engineer. broaden. synonyms (adv) altogether. opening. access (giriş). attempt. particular. erişmek 1. catalogue. (v) immature. (v) enter. definition. probity. sheer. direction. entrance. due. resolving. finish. turn. synonyms (n) fighter. beefcake. compound. civic. effort. (v) acquisition. deserving. erişme 1. erk power (güç. intimate. meaning. antonyms (adj) public. adult. rather. performance. neat. force. entree. virile. home. union. bang. determination. definition. success. action. tidy. enzim enzyme. erime 1. (v) influence. 2. domination. scope. çözüm). resolve. achievement. value. (v) plot. circle. result. align. answer. chance. female. coalition. resolution. synonyms (n) plan. stocktaking. attainment. enumeration. might. obtainment. trim. target. (v) grow. ball. outline. absolutely. (prep) consequence. synonyms (n) admission. opening. all. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. contrive. wander. kale). group. honor. synonyms (n) area. closure. apprehend. device. target (amaç. aim (amaç. synonyms (n) dissolution. develop. straighten. focus. perfect. destination. propose. excellence. exclusive. entryway. bill. ape. determination. ripen. synonyms (n) catalyst. extent. erek 1. go. clarification. obtain. resolution. ramble. synonyms (n) chastity. answer. capacity. shot. significance. room. gangster. accomplish. 2. objective. even. arrangement. quality. knotted. complete. discharge. virtue. arrange. fairly. 2. morality. 2. devise. compass. complete. attack. life. earn. personal. strength. schedule. synonyms (n) admission. ambit. (v) address. compass. (adj) tend. cause. secret. get. realization. embodiment. adult. mission. fully. fulfillment. swordsman. young. strength. dash. inventorying. antonyms (n) powerlessness. 3. approach. efficacy. grasp. uzatmak). death. hairy. fling. 2. good. level. importance. aspire. attain. eriyik). scheme (proje). fit. communal. entirely. endeavor. fruition. trend. reply. roll. right. injection. esoteric. 2. güç). passage. fencer. merit. conclude. key. (v) enter. enough. liquid. reach (ulaşmak. extend (genişletmek. demise. goodness. bearing. (v) line. erke energy (enerji. boundary. method. modesty. result. clarification. blend. synonyms (adj) clandestine. son).

intermission. eş 1. friend. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. ertesi following. old. scent. consort. endure. pardner. synonyms (n) smell. buck. bold. 10. 2. primitive. duad. lie. arrest. man (adam. synonyms (n) provision. antonyms (n) punctuality. respite. incense. synonyms (n) matron. (obj) he. (v) consequential. ensuing. synonyms (n) core. deferment. abeyance. antonym (n) enemy. mankind. synonyms (adj) masculine. prop. mother. twosome. acquaintance. peer. fare. repressive. harmonize. ship. (n) helium. equip. confederate. familiar. fast. support. provender. (n) halt. exhaustion. wife. sleep. (adj) smoke. rest. hesitate. apathy. synonyms (adj) initial. twin. synonyms (n) boy. offer. soon (çok geçmeden). adjournment. provide. parallel. bide. (n) hold. (adv) under. repose. slow. issue. balance. fellow. abide. husband. chaperon. helpmeet. aroma. beau. give. 2. humans. antonym (adj) preceding. (v) male. synonyms (n) copartner. synonyms (n) horse. crony. manful. now. (v) beguile. gist. two. (n) female. fill.160 Turkish . blighter. disproportionate. snow (kar). pursuit. preserve. interruption. hypostasis. esans 1. proceed. cock. corrosion. friction. relaxation. bride. after. first. savor. duo. lad. heroin. husband (koca). 9. brother. (n) compeer. postpone. nutrition.websters-online-dictionary. (adj) comrade. participator. soonly. (adj) remainder. (adj) cease. promptly. coordinate. humankind. early. clue. depart. flavor. insan). antonyms (n) lethargy. competition. antonyms (adj) unequal. playmate. perfume. gent. eroin 1. boyfriend. synonyms (n) remnant. break. helpmate. manly. extract. break. break. couplet. store. soon. cocksucker. abscond. chap. ape. kalmak). he (o).English succeeding. uneven. person. contribute. (v) odor. heroin. case. recess. synonyms (pron) cestui. eşantiyon sample (örnek). boar. double. support. bunkum. postponement. recess. fellow (adam). unlike. deliver. commissariat. female. nose. crap. bamboozle. 6. (v) join. man. smack. pattern. fit. presently. reside. balance. provisions. rest. humanity. stand. bull. 7. fragrance. quickly. 8. overwhelm. beygir). even. link. dog. 5. pause. contradict. kalmak). woman. mate.org) . mistress. couple. trail. duet. individual. (v) copulate. mortal. partner (ortak). matutinal. 4. depart. antonyms (v) leave. stay. delay (gecikme. wife (karı). synonyms (n) pause. (adj) ally. body. economise. synonyms (n) brace. sweetheart. remain. extend. victuals. pause. bark. antonyms (v) leave. (v) defer. 3. kernel. guy. guy. reside. cooperator. checkmate. synonyms (n) attrition. (adj) cocaine. stay (kalma. rival. adequate. erelong. junk. missis. confrere. (v) conserve. feed. (v) agree. heart. (adv) late. team. synonyms (adv) shortly. dwell. clauses. harmonise. resume. cruel. nourishment. original. embryonic. 3. suspense. dyad. subsequent. model. nub. ertelemek 1. companion. change. bastard. hoard. (v) accompany. synonyms (n) cavalry. supply (tedarik etmek). equalize. correspond. hairy. continue. hoodwink. collaborator. buncombe. es rest (dinlenme). instance. scag. discontinue. cater. alike. inhabit. feller. sustenance. detain. synonyms (n) delay. dude. (v) concomitant. mankind. antonyms (v) clash. mate. asshole. speedily. preserve. inconsistent. nutriment. precocious. honorable. decisiveness. prompt. bullshit. (adj) cease. brig. spouse. suspension. erteleme 1. stop. male. (adj) prolong. precipitation. leisure. erkek 1. later. equal (eşit). (n) entourage. cuss. antonym (n) husband. burden. partaker. earlier. corroding. baron. eroding. abrasion. helper. follower. deferral. maintain. spouse. teammate. wind. erozyon erosion. continue. synonyms (n) example. weakness. consecutive. reserve. idleness. (adv) betimes. virile. antonym (n) woman. assay. check. diacetylmorphine. residue. essence. advance. different. odour. (v) nap. afterward. wait. deferment. synonyms (v) remain. crux. partner. stay (kalma. live. arrest. being. accessory. synonyms (adj) manly. last. generative. (v) furnish. next. attendant. terms. corresponding. dog. antonyms (v) end. knight. buddy. persevere. virile. horse (at. escort. man. lady. redolence. hart. save. immediately. chum. male. supplies. erzak 1. entity. balanced. stock. damn. pal. synonyms (n) associate. snowfall. synonyms (n) fellow. antonyms (adj) delayed. aliment. synonyms (v) keep. ease. economize. gander. viands. duplicate. manlike. meet. human. endure. master. prop. (n) delay. inhabit. stop. synonyms (n) assistant. barque. briefly. anon. activity. bide. coadjutor. pair. check. tiredness. beefcake. synonyms (n) coke. 3. compare. stay. (v) match. sustain. 2. accord. dwell. sluggishness. (v) differ. caveman. fella. equate. antonym (v) work. 2. synonyms (adj) consequent. buster. halt. wear. young. concubine. adult. reprieve. cocain. (adj) doublet. gallant. accomplice. synonyms (n) hubby. manlike. synonyms (n) food. (n) chap. company. posterior. companion (arkadaş). bouquet. past. equivalent. drake. (v) neogamist. abscond. 2. quick. geciktirmek). specimen. be. colleague. swain. adjourn. last-minute. essence. 2. bunk. afford. counterpart. commensurate. abide. synonyms (n) equal. early. homo. antonyms (adj) feminine. erken 1. followers. (v) rush. match (kibrit). extension. change. 3. synonyms (v) remain. persist. chase. flavour. continue (sürdürmek). pair (çift). 2. erkeksi masculine. 2. synonyms (adj) comparable. coupling. directly. gentleman. mount. antonyms (adj) feminine.

mean. fundament. radically. amount. unlike. secondary. confine. balanced. extreme. entry. synonyms (n) boundary. (v) level. parallel. exertion. 161 eşdeğer equivalent. staging. beginning. equipollent. abject. (adj) bottom. verge (kenar). antonyms (adj) irregular. backup. respite. substantially. adequate. revelation. limit. supreme. 2. synonyms (adv) yet. basis. vestibule. native. principally. peer. instinctive. top. porch. head. ending. inhalation. presentation. flat. amply. bare. antonym (adj) extrinsic. luxury. essential. 2. whiff. establishment. rival. regular. nucleus. 2. synonyms (n) base. element. steady. vile. encouragement. trace. obscure. eventual. (v) illumination. fundamental. margin. (v) exhibition. breath. compare. (v) filter. burden. inborn. 9. finishing. horizontal. synonyms (adv) considerably.org) . doorsill. flash. defeat. 5. synonyms (adj) inherent. acquire. man. eser 1. intrinsic. peripheral. synonyms (adj) first. implication. crucial. tax. synonyms (adv) basically. plain. skirt. defendant. synonyms (v) bag. bed. (adj) noble. esir 1. accused. compunction. absolutely. extend. get. save. breeze. grounds. substance. primarily. origination. product. exempt. repentance. end. final. gloom. baz. motive. excess. commensurate. border. bemoan. meat. subject. even (çift. impression. hint. edging. meager. basal. elementary. markedly. fringe. article. synonyms (n) stress. esas 1.websters-online-dictionary. queen. (n) arrest. production (üretim). 10. constitutional. synonyms (adj) reserve. esasen 1. pull. constitutional. vital. antonyms (adj) unlike. analogous. synonyms (adj) equal. beginning. detail. screen. (n) extra. strength. commensurate. heart. equable. bewitch. means. gist. breather. hatta). plane. core. 2. intrinsical. primitive. gentleman. balance. esef regret. basic. manufacturing. unimportant. (v) move. synonyms (n) captain. warrant. antonym (adv) slightly. definitive. mourn. 3. contrition. inherent. notion. despicable. constant. decidedly. üs). (v) conquer. criminal. control. (v) differ. footing. original. clear. apprehension. impulse. (v) bend. temel. module. edge. synonyms (n) import. seize. take. master (ana. identical. essentially. substructure. substance. (n) staple. rumor. esirgemek spare. breath (nefes. intimate. esin inspiration. synonyms (n) convict. attempt. materially. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. deplore. 8. factor. alike. fundamental. formation. jiffy. sift. gust. slight. breeze. prisoner. apprehend. surrender. twinkling. threshold. foot. root. percolate. follow. manufacture. antonym (adj) opening. entrance. (v) taste. boss. remorse. synonyms (n) foundation. dishonorable. synonyms (n) brink. origin. constituent. limen. generation. eşik 1. generously. leader. equalize. zephyr. formation. air. lament. meaning. material. naturally. disproportionate. synonyms (n) creation. primordial. brim. captivate. slim. initiation. integral. 6. antonyms (n) summit. correspond. corresponding. substantially. basis. quintessence. command. introductory. human. fruit. (n) grief. synonyms (n) breath. (v) match. synonyms (n) spirit. term. equivalent. different. instructor. grieve. darkness. door. simple. scent. ingredient. synonyms (n) shade. bad. fabrication. synonyms (n) component. peculiar. option. produce. seizure. infusion. incentive. requisite. idea. aroma. basic (temel). genius. 3. construction. synonyms (n) afflatus. comparable. fragrance. base (alçak. interior. equal. foundation (temel). necessary. constituent. found. thin. tail. ghost. stretch. well. flatus. support. central. esinti 1. matching. contemptible. groundwork. repressive. trice. 3. captive. ace. (v) eclipse. outset. reflection. immanent. inspiration. exemplar. internal. (adj) practically. try. antonyms (adj) unequal. key. catch. synonyms (adj) necessary. effort. element. hostage. justification. feature. foul. design. cause. threshold. part. smooth. aspiration. essence. (n) necessity. primary. sorrow. spirit. 7. crux. unit. match. creation. (adj) direct. bounds. beguile. doorway. cornerstone. lean. same. point. (adj) whisper. significantly. virtually. antonym (n) triviality. essence. antonyms (v) release. follower. baş). dissimilar. blow. being. jagged. furthest. chiefly. synonyms (n) output. 2. (adj) chief. marrow. race. 2. synonyms (v) bewail. uneven. lesbian. institution. identical. natural. flurry. synonyms (n) entity. bound.English illustration. (v) consideration. disappointment. mainly. equal. noticeably. like. (n) different. (n) counterpart. odor. nub. repent. (n) gay. (adj) test. even. farthest. exert. enthusiasm. innate. penitence. matter. hem. homo. elemental. (v) imperative. even. essay. (n) maximum. derivation. principle. hypostasis. extra. dominate. apparition. slender. esaslı essential. decisive. (n) inessential. soluk). strain. complex. (adj) intrinsically. fundamentally. really.Turkish . 2. additional. gale. side. ensnare. perfume. aspiration. stuff. shadow (gölge). wind. eşit 1. equivalent (eşdeğer). rim. content. eşcinsel homosexual. body. kernel. argument. carry. extract. synonyms (adj) agree. significance. initial. important. cardinal. ultimate. endeavor. synonyms (adj) dykey. inherently. capture. expert. antonyms (adj) secondary. central. breed. antonyms (adj) minor. performance. puff. conclusive. instant. comparable. inconsistent. (n) compeer. base. optional. low. (v) ground. 4. synonyms (adj) last. doorstep. phantom. taban. dyke. ignoble. overshadow. antonym (v) relax. minor. firmly. reason. (v) free.

herbage. unfairness. injustice. tried. same. foremost. esmek blow (üflemek). bound. spring (bahar. equating. antediluvian. allow. synonyms (n) companionship. hand-me-down. brownness. eski 1. flexibility. synonyms (adj) antiquated. cocksucker. wont. give. exploited. herb. 2. akin. embryonic. (n) clothing. synonyms (v) decayed. prime. obstinacy. recompense. antonyms (n) inequality. proceeds. synonyms (adv) formerly. previous. parity. equal. 3. norm. clothes. extend. 3. discrepancy. meet. bendable. antonyms (v) withdraw. stiff. posthumous. erstwhile. recoil. tan. (adv) dilatory. gone. skip. senior. archaic. ancient. careworn. antonym (n) solitude. tardy. novel. new. elasticity. (adj) gasp. (adj) elastic. hoary. eskimiş worn. donate. olden. unevenness. save. latterly. antonym (adj) pale. garment. difference. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. originate. riddle. adaptable. synonyms (adj) old. pay. sometime. collection. facile. formerly. lately. hemp. jolt. correct. poser. assemblage. blast. fit. bendability. caller. marijuana. harmonize. dispense. antonyms (v) resist. elderly. variance. synonyms (adj) alike. secret. secrecy. equation (denklem). depleted. spring. synonyms (n) conundrum. rusty. preceding. synonyms (n) average. formula. band. (n) elder. (v) accompany. contribute. beforehand. primitive. duplicate. spent. antonyms (n) inflexibility. latest. bow. business. matching. related. sometimes. (n) whilom. tractability. flexile. accord. convey. antique. (adj) median. shit (bok). redeem. victimised. before. yield. kibrit). (adj) odds. sameness. cohort. present. modern. lissome. deliver. equality. bloom. antonyms (adj) inflexible. synonyms (n) produce. prior. bestow. eşitlik 1. remunerate. cover. foregoing. correspond. synonyms (adj) elastic. once. compliant. once. balance. denounce. expiate. prompt. reciprocal. beat. obsolete. fellow. (adv) late. historical. quick. backward. dive. synonyms (v) allow. malleability. threadbare. tattered. (adj) former. pant. earlier. justice. club. eskiden 1. spanking. threadbare. outdated. belated. soon. premature. timely. 7. originally. offset. take. precocious. (v) sear. disproportion. evenness. (v) puff. jaded. grass (çimen. ragged. grant. knock. question. bounce. endow. attire. synonyms (adv) earlier. waste. ganja. whodunit. exhausted. antonyms (v) calm. deceased. balance. parallel. synonyms (v) balance. submit. 5. green. 2. dated. analogy. tire. early (erken). mean. former. pliable. administer. give (vermek). belatedly. bear. return. parity. cede. frayed. antonyms (adj) new. shock. compensation. primordial. (adv) early. relinquish. synonyms (v) dress. defunct.websters-online-dictionary. synonyms (n) disparity. sometime. like. disparity. erosion. companion. dump. synonyms (n) crap. wallop. 6. promptly. 4. synonyms (n) pliability. fixed. young. advance. fresh. (v) consideration. punctually. synonyms (adj) dead. synonyms (n) cannabis. veteran. ratio. grant. arcanum. exhausted. adjustable. 3. play. prehistoric. anterior. cook. persevere. craft. sometimes. recoup. difference. likeness. competition. ancient. output. youthful. reward. par. enigma. ductile. later. supple. last-minute. experienced. rise. ilkbahar). (adj) antecedent. hit. previously. eşitsizlik inequality. slow. accede. litheness. shabby. tanned. behindhand. departed. mystery. equipollent. apparel. repay. (v) agree. antonym (v) refresh. recycled. antonyms (adj) ahead. rigid. erstwhile. esnek flexible. garb. punctual. eşleştirmek match (eş. faded. antonym (adj) future. brigade. cabala. swarthy. aged. synonyms (adv) before. victimized. commit. soft. synonyms (n) equal. 2. dance. leap. inequity. bullshit. identity. old. esmerleşmek brown (kahverengi). problem. obstinate. corps. former (önceki). synonyms (n) bang. perplexity. pliant. untimely. synonyms (adj) initial. equation. unused. (v) betray. correspondence. accord. 2. afore. advanced. eşlik company. fry. afford. synonyms (n) equalization. similarity. past. antonym (n) dissimilar. antonyms (adj) pristine. imbalance. erst. bygone. association.162 Turkish . once. mature. versatility. fray. habituated. fatigued. stubbornness. decrepit. puzzle. rigidity. faded. variation. severity. (n) counterpart. informer. synonyms (adj) chocolate. tired. eq. first. similar. dope.org) . couple. reimburse. synonyms (adj) secondhand. antonyms (adj) delayed. formerly. preliminary. forage. already. older. gust. feed. antonyms (v) clash. original. (adj) quondam. matutinal. aforetime. decrepit. (v) surrender. mate. 3. tantamount. pasture. concede. stubborn. primary. mysteriousness. dull. (adj) haggard. counterbalance. corresponding. lithe. analogous. yielding. dissimilitude. drawn. fatigue. contradict. (adj) pot. blossom. primeval. indemnify. late (geç). 2. harmonise. endure. ot). accustomed. when. equality. esrar 1. source. antonyms (adj) fresh. first. caper. adaptability. synonyms (n) equivalence. esnemek yield (verim). synonyms (adv) someday. (n) predecessor. (adv) betimes.English eskime wear. used. (v) hop. fountain. eşitlemek compensate. withhold. antonyms (n) equality. (n) brunette. suppleness. society. par. antonyms (n) clearness. bevy. proportion. outmoded. esneklik 1. synonyms (n) jump. explanation. frazzle.

performance. hareket. furniture. (v) garniture. clandestine. enforce. direct. 2. warrant. embrace. appearance. effect (sonuç). clash. efficacy. stage (sahne). medium. belonging. accommodation. hidden. identify. influence. create. sentient. goods. stuff. synonyms (n) outfit. solitary. embrace. graceful. bias. scruples. synonyms (n) article. (v) lick. classify. apron. sequel. label. etek 1. etmen). (v) present. (v) achievement. image. action (eylem. ambassador. heart. conception. plank. synonyms (n) hit. synonyms (n) name. esrarengiz mysterious. price. call. slip. composition. skirt. leg. substance. inefficiency. cause. elude. (adj) constrain. fold. floor. object. etiket 1. valuable. artistic. synonyms (n) agency. antonyms (n) inaction. matchless. synonyms (n) border. feces. ware. elude. execute. clothing. odd. part. gist. behavior. defecate. deed. dignity. brand. coerce. result. anatomy. zorlamak). standards. estate. product. discourse. effects. power. phase. chapter. slate. report. factor. domination. command. 7. furtive. individual. beauty. 163 knee. kilt. movable. content. apparent. property. distinguish. flesh. straightforward. classify. margin. eerie. synonyms (n) agent. (v) actor. distinctive. knee. synonyms (adj) concealed. voucher. concussion. merchandise. arena. incomprehensible. (v) fine. fold. doer. apparel. etik ethics. force (güç. (v) accomplish. docket. synonyms (n) flesh. invigorating. vote. (v) drive. story. entity. flap. impel. circumvent. form. degree. kit. bang. ethology. close. 2. cryptic. antonyms (n) weakness. dodge. evade. profit. synonyms (n) equipment. usefulness. slip. load. covert. brawn. voucher. determine. group. (adj) carnality. overlap. condition. apron. engagement. perceptive. distinct. essay. battle. beset. impetus. virtue. feature. influence. validity. muscle. fitting. synonyms (n) grade. synonyms (n) cargo. occult. govern. incline. (n) known. complete. period. chattel. confidential. (v) fringe. food. check. mount. intense. brand. fight. title. envoy. humanity. etki 1. squeeze. (v) mark. dispose. advantage. platform. item. feeling. divisor. point. feel. identify. synonyms (n) pass. pressure. code. kilt. ingredient. encompass. only. marrow. ordinary. margin. overlap. potency. obscure. dress. etap 1. factor (çarpan. extraordinary. blow. ajan). mediator. recurring. carry. arcane. mysterious. esthetical. tag. exceptional. synonyms (n) circle. layer. broker. pulp. label (etiket). beset. synonyms (n) act. apparatus. synonyms (n) energy. hem. paper. warrant. principle. synonyms (n) belief. passage. synonyms (n) consequence. circuit. delegate. antonyms (adj) open. edge. (v) stool. gear. eteklik skirt (etek). bind. consideration. lap (kucak). secrecy. persuasion. 5. 4. platform. activity. incomparable. alone. steward. furniture. benefit. (v) harness. (v) mark. (v) fine. bind. attire. card. notion. contrivance. point. play. attorney. inactivity.English junk. verge. brim. hem. 2. meat. 2. concupiscence. tag. impingement. vote. bull. (adj) constituent. tek). commodiousness. (v) affect. synonyms (adj) hidden. idea. device. 2. etiketlemek 1. (v) private. synonyms (n) mortality. synonyms (n) border. 3. luggage. cogwheel. (adv) compass. dodge. call.org) . plank. designation. rare. edge. movement. circumvent. beef. bring. earmark. impact. baggage. level. movables. ballot. dung. compel. title. dissertation. slate. deed. bunk. ticket (bilet).websters-online-dictionary. designate. aftermath. evade. chattels. abstruse. coil. inscrutable. values. commodity. fact. equip. feature. channel. do. instrument. certificate. commodity. something. synonyms (adj) esthetic. achieve. encircle. et 1. dividend. mankind. secluded. (v) weight. covert. peculiar. 6. component. 2. product. card. order. 4. designate. efficiency. aesthetical. clothes. circuit. stuff. inimitable. ram. effect. synonyms (n) section. label. arcanum. impression. docket. faeces. matter. enclose. 3. (v) lick.Turkish . freight. control. antonyms (adj) common. efficaciousness. interest. antonyms (n) inefficacy. thrust. synonyms (adj) singular. concealed. goods. normal. jolt. clandestine. agency. price. encircle. kuvvet. commodities. antonym (n) reason. (n) privacy. ideology. appointments. group. imprint. accomplishment. conscience. crux. (adj) excrement. figure. philosophy. frame. belongings. verge. encompass. thing. principles. agent (acenta. coil. element. dent. convenience. brim. utility. might. parameter. earmark. chassis. secret. authority. cultured. wheel. synonyms (n) name. capability. produce. 2. dark. behavior. essence. garb. vigor. esrarlı secret. check. certificate. sidestep. gradation. (v) fringe. impact. hold. crash. eşsiz unique (benzersiz. morals. label. strength. case. antonyms (adj) known. meat. synonyms (n) effectiveness. tradition. poop. tackle. charm. touch. decorative. appurtenances. orbit. conclusion. depression. mark. enclose. synonyms (n) circle. iş). deputy. lust. ordure. article. upholstery. cram. synonyms (n) morality. lap (kucak). Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. collision. eşya 1. clause. distinguish. review. (adv) compass. public. 5. inexplicable. sidestep. asset. orbit. 2. deep. shape. etken 1. core. estetik aesthetic. wealth. (v) contact. intermediary. ticket (bilet). synonyms (n) force. chapter. kernel. conscious. deep. obscure. ballot. impression (izlenim). affective. designation. impulse. shock. synonyms (n) pass. flap.

çekmek). full. sedentary. sturdy. eminent. bear. graphic. synonyms (adj) influential. interdependence. herculean. cogent. allude. contribute. enact. efficacious. stroke. telling. excite. distinguished. (v) worry. associations. apprehend. effectualness. lofty. robust. synonyms (v) carry. humble. mutuality. (n) clue. antonyms (adj) ineffective. brush. persuasive. effective. (adj) front. etkin 1. antonyms (adj) dormant. mark. sincere. stately. synonyms (v) touch. effective (etkin). flow. operative. potent. efficient. imposing. awakening. affair. antonym (v) unconcern. brisk. 10. nimble. major. haul. impel. fascinate. practical. synonyms (v) drag. impression. genuine. show. 4. capable. intense. change. potent. (n) competent. hefty. naive. passive. antonyms (adj) ineffective. 5. antonyms (adj) gradual.org) . printing. synonyms (n) activating. buffet. collide. 2. hardy. etkileyici 1. powerfulness. antonym (v) follow. prevailing. assault. anxiety. 8. alert. heady. go. inoperative. nervous. effective. emblem. touch (dokunma. pick. emphatic. 7. synonyms (n) echo. dokunmak). slap. (n) wrench. peal. dissemble. royal. relationship. maneuver. print. etkili 1. synonyms (adj) interactional. success. instigate. strike. noisy. 5. dynamic. big. effectuality. striking. unimpressed. 11. sensible. strong. live. grab. energetic. embrace. efficacious. honest. disquiet. involve. impress. association. dazzle. positive. law. regal. majestic. drive. positive. etkilenmemiş unaffected. 9. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. do. leash. concern. slow. dynamic. bump. impressive. clutches. bother. active. powerful. bias. (n) grand. launch. puissant. actuate. awesome. antonyms (adj) ineffective. 3. grandiose. unsophisticated. effectual. exciting. bring. pregnant. strike (bulmak. effort. husky. make. synonyms (adj) simple. perform. strength. (adj) illogical. impervious. imposing. interest. impressive. weak. artless. forceful. feign. disturb. antonyms (v) push. etkililik effectiveness. reach. (n) recounting. pluck. actual. baronial. synonyms (n) interplay. (n) competent. confused. thespian. 4. direct. communication. synonyms (n) force. influence (etki). dent. strong. weak. amaze. influential. hold. draught. sound (ses). healthy. result. forcible. pull (çekme. (n) fierce. valid. proceed. efficient. box. agile. antonym (v) stay. acquit. initiation. operative.websters-online-dictionary. agitate. dispose. synonyms (adj) energetic. influence. synonyms (adj) spectacular. influence. scenic. able. inactive. convincing. commanding. real. positive. manage. synergistic. consultation. grev). taşınmak). firm. meet. handle. draw. clinch. mutual. synonyms (v) function. antonyms (n) silence. company. ineffectiveness. cling. fake. (n) motion. revealing. powerful. good. apprehension. operate (işletmek). engage. synonyms (v) head. 3. hard. trouble. attract. fast. sluggish. lusty. instill. act (davranmak. contact. lead. synonyms (adj) beneficial. useless. tap. (adj) dignified. adjoin. right. act. force. just. tug. practical. relation. trenchant. effectual. 8. sensational. potency. inefficiency. eminent. important. quiet. importance. synonyms (adj) forcible. coin. useless. fruitful. synonyms (adj) beneficial. effective. affairs. commit. travel. antonyms (v) bore. strong. (adj) reasonable. (v) grasp. efficacious. synonyms (adj) significant. synonyms (n) efficacy. active. practical. charm. tinge. hareket.164 Turkish . latent. capable. antonym (v) refrain. active. care. inculcate. incline. concern. diligent. considerable. feeling. command. effectual. idle. stiff. guide. chaste. important. untouched. govern. noble. beat. (v) bang. plain. prominent. synonyms (adj) beneficial. clench. 9. work. clap. (v) achievement. unsound. 2. bag. inoperative. 2. muscular. regard. move. exercise. synonyms (n) accomplishment. synonyms (n) business. alive. sane. employ. engrave. 6. interworking. grave. powerful. stout.English etkileşimli interactive. border. efficient. antonym (adj) affected. catch. utility. synonyms (v) imprint. 4. forceful. useless. formidable. vigorous. effective (etkin). mint. pretend. decree. fit. hit. relations. synergetic. able. run. actual. robust. forceful. impress. synonyms (adj) dominant. inscribe. memorable. great. dealings. advance. attraction. burden. fruitful. jerk. extinct. (n) stamp. taste. actual. magnificent. synonyms (n) clasp. synonyms (adj) brawny. convey. rational. effective. unconvincing. clutch. weak. deed. (v) important. operative. mighty. grip (kavramak. relationships. fly. operate. etkilemek 1. determine. feat. mild. clout. healthy. domination. chair. impact. lively. 2. start. affect. natural. exalted. control. influential. theatrical. formidable. advantage. sudden. rol yapmak). opinion. statute. undramatic. deep. performance. transfer. hint. impress. 3. tincture. antonyms (adj) unimpressive. ordinary. rap. ingenuous. (v) ring. able. usefulness. emboss. release. (v) affect. inoperative. synonyms (n) feel. antonyms (adj) insignificant. yakalamak). lure. lead. antonyms (adj) powerless. minor. effectivity. conduce. authority. vivid. (n) competent. play. give. smash. activity. etkinleştirme activation. busy. massive. synonyms (v) impressive. matter. predominant. effect. move (hareket. attention. synonyms (n) knock. antonym (adj) impotent. fit. behave. action. (v) contact. antonyms (n) uselessness. notice. correlation. active. chime. lethargic. fruitful. effect. grave. arouse. athletic. etkileşim interaction. capable. repel. tint. (n) solemn. press. forcible. dramatic. conduct. hale. validity.

feature. inefficient. part. agency. precisely. strong. incompetence. etnik ethnic. presence. round (Yuvarlak). antonyms (adj) effective. entire. (adv) ay. ettirmek get (almak. internal. clan. detailed. synonyms (n) agent. gain. construe. create. beget. dwelling. return. ingredient. liquidation. entirety. synonyms (adj) home. kin. establishment. activeness. shelter. inactiveness. antonym (v) divorce. contract. antonyms (adj) slim. abode. certainly. accommodation. efficacy. ethnical. delegate. fetch. verimlilik). inland. noncomprehensive. downright. adjustment. connect. roughly. (prep) encompassing. 2. evde home (ev). parameter. practice. combine. lame. tie (bağlamak. 5. asylum. provide. nearby. synonyms (v) join. surrounding. edifice. hurray. some. impotent. (adj) constituent. null. antonyms (adj) foreign. element. instrument. aptitude. all. habitation. synonyms (n) descent. tally. home. divisor. firm. (adj) obedient. antonyms (v) lose. unfit. circuit. internal. indigenous. surrounding. doer. sweeping. catch. capture. heathen. atmosphere. (v) actor. housing. synonyms (n) fireside. complete. traditional. buy. point. exhaustive. ancestral. synonyms (n) family. accomplish. agility. incomplete. base. ambience. payment. synonyms (n) fireside. 2. background. instigation. efficiency (verim. enterprise. surround. kravat). mediator. occasion. residency. submissive. almost. broker. brood. synonyms (v) build. life. circa. (adj) near. energy. synonyms (adv) about. breed. depict. worthless. nearly. arrangement. house. explain. antonyms (v) neglect. diligence. (n) whole. absolute. synonyms (int) hurrah. thorough. unite. synonyms (n) decision. habitat. stock. tie. unify. factor. (n) consent. cede. dwelling. powerless. (n) vicinity. overall. 2. make. eve home (ev). apartment. acceptance. lose. 2. intermediary. ambiance. tame. name. merge. unable. nod. turn. antonyms (adj) partial. defraud. potency. (v) count. yes. synonyms (adj) national. agent (acenta. synonyms (n) action. quarters. family. offer. conjoin. pay. ajan). house. item. qualified. attorney. insufficient. (v) accommodate. lodgings. compel. ring. total (toplam). building. abidance. spur. exercise. useful. 2.Turkish . (v) compass. (n) form. wide. familiar. species. gird. effect. setting. domicile. mansion. etmen 1. construct. family. incapable. somewhere. restricted. (prep) encompassing. habitat. sum. attain. conduct. fashion. category. leave. native. 2. determination. broad. lodge. inactive. job. evet 1. house (mesken). do (yapmak). domicile. give. feeble. plump. somewhere. come. number. resolution. etraflı comprehensive. bout. sharp. hall. industry. commit. household. synonyms (adj) capacious. ev 1. ease. fruitless. encircling. gentile. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. cause. family. parsonage. (n) function.org) . asylum. ambassador. surrogate. answer. domicile. people. settlement. evlendirmek 1. largeness. encircling. household. give. place. base. synonyms (v) acquire. consideration. neighborhood. effectiveness. vicinity. residence. synonyms (adv) around. entire. partial. arrange. inefficacious. village. cheat. land. cultural. circa. hamlet. feckless. 165 some. cycle. lineage. synonyms (adj) empty. complete. synonyms (adj) ineffective. energizing. successful. positively. futile. bring. total. indigenous. colony. fatherland. do. pagan. abode. residence. external. inauguration. antonyms (n) inefficiency. 3. synonyms (adv) about. (n) espouse. proficiency. environment. synonyms (n) fireside. antonyms (n) inactivity. (adj) domestic. activity (faaliyet). seat. furnish. full. foundation. play. synonyms (v) afford. couple. house. base. 2. fall. (n) vicinity. (adj) domestic. link. building. roughly. environment. get. olmak. become. antonyms (v) destroy.English commencement. round. habitation. yippee. varmak). 2. chubby. home. wild. situation. indoor. ancestry. family. structure. shelter. figure. impart. splice. grovel. inadequate. nearby. perform. 4. clannish. settlement. building. antonyms (adj) narrow. render. marry. universal. envoy. native. etrafında 1. place. establishment. interpret. synonyms (n) agency. complete. channel. antonym (adj) efficient. incompetent. colonization. etkisiz 1. etmek 1. yea. dwelling. environs. concede. conclusion. milieu. etraf surroundings. approximately. blood. produce. rectory. scene. round. servant. large. synonyms (adj) aggregate. etrafına around. residence. constitute. creation. (n) circle. household. approximately. 4. ineffective. beat. yield. introduction. translate. abode. digs. gross. family (aile). inaction. deputy. design. synonyms (n) occupancy. unmake. almost. household. (adj) domestic. amount. factor (çarpan). evcil domestic. elde etmek. component. inclusive. let. habitation. useless. (adj) near. extensive. (adj) circular. place. achieve. force. wive. ineffectual. around. asylum. earn. synonyms (n) capability. etkinlik 1. class. occupation. manse. social. synonyms (v) act. synonyms (int) surely. residence. civil. means. capacity. inept. lodging. nearly. inefficient. shelter. general. medium. 3. agreement. agree. (v) acquiesce. ability. genus. domesticated. make (yapmak). synonyms (n) medium. allow. match.websters-online-dictionary. take. (n) homely. movement. maid. liveliness. achieve. procurator. wed. yeah. output. opening. birth.

wedlock. (v) charge. activity (etkinlik. synonyms (n) saddleback. synonyms (prep) fore. stage (sahne). 2. ago. occupation. synonyms (n) band. parallel. facing. macrocosm. synonyms (n) development. document. paper. 2. quarters. stadium. comprehensive. synonyms (n) method. state (devlet. situation. order. residence. untie. terrestrial. synonym (adj) intercontinental. network. attach. evlenmek marry (evlendirmek). erewhile. society. expound. behavior. mankind. fellow. synonyms (n) activeness. deed (iş). meet. appearance. world (dünya). creation. tie. pervasive. folk. synonyms (n) aspect. once. agone. province (il). fabrication. behind. wedlock. previously. nonpareil. string. antecedently. planetary. evrimsel evolutionary. (adj) preceding. coupling. innovation. association. exploit. function. vigor. diligence. antonyms (n) divorce. alone. (v) match. 2. arrange. accommodations. caparison. ball. gradation. set. work. synonyms (n) habitation. express. evlilik marriage. sole. union. condition.English evrensel 1. ahead. arrangement. enthusiasm. (adj) past. önünde). accomplishment. burden. realm. sweeping. effort. world. synonyms (v) join. apostle. accord. world. facet. encumber. unluckily. synonyms (n) act. colony. mount. since. antonyms (adj) single. expansion. antonyms (n) inaction. disciple. eylem 1. fit. contradict. globular. work. worldwide. seat. antonyms (adj) local. antonyms (v) deny. field. 2. point. ago. globose. form. draw. paragon. line. eyvah alas. position. leg. evler housing. combine. over. unite. load. structure. evlenmemiş unmarried. alliance. connection. afore. degree. harmonize. volume. ahead. mutation. duplicate. movement. action (etki. line. announce. process. seat. lumber. synonyms (n) feat. foundation. dais. cosmopolitan. means. global. circumstance. phase (faz. apartment. grade. matrimony. sphere. floor. unmarried. synonyms (n) nation. sadly. encumber. abode. synonyms (n) wedding. space. alteration. housings. separate. construction. evvelce previously. bind. (adj) national. international. kingdom. orb. synonyms (adj) marital. evangelist.org) . ere. liveliness. antonyms (v) clash. certificate. inactivity. (n) espouse. blame. separation. (v) charge. engagement. level. universal. (adv) above. wed. 3. lace. unhappily. cosmos. blame. earthly. oecumenical. individual. creature. nuptial. antonym (adj) national. show. 2. activity. burthen. synonyms (n) phase. change. unify. globe. durum). movement. system (sistem). (v) bond. evolvement. alliance. ecumenical. mode. sleeper. evren 1. synonyms (n) production. battle. synonyms (adj) general. merge. iş). prior. synonyms (n) district. strap. nuptials. worldwide. job. conjugal. organisation. ordinary. (v) achievement. (adj) bridal. (adj) private. domain. lumber. country. mention. (adv) regrettably. formerly. being. 4. safha). match (eş. backwards. synonyms (int) lackaday. exercise. plan. synonym (n) evolutionist. invention. (v) canonize. burden. marital. espousal. 3. hareket. territory. process. doing. synonyms (n) equal. (v) operation. accommodation. fore. composition. rule. public. enterprise. founding. already. order. attached. antonyms (v) disconnect. union. already. eyer saddle. period. universe. layer. nonesuch. affirm. elimination. evrim evolution. relationship. product. inclusive. antonyms (prep) later. synonyms (adj) single. end. global. synonyms (n) saddleback. forward. industry. total. antonym (n) deterioration. knot. region. before (önce. allege. antonym (v) divorce. espousal. evvel 1. spheric. effect. progress. performance. earlier. wedded. population. nonsuch. play. harmonise. unwedded. antonyms (adj) married. ubiquitous. link. balance. eyerlemek saddle. stage. advance. chapter. commonwealth. splice. evre 1. afterward. duty. 2. deed. undo. after. couple. organization. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. load. evli married. (adj) bridal. sphere. synonyms (n) nature. do. lodging. (v) declare. widespread. marriage. place. agility. beyond. conjoin. nuptial. agency. measure. covenant. synonyms (n) public. 2. progression. (v) match. play. beforehand. household. eyalet 1. place. title. unfortunately. excitement. coupling. arena. afterwards. specific. competition. antonym (adj) business. nuptial. bond. orbicular. burthen. wive. fact. (v) present. say. establishment.166 Turkish . 3. fight. synonyms (n) angel. life. universal. ideal. area. spherical. synonyms (adj) overall. (adj) global. correspond. separation. casing. beforehand. reflexively. connubial. humanity. enshrine. syne. formation. connect. action. back. life. matrimonial. antonyms (n) destruction. earlier. synonyms (n) wedding. form. synonyms (adv) before. modification. creation. domicile. universe. evliya saint. piece. synonyms (adv) formerly. leash. power. energy. frame. case. nuptials. antonym (n) inactiveness. move. people. couple. existence. match. antonyms (n) divorce. matrimony. faaliyet). apotheosis. erst. evlenme 1. conception. (v) agree. dwelling. side. growth. generic. whilom. contrarily. height. county. fasten.websters-online-dictionary. kibrit). common. land. bond. mate. (v) department.

reprimand. admirable. fiddle. elective. wealthy. care. fakat but (ama. undue. effective. inordinate. reward. synonyms (adj) high. synonyms (n) equipment. enterprising. sedentary. disaster. appoint. joke. intentional. synonyms (adj) complimentary. account. broker. telefax. occupied. distress. endeavor. antonyms (adj) rich. deplorable. 3. silly. nimble. case. passive. misery. spar. fight. forced. 3. component. play (oynamak). indolent. latent. desire. inactive. antonyms (adj) lethargic. constitute. disaster (yıkım). 2. ezmek stamp (damga. life. synonyms (n) action. agility. brand. (v) occupy. machine. (n) mean. agony. gambol. job. impoverishment. breed. hearty. crowded. forcible. gradual. intense. herb. well-off. wish. flirt. action (etki. fahri 1. 2. sluggish. neediness. piteous. (adj) difficulty. revenge. vivid. play.websters-online-dictionary. healthy. spirited. judgment. honorary. appeal. blow. preposterous. irresistible. efficient. synonyms (adj) bad. works. abrupt. immoderate.Turkish . excellent. vivacious. mill. retribution. meagerness. antonym (v) work. faks fax. lively. bet. gin. retaliation. illogical. quick. unbought. soak. indigence. iş). liveliness. nominal. amazing. synonyms (n) grind. romp. vigorous. screen. factory. (n) frolic. shortage. privation. (v) engage. antonyms (n) indifference. alert. implement. exertion. 3. occupation. 2. employ. dynamic. 2. lathe. synonyms (n) manufactory. enact. penniless. energy. antonym (adj) imperceptible. merely. synonyms (adj) active. deprivation. sake. if. etmen). eylem. listless. correction. artificer. eziyet 1. (v) imprint. hobby. pulverize. accomplishment. consuming. element. (v) rack. 2. found. willing. measure. (adv) amateur. tragedy (trajedi). unforced. punch. hardship. only. (v) facsimile. afflict. note. excruciation. (v) filter. (n) lack. exert. voluntary. execute. grinder. enterprise. synonyms (v) pastime. enthusiasm. faktör factor (çarpan. works. trample. live. chastisement. low. antonyms (adj) involuntary. synonyms (v) need. evil. (v) achievement. percolate. extinct. efficacious. sheer. characterize. synonyms (n) discipline. want. deliberate. antonyms (n) success. synonyms (n) agent. yet. establish. fabrika 1. excluding. devastating. destitution. slow. extravagant. demand. affliction. optional. imbue. set. breathtaking. synonyms (conj) while. brisk. saturate. unconscionable. instinctive. except. place. synonyms (adj) animated. perform. synonyms (n) act. irrational. adversity. paltry. emblem. languid. privileged. 167 F faal 1. exhausted. pain. casualty. (v) bore. apathy. extend. grief. faiz interest (ilgi). bury. flop. effort. impossible. needy. pull. wager. blessing. excessive. suffering. voluntary. synonyms (adj) spontaneous. willful. good. earnest. penalty. curse. 2. hareket. emphatic. fiasco. fine. officious. pauperism. operational. though. deed. insufficient. industry. ancak). (n) volunteer. calamity. lazy. apathetic. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. inaction. free. embed. synonyms (n) autotype. exclusively. synonyms (n) stress. (adj) cent. senseless. antonyms (adj) dormant. 2. lay. fabrikatör manufacturer. crushing. anguish. aggressive. rebuke. activeness. bane. busy (meşgul). (v) meager. kötü). cachet. formidable. cast. exorbitant. weary. synonyms (n) accident. impossible. fakir poor (fena. hate. (adv) alone. antonyms (v) dislike. squalor. activity. divisor. mill. bale. steep.org) . famine. dearth. game. synonyms (n) maker. failure. synonyms (adj) foolish. agency. (v) fix. busy. diligence. impregnate. immerse. plant (bitki). cataclysm. infuse. alive. industrious. producer. antonym (n) humor. (prep) besides. tax. antonyms (adj) gentle. miserable. business. seal. persecute. mercurial. indifferent. penance. synonyms (n) catastrophe. destruction. driving. inactiveness. (v) smart. exercise. (n) workings. shaper. execution. honorarium. strong. compulsory. battle. shape. evil. synonyms (n) mark. deficiency. absence. movement. unreasonable. (v) crush. gain. awesome. instrument. misfortune. antonyms (adj) reasonable. artist. stretch. synonyms (n) concern. notch. martyr. factory. just. powerful. builder. monumental. shop. punishment (ceza). payment. distress. ridiculous. benefit. diligent. riches. dull. agile. excruciate. debacle. antonyms (n) inactivity. energetic. forceful. dip. (v) douse. graft. outrageous. performance. simply. unpaid. barrenness. behavior. advantage. ingredient. posta pulu. absurd. synonyms (n) distress. poorness. cultivate. impress. deeds. antonyms (n) wealth. synonyms 4. diversion. engine. faaliyet 1. good-natured. unfair. combat. agonize. effect. fahiş 1. synonyms (adj) overpowering. engaged. poverty (yoksulluk). lawsuit. meddlesome.English ezgi strain. pathetic. behalf. first-rate. sport. want (istemek). gratuitous. affect. sift. ezici overwhelming. sprightly. joy. insurmountable. race. tremendous. misery. barely. synonyms (adj) energetic. antonyms (adj) idle. print. inadequacy. plant. play. necessity. facia 1. antonym (v) relax. engagement. affair. astounding. poverty. inadequate. active (etkin). penury. activity (etkinlik). quiet. creator. assiduous. torture. drench. misadventure. 2. impression. destitute. however. fakirlik 1. eagerness. drama. pul). synonyms (n) torment.

sort. university. discord. 5. manifold. discord. clearcut. rank. demarcation. fark 1. new. handicap. antonyms (adj) similar. college. (v) differentiate. comparison. feature. disagreement. synonyms (n) kind. vague. eager. synonyms (n) presumption. antonyms (adj) caring. express. surmise. (v) division. strain. aptitude. conclusion. consideration. animated. expect. sameness. breed. farksız indifferent (ilgisiz. theory. synonyms (adj) mixed. conscious. antonyms (adj) unaware. artificer. synonyms (n) advantage. celebrity. plain. grotesque. antonyms (adj) boring. miscellany. coward. antonyms (adj) awful. prestige. heterogeneous. inequality. motley. collate. fabulous. totalitarianism. cool. unclear. variation. (adj) constituent. balance. synonyms (n) conflict. (v) sneak. real. part. variety (varyete). chimerical. synonyms (n) capacity. 3. concurrence. foreign. conjecture. fiction. edge. reckon. equal. casual. divergence. variance. 3. controversy. surprised. misunderstanding. capricious. watchful. notion. acute. antonyms (n) equality. chances. institute. wonderful. guess. ancestry. articulate. synonyms (adj) bizarre. assortment. marvelous. dissimilitude. resemblance. estimate. energetic. carpenter. diverse. energetic. fame. synonyms (v) believe. disparity. disagreement. inequity. mirage. acceptance. demagogy. similarity. endowment. evolution. domestic. excellence. clan. ordinary. live. antonyms (n) correspondence. change. contrast (kontrast). (v) gift. discrete. crawl. distinction. agreement. (adj) ability. aware. hallucination. parameter. various. 2. unconcerned. synonyms (n) track. delegate. eager. species. opposite. apparent. vivacious. superiority. different. (v) differ. breed. 2. oppose. (adv) apart. association. fantastik fantastic. prospect. (v) difference. (adj) odds. efficiency. discrimination. separation. synonyms (n) eminence. extant. synonyms (n) descent. conjecture. divergence. aloof. farmason mason. deviation. average. heedful. repression. antonyms (n) reality. variance. antonyms (n) correspondence. diverge. synonyms (n) conflict. guess. synonyms (adj) another. wary. sameness. controversy. miscellaneous. breach. tell. detached. quarrel. (v) fancy. pronounce. knowing. faşizm fascism. dissimilar.English observant. stonemason. antonym (n) uniformity. synonyms (adj) active. absolutism. maintain. 2. versatile. diversified. dissimilarity. distinctive. likelihood. identical. injustice. contention. inaudible. concurrence. note. terrific. homogeneous. quarrel. fair. probability. trail. varied. aware. bent. antithesis. style. manufacturer. breach. parity. marked. change. consider. opposite. class. 2. söylemek). desire. speak. observe. brilliance. synonyms (n) dictatorship. lineage. calculate. people. institution. sundry. kayıtsız). unusual. abstract. artist. uniform. palpable. line. dull. antonym (n) democracy. 4. brood. (adj) real. antonym (n) inability. infer. interpolation. speculate. deception. school. possibility. society. assert. illusion. oppression. bruise. strange. unfairness. farklılık 1. decoration. clash. presume. suppose (sanmak). reverie. synonyms (n) contrariety. insensible. renown. read. farzetmek 1. item. reputation. 2. addition. snoop. resemblance. sentient. house. living. imaginativeness. genus. chance. differentiate. involved. apprised. architect. type. fervent. cabbage. differentiation. decided. creep. genus. consequence. voice. steal. deviation. freemason. racism. lively. trace. estimation. alternative. (adj) vary. adoption. facility. synonyms (n) disparity. balance. deputy. dissension. range. name. aptness. maker. sensible. academy. like. extravagant. capability. enunciate. fakülte 1. collation. household. imagine. (adj) class. vigilant. difference. careless. specialization. difference (fark). deceased. point. inanimate. farkında 1.168 Turkish . definite. talent. antonyms (adj) indistinct. shapeless. fresh. (adj) make-believe. (adj) home. extraordinary. odd. seek. distinct (ayrı). name. synonyms (adj) attentive. supposition. regimentation. kin. inactivation. form. tyranny. departure. nature. synonyms (n) builder. fare mouse. disinterested. antic. synonyms (adj) clear. unconscious. staff. contention. flair. enthusiastic. articulate. imbalance. discrepancy. familya family (aile). smith. typical. fad. assorted. synonyms (v) remark. 3. alive (canlı). synonyms (n) contrast.websters-online-dictionary. responsive. power. assume. mindful. animate. justice. hypothesis. awake. faculty. knowledgeable. odds. tangible. dull. differentiation. vision. obsessive. synonyms (n) faculty. callous. order. fantezi fantasy. counterpoint. distinct. cleverness. invention. (prep) separate. keen. diversity. departure. similarity. equations. 2. credit. cold. cower. alien. diorism. impassive. appreciative. unevenness. divine. premise. distinction. belief. arrogance. many. difference. variation. (n) declare. disproportion. audible. bureaucracy. antonyms (adj) dead. discrepancy. farklı 1. idea. dissimilarity. fantastical. fancy. hunt. delusion. synonyms (n) dream. despotism. approximation. state. agreement. alert.org) . farz assumption. synonyms (adj) apathetic. distinction. say (demek. likeliness. corresponding. (n) fanciful. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. conceive. (adj) academic. enlightened. different (başka).

antonyms (adj) basic. winner. 6. attendance. facet. synonyms (n) practicality. distinction. furthermore. virtue. superiority. benefit (yarar). reach. favori favourite. save. goodness. too (dahi. synonyms (adj) helpful. glut. honor. dearie. comfortable. handiness. (v) adjuvant. period. modesty. obliging. decency. wholesome. synonyms (adj) advantageous. check. kindly. most. valuable. handy. darling. fireplace. synonyms (n) behalf. exaggeration. expediency. weakness. antonyms (n) shortage. (adj) functional. (v) additive. excess. accomplish. use. synonyms (adj) odd. ministration. fertile. derive. business. antonym (adj) ineffective. antonyms (n) detriment. excess. remainder. odd. synonyms (n) chastity. overindulgence. dependent. pet. error. delicious. repair. gain. synonyms (n) defect. serve. duplicate. win. moderation. 5. favorable. (n) earnings. innocence. use (kullanma. synonyms (adj) futile. efficient. (v) free. fatura bill (gaga. gain (kazanç). extra. bootless. 5. desirable. overly. serviceable. antonyms (n) lack. over.org) . harmful. homage. antonym (adv) slightly. poster. (v) aid. leg. make. spend. list. (v) exercise. moneymaking. (n) benevolent. 4. worthless. (adj) worth. necessary. other. excessively. awfully. perk. rest. practice. (n) benign. suitable. virtue (erdem). dissipation. crime. demerit. shortfall. (v) harm. efficacy. champ. (adv) more. flame. abortive. yarar). abundance. strength. avail. shortage. act. usefulness. plus. (adj) merit. slender. antonyms (adj) useful. supernumerary. productive. 2. useful. unduly. employ. serviceableness. spare. redundant. deary. loss. refit. hopeless. fruitless. leverage. superfluity. (adj) usage. antonyms (n) merit. (v) deserve. and. (n) lack. synonyms (adj) favored. assistance. find. virtue. agreeable. degree. instrumental. blemish. (n) lack. culpability. good (iyi). failing. integrity. attain. overabundance. fazlalık 1. glut. merit. good. considerably. generous. helpful. flaw. synonyms (adj) beneficial. earn. similarly. needless. excess. measure. üstünlük. gainful. functional. application. grade. honesty. less. likewise. morality. utility. right. pretty. accessory. (n) extra. account. considerable. generous. useful. help. benefit. charge. due. ministry. boot. drawback. plethora. (adj) great. 8. often. equally. frequently. moreover. synonyms (adj) extra. dissipation. synonyms (adj) reserve. idle. synonyms (n) account. get. value. further. backup. overplus. guilt. convenience. effectual. advertisement. synonyms (adj) additional. dexterous. much (çok). incompetent. synonyms (n) advantage. 7. bozukluk. profitable. plus. fire. nice. helpful. propitious. (n) supplement. auxiliary. advance. rest. less. addition. service. habit. acquisition. additional. besides. difficulty. fazladan extra. rate. agency. effectiveness. unnecessary. plethora. attribute. (adj) excellence. 2. well. excellent. lean. edifying. dignity. faydasız useless. superfluous. catch. constructive. probity. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. commercial. beneficial. capable. synonyms (adj) practical. invoice. (v) placard. de). extremely. value. duplicate. credit. positive. break. synonyms (n) conqueror. receipt. reward. competent. superior. especially. overabundance. thin. dearth. fat. vantage. 3.websters-online-dictionary. efficacy. condition. bad. utility. 169 uncooperative. bare. quality. beneficent. lead. addendum. profitable. practically. fay fault (arıza. expend. effective. auspicious. paramour. abundance. almost. worthwhile. barren. rewarding. addition. champion. (v) deficiency. meager. form. overindulgence. preponderance. significance. safha). advantageous. slim. restraint. convenient. ingle. synonyms (n) purpose. desert. blame. card. healthy. disadvantageous. exert. especially. antonyms (adj) unprofitable. circumstance. fayda 1. additional. (n) supplement. blunder. desirable. welfare. advantage (avantaj. chapter. blaze. wicked. convenient. (v) overhaul. lucrative. occupy. (adv) more. fazla 1. potency. (n) favorite. hesap). accessory. fine. antonyms (adj) useless. favor. friendly. level. ineffectual. fruitful. auxiliary. exempt. good. profit. privilege. extravagance. (n) evil. 3. synonyms (n) aspect. synonyms (adj) able. 3. supernumerary. meaningful. overplus. usable. ducky. 2. heap. assist. stage. spare. strength. excess. exploit. surfeit. sound. synonyms (n) worth. efficient. advertise. ineffective.Turkish . helpfulness. synonyms (adv) greatly. importance. office. interest. extravagance. restraint. faydalı 1. antonym (n) uselessness. appearance. exaggeration. (n) surplus. operate. master. valuable. slight. (v) additive. beak. (n) lot. function. over. blot. point. superior. unpleasant. antonyms (n) wickedness. antonym (v) lose. 4. delinquency. clever. poor. antonyms (n) disadvantage. service (hizmet). antonyms (adj) basic. hata. effective. preference. kullanmak). faz phase (evre. achieve. highly. important. earn. antonym (v) conserve. 2. kusur). merit. superfluity. far. salutary. occupation. fazilet 1. worthless. usefulness. proper. (n) surplus. expedient. synonyms (v) acquire. situation. accommodating. synonyms (n) employment. ceremony. synonyms (n) custom. antonyms (adj) disobedient. banknote. 4.English fatih victor. good. side. remainder. addendum. antonyms (adj) unhelpful. pointless. antonym (n) loser. practicable. synonyms (adj) superfluous. economic. synonyms (adv) also.

single. synonyms (adj) adverse. grievous. gape. expansive. public. pass. ample. scenic. gaze. bane. hurt. order. manifestation. kötülük). tolerant. take. bad (kötü). wonder. sweeping. generous. distressed. (n) harm. characteristic. passage. sad. expression. observe. balance. criminal. detriment. contemplative. vast. man. marvel. unnecessary. (v) meager. union. (n) good. evil (kötü. moan. redundant. meditative. disaster. concise. (n) cheer.170 Turkish . unfortunate. synonyms (n) light. thinking. restricted. (n) excess. reasoning. synonyms (n) alliance. beacon. (v) sedate. malign. synonyms (adj) distinct. hit. appropriate. belief. nauseous. harmful. antonyms (adj) thin. submit. luck. association. blow. kismet. synonyms (adj) low. desolate. surplus. beliefs. destructive. antonyms (adj) happy. synonyms (adj) national. hollo. synonyms (n) ferryboat. accident. weird. feribot ferry (araba vapuru). felsefi philosophical. nimiety.org) . wide (geniş). combined. harmful. antonyms (adj) amusing. cavernous. shriek. synonyms (n) touch. residual. convey. alone. capitulate. huge. fenalık evil (fena. (n) human. dejected. pitiful. remnant. society. fiasco. open. affliction. distinctive. relinquish. communal. indictment. kötü). confederation. cheerless. alfalfa. (adv) badly. wail. malice. residue. felaket 1. federative. bring. appalling. criminal. unlucky. (v) carry. view. (n) fed. surfeit. pleasant. adversity. malice. creature. agreement. kötülük). certain. attitude. felç stroke (inme. ford. 4. (v) behold. miracle. sickly. tragical. leave. synonyms (adj) bad. whisper. mark. antonyms (adj) rich. development. inspect. theory. (v) buffet. confederacy. misfortune. goodness. bale. ailment. yelp. bad. synonyms (n) resign. antonyms (v) conquer. abandon. vuruş). persevere. fert individual (birey. ailing. synonyms (adj) roomy. ill. synonyms (adj) bad. hypothesis. paltry. fena 1. disaster. synonyms (n) fate. bay. commonwealth. cede. shout (bağırmak). synonyms (adj) feudalistic. lick. complaint. vague. pathetic. confederate.websters-online-dictionary. overflow. glance. extensive. well. play. exclaim. well-behaved. dreadful. ferman writ. well-off. fondle. fateful. kötü. large. capacious. casualty. sad. wicked. synonyms (adj) philosophic. depraved. woeful. ferah 1. copious. accident. diseased. destruction. antonyms (adj) fresh. hail. fight. appearance. medieval. disagreeable. screech. sinister. depressed. synonyms (n) doctrine. release. poisonous. humorous. regard. fenomen phenomenon. incident. synonyms (n) shout. proclaim. (n) damage. tragic. capitulation. fellow. extended. feryat 1. bireysel). cheerful. destitute. downcast. admirable. wicked. dreadful. beat. sight. wretched. 5. stoicism. untoward. league. whoop. full. feci 1. destructive. epitome. antonyms (n) necessary. corrupt. federasyon federation. (adv) far. righteousness. depravity. antonyms (adj) kindhearted. drama. matter. (n) collective. fener lamp (lamba). culture. hoop. circumstances. deliver. malign. disaster (yıkım). apoplexy. edict. abject. antonyms (v) laugh. synonyms (n) command. tragedy (trajedi). poorly. lucern. injunction. destination. halloo. antonyms (n) success. 2. shortfall. debacle. antonyms (adj) kindhearted. evil. astray. mischief. amiss. destructive. perceive. synonyms (adj) sick. wide. felsefe philosophy. piteous. howl. fact. consolidation. 2. widely. catastrophe. blessing. chance. (n) damage. synonyms (n) event. (v) doom. deliberative. prodigy. (adj) brief. lamentable. big. spare. clamor. federal federal. view. goodness. synonyms (n) disaster. histrionic. broad. coalition. devilish. sinister. render. comic. line. synonyms (v) cry. awful. forsake. detriment. introspective. spacious. cool. bağırmak). synonyms (adj) disastrous. penniless. liberal. particular. righteousness. logic. subdue. ethos. antonyms (adj) fortunate. knock. 2. forfeit. malicious. despondent. unhappy. deep. excellent. immoral. 2. calamity. prevalent. bark. blanket. museful. bellow. misadventure. central. caress. common. occurrence. weep. (v) communicate. yell. antonyms (adj) joint. needy. deplorable. impact. pensive. scream. transfer. roar. ism. adversity. terrible. disastrous. transport. damaging. happening. platonic. resignation. (v) call. common. 2. ill. depravity. cataclysm. organization. odd. inadequate. 3. insufficient. law. measly. first-rate. synonyms (n) calamity. (adj) blow. deplorable. different. (v) concede. moderation. (v) ruinous. viewpoint. adversity. resist. scarcity. comprehensive. apparition. thoughtful. dire. union. combination. portion. feragat surrender. antonym (adj) healthy. antonym (n) humor. synonyms (adj) spacious. catastrophic. (adv) over. united. curse. successful. crying. boat. miserable. thick. synonyms (adj) superfluous. bang. exclusive. wealthy. (n) mean. infamous. antonyms (adj) cramped. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. dearth. win. expanded. outcry. privileged. look. ill. fortune. contemptible. naughty. unhealthy. synonyms (adj) calamitous. (v) forlorn. leftover. depraved. holler. cry (ağlamak. commodious. corrupt. miserable (sefil). feodal feudal.English synonyms (adj) poor. joy. lot. ship. act. fatal. exclamation. reflective. heartbreaking. mortal. attack. (v) decayed. bawl. (n) good. felek destiny. general. narrow. especial. 2. glimpse. poor (fakir. general.

mark. synonym (n) vocable. (adj) abolish. certificate. efficient. black.Turkish . nest. success. indeks). inclination. avoid. supernumerary. fevkalade 1. 2. (n) memorable. coup. hint. malevolent. notice. rattling. 7. apprehension. operative. auxiliary. nullify. efface. estimation. subscript. estimate. antonyms (adj) ordinary. precise. fihrist index (dizin. arrange. (n) competent. mind (akıl). defeat. behave. synonyms (n) drum. puberty. state. psyche. extraordinary. (adj) heed. forceful. seminarist. 4. minacious. fantasy. outstanding. fidanlık nursery. antonyms (adj) ineffective. synonyms (n) notion. verb. barrel. fête. carnival. synonyms (v) observation. strange. place. crying. advice. 2. noticeable. (v) freak. container. antonyms (n) purification. synonyms (adj) dark. departure. melt. fruitful. fesih dissolution. counsel. conjecture. famous. rout. licentiousness. fantastical. minatory. enumeration. about. language. singular. 2. abate. synonyms (n) theory. speak. concept. adjust. excess. womb. brisk. erase. blight. overthrow. whim. menacing. literally. indicator. express. impulse. practical. jar. threatening. funny. hareket. synonyms (v) annul. synonyms (adv) almost. over. celebration. intelligence. view. terrific. synonyms (adj) additional. barrelful. part. dream. foulness. cradle. 5. comb-out. filth. 171 emblem. notion. festival festival. (v) care. remarkable. festivity. conception. image. synonyms (n) tub. inoperative. achievement. synonyms (n) intellect. fact. glasshouse. practically. activity. liquefy. indices. feat. actual. subjection. synonyms (n) act. fiili 1. mentality. indisputable. schoolroom. feshetmek cancel (iptal etmek. synonyms (n) caprice. effective (etkin). fikir 1. most. occupation. especially. move. antonym (v) forget. antic. thought. exceptional. gala. disintegration. articulate. impression. able. indication. anniversary. taint. abolition. synonyms (n) accomplishment. (v) list. synonyms (adj) distinguished. keep. vat. understanding. suggestion. supposed. uncommon. figüran extra. special. signal. antonyms (adj) insignificant. suspicion. attitude. synonyms (adj) extraordinary. fiilen virtually. 3. covenant. pot. infection. forbidding. sense. baleful. put. demise. true. define. plug. conspicuous. absolute. fast. existent. feeling. win. idea. comment. less. addition. synonyms (v) fix. synonyms (n) catalogue. synonyms (n) form. addendum. wondrous. appearance. listen. secure. play. say. obliterate. peculiar. antonym (v) validate. beware. vote. (v) additive. exponent. noteworthy. pollution. 3. figür figure (şekil). go. aim. conquering. death. tremendous. hunch. antonyms (adj) basic. synonyms (n) decay. fashion. positive. astonishing. exploit. marvelous. abnormal. catalog. pupilage. viewpoint. judgement. vocalize. everyday. fıçı 1. subjugation. reformatory. character. triumph. plan. supposition. authentic. jamboree. negatively. plus. attend. illustrious. depravity. perception. antonyms (adj) false. flexible. (n) accurate. cancellation. title. directory. 6. look. paper. annulment. pucelage. 2. conceit. phenomenal. action. contagion. improbable. tun. bent. (v) achievement. remit. appearance. do. forefinger. roll. literal. utter. synonyms (n) kindergarten. fide set (ayarlamak. conception. (adj) ball. imagination. effort. design. tangible. active. fiil 1. great. synonyms (adj) real. synonyms (adj) beneficial. fetih conquest. conviction. 3. amazing. decision. fiesta. prominent. antonym (v) refrain. corruption (bozulma). nigh. notable. regard. efficacious. deed (iş). incorruptness. (v) enunciate. enact. seminary. deed. analysis. object. holiday. weak. cast. repeal. synonyms (n) speech. vision. dissipation. bizarre. (v) design. curious. strong. calculate. grim. count. genuine. voice (ses). vase. normal. near. hypothetical. liquid. lay. decency. doing. idea. childhood. odd. greenhouse. tall. invalidate. extra. unusual. pronounce. synonyms (adj) fantastic. (n) combing. (adj) fixed. eliminate. head. consideration. dismissal. sinister. marvellous. inkling. unremarkable. rare. act (davranmak. brain. opinion. breakup. expunge. revoke. roll. duplicate. cost. (n) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. adjournment. file. contour. inauspicious. effect. meaning. synonyms (n) feast. ill. reduction. honesty. bushel. concrete.org) . mind. document. shape. (adj) shuffle. concept. table. actual (gerçek). fair. vat. creation. consider. 8. accessory. acquit. measure. comprehension. synonyms (n) contamination. takım). thought. ugly. ominous. barrel. (v) fly. antonym (n) surrender. intent. (n) class. rol yapmak). (n) lack. miraculous. much. belief. set. inspiration. fete. synonyms (n) judgment. purpose. statute. abrogate. wonderful. guess. adulteration. fancy. silmek). vitiation. reason. regulate. 2. antonyms (v) soften. (adv) more. useless. (adj) nearly. impurity. agency. suffrage. decomposition. synonyms (n) victory. party. close. behavior. antonym (n) misconception. cipher. odd. grotesque. (adj) variable. build. synonyms (n) opinion. estimate. vessel. 2. playgroup. capable. (n) supplement.English fesat 1. sound. mastery. grup. cask. effectual. position. factual. bribery. very. bbl. canker. veritable.websters-online-dictionary. malign. construct. decree. hypothesis. locate. perform. job.

crust. (adj) rake. concluding. entity. fırlatma projection (izdüşüm). (adj) swift. farce. negus. grow. pecuniary. sweep. final final (son). protuberance. synonyms (n) strainer. synonyms (n) camel. 2. hoax. touch. cerebration. rise. süzmek). antonyms (v) capture. stipulation. forecast. bound. 2. oven. synonyms (v) bud. prance. game. corps. provision. chute. begin. caper. dribble. reach. ultimate. intellectual. synonyms (n) bulge. chute. backward. synonyms (n) thinker. basin. banter. cooker. conflict. caper. dash. hippopotamus. musing. issue. establish. chuck. (n) scion. sweep. synonyms (n) jump. bolt. bounce. jump (atlama. (adj) bevy. humor. aviation. synonyms (n) brushwood. antonym (v) contaminate. battalion. 2. intention. drive. flip. guru. filiz shoot. screen. pearl. rapid. latter. startle. map. synonyms (n) effigy. last. fire. doughboy. synonyms (adj) diffident. net. demonstrative. crossing. clash. firar 1. icon. discharge. copy. review. timid. celluloid. mystic. kiss. circumvent.websters-online-dictionary. filtre filter (süzgeç. chapter. cloud. casting. abashed. jape. copse. paper. thing. range. marine. cinema. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. theorist. flock. branch. prominence. synonyms (n) brushwood. movie. reflection. drove. (v) describe. antonyms (v) decrease. ilkbahar). irrevocable. synonyms (v) hurl. evade. refine. encounter. copse. member. contemplation. bead. encounter. imagine. bold. avoid. cup. filtrate. synonyms (v) hop. episcopant. reasoning. kiss. paper. quip. (v) chaff. pitch. decisive. leap. permeate. fırlama 1. bilk.org) . antonym (n) fact. germinate. story. curvet. picture (görüntü. bounce. composition. fıkra 1. flying. skip. opening. pearly. (v) originate. giant. scope. flotilla. exodus. dentin. fırlatmak 1. introduce. rise. clean. branch. filozof philosopher. bleed. pic. (v) broom. fog. 2. resim. film. paragraph. economic.English crumenal. elephant. careful. rider. ramp. bowl. shed. self-conscious. nervous. fountain. spring (bahar. (v) cast. fount. synonyms (v) bud. discharge. definite. coating. boiler. metropolitan. sprout. mold. leviathan. commence. form. yellow. 3. meditation. fırın 1. fildişi ivory. heave. chain. (v) mist. bump. outlet. navy. landscape. 3. minister. throw. collision. synonyms (n) armada. clear. hump. (adj) chalk. (adj) salient. conflict. proviso. skin. bound. show. destiny. (adj) rake. condition. send. synonyms (adj) conclusive. (adj) behemoth. firm. milk. synonyms (n) archbishop. synonyms (n) article. photograph. furnace. (n) appearance. fearful. monster. synonyms (n) membrane. joke. send. inauguration. ilkbahar). fırçalamak brush (fırça). budgeting. extrusion. jocularity. eventual. punch. stove. dromedary. paint. synonyms (n) escape. preliminary. elder. evasion. proceed. heater. flight (uçuş). (v) flit. characterisation. tusk. brigade. shy (çekingen. commodity. llama. graze. herd. illustration. float. brisk. antic. drop. numismatic. draw. conflict. fling. scour. ashamed. dance. recoil. 2. cast (atmak. fun. avolation. fincan cup. envision. flick. tablo). layer. copse. synonyms (n) jest. synonyms (n) ambit. philosophaster. commercial. philosophe. dissertation. modest. antonym (n) tragedy. ikon. mould. journey. attention. report. dreamer. synonyms (n) chalice. ledge. eminence. rub. initiation. outgoing. scholar. reserved. touch. pundit. dive. jet. snow. intellection. drive. originate. coat. graze. hasty. exposure. description. fire. trophy. pleasantry. break. essay. clause. hunt. forward. kiss. extreme. discourse. depiction. pocket. fountain. agile. synonyms (n) cook. figure. retreat. clause. fırlamak spring (bahar. knob. fleet. 2. (adj) elastic. peremptory. (n) leak. 2. kalıp). movie. synonyms (n) boat. coy. clash. 3. image. (v) wassail. gag. grog. definitive. (n) leap. stamp. cavalry. dart. thinking. numismatical. warmer. drawing. fate. article. synonyms (adj) fiscal. found. lily. (v) passage. antonyms (adj) first. bishop. rub. quick. flash. squadron. escape (kaçmak). synonyms (n) object. clean. overhang. figure. porpoise. dodge. sweep. sprout. synonyms (n) film. shoot. caper. chef. launching. shape. spring. fırça brush. drip. 2. clash. source. flake. strain. decided. requirement. grow. feature. covering. (v) hop. touch. (n) scion. dump. clergyman. leak. grasp. rub. white. cogitation. film 1. study. hurdle. finansal financial (parasal). return. casing. (v) initiate. collision. start. fancy. cachalot. alchemist. duck. depict. business. sumptuary. flash. prerequisite. dart. primate. synonyms (v) elude. academic. fast. synonym (n) cook. group. leave. elopement. hurry. elephant. portion. ürkek). germinate. synonyms (n) kiln. ware. hunt. plan. fil 1. 4. (v) broom. mastermind. characterization. monetary. dance. collision. arise. (adj) elastic. purl. departure. whale. fırçalama brush (fırça). fall. antonyms (adj) brash. atlamak). stove. dash. clean. fırıncı baker. (v) percolate. run. scour. font. avoidance. purify. recoil. jut. scour. clean. speedy. sieve. synonyms (n) jump. cupful. delineation. likeness. section. orbit. sentiment. dive. haze. cause. skip. launch. filo 1. synonyms (n) fleet. synonyms (n) bone. compass. (v) broom. graze. encounter. confident. picture. synonyms (n) brushwood. (adj) rake. reticent. protrusion. fly. expeditious. toss.172 Turkish . 3. source. drop. ooze. glass. cloud.

hard. 4. grave. disorderly. bulky. (adj) deliberate. glossy. shower. horrible. infringe. yollamak). breath. firma firm. fountain. denetim. fitil cord (kordon). shot. innuendo. hesitant. hint. antonym (v) shout. incident. apartment. bawdy. raw. surly. field. flatus. agitated. unwell. rumor. synonyms (n) buzz. closing. fit. (adj) accidental. mumble. make. contaminated. soluk). happen. amplitude. determined. synonyms (v) flip. flash. fiş check (çek. synonyms (adj) tempestuous. direct. dark. parade. approximate. time. commencement. stop. delay. attack. fierce. bark. sheath. fişek shell (kabuk). whipcord. fat. instant. indicate. spotless. consign. violent. rustle. liquid. noisy. entry. first. pis). venture. case. corrupt. hall. exact. fail. scope. hail. homely. 8. solumak). synonyms (n) peel. charge. cheque. undertone. leash. angered. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. atrocious. (v) gamble. dumbfound. fully. chance. dingy. (adj) healthy. nauseous. antonyms (adj) light. respite. heave. debacle. provoked. synonyms (adj) foul. plan. (v) board. breathe. gross. whisper. riotous. collapse. (n) stormy. thread. fiyasko failure (bozukluk). synonyms (n) bankruptcy. arduous. rough (kaba). fly. synonyms (n) case. synonyms (v) despatch. office. current. flat. thick. antonyms (adj) calm. subsist. close. induce. antonyms (n) predictability. rush. (adj) whisper. mumble. assault. pleasant. synonyms (n) chamber. crevice. be. thoroughly. hurricane. show (gösteri. draft. carry. convey. flow. soft. robust. spring. 2. harsh. option. agree. gust. possibility. puff. beginning. accident. crack. deficiency. demonstrate. exit. room (oda). spray. soft. post. occasion. blizzard. grating. break. interruption. (v) gush. annoyed. risk. dying. chance. evil. wellspring. limit. (n) boisterous. fuming. puny. flood. easy. (n) breach. begrime. dirty (kirli. defeat. badly. jiffy. incensed. slim. hum. place. opportunity. breathe (nefes almak. leeway. oppressive. hide. well. angry. intentional. loud. reach. rind. outraged. mystify. place. area. carcass. pure. (n) fountain. befall. inclement. antonym (v) shout. synonyms (n) opening. hard. rope. synonyms (n) squirt. opportunity. breed. jet. convey. (adj) preliminary. bar. cabin. inkling. send (göndermek. aperture. oscilloscope. guide. (n) control. forbidding.org) . maddened. compass. turn. smooth. steady. inkling. create. (adj) sick. synonyms (adv) right.Turkish . fışkırmak well (iyi). (v) rage. angry (kızgın. thin. antonyms (adv) ill. 173 polished. aspiration. (n) respire. burdensome. burst. stable. synonyms (n) spirit. bewilder. weak. random. yarn. dampen. crude. synonyms (n) fount. (v) spring. commit. steadfast. synonyms (v) split. bet. synonyms (n) band. 4. silky. cruel. mail. ugly (çirkin). 5. airplane. ample. outpouring. exhale. episode. rustle. scope (kapsam).websters-online-dictionary. latitude. wild. whisper. dispatch. leak. wind. room. exist. project. invade. entrance. (v) faithful. heavy (ağır). arrest. hoarse. trace. 6. drop. transmit. juncture. opening. ostentation. origin. breath (nefes. 2. emit. shaft. suggestion. breadth. 6. leisure. fıskiye fountain. hint. obey. grotesque. göstermek). give. emit. synonyms (n) buzz. string. shy. bombard. hideous. fışkırtmak jet. fısıldamak 1. cleft. beget. deliver. shot. onset. air. derivation. put. synonyms (v) present. lace. refined. contemptible. ornamental. squirt. stop. soil. extent. full. contingency. breather. expose. (v) design. solid. antonyms (n) end. rupture. turbulent. purview. spout. gust. bespeak. rough. beam. pause. (v) gush. bill. synonyms (v) blow. antonyms (adj) beautiful. compact. hole. splenetic. pod. breeze. antonyms (adj) gentle. bluster. synonyms (adj) nasty. suggestion. (adj) raven. unruly. house. twine. produce. poorly. space. 2. respite. gruff. tumultuous. broadcast. presentation. (v) murmur. fırsat 1. good-looking. fırtınalı 1. bond. rumor. antonyms (adj) irresolute. block. (v) cause. good. easily. likelihood. troubled. tie. synonyms (adj) furious. dirt. fiber. disclose. 3. 7. motive. domain. strong. antonym (v) end. live. whisper. hum. synonyms (adj) coarse. antonyms (adj) hygienic. crust. home. hurtle. halt. fixed. shot. antonyms (v) conceal. denetlemek). slight. decisive. channel. synonyms (n) company. 5. repulsive. event. mend. bemire. dense. cable. even. pleased. 3. open. synonyms (n) gap. failing. burst. decline. sound. flow. finale. probability. fate. adventure. throw (atmak). imply. gruesome. flowing. root. pass. spout. (v) murmur. disagreeable. make. suspension. piqued. limp. source. happening. compact. disappointment. (v) bomb. deformed. innuendo. synonyms (n) hazard. fume. mouth. choice. dimension. husk. synonyms (n) range. (adj) final. (adj) constant. vehement. fortune. impure. breathe. trace. tape. considerably. immaculate. honor. alternative. fracture. spurt. occasion. pit. institute. öfkeli). contaminate. (v) muddy. (n) continuation. resolute. offensive. disprove. precise. jerk. divert. fısıltı 1. synonyms (n) tempest. rude. exhibit. boiling. bullet. (n) display. synonyms (v) bridle. chasm. inspiration. fırtına storm.English inaugurate. deep. appearance. curb. margin. expanse. hiss. undertone. irate. drift. sophisticated. blast. 5. breath. skinny. (v) view. 6. (v) knot. jagged. (n) push. (v) clean. gamut. (n) defile. despicable. antonyms (v) repair. frightful. 2. raging. inspire. rest. synonyms (adj) dull. evidence. grievous. hiss. door. pour. breakdown. soggy. restrain. start. casing. luck. attractive. break (mola). font.

(v) fabrication. discharge. portrait. back. groundwork. disaster. setting. gait. pattern. photo. coruscate. synonyms (n) mold. configuration. tangible. effective. design. endeavor. bodily. fund. size. likeness. figure. apt. animal. outlay. fiyat 1. old. cache. (adj) conclude. synonyms (n) photographist. photocopy. model. curve. experience. ground. square. pebble. expression. synonyms (n) arc. signet. employment. coiffure. store. operative. estimate. rate. curvature. payment. class. emblem. forfeit. fancy.websters-online-dictionary. ceremony. adapt. supply. coif. construction. conscious. photograph. pluck. fashion. pic. sensual. synonyms (n) cost. shot. frequency. prize. expenditure. antonyms (n) success. snap. establish. care. education. count. achievement. turn. conference. assemblage. effort. fötr felt. shape. concrete. plants. generation. impression. divest. synonyms (n) agora. sacrifice. format format (biçim). esteem. appropriate. synonyms (n) fogey. antonyms (adj) nonfunctional. working. conformation. knead. antonyms (v) open. conservative. attainment. gleam. defer. outline. formül formula. support. abortion. (adj) decorous. go. decorate. endowment. (v) plug. synonyms (n) band. dazzle. adjust. procedure. context. glitter. incline. (v) design. flick. duty. (v) bend. provision. accumulate. (adj) iridescent. drawing. sponsor. illustration. erection. imprint. court. contour. verdure. bar. press. reserve. principle. value. synonyms (n) position. accommodate. coiffe. role. platform. price (eder). crook. synonyms (n) form. synonyms (n) cinematography. 2. make. synonyms (n) backdrop. character. (v) cast. synonyms (n) image. loss. crouch. close. granite. structure. tangle. bill. synonym (adj) physiologic. shape. bang. method. corporeal. victory. synonyms (n) figure. 2. tablo). synonyms (n) constitution. amount. capability. operable. mold. gauge. production. (v) describe. arrangement. mould.174 Turkish . shimmer. synonyms (n) mark. 3. investment. fling. figure. (v) form. synonyms (n) sparkle. synonyms (n) form. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. business. icon. lock. şekil). obsolete. useful. guess. shape (biçim. accompaniment.org) . entangle. attempt. preglacial. expense. run. capital. backing. architecture. fosil fossil. heliography. information. championship. loss. twinkle. downfall. 4. sensed. manual. appearance. flora flora. synonyms (v) agree. stamp. synonyms (n) form. amphitheater. (v) evaluate. money. despoil. (adj) flint. synonyms (n) stock. paint. mental. exposure. 4. (v) deprive. heliograph. (v) flicker. configuration. damage. photo. appreciate. fon 1. (adj) merit. influence. official. rostrum. put. agency. synonyms (n) photograph. rank. expenses. plunder. unwell. foliage. cachet. figure (figür. endowment. (v) set. frame. fogy. place. şekil). hallmark. running. blaze. crack. kowtow. antonyms (adj) unfit. office. determine. seminar. pare. antonym (n) destruction. bullet. order. 2. carnal. relic.English form 1. undergrowth. construct. copy. loser. slip. effigy. (n) adjust. handy. (v) hoard. backup. environment. stoop. pillage. exercise. useless. fonksiyon function (işlev). fotoğraf 1. braid. fit. accord. regulate. obeisance. prescription. cost. chance. (v) be. serve. (v) appraise. suit. corporal. injection. applicable. rule. print. cast. actual. plant. description. synonyms (n) vegetation. budget. fonksiyonel functional. fiziksel physical. error. formality. photogeny. condition. default. pattern. ransack. snarl. scene. auditorium. stop. synonyms (adj) practical. imagine. constitute. arrange. instant. synonyms (n) financing. construction. 2. shut. convention. carve. flame. denude. hit. percentage. real. compute. synonyms (n) gunshot. resim. composition. (adv) fleshly. basis. formda fit (uymak). economics. depiction. work. coruscation. square. (adj) perceived. image. ancient. rifle. toll. canon. fee. assembly. quotation. calculate. creation. backcloth. ambo. operational. arch. disbursement. forum forum. sack. lighten. fashion. synonyms (adj) material. fok seal (damga). template. law. dress. rate (oran). system. finance. savings. go. build. state. growth. fonlama funding. serviceable. fiyonk bow. shape. synonyms (n) pace. correspond. worth. duck. background (arka plan). depict. shooting. 3. preparation. picture. arrange. establishment. picture (görüntü. unseal. synonyms (n) price. antonyms (adj) spiritual. formasyon formation. deserve. assess. figure. fizyolojik physiological. buckle. convulsion. panorama. (v) act. formulary. number. palpable. peel. marble. ball. form (biçim). formatting. draw. documentation. flaş flash. inappropriate. clinch. genesis. atmosphere. pulpit. penalty. glimmer. (v) film. organization. symposium. fotoğrafçı photographer. bare. quartz. fashion. envision. bank. blink. achiever. earthly. organization. conformation. meet. cipher. measure. antonyms (v) dress. service. shoot. build. fotoğrafçılık photography. intangible. charge. appropriation. dodo. works. bankroll. forma strip. winner. parent. application. synonyms (v) mat.

boxes. allegedly. unkind. pry. 2. synonyms (adj) extraneous. degree. champion. blonde. seizure. mastery. tutelary. synonyms (v) acquire. candid. cherish. 2. ruthless. cover. superior. steward. merciless. fantastic. 2. ensure. heartless. flop. auditory. acquire. defense. lament. grieve. bloody. projectile. bunch. bulwark. inhuman. weigh. guard. antonym (adj) unsuccessful. misery. oftenness. great. synonyms (n) defend. delight. reasonably.Turkish . ammunition. skyrocket. subjugation. guaranty. quoit. antonyms (adj) gentle. seemingly. elated. dawdle. keep. achieve. speckling. backer. fuar fair (güzel. merciful. mismatched. bewitch. abundance. captivate. brickbat. bevy. prejudiced. fabulous. synonyms (n) bail. synonyms (n) heather. warden. conquer. win (kazanmak). (adj) protective. (adj) array. custody. reasonable. conqueror. climb. liberal. synonyms (n) defend. imbalanced. community. hard. obtain. presumptively. expugnation. gamut. impartial. gam 1. antic. act. beak. constancy. apprehend. vanquish. weapon. watchman. admire. futbol 1. chimerical. 2. wild. synonyms (n) flake. savanna. (v) soar. collateral. antonyms (adj) unfair. warranty. crowd. antonyms (n) joy. charge. guardian. football. ordinary.org) . get. sight. synonyms (n) grief. gain. galiba presumably. harsh. sun. coltsfoot. synonyms (n) award. abuse. chip. synonyms (adj) bizarre. gridiron. oftness.English frekans frequency (sıklık). assure. doubtlessly. baseball. fierce. antonyms (v) release. success. missive. familiar. rise. unjust. capricious. beating. winner. defender. 2. failure. foul. beguile. guardsman. wandflower. synonyms (v) bag. biting. prideful. rejoicing. pampas. messenger. mercilessness. (adj) distress. fender. strange. concourse. hockey. receipt. success. gentleness. (v) shield. galeri gallery. partial. gard guard (bekçi). engage. bond. bulwark. antonyms (n) loser. contrition. secure. conquest. rise. synonyms (n) constellation. garip 1. note. triumphal. synonyms (n) winner. indubitably. procure. gaga bill (fatura. protection. protector. curator. prevalence. 2. carry. waste. 3. fender. plunder. antonyms (adj) awful. 3. funda heath. advertisement. average. mourning. auditorium. rate. synonyms (n) football. synonyms (n) brutality. droll. sorrow (acı). watchman. star. unwarranted. guard (bekçi). wonderful. capture. victorious. exceptional. synonyms (n) missile. pitch. commonness. synonyms (adj) barbarous. cover. terrific. (v) placard. endorse. carry. alien. deposit. steppe. heathland. kindness. hypothetically. (n) bazaar. ruthlessness. custodial. strange. verandah. heartache. antonyms (adj) normal. missile. plain. soccer. peculiar. apparently. measure. probably. triumphant. basin. (v) ascend. violence. füze 1. pledge. catch. premium. generalness. terrace. sarışın). remorse. antonym (v) lose. foreign. bitter. shelter. antonyms (v) plummet. prairie. barbarity. assurance. synonyms (adv) likely. apprehension. achiever. poster. failure. hesap). synonyms (n) bullet. supposedly. synonyms (n) balcony. fierceness. synonyms (adj) jubilant. (v) exultant. banknote. curious. drift. arugula. (v) appreciate. incidence. audience. (v) bright. sea. succeed. conquering. regret. defense. victory (zafer). dispassionate. ferociousness. attain. yardstick. care. happiness. surrender. gauge. antonym (v) descend. fine. beast. density. synonyms (n) soccer. brutal. shot. humane. loot. convoy. earn. grenade.websters-online-dictionary. ferocity. ganimet 1. carcass. explosive. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. achievement. dark. take. graduation. treasure. measure. real. hit. friendliness. tyranny. carnival. champ. (n) arrest. keeper. atrocious. keep. beetleweed. club. irregular. (v) mourn. (adj) balance. footie. sadness. escort. rocket (roket). mount. prevail. marvelous. get. care. veldt. gleeful. sweet. synonyms (n) account. barbarism. anguish. sympathetic. cruelness. escort. galax. zoom. antonyms (n) defeat. defence. circle. clear. synonyms (n) triumph. kind. (n) fanciful. savage. 2. ensnare. protection. prize. advertise. extraordinary. harshness. penitence. card. anomalous. list. abnormal. master. take. victor. 175 G gaddar cruel. garanti guarantee. typical. basketball. new. galaksi galaxy. synonyms (adj) comical. surely. (adj) doubtless. honor. gaddarlık cruelty. (v) shield. loss. galip 1. extravagant. biased. value. grotesque. beautiful. credible. veranda. porch. bolt. synonyms (n) custodian. synonyms (adj) equitable. measure. (v) fancy. synonyms (n) champion. unusual. convoy. outlandish. warrant. 2. superiority. winning. esteem. (adv) clean. joyful. patron. scale (ölçek). superficially. custody. price. mysterious. bomb. desert. sadism. gardiyan 1. feat. grig. synonyms (n) frequence. exulting. oppression. defence. cosmos. galibiyet 1. (v) certify. successful. trophy. fantastical. funny. army. rocket. booty. promise. seize. invoice. bird. check. amusing. rare. antonyms (n) compassion. repentance. guardsman. ball. odd.

significant. intend. farthest. (v) make. effort (çaba). dynamism. trip. dwell.org) . gazetecilik journalism. eccentric. magazine. action. freaky. zealous. exhaustion. sunset. newscaster. diurnal. conclusion. report. powerful. leaf. industriousness. goal. suspicious. quizzical. surprising. induce. synonyms (adj) pithy. earnest. do. teeming. synonyms (adj) robust. catch. burning. active. activity. healthy. ephemeris. leftover. determination. evening. toil. design. traveling. synonyms (n) attempt. synonyms (adj) nightlong. gaye 1. function. antonyms (n) lethargy. end. nighttime. endeavor. direct. closing. mark. synonyms (adj) exceptional. gazette. diarist. backward. kale). gasp grab (kapmak). daybreak. servant. meaning. important. force. acute. (adj) daybook. propagation. newsprint. 2. previous. smart. effort. live. (v) wallpaper. (adj) extreme. tardy. annals. campaign. cause (neden). flatulence. fishy. unenergetic. antonyms (adj) feeble. departure. tiredness. conclusive. (adv) early. (v) bound. synonyms (n) board. dissertation. going. synonyms (n) case. get. gebelik pregnancy. comic. journal (günlük). resolve. enceinte. fraught. groom. butt. before. writing. book. labor. correspondent. decide. strength. fifer. idea. lethargic. canvas. point. organ. synonyms (n) diary. synonyms (adj) avid. (v) travel. night. 4. rummy. clutch. offbeat. certificate. meddlesome. weak. gaydacı piper. sort. pullulation. fresh. synonyms (n) reporter. (adv) funnily. piece. temporary. studious. aspire. striking. fascinate. doings. fantastic. gayret 1. exotic. blanket. theme. antonyms (n) day. (prep) within. endeavor. mainsheet. twilight. big. eerie. former. 2. assiduousness. might. vaunt. gece 1. pane. trouble. hold. farcical. hedef). (n) abide. defunct. concluding. eager. basis. snatch. cause. dusk. continue. action. modern. pepper. (v) fuel. mighty. bid. blow. back. (n) brave. fetation. gasolene. assume. fumes. intention. vapor.websters-online-dictionary. target. literature. newspaper. synonyms (adj) singular. apathy. meaning. host. synonyms (n) journal. over. dull. dash. bring. behavior. reason. entertaining. niyet). (adj) first. bygone. grapple. appropriate. calendar. petrol. push. (adj) nocturnal. effect. motive. propose. vigor. voyage. gazeteci journalist. plane. inquiring. rob. drive. vigorous. arouse. synonyms (v) endure. promptly. antonym (adj) even. uncommon. gravid. sürmek). coating. habit. hearty. energetic. bizarre. film. disposition. synonyms (n) mind. light. attract. synonyms (n) animation.176 Turkish . struggle. inquisitive. curious. fiddler. industrious. review. cover. writer. craving. synonyms (n) bagpiper. author. antonyms (n) dawn. uneven. whimsical. maksat. 2. prose. nightfall. eventide. unaccountable. antonyms (adj) ahead. finish. attendant. breed. writer. sail. current. drift. (v) brisk. essay. layer. (v) project. trumpeter. (v) telling. periodical. (n) history. exertion. desirous. grave. coverlet. geç late. belated. chronicle. writing. gazete 1. emphatic. earlier. eve. belatedly. aim (amaç. 2. sundown. form. 3. chronicler. casual. intrusive. eager. athletic. clasp. fertility. antonym (adj) incurious. publication. strenuous. manufacture. petroleum. commerce. antonym (n) consequence. text. try. newspaper.English hardy. paper. gestation. (n) future. agog. geceleyin overnight. interested. 3. trial. kidney. weakness. object. sheet (yaprak). facetious. bridegroom. individual. address. purpose (amaç. oil. beget. ultimate. preceding. overcurious. freakish. synonyms (v) capture. account. queer. geçen 1. night (akşam). ambition. seizure. past (geçmiş). 5. nosy. rum. annual. strong. allow. delayed. litterateur. home. publisher. novel. pregnance. trade. crazy. brawny. 2. last (son. flunky. remarkable. sluggishness. (n) arrest. deceased. decision. different. print. gebe pregnant (hamile). diligence. destination. weird. idleness. synonyms (adj) funny. cause. brag. odd (tek). author. objective. press. outre. daily. behindhand. atypical. meddling. aspiration. final. evening (akşam). synonyms (n) gravidity. dead. 4. synonyms (n) dark. engender. gayretli 1. spirit. goal (hedef. quaint. 6. ardent. copy. garson waiter. kind. occasion. punctually. slow. chance. vitality. humorous. uterogestation. capability. air. synonyms (n) gasoline. antonyms (adj) contemporary. log. synonyms (adj) beyond. (v) purpose. güç). tray. incredible. occasional. preterit. thesis. article. laughable. accelerator. antonyms (adj) serious. 2. antonyms (adj) indifferent. dull. synonyms (n) server. determination. meteoric. gaz gas (benzin). life. apathetic. interesting. antonyms (n) opening. discourse. record. coat. wacky. paper. synonyms (n) intent. keen. enthusiastic. composition. purport. (adj) procreation. essayist. punctual. (n) tour. crusade. (adv) dilatory. unconcerned. synonyms (n) press. wish. mission. erratic. expectant. basket. harper. old. exist. plan. heavy. darkness. ticket. campaign. synonyms (n) aim. news. work. childbearing. synonyms (n) business. exposition. salver. application. (prf) along. disinterested. synonyms (n) document. 3. limit. seize. ambitious. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. gone. (adv) by. particular. synonyms (n) even. lively. diverting. synonyms (adj) former. blague. energy (enerji. 4. industry (endüstri).

cogency. 3. antonyms (adj) inanimate. popular. patronage. desteklemek). movement. death. antonyms (adj) ahead. confine. synonyms (n) force. while. cogency. advance. probative. decease. giddy. passing. imprisonment. cari). 3. modern. extension. momentary. check. illicit. dead. money. right. provisory. synonyms (n) pause. stream. internment. advance. power. (n) flow. stay. (v) keep. long-term. run. tentative. conserve. cari. 3. reserve. geçenlerde lately. legitimate. decisiveness. tardy. passing (geçici). defunct. excitable. apprehension. synonyms (v) hold. deferment. authenticity. deferment. antonyms (adj) definite. live. (n) interval. synonyms (adj) concomitance. hardness. stay. synonyms (n) help. synonyms (adj) common. fresh. geçerlik validity. deferral. new. (n) dead. punctually. cash. reserve. authority. experimental. influential.Turkish . adjourn. release. (v) assist. oldfashioned. antonyms (n) punctuality. lasting. aliveness. gecikmiş late (geç). forceful. light. arrest. brief. momentary. check. useless. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. unlawful. genuine. synonyms (adj) makeshift. synonyms (adj) doubtful. sensible. frivolous. prohibited. deferment. (prep) course. confused. stand. hesitate. synonyms (n) pause. powerful. forbidden. arrest. 5. promptly. antonym (adj) stable. expiration. adjourn. lawless. advance. weak. animated. peal. deceased. capture. encourage. gecikmek delay (gecikme. inoperative. alive. (v) rush. synonyms (adv) recently. passing. impermanent. maintain. (v) rush. authentic. legitimacy. restraint. break. loot. reality. instant. casual. temporal. antonyms (adj) permanent. sound (ses). stopgap. synonyms (adj) common. interim. 3. confinement. new. decisiveness. (n) overtaking. preserve. certainty. capricious. old. passage. aid. back. hesitant. transient. vigor. break. old. current (akım. solid. prop. food. stream. geciktirmek). (adj) unsound. maintenance. antonyms (n) punctuality. wait. custody. blow. tentative.English present. animate. keep (tutmak). 6. bread (ekmek). good. truth. departure. strong. have. departure. synonyms (adj) ephemeral. chime. (v) rush. hesitate. antonyms (n) punctuality. synonyms (adj) criminal. active. antonyms (adj) ineffective. unsteady. (v) defer. celebrate. defend. transitory. detain. afloat. synonyms (n) echo. Geçerli 1. delayed. continue. past. belatedly. commemorate. antonym (adj) lasting. adjourn. fleeting. power. antonyms (adj) obsolete. forcible. passage. stay. check. (adv) meantime. eternal. active. fast. extension. (n) competent. bogus. everlasting. (n) overtaking. capable. decease. important. geçerli). behindhand. efficacious. geciktirmek delay (gecikme). just. guard. able. new. run. shy. extension. delay (geciktirmek).org) . synonyms (adj) ephemeral. detention. fresh. belated. certainty. synonyms (n) pause. death. being. legitimate. synonyms (n) force. punctual. sure. conditional. confirm. authenticity. newly. animation. fugacious. vigor. fruitful. geçersiz illegal. break. healthy. annulled. benefice. variable. arrest. rational. modern. given. soundness. past. instant. impermanent. brace. lose. (adv) early. effect. 2. 2. synonyms (adj) legal. quick. (v) rush. antonyms (adj) obsolete. sustenance. transient. 4. provisional. flighty. antonyms (n) punctuality. authority. lawful. postpone. postpone. synonyms (n) delay. synonyms (n) living. break. complete. (adj) anew. synonyms (adj) changeable. decisiveness. geçim 1. detain. life. antonyms (adj) permanent. soundness. demise. antonyms (n) freedom. geçer current (akım. extant. qualified. deferral. indecisive. gecikme 1. dull. cursory. retain. inconstant. 177 provisionary. going. temporary. modern. hardness. operative. official. death. dough. concurrence. arrest. check. hesitate. fashionable. fugitive. extension. movement. erratic. (v) defer. (v) defer. truth. just. substitute. temporary. (n) livelihood. (adv) dilatory. wrongful. rightful. incarceration. observe. taboo. boost. effect. synonyms (adj) cursory. deferral. indefinite. volatile (uçucu). 4. hesitate. expiration. motion. reserve. afresh. old-fashioned. lag. unauthorized. deferment. wait. effectual. (adj) reasonable. acting. keep. afloat. airy. living (canlı). wait. stay. synonyms (adj) beneficial. continuous. pass. sound. (n) flow. effectiveness. synonyms (n) pause. irregular. previous. hold. distance. carry. slow. robust. decisiveness. 4. bear. prison. fashionable. fit. exit. fugitive. efficient. legitimacy. contemporary. deferral. probatory. undecided. interim. reality. constraint. credibility. detain. popular. invalid. credibility. exploratory. valid. intermission. backward. reserve. effectiveness. actual. interlude. fleeting. sane. captivity. synonyms (adj) former. true. (v) ring. detain. trial. cogent. unstable. antonyms (adj) legal. advance. fresh. illegitimate. brief. casual. previous. latterly. support (dayanak. enduring. synonyms (adj) lively. antonyms (n) silence. honest. destek. mercurial. antonyms (adj) unacceptable. 2. freshly. geciktirmek). provisional. detainment. postpone. fresh. (prep) course. positive. postpone. late. antonyms (v) dump. (v) fickle. save. 2. pause. contemporary. illogical. practical. geciktirme delay (gecikme. probationary. geçici 1. reserve. geçerlilik validity (geçerlik). substantial. pelf. kale. (v) defer. comfort. prospect. wait. effective (etkin). currency. cautious.websters-online-dictionary. actual. adjourn.

transport. departure. transference. bear. substantiation. deliver. fit. quick. spend. geçirme transmission. suitable. run. chronicle. crossbreeding. intersection. live. behaviour. performance. road. (n) dead. mouth. reject. 3. remove. portico. direct. past. extant. pass. offer. argument. establishment. 3. geçmek). previous. carry. opening. gangway. demeanor. antonyms (v) uncross. channel. stand. passage. communication. transmit. acquit. animated. 4. consign. transit. overrun. comport. drive. lead. antonyms (adj) contemporary. lobby. animate. transmittal. synonyms (adj) agreeable. artery. do. difference. synonyms (v) flow. hall. geçindirmek support (dayanak. taşımak). crossroad. doorway. (n) overtaking. boost. weaken. give. synonyms (n) behavior. intermediate. back. chink. conveyance. synonyms (n) aisle. pack. accept. voyage. height. happen. geçit 1. conserve. outshine. surface. 2. corridor. govern. lavish. head. carriage. outdo. explanation. demonstration. admittance. death. journey. antonym (adj) incompatible. fissure. accordant. (adj) better. cursory. interpose. surmount. dissemination. climax. geçmiş 1. fresh. advance. geçirmez proof (kanıt). synonyms (n) change. die. hold. deliver. harmonious. handle. 4. story. old. transition. (n) history. geçirmek 1.English course. junction. delegate. corridor. passage. antonym (v) fail. antonyms (v) save. summit. peak. conduct. attack. interbreeding. verification. preceding. 3. probation. brow. elapse. vestibule. run. (v) intersect. alteration. offer. baffle. lead. spread. modulation. alleyway. decease. citation. extract. offer. transit. intercede. undermine. lead. prospect. aliveness. exceed. (prf) along. undermine. crack. annoyed. 5. arbitrate. (adj) go. move. course. prop. employ. base. synonyms (v) interfere. momentary. (n) bottom. alley. (v) tale. behave. hybridization. antonym (v) fail. flight. give. deplete. assignment. cantankerous. gangway. hall. geçinme living (canlı). section. gap (aralık. grouchy. lobby. synonyms (v) consume. interchange. arrange. 3. happen. paragraph. turnout. antonyms (adj) inanimate. crest. carry (nakletmek. lane. avenue. geçmek). cover. authentication. narrative. duct. hallway. keep. commit. conduct. congruous. gone. criterion. assume. synonyms (v) beat. interject. transcend. (adj) waste. direct. gate (kapı). entrance. (v) best. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. former. traverse. before. sympathetic. conversion. porch. bygone. load. geçiş 1. fleeting. access (giriş). deliver. draw. (v) oppose. channel. crevice. demise. transfer. crossway. (n) future. synonyms (n) admission. (prep) within. sign. brief. offer. alive. becoming. crabby. synonyms (n) break. synonyms (n) conveyance. superlative. fracture. (v) enter. run. clearance. overtake. aid. pass (geçmek). casual. 3. abandon. entry. 4. neglect. approach. way. expend. passage. move. mediate. grumpy. geçimli compatible (uyumlu). chasm. annals. 7. antonyms (adj) permanent. exceed. patronage. pinnacle. congenial. overtake. encourage. broadcast. synonyms (n) aisle. aktarmak). expiration. meddle. being. threshold. entry. synonyms (n) door. 2. entryway. admit. lasting. intervene. corridor (koridor). give.org) . ford. reject. impermanent. show. outgo. shift. convey. pass. outmatch. (adj) crabbed. portal. (n) guide. benefice. good-tempered. outburst. cap. synonyms (n) confirmation. (adj) calm. exceed. way. travel. excel. exceed. bring. record. way. overtake. overtake. advance. 5. work. 2. transplant. present. geçinmek manage. wear. pass. administer. cross (haç). weaken. abandon. narration. administration. synonyms (n) aisle. background. hall. death. take. run. boşluk). angry. antonym (v) keep. comfort. opening. transient. movement. administer. animation. gangway. former antonyms (n) hindrance. over. vacancy. 6. path. desteklemek). passage. indication. avenue. citation. (v) change. gateway. live. antonym (v) fail. dissipate. antonym (n) exit. life. entrance. channel. consonant. elapse. 2. evidence. apex. send. (v) act. synonyms (n) course. fugitive. outweigh.178 Turkish . brace. invest. transfer (aktarma. thwart. synonyms (v) flow. cope. congruent. crosswalk. current. die. journey. synonyms (n) help. antonyms (adj) worst. history (tarih). elapse. destek. crossing. synonyms (adj) beyond. pass (geçiş. synonyms (n) crisscross. happen. back. duct. earlier. live. nadir. excerpt. disparity. opening. (n) consistent. (adj) go. synonyms (v) flow. blow. maintain. accompany. antonyms (n) hindrance. maintain. manage. cleft. duct. give. lobby. gate. 5. entry. synonyms (n) cross. synonyms (v) conduct. die. synonyms (adj) maximum. elapse. synonyms (v) bear. essay. (n) crown. advance. life. 2. pass (geçiş. corridor. experiment. entree. deliver. acme. passing (geçici). preterit. contagion. (n) livelihood. exceed. neglect. top. (adv) by. (adj) go. synonyms (n) circulation. control. drop. move. entrance. port. antonym (v) fail. (v) assist. changeover. channel. passage. move. past. exchange. geçme passage. aperture. geçmek 1.websters-online-dictionary. exhaust. synonyms (n) account. (v) breach. 4. transmittance. active. live. accomplish. lead. infection. lead. synonyms (adj) ephemeral. validation. cranky. journey. synonyms (v) flow. (v) oppose. yesteryear. pass (geçiş). delivery. maintenance. squander. cruise. affliction. happen. top (üst). bearing. synonyms (adj) lively. advance. live. citation. die. transmitting. (adj) go. avenue. deal. surpass. blank.

radical. antonym (n) past. advent. 4. mutation. myth. (v) surrender. natural. coming. familiar. arrival. (n) access. consequence. mutation. antonym (n) departure. 3. antonym (n) departure. later. elaboration. outcome. yield (verim). revenue. infringement. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. compensation. average. frequent. extroverted. return. race. rift. antonyms (adj) deteriorating. lore. impost. increment. gate. gracious. livelihood. approach. general. synonyms (n) current. 3. gradual. (adv) afterward. upcoming. reduction. (n) predecessor. appearance. synonyms (n) tradition. consent. antonym (n) deterioration. arriver. afford. 5. movement. betterment. earnings.org) . imminent. pending. (adj) following. geri. drift. innovation. proceeds (kazanç). wages. rebellious. synonyms (n) give. synonyms (v) instant. stream. arrive. resources.websters-online-dictionary. come. opening. profits. progressive. returns. relinquish. billow. gelecek 1. advent. adjacent. proceed. (v) operation. enlargement. synonyms (n) earnings. progress. imminent. come. routine. result. order. 2. radical. geçmişte back (arka. imminent. traditional. 3. broad. antonym (n) observance. decline. typical. coming. future. time. active. oppose. stake. taxation. advocate. classic. rite. synonyms (n) expansion. (v) break. common. synonyms (n) entrance. oncoming. set. positive. bear. antonyms (adj) distant. thriving. modern. gelir 1. gelen coming. swelling. reaching. (v) batching. gelişim evolution (evrim). helpmate. elimination. surge. antonyms (n) exit. following. contiguous. synonyms (n) wife. gelişen progressive (ilerici). fate. prevailing. synonyms (n) development. synonyms (adj) flourishing. dwindling. take. 2. (adj) bespoke. result. benefit. means. consecutive. forthcoming. germination. alteration. customary. persevere. fashion. income. synonyms (v) instant. antonym (n) neglect. submit. preceding. alphabetical. current. amendment. ritual. gedik breach. posterior. forthcoming. gelin bride. flood. evolution. fracture. antonym (n) loss. gain. broad-minded. ordinary. geleneksel 1. forthcoming. 2. correction. (v) operation. practice. pay. synonyms (v) instant. avant-garde. accession. enlarging. future. improvement. relaxed. homecoming. appearance. addition. incomings. proceeds. cumulative. 3. lucre. sırt). comer. usual. alteration. revenue. progression. enhancement. outgoing. (v) support. chink. prior. weakening. 5. innings. next. proximate. gelgit tide. approaching. foregoing. last. emergence. antonyms (v) resist. allowance. gap. legendary. regular. 179 profit. woman. (n) conservative. impending. usage. cultivation. (v) front. imperfect. improvement. flow. movement. effect. wage. impending. neighboring. burgeoning. endorse. departed. gelenek 1. coming. impending. futurity. synonyms (n) development. (v) accustom. late. expansion. synonyms (n) advancement. incoming. newcomer. accumulation. method. (adj) approaching. heritage. 2.Turkish . primary. contravene. synonyms (n) issue. recede. evolvement. future. evolution (evrim). antonym (n) deterioration. revolutionary. (n) liberal. antonyms (adj) new. forward. arrival. grant. potential. course. (v) wave. older. foremost. synonyms (adj) traditional. evolvement. growing. arrive. following. accustomed. immemorial. effect. hereafter. backward. accede. use. observance. forthcoming. synonyms (adj) advanced. synonyms (n) custom. habit. modification. approach. repair. (adj) approaching. discovery. anterior. conventional. rupture. receipts. come. traditionary. routine. antonyms (n) decrease. gelişme 1. salary. geliş 1. progressive. gross. increase. amelioration. arrival. folklore. aid. run. mate. 2. development. (n) prospect. process. subsequently. spread. previously. rush. advance. unorthodox. maturity. adjustment. custom. return. 4. synonyms (adj) nearest. ancient. remuneration. synonyms (n) income. growth (büyüme). synonyms (n) interest. synonyms (n) aperture. climax. synonyms (adj) conventional. encourage. arrival. rising. bow. vouch. concede. complication. synonyms (adv) before. attainment. unusual. progression. close. quondam. synonyms (n) course. (adv) increasing. stock. (v) horizon. subsequent. guarantee. noonday. everyday. blossoming. antonyms (adj) unconventional. growth. synonyms (adj) formal. convention. split. budding. takings. change. modern. (n) access. prospective. (v) grow. output. decorous. synonyms (adj) future. deceased. tradition. allow. after. synonyms (adj) unborn. process. synonyms (adj) antecedent. elimination. intended. amplification. return. established. original. leaving. adjoining. next (sonraki). antonym (n) departure. orthodox. original. champion. state. crack. antonyms (n) face. 2. (adj) assist. wonted. advance. önceki). traditional. legend. progress. adolescent. 4. fissure. (adv) previous. construction. then. return. accretion. (n) developing. approach. cede. (n) access. modification. near. change. arrive. brewing. growth. antonym (adj) reserved. creation. (v) commonplace. (n) rear. ensuing. payoff. advent. crop. produce. antonyms (adj) old-fashioned. trespass. eradication.English (eski. yield. customary. closest. prescriptive. crevice. emolument. normal. advance. augmentation. accepted. habitual. gain. second. appearance. conservative.

change. shape (biçim. clang. beardless. youngster (çocuk. (n) offspring. childish. amend. arrive. (adj) approaching. repel. (phr) accelerate. progress. occupation. mature. infancy. course. youngster. boating. become. bateau. passage. land. gemicilik 1. nipper. revise. journey. late. synonyms (n) incoming. hale. go. gelişmek 1. teenager. gençlik youth (genç). drop. decline. (phr) accelerate. reform. synonyms (n) bang. (v) collapse. forward. 3. kid. toddler. canal. antonyms (v) decrease. (v) further. move. departure. pass. synonyms (v) approach. vas. enter. move. bottom. thunder. draught. emend. spoil. cultured. antonyms (v) push. gen gene. cultivate. following. develop. juvenile. contribute. bowl. noise. synonyms (adj) vernal. expand. synonyms (n) evolution. synonyms (n) coming. flourish. revision. 6. draw. hail. boost. 4. young. (n) navigation. synonyms (v) advance. go. demote. promote. (adj) adolescent. progressive. antonyms (n) adulthood. ripeness. advent. ameliorate. proceed. kid. antonyms (v) decrease. derive. restore. travel. (v) curb. peal. regress. imminent. guile. improve. advance (avans. antonyms (adj) old. youthful. develop. gelişmiş advanced (ileri). 3. upturn. educate. attract. 3. deteriorate. ameliorate. pipe. şekil). 6. movement. thrive. snatch. contract. vessel. flight. piece. callow. effort. lad. synonyms (v) heal. youthful. develop. lass. grow. fraud. perfect. synonyms (n) boat. embark. disembark. ship. demote. blossom. routing. transport. ilerletmek). gelme 1. condition. 7. 5. emendation. blare. antonyms (v) worsen. antonyms (n) depression. antonyms (v) worsen. boat (sandal). synonyms (n) guidance. moment. synonyms (n) urchin. glide.180 Turkish . shipping. ripe. delikanlı). puppy. child. decline. (v) blast. thrive. evolve. pan. regress. fashion. promote. elaboration. construct. antonyms (v) retreat. 3. regress. pluck. girl. attainment. antonyms (n) exit.org) . arrive. inferior. arise. breed. fall. contract. younker. infancy. appear. 2. synonyms (v) instant. duct. bellow. adjust. carve. succeed. 2. craft. antonyms (n) deterioration. blossom. antonym (n) departure. number. move. approach. future. spread.websters-online-dictionary. (v) form. artfulness. (adj) adolescent. geliştirme development. decrease. happen. lend. juvenility. synonyms (n) container. breed. ilerlemek. young (yavru). (v) continue. steering. younker. proceed. cruise. emergence. synonyms (n) furtherance. genç 1. coming. geliştirmek 1. fragment. break. bottle. develop. synonyms (adj) sophisticated. arrival. old-fashioned. amend. synonyms (v) advance. schooner. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. contribute. 3. advancement. course. effect. elaborate. baby. new. basin. scull. synonyms (adj) nautical. synonyms (adj) green. perfect. scantling. approach. synonyms (n) boy. adolescence. correct. ilerleme. skill. gain. bloom. vessel. neglect. (v) further. encourage. youth (gençlik). raw. new. business. adult. (n) aged. 2. antonyms (n) deterioration. amplify. developed. newcomer. amount. gain. ship. morsel. (v) continue. synonyms (n) cast. young. growth. (v) cruise. job. betterment. antonym (v) leave. truck. configuration. din. pattern. tender. development. elevated. erupt. piloting. bud. recede. break. craft. arrive (varmak). synonyms (n) chromosome. boost. progeny. atom. travel. restore. help. issue. mould. reform. sailboat. enhance. aviation. homecoming. augmentation. delay. make. youngster. beautify. scrap. promotion. çekmek). originate. adult. make. raise. gemi 1. force. melioration. entrance. portion. vehicle. minor. 4. better. receptacle. ilerlemek. mature. neglect. raise. fleck. synonyms (n) yacht. help. forward. career. tube. synonyms (v) heal. expansion. trade. forward. mend. way. reaching. ilerleme. jar. jerk. come. fresh. antonyms (n) adulthood. synonyms (n) crumb. go. antonym (n) downgrade. come. (v) retreat. synonyms (n) headway. developing. child. erupt. forthcoming. soaring. beautify. improvement. bar. juvenility. sauceboat. improve. rise. pick. amplify. model. leaving. expand. dinghy. correct. enhance. delay. shallop. shred. spoil. liberal. befall. send. carry. haul. educate. figure. forward. transfer. determine. 2. advance. 2. cultivate. get. gelmek 1. acquire. return. 2. (n) wrench. higher. headway. reach. synonyms (n) loan. sailing. bloom. tug. mend. roar. consign. senior. improve. puberty. come. emend. ferry. aircraft. recede. attain. ripeness. build. boyish. superior. improve. rise. antonym (v) depart. profession. puberty. post. (v) dispatch. sound. movement. antonyms (adj) conservative. synonyms (v) drag. arriver. immature. aggregate. neglect. charge. cultivate. increase. deceit. juvenile. comer. prosper. synonyms (n) progress. gliding. encourage. pull (çekme. advent. 2. deteriorate. mold. cistron. (n) access. emerge. unripe. adolescence. mature. descend. grow. synonyms (v) come. progress. pilotage. build. approach. ilerletmek). sailing (yelkencilik). puppy. growth. synonyms (n) boy. seafaring. navigation. stripling. develop. pass. modern. benefit. appearance. attraction.English impending. sailplaning. come. artifice. shift. better. progress. advance (avans. shaver. acquire. synonyms (n) ability. youth. furtherance. way. bud. improvement. art. watercraft. increase. cunning. precocious. prosper. teen. stripling. arrival. part. gem bit. lad. prosper. show. early. 4. boom.

antonym (adj) thin. specifically. blanket. inclusive. genel 1. infinite. community. often. (v) customary. publication. thorough. approximately. ample (bol). synonyms (adj) exhaustive. expanded. brochure. completely. usually. public. civil. free. earthly. synonyms (adj) commodious. ample. deep. dilation. economy. thin. shrink. spherical. ordinary. personal. mammoth. expanded. extraordinary. broad. genişletmek). 5. expanded. affluent. augmentation. poor. antonyms (adj) specific. spread. banal. circinate. plebeian. enormous. wide. approximately. antonyms (adj) brief.org) . short. widen. general. synonyms (n) continuation. mutual. antonym (adj) local. 4. grand. extend (uzatmak). (n) particular. liberal. synonyms (adj) generous. spacious. infrequent. explicate. collective. enlarge. shorten. frequent. enough. government. 7. synonyms (v) expand. large. elongate. further. current. customarily. narrow.websters-online-dictionary. wide. 5. yeniden. synonyms (adj) broad. worldwide. characteristic. broaden. extensive. growth. rarely. large. narrow. 2. insufficient. synonyms (adj) coarse. encore. meticulous. broad. abbreviate. flier. handsome. dilated. antonyms (adj) uncommon. long. synonyms (v) amplify. summarize. deflate. augment. complete. total. frequently. antonyms (v) contract. aggrandize. expansive.English gene again (bir daha. rich. overall. meager. largely. (n) female. synonyms (adv) generally. normally. tolerant. aristocratic. 3. annex. go. comprehensive. synonyms (adj) overt. 6. habitually. copious. heavy. antonym (adj) noncomprehensive. (n) folk. then. usually. generical. elaborate. unique. unbounded. inflate. plain. elongation. comprehensive. wide. 2. monstrous. addition. synonyms (adv) altogether. commander. antonyms (n) limitation. cognate. reduce. large (büyük). accustomed. short. development. deep. commonly. high. round. overall. utilitarian. synonyms (adj) broad. synonyms (adj) common. common (adi. swelling. genişlemek expand (büyütmek. massive. nonexclusive. broadly. public. antonym (adj) square. annular. ecumenical. capacious. readily. thick. people. extensive. general general (genel). 181 capacious. sweeping. handbill. communal. continue. loose. protracted. worldwide. dissemination. synonyms (adj) wide. distention. coarse. antonyms (adj) specific. extended. evolution. cheap. generally. unlimited. populace. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. globular. restricted. ordinarily. spherical. generic. mere. regularly. synonyms (adv) afresh. abundant. sizable. decrease. expanse. sizeable. unusual. exclusive. full. voluminous. bulky. augmentation. widespread. extensive. antonyms (adv) unusually. free. stretch. stretch. scarce. gargantuan. 2. mediocre. mostly. big. vast. (v) open. audience. antonyms (adj) private. 8. monumental. stout. ecumenical. individual. customarily. individual. mainly. broad. completely. increase. rounded. decrease. (adj) dilate. rare. broaden. commonly. circulation. elaborate. one-off. luxuriant. mean. genişletilmiş 1. popular. trivial. commander. profound. public (kamu). chiefly. overall. tekrar. spacious. global. continued. fat. antonyms (adj) limited. detailed. mighty. universal. colossal. plain. major. synonyms (adv) altogether. antonym (adj) tiny. important. base. spheric. abbreviation. enlargement. prolonged. repeatedly. gross. global. geniş 1. (n) particular. limitless. synonyms (adj) common. broad. minor. big. commonplace. gigantic. bountiful. enlarged. frequent. communal. commonplace. substantial. rarely. long. orbicular. specifically. globose. develop. 4. 2. adequate. synonyms (n) amplification. unsubtle. national. synonyms (adj) plentiful. distend. immeasurable. broadly. genelde generally. expansion. 6. universal. bill. open. ample. annexe. comprehensive. (n) chief. extend. (v) extension. usually. convenient. amplify. hefty. more. average. cramped. development. orbicular. national. also. unadorned. ignoble. anew. comprehensive. partial. insignificant. dilate. normally. synonyms (adj) airy. primarily. often. yine). principally. antonyms (adj) narrow. extensive. rotund. lengthened. elaboration. genelge circular. vast. frequently. synonyms (adj) international. current. reduction. enlargement. open. genellikle 1. 3. comfortable.Turkish . antonyms (adv) narrowly. profuse. synonyms (adj) boundless. bloat. globular. antonym (adj) specific. average. immense. largely. roomy. exceptionally. antonyms (adj) inadequate. world. vast. bulletin. general. blanket. (n) advertisement. dilatation. balloon. genişletmek 1. ample. mainly. mostly. contraction. giant. liberal. carry. considerable. planetary. principally. synonyms (adj) general. endless. unextended. increase. antonyms (n) contraction. (v) customary. (n) habitual. antonyms (adv) narrowly. cosmopolitan. compendious. limit. total. sufficient. huge. plenteous. antonyms (adj) small. habitually. indelicate. elongated. lengthy. chiefly. augment. comprehensive. synonyms (adj) round. unremarkably. swell. typically. ortak). extended. confidential. enlarge. inflation. usual. (n) chief. amplification. terrestrial. prosaic. inclusive. synonyms (adj) basic. condensed. wholesale. vulgar. (n) female. genişletme extension (uzatma). sweeping. synonyms (adj) extended. genişleme expansion (genleşme). universal. civic. narrow. full. great. straightforward.

gerçek 1. numerical. lifelike. antonym (adj) extrinsic. synonyms (adj) naturalistic. report. certainty. unquestionable. solid. synonyms (adj) perfect. (v) extension. massive. virtual (sanal). favorable. (v) pretend. sağ). genleşme expansion. synonyms (n) event. (n) accurate. reduction. inflation. photographic. immanent. abbreviate. 5. authenticated. antonyms (n) guesswork. fabrication. affected. precision. elaborate. untrue. summarize. tangible. gospel. mass. energizing. internal. thing. simulated. shrink. sincerity. swelling. worthless. chaste. freedom. (adj) dilate. abbreviate. extend. inborn. law. substantial. narrow. genuineness. sure. intrinsic. discernible. latitude. trueness. sensible. substantial (önemli). fundamental. enlarge. realness. extent. height. original. loyalty. spread. exact. faithfulness. significant. antonyms (adj) unreal. feasible. correct. correctness. perceptible. veracious. authentic. incorrect. (v) efficiency. pessimistic. space. expanse. (n) privilege. categorical. intrinsic. 3. dependability. antonyms (adj) insincere. 7. fake. abundance. purview. limit. synonyms (n) amplification. certain. Geniþlet expand (büyütmek. circumstance. supposed. constructive. 14. fallacy. experience. just. detail. antonyms (n) contraction. width (en). truth. broadness. ethical. genişlik 1. becoming. elaborate. sterling. small. decent. increase. interior. clear. comparative. sober. nominal. (adv) correctly. due. decisive. unfold. (n) left. exactly. scale. gauge. shorten. closeness. elaboration. genuine. rightful. practical. antonyms (adj) unjustified. sincere. synonyms (adj) faithful. advance. actual. earnest. convincing. occurrence. decorous. justice. uprightness. indisputable. concrete. veritable. formal. 12. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. existent. range. enlargement. (v) rectify. antonym (adj) unrealistic. decrease. proper. 9. limit. considerable. incontrovertible. imagination. 8. literal. confident. antonyms (v) withdraw. loyal. individual. inner. reasonable. genuine. reduce. reality. swell. fact (olay. evolution. innate. proper. incident. summarize. realistic. synonyms (n) breadth. gerçekçi realistic. advantageous. authenticity. 4. synonyms (adj) potential. authentic. certainty. breadth (en). decrease. comprehensiveness. synonyms (n) exactness. (v) square. veracity. positive. synonyms (adj) believable. synonyms (adj) material. honesty. measurement. measure. explicit. replica. positive (olumlu. lawful. augmentation. geometrik geometric. arithmetical. decrease. qualified. strong. fantasy. deed. grow. fiction. synonyms (n) naturalism. immoral. dilation. extend.English intimate. ethereal. realism. principle. antonym (n) thinness. antonyms (adj) false. bloat. antonyms (adj) insignificant. sad. contingency. essential. rise. synonyms (v) balloon. bulk. 2. authority. synonyms (adj) geometrical. authentic. plus. instinctive. narrow. apparent. genişletmek). genişlemek. explicate. synonyms (n) degree. size. vision. abbreviation. synonyms (adj) firm. reach. definite. large. lie. dream. graphic. neat. fair. reliable. true (doğru). 15. shorten. equitable. bogus. quasi. fit. 2. unsure. (n) applicable. mock. precise. claim. physical. antonyms (n) delusion. good. derogatory. hypocritical. faith.org) . bodily. expand (büyütmek. attainable.182 Turkish . wrong. pragmatic. gerçekçilik realism. actual. ample. (v) act. hardheaded. span. antonym (adj) intangible. development. swell. arithmetic. 3. pozitif). rude. magnitude. artificial. accuracy. sound. open. aggrandize. 6. antonyms (adj) improper. agreeable. particular. honest. synonyms (n) scope. full. real. statistical. unseemly. dilatation. corporeal. augment. width. antonyms (adj) inaccurate. truth (doğruluk). synonyms (adj) real. factual. big. (v) actual. truthful. right (doğru. extent. integral. sturdy. realness. deflate. synonyms (adj) affirmative. dishonesty. antonyms (n) untruth. expediency. accuracy. liberty. straight. balloon. modest. antonym (adj) unrealistic. 13. imitation. unacknowledged. axiom. antonym (n) narrowness. unfeigned. competent. inappropriate. intrinsical. stretch. (adj) stretch. assured. hearty. hefty. pure. guileless. very. reality. sensibleness. commensurate. distend. synonyms (adj) inherent. growth. broaden. interest. trustworthy.websters-online-dictionary. explicate. thickness. antonym (n) idealism. absolute. bloat. algebraic. arbitrary. point. aggrandize. natural. amplitude. authenticity. extension. 2. boundary. antonyms (v) contract. truth. durable. credible. verisimilitude. handy. true. capacity. insubstantial. existence. peremptory. falsehood. suitable. implicit. (adj) expatiate. verity. amount. momentous. dishonest. genişlemek). faithfulness. depth. inflate. practical. quantity. synonyms (adj) palpable. develop. right. tangible. befitting. basic. being. mathematical. increase. uncertain. enough. apt. reality. length. synonyms (adj) appropriate. stretch. 11. synonyms (n) fact. compass. replicated. conjecture. richness. entity. (v) authoritative. deceptive. 10. hypothetical. important. dimension. truthful. inflate. fidelity. substance. fitting. unaffected. synonyms (v) amplify. reasonableness. distention. devout. valid. (adv) actually. indirect. evident. reduce. antonyms (v) contract. heavy. fine. unsophisticated. imaginary. distend. distance. grave. olgu). deflate. rumor. even. artless. adequate. fidelity. develop. clean. effect. native. area. synonyms (adj) candid. shrink. constitutional. antonyms (adj) negative. duration. wideness. tacit. available. direct. actuality. peculiar. legitimate.

practically. requirement. positively. actuality. certainty. foundation. truly. negatively. prerequisite. involve. (n) base. 2. practically. unpaid. utensil.English gerçekleştirme implementation. exercise. quite. proviso. account. justification. literally. (n) debt. antonyms (adj) unnecessary. sincerity. result. truly. near. perform. exigency. object. shall. material. 3. gereksinim 1. antonym (n) reason. essential. proviso. claim. device. actively. enforcement. intellect. acceptance. elementary. misleadingly. correctness. needful. compulsion. debate. fairly. deficiency. fulfillment. synonyms (n) need. lawful. owed. aftermath. obligatory. required. elemental. authenticity. reason. extremely. completion. realize. (n) necessity. cloth. induce. want. demand. rationality. essential. synonyms (n) mind. wanted. appliance. require. trueness. precisely. (adj) earnestly. gerçekten 1. natural. win. positively. synonyms (adj) essential. faithfulness. motive. dishonesty. honestly. inevitable. necessary. recognize. clause. gerçekleştirmek 1. mold. substantial. 2. honesty. executing. actually. greatly. cause. openly. (n) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. prerequisite. gereç material (malzeme). necessity. genuinely. gereken due. grounds. basis. gerekçeleme justification. involve. need. antonym (adv) possibly. (v) excuse. synonyms (adj) needed. peripheral. antonyms (n) fantasy. payable. condition. basis. appreciate. authority. cause. much. stipulation. effect. synonyms (v) lack. really. synonyms (v) fulfill. rationale. delusion. need. synonyms (adv) almost. distress. command. gerçekte virtually. expressly. effect. physical. indigence. unsettled. use. deceitfully. surplus. synonyms (n) consequence. synonyms (adv) honestly. loyalty. fiction. favorably. complete. (int) forsooth. directly. 2. performance. requirement. realize. impression. outgrowth. gerekli 1. desert. whereas. product. condition. imperative. mustiness. authentically. basic. carry. synonyms (adv) actually. have. do. truth. needless. antonyms (adj) paid. requisite. just. vindication. indigence. gerekçe 1. truth (doğruluk). certainly. exactly. gerçeklik 1. 2. sincerely. doing. efficiency. unimportant. precondition. tho'. 2. innate. loyally. synonyms (v) lack. constituent. 2. need. option. real. sequel. antonyms (adv) dishonestly. account. crucial. (adj) although. discover. positive. essential. plainly. obtain. necessary. (n) demand. indeed. equitable. functioning. want. 3. mandatory. rightfully. duty. ascription. provision. undue. antonyms (n) untruth. lack. synonyms (adv) legitimately. exact. justification. essential. synonyms (adj) necessary. explanation. understanding. cause. matter. must. indisputably. synonyms (v) have. accuracy. (adj) goatish. inherent. authority. defense. while. justly. accomplishment. real. exigency. antonym (n) option. synonyms (n) body. antonyms (adj) free. privilege.Turkish . precision. desired. effect (etki. obligation. antonym (n) wealth. antonym (n) option. 183 corporal. ought. still. 5. unjustified. indigence. conclusion. binding. fabric. 6. condition. vindication. tax. negatively. very. (v) owing. contrivance. discharge. luxury. 2. foundation.org) . central. provision. important. sonuç). clearly. definitely. most. (v) deed. necessary. synonyms (n) existence. hence. salvation. lie. literally. must. simply. deduce. obligation. gerek 1. apparatus. reason. surely. verity. realism. highly. genuineness. (v) excuse. synonyms (n) demand. achieve. entity. fidelity. close. synonyms (n) apology. reality. synonyms (n) exactness. absolutely. about. (n) requisite. being. synonyms (adj) appropriate. bodily. accurately. categorically. synonyms (adv) presently. concrete. aboveboard. gadget. (v) create. make. efficaciously. 3. obligation. stuff. requisite. (n) inessential. optional.websters-online-dictionary. forthwith. completely. synonyms (v) fulfil. important. know. indispensable. imagination. right. emergency. notwithstanding. dream. execute. purpose. destitution. must. claim. synonyms (n) execution. intrinsic. essentially. 2. physically. essential. qualification. need. should. desire. discuss. ground. effectuation. incentive. reality. awfully. compulsory. (adj) bodily. requirement (gereksinim). synonyms (n) apology. antonyms (adj) minor. (n) tool. destitution. defence. gereklilik 1. 3. nigh. sanctification. undesirable. occasion. fabrication. effectually. defense. primary. clause. synonyms (n) principle. reason. argument. vision. evidently. antonym (adv) falsely. necessity. so. veracity. fully. fundamental. synonyms (adv) necessarily. realness. decidedly. (adj) nearly. absence. exigency. just. require. however. organ. bluntly. sense. araç). candidly. conclude. substance. prerequisite. bound. take. fact. enforce. bring. salvation. fair. grounds. want. constitutional. must. demand. explanation. antonyms (adv) disapprovingly. attain. gerçi though. effect. (adv) right. synonyms (n) need. act. necessity. requirement. 4. main. synonyms (conj) nevertheless. theory. substance. corporeal. truthfully. yes. implement (alet. (adj) indeed. antonym (n) option. approval. correctly. agreement. etiology. deprivation. instrument. sanctification. necessity. (v) argue. attribution. necessary. apply. immediately. secondary. (adv) even. really. accomplish. synonyms (adv) frankly. faithfully. prerequisite. constraint. easily. defence. falsehood. vital.

aid. balance. expand. 2. reaction. breathless. behind. early. (n) backside. 2. synonyms (v) need. prop. expanse. synonyms (n) Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www. (n) lack. sluggish. stake. synonyms (adj) redundant. absence. synonyms (n) accent. easy. accentuation. (adv) loosely. hasty. hate. tepki. hoist. decay. entail. stretched. antonyms (adj) inaccurate. response. penury. inactive. span. strain. yavaşlamak). gerilim 1. broaden. highlight. (v) filter. sırt). dwell. hurried. pressure. underline. desire. meaningless. pause. elevate. exact (tam). firm. authentic. (adv) backwards. supererogatory. (v) slack. tautness. penury. gradual. back (arka. stiff. direct. (n) delay. anxiety. posterior. generous. can. stress. deficiency. current. observant. indigence. deterioration. tight. prolong. backlash. abide. inexact. antonyms (n) face. regression. additional. (v) gericilik reaction (reaksiyon. (adj) assist. demand. exert. suspense. wide. needless. (n) lack. uptight. synonyms (n) regress. niche. endorse. dense. (v) relax. second. slump. feeling. looseness. loose. (n) poverty. mean. comfortable. song. synonyms (n) tenseness. 4. engage. (n) rear. tighten. sırt). emf. idle. antonyms (adj) fast. change. include. antonyms (adj) relaxed. synonyms (adv) before. destitution. wired. dispensable. exert. pauperism. brunt. retreat. abscond. distend. synonyms (adj) pleonastic. continue. (v) front. race. unnecessary. hope. rest. energy. effort. (v) accelerate. tensity. rejoinder. parsimonious. command. tension (gerilim). strain. pinch. pull. jumpy. lazy. (v) accurate. penury. stretch. synonyms (n) reply.org) . gerilimsiz dead (ölmüş. antonym (adj) necessary. synonyms (n) potential. reverse. ambition. poverty. definite. encourage. race. absence. kalmak). 4. pull. close. hate. extra. guarantee. tensity. undue. preventable. 3. recess. spare. heavy. advance. importance. near. absolutely. synonyms (n) answer. run. (v) narrow. rigorous. absolute. superabundant. antonyms (v) dislike. construct. antonyms (v) dislike. effect. dearth. intelligent. antonym (adj) reasonable. reside. drunk. synonyms (n) extent. recede. beyond. depression. repercussion. complicate. necessity. fore. stretch. needless. gerektirmek 1. calm. stop. redundant. emphasise. endeavor. taut. indolent. (v) front. screen. anxiety. geride back (arka. prompt. elasticity. synonyms (adj) dull. implicate. slow (Yavaş. gerileme 1. (v) overwrought. defect. disagreement. (adj) assist. dearth. punctuate. endorse. tranquil. gereksiz 1. (n) entangle. affect. antonym (v) relax. useless. nurture. potency. pointless. synonyms (adj) dull. desire. nervousness. antonyms (n) calmness. (v) answer. respond. belated. embrace. surplus. extend. antonyms (adj) baggy. sift. guarantee. synonyms (v) like. shortage. backward. emphasis. poverty. pressure. (n) living. nerves. voltage. fancy. quick. sift. want (istemek). lifeless. support. faithful. force. deficiency. retort. setback. stress (stres). (n) poop. claim. slack. require. wrong. depart. 2. repetitious. tax. late. encompass. fallen. deceased. deprivation. reception. antonyms (v) dislike. (adj) back. second. stress. tone. vouch. famine. geri 1. crave. brisk. extinct. spread. desire. exertion. edify.websters-online-dictionary. involve. exuberant. synonyms (adj) gratuitous. contain. exertion. antonyms (adj) alive. advance. stretch. famine. nerves. necessity. gergi stay (kalma. response. balance. rapid. gereksinme want (istemek). windy. nervousness. precise. careful. dim. antonym (v) exclude. 2. gergin 1. draw. deprivation. breed. power. wanton. imprecise. hate. synonyms (adj) detailed. rear. compact. 2. bottom. fall. reply. distress. encourage. jittery. gerginlik 1. dearth. range. tautness.English filter. repercussion. tense. demand. (v) superfluous. corner. tight. vague. supernumerary. percolate. antonym (v) shorten. rushed. endure. alert. antonyms (v) leave. approximate. bright. looseness. synonyms (adj) strained. synonyms (prep) after. percolate. abaft. tension (gerginlik). wish. geri. speedy. rejoinder. beggary. verbose. reach. raise. comprise. antonym (v) relax. edgy. (v) emphasize. tone. ölü). 3. receding. excessive. strain. stupid. arrest. envelop. ask. deprivation. synonyms (adv) before. 3. electricity. stress (gerginlik. advocate. aid.184 Turkish . effort. antonyms (adv) ahead. tense. synonyms (v) remain. synonyms (adj) erect. flat. (n) correct. retrogression. defunct. (v) breed. retort. elasticity. want (istemek). antonym (n) wealth. gerilme 1. unnecessary. tax. deficiency. 2. tepkime). synonyms (v) imply. degeneration. (v) support. oppose. excess. extend. fast. requirement. gone. rump. privation. 3. tension. oppose. screen. (adv) behind. tangle. 3. nurse. parent. champion. unneeded. antonyms (n) face. destitution. advocate. lengthen. synonyms (n) stress. lapse. actual. buttocks. stingy. trouble. (v) support. bide. behindhand. antonyms (n) calmness. tail. reversion. foster. relapse. potentiality. synonyms (v) need. wish. covet. later. geribildirim feedback. extend. indigence. effort. accentuate. synonyms (adj) close. absence. miserly. fixation. snug. educate. famine. cold. privation. synonyms (n) tenseness. build. wish. vouch. strain. enlarge. (n) rear. disagreement. synonyms (n) breed. recede. backward. nervous. strain. synonyms (n) decline. recession. stres). (adv) right. champion. stake. 2. 2. halt. aback. lift. endeavor. extension. animate. secure. suspense. inanimate. wordy. (v) elongate.

antonym (adj) stiff. attract. comfortable. diminutive. strain. screen. return. strain. early. dispersal. delicate. stretched. rearward. (v) filter. gevşeme relaxation. filament. repay. tension (gerginlik. spread. obtain. elasticity. synonyms (adj) brief. looseness. licentious. (v) chat. edgy. 4. rank. repose. pull. antonyms (adj) relaxed. convey. kısa). blab. broaden. pastime. afford. diffusive. range. nerves. recede. answer. rope. tattle. 3. suspense. escort. synonyms (adj) lax. repose. exertion. (v) extend. painful. loose. get. strict. buttocks. inadequate. olmak. nervous. endorse. exertion. (n) free. synonyms (n) chain. diversion. bid. retrieve. nervous. range. sore. elicit. comfortable. champion. achieve. (v) recur. fiber. lengthy. antonyms (n) face. transport. abolition. delineate. bestow. comfort. breed. remission. (v) extend. confiscation. synonyms (n) ease. render. trouble. quiet.Turkish . effort. slack. synonyms (v) acquire. light. endeavor. antonyms (adj) relaxed. liberate. expanse. 3. move. give. cede. reach. bring. exciting. comment. tighten. emphasise. strand. curt. draw. tautness. antonyms (adv) ahead. strain. dissolute. bottom. proceeds. synonyms (n) extent. 2. return (dönmek. prolong. (v) relax. loose. synonyms (n) rumor. sift. baggy. spread. floppy. backwards. hardhearted. beget.websters-online-dictionary. advance. rearwards. tension. brusque. draw. respite. sırt). gevşetmek 1. extract. draw. gab. (v) surrender. synonyms (adj) scattering. restore. tie. antonyms (v) lose. synonyms (v) attract. backward. sequence. leisure. entertainment. looseness. compressed. emphasis. diversion. 2. extension. relax. recreation. (n) diskette. stretched. soft. tranquil. backwards. germe 1. loving. antonyms (adj) tight. synonyms (n) yield. gevşetme relaxation (gevşeme). jumpy. uptight. output. uptight. persevere. reduce. buy. effort. relief. antonym (n) fact. tranquil. spread. thread. jumpy. race. stake. çizmek). design. gentle. antonyms (adj) tough. restitution. lacking. dramatic. (v) overwrought. peace. antonyms (n) calmness. extension. dönüş). detach. (v) keep. synonyms (n) tenseness. put. leisure. reflexively. tighten. tense. synonyms (v) fetch. strain. cord. lengthen. tax. remission. hobby. series. anxiety. pay. antonyms (n) calmness. prolong. varmak). accentuate. dispersion. synonyms (adj) flabby. afford. reach. find. synonyms (n) extent. income. amusement. pressure. broaden. exert. restoration. Reference: Webster's Online Dictionary (www.English accent. reach. elongate. abrupt. advocate. entertainment. retort. flaccid. elasticity. talk. attraction. antonyms (adj) long. antonym (v) shorten. antonym (v) shorten. repel. ease (rahat). close. synonyms (n) ease. short (bodur. catch. diffusing. stock.