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Awarding and Socials Night

March 30,2019

*** entrance for 2 minutes spoof ***

Darcia: Good evening World!

Dex: Good evening Universe!

Darcia: We have finally reached the last and most special part of the program!

Dex: At the end of this three-day conference, whose team will bring home the bacon
for our case competition.

Darcia: Are you ready partner?

Dex: Yes naman! But I guess, the results can wait for now. Let’s just calm our nerves, seat
back and relax as we get serenaded by different performers.

Darcia: To start off, we have series of performance by our very own Axel Yap and
Kenneth Torres

Dexiel: to be followed by Miss Angelie Chan and Van Celestial

--- series of performance ----

Darcia: *adlib* Wow that’s a very impressive performance.

Dex: It was! Now partner, can you do the same? Can we have a sample?!

*let’s the crowd cheer*

Darcia: That was enough for tonight! Now fasten your seatbelts as we announce the
winners for this year’s case competition.

Dex: May we call on, Ms. Jessabel delas Penas to announce the winners for Cases 1
and 2 competition.

Darcia: We would like to request Ms. Tessa Albana and Giustino Elrad for the awarding
of certificates.

---- awarding ----

-- while break, mention sponsors--

Dex: Congratulations to everyone who bagged the top awards! Indeed your hardwork
paid off! For those who didn’t, it’s okay what matters is the lessons and the friendship
formed during this event

Darcia: Congrats, we all deserve a pat in our backs. Now, to cap off this year’s
Advertising Conference, let’s pave our way to Mr. Giustino Luistro, Chairperson , for his
closing remarks.
Dex: **adlib** This has been your host, I’m Dexiel

Darcia: I’m Darcia..

Both: Signining out. Goodbye Philippines and goodbye world!