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April 26, 2019

The Honorable Jim Jordan

Ranking Member
Committee on Oversight and Reform
United States House of Representatives
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Ranking Member Jordan:

Thank you for the letter you sent today regarding former White House Personnel Security
Director Carl Kline. We appreciate your acceptance of the reasonable accommodation offer that we
made on April 1, 2019, to have Mr. Kline appear voluntarily for an on the record interview regarding
the security clearance policies and procedures in effect during his tenure as Personnel Security
Director at the White House. Letter from Michael M. Purpura, Deputy Counsel to the President, to
Elijah E. Cummings, Chairman, Committee on Oversight and Reform (April 1, 2019). In addition,
as you know, we have already provided detailed information to the Committee regarding the White
House security clearance process, including at an April 11, 2018 briefing by the Deputy Counsel to
the President and a March 20, 2019 briefing by the current head of the White House Personnel
Security Office. We also made confidential White House documents concerning the security
clearance process available for review by the Committee. As you note in your letter, despite all of
the information already provided, and the additional accommodation offer made over three weeks
ago for Mr. Kline to appear voluntarily, the Committee nevertheless chose to issue an unnecessary
subpoena to Mr. Kline.

In any event, we have consulted with Mr. Kline's attorney regarding the interview dates
proposed in your letter. Mr. Kline is available to appear for an interview on Wednesday, May 1,
2019. We understand the scope of the interview will be limited to White House personnel security
policies and practices, consistent with our prior offers for Mr. Kline's voluntary cooperation with the
Committee. We also understand that, as a matter of fairness, Mr. Kline may be accompanied by both
his personal counsel and a representative of the Office of Counsel to the President.

Thank you for your willingness to engage in the constitutionally mandated process of
accommodation. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.

cc: The Honorable Elijah E. Cummings, Chairman, Committee on Oversight and Reform
Robert N. Driscoll, Esq.