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Institución educativa Armando Luna Roa


Professor name: Anderson Palacios Quinto.

Subject: English
Time: two hours Date: _________
Grade: 6°A
Theme: feelings and emotions

 Accomplish that students are able to identify the same types of feelings and emotions,
used in our daily life.

 Students are going to identify the different feelings and emotions.

 Students will learn how to use the feelings or emotions in a conversation with the verb
to be.

 Ask students what the picture shows and how the picture relates to the word
emotions. Allow a few students to offer responses.

 Explain emotions to students by saying, "Emotions are feelings. Our feelings change
from moment to moment depending on what is going on around us, at home, or with
our friends. Can anyone tell me an emotion that they felt today?"

 Encourage students to offer responses and record them on the whiteboard. Explain to
the students that today they will be playing emotion charades and learning new
vocabulary words to describe emotions.

 Explain that learning a variety of words to describe emotions, or how someone is

feeling, will help them to understand how characters are feeling in the stories they
 Speaking
 Reading
 Writing
 Listening

Performance indicator: at the end of the class, students will be able to:

1. Learn vocabulary related to feelings and emotions.

2. Understand a clearly meaning about feelings and emotions.

3. Create sentences using the feelings or emotions with the verb to be.

4. Apply in a short dialogue feelings or emotions using their imagination.

Warm up
I am going to sing a song called “hello, hello”. A first, I will check if students know the
principal feelings or emotions; later, I will start singing: hello, hello, how are you?, I am
good, I am great, I am wonderful, (repeat). Then another students have to sing, but,
saying or using different feelings or emotions.

English song “hello, hello”

Hello, how are you?

I'm good!
I'm great!
I'm wonderful!

Hello, how are you?

I'm tired.
I'm hungry.
I'm not so good.

Hello, how are you?
(Repeat 3x)

I Will give the definition to feeling or emotion, also, I can carry some types of feelings
in order to students can identify, then in a fast way, besides, I will use some flashcards
to show to the student feelings or emotions.
Feeling: is an emotional state or reaction, that people do in their daily life.
Happy, sad, angry, hot, cold, hungry, thirsty, scared, sick, crazy, sleepy, in love,
 Students should take out of a bag an emotions or feelings, then, they have to
write it down in the boar and give to the class the pronunciation in English and
meaning, too.

 Students will listening a song in English with the feelings or emotions, then, they
have to repeat after the song and write the different feelings from the song.

 Students one by one, are going to read a list of feelings, giving by professor and
express it the emotion.

 Everyone in the classroom, should create sentences with feelings or emotions,

according to their own knowledge and after those sentences, do dialogue with a
classmate (friend).

Calm down:
Students are going to put in practice, everything that they have been learn in
the class.
 Finding the circle all of the words in the list below
Happy hungry sick
Sad scared in love
Angry sleepy
Tired thirsty
Hot crazy
Cold nervous

 Draw the face according to the emotion or feeling indicated.

Sick thirsty happy cold
Scared angry sad hot
Student will do 10 sentences with the feelings that the teacher gave
them or if they know more than this, put in practice and do it.