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NAME Date of Revocation Last Employing Agency LEPSIS ID # Certification Related Action Currently on Reason for Certification Action Taken
Surrender Revoked Reactivation Denial Unknown/Old Record Appeal
Plead to Exhibiting Material Depicting Minor Engaged in
Redford, Phillip T 23-Feb-17 Wheeling Police Department 3837-6803 X Sexual Explicit Conduct
Agreed to surrender as part of criminal plea to entering without
Williams, Matthew W 23-Feb-17 Roane County Sheriff's Office 9780-7418 X breaking
Cowden, Mark A 8-Dec-16 Hancock County Sheriff's Office 0206-8304 X Federal conviction involving abuse of prisoner
Streets, Dennis E 30-Jun-16 Berkeley County Sheriff's Office 5087-2612 X Felony conviciton for embezzlement
Agreed to surrender as part of resignation and in lieu of
Monroe, Robert M 30-Jun-16 Charleston Police Dept 9589-2512 X criminal prosecution
Ward, William H 28-Apr-16 Wheeling Police Department 8496-0818 X X Plead to domestic battery
Agreed to surrender as part of resignation and in lieu of
Miller, Steven W 25-Feb-16 South Charleston Police Dept 4342-1085 X criminal prosecution
Failure and misrepresentation of FY15 in-service training
Bradshaw, George 28-Jan-16 Jefferson County Sheriff's Office 1670-5717 X shortfall
Pearrell, Craig 28-Jan-16 Berkeley Springs Police Department 4454-6481 X Diversion Agreement - resitution of money and
Saunders, Christopher 28-Jan-16 West Virginia State Police 0502-1278 X Plead to federal drug charges - distribution of oxymorphone
Stemple, Matthew 10-Dec-15 Monongalia County Sheriff's Office 9916-0009 X Pre Trial Diversion - Domestic Battery
Shockey, John E 29-Oct-15 Petersburg Police Dept 1705-9329 X Fraud investigation (charges dropped)
Dishonesty & conduct unbecoming - admitted the commission
Davis, Christopher 24-Sep-15 Boone County Sheriff's Office 0580-5937 X of a crime involving sexual conduct and physical violence
Whipkey, Heath A. 25-Jun-15 Gauley Bridge Police Department 1979-1560 X Plead to alteration of public record
Whipkey, Leonard S. 25-Jun-15 Gauley Bridge Police Department 6786-8959 X Plead to alteration of public record
Shrewsbury, Aaron G 25-Jun-15 Fayette County Sheriff's Office 2226-7350 X Dishonesty - willful falsificaiton of informaiton
Meadows, Ryan D 26-Feb-15 Kanawha County Sheriff's Office 0749-5635 X Convicted of battery
Coleman, Raymond H 29-Jan-15 Charleston Police Department 2956-6037 X Conduct unbecoming - use of force
Henning, Charles R. III 30-Oct-14 Shinnston Police Department 9846-5725 X Plead to obtaining/possessing controlled substances
Ware, Patrick D 26-Jun-14 Berkeley County Sheriff's Office 8935-2784 X Plead to DUI and providing false information to WVSP
Pre Trial Diverson - battery. Officer is appealing revocation at
Atterson, Bryan M. 29-May-14 Beckley Police Department 3149-3653 X X this time, can not work unless resolved in his favor
Brand, Johnathan D. 24-Apr-14 West Virginia State Police 5313-2999 X Plead to obtaining money by false pretenses
Cordle, Randy K. 24-Apr-14 Concord University Police Department 1821-0400 X Convicted of sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian
Totten, Bradley C. 24-Apr-14 Pocahontas County Sheriff's Office 2645-4522 X Plead to sexual abuse by a parent, guardian or custodian
Hawkins, John W 27-Feb-14 Barbour County Sheriff's Office 0731-3444 X Plead to insurance fraud
Burgess, Randy D. 30-Jan-14 Raleigh County Sheriff's Office 6737-5348 X Plead to domestic battery
Plead guility to interception and disclosure of wire or oral
Slack, Miles J 31-Oct-13 Clay County Sheriff's Office 6342-2496 X communications
Color of law violation and related false statements (charges
Smith, Timmy R. 29-Aug-13 Clarksburg Police Department 1829-1832 X dropped)
Puskas, George M. II 29-Aug-13 Ripley Police Department 1162-3124 X Plead to possession of child pornography
Color of law violation and related false statements (charges
Goff, Marshall H. 25-Jul-13 Clarksburg Police Department 9785-7972 X dropped)
Plead to a charge of deprivation of rights under the color of
Shirley, Robert E. 30-May-13 Jefferson County Sheriff's Office 7414-3462 X law
Pre Trial Diverson - Battery and Neglect of an Incapacitated
Thompson, Bryan L. 31-May-12 Clarksburg Police Department 0559-2463 X Adult
Vensel, Joshua A. 31-May-12 Parkersburg Police Department 9270-1120 X Plead to battery
Plead to embezzlement, fradulent shcemes, and brandishing
Anthony, David L. II 29-Mar-12 Mason County Sheriff's Office 5152-6756 X and firing a weapon
Carpenter, Conrad M. 29-Mar-12 Montgomery Police Department 8918-7904 X Plead to felony fradualent credit card
Pauley, Shane R. 26-Jan-12 Princeton Police Department 3150-3283 X Plead to simple larceny
Lewis, Willard L. 27-Oct-11 Elkins Police Department 2640-8490 X Plead to harrassment
Former Htng PD officer (by news articles) who was sonvicterd
of multiple counts of child molestation in 2011. 25 Aug 11
mtng Subcommittee members elected no action as no
verification of prior certificaiton due to age of indiv, 80+ at
Bowen, Foster G "Pete" 25-Aug-11 Huntington Police Department 7188-2595 X time, and that he was in jail. LEPSIS file created and flagged.
Thomas, Denver H. 25-Aug-11 Ripley Police Department 1933-4346 X Plead to contributing to delinquency of a minor
Lynch, Eric J. 30-Jun-11 Montgomery Police Department 5356-2508 X Plead to fraudulent use of credit cards
Feltner, Jack M. 24-Feb-11 Fayette County Sherrif's Office 6479-1191 X Plead to fraudulent schemes
Plead to possessing firearms and ammunition in violation of a
Chapman, Ronald M. 26-Aug-10 Saint Albans Police Department 2375-0187 X DV order
Pearson, Derrick R. 27-May-10 Logan County Sheriff's Office 2703-4431 X Convicted of battery
Patrick, Sean P 25-Mar-10 Charleston Police Department 0448-7525 X Plead guilty to soliciting a minor
Bennett, Richard L. 28-Jan-10 Mason County Sheriff's Office 6588-7053 X Plead to embezzlement
Plead to a charge of deprivation of rights under the color of
Conley, Raymond O. 28-Jan-10 Dunbar Police Department 2658-1391 X law
Leavitt, Matthew A. 24-Sep-09 Montgomery Police Department 3196-5365 X Plead guility to violation of civil rights
Shafer, Chad W. 30-Aug-07 Richwood Police Department 9868-4060 X Plead to charge of accepting gratutities
Dunn, Franklin D. 27-Jul-06 McMechen Police Department 4895-2340 X Plead to sex abuse
Davis, Wade C 31-Mar-05 Kanawha County Sheriff's Office 6301-0232 X Felony murder conviction - located during old record review
Barnes, Micheal T 27-Jan-05 Williamson Police Dept 4182-6933 X False swearing
Plea to two misdeeanor charges of petit larceny and
possession. Indcaited possible desire to have revoaciton
Brown, David A 27-Jan-05 Ravenswood Police Dept 2978-6812 X reviewed in 2005, but never sought an appeal
Marcum, Charles E 9-Dec-04 West Virginia Natural Resources Police 6751-6699 X Plea agreement - Forgery and uttering of govt documents
Snuffer, Shane S 9-Dec-05 Cedar Grover Police Dept 8546-0367 X Plea to impersonating a police officer
Plea to misdemenor related charges of failure to arrest and a
DUI charge redcued to reckless. Subcommittee reviewed at
his request, reaffirmed revocation action during 30 Aug 07
Messick, Dennis W 26-May-05 Berkeley County Sheriff's Office 3876-7496 X mtng
Felony pleas - Sexual assualt and sexual abuse by a
Marshall, Robert M 31-Mar-05 Wheeling Police Dept 6723-0985 X custodian
Hart, William H 24-Feb-05 Charleston Police Department 2523-5760 X Federal conviction involving theft of cash
Pretrial diversion agreement to an original charge of making
Pierce, Tyrone L 24-Apr-03 West Virginia State Police 9161-6853 x false statement to HUD
Justice, Robert C 31-Jan-02 Delbarton Police Dept 6156-7238 X Plea to bribery/obtaining money under false pretenses
Plead to Sexual assault - third degree and contributing to the
Rapp, John K. 27-Sep-01 Athens PD 4776-8577 X deliquency of a minor
Messenger, Gary L. II 29-Mar-01 West Virginia State Police 7778-6838 X Convicted of deprivation of rights under the color of law
Lambert, Darrell A 24-Sep-98 Charleston Police Department 9850-9298 X Plea to battery/assault against a person in custody
Greiner, Stephen F 9-Sep-87 Wood County Sheriff's Office 9346-6240 X Informaiton unavailable
Schubert, James K Unk West Virginia State Police 1243-9857 X Unknown

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