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Robbie Coyne

Email Address:

 2016 – 2021: BSc Hons Computer Games (Software Development)

Work Experience:
 June 2017-August 2017: Trainee Software Developer:
o Company: Village Software
 Link:
o During the couple of months I spent at village, I helped refactor and improve
an ongoing project of theirs by redesigning the GUI and streamlining some
inefficient features of the backend.

 Software/Frameworks
o Microsoft Visual Studio
o .NET framework
 Winforms
o MS SQL Server
o Unity (various projects located under “Unity Games” tab in portfolio).
o 3DS Max
o SDL2
o NodeJS
o GitHub
 Programming Languages:
o C#
o C++
o Python
o Minor experience in:
 JavaScript

Student Projects:
 Boris the Tomato: SDL2/C++ PC game
 “Student vs. Life” Integrated Project Unity mobile game
 “Alchemical Warfare” Integrated Project Unity PC game
Personal Projects:
 Boris Engine
After completing my 2nd year programming project of a game complete with its own
internal engine, it occurred to me that I could salvage the engine and create a library that I
could easily import into other projects in the future (effectively creating my own “game

 MusicLibrary3
An (albeit older) project of mine, but one that diversifies my portfolio. This library was
an experiment with digitising the representation and playing of music in a similar way to what
the midi format would do.

I have dabbled with the use of neural networks, but in particular I have created
various libraries experimenting with the “Neuro-Evolution of Augmenting Topologies”
paradigm, as this has the property of allowing a network to have a dynamic structure of
nodes and connections, rather than just the weights being variable.

Generally, I enjoy creating programming and game projects using C# from vague
ideas that occur to me as this helps refresh my ability to create such projects and improve
my knowledge of C# and object-oriented programming.
Also worth noting is that I’ve recently taken an interest in Artificial Intelligence,
specifically in neural networks. Although I believe that the current hype of AI is somewhat
exaggerated (i.e. various companies use it as a buzzword in order to gain attention), the
recent renaissance in the public interest in machine learning has led to various useful tools
and insights into how people themselves think.

References available upon request.