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‘TO THE EDITOR: ‘Thayve been sitting on something fora little over a week thinking it swill go away, and itis only getting ‘worse. On April 8, the Minnesota House of Representatives took up HE 2181, Thisis a modest Dill that allows communities to ‘be designated by the Minnesota ‘Department of Employment and Economie Development 2s 2 “Tele= commuter Forwards” community. ‘There is no money attached to this ‘ill, andi is eompletely voluntary, Itig an economic development tool small towns, like Madelia, can use to promote themselves and ‘attract small businesses or people ‘who ean teleeonmmute for their ‘work and live where they want to. Thave worked very hard on this {ill during the course ofthe ses- sion with DEED's Ofie of Broad- ‘and Development and House and Senate leadership. This bill had wide support from democrats and republicans and ultimately passed 406-19, The bill will next be heard in the senate where itis expected to pass overwhelmingly. Republicans thanked the Democratic Chief Author for ‘bringing this bill forward. Only fone person spoke out against the Dill, my representative, Jeremy Munson. There are only two ‘possible reasons for this. First, he Qoest't support bringing jobs to Greater Minnesota or second, it ised the oppostimity to push his own politieal agenda. After the vote, T expressed my frustration toademoerat and republican Munson." 1 “Munson is ook good.” . ‘supported Jeremy Munson ‘the special election in J eee inthe ie representation Wel dover the years from Senator Julie Rosen and Rep. Bob Gunther. ‘They have demonstrated they can swork across the aise to get things done for our district. Iwas wrong! ‘Munson proved, yet again, that he js ignorant, arrogant and out of touch with this district, Had, | ‘Mtunson truly been interested. in serving the people of ‘rould have gone to work: St, Paul by listening and Instead, he has tried to 4 ‘way into getting his way and Whe that dida't work he broke away from his own party. Tonly have one vote in Nove= yer of 2020 and Rep. Munson you reed to be aware that you have jst that vote, You need to also know that I am going to spend. the next 18 months working to fee that you lose more than just miyvote. Everyone talk toin the district wants elected officials who care less about their own political ‘agenda and more about bring- ing people together to serve the people who elected them. Jeremy Munson clearly doesnt get it. a , Brent J, Christensen Tieldon Township MADELIA