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Energy Efficiency engineer

Job Synopsis

- The Energy Efficiency engineer is expected to take a key-role in advising & supporting
ADGAS’s Das Island’s LNG facilities aimed at maximizing the Plant’s energy efficiency in
the plant Process and Utility areas on an economically justifiable basis, through
troubleshooting, plant optimization, energy effective operations and early detection of
(potential) problems by close monitoring
- Day to day support to Process and Utilities operations with emphasis on guidance/optimization
for energy efficiency, flaring reduction and troubleshooting
- Monitor plant performance of Steam / condensate systems for steam turbine drivers,
generators and heating against approved targets on a day-to-day basis, identifying existing or
potential technical problems and resolving short term issues in line with the business needs
and business principles. Also monitor the energy efficiency performance of the major gas and
steam turbines and report findings and identify gaps.
- To act as team-leader of multi-discipline groups to investigate plant incidents and work
practices with the objective to improve DAS Island's overall performance.
- Establish comprehensive energy efficiency and utility performance monitoring programmes.
Based on the results of such a monitoring, liaise with the concerned specialist departments to
ensure optimum energy efficiency and reliability of utility systems in support of LNG
- Can develop energy monitoring program that helps in monitoring the energy performance of
the plant.
- Maintain proper documentation and reporting system for responsible area.
- Maintain technical integrity of utilities design to required technical standards and apply design
strategy which aims for minimum life cycle cost.
- Maintain effective liaison with other departments/divisions like Engineering, Integrity and
Reliability, Operations and Projects.
- Be company’s focal point in energy related issues.
- Coach and develop staff to obtain required competencies. Identify when Technical Advisor
support is required, i.e. for all developments outside ADGAS competency.
- Develop and implement energy awareness and skills enhancing programmes for site personnel.

ME/Synopsis Process Eng/18.2.03/sh

- Assist in design of plant modifications and de-bottlenecking and extension projects
- DAS Island LNG is self-supporting in utilities. Contribute to in ensuring the high reliability
and Integrity of the Utilities.
- Drive the energy management sysem activities to achieve organizational objectives and
- Plan ISO 50001, Energy Management System and energy efficiency awareness training across
the department
- Contribute to Das Island inspiration to become best in Class with respect to energy
- Be pro-active and creative in problem solving
- Have a well developed service attitude
- Be a good team player
- Be able to work independently and take ownership of the work assigned.


ME/Synopsis Process Eng/18.2.03/sh

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Minimum Requirements for new hire

- Graduate from Technical University, BS in chemical engineering.
- Possess a minimum of 8-10 years post graduation experience in Process Engineering or
Operations Engineering in the files of Energy Efficiency 5 of which must have been in an Oil
and gas industry. Preferably in LNG production.
- In order to be an effective leader of investigation teams a broad knowledge of work practices
in other technical, engineering and operations departments is required.
- Skills in the field of safeguarding and engineering standards are essential for the development
of technically sound plant modifications
- Have a high awareness of business and economic drivers
- Be fully competent in written and oral communication in the English language
- Incumbent must be a self starter, who possesses high level of motivation, enthusiasm and
drive. Able to work independently and yet participate as a member of a team
- Good communication and interpersonal skills is also essential

ME/Synopsis Process Eng/18.2.03/sh