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Sing Bang Theory ,,, It is All In the HEAD ! ???

Greetings from Mysuru - India.

I have enclosed – A very brief - Past // Present & /// Future + Options & Realities left to
rectify the ever rising Mess created out of Fuel Burning >>>>> Leading to Pollution !

The Last Nail Into the Coffin,,, for Polluting Engines Exists ,,, this nail costs nothing ,,, !
Only the efforts to pick a hammer and finish the Job !

I request you to forward this little note to bright minds in your spectrum,,,, to make
them aware of - What Exists. The rest is Self Explanatory,,, and the Internet has all the
details to my – Sing Bang Theory :
Past // Present & /// Future of IC Engines !
2 & 4 Stroke Air Breathing Internal Combustion Engines have revolved more or less on
the same principles in the last 150 Years, while the calorific values of fossil fuels have
not changed much to enhance power outputs or double them in the last century. IC
Engines are limited by their Thermal Efficiencies ranging between 25 % to 40 % at best.

I have shown the World a path to achieve Dynamic Combustion in Petrol & Diesel
Engines with the least inputs to achieve optimum efficiency out of less fuel. Time the
World understands this simple 2 Minute hack to bring about gains - Than any known
Modifications to Combustion Chambers, requiring no secret formulae or CNC machines
to overcome Present Day limitations in IC Engines. No Company or Agency has any cost
effective solutions to overcome these Challenges arising out of Smoke, Soot & Stink
which we experience on a daily basis, when Lorries & Buses pass us. Recently VW Group
& Others were caught cheating on emissions. This clearly shows the limitations of Global
R&D’s to overcome such issues. VW were fined in excess of US $ 25 + Billion followed by
recalls & Buy-Backs of faulty Automobiles by the Millions across the World.

US Patent - US6237579 : Somender Singh Grooves : Achieves A Dynamic State of Mix in

the compressed Air & Fuel charge with the help of a unique design to enhance rapid
combustion out of directional turbulence in IC Engines. This form of collective
combustion produces more Torque & Power out of less fuel. Air Breathing Internal
Combustion Engines need 15 + times more fresh Air ( By Weight ) from the Atmosphere
to combust with One Liter of Petrol, ending up producing about 2.5 Kg’s of CO2 with
some harmful emissions due to improper combustion taking place inside IC Engines.
These Pollutants need to be treated with catalytic converters in the exhaust system to
make Engines & Automobile eligible to pass Euro / BS - 4,5 & 6 Norms. Eligibility to
overcome these limitations without cheating has become the toughest challenges faced
by Global Automobile R & D’s & the Trillion $ Oil Industry to bring down emissions.

Legendary Engine Tuner, Smokey Yunick of USA stated, what happens 1/2 Inch on
either side of the valve seat, made a bigger impact on flow rates than the entire inlet
system, irrespective of Turbo or Super charging or any other form of force feeding.

Sing Grooves – Take this further to predict what is happening - 1/4 Inch on either side of
TDC during Ignition & subsequent Detonation Free Combustion due to intermingling of
Air & Fuel to enhance “ Torque & Power ” through a wider range with lesser fuel :
Means lesser CO2 Per Km/ Per Ton, with better efficiency out of less heat too. Less heat
dissipation = Better Thermal Efficiency. The efficiency of any heat engine is the ratio of
expansions into work with the least absorption of heat into its inner surroundings !
Prove it or Disprove it,,, ! Find out for Yourself ! US Patent US6237579 : Design To
Improve Turbulence In Combustion Chambers - has the rest in detail to the Sing
Bang Theory ! A Google search for Somender Singh Grooves ,,, will
give you the rest in detail with Text & 100’s of Images with my Claims.

Foot Notes : IC Engines lack Turbulence, hence fail to achieve ideal mixture formations
in the charge leading to fuel separation before ignition in Spark Ignition Engines,
resulting in emissions. While Diesel Engines need to operate on much higher
compression ratios to Induce Self Ignition further aided by Turbo charging to achieve
best results. NOx, Stink, Soot & EGR are the biggest challenges faced by Diesel Engine
Manufacturers across the world as they are finding it very difficult to overcome & solve
these issues to meet Euro/BS Norms. Many are switching over to CNG & Gasoline Direct
Injection Systems due to lower Carbon contents resulting in a smaller CO2 foot print.

The ultimate Dream of all Designers is to achieve Instant Combustion by Detonation by

Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition: HCCI derived out of ultra high compression
ratios where the entire charge detonates. According to them, this sort of Instant
Combustion achieves, Flame Less Combustion ? As there is no burning or unburned
residues of fuel left behind with cleaner exhaust gases with least emissions. ?

Harnessing such A “ Bang ” is close to capturing ,,,, Lightening before it hits the
ground – Sending shock waves through the entire HCCI Engine ? HCCI Engines are a
long way off from perfection and have their limitations too in automobile engines.

End of the Day – “ Simplicity brings out the Best in any Engine, leading to
Profitability with Reliability ” with the least recalls or repairs ? “ Somender Singh
Grooves ” offers this unique, simple to adapt, cost effective innovation / technology to
upgrade and rectify Millions of Polluting Engines to bring down Smoke & Soot filling
up in our Urban Air leading to serious Health related issues in the Young & Old across
the World ….. We are seeing Urban Air deteriorating right before us with saturating
Pollution & Filth Filling-up in our Environment. Sadly there are fewer Shade Giving
Trees left to protect us too ,,, as we continue to chop down trees in the name of
progress to broaden our roads & build new homes & townships ending up digging
deeper in search of ground water,, to quench our thirst in this ever expanding World.

Climate Change due to Global Warming is turning into ‘ Stark Realities ’ across the
World as we progress.. Ending up melting Polar Ice Caps & Snow Capped Mountains.

What choice are we left with ,,,, ??? To bring down, Heat trapping Green House Gases
further accelerated by over a 100 Million Barrels Of Crude Oils consumed “ Each Day ”
by us across the world to keep us Rolling, Sailing & Flying in addition to our Coal Fired
Industry keeping the “ Flame Alive ” accumulating - Giga Tons of “ Black Carbon ” now
showing up on Polar Ice Caps and choking people & plants in its path across the worlds
+ the accumulation of heat generated out of Light & Energy Day In & Out …..

What i offer, are Workable Solutions in these crucial moments of Crisis to bring down
“ Invisible Smoke ” as it dissolves into our Atmosphere & Environment to eventually
find its way into our Lungs each Day ! Contaminating our Blood into Blue !

What has been achieved are “ More out of Less ” ,,, Out of the Least Inputs
& Changes in Design ! Surpassing Present Limitations & Thresholds of
Air Breathing Internal Combustion Engines like never before !

My Contributions are Real & Workable - The Choice & Decisions are Yours !

Good Day Sir,,, With Regards ,,,

Somender Singh –

Sing Bang Theory ! Link :

Remember we did not inherit this Earth from our

Ancestors,,,,, We borrowed it from our Children and have
eaten away a large chunk, before they even got to see it ?!