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The Golden Light

T‘HY golden Light came down into my brain

And the grey worms of mind sun-touched became
A bright reply to Wisdom’s occult plane,
A calm illumination and a flame.

Thy golden Light came down into my throat,

And all my speech is now a tune divine,
A paean-song of thee my single note;
My words are drunk with the Immortal’s wine.

Thy golden Light came down into my heart

Smiting my life with Thy eternity;
Now has it grown a temple where Thou art
And all its passions point towards only Thee.

Thy golden Light come down into my feet

My earth is now thy playfield and thy seat.

The Golden Light is one of the post-Savitri poems, sonnets of Maharshi Aurobindo written at a time
when he was absorbed in sadhna-pertaining ruminations and the incantation of Savitri. A yogi, sadhaka,
an ashramite, he was an illumined soul and spirit. Here in this poem named The Golden Light, the poet
tells about sadhna and its fulfillment endowing the sadhka in the form of a tryst with the Light Divine,
the Pure Ring-like Dazzling Light giving divine ananda to the experimenting soul. Let us see how he feels
that. The poem is just a spiritual experience which he has shared with us. The treasure trove of the yogis
and sadhakas he has wrung it into a beautiful song of light. A light poem it is about the light of the soul.
The spark of Divinity is in all, but how to experiment with the spark, one tries to know it?

First, light strikes the brain where the ideas format, germinate and mesmerize with intelligence and wit,
illuminating them in its way and with it the grey worms of the mind get sun-touched, a reply to Western
Occultism. A calm illumination and a flame take over the soul adding knowledge, light and sobriety.

The golden light keeps changing and galvanizing one by one after the brain and the mind get
transformed. It reaches the throat level and this too undergoes changes and turns divine. His speech
afire with the blaze, tuned with the rhythm turns divine. The light, golden light transforms it whoever
sees it. His words appear to be drunk with the wine of the Immortal. The devotional lyrics the choice of
the poet.

The golden light comes down to his heart and with the touch and strike of it, the heart changes into a
temple of His where dwells in the Lord-god. After that all his passions get directed to Him who is the
Ultimate Reality.
Again the light gets down to his feet and with it his earth now the playfield and the seat of the Lord.
Devotional bliss too has a life of own if one come feel it.

The last two lines of the sonnet express it so nicely with a realization:

Thy golden Light come down into my feet

My earth is now thy playfield and thy seat.

The Golden Light is a metaphysical piece of Aurobindo wherein he reflects over the attainment of the
Light Divine and thereafter the ananda flowing through and the experience of it. What Aurobindo takes
to is all that has kept the great sadhus and sadhakas of India spell-bound over the years in so much
wonder and amazement which never did they reveal. The mystical flickering of it, the illumination
blazing is stupendous no doubt which but he takes to. The delight of sadhna; the anandam of the soul is
the subject-matter of this poem. Such a thing it is there in Thomas Traherne; in John Milton too. Burning
the midnight lamp, Aurobindo has finished the poem.