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Every organization has their own

human resources in order to perform the
internal and external human resource
activities. Among the total human
resource activities, managing the
human capital i.e. employees is the
significant task to any HR. The main
function of HR is to recruit, manage
and store the employee data which
includes their personal information
including their job roles, job streams,
projects allotted, salaries and many
more which allows them to face huge
workload. In order to support the HR’s
there are some electronic based HR
systems called HRMS- human resource
management system. Organizations
should maintain HRMS software with
huge number of client server
applications, service providers as well
as control tools. But this application is
cost effective one that allows them to
manage their employee’s data in a
simple manner. This human resource
management system will allow the
HR’s to manage the employee payrolls,
the timings of employee works,
employee information systems,
employees recruitment, employees
training, employee retention and
performance appraisal, employee
service and employee attendance. This
project belongs to a category of web
application that can be accessed
through PC or mobile phone with
internet connection.

Efficient and effective management of

“Human Capital” has progressed to an
increasingly imperative and complex
process. The HR function consists of
tracking existing employee data which
traditionally includes personal histories,
skills, capabilities, accomplishments
salary, attendance and leave

Successful employee management and

leadership promote employee
engagement, employee motivation,
employee development, and employee
retention.The existing system leads to
many errors like data redundancy, data
inconsistency, and also much more
paper work that wastes valuable time
and money. Keeping this in mind we
are developing a software named as
“MILESTONE(HRMS)” which is very
user friendly and helps to make
research a real chore.

Project Type: Application Project

Project Title: Milestone(Human

Resource Management System)

Existing System:

In the current system, an attendance

register is maintained at the front-office
and employees enter their in and out
times. The HR department does the
attendance and leave calculation
manually at the end of each
month. This increases the paper work
and makes the record maintenance

1) Maintenance of attendance is
complicated and its time consuming.

2) The files and shelves occupy a lot of

physical space.

3) It includes lot of paper work.

4) Documents may be misplaced and


5) Data is manually collected and

processed to produce any report.
6) Searching and maintaining employee
record is complicated and slow.

Proposed system:

The Proposed system solves problems

related to data accessing problems,
because it helps the user to add details
of the employee to the firm database
easily ,improving data recovery speed,
easy searching and also provide editing
of data’s in the database

The most important feature of the

SYSTEM with the help of ONLINE
ATTENDANCE a employee can put
his attendance online .

Leave System (HRMS) maintains the

leave details of employees. Employees
record their attendance in the system at
the beginning and end of each working
day. The system calculates the number
of working days and the number of
absent days and provides inputs to the
payroll department. Leave applications
are reconciled with the attendance
records and the exceptions are
highlighted. System caters to multiple
types of leave (casual, privilege, sick
etc.) and provides workflow for
approval of leave
applications. Employees can check
their own leave and attendance records

The software features SMS SERVICE,

at the end of the month when a final
salary is provided an SMS will be sent
to employees from the company. .


 Very simple and easy to implement

 Protection of data
 ensure data accuracy
 Administrator discretion and control
over the entire system
 online facilities
 Reduces manual data entry
 Greater efficiency
 User friendly and interactive
 Less time consuming

Implementation Strategy:

The Proposed system has two main


 Employee
 Admin (HR)
Employee Module

 Employee Log in and log out

Employees record their in and out times

at the beginning and the end of each
day. Any exceptions (time-in or time-
out record not present for the previous
day) are highlighted when employee
logs in on the next day. Employee can
enter a justification for the exception
and it is forwarded to supervisor for

 Compensatory off
When an employee works on a holiday
or works overtime on a working day,
he/she can apply for a compensatory
off. The duration of comp-off will
depend on the extra time worked by the
employee and is subject to approval by
supervisor. The comp off time can be
banked for a maximum of 30 days.

 Leave Application

Based on the availability of

leave, employee can apply for leave
online. Several categories of leave are
supported and the following business
rules govern each type of leave.
Casual leave: Can not be availed for
more than one day at a time. Unused
leave expires at the end of leave year.

Privilege leave: Should be for a

minimum of two days. Upto 5 days of
privilege leave can be carried into next

Sick leave: Can not be applied for a

future date. Upto 5 days of sick leave
can be carried into next year.

Compensatory off: Can be taken only if

comp-off balance is available.
All leaves and comp offs will require
supervisor’s approval.

 View Leave Balance

Employee can view their eligibility and

leave balance against each type of
leave. Details of the leave utilized in
the current leave year can also be
enquired upon.

 online Attendance

Employees can enter their attendance

through online. Employee can query on
their attendance for a given period.

Admin Module
This module handles the administrative
functions of the system and is used by
the HR department.

 Leave Eligibility

HR will enter the leave eligibility of

each employee, for each type of leave,
at the beginning of each leave
year. The leave eligibility will be
calculated based on the annual
entitlement and the carry forward from
prior year.

 Monthly Attendance
HR can generate a monthly attendance
report of all employees in the

 Daily Absent Report

Admin can view the total number of

absentees of a particular department for
a given day. They can also enquire on
the attendance history of an individual
employee in a particular month.

 Salary maintenance

Admin can calculate salary according to

companies rules and regulations. They
are even permitted to update employee


 Operating System: Windows

 Front End: VB.NET,C SHARP
 Back End: SQL
 Languages Used: C#,VB.NET,SQL


 Processor: x86 compatible processor

 RAM: 512 MB or greater
 Hard Disk: 20 GB or greater
 Monitor: VGA/SVGA
 Keyboard: 104 keys standard
 Mouse: 2/3 button. Optical/