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First of all, let us offer the Blessing and Guidance of one almighty God so that we can gather in this

room, with the feeling of happiness and safe and sound condition.To all of my friends.., on this
occasion, I want to deliver a speech with the theme of nationalism. As we know, spirit of nationalism
or love of country should have been grown in every citizen because it automatically becomes the
strength of the country. Many things can foster the spirit of nationalism.Growing the spirit of
nationalism can be realized easily by watching the events like the national badminton team that wins
the world championships, appreciating Indonesian students who win the Olympic of mathematics in
Japan and other proud achievements.

This, of course, will enhance a love of country. If we have been already in love, we would want to
always keep and protect it.But what exactly happened at the moment, the spirit of nationalism
becomes increasingly sluggish with the times. Many of our people imitate foreign action and culture
adopted and broadcast freely in the media.The depletion of the nationalism spirit among people has
a major influence on students, for their characteristic is still unstable and tend to imitate what they
think is great or "slang" in the language of teenagers. Meanwhile, at the present time only a few
students who care about the situation of this country. In fact, as students who are also citizens of the
nation must be sensitive to the problem, for, in spite of this, we should be concerned with our
country.For the students, cultivating and instilling a sense of nationalism can be achieved simply by
doing their assignments, that is learning so they can excel and be proud of Indonesia in the
international arena. The rest, do not act negatively. Acting reasonably is a form of patriotic attitude.

No weapon is needed anymore like in the past.This spirit of nationalism has to be emphasized to
students like us because we who will hold power in this country someday. So, with an approach to
nationalism, we will know how one should lead the nation in order keep growing and this country is
no longer colonized.In addition, it is also important to teach history to students so they know the
origins of this country and how hard the heroes struggled plus knowing the identity of the nation. In
this way, hopefully we will better appreciate the services of a hero and increase the sense of
nationalism in us.

And thus enough I deliver this speech, thanks for your attention and if there are unpleased words, I
ask for your forgiveness. See you.