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Se Unit 5 Matching Questions 1-7 Listen to a dialogue in the repairs section of Snow's bicycle shop and match words and phrases from the box with the numbered gaps, 1-7. There are more words and phrases than you will need. The recording is played once only. Fatstrober Blender Collected Robinson Brakes Not ready Spanker Handlebars Ready Sprinter Light Thang Saddle Suspension Gagaatan [2 ena Example: Scutt | Hollow Tube Dash | Brakes Collected Rallye \ ce | Dynes) Oat Coolio | Chockmeister Wheel rims 3. | King Ready | Shudderbuddy Collected | Boomer Read ‘@ 36 — Intensive IELTS Listening Questions 1-7 Listen to a talk about a hospital plan and match the letters, A-L, that represent the floors with the list of places, 1-7. Not all the letters are needed. NO LETTER IS USED MORE THAN, ONCE. ‘Ihe recording is played once only. Letter Explanation Arthur Bertram Memorial Hospital Floors 1 2 3 Labels A B c Example Reception 1. Medical stores X-ray Department Orthopaedic Ward Children’s Ward Physiotherapy Unit Eye Department Medical records saya ep Questions a-h You will hear a conversation about a summer course. Based on the information you hear, match words from the box with the lettered gaps, a-h, in the table on the next page. ‘There are more words than you will need. One word may be used more than once. The recording is played once only. Lectures Arrive Cycling Induction Library Teaching ‘Windsurfing Feedback 4 5 D E Answer A Depart Seminars ‘Workshops Intensive IELTS Listening — 37 Questions 1-5 Listen to a talk and link each stage listed below to the note that best matches it. Write an appropriate letter, A-E, in each blank box. The recording is played once only. Notes Requires sensitivity Uses situations from other countries ‘Most satisfying Skills focus Benefits most from experience Learns large amounts of facts by heart Key Stages in Student Education Example Teacher Dependence 1, Cultural awareness 2. Confrontation 3. Challenge 4, Reassurance 5. Consolidation 38 ~ Intensive IELTS Listening mmo Ow > Notes ea) ee) =) www.nhantriviet.corr