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Nyaa’s Guide To Fixing

Separated+Linked MKV Files.

This is a somewhat common problem with anime fansubs and digital releases – some groups
think it’s fancy to remove the OP and ED from the episode and store them as separate files in
order to save marginal space on their already-bloated releases by avoiding repetition for each
episode, using MKVs chapter segment linking feature to make them play correctly.

Not all media players support this feature and it requires storing the OPs an EDs in the same
folder as the episodes – which some of us hate.

So, here’s a fairly quick and easy GUI method to fix this for those of us that don’t want to get
their hands dirty with scripting/programming.

Tools Required: MKVToolsNix & MKVToolsNix GUI

Here Goes:

1. Make a working folder and a folder to store the fixed files.

2. Using the MKVToolsNix GUI Info Tool, find the Segment UID for each OP/ED.
3. You may find it worthwhile to save the Info Tool Output and collect the segment IDs:
4. Now use the Info Tool on an episode file to find the linked OP and ED.
◦ Look in the chapters section.
◦ Other files that are linked, will have a ‘Chapter segment UID’ entry
◦ Compare to the file Segment UIDs of OPs and EDs.
◦ Also take note of the order of the chapters or save this info – you’ll need it later.

In this example, we can see that Nisemonogatari 02 links OP2 and ED1 as chapters.
5. Now let’s copy the appropriate files into our work area:
6. Now, since our OP and ED are inserted and not at the very beginning and end in this
case, we’re going to have to split the episode MKV.
◦ In this case:
▪ Prologue
▪ OP
▪ Episode
▪ ED
▪ Preview

7. Use the Multiplexer tool to split the episode file by chapters:

Note, if you have more chapters dividing the episode, you may opt enter the chapters after
the OP and ED chapters as split points instead of using ‘all’ to avoid creating excessive files
in the split process.
• In this case, entering ‘3,5’ in the ‘Chapter numbers’ field will produce the desired result.
• ‘all’ produces the same result in this example as there are only 3 parts other than the
8. Now that we have the pieces, let’s delete our pre-splitting work copy of the episode so
we don’t accidentally use it.

Now that we have all the parts we need here, let’s reassemble them.
9. Using the Multiplexer tool again open the first file.
10. Then append the others in order.
11. Deselect the chapters entries – they’re probably broken and still contain the external
◦ The new file will have no chapters.
◦ It’ll be safer to recreate the chapters yourself if you want them, but that is beyond
the scope of this tutorial.
◦ It’s easy enough to do with the Chapter editor tool afterwards.
◦ I personally don’t care for having the chapter points if all the pieces are there.
12. Run the job and copy the fixed file to the Fixed files folder:
13. Play the fixed episode in your media player and try skipping around to check that
nothing got screwed up:

14. Now you can safely delete your work area files.
◦ Keep all the original OP/ED files until you’re done merging all the episodes as some
may be used by more than one episode.
◦ If you made a list of segment UIDs, also keep that until you’re done.

15. Repeat the process for every episode.

16. When all the episodes are fixed, get rid of all your original files and replace them with
the fixed versions.

17. ????

18. Profit.