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JUSTICE a et Dp } se oS Robert LeFevre, president-emeritus of Rampart College, has been a student of liberty for a quarter of a century. He has developed and taught courses and special seminars in the philosophy of freedom and free market economics. He founded the college in 1956 in Colorado, drawing to the campus noted economists, philosophers, historians, and business leaders who participated with enrollees in explorations in human liberty. For ten years his daily editorials were published in the Colorado Springs Gazette Telegraph; he was its editor from 1960 to 1965. His book, The Nature of Man and His Government, is an analysis of man’s reliance upon the tool of government. A later work, This Bread is Mine, is a more detailed study. His views on government as a protective agency are published in the booklet, Must We Depend Upon Political Protection? Other articles and speeches have been published by Pine Tree Publications, including The Philosophy of Ownership, Autarchy vs. Anarchy, and Constitutional Government Today in Soviet Russia. An increasing number of effective young libertarian writers and spokesmen are being influenced by his emphasis upon reasonable and voluntary methods of bringing about radical changes in human affairs. JUSTICE by Robert LeFevre