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Docter : Agra Abilio

nurse 1 : Asti winda wati

nurse 2 : Andi irawan
Patient : Ardianto

One morning came a patient named ardianto to hospitals Arifin Ahmad Pekanbaru, to
check the condition of his health impaired, when he got patients in the hospital.
Ar : excuse me
As : he, please enter father, how can I help you?
Ar : sus already this week so my body feels hot, cough and shortness of breath.
As : Let the father is there any other complaints again?
Ar : no sus
As : if I may know the name of the father who yes sir?
Ar : My name ardianto sus
As : the age of the father how many?
Ar : 57-year-sus
As : Okay sir, then let me deliver chamber doctor for further examination
Ar : yes, good sus

Nurse and the patient went to the doctor's office when he go to room dockter

As : excuse me
Ag : yes, please enter sus
As : dock like this, there are patients who present with already a week, experiencing
fever, cough, and shortness of breath
Ag : okay sus, I can see the patient's medical record
As : yes dock, the dock's medical recordnya
Ag : Well thank sus
As : yes equally dock
Ag : a good father then please father lying here, so that I can check the father's health first
Ar : yes okay dock
Diperiksalah these patients by doctors
Ag : good father, the examination has been completed, but my father was not allowed to
go home, the father had to be treated here for a few days ahead
Ar : I had to be treated yes dock? Emangnya me sick what doc?
Ag : yes father, the father was diagnosed with dysposisi, so the father should be treated
Ar : Well then dock
Ag : sus, please prepare the room for this patient ya sus
As : yes either dock

Prepared inpatient unit by nurse asti, after the room was ready, they brought the
patient ardianto for more intensive care again, when he got all subjects.

As : either this man is the room where the father was treated for several days ahead, how
you feeling?
Ar : I've been more comfortable feeling sus
As : skurlah then father
Ag : sus, please give patients intravenous fluids gel 20 drops / minute
Cetriexon 1 g / 12 hours, and injection renitidin 1 ampoule / 12 hours yes.
As : yes okay dock
Ag : if so I stay out ya sus, excuse me.
As : yes please docks

Perform the installation of infusion, and also injections by a nurse

As : Let pack installation actions infusion and injection has been completed, how he felt
now, sir?
Ar : it is better sus
As : skurlah then sir, I'll leave you yes sir, if you need anything please press the button
next to the father, and I will go back one hour to come
Ar : well yes sus

Go sisters leave the patient an hour later came a nun asti, to see the condition of the

As : excuse me father
Ar : yes please sign sus
As : how it pack
Ar : still the same as before sus
As : Well then the father, the father of the corresponding injection doctors performed skin
tests for antibiotic ceftriaxone if you are willing?
Ar : yes willing sus

Skin test performed by nurses as well as injection ceftrioxone

As : a good father of actions already completed how you feeling now?

Ar : I feel claustrophobic sus

Seeing the condition of patients who performed the installation festered nebu ventolin
by nurses, unfortunately the patient's condition actually worsened, ahirnya agra nurse
reporting to a doctor, when he got diruang patient's physician.

Ag : excuse me
As : yes dock, dock so I already act upon the doctor's injection, the patient's condition
even more rotten
Ag : Well, then let me first check the patient's health sus, help these patients are given
injections devamitason 1 ampoule, then salbutamol 3x4 / min prednisone 2x2 3x1
propene mother, and the last checks a patient's blood lab
As : Let dock

Action, such action by nurses According instructions from the doctor but did not
directly improve the patient's condition ahirnya perawat pun melampaui back to the doctor,
when he got the patient's physician diruang

Ag : how it is sus?
As : patient-added congested docks
Ag : Then please refer the patient to diagnose the status of asmatitis but wait a family of
the patient first, if there is no additional give nebu ventolin / 1 ampoule // 4 hours
As: either dock

The action performed by nurses to exchange shifts will kemasa

As : father, now wait for me to take care of you today sedah finished right next followed
by my colleague nurse andi
Ar : yes, good sus, thanks for the information ya sus
As : yes sir equally
An : Let the father, now I'll take care of you until tomorrow morning before I introduce
nurse andi
Ar : well yes sir
An : Let you now I will give you a nebulizer Ventolin and check vital signs, if you are
Ar : yes sir i am willing

Perform the nebulizer administration and also check TTV by nurses

An : Let the father of the action has been completed, how you feeling now?
Ar : it is more convenient pack
An : if so skurlah pack, now excuse me yes sir, I'll be going back again to check the state
of the next gaffer
Ar : yes sir

After a few hours passed andi nurse came to check the state of the patient

An : excuse me father
Ar : yes, please enter the pack
An : how are you?
Ar : already passable pack
An : Thank God, then pack now I will examine the state of health of the father first
Ar : yes please sir

Examination by a nurse ranitidine injection include intravenous fluids, injection of

ranitidine injection, injection cendriaxson, and also nebulizer

An : Let my father had finished his actions do now father to rest, then I excused yes sir
Ar : yes sir
The time was 06.00 pum patient is not awakened then came the nurse to check the
patient's condition

An : excuse me
Ar : yes please sign in pack
An : how his last pack? sound
Ar : Alhamdulillah soundly pack
An : skurlah pack, then I will examine the state of the father was yes sir
Ar : yes please sir

Check the patient’s vital signs

An : good father, the action has been completed, now you can have breakfast, have
breakfast and cure
Ar : yes thank you

Then the nurse came to operand shift asti

As : excuse me
An and ar : yes please sign sus
An : baikalah father because the clock is showing 08.00 and nuns also operand
shift datangwaktu asti
Ar : well yes sir
An : Well then excuse me yes sir, sus
As, and ar: yes please sir

The nurse went andi sdengan patient leaves the room feeling happy to have succeeded
in providing quality nursing care