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Jordan A. Higham 
6833 Haven Maple Drive 
West Jordan, UT 84081 
Mobile phone​: (801) 243-1637 
“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that 
counts.” -Winston Churchill  

Gainful employment with a safe company in which I can be a vital   
member in a team environment.  For Boy Scouts, went and 
assisted in running a Deseret 
Industries Thrift store for a 

Timberline Building Group - ​General Laborer  SKILLS 

June, July, and October 2017 
Went down to San Diego, California, to go and work for my grandfather to 
gain a knowledge of how to use a forklift and move materials around a  Willing to learn new jobs and 
construction site.  tasks to help move work 
forward, willing to work hard 
TNT Fireworks - T
​ NT Fireworks Stand Clerk  to get a job or task done 
2 weeks in June 2015 and 4 weeks in June 2016 
correctly and efficiently. 
With my Boy Scout troop, volunteered at a fireworks stand for TNT 
Fireworks to provide service and gain knowledge about how to run a  Proficient at working in/with 
business as an employee. All proceeds went to covering costs for Boy 
Scout campouts, supplies and activities.  a team. 
Utah Driver’s license.  

Types 50+ wpm. 


Copper Hills High, ​New Bingham Highway, West Jordan, UT  LANGUAGES 
—W​ orking on Diploma - GPA 3.061 
August 2014 - Present  3 years of French. 
Actively sought out classes and opportunities to learn more about history 
and Digital/Traditional arts for future careers.  Native English speaker. 

Took on a class that taught how to work in a work environment, helping 

me learn how to work in a team.  Currently taking Latin. 

Shane Branz - 801 584 9403 
Adam Sadler- 801 864 0918 
Spencer Campbell- 801 372 8654 

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