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TPACK Creating Assignment Template

Content Knowledge

Subject Health and Physical Education

Grade Level 8th

Learning Objective 8.1 The student will apply and demonstrate movement
The objective of the lesson is what students concepts and skills in modified versions of various
will be able to do as they finish the activity. game/sport, rhythmic, and recreational activities.
For this objective, use the Standards of a.) Demonstrate and apply movement forms to a variety of
Learning (SOL) to say what you want to cooperative and tactical activities that include dynamic and
focus on. unpredictable situations with a focus on defensive strategies,
to include reducing space, transitioning from offense to
You can find the SOLs at
defense quickly, communicating with teammates, and look
selecting appropriate tactics to gain defensive advantage
on the right of the screen for the subjects
and go from there.
Pedagogy Planning

Complete this sentence:

In this activity, my students are going to use Adobe Spark Video to create a Video.
Pedagogy Activity Describe what the learning Students will use to create a video
activity will be. What will the students and explaining rules, skills, defensive strategies, offensive
the teacher be doing? (This includes what strategies, spacing and communication with teammates
they are doing with the technology). Many of a tactical game or sport.
people tend to find this part easier if they 1. Students will report straight to the computer
number the action in order and think of
lab instead of the gymnasium
this from the view of a substitute teacher.
This lesson was left on the desk, can you 2. Students will then sit at a computer assigned by
follow it and teach the class today? the teacher
3. The teacher will verbally explain the lesson for
the day
4. The teacher will show the students their
5. Students will then log into computers with
school email & password
6. Students will then use the safari icon to go to
7. Students will create an account using their
school email address
8. The teacher will be walking around the
computer lab assisting students and answering
any questions that they have
9. Students will then use the website to create a
video explaining rules, skills, defensive
strategies, offensive strategies, spacing and
communication with teammates of a tactical
game or sport
10. The students will save their work when finished
and email the link to the teacher for grading.

Name of the device and/or programs being
used. (The description of what the students
will be doing with the technology will be
included in the pedagogy/activity section).

Directions for Use 1. Log into the computer with school email &
Please provide step-by-step instructions password
for your students to use the tool to 2. Double click safari icon on the bottom left of
complete their assignment. Depending on the screen
the age of your student, this might begin 3. Search in the search bar
with 1. Click on Earth to open the
4. Click Login at the top right of the screen of the
Internet. Etc..
home page
5. Then click “Login with google” on the left side
of the screen using student school email.
6. After Login in and creating a pass word click
“Create Video” and get started.
7. Students may include appropriate audio,
images and text to their videos.
Link to the example product

Before you submit, delete the explanatory text (the text in small italics).