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Hi! I’m Mr.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Welcome to the beginning of the ______ school year! I am

excited to be your students’ teacher throughout their educational journey
here at Falfurrias High School. We will be working collaboratively
throughout the year towards building relationships between the school
district and your family. We will be learning tangible life skills along
the way with your students’ future in mind.

9th grade is an important year for our students; they are just starting
high school and the way the students learn will set the foundation for
their educational career in college, vocation, or work force environments.
We want to make sure that you and your family is receiving a quality
experience here at Falfurrias High School. We know that not all students
learn equally the same. We try to maintain the teaching approach known as
differentiated instruction to meet the needs of all learners at various
ability levels. The goal of our classrooms and my teaching environment
will focus on student-centered instruction. Common learning styles
students possess exist through seven primary learning styles such as:
Aural, verbal, physical, visual, logical, solitary, and social. In our
mathematics classroom, we want to understand not just how we can use math
in a real world setting, but how math creates avenues for logical
reasoning through visual representations and social interactions.
Differentiated instruction “refers to a style of teaching that allows
students to work more independently in the classroom and construct lessons
based on their own learning styles.” Students have various ways to reach
their personal, individualized, goal by the end of the unit, month, or

A little about me, I was raised in the South Texas town of Falfurrias, I
have been around education all my life. My mother was a Physics and
Chemistry teacher and my father served on the school board of Brooks
County I.S.D. for more than 35 years. Collectively, they have over 70
years of experience at the service of public education. My parents
progressively inspire me to advocate for equitable opportunities for all
young achieving scholars. Education has been an important aspect of my
life and I have made it my career to help serve our students. If you want
to find out more information, check out my personal site at You may also reach me at __________ or
call my extension ________.

Thank you,
Ricardo Garcia II

What does differentiated learning look like?

“Differentiation is a philosophy-a way of thinking about
teaching and learning” (Tomlinson & Imbeau, 2010, p. 13).

When you walk into our classroom we will have discussion,

learning, and peer tutoring simultaneously happening. We
encourage procedures and routines early in the school year and
come back as often as we can.

A variety of products are displayed and being created while

class is in session. Small and whole group learning and
individualized when needed. This type of environment encourages
a flexible setting with a variety of levels of resources, while
I, facilitate or coach the students throughout the lesson.

To help with students’ self-determination skills

a sample project through differentiation could

I introduce my own strengths and weaknesses as a

way of doing things.
The students then will explain, on a personal
level, how they study and review lessons. What
are their strengths and weaknesses when it comes
to academics? What potential barriers might be in
place that they will have to work around?

We will use a graphic organizer as well as think-pair-share

strategies to organize their thoughts.