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Batanghari River Festival :

Jambi Province Festival

The annual festival activity in the Jambi City Tanggo Rajo Tourism area is part of
an effort to promote tourism in Jambi Province. As well as an effort to preserve the
existence of the Batanghari River. The Batanghari Festival was organized by the
Jambi Provincial Government in collaboration with all District / City Governments in
Aceh Province and supported by the Ministry of Tourism as determined as a national
tourism event. The organizing of the Batanghari Festival is intended to promote and
promote tourism in Jambi Province so that it is better known throughout the world so
as to encourage an increase in the number of tourists visiting Jambi.

Batanghari is the longest river on the island of Sumatra. The Batanghari Festival
is held as a River festival involving several coastal river cities. Starting from Jambi,
Muara Jambi, Muara Sabak to Pulo Laut. Each place holds an event, which is in
accordance with the uniqueness of history and region. The beauty of the bridge bridge
that passes through the Batanghari river is its own attraction which will be used as a
venue for performances. Among other things, it is used as the location of the
Tengkuluk fashion parade. Attractions in this festival will also highlight the lively
batik carnival of the designers and the Jambi community.

The event included in the Top 100 Calender of Event (CoE) was opened by the
Acting Governor of Jambi, Fachroni Umar, and the person in charge of the Calender
of Event of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism (Kemenpar), Esthy Reko Astuti.
Various performances of dance, music, and typical performances of Jambi became the
opening of the Batanghari River Fesrival this time. Such as the parade of 99 models of
Tekuluk or Jambi headbands. In addition, there were also guests from the arts team of
Pangkajene District, South Sulawesi (South Sulawesi) who presented Pambisu
The Batanghari River Festival was closed with the appearance of the famous
dangdut melayu singer Iyet Bustami. In addition to singing their flagship songs like
Laila Canggung, they also invited Fachroni and Esthy to sing on stage.

Meanwhile, for young Jambi people, Gentala Arasy plus the Pendestrian bridge is
certainly no stranger. Accompanied by the sound of crickets and the strains of ketek
boats that are mutually friendly, it seems to add to the weekend night romance on the
banks of the Batanghari river.

Every time you travel to a place, the first automatically searched for is an icon or
landmark of the city to be used as a photo background. Jambi also has that. Gentala
Arasy which is made as high as 80 meters, exactly standing upright in front of the
Pendestrian bridge. Gentala Arasy itself is not far from the National Monument
(Monas) in Jakarta. The tower also highlights the historical side of Jambi, through
museums and mini cinemas that air a variety of historic documentaries. The small
cinema itself is at the base of the tower. Which also should not be forgotten, the name
of Gentala Arasy itself. Not just give a name. Gentala Arasy itself stands for Gena
Tanah Lahir Abdurahman Sayuti. A form of offering respect for the former Jambi

Not inferior to the Gentala Arasy tower, the Pendestrian bridge was no less
beautiful. This bridge was built along 503 meters with an area of 4.5 meters. Starting
in 2012, the bridge connecting the two areas above the Batanghari river was
inaugurated in 2015 by Vice President Yusuf Kalla (JK) during the administration of
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY). The two icons from Jambi also add to
the lively Batanghari River Festival in the Rajo Tanggo area, Jambi City.

The festival that is included in the national Top 100 Calendar of Event (CoE) is
filled with various interesting activities. Such as Jambi art performances, dance
competitions, band competitions, exhibitions, bazaars, and traditional food cooking
competitions. For the Batanghari River Festival this year, it is targeted that the
number of tourist visits will reach 10 thousand during the event. That way, in addition
to reviving tourism in Jambi, also increasing the economy of the Land Choose the
Betako Pesako.

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