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The Survey System

Get paid $20 for every 20 surveys + commission

How it works – Suggested Introduction script

(I’m/My Friend is) doing a short 1 page survey for research that can help him/me provide better service to people with legal
and identity theft issues. There is no cost or obligation to purchase anything for you to take part of the survey and it would
really help with his/my research. Could I count on your support by taking part in our survey?

Requirements to get credit for surveys

1. All questions must be answered (especially question #15)

2. Contact information must be printed and able to read
3. Completed surveys must be submitted to me within 24 hours for credit. If you are unavailable to turn in the survey(s)
physically, it is acceptable to take a picture of it on your phone and send it to me through either text message or email.
A confirmation message that it was received will be sent back to you. You must have this confirmation message in
order to get credit for the surveys that you send.
4. Once I receive 20 surveys, you will get paid the $20 IMMEDIATELY. No partial payment will be made for less than 20
surveys received.
5. Contact information must be legitimate. Information obtained from people that you did not PERSONALLY contact will
not be accepted for survey credit. All contact information will be verified in order to get credit for each survey.

Compensation Plan

The Information given in the surveys will be used to share and market 2 services, LegalShield and IDShield. For every service
successfully acquired from a credited survey, I will pay you compensation as follows:

 $20 for a LegalShield Plan

 $20 for a IDShield Family Plan
 $10 for a IDShield individual Plan

The $20 paid to you for the surveys would be considered a deposit for payment from the compensation plan and deducted
from the payment of that plan.

For example: You turn in 20 surveys to get your $20, and 3 of these surveys results in the marketing of 2 LegalShield Plans, 2
IDShield Plans, 1 IDShield individual plan for a total of $90 on the compensation plan. Subtracting the $20 that you got paid for
the surveys would leave you with a balance of $70 to be paid out once the plans are processed and paid out to me by

There is no limit as to how many surveys you choose to pass out or how you obtain the contact information for the surveys,
just as long as you personally get that information. Surveys obtained from people online that you cannot verify personal
communication with will not be accepted for credit.

To learn more about LegalShield and IDShield, please visit my website at

If you have any questions regarding how this compensation plan works or need more clarification please call or text
me at 808-446-1567.

**I reserve the right to change or modify these requirements as needed to maintain the effectiveness of this
Example of Completed Survey


1. Do you have a Last Will and Testament? Yes X No

2. Has your Will been updated in the last year? Yes X No
3. Have you ever received a speeding/traffic ticket? X Yes No
4. Do you own a gun? Yes X No
5. Do you own a business? Yes X No
6. Do you pay monthly for auto/health insurance? X Yes No
7. Do you know about the hole in your auto insurance policy? Yes X No
8. Have you ever been treated unfairly or had a business take X Yes No
advantage of you?
9. Have you ever signed a contract (buying car, home, cell phone, X Yes No
10. Do you know anyone who has been a victim of identity theft? X Yes No
11. Have you ever hired an attorney? X Yes No
12. What do you think the average attorney hourly rate is Yes No
nationwide? $ __ /hour
13. If you did not have to pay these high attorneys’ fees by the hour, X Yes No
would you use legal experts (more often) to help you deal with life
14. Would you want to get your Will done if there was a way to save the
average $1,000 cost in getting it drafted? X Yes No
15. Based on the answers that you’ve provided in this survey, would you be
open to the person that shared this survey with you to contact you within
the next couple of days to explore and see, without any cost or obligation X Yes No
on your part, if we have a service that could fit your needs?

Name: John Doe

Phone: 808-555-1212

We would like to thank you for providing us with useful information, in

helping us to best serve you.