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School of Computing

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1156IT501 – Seminar 1

Life+: Blood Bank App

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Pushpakumar.R Nishant Yadav
14 Feb 2019


1. Abstract
2. Introduction
3. About the Application
4. Summary


The main moto or objective of our project is to make an android app, basically which will
be used by the hospital and also by the donors. As in this application we will have two
login portals as for the donors and another for the needy one. The other target of our
application is that we will form a team in every colleges of 5 members. They will collect
the data of the students blood group and there mobile no. So that whenever there will be
an emergency the needy person or hospital can directly contact to the students. This small
step can save millions of life.


As in India, there is a shortage of 3 million units of blood annually. The reason behind
this is that there are not sufficient blood banks in India or sometimes blood bank are there
but no blood or expired bloods are there. As there are many applications existing already
for the blood bank but they are not that much successful in India.


Why life+ will be better than other existing applications?

• This app will have two portals as one for donor and other for needy persons.
• In every colleges we will have a life+ team they will update the data of the blood groups
of students. So that we will have a proper community.
• There will be wallet points for the donor to have discounts in future.
• Nearby hospitals can directly contact the life + members and also the needy person can
access the data.

Donor portal
• As in this there will be verification by mobile no. And they have to add there details such
as adhar card, locations, blood group.
• The person can donate the blood in any hospital or whenever there will be a blood camp.
• The person have to get verification so that he /she will get some wallet points which will
help him in future.

Needy person portal

• In this the person can search for the nearby hospitals or life+ members in the college.
• Directly the person can approach.
• Otherwise the student will directly come to the hospital.
• All the person in nearby location will get an emergency alert. So they can also contact
with the needy persons.

About the application
It will be created by using android studio and the programming language used here will
be xml: for the user interface and the kotlin as the featured language.



We have started developing the application and the user interface is provided with two portals
i.e. the donor and the emergency buttons. And we have collected the data of the other