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A Resilient Heart

Bless a heart that will only bend

Engraving resilience as its friend

No hurt, loss or grief will engulf it

A patient heart that will never quit

A heart that envelops vulnerability unashamed

A fighting heart bleeding resilience untamed

A heart that feels the pain of others unbiased

Knowing Justice will come from The Highest

A heart that submits to The One and Only

Increasing in faith knowing it's never lonely

A forgiving heart that heals with His Name

Gaining His rewards is its only aim

A brave heart that's embracing and receptive

Open to learning an enlightening perspective

A healing heart gracefully accepts a test

Learning from signs to be amongst the best

Attaining sakeena is its ultimate quest

To emanate mercy unexpressed

A heart that falls in love with The One

To strengthen and not to become undone

A Deep Love pulsating deep in the veins

When all is gone it eternally remains

The Only Love that's a soothing relief

Aromatising one with unwavering belief

A healing heart that’s free with Tawheed

His Love the Only Love it’ll ever need

Bless a heart that can only bend

Because it knows it can always mend

Tuesday, 01st January 2019