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4/29/2019 SAP e-book

Unit 1: SAP's UX Strategy

- In accordance with SAP's UX strategy, SAP GUI is not considered a key UI technology
for SAP's developers to build completely new applications. For this, SAP recommends
to using Web Dynpro ABAP/Floorplan Manager (WebClient UI framework for CRM
applications) or SAPUI5. However, SAP continues to extend existing Dynpro-based
applications with this technology.
● SAP Screen Personas, which provides:
- Beautification and streamline of Dynpro-based screens.
- Simplification of complex Dynpro or Web Dynpro ABAP screens.
- Creation of SAP Fiori designs for custom or standard transactions, including SAP S/
● For a coherent user experience across multiple technologies and frameworks, UI
integration is key. It starts with offering the user one consolidated entry point using a shell
and raises the need for consistent UI services:
- SAP Fiori launchpad
■ Designed according to the simple and intuitive SAP Fiori user experience.
- SAP Business Client, which offers:
■ A single point-of-entry to SAP business applications for desktop users.
■ Harmonized access to SAP Fiori, FPM/WDA, and SAP GUI for Windows applications,
and the standard desktop client for the SAP Business Suite.
■ Integration of SAP Fiori user experience: SAP Fiori launchpad as a start page; launch
SAP GUI transactions using embedded SAP GUI for Windows.
- SAP Portal, which offers:
■ Solutions for on-premise and cloud-based UI integration.
● SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services
- SAP Cloud Platform mobile service for development and operations is an open, secure,
full-spectrum, enterprise-grade on-demand mobile app development solution.
- The SAP Mobile Platform SDK simplifies the development of cross-platform apps with
powerful enterprise capabilities (for example, offline data synchronization, cross-
platform push notifications, connectivity for SAP and third party back-end systems,
and SDKs supporting native and hybrid mobile apps on iOS, Android and Windows).

Main UI Technology Elements Relevant for SAP Fiori

The following sections summarize the main UI technology elements that are relevant to
developing applications with SAP Fiori.
SAP UI Development Toolkit for HTML5 (SAPUI5)
SAPUI5 enables the creation of consumer-grade, stateless apps. The SAPUI5 flexibility
services provides a flexibility infrastructure and capabilities for UI adaptation. The following
figure provides more detail.

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