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The Digital 2019 report of a social media platform management application and
social media marketing agency revealed that Filipinos are the world’s heaviest internet
users. Social media firms Hootsuite and We Are Social on Thursday released their latest
200-page Digital 2019 report showing that internet users in the Philippines dethroned
Thailand as the country that spends the most time online. The study conducted in 2018
showed that internet users in the country increased their average time online to 10 hours
and two minutes from its previous record of nine hours and 29 minutes last year.
Philippine users also maintained their global lead in time spent on social media.

According to the report, Filipino users spend an average of four hours and 12
minutes on social media platforms. This record is a huge leap from the global average of
two hours and 16 minutes. Mobile internet emerged as the most used method of Filipino
users to access the world wide web. They are using mobile internet for four hours and 58
minutes on average. The record of mobile internet usage made the Philippines second
highest globally behind Thailand. The study added that 70 percent of internet users in the
country spend money on e Commerce platforms.

On the other hand, 57 and 54 percent of Filipino internet users spend their usage
on mobile commerce platforms and mobile banking, respectively. The percentage is
higher than the global averages of 55 and 41 percent, respectively. Meanwhile, the
Digital 2019 report highlighting the key stats and trends on the internet and social media,
also revealed that the Asia Pacific has some of the highest growth in social media users
worldwide with 218 million users recorded last year. Asia is one of the world’s fastest
growing regions for Internet and mobile usage, and with that comes a huge appetite for
technological adoption, foreign investment and digital innovation. Brands and companies
are recognising this opportunity and demonstrating a strong sense of urgency to integrate
digital and social media into their business,” Roger Graham, Asia head of Hootsuite, said
in a release.

The report said that the social media use increased by nearly nine percent
annually with 3.5 billion now active on social media and a million new people go online
every day despite growing concerns on fake news, fake followers and data privacy in
2018. Although social media came under increased scrutiny and saw diminished trust
among users in 2018, people around the world are spending more time on socia the global
daily average is now 2 hours and 16 minutes, or one seventh of their waking lives, Penny
Wilson, chief marketing officer of Hootsuite said in a release.

Aside from this, Facebook still maintained its spot as the most popular social
media network used worldwide. Its monthly active users jumped by 1.7 percent or 37
million. On the other hand, Instagram only has around 1 billion active users in total while
Twitter and Snapchat declined its audience by 2.7 percent and 12 percent, respectively.
Despite controversy around privacy, hacking, fake news and all the other negative aspects
of online life, the world continues to embrace the internet and social media.” co-founder
and group CEO of We Are Social Nathan McDonald said in a release.

Representing 239 countries and territories, the seventh annual report finds the
number of Internet users in the world has now surpassed the 4-billion mark, putting more
than half the global population online. Of that, social media brings nearly 3.2 billion
active users online to connect with each other, consume media, interact with brands, and
more. On the local front, the report revealed that the Philippines now has 67 million
Internet users, with all of them active on social media.

Moreover, the 2018 key findings includes the Internet user numbers increased 7
percent in the last 12 months to hit 4.021 billion, or 53 percent of the world’s population.
The Global social media usage has increased by 13 percent in the last 12 months,
reaching 3.196 billion users. The Mobile social media usage has increased by 14 percent
year over year to 2.958 billion users, with 93 percent of social media users accessing
social from mobile. Internet users are projected to spend a combined total of 1 billion
years online in 2018, of which 325 million years will be spent on social media.

Furthermore, the internet has done a big part on the lives of the people and most
especially to the Filipinos. The different websites has a big help also to the students most
especially in their studies, in a way that they use internet or different websites in making
their requirements in school. The internet has a wide scope just for the people to explore
and learn some ideas about it. Nowadays the number of users of the internet are
increasing. The gadgets also is one of the important things to use because without it you
cannot go through to the internet websites.


The Internet Live Stats was used in gathering the data. Each of the websites were
observed in order to record thoroughly and in order to identify the number of users in
each day.

Furthermore, The Internet Live Stats were identified according to the number of
users and they are classified according to the different websites. There are six websites
that has been recorded and observed within five minutes of interaction according to the
latest statistical data reported per day and also with the number of users on each
websites, these are the videos reviewed, Facebook active users, Twitter active users,
photos uploaded on Instagram, Pinterest active users and Skype calls.

The table below shows the number of videos that has been reviewed before the
interaction on the videos reviewed at 5:22 PM was 4,906,560,064 and after the five
minutes interaction the number of users has increased at 5:27 PM it became
4,931,521,710, so there are 24,961,646 users that has been added within the 5 minutes of
interaction. The number of users before the interaction on Facebook active users at 5:28
PM was 2,481,191,240 and after the five minutes interaction the number of users of
Facebook has increased at 5:33 PM it became 2,481,193,497, so there are 2257 users that
has been added within the 5 minutes of interaction.

The number of users before the interaction on Twitter active users at 5:33 PM
was 346,432,035 and after the five minutes interaction the number of users of Twitter has
increased at 5:38 PM it became 346,432,100, so there are 65 users that has been added
within the 5 minutes interaction. The number of photos that has been uploaded on
Instagram before the interaction on the photos uploaded on Instagram at 6:24 PM was
60,384,972 and after the five minutes interaction the number of photos that has been
uploaded on Instagram has increased at 6:29 PM it became 60,602,434, so there are
217,462 photos that has been uploaded within the 5 minutes of interaction.

The number of users before the interaction on Pinterest active users at 6:29 PM
was 288,238,150 and after the five minutes interaction the number of users of Twitter has
increased at 6:34 PM it became 288,238,675, so there are 525 users of Pinterest that has
been added within the 5 minutes of interaction.

The number of users before the interaction on Skype calls at 6:34 PM was
252,527,005 and after the five minutes interaction the number of calls on Skype has
increased at 6:39 PM it became 254,047,174, so there are 1,520,169 Skype calls that has
been added within the 5 minutes of interaction.

Moreover, based on the table data, the highest number of data that has been
recorded after the 5 miutes interaction was the videos reviewed, second are the Facebook
users, third are the Twitter users, fourth are the Pinterest users, fifth are the skype calls
and lastly are the photos uploaded on Instagram.

Table: Internet Live Stats
Websites No. of users Time No. of users Time
( before 5 mins.) ( after 5 mins.)

Videos 4,906,560,064 5:22 PM 4,931,521,710 5:27 PM


Facebook users 2,481,191,240 5:28 PM 2,481,193,497 5:33 PM

Twitter users 346,432,035 5:33 PM 346,432,100 5:38 PM

uploaded on 60,384,972 6:24 PM 60,602,434 6:29 PM

Pinterest users 288,238,150 6:29 PM 288,238,675 6:34 PM

Skype calls 252,527,005 6:34 PM 254,047,174 6:39 PM


Based on the results of the study, the researcher conclude that the users of each
websites are increasing fast as the time goes by. The internet websites are very useful in
terms of learning and also to different aspects that we need in our life. According to the
analysis of the number of users, there are many types of websites and most of them are
actively using by the people. The internet users are unavoidable but remember that the
people should not expose theirselves too much in using the internet because it can also
harm your life.

The internet have many problems and can have negative consequences in society.
However, it also has many positives, especially it impact on communication globally and
locally. No one can be sure what the internet will look like in another 25 years but it’s
likely to remain a large part of our everyday lives and only continue to grow with us.