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HPI Injectors for ISX Engines

Genuine Cummins High Pressure Injection

(HPI) injectors are designed to provide the best
performance and fuel economy for ISX engines.

The HPI injector is an electronically controlled

injection system currently used on Cummins pre-
2010 ISX15 engines. Its open nozzle system provides
higher injection pressure (up to 35,000 psi) than
previous designs, making combustion more efficient
and resulting in better engine performance, fuel Non-Genuine Genuine Cummins
savings and lower emissions. Genuine Cummins HPI
injectors are tested and validated to meet the strictest Uptime is always critical, so don’t take the risk of
EPA emissions standards. using non-genuine injectors. Genuine Cummins HPI
injectors are built to meet or exceed the engine’s
Genuine Cummins HPI injectors meet exacting original specifications for performance, reliability, and
Cummins specifications, utilize the most advanced durability. They include the latest upgrades in materials,
materials, and incorporate the latest state-of-the-art component design, and workmanship. When you
Cummins design technology. At times, non-genuine replace the injectors on a Cummins engine with Genuine
injectors may look similar to Genuine Cummins Cummins HPI injectors, you aren’t just replacing a worn
injectors, but there are several key differences in part – you’re improving the performance of the engine
quality. Non-genuine injectors oftentimes don’t meet and equipment.
Cummins stringent specifications, and using them
in a Cummins engine may cause reduced engine Genuine Cummins HPI injectors also come with a full
performance, damage to other engine components, Cummins warranty and are backed by our worldwide
excessive smoke, and even reduced fuel economy, parts and service network.
which continuously impacts your bottom line.
Non-genuine injectors may also consist of inferior, Cummins Warranty
obsolete materials and use out-of-date technology,
ReCon® PX Injectors
which can cause cavitations and lead to premature
engine failure. In addition, non-genuine injectors often 2 years/125,000 miles
fail to meet EPA emissions standards. Includes Labor,
Progressive Damage
and other Claimables

From better performance and reliability to unmatched

warranty and service support, Genuine Cummins
parts add genuine value. Contact your local Cummins
authorized dealer or distributor for more information on
Genuine Cummins HPI injectors.

Every Part. Genuine. •