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Pistons for ISX Engines

A piston is an essential component in a diesel Don’t risk the performance

engine. Some ISX engines are equipped with of your ISX engine by using
a Genuine Cummins articulated piston. An a non-genuine piston.
articulated piston is a two-piece piston consisting Doing so may result in:
of a forged steel crown and an aluminum skirt. „„ Poor durability
Newer ISX models are equipped with a Genuine „„ Excessive smoke
Cummins Monotherm® piston, offering optimum „„ Poor fuel economy
structural stability and less individual parts. This „„ High oil consumption
single-piece piston does not have a bushing and is „„ Power cylinder failures
forged from high-strength, alloy steel.
In addition to costly performance issues, the use of
An open chamber oil gallery is located on the non-genuine pistons, if determined to have caused
underside of the crown of the piston to provide failure of the engine or another component, is not
more oil contact with the piston for better piston covered under Cummins warranty. Using Genuine
cooling. Genuine Cummins ISX pistons also Cummins pistons not only ensures that your engine
provide uniform combustion for high efficiency and performs as originally designed by Cummins, but it
clean operation. protects the product warranty as well.

Benefits of Genuine Cummins Pistons Cummins Warranty Coverage

Genuine Cummins pistons include the latest Cummins warranty coverage is 1 year/100,000
upgrades in materials, component design, and miles for ISX pistons. This warranty protects parts,
workmanship. They are designed to provide the labor, and progressive damage when the repair
best performance for ISX engines. When compared is performed at a Cummins authorized service
to non-genuine pistons, Genuine Cummins ISX location.
pistons were found to have better tensile strength
and a much more durable design. Contact your local Cummins distributor for more
information on Genuine Cummins pistons.

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