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Respectful use of digital media Our responsibilities
Copyright is the law that gives
a owner of work to give Our rights online: 1.Respect others
someone permission to use Fair use is a 2.Keep passwords to
that piece of work,if no legal concept 1.To protect our
privacy ourselves
permission is given and the that allows the
person is caught a fine will be reproduction 2.Not to be bullied 3.Not to bully people
given of copyrighted 3.To report 4.To avoid strangers
material for anything that hurts 5. To respect peoples
certain you intellectual property
4.To be able to talk online
obtaining to friends and
permission or family online
Plagiarism By Sophia and Erin
is when paying a fee 5.To be able to
someone create our own
takes content on the
someone internet
elses piece Intellectual properties
of work refers to the
and passes ownership of a piece
it of as of work by the
their own person who made it. The way we should react
It gives a person to harmful videos is
either tell a adult, Safety concerns of
certain rights to digital media:
distinct type of teacher, friend report it
block the person and if it Bullying,
creative design inappropriate
meaning that nobody is serious report it to the
gardi websites, online
scammers and