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Correlation between

Obesity and
Socioeconomic Status
Anna Ruth Rodriguez Vasquez
Who was supporting the Culminating Who had permission to perform the various
Experience (leadership within the organization)? Culminating Experience activities?

● Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ● Research Coordinators

● City of Los Angeles ● Epidemiologist
● Physician
● Biostatistician
What were your goals and objectives for the What problems/issues did the Culminating
Culminating Experience? Experience address? Was this a knowledge gap
or was it a working solution to a public health
● Identification of obesity related issues problem with a publication in mind?
● Use skilled acquired throughout MPH
program to dissect case study ● Obesity prevalent in low income
● Lack of education and resources
● Lack of accurate data collection on
When was the Culminating Experience expected When were the various time-based events,
to take place and for how long? activities, etc. of the intended Culminating
● Obesity tracking in Los Angeles has been
around for a while, but for this case
● This case study was solely based on data
review we focused on the past 10 years
collection in regards to obesity trends
● This case study was based in urban Los
● Information was collected at clinical visit
through the use of data capture such as
Where is the identified agency/organization
where you completed the Culminating

● Los Angeles ( Metropolitan area )

● Southern California
● Addressing social inequalities
● Understand the process of data collection
● Understand program start up and set up
● Understand the population and its specific