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Directions: Utilize this worksheet to help evaluate yourself and your project. Be as complete
and descriptive as possible. This self-evaluation should give the scoring team and your teacher a
clear picture of what you accomplished in your project.

Name - Keenan Scherr ​Project Start Date​ – January 30, 2019

Title of Project​ - How To Navigate The Recruiting Process ​Project Completion Date -
April 2nd, 2019

1. In ​40 words or more describe who your project benefited and how. In other words, what was the
impact of your project? Be specific.

My project benefited younger student athletes who are trying to play their desired sport at the collegiate
level. I taught them how to talk to college coaches and taught them what they should do to get themselves
exposed to college coaches.

2. In ​at least 40 words explain how the project challenged you. How was this a stretch for you? Be
honest. If it was not really a stretch for you, explain why you chose not to take the opportunity to
challenge yourself.

The project stretched for me because I had to do a lot of planning which is something that I am not very
good at, but this helped me get much better at it. The project did not challenge me from a speaking
standpoint because that is one thing that I feel that I am strong in is public speaking.
3. List and ​then describe ​5-8 fundamental ideas/concepts/skills of your project, which you
learned/enhanced during your project. If you cannot think of 5-8, just list and describe what you

1. Planning → planning out my event and coordinating certain times with my audience
2. Presenting → I already feel that I am pretty decent at public speaking but whenever you speak in
front of an audience you become better at it
3. Brainstorming → I had to brainstorm ideas on how to approach my project and what event could
correlate with my senior project idea
4. Communication → I had to communicate with lots of different people to arrange my project
5. Efficiency → I had to learn to be efficient with my work leading up to the project because at first
I was turning in assignments late but towards the end of the year I starting getting better at it

4. List ​and describe ​4-8 problems/obstacles/issues you encountered in your project, and briefly
describe how you solved each. If you cannot think of 4-8, just list and describe what you can. If
you did not solve the problem, then tell why.

1. Guest speakers → getting guest speakers was very hard for me at first because nobody would
2. Venue → at first it was impossible to get a venue
3. Audience → at first getting an audience was hard because the people I wanted to talk to originally
would not answer
4. Time → I had to cancel my original project date because of a time crunch that wouldn’t have
given me enough time to complete my project
5. List ​all​ people who helped you on the project and ​briefly describe​ the help given.

Mrs V. → Mrs. V helped me buckle down and really get to work on my project and pushed me to go out
of my comfort zone with the planning concept

Mrs. Hill → Mrs. Hill helped in the same ways Mrs. V did and she helped come up with the project idea
Coach Done → Coach let me use the JV team as my audience

Coach Stubbe → Coach was my guest speaker

6. How does your completed project compare to the picture you had in mind when you started the
project? ​Explain the reason behind any changes from your proposal.

My completed project was almost exactly how it was in my mind because it was exactly how I planned it

7. If given the opportunity, explain what you would have done differently now that you speak from

I would have started my project planning earlier

8. Beyond the project itself, what did you learn about yourself? What did you get out of the
experience in terms of personal growth?

I learned that I need to start planning better and getting ahead of schedule
9. Reflecting on the total amount of time and effort that you put into this opportunity, and reflecting
on the overall quality of the final product, what grade would you give yourself on the project? ​Be
honest with yourself! Justify ​the evaluation of your grade in ​at least 25 words​.
Grade: 90

Justification: I helped out the younger society of athletics and how to communicate with college
coaches and how to navigate the recruiting process and where to go to get exposure in front of
college coaches. I grew in areas of public speaking, communication with other people, efficiency and
as well as time management. There was on monumental challenge that I faced being that I had to
cancel my original project date due to circumstances that were out of my control so that was really
frustrating, but I improvised and adapted when I scheduled my new project date and performed
really well.