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MBIM Tool Operation Guide

MBIM Tool’s main function is sending HUAWEI AT commands to device through MBIM
port in windows8 and displaying the results. Following are specific operating steps.

Select the port that you want to open from MBIM Port combo box, and click the Open
button (if there is no content in combo box, the tool is not available):

Initial screen
Initial screen without inserted devices
Select the port and click Open button

Click ‘Import Command File’ button, pop up the open file dialog, and select the file (text file)
you want to execute batch processing, required that AT commands in the file be separated
by ‘\r\n’, as shown bellow.
A example of AT Command execute file

Click Open button on the open file dialog, then the edit box that next to the Import
Command File button contains the file path, and click Execute button, then the AT command
in the file will be sent one by one. If you want to stop the batch processing, click Stop button.
If there has been file path in the edit box that next to the Import Command File button, click
Execute button then you can start the batch processing.

Click Import Command File button

Click Open button
Click Execute button

Click Stop button, you can stop batch processing.

Input the AT command that you want to send in the edit box that bellow ‘AT Command
Input’, and click Send button.
Input AT command
Click Send button


Click AT_Mask button, pop up ‘Automatic Notification Setting’ dialog. If you want to set
unsolicited notification of the specified AT command, check the check box before the
command, Then click Apply button. Conversely, remove the mark in the check box and click
apply button .If you check Select All, then check all the check boxes before commands, and
vice versa.
Automatic Notification Setting dialog

Check the command that you want to set the unsolicited notification
Select the command which to set
After the Setting

Remove mark before the command that you want to close the unsolicited notification
Remove mark the command which to set

Click Apply button

After the setting

Check ‘Select All’ check box

Select all command

Click Apply button

After the setting

Remove mark of ‘Select All’ check box

Remove all command

Click Apply button

After the setting

Check ‘Timing Send’ check box, and input cycle time in the edit box next to, the unit is
ms/time, click Execute or Send button, then the tool will send the same AT command or
execute batch processing again after waiting for the specified time interval. You can click
Stop button to stop timing send operation.

Check ‘Timing Send’ check box

Setting the timing send

Assumes that the inputted time interval is 1000 millisecond, click Send button.
Executing timing send

Click Stop button to stop it .

After stopping executing timing send


Click Save button, pop us ‘Save as’ dialog, you can save the content in the edit box that on
the upper part of the screen, and default file name is current time, default file type is text
file, select the path, then click Save button.
Click Save button

After click the Save button, you can find the saved log file in the save directory.

After save the log file

Open the file

Click Clean button, you can clear the display edit box
Before click Clean button
After click Clean button

After open port, click Close button to close the port that has been opened.

Click Close button

Close the port