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MAT-i National High School 3rd Grading Recognition Program for the School Year

2018 -1019

February 01 , 2019 first week as deployed

practice teacher in Mat-i NHS it was a bit nervous but
exciting because we will now facing the reality of our
chosen profession. We encountered different person
with their different personalities. But as days goes by I
myself adjust to the happening around me.

During the first week at Mat-i NHS it is very

Mat-i NHS Grade 10 Students who receive honors
during the 3rd Quarter of the S.Y 2018 – 2019
timely that they have been conducted their 3 rd
Grading culmination program to highly appraise the
students who bagged With Honor and Highest Honor
from their respective Grade levels and sections.
During this day we have given the opportunity to
observe not just a student but a teacher of how
important is recognition program to the students.
Because this program given realization by the
Department of Education is not only for
Mat-i NHS Practice Teachers pose for documentation documentation for the school but it is how expressed
during the 3rd Quarter Recognition Program their appreciation to the student who strive hard to
gain the honor. We saw happy faces from the
students who receive the certificates. In this we are
determined that we well going to do our very best not
for the honor students but also to the student who
came to be our first students during our practice

In this recognition program we are tasked by

the teachers to present a presentation. And our
exposure also served as a introductory statement that
the practice teachers from Surigao State College of
Friday Morning Zumba With Mat-i NHS Faculty
Students and Guest During the Recognition Program
Technology is signing in at Mat-i National High School
for 280 hours or more teaching experience.

The program only takes half of the day , and

the other half is taken for the interest day of the
students. Interest day this day is being organized by
the practice teachers because the School Head asked
the team to create an interesting activity.

And by the Gods grace the week is a successful

week for both teachers, students and practice
While waiting for our moment to present the prepared
presentation with the co-practice teachers