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Comment 24

Proposed Rules
Chapter 815

From: Bryan Domning

Sent: Wednesday, January 16, 2019 12:28 PM
To: TWCPolicyComments
Subject: AGAINST Website workers classification as independent contractors

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TWC - I am OPPOSED to the classification of workers as independent contractors on the basis

of their having been selected through, and dependent on, the use of websites. The extent to which
their actions are controlled by others should deem them to be employees as they are in other
states. Texas workers entirely dependent upon the companies that send them business, such as
Lyft and Uber, for instance, should be entitled to all of the protections afforded to Texas
employees. To do otherwise would be to impose a hardship on the workers and would ignore the
reality of their work situation.

Texas law is clear on the issue of whether or not workers should be deemed independent
contractors or employees. This decision with respect to how to classify web-based service
providers should be left up to the Texas legislature, NOT the TWC.

Thank you.


Bryan Domning