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‘Comment 45 Proposed Rules Chapter 815 Marketplace From: Olivia Howe| Sent: Thursday, January 17, 2019 2:02 PM To: — TWCPolicyComments Subject: Comment on Commission Rule 815.134 Attachments: TWC Rule Comment(1).pdf CAUTION: Email not from TWC System. Use care when clicking links and opening attachments. Hello, On behalf of RigUp, please sce the attached letter regarding proposed Rule 815.134. Best regards, Olivia Olivia Howe General Counsel, Litigation Office: 512-501 12 SED 5:00 #RIGUP Texas Workforce Commissioners, RigUp is pleased to provide affirmative commentary and support for the amendment of Commission Rule 815.134, which would provide clarity for on-demand platform business models like ours with respect to employment classification and unemployment insurance. RigUp is the energy industry's largest and fastest-growing online marketplace, connecting independent contractors with service providers and operators, and offering the logistics that oil and gas companies need to run more efficiently. Forbes magazine describes us as the “emergent Uber of the oilfields.” Since RigUp’s founding in 2014, the RigUp platform has grown to include more than 250 leading exploration and production, midstream, and oil field services buyers with coverage across all oil and gas basins. Our mission is to empower the people who power the world by creating economic opportunity and building community across the strongest network in the energy industry. RigUp is based in Austin, and we are proud to employ nearly 200 people in Texas who are helping to redefine the “gig economy” for oil and gas. As we continue to grow our business in Texas, it is important that we have certainty for further investment to operate in the state. This amendment would provide the stability we need to expand our company and allow us to offer the maximum amount of employment opportunities in the areas of ‘our state where the oil and gas plays are showing unprecedented growth ‘We want to thank you for your leadership and continued efforts to make Texas an exceptional marketplace for the growth of on-demand platforms, Xuan Yong RigUp CEO Figup | 98 San Jacinto Blvd, Suite #550 | Austin, TX 78701. | 512.501.5452 |